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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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We keep having a hard time off and on. We started B*tt*r H*lp and so far it hasn’t been helpful. But it’s also just confusing because it’s different. It’s so hard to find a therapist who knows anything about DID/OSDD where we are at so we were hoping that this would help. We are just so frustrated with therapy and therapists. Working with someone new is hard. Plus we can’t or don’t feel comfortable telling her what’s going on. She won’t acknowledge the topic of DID but she says she’s worked with people with DID before. It’s still early like we’ve had 1 session and not talked a lot over message.  It just all feels bad but maybe we are just in a heightened state of anxiety and depression.

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 WEEK 08

This week we saw everyones pitch presentations in the tutorial. It was super interesting to get a proper insight into the directions every one has been exploring and the different ways of tackling this assessment. 

The direction that was chosen in the vote for me is ILLUSTRATIVE SERENITY. This is the black and white line work direction and I’m excited to get into designing the layout of the label. The self directed brief this week was to develop a logo but as my label is more prominent so I’m doing that first. Crystian said to do it in whichever order made more sense. 


This is my idea so far. After filing it in I decided I want the label to wrap all the way around the bottle and the leaves to take over with a space in the middle on the back for the nutritional information. Will work on this further to work out where everything fits, the composition needs work. 

I’m a little unsure as to how I make all of this come together? Will keep working and ask some questions soon I think if it doesn’t become clearer.

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Boss isn’t too happy with my productivity.

I’m still grieving a loss. I have another family member that is dying. I’m taking care of my dad and sis.

I’m on the verge of breaking down and I don’t know what to do anymore.

I love this job and don’t want to lose it. I’m so fucking scared. Everything is on me and it’s all relying on me and this job.

I just don’t know what to do.

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Whether I kept my feelings hidden or I act upon them,it’ll hurt. Overall, loving you hurt more than anything else.

The price to have you is too high. I can’t put my whole self at risk, while it is unsure if those feelings are reciprocal.

I wish you were honest for once, and tell me if it’s a game for you, or if it’s real.

-E. T-

Not knowing if you love me.

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Masked God

China has put 108 million civilians back into lockdown

The fear of a second wave coming

People in the streets are dressed head to toe in protective suits

masks cover the whole body now, not just the nose and mouth.

Who’s statistic was it that the death toll was only 1%?

Worldwide the serious / critical infections is at 2%.

Worldwide deaths so far is 14%.


But let’s just look at Americas numbers,

since we’re all being oh so patriotic during this time.

21% death rate.

1/5th chance of survival.

If you and 4 other people get this virus, you have a one in FIVE chance of dying.

You scream “but it’s my right to go outside!”

“I shouldn’t have to wear this stupid mask”

“It won’t affect me, I’m young and healthy. I won’t die.”

Are you really that naive?

20 people under the age of 20 have died from this AT LEAST,

and more than 200 have been submitted to the ICU

You want to continue going about this life as if it didn’t affect you?

We know nothing about this.

We don’t know that if a child gets it, and survives, whether or not it’ll affect them negatively in the future because of it.

“It’s just flu like symptoms!”

Mixed with pneumonia. You could get lasting lung damage.

Did you like running?

Playing sports?


All of this will be harder if not impossible.

“I want to go outside.

It’s not fair.

I want to go back to school,

I’m missing Prom and Graduation”

People are literally dying.

You missed prom?

There are mothers and fathers who are dead now because they were essential.

You didn’t get a physical graduation?

Some of your teachers will never be teaching again. Because they’re gone.


But all of you want to keep going on about how this isn’t real

and that it’s a scare tactic

and you’re all oh so worried about your little lives

and what an inconvenience this is for you.

The selfishness of continuing to carry on like

nothing is happening

is truly outstanding.

Where’s your sense of community?



Just because you are healthy and in good shape

and want to go to Target without a mask on

means that you’re putting others at risk.

People are working because they HAVE to.

They’re wearing masks because they HAVE to.

They have to go home to their families and kids after working around you

You shouldn’t be going out unless you absolutely need to.

Leave these people alone.

Stay 6 ft apart or more.

Don’t go to social gatherings.

You have it,

don’t know it because you’re asymptomatic,

and end up going to the grocery store.

Now the cashier,

who is a lovely mask wearing citizen,

will die because you had the AUDACITY

to breathe on them without wearing a mask.


When you die and God calls you up to tally all your sins,

the murder of your neighbors and community

will be heavy on your shoulders.

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