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#untitled goose game
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Anyway if this is in reference to UGG none of them could be terrible geese but Jared. Evan and Alana are too nice and care too much about what others think about them to be terrible geese. Zoe and Connor might attack people, but only if provoked first; they wouldn’t go out of their way to be assholes.

But Jared would. He’d be the one who will be an actual terrible goose to ruin people’s lovely day. That asshole.

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there should be a game like untitled goose game except it’s a beautiful day and you’re a horrible chicken. I mean, have you met a chicken? they will steal your stuff and run off then try to eat it.

takes place on a ranch where you get to terrorize farm animals, farm hands, and the tourists who swing by to goggle at sheep and goats.

one of the achievements is when you find a way to ride one of the other animals

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Send ‘Honk’ for my muse to encounter a mischievous Untitled Goose!

Ikkaku stared into the eyes of pure evil. She didn’t know how the hell this damn bird waddled its way onto her ship into her engine room, but the final straw was that it had managed to get its stupid beak on her wrench.

“Listen here, Waddles McGee,” she sneered. “You’re gonna give that back, or I swear to any god that might be listening, I’m going to wring your scrawny neck, pluck out your feathers one-by-one, then hand you over to the cook to make a nice holiday dinner. We clear?”

The goose seemed to consider her threat for just a moment before letting out a curt “HONK!”


“Oh, you little bastard!” she shouted as she dove for the bird, but it was somehow quick enough to dodge, evading her tackle and scampering off into the submarine’s halls, the sound of its honks and her crewmates’ surprised swearing echoing in its wake.

“Get back here!” she yelled, grabbing a crowbar and darting after it. That was her favorite wrench, it was apparently menacing the rest of the crew, and the damn thing had just looked so smug it was simply unforgivable.

As far as the mechanic was concerned, that goose had just declared war.

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