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#unus annus

had a problem in math about the growth of a population of bears and all i could think about was the king’s royal fitness challenge

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If you are someone who hates on Unus Annus fans for being inspired and grieving the death of the channel. Whether that be by talking about and sharing short clips of Unus Annus. Not full videos, short clips. Or even people creating channels or social media accounts that remind people and inspire people to live their life to the fullest.

Then block me. Right now.

The point of Unus Annus was to teach viewers that they should take the reigns on your life and go on an adventure. Live in the moment. Remember. Remember the past. Remember the present. Remember the future. Everything will happen. Make the best of it.

So if you want to hate on people for taking that lesson and running with it. Then do not interact with me. Good day.

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So I posted this on twitter but I wanted to share it here too because I think it’s important to get this across to as many people as possible. This is by no means a new thing, lord knows youtube used to be terrible for these sorts of scams (they might still be, don’t get me wrong, I just haven’t seen them as bad as they used to be in a bit) Most of the people in the chat were still saying that they’d do it and thanking the scammer, so I wanted to give this reminder: I know it’s quarantine, and I know we all pretty much live on here, but the internet is still a really, really, dangerous place at times. Even if the person in question was your favourite content creator, don’t just download something or click on weird links they send you. Do your research or better yet, just ignore it! These links could have hidden viruses in them, they could enable people to get access to private info, including banking info, and a lot of them are very hard to track, so please when you’re using a public server like among us has, be safe and smart about it, don’t just believe whatever somebody online tells you because you think they’re someone you’re a fan of. 

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