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Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough. - Oprah Winfrey[1080x1027]
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dagranwrites · 3 minutes ago
broke: plasmius is a vampire bc vampires make easy bad guys
woke: plasmius is a manifestation of vlad's self-esteem issues which is why he never appears fully human, it is a doom loop bc it only strenghthens his own fears and doubts, despite the way he acts, vlad doesn't look human in his ghost form bc that's how he thinks of himself since the accident, the only thing vlad can truly acknowledge in his ghost form is power
bespoke: plasmius is the embodiment of vlad's edgy-goth-vampire-teen-phase when he really wanted to have fangs and The Aesthetic
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pacman-in-cargopants · 3 minutes ago
Giving Up
I mess everything up.
I ruined the only thing good in my life and I can't get it back.
I'm angry and emotional even when I try to keep it under control.
I'm not even sure I could fix anything if I was given a chance
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shambolicshadows · 3 minutes ago
Day 6,755 of me living my best life still trying to figure out if I actually have people that like me or if I’m living in a big simulation that’s tricking me into believing good things.
Pretty sure they’re real and everything is rad, but I just gotta make a self aware note just in case. If this is all fake, then I show this to the government saying they can’t trick me and I knew this was a joke all along.
...I think I need sleep and a f*ck ton of clonidine. FBI agent, if you’re reading this, please send something to make me sleep for a month or so, thanks!
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vamp-rev-iver · 3 minutes ago
meat? you mean like from the magnus archives?
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miyumiya · 4 minutes ago
i’m about to think of headcanons for me and satori so i can post them on here because yeah it’s loving him hours
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returnsandreturns · 4 minutes ago
fun fact about me: one time at a conference in DC, supreme court justice sonia sotomayor touched my arm for a long moment and it was amazing
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trickszie · 4 minutes ago
i cant believe there’s actually people that are making threads on twitter and acting like they’re oppressed because quackity & george are reading fanfics on stream 🤨 that’s quite literally fucking ridiculous
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nitrozem · 4 minutes ago
I can upload a photo via mobile, but not from my computer lol
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elaineettariel · 5 minutes ago
me: i’ve fallen in love with another elf
friends: god fucking dammit dave
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rizguks · 6 minutes ago
does caldwell tanner know that everytime his voice breaks when he's emotionally roleplaying bev my heart breaks into a million little pieces
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suffering-lesbian · 6 minutes ago
my thighs are squished in this chair rip
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weneedtotalkaboutsherlock · 6 minutes ago
tonight’s train of thoughts:
i still haven’t figured out how émilie, jack’s ex in nmhs that is mentioned in like one line of the fic, looks likes
is she still blonde in my head? i wanted to make that parallel with bitty/jack’s thing for blondes, right? (is still thinking about the appearance of a character we do not even meet)
maybe she’s a brunette
i see her as like a super accomplished woman and she’s a brunette and she’s gorgeous
i know she has a degree in archeology but i bet she’s sporty too, because jack
sporty brunette... 
oh my gOD she looks like tessa virtue, doesn’t she?
oh my goD what if she is tessa virtue?
but she’s already named émilie and wasn’t famous
oh my gOD au where jack dates tessa virtue
bitty would be so jealous once he gets with him and learns about it
“so... when am i gonna meet your ex?” *wink wink*
this is seriously hilarious because i’m sure jack would a 100% not be a right fit for tessa virtue
but imagine him showing up like a year after samwell with tessa at the zimmermann christmas dinner and everyone is like... Aware^TM that jack “i don’t have a crush on bittle” zimmermann is dating a bubbly, extroverted, accomplished figure skater
bob is face-palming himself throughout dinner
tessa and alicia make plans to rule the world
(they succeed) 
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