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northern-passage · 2 days ago
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The Northern Passage is now available on!
Tumblr media
12.06.21: The Prologue is now available to play over on my It has been edited quite a bit and is (hopefully) a better version than what you all have seen before. Exciting new features include:
A codex!
Light & dark mode, as well as font choices
A slightly different character page
A revamped wraith fight
The choicescript demo will remain up until I have caught up to Chapter 2, and I’ll be referring to it as the “alpha” demo. I’ve already started importing Chapter 1, and plan to update the game once that’s finished.
I've also made an email specifically for bug reports:
I'll still take feedback and error messages here through askbox/DMs like before (I’ve also turned anon back on for now) but I felt like a separate email that's just for coding errors and the like could be helpful.
Thank you to all my patrons that sent me errors over the past week and helped me fix this up for the public release!
And as always, thanks for reading.
Play the demo here!
Project Intro | Alpha Demo |  Patreon | Ko-fi 
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attollogame · 2 days ago
Update... ish
I have been gently informed by my friends aka other authors on here that I may be stretching my limits with my goals this month, and that I am at a very high risk of burning myself out with what I want to give you all. My initial goal was this:
60k written this month (dream sequences), the Dreamwalker birthday special, prepare The Echtra for release, and do a holiday special.
I was literally prepared to not sleep to get this done lmao. That... isn't very healthy of me, combined with a second job and school on top of it all. I just felt very anxious because I want to provide you all content, but continually putting my own health at risk probably isn't the best to do so.
This is the revised goal for this month:
Write as much of the dream sequences as I'm able, do Dreamwalkers birthday special, and work on The Echtra even if that means pushing the drop date. Take time for myself as well.
A holiday special may still happen, but it won't be as grand as last years I'm afraid. I'm very sorry for this!
Consider this to be this Sundays update <3 take care!
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mypowermyworld · a day ago
I’ve honestly just have been so chill about manifestation lately and it’s worked like a motherfucking charm! I had a few really specific desires that I started affirming for back in September and now I actually have them!!! They’re mine! And that’s literally the best and most amazing feeling ever for me. I’m not even kidding. I’m so happy I could cry rn 🥰
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comicaurora · 2 days ago
Pro strats
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rwbybutincorrect · a day ago
Jinn: This information is outdated anyway, FWIW 
Cinder: FWIW means...? 
Jinn: Folga wooga imoga womp
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Tumblr media
Here are the official names of kapp'n's seasonal islands! Taken from my island newspaper (u/spuddddddddddddddddd on Reddit)
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Tumblr media
Recently I've been working on art. Chapter 2 has 80 CGs, and many of them are animated. Also I have decided to increase the slapstick by 200%
Well, here is a preview.
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embyrinitalics · a day ago
🖋️ Life update
Hey y'all, I've been taking a social media break for the last few weeks but this is just a formal announcement I guess. I don't know when I'll be writing again or when I'll be more active here, but for the sake of my mental health I just need to step away for a while.
I've also unfollowed some people (because I know I won't have the self control to stay away entirely), and I want to assure them that I haven't suddenly lost interest in their content. I just have weird stressors recently and some places where I am normally happy are making me not happy. I'll be back when I'm in a better headspace.
And finally, if you're one of the unfortunate few who I messaged within the last month or so to say I'll be working on our collab very soon: Oops. 😬 I'm really sorry that I jumped the gun once again but I'm going to have to put that on hold a little longer.
✨Thank you so much for your understanding and patience!✨
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draconli · a day ago
Tumblr media
Thank you, everyone, for coming out to Emerald City Comic Con! It was great meeting so many amazing people! All of you made this past weekend so much fun and enjoyable!
Unfortunately, after this con, I might not be attend cons for a little while until things calm down (might do some CA cons but not much). I would love to travel to other cons outside of CA, but recent streak of cons has shown that it might be better to hold off for greater things.
In the meantime, time to focus on art!
Here is the last commission of Day 4: a fairy! This one has a personal touch since it was a prompt with my take on the idea!
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tiddyl0ver · 15 hours ago
$tarving because i hate myself mindset❌
$tarving to be pretty mindset ✅
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comicaurora · 7 hours ago
here comes the boyyyy
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Badass!Merlin Part 2 is queued for 13:30PM today, so keep an eye out!! :D
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ikonsnet · a day ago
Tumblr media
[WEVERSE] 071221 BOBBY Selca Update!
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ladywolvesbayne · a day ago
Alright, quick update
I’ve been missing a lot, like, a whole lot. Saying sorry at this point is pointless, I know. Here’s a short summary of what’s been going on:
-My sister got married this past Saturday (12/4) so that’s the main reason why I was missing for so long, I was helping out with the wedding preparations. I did all the centerpieces for the tables and helped my sister craft decorations and stuff, it was a ton of work. It also got in the way and delayed my own schedules for other stuff, but, well, it’s family. The wedding was beautiful, the bride and groom were lovely and I got a chance to dress up and play pretty for a while. 
-This is the busiest season of the year at the office and stress keeps piling up. Customers can be obtuse and annoying. I’ve had my run-ins with a bunch of Karens already. God, I hate managing client accounts, I’d rather handle production alone (I do both, actually, but production is way more fun, I don’t know how else to explain to my boss that I don’t want to do client management).
-I finally released the e-book of THESE SHATTERED STARS Volume 3, but only the e-book. The prints will be delayed because I’m still working on the goodies (a couple of extra short stories exclusive for the printed format and all the graphic add-ons about the aliens, which I want to be awesome and that’s taking time). It’s entirely my fault for trying to finish up this series knowing that I would also have a ton of exhausting work at the office, plus the wedding. Summer is not being nice to us here. Add to that little sleep, endless text revisions, corrections and such. So, the e-book is already out and the printed versions will be available around the 15th to 18th of December, or as soon as I can finish them up. I’ll do a full presentation with lots of pics and stuff when it’s time.
Tumblr media
You can check out the e-book version HERE if you want to continue reading (it’s literally free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription). If you prefer to wait until the prints are available, that’s also great. 
-It’s also very likely that the series will have a change of cover for the e-books alone, because I’m having some issues to run paid ads in other sites (apparently some puritan ass doesn’t like a couple hugging on the cover, or a naked back... you’d shit your pants if you knew the disgusting stuff I’ve seen posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, AND THIS SEEMS TO BE OFFENSIVE TO THEM. Really. This is truly tame, but their censorship doesn’t like it, so I’ll have to redo the cover for the e-books if I want to expand to a wider audience through ads). We’ll see about that later.
-I’m still not over DIVINE WIND. Not one bit. But HALO INFINITE drops in two days and I’m feeling positive, I hope it lifts up my spirits a little. It’s a bit exciting, I’ve heard many great things about the campaign so far, so I truly want to be surprised and amazed. Let’s see how that goes two days from now!
And that’s about it. It doesn’t look like much, but it’s time-consuming for sure. My best wishes to all of you, I have A TON OF MESSAGES to reply to and I will get back to each and every one of you in due time, I promise. I’m glad you guys are doing alright and immensely grateful for the kind thoughts and words you send my way, forever grateful indeed. Have a wonderful week, my beloved Halo Tumblr Crew!
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screenshotsofsteven · a day ago
Hello, how are you feeling these days? Even if you're still not taking any requests, I hope you're doing well!
I'm doing alright, just have a lot going on regarding classes, getting a job, stuff going on with my parents, etc, so I haven't been up to continuing the blog quite yet. I do hope to get back to it at some point, even if not as frequently as before, cause I do enjoy it. But for now it's just been put on a back burner. Since this was supposed to be something I do for fun it has a lower priority than other stuff so that it doesn't become something that I might stress about. But I do still want to get back to it eventually when I'm able and willing. I thought I should give a bit of an update though at least!
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millies-adventure · 2 days ago
Update 06.12.2021
Pages 123-132 have been added.
Tumblr media
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