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gaiuswrites · 2 minutes ago
King of Cups shtuff ✨
Hi friends, this next chappie of koc is basically all done, but it’s in the heavy editing phase. Thanks for your patience. Sorry I am a slow turd hehe 😌 Hopefully it shall be out by tomorrow. (!?) An update on a Tuesday? I know, prolly a godawful idea but tHERE YA HAVE IT. Want a preview no one asked for? Sure, why not lmao:
Chapter 8: Judgement
The days start the same.
You set aside a warm bowl of fruit and porridge, steam rising to greet him as it fans over his helm. Good morning.
Returning from the fresher, you find the dishes washed and dried—the towel folded neatly into a square beside them. Good morning.
You return the bowls to their shelf, nestling them right next to your unfulfilled expectations and embarrassing desires—butted against your silly, silly heart.
“Anything good?” he asks one night, passing through the galley as you thumb through the news on your holopad.
You nearly choke on it—your throat closing up tight around the casual banality of the question. Because that’s what you two share now: you have things. You have quips and lines and normal and none of that disappeared after you’d made each other unravel not four paces away, pressed there against that wall—the wall that stands there even now, a tall and mocking reminder. You wonder, if you sealed your ear to the bulkhead, could you still hear you? The symphonic reverb—your girlish pants, Din’s hoarse rasps— trapped there in the seams of the steel siding like the grooves of a record, to be played and played again.
“Never,” you say, like you’ve always said, and do your best to flash him a grin—the one you’ve worn before, the one, perhaps, you hope he likes. The one where you go dimpled and dove-like.
And then he makes for the cockpit and you are left
without. Alone again.
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bnhayyy · 3 minutes ago
 Got the first scene for the next chapter of The Call done! 1,119 words. I’m also going to try to get started on the next part for Marleyan Reiner AU tonight or finish the prologue for Azulaang fic, whichever my muse leans more heavily into.
That or I might just knock out the second scene for this chapter, because the Mikannie Slayer AU vibes are vibing tonight. We’ll see
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dreamhued · 6 minutes ago
starter  call.     like  and  i  will  either  throw  something  random  at  you  or  pop  into  your  dm’s  for  plotting. 
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Is it just me or does sleeping with only a mattress and no bed frame just feel so much nicer
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regulusmasamune · 11 minutes ago
An Incomplete List of Things I’ve Found While Searching for Amethyst in Minecraft
 Six Venomous Spider Spawners. All in the same cave system. Most of which were clustered together.
Two regular Spider Spawners, one of which was also in the same beforementioned cave system.
Three Separate shipwrecks. One of which was very useless.
5 ruined temples in the middle of the ocean. Snagged some Sea Lanterns. (Only one of them was like, THE FORTRESS version of that. Most of them were just small, one building things.)
A Heart of the Sea.
Three Axolotl-two of which are getting their own terrarium under the ballroom. (BTW, why does breeding require tropical fish? ((the ocean biomes are VERY far away from my main base.)))
28 Diamonds.
Three boats I’ve lost while exploring the ocean.
A bloody black cat I tamed, got halfway home with, and lost because I died like an idiot.  (The Void is safely home, and now has a kitten.)
A frozen ocean next to a desert.
At least five of those broken nether portals, three of which were underwater.
Six random chests in minecarts. Most of which where in the Venomous Spider Spawner cave system.
The Glowy Squids.
Three Music Disks.
A completely different Badlands than the one I’ve explored before.
Things I have NOT found.
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chained-together-updates · 14 minutes ago
We're nice, we promise!
Y'know, at this point, this might might as well happen...? I mean it's not the weirdest thing???
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hnicoleart · 16 minutes ago
June 14th, 2021
Woke up feeling super off and I thought it was gonna end in a panic attack, but I was able to pull myself together and had a good day at work 😌
Now I’m home and waiting for E to get out of jiu jitsu so we can have dinner together.
- - -
I’m nervous to weigh myself this week cuz I kinda fucked everything up this past weekend. Ice cream, bread, alcohol, over-snacking, etc 🙄
But today was good, I went back to my usual weekday breakfast, my lunch was yogurt, almonds, and a granola bar. And dinner was gonna be a smoothie but that might be too much sugar so I’m just gonna have some cauliflower rice.
But even though my weight seems to be just maintaining, I still can’t complain too much. I still have my small waist and it’s almost like the fat piled back on only in my ass and tits 😅 and a little in my arms but that’s inevitable
Like look at this shit 😤 I’m fuckin 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 My boobs look so warped lmao but I had to lay down in my car to take the pic cuz there were so many people standing around and I don’t like being judged cuz I’m an insecure little baby 😬
Tumblr media
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kiwipitupandstir · 16 minutes ago
uhm hi u followed me and ur carrd says u have "mixed feelings" on bi lesbians/gays . if you think that bi lesbians/gays are valid pls block me😭but if thats outdated then its ok just lmk so i can block if need be ^-^
not valid ✋😐 don't worry buddy
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yayninjabob · 17 minutes ago
Chapter 16 is up!
Tumblr media
Ohmigosh... Cursed chapter.
Haha no but I swear Terror Part I and II was/were probably the most edited and rewritten chapter(s) I've worked on so far. Lots of big events feeding into each other and all featuring different characters that I really spent a lot of time trying to find the right order and place for things. I ended up swapping out two Princess scenes and saving them once AGAIN for next time. I just felt like the villains that needed focus this time were mainly Mojo and Him.
Ok but the bank robbery scene has been something I have been looking forward to for a while. It was definitely different than how I first imagined it because it was actually an originally scrapped scene I had for the OG Villain. "Too light-hearted" and "who the hell else is into my crazy Mojo-Joey/Buttercup father-son bonding but me??" is how I felt at the time.
God I love them.
Lol. OK, well, I really hope you guys enjoy this one. If you have the time, please leave a review/comment and share your thoughts with me!
Thanks for reading! :D
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theasstour · 17 minutes ago
I'm such a fan of bloodsport honestly it makes my day. I love their relationship, harry always standing up for her and she being comfortable around him. Would love a relationship like that. I'm gonna read bs14 now I'm so excited!!
AHHHOGJWROI THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY THANK YOU SM FOR READING 💞🦋💖💓🌷 I genuinely love them as well, they blur so many lines without realising it and they're in the middle of falling in love without really realising it and oof *chefs kiss* I can't wait to show you more!!!
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mistressemmedi · 17 minutes ago
This is the anon with the cheating aunt. The family will be on a zoom meeting to discuss what to do with this ..... revelation. They’re legit talking about doing a mediation it like it’s an episode of dr phil. What are me and my cousins supposed to do?? Are we the audience? Pls why am I here on this planet? I need the aliens to take me. Oh and she was in love with the Italian guy’s big thangalang bc her and her husband’s s*x life was according to her “staler than the bread at bread at subway“.
Tumblr media
There's so much going on in this ask... Family meeting??? Over zoom????
The family 'kids' are present in this intervention???
The fact that your aunt told someone in the family "Aye, the Italian guy's dick was more of a melanzana than a cetriolo"???
And that someone decided to share this tidbit of knowledge with the rest of the fam???
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chained-together-updates · 18 minutes ago
Hello ominous... voice...??
They're nice, don't worry
Is that Rav...?
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sin-the-ironic-paladin · 19 minutes ago
just did a little write, could’ve gone better, could’ve gone worse, my brain’s been kinda pacey all day, so getting bad much done as I did is good.
I don’t know if that makes sense I’ve just been in a consume other people’s content/find some woods to walk in for a few hours mood since like nine
Bouncing around a short story collection, featuring all things I wrote while I was supposed to be writing my novel, which I am now choosing to edit/re-write instead of the same novel, so~
time is circular, heretics
uhh editing song of the day, was listening to Mr Capgras briefly but got the bulk of it done to this
it good song, let it loop for a few minutes and suddenly it’s been an hour.
alright I’m gonna go play minecraft or something, keep it crunchity boys
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kuviras-btch · 19 minutes ago
Imma take a break from drawing and continue writing Dancing With Kuvira instead
let’s hope I’ll get the chapter out during this night (it’s currently 2am)
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theasstour · 21 minutes ago
I’m legit scared to read the chapter after someone said readers will be shocked, and you used that pic of harry. Is harry evil?? Not my sweet bs!harry 🥺 he can’t be!!!!
AIJRIOGJW no no, Laur, our b!harry baby isn't evil 🥺 He's just a lil cold towards Josie in this chapter cos he's *whispers* jealous
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brawlships · 24 minutes ago
So I finished up Nessa. She's actually a part of Buzz's Trio because that's what I imagined for that silhouette.
I also started on my own interpretation of Colette and Edgar's Manager, because screw Griff x2!! She's still a villain. Her name is Valerie. :3
When I get my internet back on, I'll upload them because I want to quality check it on desktop first.
And as a side note, any progress on fanfics is postponed because of the no internet thing ;-;
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avengeful-bunny · 24 minutes ago
New post!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mutually Beneficial
(Geraskier, 2.5k, Firefly/Serenity AU, M)
Not long after upgrading their professional relationship to "friends with benefits" Geralt catches feelings and Jaskier is forced to reevaluate his boundaries as a licensed Companion onboard the infamous Firefly-class ship, Roach.
Loosely set within the concepts of Firefly, and Serenity.
"Out of nowhere, Geralt had appeared, storming the ballroom with pistols cocked. Behind him, he was trailed by the rest of his meager crew. They were dressed like Independents of the Rim. They were notorious traitors, dressed in tight black breeches, black shirts and black long coats that were true to their namesake.
They were Blackcoats, rebels who flouted the Alliance’s rule and fought for people abused under its power.
The noble guests had been screaming in terror, but not Jaskier, he was mesmerized. "
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