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((Hey! Sorry I’ve been silent since last night, I was making the final preparations for a presentation —and now, after said presentation, I’m taking a short break to catch up with writing. I’ll try to reply some asks later!))

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Bottom line is I’m just not worth caring about and I totally get it, I do like it’s fine. I’ll just stop bothering Everyone with my issues. But if I tell them that they get mad like it’s my fault I know I’m worthless and I don’t understand what I did wrong. I need do. I’m just trying to help?

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first of all i’d just like to say — i know i’ve been pretty silent about the matter on here. i’m much more active on sharing on twitter and instagram. am doing my part, my silence isn’t ignorance, and i’m here to clarify that. i see the wrongdoings, and i see the problems.

as much as everyone is urging to donate, sign petitions, to learn and understand, i myself am doing it too. but i also would like to remind everyone to check up on your friends and close ones. it’s not a light matter, that’s for sure, and things can get overwhelming far too easily. it’s okay to take breaks from social media (i, myself, have done that multiple times over the past few days.) and if you notice that it’s visibly upsetting a friend or it’s heavy/taking a toll on them, remember to check up on them, and remember to take care of yourselves too.

to the fandom side (and i know y’all know which i’m talking about) i’m sick, and i’m tired, of all the unnecessary hate people are spewing. i do not understand why is it so important to you lot to latch onto celebrities so much for validation. whether they post stuff or not, the most important thing is for you to do your part. that’s basically it. stop caring to pretend that you care.

also, this is just something i personally want to say, to the content creators out there, gif makers, editors, fic writers, everything, i cannot be more grateful and thankful that you lot are still churning out work for everyone. admittedly all those things have been helping me and keeping me sane during tough times. i admire your ability to continue to do this even when times are stressful, and i cannot imagine how it is for you guys personally, so thank you thank you thank you.

stay safe, and much love to everyone

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Hey guys,

Just a quick update.

I had to put down my fur baby, Kitty Kitty, today. I’ve had him most of my life, since I was 17 years old. He was 18.

I just can’t handle anything right now, so I’m taking a short break on social media. I still have a queue running but I was intending to finish my anti Endgame posts as well as post a few other things but I can’t.

R.I.P. my little heathen. We had a lot of adventures together. I just can’t believe you’re gone.

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I fixed our about link! It must’ve came unlinked when we changed the pfp because it does that sometimes haha. Anyway, the refs and info about us is in that link so feel free to take a look at it and send us some asks! :D

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Alright, I’ve decided that I’m going to challenge myself and do a full Pride series this year! It’ll consist of characters from my favorite fandoms and my headcanons for them. I’ve never done/completed a full series like this before due to a loss of interest and executive dysfunction, so that’s why it’s a bit of a challenge for me.

Please note that I will NOT be taking requests for characters/fandoms!

This is a project that I want to work on solely by myself with no suggestions. However, if I’m feeling up to it, I may- may, it’s not a given- take requests at the end after I’m done with what I want to do.

These are the fandoms I’m definitely doing:

  • Steven Universe
  • Tales of Arcadia
  • Gunnerkrigg Court

And I want to do some miscellaneous characters after these. 

Since Tumblr has taken to nuking posts that have links that aren’t link posts, I’ll be tagging the series as beans pride series 2k20 so the art can be found on my blog.

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Might finally figure out what the hell is going on with my back. Today’s been rough, I’ve spent most of it on my side in bed. My doctor’s office wanted to do a phone appointment like two weeks from now, like no for starters I haven’t even met this doc yet, and I need to be seen because I need a referral for an x-ray/an actual fucking diagnosis. I’m not playing around with this shit.

My neighbour called bylaw on my back yard again - it’s not that I haven’t been mowing it, it’s that some of the weeds I have to pull by hand got a bit tall, it would take only five minutes but my back has been bad lately. Apparently if I don’t get to it within 2 weeks it’s going to cost me like $200. Bylaw doesn’t give a shit that I might have a herniated disc in my back -_-;

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Hello everyone

I hope you’re doing great!

Thank god this week was kinda peaceful ^^ I’m almost done with some of my personal stuff so I’ll be back posting maybe next week

But not like i used to ^^* hehe

Stay safe all of you 💜

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My little baby boy have been gone for 3 months. I love how every time he’s in my dreams, he’s young and healthy again. I hope that wherever he is, he’s happy and not lost or sad looking for me and my family. I love you eternally.

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GCQ Day 3:

Ang daming issues ngayon at nagkalat sila sa newsfeed ng major social media sites. At kaya ako nandito, naghahanap ng positive, motivational, inspiration photos, quotes in life.

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