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thefuzzycomic · 23 hours ago
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Irene played herself and started to cry for real. But, lucky for her, she had always been a person who recovered from tears quickly.
Next update arrives as soon as I can do it. I’m struggling with finding a medication which doesn’t make me feel worse. Doctor and I are on it to find a better medication :3
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comicaurora · 2 days ago
welcome back to subplot 3 of 26
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Well that was cutting it a little close. Thankfully though, it all seems to have worked for the most part. I did several things to get this place up and running again, but the only one that will have much of any impact on you Darlings, is that I’ve switched the ownership of this tumblr from my main, to the one that will eventually act as the masterlist for this one. This basically means that I should now be able to respond to replies and such, directly, instead of having to take screenshots in the future. Though I may still do so for some of the older stuff in my drafts.
As for future posting, I am hoping to go back to writing two prompts a day, plus posting a song of the day, but it might take some time for me to get back into the swing of writing proper prompts again.
Please also take into account that I’ll have to play catch up in the activity feed for all the time I’ve spent without being able to save responses to my drafts, so that they can be reblogged at a later date. I’m not sure how long this will take me, so please be patient.
If you have any questions or concerns that you feel need immediate attention, and that you are concerned I wont see quickly enough, please leave them in the replies of this post, and I will do my best to respond to you when I can.
My apologies for the long update, but hopefully I got everything in one go. 
Stay safe Darling ones 🖤
Future Masterlist And Current Main @its-me-darlings
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best-of-inspirobot · 2 days ago
Lil holiday update
Hi all, starting from December 13th all the way through December 31st best-of-inspirobot will be featuring posts from inspirobot’s cousin XmasCardBot. It’s still the same old nonsense but with a little holiday flair, six times a day. I uh... went a little overboard with generating them. To avoid my inbox overflowing during the holiday period I’ll close submissions at December 13th and reopen them at January 1st. This also means any submissions made at the end of November or later won’t be posted until January. 
Hope you’re looking forward to this holiday special ;)
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seraphinitegames · 2 hours ago
The Wayhaven Chronicles—Update 03/Dec/2021
Seriously, Autumn and Winter are totally my time of the year! :D I've got so much done recently and seeing my checklist with so many ticks is even more motivating!
Social media days were great fun! But the first version of Chapter Ten was going sooooo well, that it did cut into the social media days a little. But my goal for this week was to finish the first version of Chapter Ten....and I'm going to do it by the end of today!!!
It's actually a more action-based chapter, so things have been quicker to write. There's not too much dialogue after the initial 'who's gonna side with who?' moment, which helps ease things :D A few moments during these scenes just seriously got me going so much though. I actually turned to Nai at one point and was like, 'Aahhh!! I'm loving this!' lol!
So it was a pretty packed week, but a majorly productive one. Next week, I hope to try and finish the other version of Chapter Ten, or at least get it mostly done.
That would be pretty huge and also put me ahead of schedule! As is probably obvious, I want Book Three to be out next year, so anything that can push me ahead makes me very, very happy!
A few people have asked about The Curse of Creek Edge. I don't post too much about progress on that as it's a slow, 'when I have time' personal project, but it is coming along. I've made some big leaps recently, and it'll be nice to start the actual writing on the demo portion now that the art is almost finished. I haven't done the CGs yet, but they're much easier to add in after the writing is done. I'll start posting proper progress reports on that after the demo is released.
To finish off, I have the dates for the Patreon Agency Party Christmas specials:
9th December: "I'll Leave that as a Surprise…."—An old friend reveals a little more than they were supposed to about the charming Second-in-Command (Nate/Nat special)
16th December: ''It's Fun to Enjoy the Mystery"—Someone's flirtation with the Detective leads to Adam/Ava getting a dose of realisation and honesty (Adam/Ava special)
23rd December: 'Absolutely Besotted'—A familiar face gives a surprising statement about the odds on this relationship (Felix/Farah special)
30th December: "Jealousy Doesn't Suit You…" Just what the Detective might mean to Mason/Morgan comes from an unexpected source (Mason/Morgan special)
The Patreon Christmas specials were longer than I planned, hence the short summaries this time along with the titles...I got a bit carried away with them, hehe! :D But I got to introduce or bring back some characters that I love, so I couldn't help myself!
Hope you guys have an amazing weekend! We'll be offline as usual, so I'll talk to you all soon! <3
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funzos · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hi! These will be the prices for the rugs I’ll be releasing on Friday! The 50x40cm ones, the soup bowl and coffee cats, which include decorated borders and many small details will the priciest at $250, the capybara one is slightly smaller and simpler will be priced at $200. The 25x40cm barn owl and flower vase will be $150, for the circular 30cm pieces, the ants on a strawberry will be $90 and the watermelon bear being the less detailed will be at $60.
Aside from upcoming bigger sizes, I think I will keep this pricing list for quite a while for upcoming rugs. I think I’ll make a more detailed sheet next year showing prices both according to size and amount of detail but this is a good reference for the time being.
[ID: Infographic showing rug designs next to their corresponding prices on top a pink background. End ID]
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tryinghuman · a day ago
Tumblr media
★ Trying Human has updated! ★ | New readers click here!
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banananutsmuthie · 2 days ago
Masterlist Updates!
The masterlist has been updated with not 1, not 2, but 4 new features! Consider it a little incentive for the holdouts who are still using the tumblr app—this is what you're missing out on by not using a browser 😛Features detailed below after the demo video.
All-in-one search bar that filters results in real-time, which also includes support for 한글, diacritics, and special characters. Some things you can search by, as well as examples:
Title: "Hot Hawaiian Heat", "Rose Red Door"
Idol (real name/stage name): "kim minjeong", "사나"
Group: "Twice", "위키미키", "æspa"
Genre: "Anal", "Public Sex"
Key Story Points: "cute pussy", "main ass", "wingback chair"
Story Location: "bus", "practice room", "beach"
Group/Idol Nickname: "Sanake", "트둥이", "yoodaeng", "샤샤샤"
Company: "SM Entertainment", "JYPE"
Fandom: "once", "원스"
Idol Representative Emoji (where applicable): "🌻", "🦊"
If that's not granular enough, an "Advanced Search" mode that allows you to additionally filter by publish date, story type, and word count.
A "Preview" popup feature which displays a smut excerpt and tags that, when clicked, filters stories with that tag. I'm not the first to do tags, so go check out @worldsover who's done extensive work in that area and who I drew inspiration from for this feature. For desktop, this is triggered by hovering over any story link. For mobile, this is triggered by clicking the new "[Preview]" link next to "[Show Synopsis]". Tags that may spoil the story are hidden behind spoiler blocks that can be revealed on click
For those readers who can't decide: a "Click here for a random story" link, which guarantees to take you to an actual smut, not just any post like the "/random" url
Any bugs or suggestions on other features you wanna see? Send me a message!
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arianatwycross · a day ago
Tumblr media
Chapter 9
James stays the night.
She’s not entirely sure what this means. She assumed whatever they were doing was just for fun but lying next to him, his arm draped across her stomach as he slept, feels a little too real for her.
Not that she would be totally opposed to them being real. The realistic, logical brain that Lily has, knows that a relationship between the two of them is not in the cards. James is a popular rockstar, one that could never just walk the streets hand in hand with a random civilian like Lily. She also knows that James has never gone public with a partner before (she blames Mary for this information).
She resorts to letting him sleep, cuddled into her neck. She manages to convince herself that this is normal for something casual, that he’s just a cuddly sleeper. As if James is secretly reading her mind, she feels his eyes flutter open against her neck, his breath quickens. Looking over at him, she smiles awkwardly, her cheeks flushing.
continue reading here or start from the beginning
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minecraftheadcanons · 2 days ago
I don’t know how much I’d headcanon this is, but you know about those posts about how the Minecraft world heals with each new update? I imagine that Steve and Alex also change with each new update as well. The villagers first see them as those weird cryptic people that wander about and occasionally steal crops, but now they’re those nice dudes that showed the kids a cute axolotl and stuff.
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ask-violinsunrise · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Vivi got an invitation to a new adventure!! We've been out of the scene for a bit so mountain climbing definitely sounds like a totally normal way to come back to the scene!! Invited by @basykail
soon to be with
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dividawrites · 20 hours ago
Harry Potter / Tom Riddle | Voldemort
Explicit | 4,528 | Complete
Trapped alone in a prison on an island, there are many things Tom forgets. But he never forgets Harry.
Tags: Extremely Dubious Consent, Murder, Violence, POV Tom Riddle, Mental Instability, Power Bottom Tom Riddle, Explicit Sexual Content
Written for @trordiscord‘s 31 Days of December prompt challenge.
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maireadralph · a day ago
Tumblr media
Just to give everyone an update now that the deadline has past for Entrapdak Zine 2.
I’ve still got Credits pages to make and finish up on the Cover - which just like last time will be made up of one art for those that submit an art (you know cos we all work together to make this a reality ❤️).
As I’ve still got a lot to do for Christmas IRL (you know I’ve not even put my tree up yet or written any Christmas cards yet 😅 ) so this will take a little longer to put together than the July one, please bare with me and know it will be out before Christmas.
I just wanted to communicate this out clearly rather than leave everyone waiting or wondering on status updates.
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void-inked-pen · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Hey so... I've been having a tough time recently and it all kinda came to a head for me yesterday. My motivation has been shot and I think i've been needing a mental break for quite some time? Soooooo I'm officially going on break this month.
I havn't been drawing much because of a lot of pressure and mental health problems along with my motivation (plus I'm more active on twitter and instagram than here) and my confidence with my art has been really bad as of late.
I have plans to start posting on Time Ticks By again in January as well as posting once or twice a month to help me practice deadline management and consistently working on a long term project. Plus, I wanted to get that story done before I started posting a BNHA fic I've been working on which already has 5 rough chapters finished.
So for now, I'm just going to do things at my own pace for the month. let myself create when I want to but also let myself just... be lazy and play video games or read or write without feeling like I'm forcing it.
See you all next year!
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bitsandbobsofwriting · 9 hours ago
OK so I have FINALLY finished writing part 2 of Badass!Merlin!!!
It’s a long’un, at 10.8k exactly, but I haven’t edited at ALL yet. 
SO. In the edit I’m going to try cut a few bits short (and don’t worry, you won’t be losing anything important, I’ve written basically this entire thing in bits and pieces, all well beyond my bedtime, which means a lot of it is nonsensical). This will be the FIRST edit, so it will take be a few days (plus it’s my anniversary this weekend and I’m away) so you’ll, in all likelihood, get it Monday/Tuesday.
I’m happy with it, I think. Like I said, there are a lot of bits I need to cut short, but equally there are a few odd bits that I want to extend so... who knows how long it’ll end up being lol.
Here’s a sneak peek to thank y’all for your patience!!
He(Arthur) focuses back in when Gwen gives another loud yelp and Elyan, unfazeable Elyan, gasps. His mouth drops open and his eyes go wide as he sees Merlin stand up, completely ignoring the body, now slumping to the floor, as he wipes the blade off on the inside of his jacket before replacing it into whichever hidden pocket it had been kept in. Merlin had... he doesn’t think about it. He doesn’t want to think about it. The man was unarmed, likely asking for mercy, telling Merlin whatever he wanted to know, and Merlin had... No. He’s not thinking about it. Arthur’s heart cracks a little when he sees the look on Merlin’s face. The servant moves to stand in the middle of the room, wearing an expression that speaks of grief and regret, but mostly just... resignation. Arthur wonders once more, like Leon had what felt like forever go, just how often Merlin does stuff like this. How often he has to.
Hope y’all are excited!!!
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cubersims · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hi long time no see.
i’m sorry for being pretty much inactive on here, and not posting anything.
i’ve been dealing with some trauma-related things/negative experiences, that i haven’t coped with, and it’s just all coming up to the surface now, and making me absolutely miserable. at the same time i’m slowly lowering the dosis of my meds (completely going off them in february), so that makes me even more sensitive. i’m so scared i’ll never get past it, and that i’ll be stuck in this whole forever. it feels like you’re going one step forward, but then 10 steps backwards.
it’s officially christmas time though! which always excites me. i crocheted a very long “nissehue” (santa hat or whatever you call it in english). i’m always wearing christmas sweaters every day! and of course watching the best christmas calender ever; ‘the julekalender’.
other than that i just wanted to pop in and say hi! i’ve added some pictures from my life this past year (mostly past months). some of my hamster henning, some delicious food, the horses, a kay bojesen monkey i’m crocheting, a puppy my best friends family had and a video of my best friends bunny i’m holding.
hope you guys are doing better, and thriving. i love you so much, and i appreciate all the support i still recieve. i still love to check asks and comments, and what not, so please send them my way! it makes me feel so welcomed and supported :)
- cam
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