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The first 2 pages of the Homestuck Epilogues have been added. Stay tuned for new pages next Monday. 

Color text has also been added to the Epilogue pages, albeit with a few coding errors that are fixed now.

A few page links have been updated/changed for better viewing.

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My internet tried to stop me from scrolling Pinterest while doing homework

It underestimates my power

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Sorry it’s been so long!

I planning on rebooting the comic.


I’ve always wanted to come back to this but I didn’t have the time. And plus, I’ve changed a lot of the story since the last time I posted. I want a fresh start so I can tell this story the way I currently envision it in my head.

I hope this can finally be the product I finish.

More updates coming soon :)

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Rant ahead because I need to get it out.

So, my grandparents on my dad’s side are very against this whole Covid thing. They believed it was a hoax and even after my dad, my mom, and I all got it and my mom ended up in the hospital as well as prior to all this my grandpa got it and died from complications from it they still aren’t careful. My grandpa, although he is very much against everything I believe in, is high risk and now my grandma may have it. My dad, who I am pretty sure brought it into the house the first time, was over there just this past weekend. The whole reason I am sure he brought it in last time was because yeah he says he wears masks at work but they dont enforce it and they are horrible about sanitizing anything there and he was one to complain about wearing them and saying they dont do anything. So my dad was over there this past weekend and then tells me today they believe my grandma has it. I immediately try to stay away from him and tell him he should probably quarantine himself and sanitize the surfaces he’s touched as he could be carrying it since he was over there. He gets offended when I ask him to do this even though I will have to be working because 1. They claim me as dependant and I didnt ever get any stimulus and 2. I now have to pay rent because I decide to go online for all my classes instead of doing hybrid because the college I went to certainly does not do enough to prevent the spreading and my program was a bunch of people with the same mindset as my grandparents. My dad thinks we should be fine because we are in the 90 day period of being “immune” to it since we’ve had it. My thing is, I know there are other mutations of it and I dont wanna risk getting those either. Am I worrying too much or am I valid in being cautious?

Okay rant over and I would like to inform y'all that another fic should be coming out soon, it’s in pieces right now but once I add the glue to it I will post it

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(FR) Hello les chats ♡
Un petit message pour vous dire que je vais fermer les requêtes ce week-end. j’ai moins envie, moins l’énergie, et un peu plus envie de grapher sur quelques idées que j’ai mais sur lesquelles je n’ai pas le temps de m’empêcher à cause de la liste de requêtes qui ne désemplit pas. Je ré-ouvrirais peut-être des suggestions ou quelque chose à un moment
et vous pouvez toujours envoyer du love, ça fait plaisir haha ♡

(EN) Hi there ♡
few words to tell you i’ll close my requests saturday. i’m a bit tired and i don’t have a lot of spare time lately -not as much as i want to, to do everything haha. i’ll keep making edits (i have few ideas in mind for a while now, but didnt have the time to do it so…), and i can’t keep up with all the requests. it could re-open someday, or in a different way, idk, i’ll see. ♡

xx ♡

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What’s Morgan up to?

You might be asking when I’m going to finish the rest of my matchups and requests and I wanted to say that my creativity is coming back so I’m happy for that because I missed writing. I’ll be working on my matchups and then my requests so I can have them open in February give or take? I also have another special if I reach 1.5k followers, it’s a surprise which I will probably ruin because I cannot keep a surprise like that to save my life so please don’t ask because I will tell you 🤦🏻‍♀️

I have some requests that I’m so excited to write for! I’m also very excited to release the fics that have been sitting in my drafts for weeks 😭☺️

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update coming sometime after 6pm hopefully! I’ve been busy and physically feel drained as of rn (I need to eat food lmao) gonna eat dinner and see where I’m at.

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So basically my RAM is broken and I have no PC currently and I must spend money which I don’t really have, so all I want to say is I’ll most probably be gone for a while :/

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two new pages!! link goes to the first one…

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Besides answering your questions and posting individual prompts, I have a few things I would like to do in the next couple months, if my time let’s me.

One project is going to be working on some posts about worldbuilding. Let me know if there is something specific you would be interested in.

Another big project is collecting all my prompts and writing advice (which is hard and time-consuming, Tumblr has not the best search system, despite me using tags), so that I can make PDFs out of them and possibly upload them to Google Drive. For this I would probably edit and revise my tips and you could all have them in a clean format and it’s easier to find them.

A third project is that I wanna make a list of important holidays that diverse characters can celebrate. So, if you have a cultural, religious or even important national holiday you would like to see included, send it to me with the date, who celebrates it and maybe even some of the most important aspects.

Last thing, if you want to know what some of the next prompt lists or writing advices are going to be, check out my Instagram account. I’m still figuring things out there, but my story (and highlight) keeps you updated on what to expect in the next couple of weeks.

Have a wonderful day, everyone, and stay safe!

- Jana

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~ Paid Readings Update ~


~ All of my paid readings have been sent out. If you’ve paid for a reading and have not received it yet, please email “” or utilize the contact section of my website. I do not respond to personal/paid reading requests through tumblr or Instagram.

~ I will be taking a break from doing all paid readings until further notice🥰If you’d like to work with me, you can join The Cosmic Community ❤️

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Update: had enough pent up rage in me after work despite having a crappy day to make it out for a run ;)

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Shameless reminder that I am on YouTube and have a channel there.

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Someone yell at me to write because I want to get content out but my brain is saying “fuck you”

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