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Just an update: I won’t be posting as much starting tomorrow because I am going to be moving on 13th June meaning my focus will be on packing. I am going to be keeping my requests open, but it may take a little longer than usual for me to get round them to as it’s going to be hectic here!!

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sorry for disappearing for so long!! i started this blog because i was interested in making texts but i got really busy and just left this hanging

tbvh i have no plans on posting this blog (at least at this point of time), i still don’t really have time to keep up with 2 blogs, my main blog is @jaeminmochi​ and i post nct fics/blurbs there 

i still don’t know what i’m gonna be doing with this blog tbh??

(i literally haven’t had this blog for a long time but still..) thank you for following and i hope you enjoyed my content

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alight folks so i have one scott request and one stiles request, plus a bonus secret fic (if you follow me on main you already know lol) in the works. 

i’m going to take a pause on the secret project for a bit to finish this scott request (which i’m sort of struggling with, but i have a couple of ideas and alcohol in the system, so hopefully i’ll be done soon) but remember, requests are open!

go here for the specifics 

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•ั updates •ั

⊷ hiii loves! i hope you’re all doing well!

⊷ i’m truly sorry for being so behind & 4thewait :(

⊷ i’ve been studying bc i have 2 final exams :,(

⊷ i’ve been posting a little more regularly on

a side-blog. i’m not sure if i put this out there ?

i have 4 blogs- there’s this one & 3 are groups

@teataeil @mochidino @dimsanie

^ wanted a theme but i liked fairybees-

⊷ reqs are still open! & i’ll get to them asap!

⊷ pls stay safe, healthy, & happy!

⊷ also you can send me anything rlly in the inbox!

*not like anything but if you ever want to talk or

ask me something lmk don’t be shy!<3

if ur still here ty 4 putting up with me w/ my long messages & supporting & reading 💌🌟

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As always delete your localthumbcache when Updates get installed!

Pets should not aggregate to Water Bowls when searching for Food Bowls anymore. Compatibility Update for the “Go for a Walk with more Pets” & “Social Activities” Mods.

Working Pet Water Bowls


Compatibility Update for the Working Pet Water Bowls Mod.

Social Activities (Visit Friends, Family and more)
Go for a walk with more Pets (Rabbitholes)


I finally found the culpit of the SimDa One Night Stand Error thx to a Player with the Error happening and their hard work to 50/50 until they found it (Thank you so much!). It was not caused by SimDa like i already assumed but by the “Realistic Reactions” Mod which script injects into my Loot a broken Code which then caused the Error to happen. I contacted the Creator of the “Realistic Reactions” Mod a few days back without any answer yet so to stop the Error i changed my Loot ID. If you use both the RR Mod and the SimDa WW Addon i recommend to redownload SimDa!

SimDa Dating App

*** Translations ***

Working Pet Water Bowls (Added Polish by Anulay, Spanish by Evadne Katsaros (Main Mod) and Chinese by MuMu)
First Love (Added Czech by Xeria/SimsCzechTeam)

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I’m going to start doing posts about outfits and makeup looks and clothes and how they make me feel. Fashion is important to me and I’ve missed it so much while I’ve been sick. All of these are going to be tagged “wardrobe”

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Originally posted by abasketofgifs

Hello lovelies,

Today was a progressive day; things at home are slowly getting better and I’m a 1/3 of the way finished with Tui + La’s Chapter 2.

There are a few things I wanted to talk about. I’m thinking updating three times a week and posting later in the evening (it seems like a lot of you are active on Tumblr then). It’s not a set policy, but definitely a doable goal. I’m looking at closer to 40-50 chapters so my goal is have the first book published by mid-July.

I’ve been thinking of getting an editor. I’d share a copy of my story with someone over Google Docs and have the editor look over it, also gaining early access to those chapters. I’m willing to allow two editors as an extra set of eyes never hurt anyone. If you are interested, please send me a private message through my blog.

I also know that I’m posting a lot of updates, mainly once a day aside from series chapters, and I want your input. Do you enjoy the updates, knowing when I plan on posting or if something’s delayed?

I hope y’all are enjoying your Monday and have an amazing Tuesday!

Talk to you soon! 💕💫

Much love,

Megs x

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