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I got the shounen side character with a heavy amount of emotional damage... what anime character stereotype are you?
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I got Troupe Master Grimm... Government Assigned Hollow Knight Kin
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hey I got bored so I made a uquiz with tweets

rly it’s not even funny I just wanted to make a quiz lol

link -> rb w results if u’d like

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Rules: Take this quiz for one of your OCs.

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I took it for like, every OC bc i’m Like That™, but i’m posting the one for Theo and Bren both, since they got the same result and it Hurt Me a little bit.

you swallow pain & fold around it

you have always hurt. you hold it carefully, and twisted in such a way that other people don’t have to see it. you don’t choke on it. you don’t drown. you just have it, the way some people have freckles, this is a thing that lives in your bones. you fold instead of fighting because you know how to make yourself small, tuck away the places where they have clawed at, swallow the bruises so you seem clean. nobody needs to see it. you will live through this on your own. you know what you need, and relief isn’t it. this doesn’t mean you cannot reach out - it means it is not in your nature to do so. you should. hiding does not mean you won’t be seen.

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I been seeing a lot of awful things going around online and irl right now so I have been going on Uquiz and leaving nice messages on text questions.


If you got one of these messages from a person named ‘Ghost’, I wasn’t lying. All of the quizzes were good!

Thank you for listening to me!

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I’m serious. It sounds kinky so I do not want to look it up. 

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I got you’re ok... the only quiz on this entire site that doesn’t f*cking suck
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I got writing love letters whenever the urge compels you... go on an adventure and I'll tell you what your unique love language is
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I got waverly earp... which character i heavily relate to (possibly project onto) are you?
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I took uquiz to figure out what horrible taxidermy animal I would be and I got bench leopard


Haha funny right? Wrong. because I immediately got called the fuck out:

you are a very supportive friend but sometimes you know that you’re not getting enough support for yourself. it would be nice for somebody else to be interested in your emotions enough to pursue them a bit, or at least not assume that everything is final e, but you don’t even begin to know how to ask for that, or even if that’s something you CAN ask for. and you can cope, you’re strong. you’re very strong.

you have a difficult relationship with your own mother, so you try to be the mom friend because you think that by nurturing others, you can nurture yourself and give yourself the love and support you aren’t getting and maybe never got. looking back on your childhood, you wonder if the people who loved you only loved an idea of you- it seems like they kept trying to force you into a shape that you were never meant to be. you took it as best as you could, but now instead of being a perfectly functional bench or a perfectly functional leopard, you’re some hybrid of the two that you fear is deeply unpleasant to sit upon. you’re not, though. your friends really do love you and the support you give, and they seek it out and come to you because they perceive in you a deep need to be needed. they don’t want to take advantage of you. they just want to love you as much as you love them

Anyway here’s the link if you also wanna get called the fuck out:

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