figuerockfaeth · a day ago
ok new quiz! it's get assigned a man that i, a lesbian, would marry with no hesitation
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got bored. boutta go to sleep. which obscure sonic character are you
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arorpheus · a day ago
Tumblr media
(id: a screenshot of a uquiz titled "judging your frankenstein opinions." the description reads "this is completely serious btw. i, a 17 year old, am the ultimate authority on this. if you get a bad result you are not allowed to touch a frankenstein book again.")
heyyyyyy <3
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dingdongyouarewrong · a day ago
omg i made a uquiz! find out what house from my favourite YA book series you are!!!
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magnetic-dogz · a day ago
Hai I made a Sonic uquiz, feel free to take it. When I took it for myself to test it out I got Tails
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are you a miles edgeworth kinnie? do you want to know which specific era of edgeworth you are? take my first uquiz ever: which miles edgeworth evolution are you
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karmantics · a day ago
hi i made a quiz where i judge you based on fictional characters. take it.
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church-of-crayak · a day ago
uquiz alert
i'm not too familiar with making quizzes so tell me how accurate i got you!!
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transgender-rex · 2 days ago
Please I am begging y'all to take this dracula quiz and share your result
My result:
Tumblr media
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giantrobocock · 2 days ago
you can now find out which teru hair stage you are enjoy
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cinemaocd · a day ago
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lostintheclouds321 · 2 days ago
this is the hardest uquiz i’ve ever done - so many good options!!! but i am v happy with my result :)
Tumblr media
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ennuijpg · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
which beloved onlyoneof b-side are you?
mwah enjoy lyons <33
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bloodyrubies · a day ago
@psychotic-rabbit should do this right now, because I have the theory I’m the straightman to their straightjacket, and I need to be sure, you know?
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dawnpng · 11 hours ago
i made a quiz to find out if you're pirate, knight, cowboy, or vampire-coded :) https://uquiz.com/oNBCMs
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billowypantss · 2 days ago
*dj khaled voice* anotha one
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parkmejeon004 · 2 days ago
Thank you for the tag @seung-scrittore 🥰
labyrinths and confusion
a god for the lost souls. you can often find makeshift altars for you deep in forests, cave systems, and other uncharted territories. you guide those lost back onto the path. the souls of those who disrespect you are lost forever, trapped in a winding labyrinth, never to leave or see sunlight again.
Tagging : @nar-nia @blessed-sky @wonniesimp @renaishun 💓💓
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sophaeros · a day ago
new parasocial uquiz just dropped
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studentplum · 7 hours ago
I really thought I’d get Stede. 😔
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