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immortalink · a day ago
the main function of astrology is personality development. it can be quite confusing to figure out which part of yourself you need to develop or how to go about it tho. your chart is supposed to guide you in the right direction - but when you have so many placements and aspects how tf are you supposed to know what to focus on right now?
it can be pretty hard. so i made a quiz that can help you understand which sign you need to embody rn the most. it can give you some food for thought.
take the quiz here + reblog/reply with your result + the sign on your dc and in your 12th house cuz i wanna see smth lmfao.
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whumpssessions · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I made a silly 10 question whump quiz. I wanna see if I can guess your favorite whump trope! Plz take? I think it's pretty fun! Please reblog with your result, I'd love to see and hear what you think!
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fxkrystal · 21 hours ago
take my brand new quiz: which kpop natural blonde are you?
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yousaytomato · 2 days ago
The real me is when I see a random uquiz on my dash from a fandom I don't even follow and I take it to find out what character I am even though I don't know what the result means. and at the end the quiz-maker leaves a blank box so I can respond, so I can share, so I can give something in exchange, and it feels so anonymous and private and intimate and I don't even follow the person who made the quiz and I don't know if anyone will ever read what I've written and even if they do I won't know and even I cannot read the words again. They're gone forever, and in exchange I get to find out I'm Kramer from Seinfeld. That's the real me.
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alles--oder-nichts · a day ago
Hope you enjoy another uquiz I made❤I hope you have fun and please tell me who you got
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blackberry-jam · 2 days ago
Marble Hornets uquiz……2!!1!!1!!
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Tumblr media
You're in your own world, spinning fictions and building realities and finding the poetry in ordinary things. The people around you can tell there's something special to you, and you're well-loved by a some very good people. But even to your closest friends, you're a bit of a mystery. This always surprises you to hear, because you don't mean to put walls up-- you just get so caught up in things nobody else sees that you forget to let yourself be seen. You're complicated, and sometimes you get tangled in it. Don't worry, though, it's not off-putting; despite your accidental air of mystery, your warmth can be seen like a campfire through distant trees.
Tumblr media
Tagged by @nightshade-on-my-grave​
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immortalink · a day ago
I'm creating a test about which sign you have to develop the most rn and I can't wait to take it so i find out lmfao. i think it's gonna be cancer tbh but let's see
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cas-is-my-copilot · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Is your ship problematic enough?  Take my quiz and find out!
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starlesseyez · a day ago
see which of my spotify playlists you are!!!
put in the tags what u got :3
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leam1983 · a day ago
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cowboyworf · 2 days ago
first quiz, be nice please. it's super short and probably has 5,000 typos. ok bye
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glowstickhaloboy · 23 hours ago
this quiz will help you understand that character you're writing!!!
(☕️ link in bio if anyone is feeling generous!)
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blackboard-monitor · 6 months ago
uquiz options that should be mandatory
this is too much text i didn’t read any of these
i’m not american
i’ve never heard of any of these things
i don’t main anything in mario kart, i’ve played it maybe one time ever
i’m older than 16
i don’t recognise any of these people
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dreadmenace · 15 days ago
spooky season’s finally here so i made a quiz to celebrate: which female horror archetype are you?
please tag your results, i need to know which of you fellow freaks i’m compatible with.
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lesblep · 5 months ago
take my quiz if you want to feel sad about yourself
there are ten results, all colours, and no pop culture questions whatsoever.
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