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#ur amazing and ily btw!!!
justarandompancake · 27 days ago
uwu happy 12:50 am im going to bed now!!! ly all, stay safe!!! if ur in est consider going to bed soon too!!!
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thehottestmess · a month ago
how are you so cool
Sgfklg thank you for thinking I'm cool! 。◕‿◕。 u r very cool too B)
i am cool bcuz i am.surrounded by all you other cool kids 😎😌 i only learnt frm the best
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sylphrenas · 7 months ago
@jxsperfxhey @angelobiancas @emiikas and anyone else involved in this uhhh. shall we call it discourse.
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rq-s · 7 months ago
✏️ and 🌀! helllooo :)
✏️ - Want any tattoos?  Yes! What I want changes at times but one thing I’ve always wanted is my parents signatures on the back of my neck! 
🌀 - Favorite type of weather? Its funny you asked because its the weather thats currently going on where I am hehe. its cloudy, barely raining, but also could start snowing instead because it so chilly! 
Send me an emoji and I’ll answer it’s question!
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gnottlikethis · 9 months ago
Tag game
Thank you for the tag @orbiting-star and sorry I replied to this late but you actually did this on my birthday and I wasn’t able to reply because I was busy but holy shit that’s amazing.
Favourite colour: Blue
Last song i listened to: Unfortunately I was playing osu so Chika song.
Favourite musicians: Mamamoo <3 (i have too many faves from diff genres but let’s just say it’s this)
Last film i watched: Hamilton in movie form. That was amazing.
Last show i watched: Lucifer 
Favourite characters: Scorpia (She-ra), Five and Vanya (Umbrella Academy), I swear I have more but my brain is dying.
Sweet, spicy or savory: Def sweet.
Sparkling water, tea or coffee: I detest sparkling water I’m so sorry. Tea and coffee are my babies tho.
Pets: none
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tomatoart · 9 months ago
I love how you give the characters little marks and accessories and stuff!!! Like, the nail polish and Akira's beauty mark and the scars on Akechi's hands!!! It really makes the characters feel even more unique and stuff!
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liminalrising · a year ago
actually you know what? fuck it. fuck them.
every single dragon in fr is trans. every single one.
Crim is a trans woman. Pinkerton is a demiguy. Tomo is a he/him trans lesbian that adores his nonbinary bff, Scribbles.
Swipp is a trans man and he loves his trans daughter [Tripp] and his agender child [Pipp]
Roundsey is genderfluid with a preference for 'feminine' honorifics
Baldwin is THE trans king but we all been knew
Galore is Galore [aka nonbinary that uses he/him pronouns]
Joxar's nonbinary and strictly gender-neutral
the courier dragons are all trans
the three dragons on the header are trans
the deities are SUPER ULTRA trans
they're all trans & transphobes can die mad abt it
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satorinnie · 9 hours ago
hi bae just wanted to say i come to ur blog every day to look at the design its so pretty and i love the cats i hope ur having a beautiful day <3333
yang PLS ily (ノ-ㅅ-)ノ those cats are me and @joyaphoria btw ◡̈ im about to sleep rn but i did have an amazing day <33 hope your day is going amazing too⌯'▾'⌯
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sluttyandere · a day ago
Tumblr media
here are the results !! at first spidey jeongguk and neighbor yoongi were getting the same amount of votes continuously and i was just like (👁_👁) while waiting for which one would receive more , and i’m also happy that u guys want imaginary friend seokjin !! and guardian angel jimin will be coming as well (˵ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°˵) here are some things y’all said when i asked for something cool:
i luv u 😩
— luv u more 🥺 !!
— thanks i was craving one just now 🤲🏻
uh... me and jin have the same zodiac sign
— sagittarius are cool 😏
im gonna get a prom dress on saturday which im excited about :33
— omg yay ! i hope u have fun at ur prom 💗💗
tits are so cute. they look like a cartoons eyes and the belly button is a nose
— i will never look at tits the same way now
my boobs are big
— send the evidence 🤨✋🏻
Bae kiss me
— i will but are u vaccinated yet
I'm working my first job and even though I have joint pain but I am excited to finally have my own money and feel responsible
— i’m glad u’re excited ! but be sure take care of urself and to not push urself too hard ☹️
lov u.
— lov u more 😚
me. 🦦
u r one !! :D
— no u !! 💗💗
ice 😏😩
— hahahahahahahahhahahaha 🤯
I luv you 🥺💗
— luv u more wuv 💗💗💗 !!
YOU are cool 😉
— u have my heart 😏💗
bones are wet
— 👁_👁
— 😝😝😝😋😋😗😗😛😝😝😝
you *winks*
— *bites lip*
a cow's stomach is broken up into four different sections? anyways i really love your writing, you're my favorite author on here (just to shy to interact) 🥺 thank you for taking your time to write for free for us!! (also you seem like a cool person)
— omg i didn’t know that 😳 and thank u sm !! ur so cute and so sweet ☺️ i’m honored to be seen as cool 😎 feel free to chat with me in my inbox !!
omg nooo, all of these ideas are amazing and im like 100% sure that whatever you decide to wrote will be just as amazing as your otherworks. you have, time and time AGAIN proved to being a creative and just plain amazing writer. the way you portray situations and feelings, the uncertainty and confusion alongside moments of excitement and happiness. i can feel them as a reader and it makes me want to come back time read the story omce again, even though ive already read it all and know all the twists and turns of the story. just EVERYTHING is amazing and great, your writing style is just sindnsjjs PLEAAAASE. this was very long and im sorry but i had to say it ♡♡♡♡
— WAHHH THANK U SM 🥺🥺🥺 ur so sweet for writing this out and for being so kind !!! i was so happy to read this , it means the world how much u enjoy my works 🌎🌍🌏 thank u for being amazing luv , i can’t wait to show u my upcoming works ☺️💗💗💗💗💗
— hi 👁👁
i am pretty
— yes u are 😌
Spiders are nearsighted
— i should make spidey jk nearsighted
u are wonderful and ur writing is top tier and we luv u
— thank u my luv 🥺🥺🥺💗💗💗
ily and all your works I prefer u write a neighbor au for yoongi as that might attract more readers since neighbor au is not very common imo
— a lot of people agreed !! thank u for ur support ☺️
Team Jungkook for life and i love you and your writing amber - a very cool suga kitten
Can’t fucking waittttt yushhh gurlllll
— 🥳🥳🥳
You’re cool :D
— u are even more cool 😏
I LOVE the way you write yandere!Jungkook, and I'm expecting him or Jimin will probably get most of the votes just because maknae line tends to be so popular, but OH MY GOD yandere imaginary friend seokjin is SUCH A FUN CONCEPT!?!?!
— thank u sm 💗 !! i’m glad that seokjin got a lot of votes and i’m so excited to write him 😋 !
i love you
— i love u more 😫
ugfhhdh i miss jin >__< wink wonk
— i’ll write a oneshot for him soon 🥺🥺
I ate a sandwich few minutes ago 💃🏽
— and u didn’t give me a slice 🤨 ?!?!
would luv more yoongi 💗 this is ur twin btw 💗💗 luv u 💗💗
— i wuv u twin !! can’t wait to write him 💗💗💗
space smells like burnt steak
— gotta go to space to see for myself 🚀✋🏻
ur writing is amazing ok!! also tickling is a fetish and it’d be really hot if that was included in a fic. like ur friends with all the members and they start to tickle you and then things escalate? :)
— thank u !! and omg wait .. i actually like being tickled 😳 maybe it can be an idea 😉
anyways , i still have some works to write , but i’ve been wanting to post a oneshot for a long time !! thank u to everyone who voted and have an amazing day/night 😚😚😚
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beforeoursunsets · 11 days ago
audra’s 200 followers celebration :))
🦋🧞‍♂️🌬🌊🕸🪁📿💿 🦋🧞‍♂️🌬🌊🧿📿🪐
Tumblr media
i literally just got done posting about how i wasn’t doing a celebration for 200.... but i lied, of course, and here we are😀
around february of 2020 i fell back into my writing phase and nearly four months later i’m on a completely new platform writing for a completely different fandom <333 i’ve made so many amazing new friends along the way and i love each and every one of you
Tumblr media
submit any of the following emojis (anonymously or not) for me to do/post:
🪁 - first impressions,, (moots only) i stole this idea from nia LMAO
🪐 - ill pick a song from the sour album that reminds me of you
🧞‍♂️- fmk, any fandom for this one but hp preferred
😩 - casting my mutuals as ___
⛈ - pick a song from the sour album & i’ll post a short cover of it
🌊 - pick a question from this list and i’ll answer it
🦋 - moodboards !!! send an aesthetic + color
🧞‍♂️ - i’ll pick an hp quote that matches your personality / blog
Tumblr media
now time for some honorable mentions / rambles from yours truly:
@leahblackk - you already know how much i love u leah,, you have the sweetest soul and i admire you so much for the constant effort you put into your writing and messages ,, ugh i love u
@thatsassyhufflepuff - if i had a dollar for every time i wanted to cry reading stronger than blood i’d be making more than california’s minimum wage. you were one of my first friends on this app and now i’m dralicity’s #1 fan ILY ELLIE
@destourtereaux - u are my ap/ib struggle sister. your work ethic is so inspiring and tbh i wish i could be anywhere near as studious and determined as you are. i hope you aced your exams and thank u sm for being my friend rosie <33
@eunoniaa - don’t even get me started baefy, U ARE SO FUNNY and pretty and talented and pretty and kind,,, oh and pretty. every day i curse the universe for making me straight because of u
@holden-caulfield - we haven’t talked much but holy hell do i love ur blog. everything u post is just ugh amazing,, ur fics are an inspiration i love love love it
@henqtic - yet another talented writer i’m in love with,, btw your aesthetic is god tier. i’m literally looking at it rn on desktop mode and it’s beautiful
Tumblr media
i wish i could do more but i’m genuinely so exhausted from working all day but i could probably go on and on for hours if i wasn’t, thank u all sm for supporting me and my questionable writing skills <33
tagging my beautiful moots that helped me along the way: @sfdlm @darlingmalfoy @dracoscene @drawlfoy @dreaming-about-fanfictions @dracoswhore007 @ronweasleysgf @ronsonlywhore @ronbrokemyheart @cedrics-grave @ladyvesuvia @lovegoodsgf @notvasi @crystxlss @fjorelaant @faeinorbit @freddieweasleyswife @miss-starkov @malfoyslovies @lcvemalfcy @justfangirlthingies @gwlvr @sunnycielo @futuremrsmalfoy20 @wanderingdazes
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cassahina · 13 days ago
Guess who child it’s ya bitch Lark here to remind u UR AMAZING AND ILY
Awwwwwwww thanks, but no u! You are the one who is amazing and you are the sexiest me to walk this planet and the one with the brain cell, I adore you 💙💙💙💙💙 and I love you 💙💙💙💙💙 even if you spray me with a water bottle like a cat 💙💙💙💙💙 say hi to my twin for me btw x
But seriously, this made me smile a bunch so 🥺💙
Also to anyone checking this out who likes Danganronpa, this is a very good friend of mine named Lark who does art, check them out if you are interested, :D
Love you again Lark, even if you are an icky twilight stan /j /lh (they aren’t x’)
Tumblr media
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personasintro · 17 days ago
lowkey wanted to cuddle and sleep in jk’s arms but hey i ain’t complaining w my 95liners sandwiching me🥳🥳
btw thanks for the amazing chapter ily😌like i think i need to make myself a schedule so that whenever u post i should hold myself back to not read it for a week so that when you update (based on ur updates which is like every two weeks) the next week it won’t feel so long bc technically i’d have to wait only a week for the update LOL. but i know the second u post i’d piss my pants and not be able to hold myself so id end up reading it. It’s fine tho bc i wouldn’t mind reading this chapter everyday until the next update LMAO.
jk was with them but then he returned to his room :( I don't have any schedule for mh (or for any of my stories) but it might seem like that because I used to primarily update MH and I don't mean to scare anyone but this can really change !!! It all depends where my motivation, inspiration and all that stuff is and sometimes it's hard to write even a single sentence even tho I know what I want to write. But I totally get what you're saying and I'm sorry for keep you guys waiting, y'all know I'd update every day if I could! Also, thank you so much for not being able to resist ahahah that means the story is good, right???
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seijorhi · 20 days ago
asks :))
what i have learned today is that y’all wanna get fucked by some monsters...
What does nostos mean? What language is it in? 🤔 also I of course loved it, mind blown as usual queen
it’s ancient greek! it means homecoming, the idea of a triumphant return home for the hero after a long journey. i found it through looking at the root of nostalgia. in this fic of course it’s kind of a grim tongue in cheek play on it. the reader’s coming back to the mountains, but she’s running away after a bad breakup, and the welcome she gets is... shall we say less than ideal haha
Just read nostos-
First of all as a person who reads monster shit- hell ya. Mhm. That’s some good shit right there. That was DELICIOUS horror. It actually had me a bit nervous and afraid to read what was gonna happen next 😳
Secondly- omg I wanna know what happened next (at the end) 👀 know what I mean??? 😼
ANYWAY AS ALWAYS you never disappoint and your writing is fantastic (if/when you write horror yandere stuff again I’ll be there- frothing at the mouth. A+++++ work ILY💖)
you want me to write the monster porn, just say it bby ghfjdkshgfjkd but ty
Omfg that fic was so good!
Did the readers mom know about monster kuroo?? Or was she just worried because of the previous murder? And did Kuroo somehow manipulate reader into coming back to the forest or was it just a big coincidence? (👁👄👁 there's no such thing as a coincidence)
Looking forward to your future work <3
ty nonnie!! i didn’t have the right space for it, but after kohsuke was ripped apart and eaten kuroo stayed by the reader’s side until late in the night, only disappearing when he heard the reader’s parents/search party approaching. they found her lying in pools of blood (and scattered half eaten body parts), shaking and unresponsive – they knew no animal could’ve done something like that. so they knew something lurked in those woods, but considering the reader had repressed the memories, her mom couldn’t just come out and say it <33
You are an AMAZING horror writer!!!
The uneasiness I got from the conversations with the mom is just *chefs kiss*
ahh thank you!! horror is such a hard genre to write because i’m never sure if the suspense and everything’s gonna hit right haha
I read Nostos before going to sleep last night and at the time I was like “sure hope this doesn’t give me nightmares” and thankfully it didn’t lol. But I think I’m willing to take that chance again because it’s so GOOD and I think I’m just going to have to relive it – @ohno-otome
fhdjgbfhjkdfn i’m glad it didn’t give you nightmares bby!! but i also appreciate that haha, i’m an absolute wimp with scary movies and stuff but i just can’t stop watching them haha
I just wanna say that I was listening to "You're a psychotic villain playlist" on youtube while reading Kuroo's oneshot and I can't explain the emotions I felt, but I'd let Kuroo do things to me asdfghjkl – @itishebihime-samaforyou
ooh nice! sometimes the right playlist makes things doubly as fun haha
OH MY GOD!?!?! Nostos was soooo GOOD?!?!? Like it was so creepy (but in a good way), and scary and suspenseful!! And the ending!?!? Omggg honestly one my fav fics from you!! You did my mans Kuroo justice 🥺💖💕
TYYYYYYY i was genuinely concerned i was gonna scare everybody off haha
Ah! The new fic! Chiefs kiss! Magnificent! Bravo!🧚‍♀️✨🧞‍♀️🦖🦭🌹💫
tysm nonnie!!! <33
i’m pretty sure i’m in the same/similar timezone as you? and i do be staying up late to be one of the first to read your fics (i usually stay up late anyways). so imagine my surprise when i see you post in the afternoon. in conclusion, whether you post to align with your european and american readers’ timezone, my gmt+10 arse will still be one of the first to read your fics. also nostos sjdufigyyjf i have to admit, i recently just found out about monster fucking and nostos scratched the itch😫 i feel bad for kohsuke though
bby i always post at like 2-4 in the morning please get some sleep!! the fics will be there in the morning lmao. i kinda low key forget about my aussie/gmt+10 followers because i think there’s like... 3 of you haha
Honestly if i could give u a dollar everytime i got off to your fics, you'd probably be rich by now
lmao the idea that people find my fics hot enough to get off to still blows my mind lol
your newest kuroo fic was so SO good!! its totally okay if you dont want to answer this so you can keep things ambiguous but is monster kuroo planning on killing the reader after he's...done with them
thank you, bby!! but no, monster kuroo isn’t gonna eat her – he’s had plenty of chances to do that if that’s what he wanted, but he has other plans for the poor reader
RHI, I WANT TO STATE FOR THE RECORD THAT I AM OKAY WITH MORE MONSTER FUCKING IN THE FUTURE. i also want to say im not a monster fucker, but that just feels like a lie at this point. okay, now that that's off my chest, i love it. the mystery, the connections of kuroo to a cat. kuroo's probably gonna go and batter around his prey once they're under his grip like my cat does. hopefully the reader will come out somewhat unscathed, if they are ever allowed to leave 😌 love this, love how different it is, the way kuroo just tries to weasel in. very monster and yandere vibes, very you. have i said i love this yet?? id willingly let him get me drunk on his cock, maybe never leave the peace of the mountains again
‘i want to say that i’m not a monster fucker’ bby the denial will get you nowhere haha. just lean in and embrace it hgfjkdlkfgjnkdl ahh but thank you this is such a sweet ask ILY!!!
Omg omg the monster thing kuroo was in ur latest fic is so familiar to me abdhdmfnjfjf. I remember being told abt a monster with VERY SIMILAR characteristics to it (aka the not being able to go inside a house unless invited and using fire to lure ppl out) AND JFC IT TERRIFIED ME. Esp how when i told ppl around me and they didnt recognize what it was, but it was somehow known to the kid that told me abt it.
(Some ppl thought it was familiar but still didnt know what it was)
Do u know what im talking abt? Hopefully u do
GHFJDK so the monster in this is kind of based off the nekomata spirit in japanese folklore - they can appear like people, torment victims by reanimating the corpses of their loved ones, they’ve been blamed for forest fires, so it was just fun to use that as a basis and then go buck wild haha. anyway thanks for the ask bby!
Rest In Peace Kohsuke, you would’ve loved Haikyuu season 5😔✊– @joyvstheworld
poor kohsuke deserved better, i’m just mean to the oc’s i throw into fics haha
Monsterfucking ❤❤❤❤❤❤ a little annoyed you're making me simp for yan Kuroo though (a vibe tho tbh). You're so extremely talented!!!! &
This is probably a stupid question, but how did Kageyama react when he couldn't find y/n? How is life with yan Suga? I imagine probably awful BUT yknow maybe the stockholm syndrome set in fast lmao. Sorry, I'm going on a binge reading your stuff. - @oracleofdin
i will not apologise for making you simp for kuroo he deserves it the man’s a snacc. and as far as your second question, suga’s a very caring, very smothering kinda yandere, so i guess in some ways it’s better than what the reader had with kageyama but... pick your poison haha
That was so good. I’m so shook rn I can’t comprehend anything but how good that was and how good a writer you are
Ok, so, I just read Final Girl and the lil' ticket addition to it and just---
Well, ok I've been playing Dead by Daylight a lot lately? And I'm just picturing Tetsu as the newest killer "The Trickster" and I'm positively RANDY.
Your writing is ALREADY thirst inducing and just as satisfying, but this has SENT ME- If you're not familiar, please...
Understand my thirst. (I'd also like to clarify, I use a different skin for him that gives him black hair and he looks like Kuroo with an undercut.)
~ @the-casual-hedonist 🌸
i love how feral y’all got for final girl kuroo. like bo and akaashi had his fans, but i put a spiked bat in kuroo’s hands and y’all lost your goddamn minds and i love to see it. fghdjkvhfjdkls thanks for the ask bby
idk why but I love preggo reader as long as I don't pretend it's me 😢✋ I hate babies n pregnancy anywhere else other than horny haikyuu fics
i think that’s a valid thing for a lot of fans. the idea of breeding is sexy, the actual getting pregnant and having a kid thing... not so much. but especially with non-con scenario’s, it’s more about the aspect on control than the actual desire to have kids. but yeah, i feel you
Sorry to bother but uh was just wondering in fracture did Osamu kill his wife or was it actually an “unfortunate event” ? Love your work btw!!
he most certainly did :))
LMFAO RHI i totally get not liking cheating/infidelity fics (towards reader) bc IT HIRTS ME SO BAD I CANNOT HANDLE THOSE.
id be reading fics those fics like: tf you mean my yandere aimt gonna baby me and only want me??🤨🤨🤨⁉️‼️
EXACTLY! listen i get that it’s a fucked up fantasy, but in my fucked up fantasy you damn well better have the decency to be loyal smh
Finders keepers is the most beautiful thing I've read by you: I read it twice like I normally do and here's what I figured out the second time (that's when I analyze it and find the little tidbits of things that are much darker than they appear (: )
To start I LOVE THE DETAILS OF THEM NEVER TEACHING READER ANYTHING- at first I assumed "oh they might see her as a little sister or child or something" but realized thAT WAS THE ISSUE!! they infantilize her and isolate her from everyone but her group. the small details like that are what make the story amazing 😎💅
ahh thank you so much, nonnie!! pls this is making me soft 🥺
I just wanted to stop by and say that I love your writing and I hope you're doing well!!! Drink plenty of water and keep up the amazing work :) but seriously you're one of the best fanfic writers I've seen on tumblr! I read your "Imitation" piece about kuroo and i keep coming back to it, it's so good! I did want to ask if you think it'd be possible for the reader to ever escape with the baby (or at least attempt to). Or if Kenma would "help" at all just to put an end to kuroo's antics lmao
kenma would in no way help the reader, and tbh by that point if kuroo did get her pregnant, she’d be far too emotionally dependant on him to actually even want to leave, but thanks for the ask!
You know who I think would be a perfect Yandere in the JJK world? Choso.
🚨Spoilers Ahead🚨
After being locked in a glass jar for however long he was, and all that happened with his brothers, I feel like he would absolutely never let his darling out of his sight. He would be possessive. Obsessive. And Oh So delusional. Sure he’d be your anything - he truly is a softy - but to what end?🤤
choso would make an excellent yandere, ngl 😌
what au/troupe of your fav character(s) that you have written do you like the most?
(rlly hope this makes sense🙏)
i am always a slut for soulmate au’s :))
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realstraykids · 24 days ago
happiest of birthdays em!! 🥳 thankiuu for always blessing my dashboard w amazing content, hope you’re enjoying ur bday so far 🥰❤️ (btw this is nicole)
THANK YOU NICOLE! you’re so sweet ily thank you again 🥺❤️ 
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subskz · a month ago
MISS GWORLE lajekqql ur so right I'm just built different than other INTJ's LMAOO and thank you so much for like perceiving me in such a positive light despite my sadistic bully antics kajflak and doesn't need anyone and is still friendly PLEASE that's my second brand now
and U PPRAISE ME TOO MUCHE FKTOWOSKG HELLO?!?@$,×£ how did I stumble across someone so talented and open minded and understanding and eloquent and well spoken and hilarious and undertstanding of my humor and ur just so cool and amazing and akfwogn miss gworle stan FIRST hngggg I sometimes wish I could get over my social anxiety and like just expose who I am skfjeot but the tension and yearning is also fun! strangers to anon on ur blog to friends to lovers arc🤚😳 oh btw do you ever try to guess who ur anons could be? have you for example thought of who I could be? idk I'm kinda curious but no need to answer if it's strange! bc you know me no hard feelings and I'll bring a new idea in negative 3 seconds skkglsks
also my asks really keep getting longer and longer! I call that improvement or as some would say "not articulate and doesn't know when to shut the fuck up" alfkgoel
ilysm! I also worry abt u! especially when you took a little break ngl my dumbass was a tiny bit worried but it's not like ur responibility and u don't owe us anything aofjsoa yk? just genuine like algkglw hnggg you know what I'm trying to say! *quiet sobbing*
-catboy anon
LITERALLY ur just that one meme that’s like daniel (intjs) the cooler daniel (catboy anon) and of course omg you don’t have to thank me for that!! like u always say sometimes u just gotta bully men as a treat...n ive seen how wonderful n sweet u really are so it’s nothing but love and adoration for u here <333
im seriously gonna sob if you keep talking like that HUSH!! thank you so much for the kind words babe idk what i did to deserve you but i love u sm 😭 strangers to anon to friends to new fave trope <3 it’d be so exciting if u ever decided to reveal urself but no pressure at all!! i actually have kinda wondered abt it before hehe but ive suppressed my constant urge to know everything bc ik u and everyone else are on anon for a reason n it wouldnt be fair for me to snoop ^^; ur still our local cryptid have no fear!
they are n i love it!! n im the exact same way lmao no worries 😭 we both got a lot to say it works out! ur so sweet im really sorry for any concern i may have caused u ): i promise not to leave yall hanging like that again, ily right back!! 💖
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nickelodeonhottub · a month ago
watched the compilation- amazing btw, but i didn't know that goosebumps was their song. dre said 'it's OUR song' like wha. don't think i've had a song dedicated to me and my bsf. might go and see if my bsf want one.
i have one with my bsf, oath by cher lloyd 😩 bestie if ur reading this (which, i hope not, get off my blog) ily
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snflwrkenma · a month ago
hi, bunnii!! that last update had my heart cRYING SHHAGGSHH,, literally any style you write in i loVE,, you’re such an aMAZING WRITER AHHHH!! also the little extra tik toks at the bottom were so cute🥺 anywayssss,, take all the time and breaks you need bb,, you gotta take care of yourself too, okay?? i hope your mom is recovering well btw! sending virtual hugs your way!! <3 -🍄
ily so so so much!! my mom is doing okay, she’s been moving around waaay more than she’s supposed to grrrr but she’s okay! i hope ure doing well nd taking care of urself as well!!! MWAHH
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fushiguroll · a month ago
AH THE FEELING IS MUTUAL MY LOVE 🥺 even the word excited is an understatement regarding my feeling everytime i stumble upon ur qotd on my timeline 😩🤚🏻 also ur questions make my brain work well again since its been malfunctioning throughout my uni life so thank u for that & for giving sm appreciations towards my imaginations 🥺💖
YES IM A FAN OF F BOY MEGUMI THX TO U MY LADY🧎🏻‍♀️ur f boy megumi contents have been keeping me away from hunger🧎🏻‍♀️
UH glad u love bakugo ralph as much as i do 🥺 && can u imagine fix it deku x bakugō ralph SKSNDKDMXK i wish i was talented enough to make such fanart into reality 😣
btw (this is a tmi actually) ive always tried to make my asks look neat/tidy but i got way too excited when responding ur last question hence why it kinda looks messy and im annoyed but theres nothing i can do ab it🧍🏻‍♀️
— ☃️
ofc bb, I always try to make the QOTDs as intellectually and imagination stimulating as possible. please come and answer them everyday because your answers are always 👌 💯 
AND PLS F BOY MEGUMI! I just need him in my life rn. I got an anon who told me to stop summoning him but now I got more people telling me to summon him. So F Boy Megumi, once again if you’re reading this, I can’t stop and I won’t stop until you guys us what we want. 
it doesn’t look messy imho I think it looks amazing b of all the content it fed me ily
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sukirichi · a month ago
oh?? my?? goodness?? i didnt know my ask was answered!! AAAAAAAAAAAAA (idek if iTS SUPPOSED TO NOTIFY YOU THAT IT WAS) BUT ANYWAY
yes ure SUPER cute n SUPER cool!!! >:D
i am forever grateful aND I CANT WAIT TO SEE MORE NAOYAAAAAA
and yes respect Naoya, who wouldn't respect Naoya smh
also wanted to say congrats on finishing sweet lies!! sukuna big stupid but still a hot stupid that makes me simp for him SOMEHOW AND SOMEWAY AND SOMEWHAT
but sweet lies sukuna :(( precious :(( simping hours for ryomen sukuna <333
and holy hell?? i just wanna say how the hEck did you accurately write soft sukuNA liKE THAT???? U GOT ME GOING UWUS AT 7AM IN THE MORNING!! AND ILY FOR THAT BUT ALSO I SCREAm
*ahem ahem* im so so happy to have discovered you as well!! your writing skills are amazing! i can see ure very well gifted & passionate in writing <3
yes eat the rest, be one with the rest at all times and i will do the same >:D
but suki sama offering kithes?? and hearts??? and so much cute energy???
i melt xwx
and then...
omg im sorry this is so long (it feels like it is) i tend to write in the moment :'D but yes!! feel free to call me Mango Anon wwwww suki so cute 💞💞
but its also bc i also dont know what that symbol is but i found it pretty so why not HAHXHSH
lots of love from now named Mango Anon!!!💞💓💝💝💞
- ❦
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sheabuttyr · a month ago
Tumblr media
reveriecutz said: broooo I can not believe I found you again! I was so mad when you had to leave bcuz you are one of the only simblrs who made good mm black nobody was really doing it until you showed up. YOU DESERVED SO MUCH BETTER!! Anyways I'm glad you started fresh, and I hope you get back to making cc!
Aww, Thank You SOOOO MUCH! I will be providing New CC in May!
diehard-ariana-stan said: Hi! I've really missed your cc, I always went to your page for making black sims since you make such good cc for black sims! Will you be posting again anytime soon? Don't feel pressured to start making cc again btw, it's your choice! <3
Thank You! I am glad to be back! I have a lot of content to update with my new brand, so it’s going to take some time but, overall I am excited to officially be back!
sanciaga said: I’m so glad that ur back best friend, u and ur cc was such a blessing to this community 🥲 I hope ur all good and taking good care of urself, drinking lots of water and eating well, ily!!! <3
Thank You Love! 
taylorbabyy said: how do I download all the hairs you've made? there's no links...
You can find all of my old CC HERE
1jadelove said: Hey! I wanted to stop by to say welcome back! I'm so happy you are here. We need you. 💕 I can't wait to see the greatness you have in store. I just followed you because *singing off-key* 🎶I don't wanna miss a tha-hang🎶 😉 I hope you have the greatest day, because mine just got so much brighter seeing that you are back. Thank you. ❤😀❤
Thank you so much! I am so appreciative of all of the love I have received! I am excited to start this new chapter and provide some content for you all!
hella-rank said: I’m sooo glad you’re back! do you plan to add an extra true black swatch to your hairs as you update them? can’t wait to see what you have in store for us 😍
I updated quite a few hairs with the true black swatch previously. Thank You!
curlysimmies said: I’m so glad you’re back!! You’re cc was and is always amazing! ❤️❤️
Thanks Love!
commonblacksimmer said: Welcome back!!! <33
Thank You!!
sugarheights said: Glad you back!
Glad to be back!
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