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#ur so sexy
kainan · 18 hours ago
hmmmm. 2am thoughtz..... the way atsumu talks a big game abt romance but can get so very flustered when it comes to actually backin up all that big talk of his is something that can be so personal... yeaaaaaa now Thats the good gabagool
#atsumu miya‚     about.#saved.#its like the best way of really knowin if hes got actual feelings for u ('u' as in the person hes interested in / already dating ofc.)#atleast post-ts wise... like the way he throws alil fanservice for his fans + the cameras and just how suave he acts when All Eyes r on him#n if ur someone he just took home for the night then yea u bet ur about to meet the most smoothest man this side of japan#VERSUS him with someone hes dating / crushing on.. overthinking abt whens the right time to hold ur hand n havin to hype himself up-#in his mind to actually DO it. how his face gets all red n shit the first couple times he does it. even in less noticeable moments where he#actually DOES say or do somethin incredibly smooth n sexy with flawless execution.. he is screaming mentally like he just scored a touchdown#LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL HELL GET OVER IT. EVENTUALLY.. as the relationship goes on of course#though i think it would b very cute if he never Quite gets over it entirely. u feel me. u know whatta mean#ur muse vc: why are u still blushing we've been dating for-#tsumu cuttin them off immediately: SHUT IT. SHUDDUP! DONT EVEN#although 2 be honest with u fellas and fellaritas. if they mention it AT ALL he might have to hit them in the head with a rock or a brick.#no one can know about this except for him ok. (ur muse can know. in fact they WILL know. bc it is so fuckin obvious#BUT KNOW IT IN SILENCE. KEEP IT TO URSELF. he doesnt want to know that u know. it will inflict a poison effect on him immediately)#anywayz the thing that sparked this train of thought is a doozy. saw a tiktok where the guy was like (nsfw warning in this next tag):#'me on the phone tellin my girl how hard im gonna dominate her in the bedroom vs me when she comes over'#and they were just sittin on the edge of the bed and he was dangling his legs abit lookin all awkward LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL#ok goodnight. but to ho.shiumi k.orai and to him ONLY! also maybe 2 b.okuto as well. u know what maybe even tendo too. but thats it
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gamecuboid · 8 years ago
Tumblr media
I was doing some gaming and my iTunes decided to interrupt me like a little french bitch
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animauxing · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
back to work.
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zachyman · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
leon to tkachuk: scoring a goal together does NOT make us friends
2020 nhl all star game | jan. 25, 2020
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residenthottiesamwilson · 3 months ago
Oh man I had a realisation just now Holy shit.
So everyone knows that Sam Wilson is the Captain America we deserve right? And when he shut down Zemo's hypothetical we see that directly, but I just wanted to talk about Zemo's comment about those with the serum being supremecists for a moment.
So I guess there's two ways to interpret this, there's the eugenics interpretation, as in the master race, the facist dream of survival of the fittest which is its own whole other post, but I wanna talk about a different side of things.
Bc Dr Erkstine said that the serum inhanced what was already there right? And even Lemar said that power only makes people more themselves. I feel like this is even more prevelent in terms of belief in themselves and their own morality.
We see this with Carly, who believes her cause justifies her means. In that sense I TOTALLY see the parallels between her and killmonger, both had noble causes but went around it wrong.
You have the plain crazies of Red Skull and John Walker obviously, but I wanna talk about Bucky for a second.
Because Bucky isn't perfect we knew this, and we also know that he is trying to make amends and that he doesn't beleive in the killing of innocents like Carly and Erik.
But what he does beleive in is the supremacy of his ideals which you can argue as being thanks to the serum, sure they aren't as harmful as the other guys but it's there. And we especially see this in how he tramples over Ayos and Wakandas trust in order to get to his goal, which only ends up hurting himself and them in the long run.
You see, all of these people believed that the ends justify the means, which is why Sam is so unbelievably perfect.
Everyone spends the entire episode trying to persuade Sam that whatever he saw in Carly wasn't worth saving, but he just saw a flawed, scared kid who he believed in.
And that's just it. Captain America can never believe that one life has value over another, that's why, for better or for worse, Steve Rogers refuses to give up Vision in infinity war, because ultimately his life is worth saving.
And yeah that's my ramble of why Sam Wilson is a fuckin BAMF and deserves that fuckin shield man!!!!
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