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#uranus in taurus
baddiedaddy7 · a month ago
𝐴𝑝𝑝𝑒𝑎𝑟𝑎𝑛𝑐𝑒, 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝐹𝑖𝑟𝑠𝑡 𝐼𝑚𝑝𝑟𝑒𝑠𝑠𝑖𝑜𝑛𝑠💫
someone submitted me an ask on rising signs, but i deleted it on accident😭 so shoutout to you🌸
square face
strong jaw
thick or just generally nice eyebrows, i’m jealous😂
high foreheads
body type might have smaller boobs, or just be skinny
masculine attributes
might blush easily
bold or feisty beauty
First Impressions:
might need to shut up sometimes or keep things to themselves lol
speaks up, and not afraid to call someone out on their bs
might come off as aggressive
confident, maybe cocky manner
skinny noses
thick or long necks
thicc lips lol
symmetrical faces
feminine, and beautiful characteristics
conventional beauty
first impressions:
down to earth
laid back
compassionate yet distant manner
usually has dyed hair or has dyed it at some point
may get piercings/tattoos too, cause might get bored of appearance or just reinvent themselves
body might be slender/skinny
almond eyes or just small eyes
changeable beauty
first impressions:
charming asf
may be seen as “fake”, bc of friendliness
fun, and you’ll never get bored around these folks
moody, and maybe even snappy
ppl notice how intelligent you are
some ppl have mixed feelings about you at first
talkative, and cool vibes
round faces, kinda moon like lol
soulful, and deep eyes. eyes that look like they have an emotional story
gorgeous lips. full lips no matter how big or small
women here usually have big boobies, and me myself is an example😭
men here have buff chest
cutest cheeks
body usually has curves
small noses
would make great actors/actress bc of how expressive our faces are
face has feminine traits
eyebrows full of expression
soft, and elegant beauty
First Impressions:
expressive, esp when it comes to how they feel
might feel like you already know these folks, may even remind you about your mom or any feminine caregivers
can have intense vibes
comes off caring, and considerate of others
may come off moody
nurturing, and warm aura
great jaws
magical hair
bold, and fierce eyes
great smile
may be tall
may dress with what’s trending
luminescent beauty
First Impressions:
may come off arrogant
too prideful
notable aura
may be tall
oval faces
looks younger than they actually are
small eyes
may look like a 🦊
youthful beauty
First Impressions:
may come off mischievous/cunning
may come off as judgmental
manners are straight up
great smile, and glorious teeth
symmetrical face
hair may be wavy
may have a big butt/curves
fair, and conventional beauty
First Impressions:
may come off as flirty on accident, owes ppl a relationship🤣
two faced
easy going
may seem like an air head
charming mannerisms
eyes can pierce into souls
great hair
broad shoulders maybe
has sex appeal
may have an rbf
mesmerizing beauty
First Impressions:
may intimidate some
good listener
seductive manners
great cheekbones
looks younger than they actually are
great smile
happy eyes
average height, maybe even tall
light hearted beauty
First Impressions:
may come off as a slacker/lazy
jovial aura
eye bags maybe
everyone with this placement are gorgeous
looks more mature than their age
cheekbones tend to be high
sophisticated beauty
First Impressions:
actually really nice, even to strangers
may come off standoffish
caring vibes
gleaming eyes
cute ankles
might dye hair
may have a unique feature like freckles, dimples, heterochromia, etc
may not dress according to trends, may dress from other decades
extraordinary beauty
First impressions:
serious ppl may be annoyed by how you act
open minded
zealous manners
large, and soft eyes
wavy hair
cute feet
soft skin
beautiful lips
utopian beauty
First impressions:
thoughtful aura
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um-talia · 3 months ago
Astro Notes pt. 👁
Tumblr media
🧬 Natives with Saturn in 12th look like they have pretty nice lives but that’s because their struggles are hidden. Their parents may restrict their actions and what they’re capable of earlier on in their lives. It could manifest as little shit like, no games on the weekdays, or having to make a presentation to receive items. The native unknowingly pushes themselves which results in them consistently needing to prove themselves.
🧬 I noticed that Household names tend to have 2+ planets in the 12th house. The 12th house rules Fantasies and Hidden Desires which shows that these celebrities are withdrawing an aspect of themselves while selling you a different story.
🧬 Mars in 7th transits can attract partners who are dominant. The native could want to rush into a relationship or see their love life as a competition during this time. 🎰
🧬 Moon in 6th and 12th could have a health issue that’s affected by their stress levels and immune system.
🧬 Uranus in 3rd, 6th, and 11th house are the type to integrate video games into their everyday life since it provides mental stimulation 👩🏽‍💻 The ones you play on the Xbox with daily 🦾
🧬 Venus Square Asc. Natives may not like the way they truly present themselves since they feel like they aren’t what they deem as attractive. The could deal with this by adding a corner of their Venus traits into how they present themselves.
Ex. With a Pisces Venus they may try and come off as more innocent and ditzy
With an Aries Venus they may try to incorporate more bold and confident traits into their act
🧬 Taurus MC/ Venus in 10th could be interested in careers that involve finance, beauty, skin, maybe even culinary arts !! Basically any career that shows any stability or satisfies any of their senses.
🧬 Libra Mars are so fucking chill to the point where it can be confusing when it comes to their stance during a debate/argument.
🧬 This isn’t an observation but What house is your mom’s Neptune in and what house is your Neptune in?
🧬 Libra Mercuries or Mercuries with a Libra Degree have such soothing voices, literally the voices you could listen to all day.
🧬 Uranus in 12th natives may seem like normies if you aren’t truly close to them 💀 But once you rock with them all the wild shit spills out. Their actions and what they say can look like a full 180. 🪂
🧬 In Synastry, If your dominant planet is in someone’s 8th house you may see that person as a guilty pleasure 🩸
🧬 Composite Sun in 3rd shows that the relationship revolves around communication and learning new things with each other. A great placement to have with a school buddy 🖊
🧬 Sag Placements may use planning into the future as a form of escapism. It gives us a sense of “Things will get better”. While Pisces may use their imagination or envision a different current as a form of escapism.
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astranes · 2 months ago
(any type of feedback, whether you can relate or not, is encouraged and appreciated. Be nice! ~N)
Libras tend to pack way too many clothes and shoes when they go on a trip because they like options, and they know damn well that they're likely to change their mind a lot about what they want to wear.
Gemini moons have mixed feelings about almost everything under the sun and it's not rare for them to have their opinions change radically from one day to the other.
Air moons' emotions feel like a burden and they deal with them in a detached way.
Earth moons' emotions feel like a hindrance and they deal with them in a rational way.
Fire moons' emotions feel overwhelming and they deal with them in a dramatic way.
Water moons' emotions feel intense and they deal with them in a passionate way.
People with their ascendant in Leo or Gemini have very expressive faces and will often make silly grimaces and jaw drops, lift their eyebrows, frown dramatically... Etc
Libra mercuries/venus are such smooth talkers and like to flirt with everyone, including jokingly with their friends or acquaintances. Don't let it fool you, it's just fun for them.
People with their Saturn in the 7th house tend to get along more with younger or older people, and may feel really awkward or out of place around people their age.
People with virgo in the 9th like to plan their trips meticulously through intense researching of the best spots, timing their activities, printing out their itineraries... Etc
Leo moons love to make people laugh.
Mercury in hard aspect to Saturn can make someone a pessimist and insecure about their speech or ideas. These people usually keep to themselves until they feel comfortable or feel they HAVE to speak up.
Mercury in hard aspect to Pluto can bring someone a lot of intrusive, paranoid thoughts and make them prone to do a lot of digging before deciding that they can trust someone
Although Libras tend to avoid confrontation, they still enjoy debating with people since it involves sharing different points of view and receiving feedback and that's what they're all about.
Straight men with their Venus in Aquarius tend to appreciate a woman's natural beauty and prefer the ones who don't wear too much make up, fake nails, hair extensions etc...
People with Venus in the 10th house could use their charm (consciously or not) to climb the social ladder and obtain a position of leadership in their carrer. They likely attract celebrity without too much effort and are comfortable being in the public eye.
The sign on your 11th house shows you the type of friendships you enjoy or attract. For example, if you have Taurus in the 11th house, your friends are likely to be long term, loyal to you and vice versa + you may like to cook with them. With Cancer in the 11th house, you may have built a close emotional bond with most of your friends and they feel like home to you + you're protective of one another. If you have Aries in the 11th, perhaps you and your friends get super competitive, active and reckless when you get together.
Venus in the 8th house in synastry points to a bond where the two people are able to connect through the areas where the house person feels they are broken, or have to hide or be ashamed. The Venus person actually loves these things about the house person.
I feel like North Node/personal planets contacts, Pluto/personal planets contacts, and 8th house overlays in synastry have the potential to be the most attractive/binding aspects but also the scariest, most uncomfortable ones. They're all about growth, learning and transformation and not everyone is comfortable with those themes. It can draw you in just as much as it can make you want to run away.
Having your 8th house ruler in the 6th house may lead your co-workers to see you as a mysterious/sexual/strange being and you may have people from work obsess over you.
People with Mercury in hard aspect to Jupiter talk A LOT and can come off as know it alls, always seeming to have to give their opinion on any given subject even when they know they're not particularly educated on said subject. They just have to say something...
Virgos could literally be going through an existential crisis or be dying inside from pain and you wouldn't be able to tell because they're naturally so good at keeping their composure and hiding their emotions.
Also I've noticed that Virgo moons have the ability to switch off their emotions once they've analysed them and decided that they aren't appropriate.
Once your Aquarius friend has decided that you are going to be a part of their life then it is set and it is likely to stay that way for a long time (fixed). That being said, and depending on other placements, they may not talk to you for a while or leave you on read from time to time which doesn't mean they don't think of you as a friend, they just get distracted and lost in their own world/busy with other people (air). Most of the time, the same thing applies for 11th house placements.
People with Cancer rising have a mesmerizing gaze and their aura is literally so magnetic.
Synastry without significant Moon aspects or Saturn aspects is likely to be shallow and short-lived (yes, even 8th house overlays).
People with their Mars in the 1st house appear as very openly sexual beings even when they don't intend to.
Neptune rules the dream world so wherever it is placed in your chart can show what most your dreams are about. Ex: my Neptune is in the 6th house and I always dream about my co-workers/weird stuff happening in my work place.
Taurus in the big 3 are usually very popular and well-liked amongst their peers.
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bratz-kitten · 16 days ago
 — if you have no planets in the third house, look at the ruler of the sign cusping your 3rd house. aries is ruled by mars, taurus and libra are ruled by venus, gemini and virgo are ruled by mercury, leo is ruled by the sun, cancer is ruled by the moon, capricorn is ruled by saturn, sagittarius is ruled by jupiter, scorpio is ruled by pluto (modern, in traditional astrology it’s by mars), aquarius is ruled by uranus (modern, in traditional astrology it’s ruled by saturn) and pisces is ruled by neptune (modern, in traditional astrology it’s ruled by jupiter)
— SUN: This relationship can be filled with arguments, where both parties fight for their individuality and there can be a lot of ego clashes – you fight with each other over who’s the best, and you can be very defensive and reactive to the others’ words. Growing up in this environment can manifest in you being very defensive when you think someone is trying to insult you. It can be very easy to rile the other up. The lesson you learn with age is generosity – you learn to share everything with the other: clothing, food, secrets. This can be a relationship where both act like total opposites yet are similar to the core, something you both try to deny when someone points it out. It’s giving me “You were born an egomaniac!” “Who do you think taught me to be like this?” Two sides of the same coin, whose goal is to fight for their freedom and strength. The oldest one can be very responsible and ambitious, while the younger one aspires to be just like their sibling. You inspire the other to do better. One gets hurt, the other starts a war; you can become very defensive when anyone tries to come at your family. You take teasing and playfighting as a love language to the next level lmfao. You can be extremely good at seeing through the others’ façade, whenever your sibling is lying you just know, you can smell their bullshit from a mile away. You can even try to start a business together because you see each other as very ambitious, cunning and resourceful.  You might’ve made up a language that no one but you and your siblings understood in your childhood, you could’ve enjoyed making other people feel stupid for not understanding it and you could’ve played a lot of tricks and pranks on others, you are partners in crime.
— MOON: You intuitively feel what your sibling is feeling and you can be very emotionally dependent on each other. Problems between the both of you can cause a lot of emotional turmoil and distress and even affect your health. There can be emotional manipulation present here and you can wake the other’s toxic behaviors without even realizing it. You might’ve come from a difficult upbringing and your parents might’ve had a complicated relationship, your mother figure might’ve depended a lot on your emotional support for her mental stability – there can be a feeling of duty towards the mother figure that feels like a burden sometimes, she can even make you feel guilty for wanting to be more independent. Because of this, it might be difficult for you and your sibling to put boundaries with other people, you might have had friends or romantic partners who took advantage of your caring nature. You might’ve been very emotionally hurt in the past and your sibling was the one to comfort you, to tell you everything is going to be alright. The lesson you learn through the years is independence, you and your siblings stress a lot on the importance of keeping your privacy and individuality, and you can learn to give the other support without smothering them. You can be both deeply private people but if there’s one person who you open up to, it’s your sibling. There might be a lot of family secrets and people can freak out when they hear the stories you have about your family, they can feel like you live in a novel. You can be very affectionate with your sibling and you can bond through listening to the other’s problems.
— MERCURY: Communication is either the biggest strength or barrier in your relationship, and this can fluctuate a lot. You can find it difficult to open up to each other and this brings a sense of frustration and alienation, or the communication between the both of you is so strong that you feel like each others’ best friend. One of the parties can be much more inclined to wanting small talk, constantly bickering and afraid of the conversation being anything but lighthearted, while the other one, perhaps you, yearns to have deep, soul bonding conversations about the past and what you went through. It can take a long time before you both learn to understand each other. Intelligence might have been something you both bonded over, perhaps you two were prodigy children with high expectations placed on your shoulders, and there might even have been a sense of rivalry over who’s more intelligent. You can tease the other just for the sake of fighting over who has the best banter and comebacks. You might’ve developed a sharp tongue always ready to snap due to the constant bickering your connection always had. The older one can give the other a lot of advice, pep talks, even sometimes preach about things that they don’t necessarily do – “do what I say, not what I do” typa thing. You can truly learn a lot from their experiences and what they went through, it can feel like it’s a constant learning curve when you’re together. You can have a dynamic where you’ll be fighting and coming at each other’s scalp but 5 minutes later you’re ordering pizza like nothing happened and everyone goes like “wait, what? Weren’t you two mad at each other?” The lesson you learn is to actually apologize and fix your issues instead of just ignoring them and pretending they didn’t happen.
— VENUS: This can be a very supportive connection and you might be each other’s number one supporter. The older one stresses a lot on the importance of communication and compromise, willing to do anything to make sure the other is safe. One of you can feel like the other is too spoiled, like your parents are too lenient on them when they certainly weren’t with you; your parents might’ve found it hard to say no to the both of you so you learned how to get whatever you wanted just by saying you wanted it. You can be very affectionate towards each other and tease the other as a form of showing you care, you might help them a lot in their education. The younger one can look up to the older one like they’re the best person in the world, the older one can really be a role model for them. You can bond through material comfort, like constantly buying the other food, clothes, gifts, things to keep in the home for both to use. You can inspire each other’s style and way of carrying yourselves, perhaps you noticed how they copy certain mannerisms that you do. You can feel very proud of them at any little thing that they do lmfao, like they properly bake a cookie and tears are coming out of your eyes like “damn my sibling really is a tiny genius”. You both rely a lot on the other and you know that no matter how many disagreements you have, you’ll always be there for the other. You might constantly manifest balance and harmony in your family life because when there are problems and arguments, it brings you a lot of emotional distress.
— MARS: Found family. People with mars in the 3rd house really hone in on friends who feel like family and are very protective of them, because they might feel very ostracized from their family. You might have a very complicated relationship with your sibling, in the younger years, there might’ve been a lot of fighting and even physical abuse. You and your siblings might’ve had constant arguments and it was difficult for you to agree on things. You might’ve had completely different life experiences that led you to have wildly different opinions, and your parents might’ve really focused on you both being active by enrolling you in physical activities like sports, running, etc. Your siblings could be very protective over you to the point where it felt suffocating, the older one might be terrified of the other getting involved with bad influences. They can be very strict with you, and in your younger years, the younger sibling might’ve followed the older around like a puppy, imitating their behavior and striving to be just like them. You could have shared a lot of things from a young age – clothing, food, and if you didn’t come from a financially stable household, you could also share each other’s bedroom. The older one might have taught the younger self-defense and how to scare people away so they wouldn’t get hurt. You might’ve bonded through a pet that was very important for both of you. One of you might see the other as someone very strong and intimidating, undefeatable, so the other can feel scared of opening up to them in fear of appearing vulnerable and shattering the other’s perception of their strength. It’s very difficult for you to be truly intimate with each other because your instinct is to build walls between you and everyone else. The lesson you learn is to trust.
— JUPITER: Most times, this relationship actually starts off as very rocky and hurtful. Jupiter expands whatever it touches, so it also makes the problems between the both of you escalate very quickly. Your relationship might be very important for you and take a lot of space in your heart, to the point where you can feel emotionally dependent on them, feeling very hurt whenever there’s a problem between the both of you. There might be a lot of forgiveness involved due to the rocky start, but once you’re close to each other, there’s no breaking you two apart. This bond might be filled with physical affection, a very open need for communication where you tell the other what’s wrong as soon as it happens, a strong sense of trust and making the other feel safe. Even if you’re typically reserved and you hate people seeing you vulnerable, they’re the one person who you can cry around. You two might be constantly going out, doing fun activities and taking care of the house, and you might even be involved in the others’ social circle. You can start to grow closer when one of you moves out, distance is really the key to treat each other’s presence like a blessing, not a duty. You can manifest the other’s happiness and feel like when you’re together, things start going right in your life, and just their words can bring you hope in the face of despair. You can constantly brag about them and everyone in your life knows everything about your sibling even if they never personally met them because you’re constantly talking about them, you can both be each other’s pride.
— SATURN: Your sibling can be very popular and this can feel overwhelming at times, you might feel like you live in their shadow or always strive to be on their level. Others can be afraid of messing with the younger sibling because everyone knows and is intimidated by the older one lmfao. You might’ve been raised in a very strict environment where you had a lot of enforced on you, there was a feeling like you had to fight for your freedom. Parents might’ve been overworked and barely gave attention to you because of the time they spent at their job or fulfilling their responsibilities, so you might’ve grown up in a household that rewarded being cold and punished being emotional, there can be a lot of pain and repressed memories. For this reason, it’s difficult for you and your siblings to share physical affection and have deep conversations, and there was likely a lot of rivalry and competition to gain the parents’ affection, parents who taught you to fight for their love or who placed impossible expectations on your shoulders. The oldest one took it upon themselves to raise the other, and this relationship can be bound by duty and responsibilities in the earlier years. It’s very, very difficult to break the distance between the both of you and to heal from past wounds, to learn to be more affectionate and communicative, but once you get there, this bond can be stronger than anything else in the world. Your sibling can be very harsh on you and attack you for no apparent reason, in their mind it can be a way for them to “toughen” you up so that you’ll be prepared for the real world, in a “I can insult you however I want but if anyone else does it, they won’t live to tell the story” kinda way.
— URANUS: Very on-and-off relationship, it can be hard for outsiders to understand the bond you share. You might be very close and act like best friends in one day and the other, like you don’t even know each other. Physical intimacy could come with difficulty, you might’ve been raised in an environment where you weren’t taught the importance of affection, and it can be hard for you to openly communicate your feelings. You could show the other that you care through indirect acts of affection like silently taking care of each other, attending to the others’ needs – you know how they like the coffee so you prepare it for them, they know you don’t have a drivers’ license so they drive you wherever you need without you even asking. You might intuitively feel what the other is feeling. This connection can be filled with teasing, playfighting, comfortable silences, and a lot of unconventional ways of showing the other you actually care. There can be a sense that things are always unpredictable between the both of you, like something is always happening that disrupts the sense of a peaceful connection, and there might be a lot of family secrets that you find out through the years. The older one can be someone with a different or progressive lifestyle that can be controversial for those who are outside your family to swallow, you or they might’ve faced a lot of discrimination and prejudice over it – if it was them, you spent your entire life having to defend your sibling from the way people treated them differently. One of you might’ve been the rebel, shocking everyone with the life direction you/they chose to follow. They inspire you a lot to pursue your own individuality and they can be the person who you respect the most in the world.
— NEPTUNE: There can be a lot of miscommunication present here. Your sibling might feel like someone who you barely know past the surface, they can be very secretive, distant, too out of your reach to grasp. This indicates a lot of family secrets that you discover through the years, it can even mean discovering the existence of a sibling you knew nothing about. Your childhood might feel like a blur and you might have repressed memories that were painful for you, and your relationship with your sibling in the younger years can be difficult for you to understand. One of you might’ve suffered from substance abuse or perhaps your parents did and it was something you both had to deal with growing up. One of you might be an artist, someone who had to go against your family’s expectations of them and who had to fight for their independence, your or them might be the “disappointment of the family” and your family treated you like they had no expectations for you, no hope for your success. You might’ve clung a lot on the other for the emotional support you didn’t get from your parents, the older might’ve sacrificed a lot to protect the younger one. You can have a lot of disagreements and different perspectives on life, a feeling that you both were raised in completely different circumstances but one thing you can feel connected by is your taste in music, in art, in the media you both consume like tv shows and books. You might write a lot about them or they write about you, and this can be an attempt at understanding them and their motivations better. You feel a strong need to break the distance between the both of you and to understand them on a deeper level because you might’ve been raised in an environment where you were never understood.
— PLUTO: The relationship with your siblings in your earlier years could have been very turbulent, filled with resentment and hatred, repulsion for each other – you might’ve felt like your parents pitied you against each other, causing a sense of enmity between the two. One was the golden child, while the other was the disappointment of the family; you could have been the black sheep, always hearing how you should be more like your sibling. You might’ve felt like your parents were too hard on you and too lenient on your sibling, and you two might’ve argued a lot. As you both grow, you start becoming much closer to each other, you feel a strong need to protect them from your parents and in school, you can even make it your job to raise them, feeling like you must guide them and be their role model. This sense of protection is fierce and can be overwhelming at times. You intuitively feel what the other is feeling, this can be a “I would die for you on the spot but I would never share the middle part of the toast with your ugly ass” type of connection. A feeling like it’s you two against the world, you’re very prone to trauma-bonding over what you both experienced in your childhood. One of you can be very manipulative and try to control the other with their words, and this can give rise to a lot of power struggles and a feel like you have to physically distance from each other so you won’t feel controlled by them – it’s like you wake up each other’s survival instincts, it can be unsettling how you make the other’s reactive and destructive subconscious behaviors resurface. The lesson is to use the way you bare the other’s soul for healing, not for mutual destruction. 
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lilithvenusian · 3 months ago
Astro Observations
Tumblr media
First of all though, HappyTaurus Season yall🌿 sending you lots of Venusian energy from my cow rising 🐮💕
Every Aquarius Rising i've seen has beautiful GLOWING skin
Cancer placements, specially in the big three tend have painful period cramps🥺
North node in 1st people need to focus on self in this lifetime. Need to be independent
Lots of 11 degrees in your chart could also indicate being psychic, intuitive, clairvoyant; predicting the future
Moon-Uranus aspects - growing up slowly did your mother started spending a lot of time with her phone? It also could be you or even both of you!
Also if not did you start to become distant from your mother? That's Saturn (slow, gradual) and Uranus (technology, aloofness/distant) energy
4th House Chiron people don't like the idea of having kids or probably don't like kids in general
While 12th house leo folks are scared of having kids ! My best friend has both🤡
We tend to like people or have their Moon sign same as our descendant sign
Uranus energy or Uranus dominant people just can't do 9-5 jobs!!
Also Uranus is in Taurus at the moment. So please be kind and gentle with the Taurus placements around you. This transit is really uncomfortable and difficult for them but we are doing our best❤
Aquarius placements HATE rejection to the point they put up on a mask
Leo venus people love to show off thier partners
Virgo in the 11th house is really critical of thier friends
Pluto conjunct mars are Scariest once hell breaks loose
Eros in Taurus have specific perfumes or scents that they are obsessed with like they use it all the time
People always misinterpret what Chiron in the 3rd has to say
Sun conjunct ascendant are very attention grabbing and extremely creative in the way they dress.
Venus- pluto aspects enjoy healthy transformative relationships.
These people usually get a glow up after a real dark time in break ups
People with leo+cancer placements in thier chart are loved by children
Thanks for reading 🤍
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imagineastrology · 3 months ago
Astro notes: Uranus edition! ♅
*Disclaimer* do NOT steal or plagiarise my work. I regularly scroll through various Astrology tags on social media, so I will recognise when my work is stolen and message and report your account if I see it.
♅ Uranus in 1st house energy embodies Uranus.
♅ Uranus in 3rd house energy makes for someone who unexpectedly has good ideas. I always recommend carrying around a notebook during this transit or if you have this natal position- I’m not kidding.
♅ Uranus in the 4th house people may have had natural disasters happen in their childhood such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tornados, tsunamis. Uranus rules radical shifts, physically and mentally.
♅ Uranus in 5th people often have unconventional hobbies and past times.
♅ Uranus in 3rd, 5th and 9th house could make groundbreaking inventions.
♅ Be wary during a 3rd or 8th house Uranus transit. This can indicate accidents or sudden events.
♅ Uranus in 8th house individuals are turned on by offbeat, original and confident people.
♅ Uranus in 1st house loves to stand out from the crowd. They love to have the attention on them. They may say shocking things to stand out too.
♅ Uranus in 2nd house highlights a fluctuation with money. Money may seem to unexpectedly enter your life, then it may also disappear just as fast.
♅ Uranus in 1st house people can be explosive and erratic.
♅ Similarly to 8th house Uranus, Uranus in 7th house also tend to attract Uranian type people. They have a thing for people who are different or eccentric.
♅ 9th House Uranus may find bizarre experiences happening to them abroad, whilst travelling and education.
♅ Uranus in 12th house have to learn to pay attention to their inner insight and intuition.
♅ 9-5 job roles aren’t made for Uranus in 6th house people.
♅ Uranus in 6th house people may benefit from unusual or different ways of healing.
♅ Uranus in 4th indicates a childhood that was unconventional. You may find it hard to settle down.
♅ Uranus in 4th house may have had mothers who were rebellious, different and erratic. You didn’t fully trust them either way.
♅ Uranus in 11th house individuals attract a diverse group of friends. They are open-minded individuals who love to dream too.
♅ Uranus in 5th house may have children that are rebellious.
♅ Uranus in 10th house natives must have a career that highlights their ingenuity, independence and ideas. You are better off being your own boss and working without set times.
♅ Uranus in 2nd house is constantly reflecting on their values. Your morals may change suddenly too.
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crystalsenergy · 3 months ago
astro notes 🌌📚
🌼 sun square saturn / saturn in leo / saturn in 5th house tends to act in a defensive and passive-aggressive manner when criticized due to possible low self-esteem
🌼 uranus in 9th house just can't deal with conservative people
🌼 pisces people feel the need to feel safe when they go to sleep
🌼 moon in 12th house tends to experience vivid dreams
🌼 pluto in 4th house ppl are afraid to expose their emotional problems and hate to feel emotionally malleable
🌼 venus in capricorn ppl have a problem with expressing feelings but not because of coldness, but because they are shy and probably insecure
🌼 sun in pisces hates feeling selfish or individualistic, that's the worst thing a (healthy) Pisces could hear
🌼 lilith in virgo / lilith in 6th house ppl are overly critical of themselves and have a habit of worrying about sometimes futile details, which only occupy their mind and time. at the same time, people with this position can behave in a more irresponsible way with their health or routine at times, denying self-care and then blaming themselves for it.
🌼 saturn in gemini / in 3rd house hates having to struggle to socialize
🌼 taurus and libra don't like people who talk too loud and scream too much
🌼 pisces sun tends to think too much about things that went wrong because of them
🌼 ascendant in taurus is naturally inclined to "look attractive"
🌼 a strong 12th house in natal chart means that the person can fear feeling lost in the earthly world or can already experience that feeling
🌼 venus in 12th house tends to continue in the relationship even after the person has left, takes too long to get over it
🌼 taurus people have a habit of touching things without even noticing, as if they need to always be touching something
🌼 gemini in 2nd house means having several changes in musical tastes during life.
🌼 cancer / pisces in 11th house can attract toxic friends
🌼 cancer forgives too much and at the same time holds a lot of bad feelings that was not well regarded / dealt with
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toastmyrolls · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Venus Observations🌸💫
(These observations are based on my own research/opinions, enjoy🤌🥳)
Venus in Pisces: Love is rather a cosmic experience for these individuals. They want to transcend within their relationships and these individuals will come into your life to help you further yourself into spirituality, God, the universe, etc. Sex is very important for them and wants to have that deep spiritual connection and sex can almost feel other worldly for them. Venus in Pisces really do be like “Get in loser, we’re going to a different dimension.” 🌚 they also can absorb other energies quite easily, be careful my friend.
Venus in Virgo: these individuals tend to be quite logical and realistic when it comes to relationships. They can have fairly high expectations in relationships and could always end up disappointed. They can appear to be bit judgmental and critical when giving advice or their own opinion within a relationship, but they more than likely being genuine. They can just sound insincere sometimes without meaning too. They will always show up for you if they truly do love you. If you do not have a plan for yourself in general, that could be a turn off for them especially if you’re not that much of an organized person. Would probably stay in a relationship just because it’s comfortable. They need a solid foundation with a partner and if not, they can sorta act like a stress case hehe.
Venus in Scorpio: these individuals are very intense and passionate lovers. They tend to keep their values to themselves, and it almost feels like you’ll never truly know what means most to them. These people want to know the most raw, deep, and darkest versions of yourself. If they truly love you, they’ll want to know all of your secrets, triggers, why you are the way you are. They can be seen as too much or one that wants to dive so deep and that may make others uncomfortable or they may not just be open to it at all. Ride or die type of lovers.
Venus in Sagittarius: Wild lovers. They want to have freedom to themselves within relationships and do not like being held back. These individuals will show you many different perspectives to life and it’s all so interesting. They’re funny af. Highly opinionated individuals and they will let you know about it. They’ll definitely keep things interesting, they may even ask you to go on wild adventures just for funzzies. Can tend to do unpredictable shit. They just want someone to love and dream with without restrictions ❤️‍🔥
Venus in Gemini: they know how to keep things stimulated for both partners in the relationship. These are the type of people who you’ll be on the phone with for hours! Communication is huge for Gemini Venus, and they can seem a bit scattered with their thoughts and expressing their feelings. You will learn quite a bit from these people, they are carefree and imaginative individuals. They want someone who they can share all of their thoughts with, and doesn’t like to be restricted in relationships. They’re such gentle and sensual lovers🥺
Venus in Taurus: The loyal Lovers. These individuals are such deep, loving and sincere lovers within their relationships. They may view love as a possession and I don’t see too many Venus Taurus individuals get involved with the casual hookup/dating scene. Long term type of relationships. They will always show up for you whether it’s by cooking dinner for you, comforting you to make sure you’re all cozy, etc. It’s original ruler is Venus and I’ll say that these folks have high sex drives and can honestly give you the time of your life. 🤭 they either give their love away too quickly or withhold it from others because they know how powerful and sensual their love is. They will plant seeds and will watch it grow with you by their side. Can go through some traumatic relationships until you realize that one must value their self-worth. May attract possessive and controlling lovers.
Venus in Aries: it almost feels like a Wild Card for these lovers with Venus in Aries. You’ll never forget their presence because they make that shit known. Will jump into relationships very quickly and can even be a little aggressive about it. When they want something, they literally won’t give it up. Chaser type energy. If it’s indeed something they truly desire and want. Can actually be the most sensitive within a relationship even when they’re angry. All or nothing/ Now or never types of lovers. They tend to be the leaders of the relationship and may fear losing control of it. Could just randomly ghost you and show back up a month later. They really be like “surprise bitch, I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me.”😈
Venus in Leo: these individuals will make you feel so loved, it’s so sweet. They have big hearts and will go to the ends of the earth for you if they truly feel love with you. Needs to feel an emotional tie/bond to you. It can be really hard for these people to move on. I dated someone with this placement and they will show you off to their friends, family and social media. They will always remind you of how much they love you. These people need to feel validated within their partnerships and can give their all to the wrong individuals. They’ll send you notes, flowers, and gifts just to remind you of their love. They can become very jealous if badly aspected to Venus and may even forget their own needs. Tends to have unrealistic expectations and wants a love like the romantic movies. Set boundaries with yourself to avoid a burnout.😵‍💫
Venus Conjunct Uranus: These individuals souls came to this earth to experience as much love and relationships as possible. They’re very impulsive when it comes to relationships. With this aspect, it’s common to see folks in Friends with Benefits type of situations, might even explore their sexuality with the opposite sex, even dry sexual friendships. Like you have friends that may flirt with you or you flirt with them in a sexual manner, but nothing ever happens. Perhaps if you have earth placements for these two planets such as Scorpio or Capricorn, you may lean more towards monogamous relationships. These people will bounce if they sense that their freedom is being tested/limited. Can leave relationships very quickly and in a cold manner.
Venus Square Saturn: this is quite the challenging aspect. Love doesn’t come easy for you, and when it does, it’s meant to teach you lessons on Self-Love. You will learn to love yourself within your relationships or even after the relationship. Stop seeking others approval, you will reach another level of freedom once you chose to do so. You could have experience such sudden and tragic endings within your family or partnerships. Once you master self-love within yourself, you won’t feel burdened by the responsibilities of your relationships. “I am worthy and deserving of unconditional love.” 🪐
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eclecticqueer · a month ago
Your Sun in Aspect
Sun/ Ascendant
This aspect makes for a very bright and strong-willed individual. They have a presence when walking into a room, they're most likely confident in their outward appearance/ expression.
These individuals have the potential to know themselves very well and communicate that to their peers.
If under developed this can make for a self-centered individual unable of compromise
This aspect can make for challenges for the individual to express themselves confidently.
They probably have had troubles in childhood asserting their ego, especially to peers/ strangers.
When well developed, these individuals wield a very quiet power with the ability to remain confident in themselves without outward exertion
This aspect makes for an individual with a natural talent to communicate and assert their ego in tense situations.
They likely have great leadership skills, or enjoy working in groups.
These people's confidence in their personality make them attractive to strangers/ peers
Sun/ Moon
This aspect can make for someone who has great balance of their wants/needs.
Their relationship with their parents are likely stable and productive, as well as their blending of masc/fem energies.
These people assert themselves in a compassionate and patient way that others receive well
This aspect can indicate a challenging relationship between the individual's father/mother figures.
They may be presented with the challenge of finding comfort within their masculine/ feminine energies, relying on one too heavily and neglecting the other.
If well developed, these individuals can obtain patience for themselves and others, along with the potential for great healing powers
This aspect makes it very easy for the individual to identify/ and communicate their wants/ needs.
They're likely friendly and easy to be around, as well as accommodating and patient with others.
These people are likely very nurturing towards those thy care for, perhaps in an almost parental way
Sun/ Mercury
This aspect makes for a very communicative individual, they process their emotional responses quickly, perhaps too quickly.
They may be prone to sudden outbursts or an aggressive way of communication.
If well developed, these people can process their information in an efficient and patient manner that won't put down others
Sun/ Venus
This aspect can make for a very attractive individual who likely has talent/ appreciation for art.
They likely find a lot of their confidence comes from the affirmations of others, they may struggle with alone time.
If under developed they could begin to rely on their physical appearance and not attempt to grow spiritually/mentally/emotionally
Sun/ Mars
This aspect can make for a very willful individual with great instincts/ intuition, they possibly are able to cut out any fluff and get to a person's true motivations.
Physical activity is very appealing to them as a great source of self-expression, their sexuality is likely an important part of their identity.
If under developed these people risk becoming inconsiderate of others thoughts/ feelings, resulting in resentment and strained relationships
This aspect can make for someone who may struggle to assert themselves in stressful situations.
Their first instinct when things get tough may be to shut down and stay quiet, they've likely absorbed a lot of anger from others.
This repression of the ego can result in eventual emotional outbursts that seem out of character to this person.
If well developed, these intense feelings will be able to flow in an efficient way that is almost therapeutic
This aspect can make for an individual who has a talent for asserting themselves in a group/ challenging situations.
It's possible their communication to come off aggressive, though necessary, they're natural problem solvers/ leaders
If under developed this individual could become quite self-centered and unwilling to listen to other perspectives
Sun/ Jupiter
This aspect can make for someone with a very positive and warm personality, they're likely quite generous with others, perhaps to a fault.
These individuals may struggle with picking up bad habits/ addictions, they should stay mindful of moderation.
If under developed, these individuals may neglect their duties within the physical world, believing them to be too much or overwhelming
This aspect can make for a person who struggles to accept others help/ generosity.
They may feel guilty for accepting the help of others, resulting in a lack of faith for themselves.
If well developed these people will begin to become more accepting of themselves, and healing their bruised confidence
This aspect makes for an innate need in the individual to help and learn.
Theses people want to be seen as wise and knowledgeable, they likely will put in great effort for their spiritual growth in order to be their best selves for others.
It's likely they'll want to teach in a different country from their own, or go study abroad
Sun/ Saturn
This aspect can make for a very responsible individual who seems to have it all together, people usually depend on them for help and support
They're likely very hard workers, though this comes from a place of insecurity to prove themselves.
Their ego assertion is likely inhibited, these individuals are quiet and don't tend to make a lot of noise or change
This aspect can make for a very inhibited sense of self, these individuals experience great insecurity and possibly depression.
They may struggle with expressing their true selves, believing it to not be good enough.
If well developed, these people can obtain great healing powers through patience and compassion for themselves and others
This aspect can make for a very responsible individual with a talent for manifestation.
They're likely very hard workers who feel they have something to prove.
They may have some sort of reputation within their family/ community to uphold, this can cause much stress.
If under developed, they may not allow themselves to take a break, believing that it is not deserved quite yet
Sun/ Uranus
This aspect can make for a very unconventional individual with a unique sense of self.
Their identity and ego assertion is subject to many sudden changes throughout their lives, though this is usually quite welcomed to these individuals.
They typically embrace change and transformation within themselves and others.
If under developed, this can cause much anxiety regarding the identity, they may believe they'll never find themselves
This aspect can make for an individual who has attempted to repress their more unconventional traits for the comfort of others.
They may find these traits irresponsible or impractical, this repression can cause much anxiety within their inner world.
If well developed, these individuals will learn how to channel their unique thoughts/ opinions throughout their regular day without too much upheaval
This aspect can make for a very intelligent and innovative individual, they likely enjoy doing things their own way without much input of others.
These people have the ability to understand and get along with others very well, their social life is possibly quite diverse and active.
If under developed, they may deny any and all help from outsiders, resulting in intense feelings of loneliness
Sun/ Neptune
This aspect can create major illusions within the individual's sense of self, they may either be extremely insecure, or over confident, both of which wouldn't be easy to admit.
These people are likely quite attractive, perhaps mysterious, they probably like to use this to their advantage.
These individuals are very sensitive to the emotions and feelings around them, they must stay mindful of those who will want to take their sensitivity for granted
This aspect can make for someone who struggles with identifying and accepting their inner world and imagination.
Perhaps in childhood these things were demonized, and later repressed by the individual.
If well developed, this individual will be able to gently enter their imagination without judgement, and share it with confidence
This aspect makes for a natural creative and empathetic talent, these individuals are likely artists, gardeners, pet-parents, or interested in the occult.
There is a possibility for psychic awareness here, but these powers can be easily identified and abused by emotional vampires.
These individuals must stay mindful of their inner energy, and where they put it/ who they give it to
Sun/ Pluto
This aspect can make for a very attractive and magnetic individual, their words and presence are respected and heard.
These individuals probably experience many odd people in odd circumstances/ places, their luck may not be best.
If under developed, they may expect authority and praise and become quite self-centered and egotistical
This aspect can make for much tension within the individual, it's likely they struggle with intrusive and dark thoughts.
They likely don't enjoy going to the deepest parts of their minds, projecting onto others what they don't want to identify in themselves.
If well developed, these individuals can possess great intuition and psychic abilities that can help heal their inner world
This aspect can make for someone with a natural talent to embrace the darkest parts of themselves or others.
They likely attract odd people and situations, and use these strange experiences to learn more about the unknown.
If under developed there can be issues with control and possessiveness, they should stay mindful of their ego and false realities
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martianale · 2 days ago
The house your uranus is in can say what you're insecure about along older generations. same goes for the degree it's positioned at
1st/1°, 13°, 25° the way you express yourself and about how many things you initiate, how you appear to other people, your outlook, if you were mean to someone, whether you might have been impulsive or not, how healthy you appear, how styled you appear too, if you appear as someone too temperamental, if you might appear as someone with self-destructive behaviors, if you seem to be too focused on the present
2nd/2°, 14°, 26° the way you seek comfort, sometimes insecure in love like 7h, what matters to you the most, your performance at a job, the way you do some things & your routine, how fast you get wealthy, how you achieve comfort, how you handle money therefore how you balance your money, your choices in love, how you recieve money, how others view your possesions, your performance at work
3rd/3°, 15°, 27° the way you communicate & think, the way you grasp information, how you understand the information you recieve, how you learn, the people you used to talk to in your childhood, what interests you, how brothers and sisters feel about you if you have any, even neigbhours, your communication style, how uniqure you are, how emotionally stable you are, what keeps your mind active, the style of thinking things, what type of friend groups interest you, how socially active you are
4th/4°, 16°, 28° the way you offer care and the way you feel things, how you express your feelings & defend yourself, whether you may be good at feeling the rythm or not so whether you may be good at playing an instrument, self-care routines, where you come from, whether you might have your own family or not, the nature of your childhood, what you care about, what makes you feel safe, how you feel about your past
5th/5°, 17°, 29° the way you express your energy & creativity, people you hang around with and you're insecure when you are honest, insecure about your love life, whether you might appear childlike or not, what love affairs you engage in, what pleases you, what type of art you are into, how focused on the present you are, if you are cool enough for people to accept you, if people accept your energy and your ego, how you express your ego
6th/6°, 18° what you offer to other people, how organised you are, how you analyse some things and how good is the advice that you give, how organised your routine is, how heathy you are, how well you look out for your pets, whether you understand the meaning of some things around you or not, how organised your thoughts are, if you analysed things well
7th/7°, 19° how you form any relationships & how you help people, sometimes you may be insecure in love life and doubt someone's loyalty, insecure in any relationships as well, how you balance things out, how well your relationships with people go, whether your decision in choosing your partener in love life was successful or not, how intuitive you are(like you feel you might need be more intuitive)
8th/8°, 20° the things you are passionate about & how you understand psychology of people, how resourceful you are and how efficiently you manage your resources, whether you may seem too cold or not, if you might be too passionate about some things, whether you might too obsessive or jealous, whether you might be too bitter, might be insecure about spiritual abilities too, how you handle taxes
9th/9°, 21° how opinionated & dynamic you are, your need for freedom, your wiseness, may be insecure in school and about how you learn, how people percieve your opinions, how you travel, your "philosphical" thoughts, how much knowledge you've gained through trave & knowledge in general, how you connect with spirituality and how you practice it
10th/10°, 22° how resourceful you are and how much you achieve from what you do, whether you might be famous and if you get famous you might be a little insecure, how you handle your responsibilities, how hard you work to achieve your goals, whether you might be succesfull or not, how you view society, your career, if others consider you as an ambitous and/or resourceful person, if you're viewed as someone who spends time working on smth too much
11th/11°, 22°your need to isolate sometimes, the ideas you come up with, the people you befriend, your goals, how good & creative are projects with other people, how you befriend people, whether you might seem too serious or not, if your help for a cause was enough, how open-minded you are, the possibility of seeming too mature to people, sometimes even if you spend too much time with people you're friends with
12th/12° 24° how you understand some things, someone's intentions, whether someone might decieve you or not, if you might have too many thoughts that limit you, wether you might have too many secrets, if you are too fearful, whether you might be "normal" or not, how predictable you are, if your dreams are tying to tell you something, how efficient your spiritual practices are, if you have enough signs from the universe, if you may have some unusual thoughts, how some chapters in your life end
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aquariushv · a month ago
-Uranus in houses-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Uranus rules Aquarius. The Uranus is the planet of the unpredictable. It symbolizes revolution and challenge. The Uranus cannot stand the establishment and rebels against it. The Uranus fills our lives with surprises and unexpected developments. It is no coincidence that we learned of its existence at a time of great scientific discoveries (in physics and chemistry), social upheavals (French Revolution) and economic change (industrial revolution), precisely at the time when the things that rule
Uranus in 1st -> You are full of new ideas and you hate anything outdated. You often go against the flow and have unusual hobbies. Your life is full of unexpected events. Sometimes you neglect the needs of others and become provocative with your eccentricity.
Uranus in 2nd -> Your finances are going through various ups and downs. It is very likely that there will be unexpected developments that will either enrich you or bankrupt you. You need to pay attention to financial transactions. However, Uranus promises that you will never run out of money.
Uranus in 3rd -> You are free and creative spirits. Often in your life you decide on various trips at the last minute, which have an unexpected development. Your views are genuine and innovative, which can put you in conflict with your relatives.
Uranus in 4th -> Your family environment is very different from a typical family. Some of you may have had strange childhood years, full of unexpected events. It is possible that you rebelled and opposed your parents from an early age.
Uranus in 5th -> Most relationships in your life occur completely unpredictably, while you tend to fall in love often and lightning fast. You generally have liberal views on both love and sex.
Uranus in 6th -> Work for you is a way to experiment. You like to apply new ideas while at the same time you hate the routine and the orders of others. When your job loses interest you leave it in the middle. Your nerves are also very sensitive.
Uranus in 7th -> You are looking for your freedom and independence even after marriage, something that can cause jealousy and irritation on the part of your partner. Your relationships usually take an unexpected turn where you least expect it. You are mainly attracted to people with Aquarius characteristics.
Uranus in 8th -> Μanifests your sexuality in a paradoxical and eccentric way. Money gains usually come as a surprise and often come from a partner. But there is a risk of serious losses during business agreements
Uranus in 9th -> Your moral and religious principles are quite unusual as you prefer to set your own ideals and not be influenced by others. During your lifetime most travel opportunities will arise suddenly while most of them will be quite adventurous.
Uranus in 10th -> Your ingenuity is the main feature that will lead you to the top. You hate the routine and are looking for a job that will allow your freedom of expression. Your career will fluctuate but your revolutionary disposition can lead you to rupture with prestigious people. You could excel in technology and even astrology.
Uranus in 11th -> Your friendships are constantly renewed. You usually make friends suddenly but you prefer to hang out with people who are more eccentric. Your goals and expectations are out of the ordinary but your ingenuity usually helps to make your dreams come true.
Uranus in 12th -> From an early age you chart your own course and believe in your personal ideals. As free and revolutionary spirits, you usually embrace unusual religions and ideals. It is possible to spend part of your life in another country.
Tumblr media
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lilithvenusian · 2 months ago
Astro Notes
Tumblr media
Saturn 1st house people, don’t worry. They get uglier every time they wrong you
Mercury- Uranus aspects when annoyed would purposefully make people feel stupid
Aquarius placements are very intuitive and could literally see and feel what's coming up in the future. That's why sometimes the could feel alienated because others can't see what you could see. Now this is not always the reason but most likely than not it could be one of them!
The house of Sun conjunct Uranus people is that area of life where they experience unpredictability a lot. That area of life is like a thunderstorm ⚡
Pluto 8th housers can sense the darkness of people which other people usually don't see
People with 12th House Mercury think they are introverts but in reality they just don't stfu man!!
Cancer 11th house people are the ones who stands up for the mother's, encourages and motivates them. They may see their mother as their best friend. They see their mother as their hope. Also the kind of person who would want to make their mothers dream come true by doing it.❤❤
These are people who would like speak up for miscarriages, women's pregnancy support and all things like that❤
Taurus 9th housers as I have seen are very narrow minded
Jupiter 8th house people, it would be very lucky for you to go for stocks and investments.
You can also look up to your 5th house sign, planets, ruler, aspects, aspects with the ruler to see your inner child wounds.
Aquarius Mercuries won't check emails or messages purposefully but then really do forget it 😂
Third house tells about how we communicate more often than not even more so than our Mercury sign/house.
9th house prominent placements dream is to move and live in another country
Midheaven in Aries degrees are the leaders in their field. They would definitely do something new whether in their career or something which thier family never did. Also very competitive in their field and definitely should start their own business.
Moon in Air Housers are very moody in terms of socializing
Asteroid Vertex tells about our fated encounters at difficult moments in our life or when we are going through significant changes. You will find people with the placements of the sign of your Vertex to guide you and encourage you in these times.
Asteroid Vertex also tells about the traits we should develop more. For example, Aries Vertex should develop the traits of assertiveness, leadership skills.
People with Saturn/Capricorn in the 5th house have creative pursuits leave a lasting karmic impact on people.
Gemini North Nodes need to realise that there can be multiple truths about something and also that those multiple truths can change with time. To know " that something" check the house of your North Node. For example, 1st house North people need to accept that they can multiple truths or contradictory traits of themselves and also need to learn to accept changes in life.
Also Gemini Saturn people could suffer from limiting thoughts and the lack mindset. 😕
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virgindiamond · 25 days ago
I think the rising/descendant sign in a mans chart is what he looks for in relationships ( friendship or romantic) like a libra rising man he might look for a woman who is popular in his same friend group or a woman with slanted like cat eyes also (keep in mind the physical traits of these rising signs ) libra is opposition Aries so he probably likes independence in his women 
taurus,scorpio,sag, pisces and 2H placements have such good talking voices
about talking natal gemini/aquarius mercury while u bring u done to earth with swiftness
Check ur ASPECTSSS they are important asf !!
uranus in the first could attract people house minds are closed off ? and u could teach them to either open their mind .
virgo’s are such a mystery even more than scorpios like … what’s up with you really 
leo placements sometimes just wanna mind their business and listen their favorite musical soundtrack 😭
libra placements especially libra moons while always be effortless popular
when a Gemini Aquarius Capricorn is ranting to you they don’t want ur advice fr they just want someone to agree cause they are ready have the solution or know what to do
why do so many scorpios always know so many scorpios is there a group chat some type of communication hello
if u have taurus pisces capricorn cancer in ur sun/moon/mars ur music taste basic but amazing. now aires moon plus a scorpio sun or a libra RISING ur music worry’s me at
saturn in the first wants to be called but ANYTHING else but their first name
mars in 3H are the talk of the conversation like people love hearing about them seeing uhh their energy and can be a big mentor to people. cause their words stick so in arguments well🙏🏾
hi hi hiii my aqua rising how’s ur love life ? ms zendaya is a aqua rising andd well you knoww
Tumblr media
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minjixmins · a month ago
Empty Houses and meaning
disclaimer: might not resonate with all , take what does and leave rest. Give credit for repost/Don't steal or reword my my posts.
House 1:  The first house defines you, your self expression. Having no planet in this house can indicate Lack of identity, lack of personality. They have a tendency to put a fake mask on. Have a hard time expressing themselves . Can fake personality. Don’t really know who they truly are.
House 2: The second house represents our material possessions and our concept on how we value them. Having no planet in the second house can show us feelings of insecurity and it can also tell us about the fear and feeling of instability. They might not feel confident enough and secure enough with their existing possessions.
House 3: The third house deals with Communication. Having no planet in this house can tell us how someone can have a difficulty dealing with logic. They are often misunderstood and can have a hard time understanding basic things.
House 4: The fourth house symbolizes home and family. No planet in this house can indicate family problems. Being detached from their family. Isolating themselves finding comfort in other items and people. They find it hard spending time at home, they mostly prefer being alone or with friends.
House 5: The Fifth house represents artistic talents, entertainment. No planet here shows being bored easily. They don’t enjoy art. They usually wrap themselves in multiple things to be distracted and not be bored. This position often shows having a hard time finding what hobbies you truly enjoy.
House 6: The Sixth house shows health and wellness. No planet here or any retrograde planet here suggests Health issues , Different illness, being excessively dependent on others. This position shows being more prone to illnesses
House 7 : The Seventh house represents marriage, No planets here indicate Commitment issues, they have a hard time committing. They also may have distaste for love. They hate relationships. They are the types to look at someone and be like “eww gross love”.
House 8: The Eight house rules death, No planet here shows lacking fear of danger. They might not be scared of death. They aren’t scared of anything and challenge risk.
House 9: The Ninth house rules Travel. No planet here indicates  being very attached to where they were born and grew up. These individuals usually have no desire to change they want to stay at one place their whole life.
House 10: The Tenth house tells us about  position and authority. No planet here indicates being lazy. They have a hard time being organized they can’t stay ordered. Usually these people are very messy.
House 11: The Eleventh house represents friends. No planet here shows having a hard time making friends. Difficulty in maintaining friendships. They usually have less friends and spend time alone
House 12: The twelfth house is the house of shadow and unseen. No planets here show being overly pressured not being calm. It also shows difficulty in coping with stress. They also cannot cope with fear. They are anxious most of the time.
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saintzjenx · 3 months ago
🌙Astro Forecast —
04/26/21 — the upcoming Scorpio full moon
The Moon is entering the sign of Scorpio at 7°, a Libra degree, there's an enhance focus on partnership as well as close relationships
The Sun & The Moon makes an opposition at exact 0°, be ready for some intense need for self-reflection from within and in personal relationships.
The Sun, Venus, Mercury & Uranus are now all in Taurus. Venus is at 15°, a Gemini degree, makes a conjunction to all planet including the Sun, Venus, Mercury & Uranus. Some truth or event will be revealed as a result of the conjunction effect, people will feel the need to release their tensions, verbally due to Gemini degree effect.
Cancer Mercury square Saturn at 3°, another Gemini degree, there will be a mental blockage to not only emotional matters but also in professional settings. Mercury conjuncts Uranus at 5°, Leo degree, a deep need to detach and focus on self-acknowledgement.
Overall, with that much aspects to Uranus, there will be unexpected divine unions and divine separations, calling for the time to cut out toxic patterns and habits. Focus on developing yourself at this moment, even if its means letting go of things with sentimental values. Get ready to feel everything at once loves. Happy Pink Moon! 💞
Here's what astro twitter has to say. Credits to @iJaaadee, @OneLuckyGirl28, @plutonicmoon and @elysianaquarius on Twitter.
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snarkywrites · 8 days ago
Venus in Virgo: Moving Ahead
Venus enters earthy Virgo on July 21st, adding a little spice into our lives since this breaks us away from the stifling Fixed Energy we have been experiencing. This also sets the tone for some lighter transits as the Fixed planets will not be battling it out with such intensity with Venus and Mars moving to Virgo. What we can expect is a focus on our well being and routines with Venus in Virgo. If you have felt like you have neglected an aspect of your life, this transit gets you focused. Venus in Virgo brings calm, focus, and sparks our inner drive to perfect. Use this time to get the most out of being productive since we will all be feeling more inclined to create and be constructive.
Aries – Feeling a bit scattered and disorganized? Do not fret! Start using the planner as Venus in Virgo gets you more organized. You are going to be on top of your routines with this transit, setting things off and getting you ready to go forward. The good thing is you will feel motivated and ready to go for the next month and more pumped once Mars joins Venus in the same sign.
Taurus – A dash of romantic energy never hurt anyone and Venus in Virgo will be making a much needed trine to your sign, adding more of those Venusian qualities you enjoy. This is a transit that can either have you more beauty oriented or just more in a relaxation mode. Try to channel this new energy into harnessing the creativity bursting within you now that Mercury is also favorably aspecting your sign.
Gemini – This is a transit that will have you moving and appreciating the beauty that surrounds you. Venus in Virgo makes you more grounded and more of the advocate for peace. If there have been quarrels brewing at home, school and/or work, you now have the gift to be as diplomatic as possible.
Cancer – Movement and energy can be summarized with this transit as Venus allows you to be even more social during your birthday season and you might get a little traveling going. No, this is not the type of travel overseas but the localized one. Share in fun experiences with friends and family by going to neighborhood spots that you enjoy.
Leo – All of these planets moving out of your sign and now you get to focus on the material aspect with Venus entering practical Virgo. You are going to channel that burst of energy into creating viable financial moves that are going to benefit you in the long run. Set your sights on bigger things during this transit because you have the energy to generate a good savings plan.
Virgo – This is your moment! Venus is finally in your sign, and this can add good and much needed earthy energy you have craved. While Uranus is still in Taurus, it is creating some panic but with Venus adding a good trine to this planet, you are going to feel some spontaneous moments and might even meet a lot of interesting people. This is a favorable transit for single Virgos, especially with Jupiter still in Pisces for a few more weeks. You could even fall for someone right now.
Libra – Venus in Virgo gives you a relaxing period where you can recalibrate and get ready for things to change once Venus makes its way to your ascendant. Get grounded, meditate, and plan for the upcoming months. You are driven and motivated now and might feel a sense of empowerment as well. Only good and positive things on the way for you if you allow it.
Scorpio – You are going to love this transit as Venus in Virgo adds an element of surprise and much needed connection into your life. Get ready because your social calendar will be blowing up for the next few months! Venus is here to remind you to take care of yourself but to have a little fun too. Single Scorpios might be more willing to date and meet new people.
Sagittarius – Good things are on the way with this transit. Venus in Virgo highlights your career house, adding elements of surprise with Uranus still in Taurus. You can learn something new at work or school. Bosses or teachers might see that you can take on more work. If you feel overwhelmed, Venus will make sure to plan those periods of rest and self-care.
Capricorn – More of that romantic energy for Earth signs as Venus in Virgo makes its way into your life adding more opportunities to meet, connect and get out of your comfort zone thanks to the trine with Uranus. Creatives can benefit from this energy since you are going to be inspired with ideas. Even your dreams might give you more to think about now. Appreciate what this transit has to offer you and have some fun with it.
Aquarius – Money and power will be highlighted with this transit. Saturn is in your sign, bringing the focused energy needed to generate and create. Not to mention, the influence Jupiter in Pisces will still have on us for the next few weeks. This transit gives some manifesting energy, so plan, visualize and dream it to get what you want.
Pisces – Your relationship house is going to have its dose of excitement with Venus entering Virgo and Jupiter still in your sign. Your relationship energy will be highlighted by making you feel more connected to your partners. Single people will have opportunities to meet potential partners. Your relationships are evolving now for the next two months, and the same topics will be discussed once again later this year when Jupiter ingresses back in your sign.
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saturnianmess · a month ago
personal astro observations pt 8
♡ a Taurus Venus trine Jupiter Virgo might have or be able to develop incredible vocals with a wide range 
♡ an individual with a 10h stellium is meant to shine and be recognized
♡ one who has a sibling and a 3H Jupiter trine 11H might have that sibling help them make their dream come true
♡ similarly, one with Moon Trine Jupiter might benefit from their mother’s help
♡ 6H Saturn makes one responsible in the field of work
♡ an individual with Uranus 9H might enjoy travelling by air the most 
♡ a person with 8H Neptune may prefer being out of sight when they’re going through a transformation 
♡ an individual with 4H Libra might benefit from learning Chinese, Dutch/French (as Libra is associated with Belgium where both languages are spoken) or Japanese 
♡ a 5H Pisces might have enjoyed building sandcastles as a child a lot if they had opportunities to
♡ individuals with 1H Saturn tend to be very skinny
♡ one with Pluto trining Jupiter should be careful not to fall into obsession with trying to control their destiny, as it may cause more damage than luck, which they might desperately seek
♡ one of the main purposes of Saturn in Gemini individuals for this lifetime is to keep on learning and learning, expanding their knowledge as much as possible
♡ those with Sun, if well aspected, in 11H tend to get lots of support and love from their friends
[please make sure to keep in mind the title! if it doesn’t apply, remember that every chart is complex in its own way! there’s always possibility of not resonating with one thing or another]
follow me for more astrology content! and more observations specifically, check out the link! :)
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tarotnoob · 2 days ago
PAC: Encouragement from your Guides (Timeless)
Tumblr media
Please intuitively choose a pile to receive advice from your guides!
And thank you again to the person who supported me on kofi and made it possible for me to purchase this beautiful Superlunaris deck! Not only can I share this with the blog, but it also allowed me to support a small business.
Tumblr media
First of all, you or your guides must have a good sense of humor because we have the very serious 8 of swords, where someone seems to be very anxious, down, worrying, distraught - and next to that, we have the Hierophant, which is already a very spiritual advisement card. And in this card, the Hierophant is very free, relaxed. The people in both cards have a similar way of sitting, but completely different vibes. And look how the man is saying “It’s going to be okay!” Although, I think in certain cultures that means “asshole” but ignore that, lol. In most, it means “everything is okay or alright!”
I sense a lot of patience from that card. Not to say your troubles are small, but eight of swords is typically about making it worse in your head than it already is, which is why I think the Hierophant offers a more silly, carefree way of comforting you. But this is clearly a very spiritually wise person. They are telling you that whatever has been worrying you will pass and that in the future, you will look back and see it as not as big of a thing as you thought. 
In regard to the specific issue bothering you, it could be about feeling stuck, or something not moving fast enough, or even feeling really depressed and down, like no one is seeing you, or there’s something about to crash into you and overwhelm you. But, again, your guides are saying it is going to be okay. That - I know easier said than done - but an adjustment of perception and thoughts would also help to get you back on track. To, instead of focusing on the negative first, to focus on what’s positive about the situation.
This pain, anxiety, worry is going to be temporary! Don’t sit on the track, keep moving forward!
Numbers: 8, 5=change/conflict around feelings of personal power or expression
Colors: Green (heart), blue (throat), orange (sacral), yellow (solar plexus)
There’s a lack of expression around negative feelings that have to do with confidence, creative, inspiration, or sexual issues. The actual issue seems to be heart centered and the solutions are in the expression, confidence, expression of desires or needs. It would really help if you spoke about what’s bothering you to someone, to think about why you don’t feel confident or good enough, or what needs aren’t being met and what you can do to receive them.
It’s the only pile where a major arcana popped up. So this may actually be a big issue, but it can also indicate what’s in Taurus right now might be relevant. Ceres and Uranus are both in Taurus. On a bigger picture level, the 8 of swords and Hierophant could speak of government/institutional suppression or dissatisfaction with the government/established-conservative institutions.
It could also indicate some type of belief (Hierophant) that causes mental anxiety, but it would be really helpful to look up Ceres in Taurus and read that or Uranus in Taurus goes retrograde around August 18, so it could be a significant date for you, particularly if you’re starting school, becoming employed by a school or government or whatever institution... 
But I trust the guy in the Hierophant because I think this is your guide, and no matter the situation - global or individual - it’s all working out as it should and, in the end, it’s going to be “okay,” according to them.
If you are anxious about starting school in the fall, remember that the 8 of swords means you’re making it worse than it is, so if you approach the situation with a more optimistic or positive mindset, you can change your “beliefs” and tell yourself it’s going to be ok, it’s going to be fine - and then you will attract what you want. If you only think negatively, you may attract negative things, so it’s all about your “beliefs.”
Tumblr media
Pile two’s often have a relationship vibe, which makes sense since it’s #2. It does seem like a new relationship will be coming into your life soon, one that’s equal and full of mutual respect or admiration. It can be platonic, love, familial, but someone you have a lot in common with, or you might simply be receiving a text or online communication from a close friend. I mean, also, you can just look at this and wonder if some of you aren’t about to sext someone, lol.
On the other hand, when there’s no visible conflict, I can look at the elements. We have a fire card next to a water card. That could mean a situation where a relationship is moving too fast or hasn’t come in fast enough. With the arrows coming straight for the two of cups, besides indicating a relationship coming in, it could indicate some pain entering a relationship.
(for the record, I picked up the cards to try and understand the conflict and the clock on my phone said 1:11), interesting again because the cards go V III II. I know that’s five one’s, but still creepy. I mean... cool.
Okay, here’s what I see - I feel like there may be a conversation that takes place between you and another close friend, I would guess to talk about your emotions. It doesn’t have to be that you are having conflict with this person, but IF you are having some type of worries or issues, it seems like your guides are advising you to speak to someone you trust and who would be empathetic, or already that conversation is going to take place soon anyway. You may end up grabbing a drink or coffee with this person to talk about life and such. It could also be that a friend of yours is in need of talking, as well. For some of you, this person will be a sister or someone like a sister (I mean, sure it could be a brother but in this image, I see someone as close as a sister, plus in 2 of cups it’s a reflection and they look a lot alike).
And, it could, as well, be about a love or close platonic relationship going to the next level. Perhaps you’re interested in a friend or are in a relationship but haven’t done much on the physical level, or perhaps it’s just that there will be an expansion in the level of intimacy you share with another person - via something physical or opening up to each other emotionally.
You could also or they are could be traveling to see each other, but mostly it feels like through quick communication such as online or text, email, etc... but the 8 of wands can also simply mean: very soon (or a lot of passion and attraction).
Tumblr media
All the cards have had elemental conflicts I’m realizing. Pile 1 is air earth and pile 2 was also fire water. 
So, we have a conflict in the five of wands; this can be petty fighting amongst people or a competition.
If it’s a competition, it looks like the results will be emotionally fulfilling or it’s a competition that may revolve around creative talents.
If it’s a disagreement among people, it seems to be tied to an emotional response, maybe someone’s feelings were hurt or, among all this conflict, the advice is to have some compassion.
It could also be that there is conflict around something you want to do, something that is a passion project, something about love, or something that involves following your heart.
The five of wands looks like a very dry, barren area where not a lot would grow and knight of cups is surrounded by all this lush land and water, mountains.
Where you are now isn’t a good place then, obviously. Nothing is going to grow in that petty and competitive atmosphere. Maybe those people are fighting over available resources or there’s not enough work to go around or everyone’s been working so hard that they’re stressed and lashing out at each other.
The solutions could be, leaving that situation and following your heart, because this knight is traveling solo and escaping that situation for a better environment.
If no one else is involved and it’s an internal conflict, again: You are being told to move forward, to follow your heart and whatever your emotions are telling you. There may be some emotional conflict, but the answer is to keep going, move forward, the environment will get better or change or you must leave and make it change for yourself.
It could also be that there has already been some conflict and you are guarding your heart or seeking some isolation in order to recover from an emotional wound. If there is a need to isolate to recover, make sure you are doing something that is relaxing and/or creatively fulfilling.
If you are a dancer or painter in particular, use your art to express yourself or relieve any type of stress or conflict. It might also help to go outside and take a walk or run, but I think the advice is to go alone into nature - somewhere where you can sit and take in the scenery or watch the sky.
There’s also a bit of chariot energy to this knight of cups, so it seems like once you take the “reigns” in this situation and decide to move past it, that the “ride” will be a more stable, slow and steady one, that also has you feeling more in control of your emotions.
At the end of the day, this is just... some type of emotional conflict and leaving the situation is the best answer as well as showing yourself or others some compassion and empathy. However it resonates!
In terms of timing I should say, perhaps this pertains to summer or even fall when this conflict takes place... and the reward or calm will come more in the early spring as there is still snow on the mountains... but the lake looks like spring. If that timing means anything to anyone, it will clear up by early spring.
If you’re entering a contest or applying for a job, knight of cups should indicate a positive offer.
If there’s a conflict amongst friends, you could be the best one to mediate as knight of cups is calm and empathetic.
And I SUPPOSE it could be that your live life has been barren for some time and someone will be eventually/slowly-ish entering the picture. They could be a water sign or someone who’s very sensitive, charming, romantic.
But... I do feel more strongly that someone gains or wins something from a conflict or competition... so I wish you luck on any upcoming contests or applications that especially have to do with creative ventures!
Thanks for reading!
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virgindiamond · a month ago
let’s do some
astro observationz
imo gemini placements should be considered in fame indicators . ex marilyn ( gemini ) prince ( gemini ) emma chamberlain ( gemini )
sag venus/mars are so random sometimes and they have just amazing laughs like it their laughs make me laugh
cap venus will try to emulate their parents or whatever they see in the media . so if you’re talking to a Capricorn Venus ask them who’s your favorite celebrity couple
cap , sag , aries , libra rising’s your time is NEXTT 
about cap risings do y’all have a lot of cancer placement friends ? or if ur a cancer are ur friends cap dominant?
libra rising look so good in pink and will always smell good
taurus placements stop complaining pls and just relax take a bath , nap or eat your favorite food
fires signs are slept on when it comes to fashion...they will do bold colorful shi yall need to pay attention . ex , rihanna, alexis demie , denis rodman (aries venus )
july big month for people to rise up and have major growth
2022 many astrologers have been saying that american will have a sense for reforming when comes to money cause uranus in taurus and in the states 2nd house . if this going on check where uranus is in ur chart rn do u can say what unexpected change might happen
text ur air sign friends back fast if u want to have a conversation with them cause if u don’t it will be days and you’ll have no idea where they are
capricorn placements have been on their hermit energy lately . check up on them idk if their bored or rethinking their whole existence
pisces and neptune in the 1H have the mentality of thinking they can save and help people that are really bad they think they can give them something that’ll forever change who the person is but sometimes that person is really just using you 
not an observation but can someone explain astro sex to me cause i be lost asf
your sidereal chart might become more accurate as u get older
saturn in the 7th house natives babes don’t rush ur self with friendship or relationships they will appear and grow with time and they will be naturally attracted to you
chiron in the 1H/2H natives sometimes getting of social media is the best for YOU think of u first
capricorn moons yall are scary but so enduring the mystery yall hold makes me wanna get to know you so much more
if someone knows ur big three they can figure out ur whole circle chart  
tiktok can help but also hurt sometimes the astrology oh there is projection of personal experience
libra rising are so diplomatic even when you do rant to them they will understand both sides they can’t help it . their on ur side but theyll say “ i meannnn “ cause they see both side of the story . but trust they’ll be honest with u
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oceanbaby888 · a month ago
-Mars is in Leo, the sign of the lion!!!
-This energy is gonna get you ready and revved up. Mars in Leo may give you alot of courage and confidence to do things you may have been back and forth on.
-While Saturn may be in Aquarius, it is not yet opposing Mars in Leo, so enjoy this little energy without Saturn's interference. Because oppositions are about balance, and yall know Saturn gon make us balance and sit down if we're doing too much 🤣🤣💀.
-Also, Uranus is in Taurus is not making a square aspect to Mars in Leo yet, but when it does be mindful about putting the pedal to the medal too hard as Uranus can rip the rug under you if you're not careful.
-Mars is inconjunct Jupiter in Pisces, its gonna be hard to do alot at once even if you want to, so moderate yourself.
-Wherever Mars in Leo is transiting in your natal chart, get ready to want to dominate and go head first into those activities (Ex: Mars in Leo in the 6th, you may be ready to switch up your health and routines and feel like you can stick to it. Also, you're ready to get any tasks handed to you done.). Also look at aspects.
- Mars in Leo is gonna get ya up and ready, so get ready!!!
Love yall,
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