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I don’t ship Midoryia+Uraraka, but I’ve accepted that they will most likely be the endgame ship, and I’m at peace with that. Mostly because when it comes to the other, these two badass cinnamon rolls only have 2 modes: the unconditional support friendship to the max mode or the awkward crushing on each other and can’t string a complete sentence around them mode. And, honestly, I think that’s very relatable…

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Fandom: My Hero Academia

Pairing: Bakugou/Uraraka (KACCHAKO)

Summary: In an age of quirk-marriages and the need for quirk-compatibility, a young woman with hopes of alleviating her parents’ financial burden becomes contractually bound to a mysterious cult-like organization called The Sanctuary. With the promise of incredible pay, all she has to do is abide by the rules of the contract. 

And be successfully impregnated by one of the current top heroes. 

And of course things don’t go as planned.

I wish I could describe to you, in vivid detail, how much good good this story is going to have. Okay maybe I’m being dramatic, but it’s definitely going to be one hell of a ride, and I’m so ready for it. As always this is a work of fiction that I must EMPHASIZE DIVERGES FROM THE CANONICAL STORY OH MAN, THERE IT IS. But not like crazily. You’ll see. Don’t like, don’t read, say nothing <3. 

Chapter One: The Signing

A crisp, early morning light filters through the office, the steam of untouched coffee drifting up and producing a pleasant warmth to the otherwise clinical atmosphere. It isn’t that the room itself reflects a similar stoicism to that of the three men in suits who had led Ochako here (although she will admit that she might have to change her mind about this whole thing if a single person in this building is unwilling to share a simper, at least), it’s just that the room itself feels so clean and untouched that she wonders if she may have been its first inhabitant in ages.

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