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charkmancer3 months ago
I like to think Urias is like that neighbor who lets his dogs roam around and cause a ruckus, so somehow the Lycans wander into Heisenberg鈥檚 factory and get into shit lmao
Hence the Soldat testing
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More res evil fan art馃槄 I just loved The factory鈥檚 design so much. It appealed to my old love of industrial machine horror hehueheuheu
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c-o-i-s-a-b-o-aa month ago
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// Urias.
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lea-ts9 days ago
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Urias & Pabllo Vittar covering Lucky by Britney Spears
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zharske-ditko21 days ago
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biguigo242 months ago
RE8 Modern AU
So, this is just my little take on a happy normal life for this cast:
聽After the corrupt company that Mia worked for shut down thanks to Chris and his team, she and Ethan have been put into protective custody, jumping from one place to another. They didn鈥檛 mind not living that uncomfortably, as long as they had eachother. All that changed when they had Rosemary. They needed a stable normal life to raise their daughter so Chris sent them to a village hidden in the mountains of Romania, where they supposedly would be safe. This is where their life really changes.
-Ethan gets his old job as a system engineer back, only this time in the factory just outside of town.
-For now Mia鈥檚 been home taking care of rose but she鈥檚 thinking of getting a job as the friendly shopkeeper鈥檚 assistant!
聽Most of the villagers are fine, most joke around with the family due to being outsiders. Both he and Mia have become friends of the Lupu family and Luiza. But there are some...unique characters in this village. The lords are the richest people in town, and all work under the wing of Mother Miranda, the mayor.
-Mother Miranda is the mayor of this town. Not much is known from her past aside from once being a scientist and the fact she left her old job due to the loss of her daughter, Eva. She welcomes the Winters family warmly, maybe creepily so...She isn鈥檛 nearly as bad here, simply depressed. One thing Ethan doesn鈥檛 like is how she looks at Rose, but she鈥檚 just so similar to Eva when she was a baby...
-Alcina Dimitrescu is the direct descendent of the Dimitrescu family, and heir to the family business, their wine company. She lives in the old Dimitrescu castle that housed her family for generations. Classy, old-fashioned, (really hot)beautiful, smart and charming. She鈥檚 not as tall, of course, but she鈥檚 still a giant standing at 7 feet tall. She has a dislike of most men, having only female workers. Still, she and Ethan seem to respect eachother, not having that much of a relationship but oh well. She does have a good relationship with Mia, and they spend time talking about their daughters.
-The Dimitrescu sisters are Alcina鈥檚 adopted daughters and her pride and joy. They are also the town flirts, who encourage their聽鈥渧ictims鈥 to try their family鈥檚 wine. Most of the time a maid at the castle has left is because they were scared of their flirting. Still, aside from helping with the family business they have their respective jobs. Bela works at the library, where she can peacefully read any literature she can鈥檛 find at home. Just like at home she has to hush her sisters when they come find her and interrupt her readings. Cassandra has always had a love for cutting things up, so she works at a butcher shop. If it wasn鈥檛 for the money she would simply make this her life鈥檚 work. Daniela however can鈥檛 keep a job because she can鈥檛 keep herself from flirting with clients and co-workers alike.
-Donna Beneviento is a toymaker. She has a shop filled with superbly well made dolls, and in her free time makes replicas of other people she likes. She has a scar over her right eye that she specifically grew her hair long to cover. Her family died when she was little and she gained trauma that affected her social skills, so she talks through Angie, her pet parrot. No one really knows if Angie just knows what Donna wants to say of if she鈥檚 some gremlin trapped in a parrot鈥檚 body, but no one cares enough. They just like seeing her happy. Even so, behind the scenes, Donna is a drug dealer, selling hallucinogenic drugs as a side hustle. In the cast only the Dimitrescu sisters, who buy them, and Duke know about this.
-Salvatore Moreau is a school teacher, beloved by most children, though a tragic accident left him disfigured. He spends his free time in the river in the village鈥檚 reservoir, usually alone. Here, people are nice to him and acknowledge his existence. He also likes watching romance movies in his free time, as well as simply helping people around. Him and the Duke often go fishing together, and Daniela shows up to watch romance movies with her only fellow hopeless romantic.
-Karl Heisenberg owns the factory just outside of the village. What he does one鈥檚 really sure, not even Ethan, who works with him. Speaking of Ethan, Karl treats him like a mad scientist treats his lab assistant. The man is the definition of a genius idiot, able to make incredible machines out of scrap but wear sunglasses inside ot at night. He also has a side job taking care of stray animals, though mostly dogs. His favourite is Sturm, a English Mastiff who鈥檚 also a complete idiot.
-The Duke is a shopkeeper who also runs a little caf茅. He is beloved by all, his charm basically dripping from his large pockets. He knows everything about everyone, so be careful as to not stay on his bad side...He is the first person the Winterses befriend, and has offered to teach Mia the secrets of romanian cuisine.
-Urias and his brother are miners working near the reservoir. Big, burly, hairy and grumpy, you would almost think they鈥檙e lycans! They work for Miranda, though they are friendlier with Karl.
And that鈥檚 it. I might make something more outta this, maybe mess around and make stories and memes, who knows?
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dimidumduma month ago
Y'all know how much it hurts when you can't hug your favorite fictional characters?
And I'm just here like...
Tumblr media
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over-orchid3 months ago
Do you have any HC鈥檚 for our dear son Heisenberg? Or any oc/Heisenberg HC鈥檚 possibly please? I like your story a lot btw.
Thank you so much! I have a few HC's for our beloved metal hobo! Sorry this took ages, i'm moving out of my apartment as well as getting a new job so I've been busy lol
Heisenberg HC:
-He's a workaholic, Like since he stays in his factory most of the time, the only real place you would find him is in his workshop creating weapons and other mechanical things.
-I have a HC that like Moreau, he also likes to watch movies. He doesn't really have a preference but if he had to pick some favorites. 80's films are among his favorite. Ok he has watched all the transformers films. He loves Optimus.
He has wifi in his factory. Miranda knows, but lets him get away with it since he's her favorite.
I said this in another post, but I like to think that he likes to create metal sculptures. He mostly uses what ever he can find but sometimes he'll mold something. He's surprisingly good at getting the likeness of people.
I heard this from watching Nicole Tompkin's play-through on twitch, But the idea that he actually likes his niece's is really interesting. He doesn't want to show it since he doesn't want to give Alcina the satisfaction.
This is self indulgent but I love the idea that he loves music and he can actually play the guitar pretty well.
I have this whole other idea that isn't really a HC but like an AU, so Urias was suppose to be Heisenberg's father in a draft of the story and that has opened my eyes to the possibilities.
So Urias was a Heisenberg and tried to stop Miranda from taking his son or went after Karl. Ethan style, but he failed. Miranda captured him and put the Cadou into him. Resulting in him becoming a Lycan. Since he's a Heisenberg, he didn't become a normal lycan but the Urias we see in the game.
Since Karl was a child, he wouldn't remember his father all too well but when ever he see's Urias there's like strange sense that he's knows him from somewhere.
And I cry
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fridgemagnethusband2 months ago
Die Sch枚ne und das Biest
Chapter Seven: Midnight Caller
Me, manically banging my cowbell in your general direction: Give it up for CHAPTER SEVEN!!!!
Significantly less fluffy than last week鈥檚 chapter, but maybe this one answers a few lingering questions you might have聽馃憖 (While opening doors to new ones...聽馃懝)聽鈾 If you haven鈥檛 gotten around to checking out the first six chapters, here鈥檚 the master list for your reading pleasure!!聽鈾
Much love to you all, and happy reading 鈾♀櫋鈾
Tumblr media
He looks to the murder of carrion crows roosting in one of the many barren trees and observes the waning moonlight caught in the gentle rise and fall of their ebony plumage. The snow crunches underfoot as he strolls through the sea of stone slabs. Names, dates, and epitaphs alike are lost to the slow, ceaseless march of time. He spots a man waist-deep in earth as his iron shovel bites into the frozen ground, the mound on the side of the sepulcher growing with every heave made over his shoulder. The shadows cast by the sole flickering lantern lick the man鈥檚 hollow features, and he turns to face his midnight caller, leaning heavily on his shovel as he tries to catch his breath.
鈥淕ood evening,鈥 Heisenberg begins, raising the brim of his hat in salutation, as though they were meeting under perfectly normal circumstances. The grave keeper studies him, carefully eyeing his large hammer.
鈥淕ood evening, Lord Heisenberg鈥 he returns, voice breathy with exhaustion.
鈥淲ho鈥檚 the unlucky fellow?鈥 he asks, gesturing to the half-dug grave as he casually leans against the tool of his own trade.
鈥淎nother farmer鈥檚 son,鈥 he wipes the beading sweat from his forehead. 鈥淪econd one this month.鈥
鈥淪hame they should end up food for the worm,鈥 he sucks his teeth before biting down hard on the end of a cigar, spitting the discarded end off into the night. 鈥淏ut then you鈥檇 be out of a job, wouldn鈥檛 you?鈥
The grave keeper nods solemnly in reply.
鈥淎nd putting these farmer鈥檚 sons in the ground,鈥 Heisenberg waves his hand, putting out his match. 鈥淚t pays well?鈥
The man thinks to his young daughter - face too gaunt for that of a child - and the ramshackle cottage they call home. He looks up at him with a regretful smile.
Heisenberg offers the man a strong hand, pulling him out of the plot.
鈥淧erhaps you鈥檇 like to hear my proposal.鈥
鈥淗eisenberg,鈥 Miranda cuts, voice sharp as she focuses her needlelike gaze on the man. Torn from his thoughts, he tightens his grip on the handle of his upturned hammer which rests against the arm of one of the many overstuffed sofas to be found in Castle Dimitrescu. 鈥淚 ask that you speak with the Urias brothers again about shortening the Lycan鈥檚 leashes. They鈥檝e killed a not-insignificant amount of livestock and villagers in recent months.鈥
鈥淚s there meant to be a difference between the two?鈥 Alcina quips. The ghastly witches that pass for her offspring only half-suppress their titters from behind her chair, ceasing obediently when she holds a gloved hand up to them. Miranda looks to the woman and her adopted daughters fondly, the corners of her mouth upturned.
鈥淭hey may breed like rabbits, but we need as many of them alive as possible for sake of our research. Remember this.鈥
鈥淵es, Mother Miranda,鈥 Alcina concedes with a saccharine smile. She smugly puffs from her cigarette as Miranda turns her scrutiny back to Heisenberg. He leans back against the divan, resting a boot on his opposite knee as he eyes a lighter on the table across the room. It cuts through the air towards him, landing squarely in his palm. Angie鈥檚 delighted squeal peals through the air and her wooden joints clatter as she claps from her place on Donna鈥檚 lap. Alcina rolls her eyes.
鈥淧erhaps if Moreau鈥檚 experiments proved more successful, there鈥檇 be fewer Lycans eating your precious devotees,鈥 he proposes from around his now-lit cigar, the growing crimson glow reflected in his tea shades.
The grotesque man splutters indignantly at Heisenberg鈥檚 suggestion, turning his face up to Mother Miranda with wide eyes as she faces him.
鈥淲hat is the status of the most recent subjects, Lord Moreau?鈥 Her voice is cool, even, yet he visibly deflates at the question.
鈥淭hey are not strong enough vessels, Mother. Not like us. Four of them are dead, and one has almost completely transformed into a Lycan. I will need more people from the village to continue,鈥 he confesses, his already-hunched form further retreating in on itself.
鈥淰ery well. Take your pick of the less prominent townspeople.鈥 The tightening muscles in her neck are the only betrayal of her otherwise calm demeanor as she turns back to the rest of the lords.
鈥淚 did see an interesting specimen the other day, Mother.鈥 He hisses the words, jagged teeth protruding from behind his discolored lips as he sneers at Heisenberg from under his crude bone crown. 鈥淚 saw her in my territory, at the drowned houses. She looked like she was headed in the direction of Lord Heisenberg鈥檚 factory.鈥
All eyes in the room round on him, and his blood runs cold at the thought of Moreau knowing about you.
Y/N. I should鈥檝e known that creep would be watching.
鈥淓ntertaining visitors?鈥 Miranda challenges. Her voice drips with accusation, sound in the knowledge that Moreau is not conniving enough to fabricate lies, let alone present her with one.
鈥淲ho would possibly want to visit him?鈥 Alcina posits with a bark of laughter, her daughters鈥 bloody muzzles splitting as they cackle alongside her. For perhaps the first time in his life, he鈥檚 grateful for one of the big bitch鈥檚 gibes. Nonetheless, he glares at her over the rim of his glasses, dumping her tableside ashtray into a nearby plant before calling it over with the crook of a finger. It hangs suspended in the air, cleanly catching the ash just as it falls off the end of his cigar.
鈥淗aven鈥檛 seen anyone besides the Duke lately,鈥 he starts, feigning disinterest. 鈥淚鈥檓 sure whoever it was is long since Lycan fodder.鈥 He chuckles, resting an arm along the back of the couch as he holds Miranda鈥檚 eye contact.
She gives a short, thoughtful hum in response before launching into her next topic, but Heisenberg knows they鈥檒l be under her microscope, and his mind races like a galloping horse for the second time that day.
How am I meant to protect her?
You float to the surface of consciousness, washing ashore on one of the couches in the study with a groan. You work the cramp in your neck with your stiff fingers, thoughts clumsy as you pull yourself into a sitting position when your eyes lock onto the filled coup glasses on the mantel. You recall only the first few cocktails you shared, and little else.
What happened last night?
The wonderfully soft blanket tangled around your lower half practically begs you to stay horizontal, but the incessant pounding of your head demands water immediately. Your stomach lurches as you stand and the subsequent waves of nausea add to your misery. You stumble into the kitchen and drape yourself over the sink to bring a couple of handfuls of cool water to your dry mouth before splashing it on your face and neck.
I don鈥檛 remember the last time I was this hungover. Hope I didn鈥檛 do anything stupid.
You groan into the tea towel pressed to your damp face. Plodding around the kitchen, you scrape together a quick breakfast of eggs, bread, and tea. While it helps to assuage the queasiness of your stomach, your meal is wanting on account of the absent aromas you had grown so used to. You shuffle up the stairs to the bathroom and run the bath before stripping out of your nightshirt. You hadn鈥檛 expected it to take its maiden voyage last night - certainly not in Heisenberg鈥檚 presence - but were ultimately grateful you were denied the opportunity to back out of wearing it.
Forget a salary, I鈥檇 work just for this, you think, the jagged edges of your headache already beginning to soften as you sink into the scalding bath. The steam cocoons you, promising you a sobering transformation before the water cools.
I wonder what papa would think of my working here. Would he have liked Heisenberg? You grin, easily picturing him crossing his arms in uncertainty as he sizes the other man up as though he weren鈥檛 a Lord. He鈥檇 never have allowed it, you think, rolling your eyes as you absentmindedly scrub your skin with a washrag. But if he knew my salary could get us out of the village and out into the world鈥 You don鈥檛 finish the thought, letting it drift away to mingle with the iridescent soap bubbles that dance on the surface of the water.
He may not have been able to relocate the two of you, but he had always done his best to make you feel like you were somewhere else when the two of you were together. 聽You think back fondly to the first time you remember receiving a gift from him, something you were not familiar with as a consequence of being so poor for so long.
He had come home with what looked like a whole cart of food after months of eating thin, flavorless soups. You handle each paper-wrapped package he places in your tiny hands with the utmost care, and when the two of you finish bringing everything inside, he holds a finger out to you, bidding you wait while he turns to rummage through his bag. He presents you with a ribbon-dressed box, urging you to open it when you aren鈥檛 entirely sure what to do with it.
Your little feet pound an excited rhythm into the creaky floor as you excavate a new dress and book from underneath the mounds of tissue paper, realizing they were for you. He presents you with another box which you open together, and little layered sponge cakes peer up at you from beneath their powdered sugar coatings. The two of you gobble down one sticky-sweet square after another until you鈥檙e ready to burst at the seams, laughing all the while at the absurdity of having dessert for dinner.
He builds a big fire in the hearth that night and brushes your hair as you proudly read your new book aloud to him, stopping only to ask how the occasional word was pronounced.
鈥淲hat can I do, Prince, to make you happy鈥 said Beauty. 鈥極nly be grateful,鈥 he answered, 鈥榓nd do not trust too much to your eyes. Above all, do not desert me until you have saved me from my cruel鈥", you pause, holding the book up to him.
鈥淎nd this one, papa?鈥
鈥淯ntil you have saved me from my cruel misery,鈥 you finish.
You lean back against your father鈥檚 knees and he grabs your face on either side before you can continue the story. He squishes your little cheeks together between his hands and you look up at him, giggling at his upside-down face.
鈥淭hings are going to be different, sweet girl鈥 he vows, eyes watery as he smiles down at you in earnest.
A wistful smile plays on your lips and you release the memory with a sigh, pulling the plug from the tub. You watch the dregs of your hangover rinse down the drain and you finish drying off, tugging on one of your old dresses before heading for the factory doors. You throw on your cloak and shove your full body weight into the door, cracking it open just enough to slip through. The churning clouds in the distance promised you a vengeful storm later in the day, but for now, they bring only the soft patter of a light drizzle as you head for the stable block.
No such thing as a day off with animals.
As you approach the yard, the blurred silhouettes of your horse and chickens come into focus. The surrounding trees rustle in the autumn wind, their foliage growing bolder in color with each passing day. You come to a stop at the fence, grabbing the egg-filled basket hanging from one of the posts. You snort lightly at the thought of Heisenberg collecting them before leaving for his meeting this morning when you spot a folded note tucked among the eggs. You unfold it, laughing at the scrawling text that follows.
I find the best hangover cure is a strong cup of coffee and a solemn vow to never drink again 鈥 at least until next time.
You tuck his little message into a pocket, not wanting to lose it.
Today really is mine.
Heisenberg feels countless pairs of eyes following his traversal through the Forbidden Woods and the battered ruins of the old fort the beasts called home, but continues to stroll through them as nonchalantly as though he were headed to picnic. He reaches the top of the ruins and pulls the levers to the locked gate with a passing thought, allowing himself entry to the stronghold. The Lycans on either side of the door lower their gazes and crouch slightly at the sight of him. He pays them little mind, pushing on into the pillar-filled chamber most often occupied by the brothers. They stand in wait, as though they were expecting his arrival.
鈥淕entlemen,鈥 he greets. Despite their savage appearances, they bow their heads out of respect for the man. Before they had been on the receiving end of Miranda鈥檚 experiments, they were well-regarded within the village community. However, they too had been infected with the mold she had carefully extracted from the Black God in hopes that either would make a suitable vessel for her long-dead daughter. Like countless others, they had been rejected by the Cadou, and as a consequence, were twisted into a shape stuck halfway between man and beast. But the pair had grown larger and stronger than any Lycan before or after them, and as such, served as chieftains to their fellow failed test subjects.
Wild, bristling manes sprout from their contorted faces, lending them a monstrous visage not known to any of the others. The younger of the two, Urias泰, wields a massive, blood-stained war hammer, which looked as though it had seen recent carnage. The older, stronger brother, Urias泰 Str膬jer, was further mutated than his kin. Tendrils protruded from his back, whipping through the air as if caught in an unseen wind. He carried an enormous mace that rivaled Urias泰鈥 weapon and wore a mask resembling a wolf鈥檚 head which covered the top half of his face. Heisenberg did not care to see what lay underneath.
Lycans had begun congregating around the trio, eager to listen in on the conversation that was bound to take place. It was not often the man imposed on their territory, but each of his visits brought with them a new scheme and the guarantee that they would be well fed for their efforts should they partake. Their guttural snorts and snarls echo throughout the cavernous room, and the group works itself into to a collective uproar as they wait impatiently to hear what task Heisenberg would ask of them this time. Spittle flies from Urias泰鈥 teeth as he bellows, demanding their silence.
鈥淏oys,鈥 Heisenberg starts, unfazed by the shows of aggression.聽鈥淚 have a favor to ask of you.鈥
Taglist: @artist-bby @ambiguous-g @honimello @butterflysist3r @spac3witch @xyinparadise @fantrashtic-emily @emmathedestroyer @eleeloo @strayczennies @reddbishop @cakelover365鈥
Chapter Eight, Part One
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stararch4ngell4dya month ago
Y/N makes Urias a massive blanket and he becomes the HAPPIEST boi 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
Tumblr media
Use that huge ass blanket to wrap over his head and you got 鉁║RIAS BABUSHKA鉁
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chthonic-isabelleadjani9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Urias for Jean Paul Gaultier
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biguigo242 months ago
More聽鈥淢odern AU鈥 shenanigans
聽 Just before i dive into聽 the fun i鈥檇 like to聽鈥渋ntroduce鈥 another character for Rose isn鈥檛 the only Winters daughter. The other is Eveline.
-Eveline was a test subject in the hands of Mia鈥檚 company. She was used as a lab rat because of her strange anatomy that made her less probable to get diseases. Mia grew attached to her and couldn鈥檛 bear to see her and other innocent people(coughtheBakerscough) being used like that, so she decided to help Chris take the company down. After that she and Ethan adopt a 10 year old Eveline and give her all the love she could ever have wanted. Now she鈥檚 just a little gremlin causing trouble in the village.
聽And with that outta the way it鈥檚 bad meme time.
聽-Since Ethan works with Karl and the latter sees him as an assistant he gets to go to the community meetings with the other lords. Most of the time it鈥檚 just Miranda internally screaming while Karl and Alcina argue. Angie usually calls someone a slur at least once in every meeting;
聽-Eveline has a baby pouch for Rose and runs off with her to somewhere they shouldn鈥檛 be able to get to;
聽-The Dimitrescu sisters babysat Eveline once and now they can鈥檛 even look at her without shaking;
聽-Chris actually still visits the Winterses from time to time, just to check on them. It鈥檚 nice to have normal friends to talk to in his line of work;
聽-Anyone who has been to Donna鈥檚 house will tell you it鈥檚 haunted. Dolls will appear out of nowhere, some staring directly at the person who saw them. There is also the faint sound of baby cries and splashes from the basement but no one dares to go check;
聽-Karl isn鈥檛 the only one who fosters animals. Salvatore actually has pet wolves that guard his house. He calls them Varcolacs and one has almost ripped Ethan to shreds once;
聽-Alcina鈥檚 only male friend is the Duke. Some people say they鈥檙e from the same family, others that they know eachother from some private school, but whatever the origin of their relationship is they love gossiping and drinking together;
聽-Bela had a emo phase(no, i don鈥檛 mean only in this AU, this is canon). Everytime it is brought up she denies it with a threat or two, often at Cassandra;
聽-Eveline is in Moreau鈥檚 class and she鈥檚 actually a pretty good student. She knows biology and chemistry from her days in a lab. Unfortunately she often scares away potential friends with her creepy remarks;
聽 -After working at the butcher shop for a while Cassandra noticed she was gaining more muscle and she loved the way she looked so she began exercising more. She鈥檚 now workout buddies with Urias;
聽 -Miranda has not eaten anything for the past 5 years, all she consumes is black coffee and black coffee spiked with vodka on the bad days. It鈥檚 either Moreau or Alcina who come to look for her and find her in a coma after she goes missing for 2 weeks;
聽-Karl, Daniela, Mia and Angie(somehow) know every vine and meme up to date and will quote them. No one but Ethan understands and some try to study this strange language. Both Eveline and Rose are exhibiting early syndroms of Gen Z humor as well;
聽-Luiza often invites both the Winters and Lupu family for lunch at sundays. It usually goes well unless Karl feels insulted his buddy Ethan didn鈥檛 invite him and just crashes the party;
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c-o-i-s-a-b-o-a7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
// Urias.
// ig: uriasss
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lea-ts2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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