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richardarmitagefanpage · 20 hours ago
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Nine years ago today, Richard left the "Today Show" taping at the NBC Rockefeller Center Studios in New York City.
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fastlife777 · 4 hours ago
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acrostic · 3 months ago
for literal decades, US schools have policed the clothing of young girls and the clothing and hair of black students so meticulously it’s straight up harassment, but now that they’re being asked to enforce a mask mandate in schools, which, btw, is a million times simpler and easier to enforce than these absurd dress codes, they “can’t control students in that way” because they “value student’s bodily autonomy” stfu and tell us with your whole chest that you’re scared of the rich white soccer mom PTA head cutting funding and you don’t think anyone who’s a girl or black deserves bodily autonomy.
EDIT: please reblog this version which has some clarifications!
EDIT: stop reblogging this at all! leave me alone! if you want it on your blog that bad literally copy paste and repost it idc!
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ironmess · 6 months ago
i hope americans know about the unjust, unfair system that allowed them to get vaccines so early. while young and healthy ppl in the us decide which day of the week is more convinient to get a shot, the majority of the world can’t even secure vaccines for their elders. 
it’s not “effort” it’s no “innovation”. its just modern imperialism. 
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leifdraws · 13 hours ago
Blue with F5 and color pallet [ OWO ]
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yeeees! (i love drawing the swap bros)
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solarpunkwitchcraft · 18 hours ago
Ever-Growing Family Farm is a test case for transplanting the agricultural practices of a foreign culture into fertile new ground, a win in a world increasingly transfigured by climate change, political instability, and the refugees that both create.
At Ever-Growing, the yield can vary from 500 to 1,800 pounds of rice per year, which the farmers sell to their neighbors. The four family members who work part-time on the farm find they cannot keep up with the demand, says Badjie’s wife, Dawn Hoyte.
To sharpen their technical, business, and marketing skills in this experiment, staff members have taken part in the farm incubation program at Glynwood Center for Regional Food and Farming. Glynwood, in turn, sees the farm as part of a new network of grain and staple crop producers it’s fostering. On this harvest day, a Cornell agronomist has lent her technical expertise, and a crew of aspiring farmers, food systems change advocates, chefs, and even a Japanese home sake brewer have volunteered their labor.
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slytherinpokegirl · 5 months ago
Never forget that the Republicans used the covid pandemic to use eugenics to kill off hundreds of thousands of chronically ill and disabled people by insisting we should use "herd immunity" as our response and went on about how it was okay because "most people won't die" leaving out the fact that many of those who died were chronically ill and disabled. They didn't care about the lives of the chronically ill and disabled if it meant they preserved wealth for millionaires.
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anxiouskelpie · 10 months ago
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Nine years ago, MaximoTV shared a video of Richard at  the premiere of Warner Bros’ “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” at TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California.
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fastlife777 · 5 months ago
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auroraluciferi · 2 months ago
Osage Nation, the American Indian tribe whose ancestral domain included much of Oklahoma, said in a statement that the sale was “truly heartbreaking”.
“Our ancestors lived in this area for 1,300 years,” the statement read. “This was our land. We have hundreds of thousands of our ancestors buried throughout Missouri and Illinois, including Picture Cave.”
The bidder, who sought anonymity, bought the Picture Cave along with 43 acres of hilly property surrounding it near the town of Warrenton in Missouri, said Bryan Laughlin, the director of Selkirk Auctioneers & Appraisers.
Carol Diaz-Granados and her husband James Duncan, who spent 20 years researching the cave and wrote a book about it, also opposed the auction.
“Auctioning off a sacred American Indian site truly sends the wrong message,” Ms Diaz-Granados, a research associate at Washington University in St Louis said. “It’s like auctioning off the Sistine Chapel.”
if this was Hobby Lobby, the Mormon church, or some weird libertarian ghoul treating this like the newest addition to their private collection, there should be fucking bodies
how exactly do you auction off priceless cultural heritage and it just ends up going to some random guy
who actually benefits from this
absolute travesty
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