harunayuuka2060 a day ago
Diavolo: *wheezing*
Lucifer: *whacks his head*
MC: *holding the kiddie toothbrush*
The cashier: W-We can replace that one.
MC: It's okay. I can still brush my teeth with it.
Diavolo: *has recovered* MC, if we can't buy a set for us three, we can still have a customize.
MC: Really?
Lucifer: Yes. *whacks Diavolo again* And next time, don't believe everything this guy says.
Diavolo: What? Don't you think it'll be cute if a poly-toothbrush set exists?
MC: *knocks on Lucifer's door*
Lucifer: Come in.
MC: *enters*
Lucifer: *doing some paperwork* Hm? What are you doing here, MC?
MC: *holding a book* It's nothing.
Lucifer: You think I'm busy? *smiles*
MC: *nods*
Lucifer: It's alright. You can sit with me.
MC: *grabs an extra chair and places it next to him* *sits on it*
Lucifer: *pulling their chair a little bit so they would be closer*
MC: *places the book on his desk, opens it, and starts reading*
Lucifer: *smiles then gets back to his work*
*they're having a peaceful time not until Diavolo barges in*
Diavolo: Lucifer! Have you seen my boxers?
Lucifer: *frowns* Why are you asking me?
Diavolo: How about you, MC?
MC: *shakes their head*
Diavolo: Aww... But that one has flowers printed on it.
Lucifer and MC: ...
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blonde-twins 2 days ago
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Have a good look 馃槈馃槈
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about-usa 2 days ago
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Sedona - Arizona - USA (by聽Jim Nix)聽
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breathtakingdestinations a day ago
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Las Vegas - Nevada - USA (by聽Bernard Spragg. NZ)聽
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honeyseoho 2 days ago
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seoho 鉃 bring it on 鉃 220522
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stillmydreamgirl 2 days ago
Preparing for a night out
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daily-esprit-descalier 12 hours ago
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Throwback to Driveway drinking datenight at home
We were cocktail wizards tonight... sadly it was just a party of two... either the neighbours are away or unsure how to approach us :)
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theorangedead 16 days ago
This is really important! Please call your reps to support if you can
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harunayuuka2060 a day ago
MC: *being new in the concept of poly-relationship*
Lucifer: Are you nervous?
MC: N-No... Maybe a little.
Lucifer: *chuckles* It's alright. We promised to make you happy and comfortable. *kissing the back of their hand*
Diavolo: Making a move, are we, Lucifer? *chuckles*
Lucifer: *frowns a little* Are you done in moving the boxes?
Diavolo: Come on, we have workers for that.
Diavolo: And by the way, MC. Each of us has our own room and one bedroom that we're going to share together whenever we feel needy.
MC: ...
Lucifer: Can you not phrase it like that?
Diavolo: Oh, right. *laughs* I'm sorry.
Diavolo: But MC? You didn't bring a lot of your clothes.
MC: *confused* No, that's all I've got.
Lucifer and Diavolo: ...
Lucifer: I knew that we should've stopped at the mall.
Diavolo: Let's go. We have a car.
MC: Wh-Why? What are we going to do at the mall?
Diavolo: Shop you some clothes, love.
Lucifer: And you like books, right? We need to buy some of the best sellers.
MC: *basically being dragged by them* Okay.
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apas-95 21 hours ago
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blonde-twins a day ago
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Would you like to join us?
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about-usa 20 hours ago
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Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge - Colorado - USA (by聽Michael Levine-Clark)聽
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mysharona1987 a month ago
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ironmess 11 months ago
i hope americans know about聽the unjust, unfair system that allowed them to get vaccines so early. while young and healthy ppl in the us decide which day of the week is more convinient to get a shot, the majority of the world can鈥檛 even secure vaccines for their elders.聽
it鈥檚 not聽鈥渆ffort鈥 it鈥檚 no聽鈥渋nnovation鈥. its just modern imperialism.聽
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xhondervishi 11 months ago
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bulbiedorf 11 months ago
Never forget that the Republicans used the covid pandemic to use eugenics to kill off hundreds of thousands of chronically ill and disabled people by insisting we should use "herd immunity" as our response and went on about how it was okay because "most people won't die" leaving out the fact that many of those who died were chronically ill and disabled. They didn't care about the lives of the chronically ill and disabled if it meant they preserved wealth for millionaires.
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anxiouskelpie a year ago
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m-ushroomtale 2 months ago
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bearded-shepherd a year ago
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apas-95 2 months ago
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During the past 240-plus years after it declared independence on July 4th, 1776, the United States was not involved in any war for merely less than 20 years. According to incomplete statistics, from the end of World War II in 1945 to 2001, among the 248 armed conflicts that occurred in 153 regions of the world, 201 were initiated by the United States, accounting for 81 percent of the total number. Most of the wars of aggression waged by the United States have been unilateralist actions, and some of these wars were even opposed by its own allies. These wars not only cost the belligerent parties a large number of military lives but also caused extremely serious civilian casualties and property damage, leading to horrific humanitarian disasters.
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