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evangeline118 · 9 months ago
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lovely-english-rose · a year ago
what a week huh?
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charamaffle · a year ago
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luthienne · a year ago
police literally dragged disabled protestors out of the capitol when they were doing a sit-in for healthcare and teargassed + shot blm protestors marching for human rights but try to deescalate and take selfies w armed insurrectionists and people still want to act like the police don’t exist specifically to enforce oppressive systems
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petersthree · a year ago
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LMAO so I made a playlist, enjoy friends
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catchymemes · a year ago
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spartanlocke · a year ago
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tarrevizsla · a year ago
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help me manifest blue pennsylvania
like to charge reblog to cast
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deadlightcircus · a year ago
this french reporter had his live coverage of biden’s election win interrupted in the sassiest way possible. 
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below-subzero · a year ago
update: after 4 fucking years, the horse is finally out of the hospital
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plasticonobandana · a year ago
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we live in a society
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rockleftistlee · a year ago
oh um. i hope all of you guys in red states stay safe rn. uh yeah
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castiel-kaesi-kaestiel · a year ago
So, short recap of this hell of a week
- starting with the US elections being the most dramatic ones ever
- Trump declares himself winner literal days before we get an official result
- The whole world's waiting for friggin Nevada to count their votes
- Trump wants to stop counting the votes, but at the same time not. He's confused, wants to involve the supreme court. Unclear why.
- with everyone's eyes still glued to Nevada, the CW airs a new episode of Supernatural, casually kicking the entirety of tumblr back into the year 2013
- Destiel becomes canon after 11 seasons / 12 years
- Castiel "dies" and somehow the internet turns it into a mainstream meme
- For about 12 hours everyone is convinced that Canon Destiel caused russian dictator Vladimir Putin to step down
- While all of us are busy freaking out about Destiel, Georgia turns blue, and we all find out via Destiel memes
- We're still waiting for Nevada
- Pennsylvania turns blue as well, and we find out via Destiel memes AGAIN
- Destiel-Antis are getting mad and Destiel-Fans are having an absolute blast after a single-word tweet. "COPE"
- Superwholock is crawling out of its grave and people bring back tumblr code and dashcon
- rumours about Sherlock season 5 to make the Superwholock chaos perfect
- Putin is NOT stepping down but that doesn't stop the memes
- Destiel is trending on Twitter ON TOP OF THE ELECTION, and it's trending in combination with Putin.
- still waiting for Nevada
- Trump declares himself winner again and gets mad at twitter for marking his tweets as incorrect
- Trump still tries to stop the ballot counting with wild accusations of cheating. Also, he really really hates the mail-in ballots.
- we still freak out over Destiel and find out that Dan and Phil dating is confirmed. Suddenly we're all 13 again.
- Trumps son tweets about starting a war
- while the whole world is STILL waiting for Nevada, Trump goes golfing, but not without declaring himself winner once more. Winner "BY A LOT".
- nothing from Nevada
- Trumps team send emails to people asking them for more money
- Biden wins Pennsylvania, now having enought electoral votes to win the presidency, fireworks all around the globe
- about 0.2 seconds after Pennsylvania has made Biden president, Nevada finishes counting.
- Joe Biden becomes the 46th President of the United States and a big bunch of people find out via destiel memes
- Trump lost the election. BY A LOT.
- we declare Biden the Destiel president
- Trump does not accept the election results. What a surprise.
- Trump is still golfing but his giant team of lawyers have dug up a bunch of people who claim to have witnessed cheating in the ballot counting
- Trumps lawyer team holds a press conference about their plans to fight against the cheating, leaving everyone confused about 1) their non-existent proof and 2) the very weird venue this conference was held at
- "stop the steal"
- we learn that Trump's press conference was held in the parking lot of Four Seasons Landscaping, not the luxury hotel Four Seasons.
- we also learn that Four Seasons Landscaping is located in-between a crematorium and a sex-toy shop
- Biden makes a speech and Trump finally stops golfing. Trump's fans are very mad at the democracy for being a democracy. They also hate socialism without even knowing what it means.
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absolutewriting-rubbish · a year ago
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decncas · a year ago
even destiel went canon before nevada finished counting the ballots 
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queerture · a year ago
me checking CNN and NPR every 2 mins
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