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My Cousin is on the USS Roosevelt and he’s let us know that the cooks are the ones who got sick, and so the new people who are cooking have not been using the right proportions, making too little, enough so that my cousin has lost 25 lbs. during this time.

 Not everyone is getting a care package on the ship, meaning those who are receiving them to share their food with others.

Here’s my ko-fi:

Please put your tumblr name, and I’ll write something for you! Whether it’s a fandom thing, or something else similar. 

I’m asking help so that we can give the soldiers over there some food.

Thank you!

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"Probably not, the US is designed in such a way its actually quite difficult to declare a military dictatorship" this is pretty interesting, how so?

Basically the president has fairly limited power over the military domestically  (opposed to internationally where they have too much power), Congress has a lot of oversight over the military, both in terms of budget and direct oversight.  Also the military has a bunch of laws and restrictions that prevent them from taking action that go against the Constitution.  So to do a coup, Trump would have to get the leaders of all of the different branches of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) and avoid Congress or the Press catching wind, and nobody in like the Secret Service or the CIA leaks.  And frankly the US military leadership hates Trump.  So basically there are a lot of internal checks on the military the president can’t just command them directly, because our military is designed to make doing a coup very difficult.  To say nothing of the fact there aren’t very many troops in Washington, that is more the national guard.

Also the officer core generally despises Trump and think he is a traitor.  

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An Open-Ended Conversation with Lyn Buchanan

Lyn Buchanan, MA, is the executive director of Problems - Solutions - Innovations, a corporation based in Alamogordo, New Mexico. For over eight years, he participated in the Army’s remote viewing program based at Fort Meade, Maryland. He is the author of The Seventh Sense: Secrets of Remote Viewing as Told By a Psychic Spy for the U.S. Military. His website is

Here he shares some reflections on the film, The Men Who Stare at Goats, which is partially based upon his own life-story. He describes the difference between remote viewing and bilocation. He also asks some questions of interviewer, Jeffrey Mishlove, about receiving his unique parapsychology doctoral degree. He suggests that American culture is reaching a turning point with regard to acceptance of “white crow” events.

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