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Today, Donald Trump said that it’s not a bad thing that the United States of America is leading in coronavirus cases. He said it’s because they’re testing more than anybody else, so it shows that the American testing is much better. He views this as a badge of honour and a great tribute to the testing and all the work professionals have done. Some people have also had strong reactions to Trump saying he’s been taking hydroxychloroquine for a few weeks. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, said Trump shouldn’t be taking it, because it hasn’t been approved by scientists, because of his age, and how he’s morbidly obese. Trump responded that she’s a waste of time and a sick woman, who has a lot of mental problems. Donald Trump also tweeted that he’s looking for a new outlet after a Fox News anchor warned his audience that hydroxychloroquine will kill you. He added today that he thinks the medication gives an additional level of safety. Meanwhile, Mike Pence chaired the National Space Council meeting. He was excited that the United States of America is once again launching American astronauts into space on American rockets from American soil…

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By trying to frame mail in voting as rife with fraud, Trump is setting up an excuse should he lose. Given that he already tried to plant seeds of social upheaval when he feared impeachment I seriously fear he will try to whip his followers into a frenzy and cause massive upheaval if he loses. I only hope that he will in fact lose and whatever temper tantrum he throws doesn’t (successfully) incite violence.

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Someone needs to let Joe Biden know that telling black people to check his record is a reeeeeeally bad voter outreach strategy.

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Not to get political on main but anyone that votes for Donald Trump after this is all over: You are absolutely delusional.

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Global politics are extremely complex and arguably getting more contentious, as you alluded to. Like you, I fear something problematic might come out of the pandemic. But the pressing question is, how will Trump act on the international stage? I fear his erratic behavior will set a hostile tone which is poisonous to the US, its enemies, and its allies as long as he’s President.

Call me an idealist, but I think the world should establish an international government. A legitimate and sovereign United Nations. Imagine the progress civilization could see if knowledge was shared, not hoarded. Conflict resolved by diplomacy, not violence. The world needs more dialogue.

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