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kate-bishops · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I see this… this spark in you, it’s amazing, it’s why I push you. But it’s yours, and whatever you choose to do with it, you’ll be great.
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bigbrainblue · 6 months ago
idk i just need cc!quackity angst
imagine one night, he plans a date with you but he stood you up so you two get into an argument about how he’s never spending time with you, so things get heated and he starts saying things he didn’t mean, and when he realized how bad he hurt you, it was the next morning already and you were already gone, so he went over to your place to try and apologize but you weren’t there, so he went to all of ur favorite spots to try and find you
idk you can come up with the ending, i would like it if it ends with angst tho 😁😁😁😝😝😝
date night
Tumblr media
notes: this is my first time writing angst so i’m sorry if it isn’t that good! also i kinda switched up the prompt just a tiny bit :)
includes: cc!quackity x gn!reader
genre: angst
warnings: use of quackitys real name
notes part 2: this will fic will NOT include hurt-comfort, it’s just straight up angst
Tumblr media
you sighed as you saw a waiter on his way to check in on you
“excuse me, but are you ready to order yet?” the waiter said while looking more and more impatient every second you didn’t answer
“no, sorry. i’m still waiting for someone. i promise he’s coming, he’s just a little late that’s all.” you said, trying to push away the increasingly persistent thoughts in your mind that maybe the boy you were here to have your 2nd anniversary dinner with wasn’t coming
“well i don’t mean to rush you but if the person you are waiting for doesn’t come soon we are going to have to give your table to someone else, we have other customers waiting for an open table.” he said, staring daggers into my eyes
“i understand” you said, giving up hope
you had been sitting in the same place for 2 hours, dressed up in your fanciest clothes, only to get stood up by your own boyfriend
you decided to call him one last time, maybe his phone died and he got lost in the way here, maybe he accidentally fell asleep.
you tried to defend him in your mind but as much as you tried, but you already knew why he didn’t show up.
he forgot about you.
you held the phone up to your ear, hearing it ring once, twice, …
“hi it’s Alex, i’m sorry i missed your call. i will try to get back to you as soon as i ca-“
you hung up before the voicemail finished
it wasn’t worth the wait, you decided
you climbed into your car and shut the door
you gripped the steering wheel, but as hard as you tried to hold back the tears, they came out of your eyes like a river.
as you walked in the door of yours and alex’s house, you heard alex’s muffled talking through the walls of the house
you decided to sit on couch, not wanting to face alex who was on his PC in your shared room
the couch comforted you as you sat there, mindlessly scrolling through random social media apps, trying to numb the increasing pain
around an hour and a half later ,you heard a door open and footsteps approaching
you didn’t want to look up from your phone, tears already threatening to spill at the corners of your eyes
“oh hey y/n i didn’t even hear you come home” he said, sitting down next to you
“mm” you said, still not looking up from your phone
“you ok?” he questioned
“yup” you confirmed, if you said anything else you know you would start crying
“alright” he said, resting his body against the backrest of the couch
that’s it?? that’s all he’s gonna say?? no, ‘i am so sorry for forgetting about our 2 year anniversary, and i know i really fucked up is there anything i can do to make it better?’ no, ‘i know your not okay, and i’m here to help you’ hell it wasn’t even a ‘you sure?’ you thought in your head, fighting back the urge to say it outloud
finally, it was too much
“do you even care about me, alex?” you said, putting your phone down, staring directly into his eyes
“what? yes of course i do baby. why would you ask a question like that?” he said meeting your gaze
“no, no you don’t alex. if you cared about me you would have known that today was our 2 year anniversary. if you cared about me you would have remembered that i made a reservation tonight at 6 at that fancy restaurant downtown that you said you liked. if you cared about me you would spend more time with me alex! we live together and yet i never see you. every single time i want to hangout with you, you always say ‘in a little bit’ or ‘maybe later’. alex, you don’t care about me. you’ve never cared about me. and i realize that now. alex, we’re over. i can’t do this anymore.” you said, letting the tears come out, not caring where they went
“what are you even talking about?”
“are you even listening to me? you’re not even taking me seriously right now oh my god. what do you not understand? we are breaking up alex. im sorry but it’s for the best”
you didn’t even give him a chance to respond before you grabbed your shoes and car keys and headed back out to your car
you sat on a bench in a nearby park that you and alex used to come to often
it was 10pm so you were the only one there
you heard footsteps behind you
“there you are, i went to all your favorite places looking for you. i went to that café we went to a while ago, i went to the stream where i taught you how skip rocks. if i didn’t care about you, would i have gone to those places?”
“alex i appreciate that but just because you are trying to care now, doesn’t heal the past wounds you have caused. i’m sorry but we really are done. i don’t hate you and i hope you don’t hate me either.”
“i went to all of those places for you and this is the thanks i get? i don’t get why y-“
“goodbye alex” you said, standing up, trying to hide your tears for fear he would belittle you even further
you walked away from him
“you can’t just walk away from me like this! come on babe just give me one more chance!”
“i’ll see you in the morning to get my stuff” you said, voice quivering as tears streamed down your face
“and, thank you alex. i really did love you.” you said as your final words before walking away leaving alex and your relationship behind
one day someone will realize your worth, right?
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dilexit · a year ago
To be Young and Dumb ~ Karl Jacobs Edition
Summary: In which (Y/N) and Karl forget their 22 for a minute
Pairing and Pronouns: CC!Karl x GN!Reader (preestablished relationship). Reader is mentioned to have a brother but that could be changed to sister or friend easily
Each edition to this series has a different plot just under the same name and same idea of safe spontaneous things
Hey so I’ve been a little bit MIA but so I’ve been having a wave of depression especially due to the school year ending and my fear of change and stuff like that so I’ll be writing a few imagines titled To be Young and Dumb just about doing so safe spontaneous things that I do during these episodes so I hope y’all enjoy and know that if you are struggling rn you are not alone in this and we believe in you
Warnings: Cars, Depression (not mentioned but implied), Self Doubt, Talk of growing up, Angst to Fluff, probably swearing, Not proof read
Requested: Yes No
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
(Y/N) had a love hate relationship with adulthood. They loved the freedom it gave them, but also missed the ability to just be childish. (Y/N) had just got back from visiting the house they grew up in, and couldn't help the feeling of sadness grow in their stomach. Walking around and looking at all old memories and photos made them think back to all the things they could have been. These episodes of self doubt have happened before, and they always hurt. The easiest way to get rid of it was to distract themselves, but their favorite distraction was in the other room streaming. (Y/N) turned on the TV and wrapped up into their favorite blanket watching nostalgic movies to feel like a child again, waiting for their boyfriend to end stream and spend time with them. For (Y/N) nostalgia would present itself in less of a joyful way and more of a longing for it to be the present again way. Giving in to it always feels great in the short-lived moments, but (Y/N) just longed for Karl to help them take the pain away. As if the universe could hear their thoughts, the sound of Karl's door opening followed by footstep could be heard from above. When Karl made it down stairs, he immediately noticed the way (Y/N) was laying on the couch surrounded by their blankets and stuffed animals, and the land before time on the TV.
"Hey baby," he said sitting down on the end on couch near (Y/N)'s feet. "Are you ok?". Karl knew they weren't, and that and just sitting here would be much help. As Karl suspected (Y/N) shook their head no and leaned in to bury their face into Karl's shoulder. Karl look over their head to see the sun was still up and shining, thinking (Y/N) could benefit from the fresh air.
"Why don't we go for a walk, it's warm out," Karl offered, to which (Y/N) let out a groan, but got up anyway.
"Fine, but let me change first," they said stretching a little bit. They went upstairs finding their clothes and deciding on some black shorts and their favorite shirt to wear in the 77 degree heat. Walk back down the stairs, they saw no sign of Karl, but the front door open a little bit. Heading out the door into his driveway, they turned to see Karl standing in the open garage. (Y/N) started walking towards him, but as they got closer, they noticed something behind him. Walking past Karl much to his dismay (Y/N) landed at the green box on the shelf.
"Do we have to walk?" (Y/N) asked, pointing at the container of chalk.
"Oh, I guess we don't," Karl responded, and (Y/N) felt a wave of happiness rush over them.
"Can we use?" (Y/N) asked, still pointing towards the large container of sidewalk chalk.
"Yeah Jimmy used it for a video and left it with me I never thought I ever get rid of it." He said walking with his SO and taking a seat on the driveway. (Y/N) reached for the red chalk and started drawing. Karl watched over their shoulder ad they started drawing a rose. Karl went a grabbed a purple piece of chalk and started absent-mindedly drawing. When (Y/N) had quickly grown bored with their rose and turned to Karl. He didn't really know what he was doing, and it showed. (Y/N) let out a giggle and scooted closer to him.
"Whatcu drawing?" (Y/N) asked catching Karl off guard.
"Oh! I don't really know, to be honest." He said and (Y/N) leaned over and drew a big red heart in the middle of Karl's doodles. Karl looked up at them and giggled, leaning in to give them a quick peck. A small breeze rustled the leafs of nearby trees a blew around loose chalk particles. The couple went back to drawing together mainly hearts and smiley faces as they made some conversation.
"You know my brother and I would make obstacle courses around our drive way on days like these," (Y/N) laughed.
"Corry, Sean and I were much more boring we would just go on like bike rides together if we even wanted to spend time with each other." Karl retorted.
"Yeah (Y/B/N) and I really didn't hang out much, but sometimes we would have fun. It was mainly competitions and stuff like that. But every now and then we would just sit aa draw a bunch of random stuff," (Y/N) felt much better while they passed stories back and forth.
"My mom wouldn't let us have chalk because we were too messy with it." Karl joked back looking down at his chalk covered hands. (Y/N) also took not of the chalk covering their hands and quickly rubbed their hand in to a red heart.
"You know what our favorite thing to do with chalk was?" (Y/N) questioned
"No what was it," Karl asked leaning forward a bit.
"This," (Y/N) giggled lightly hitting Karl's chest leaving a red handprint on his shirt. Karl opened his mouth in slight defense while giggling at the gesture reaching out and leaving a green mark on (Y/N)'s shorts. Karl then reached for a few more hearts covering his hands, while (Y/N) grabbed a stray piece of chalk and running away. Karl quickly noticed their absents and chased after them. He caught up to them quickly and grabbed their waist pulling them close. His hands left blue marks on their waist, and their hands were covered in the green chalk they had picked up before. (Y/N) wriggled into Karl's arms, facing him again, taking their chalk covered fingers and running them on his face. After (Y/N), brought theirs onto Karl's arms, that were still on their waist. Karl looked at their face and brought his hands up to their cheek pulling them in. The minute their lips touch and chill went down (Y/N)'s spine, the bits of wonder they had shared in the hour of messing around was all (Y/N) needed to remember why they loved who they are now. As the kiss kept on going (Y/N), was sure both parties were covered in chalk. They didn't know how long it would take for them to pull apart. Instead of stopping by choice, they were pulled apart by a car horn and Chris yelling from the car window.
"We've been waiting for you two for 30 minutes. Now I see you were busy, but go change and hurry up."
"Crap! Let's go," Karl said pulling (Y/N)'s arm, leading them back instead to get ready for the video they forgot about.
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murfeelee · 5 months ago
Simblr Asks Pt1 - TS3
I saw these questions here, and I’m in a procrastinating mood. [EDIT] Joke’s on me, I already answered these questions a few months ago and forgot all about it, JFC.
1. how big is your mods folder? I have to update my mods folder--I haven’t simmed in so frikkin long. U_U
2. how would you describe your style? Derivative. Vanilla pudding-esque. Sporadic.
3. what is your favorite challenge? I don’t do challenges.
4. do you make cc? if so, what kind? I prefer to do Decor CC, since it’s easy. When I have time, I try dabbling in functional items, but I still have a long way to go, and there’s a steep learning curve to figuring out how to do more than decorative clutter. A for CAS CC, I effing hate it, it’s so dang hard.
5. what type of cc do you hoard?  I used to only DL fanciful CC, but it’s slim pickings in these streets, so now I grab almost everything, and hope I can make it work.
6. what default eyes and skin do you use? I don’t use default skins, just the You Are Real mod. As for eyes, I use Moonskin’s.
7. how many urls have you had, and what are the meanings behind them? Only ever had one, my first name, cuz I’m creative like that.
8. who is your favorite gameplay blog? I can’t pick one.
9. who is your favorite storytelling blog? Omfg, I can’t.
10. who is your favorite cc creator? Luna! There! Leave me alooooone~!!
11. how do you edit your photos? I up the Brightness and Contrast, cuz lighting is a hot mess in The Sims, but I’m too scared to use Reshade on my busted PC.
12. what is the last screenshot you took? Top secret information, sorry.
Tumblr media
13. what do you do when you are unmotivated? Not sim. It’s a hobby, not a job. I only play when I’m motivated to do so--the second I feel forced to play a game, that’s a problem--the whole point of games is for them to be fun.
14. who is your current favorite sim? Chile, I haven’t been able to play The Sims in months; I don’t even know which gameplay I’m gonna do once Winter Break starts. I want to continue playing with WangXian in my Untamed Gameplay, but I really need to return to Adoribull in my Dragon Age gameplay, too. And I’ve been lowkey missing Malec from my Shadowhunters gameplay. BAH!
15. who is your current favorite sim that is not by you? @solori​​’s Vidarr. Total DILF.
Tumblr media
16. recreate someone else’s sim in your style. I did a Picrew tag like that here. [EDIT] Here’s where I realized I’d wasted an hour of my life answering a questionnaire I already frikkin did.
17. do you talk about sims with people in real life? Rarely. I knew a few TS3 & Sims City simmers IRL, but there are way too many johnny-come-lately TS4 simmers out there who think EA’s the second effing coming of Maxis when it ain’t. I can’t with them.
Tumblr media
18. how many of the packs do you own? Very few for TS1, all of TS2 & TS3′s, and more than I expected for TS4.
19. how many posts do you have on your blog currently? THOUSANDS, jfc.
20. how many drafts do you have on your blog currently? HUNDREDS, it’s effing shameful, send help.
21. how many posts are in your queue currently? That’s a secret.
22. have you ever moved blogs? Never. I was trying to backup my stuff on Wordpress, but now that I'm back in school it’s just too much work I don’t have time for.
23. are you in any sims related discord servers? No, though I’m pretty sure there’s CC discords out there I’m probably seriously missing out on. I wouldn’t even know where to start.
24. what are your thoughts on the most recent pack? (paranormal) For a Stuff Pack, I thought it was cool! Though Bonehilda needs a effing facelift, jfc, why does her skull even look like that?
Tumblr media
25. how many hours have you played sims?  I don’t even know. I got TS3 at launch, and play it almost religiously. Then in 2017 I got a new pc and had to migrate to Origin in order to reinstall all my stuff, and EA started tryna keep track of my play time, so I started playing only in Offline Mode. MYOFB, EA.
26. if you play gameplay, do you play with mods? All day every day.
27. what’s the farthest you’ve gotten in a challenge? I don’t do challenges; I cheat too much.
Thanks for reading (again)!
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equinoxts2 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
I posted 170 times in 2021
127 posts created (75%)
43 posts reblogged (25%)
For every post I created, I reblogged 0.3 posts.
I added 261 tags in 2021
#sims 2 - 66 posts
#ts2 - 60 posts
#kulo seeri - 54 posts
#rambly post - 15 posts
#s2cc - 13 posts
#vt's personal problems - 12 posts
#sims 2 gameplay - 12 posts
#vt's cc - 10 posts
#sims 2 mod - 10 posts
#kulo seeri gameplay - 9 posts
Longest Tag: 45 characters
#but can't share those over the internet sorry
My Top Posts in 2021
Mod + Memory: Amicable Unbonding
Season’s Greetings! I’ve figured out how to make a mod that lets sims break up without causing furious reactions, and here it is - consider it an early Christmas present (or anything else my followers might be celebrating) from me!
With the mod installed, Sims who are married, engaged or going steady have access to a new social (cloned from @midgethetree’s Just Be Friends mod) found under Propose.../Unbonding so there’s less likelihood of clicking it by mistake. This interaction will remove the married/engaged/steady flags, as well as the family ties if married, and will add the optional custom memory I included if you have it installed - but won’t break your game if you’re wary of custom memories and choose not to install that file. However, it will not change the two sims’ daily or lifetime relationships (or make them fall out of love; use Midge’s mod for that), move either of them out, or make them or their children upset about it.
It does not replace or alter the standard Maxis Break Up interaction, or Midge’s Friendly Break Up mod - so if you still want a nasty breakup for certain scenarios, this mod won’t stop you. The custom memory is positive and has an icon taken from TS3.
GUIDs: Controller = 0x86797B9C Interaction = 0x86797B9D Memory = 0x86797B9E
Any conflicts or issues, let me know and I’ll fix them. Enjoy, and have an awesome festive season! - Equinox/VT
edit: Oh, right. Dingbat Quin forgot the download link: DOWNLOAD (SFS)
46 notes • Posted 2021-12-21 17:19:44 GMT
A very merry un-Valentine’s Day
I had the idea of making some Valentine’s Day gifts for my fellow asexuals and aromantics, so we can still enjoy the good bits of the day without the actual relationship stuff. I know I’m uploading this part two days early, but I was spurred on by completing the torch-to-wand defaults last night, as well as the Natasha Una post I reblogged today (I’ve been listening to that song on a repeat loop since then).
This is a tiny little trait name replacement mod, turning the Commitment Issues trait to the TS4 equivalent Noncommittal. Because not wanting to settle down is a matter of personal preference, not a shortcoming! It only changes the name and description, not any mod functionality. You’ll still need trait_MAIN from the original traits project post to have this show up in game. Please note, this is the collection only trait.
Download (SFS)
Credits: @hexagonal-bipyramid for the trait mod, @gonerilcapp for the less ableist trait name mod that inspired me, EA/Maxis for the original trait and for having the good sense to  switch to a less judgmental name in TS4.
46 notes • Posted 2021-02-12 18:45:28 GMT
In my efforts to become a better mesher, I’ve decided to join a dating site for non-monogamous vampires. It’s really helping me to find decent poly counts.
130 notes • Posted 2021-09-07 17:54:56 GMT
Interest Ages Mod
@rio-sims​ literally just asked me if I’d made a mod editing the interest age limits EA assigned. I have; here it is (SFS). Now all sims’ interest levels are truly random and not dependent on their age stage. Come on EA, there are topics I’ve never been interested in, regardless of my age (looking at you, Fashion interest) and I don’t see why being a certain age means you “have to” be more or less into any topic. ;)
Credits: - @rio-sims​ for the post that prompted me to upload this. - I’m pretty sure @midgethetree made a post about the in-game interests and their age limits. If it wasn’t Midge, please can someone let me know so I can credit the actual poster?
206 notes • Posted 2021-08-24 21:32:23 GMT
CAS Memory Equality Mod
Thanks to some advice from @midgethetree​ on which resources to edit, which I literally received just now, I’ve been able to fix something that’s bugged me for years: the fact that, even with mods like “pregnancy for all genders,” “have child not adopt” and “same-sex marriage,” when you make a same-sex couple in CAS they will still get the “joined” memory as well as “adopted child” if they also have offspring. That ends today! :)
With this little mod, all couples created in CAS now get the “married” memory. They will also get the “had child” memory rather than “adopted” if they are created with children. Thanks again to Midge for the advice - without her help I would have spent hours looking at the wrong resources!
What am I forgetting? Oh yes...
330 notes • Posted 2021-07-14 20:43:27 GMT
Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →
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aharris00britney · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
spoookyyyy season, lmao I tried answering as many as I could but now I am going to be deleting the rest of my inbox so sorry if I didn’t get to answer you :( also WCIFs are on hiatus rn but you can find a lot of the stuff I use on my cc finds blog
Anonymous said: hey, have you ever thought about making a blackpink inspired hair?            
Most of my hairs start off being K-Pop inspired and then don’t look like what I was trying to achieve, so if I tried making one it wouldn’t look right once I finished it haha, I have a hair based off Lisa though!
Anonymous said: are all of your hairs also male compatible? there's a guy sim i want to make who has shoulder length hair and one of yours would be great to use
I never check that since I make them for female sims, but if you change some tags in S4S you should be able to check the hair you want yourself :D
Anonymous said: would you be ok with people converting your hair?       
Sure! I plan on converting some hairs eventually but if other people do it then I don’t mind at all. Just credit me obvi and link to the original post
Anonymous said: Hey, I love your CC (especially the hairs) and your sims are so beautiful! However, I noticed that so far you only uploaded your female sims (not that I’m complaining, they’re all gorgeous!) but I was just wondering if you could upload one or two male sims sometime? They look amazing too!            
I actually have had my male model sim in my drafts since JANUARY ready to post, I just need to get his tray files haha. Will try to do it soon! Also ty
Anonymous said: Have you posted your female "model" for everything on the sims 4 gallery?
yeah they’re on the gallery! Aharris00britney is my origin ID
Anonymous said: hiya, i was wondering if you created your own hair textures or if you used ea's (or anyone else's textures)? thanks!            
I use EA textures as bases and usually edit them somehow by combining different ones together when needed.
@ellebellsims​ said: Hello! Tysm for all the lovely hairs you provide for us! I end up using at least one of your hairs for every household in my game, haha. I had two quick questions.. the first, for someone that has limited abilities in making recolors (and never with hair before) how difficult is it to add an ombre accessory or recolor for one of your hairs? Also, how difficult would it be to convert for kids?    
Recolors are really easy to do, there are tons of tutorials on YouTube that will help with that. Ombre accessories are a bit challenging but hopefully I can get a tutorial for those out one day. Converting to kids is really simple if you know Blender basics, you can use my converting to adults tutorial to get an idea of how a conversion would work.        
Anonymous said: You had a obession with the flowers lmao            
lmao, very true!
Anonymous said: wcif the ice cream in this post? /post/174729716466/icecreamedit            
the ice cream was drawn in by @ayoshi-sims​ :( so it isn’t a real thing
@wholegrainsims​ said: hey there! i saw in your about that your favorite show is game of thrones! mine too! also your hair that’s coming out on 9/30 looks like a mm cersei hair & i’ve been dying for some mm got cc! looking forward to it!            
omg true! I didn’t even think of Cersei while making it lmao, thank you for pointing that out to me :D
Anonymous said: O M G  your selfie in the 57 facts tag was the most adorable thing ever. You're like insanely handsome?? I am shook???
Anonymous said: how does you feel being extremely beautiful?          
@theforgottensimblr​ said: omg, just saw your post at the fire alarm and I just have to say that you are so cute. That's it, you're cute. Hope you're having a good day        
Anonymous said: YOU ARE SO BOOTIFUL      
Anonymous said: You are a very beautiful human being. I like your face and personality very much.❤️                  
haha thank you guys! I don’t find myself that attractive of a person so the compliments helps keep me from being super self conscious :P thank you again <3 very much appreciated
Anonymous said: not sims related, but opinions on the most recent bts comeback?            
I don’t keep up with a lot of the boy group comebacks, but I listened to it and thought it was okay? I am pretty strictly into girl groups/female singers though so I’m not the best person to ask about it haha
Anonymous said: hi austin!! i just wanted to say i love your creations and you are one of the most amazing hair creators out there! but i had a quick question: will you ever put your "dean" hair model available for download? 
I don’t know if he is saved, but if he is I will try to put him for download!
Anonymous said: ok so i have a question if you dont mind, i feel like it's kind of stupid but how do you manage to move parts of the hair mesh in edit mode without the part you selected like 'seperating' from the part you didn't select and making a big ass gap in the mesh? like does that make sense? when i try to edit shit in edit mode i cant ever bc the faces separate from eachother when i try to translate a part of it or make it smaller, etc. if this makes sense, thank you if not im sorry im just stupid.            
REMOVE DOUBLES!!!! lmao that is the only way you will get anything done in edit mode. Proportional Edit Tool and Removing doubles from the entire mesh makes it a lot easier than sculpt mode. Make sure to split edges later though
@bishyouknowit​ said: I just recently went cc free and now I see your new hairs and I just wanna download all the hairs I had from you again and put them back in my game. I love your stuff so much!! ❤❤❤❤❤
aww thank you!! I am glad you like my cc <3 good luck staying cc free haha I could neverrrr
@bangtansabotage​ said: who's your loona bias?        
Tumblr media
Kim Lip <3 then Yves, Jinsoul, and Hyunjin
Anonymous said: Absolutely love the content you're coming out with! You're so talented. 💝
thank you so much <3 glad you are enjoying my cc as much as I enjoy making it :P
Anonymous said: Is it wrong I forgot you were a guy?            
Yes.... LMAO egfdbv I am joking :P It is fine you forgot, it isn’t like I am posting a selfie everyday showing off my radiating masculinity sfdcfbvb which I don’t even have
Anonymous said: you’re very good 👌🏼
at what 👀👀 ****** ***?
Anonymous said: Do you put your things up on Simsdom? because I just found you Em hair on there            
I don’t :( but as long as they are linking to my post and not to the download link there isn’t much I can do.
Anonymous said: Columbus never set food in North America, he landed on various Caribbean islands. Also, Delaware was the first state.
take that up with my history teacher from like 2nd grade ok rwedffvb
Anonymous said: you're in virginia? I go to college in virginia too but i'm from missouri!! it's cool to think that one of my favorite content creators is so close to me! much love!!!!           
ooooo exciting!!! I go to Radford lmao it is like 30 minutes from Virginia Tech
Anonymous said: Yooo! You're from VA! Ive never met anyone online from VA except from me!
omg that is crazy you’ve never met anyone from here before haha, I have only met like one or two so makes sense I guess
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sophiainspace · 4 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Legends Liveblogging: 3x10 ‘Daddy Darhkest’
(Darhk: the name we all Google enough that it’s permanently in our histories.)
Comedy MVP this episode: Leo Snart.
tl;dr: 1. This is basically just me squeeing about queer stuff over and over, interspersed with mostly managing not to rant about ableism. (This dilemma is my life now, thanks CW I love you too.) 2. CONSTANTINE. 3. SARA. 4. LEO SNART who was everything I wanted from him all season. 5. MICK. 6. RAY & ZARI. 7. GIDEON. (Oh just list all the characters in caps - you get the idea.)
- Oh look, it’s The Exorcist. (Summary of the episode, basically.) - Eeeeee the titles have Constantine’s symbol in there I’M EXCITED - tl;dr first post-credits scene: Constantine flirts with everything on the Waverider that moves. Watch out, Gideon, you’re next. - Ah, the eternally humble one. Who tf calls themselves an “accomplished warlock” I mean seriously. - "Skinny Brit in a trench coat. Same thing.” Mick getting John mixed up with Rip: good. John flirting with Leo: good. Leo ‘I’m so into my boyfriend I won’t even flirt’ Snart: good. Mick pissed that anyone is flirting with an L. Snart: good. - Ray and Zari: the brotp I would defend with my life. Please make entire episodes of them hanging out and coding and inventing together <3 - Ray: having a very autistic day. Oh god Ray stop with that expression of total devastation I just want to hug you :( “I miss them too”... Zari pls hug him. - I’m skipping over Constantine calling it the “looney bin” yes I am yes I am - He should not be smoking on that ship. They don’t let Mick burn anything.  - “It’s Agent Sharpe. Or should I call her Ava?” Gideon! I can’t decide if the ship ships it, or if she just likes messing with Sara. - Ava. Sara. You are now incapable of looking at each other without it being obvious that you want to tear each other’s clothes off JUST SCREW ALREADY.  - Ableist Arrowverse bingo: hitting all the squares. (I play to keep me honest) - “How do I use it?” “You pull the trigger.” PETITION TO KEEP LEO FOREVER - Things that are important to Constantine: sex. smoking. demons. He does like to keep telling us. - “She’s preparing an incantation.” “Maybe we should stop her!” Leo Snart, the only one with any sense on this boat. No wonder he couldn’t stay. - “That explains the peace and quiet.” Mick = angel. Please run the ship forever. Love how no one gets a real name except Amaya. “Fake Snart” heh.  - OK now I have atomwave feels. Is there not enough canon gay stuff going on round here that I have to headcanon more? - Actually, never mind, there’s never too much gay stuff on Legends.  - Zari: the only one who remembers what a computer is for. It’s in character. - Gideon sounds more gleeful every week about the latest trouble they’re in. (“How the fuck are you meatheads getting out of this? Good luck suckers!”)  - Wow, some continuity and Sara acknowledging her trauma. Took a white man, but the writers finally let her go there! “I don’t deserve forgiveness.” Oh Sara.  - “Are we really this damaged?” “I certainly hope so.” These two are too good for each other. The world wouldn’t survive if they did more than just hook up. - Hah - calling CC Jitters a “franchise”. Clearly we’re out of money for sets.  - Zari’s mildly annoyed at Ray’s casual ableism. I approve. Def starting to believe she might actually have been in a psych hospital. Disability subject positionality formed through experience --> snarky protest snacking. - “Oh please, I was seducing you.” Oh just have sex again you muppets.  - “You guys know this is a state, too, right?” marry me Zari  - Kuasa is badass and Amaya trying to save her = good, but - Amaya and Zari don’t have a destiny?!? And hints at... other endgames... Don’t take the totem girlfriends away from me, not during the queerest of queer Legends eps sob - WE FORGOT OUR COMMUNICATION DEVICES, BUT APPARENTLY WE REMEMBERED TO BRING THE ASH OF A SLAIN PHOENIX TO 1969 - “Are we leaving? Are we leaving now? Are we back?” Leo you’re weird - Nora: going back to Darhk despite the purest-hearted of the Legends trying to pull her to the light side. Me: aww no don’t hurt my babies Ray and Zari - “Well this has been weird. Even for me.” Welcome to Hotel Waverider, John. You can never leave. - I keep noticing how many women are just existing on the WR rn and loving it. - “If you ever need me to help you with Mallus again, just give us a call…” SHE CAN KILL YOU IN 1200 DIFFERENT WAYS JOHN WHAT ARE YOU DOING - ...Or she could just do that. “Shag”! Sara, I love you! - “Gideon, sweetheart.” I called it. (And the smoking on board.)  - OH NO THE COLDWAVE. “Snart - uh, Leo. See you around.” *ugly sobbing* I simultaneously adore the writers and hate them from the depths of my being. - He’s asking Ray to marry him asdflkjgf. (”My Ray, not your Ray” lol) Still, Earth X. I fear the Waverider has made Leo over-optimistic. Give it 50 years or so. - Gideon! Yep, the ship ships them. “Cheeky bot.” Heh.  - …So how does Sara go from having so much game with John, to THIS. (I know, it’s because she actually cares, but Sara.) And, oh dear, actual plot stopped them from getting it on. Again. This had better not go on all season. - OK that was a lot of queer even for me, and that’s a high bar. This bisexual disaster is going to have a little lie down now.
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Tumblr media
Walking animation - My Mood: "Dismayed" - Character: Coyote-wolf. 1.) Overlapping action and followthrough is to allow the familiarity of characters following the laws of physics, which makes a piece look more convincing. These are very similar concepts together, and these principles would be involved in: Parts of an object that keep moving even after a character stops moving, which is a follow through after the main action has subsided. Different parts of bodies also move at different speeds. One might overlap after another stops Loose flesh is also prominent of this. They can move slower than the more solid parts, dragging behind the main action. Action completion is how the action "follows through" "Moving hold" is when fleshy parts may follow through the main action, including a complete character's halt, to capture a sense of believable weight among the viewer. 2.) What I tried to represent with follow through and overlapping action would be the movements of the furs and limb parts chaining off of one another within the walking motion. However I couldn't find any stretching mechanism (which I allegedly forgot), but what would've appeared to have happened would be that the furs on the edge, would sway outwards where visible, or back and forth, basically. Second, I wanted to capture an almost "nodding" motion in conjunction to his neck each time he went forward, giving that 'drowsy-'esque, very troubled look. The ankles bending with the joints would've also helped as well. 3) Much of the overlapping action and follow through could be improved, such as easing in the key frames, which later turned out to be too big and too much to manage keying in specific parts as the structure is already way too colossal and complicated for its own good. This would've been to smoothen out some of the jerkier movements, and with some more organic movements by the hands, neck, and ankles would have gave it some smoothening. That all said so far, if there was more availability to also move parts of the face to add some realistic measures as he walks, that would have also improved it as long as it's made slick. While part of the intention was to make him tremble as he walks, half of the factor here is how cumbersome and confounded I was with the whole DuiK rigging animation, and having it conflict with the various elements of each layer that I had to juggle between with so much. On the upside, it made the piece inadvertently more intense of "dismay" with its twitchy condition. 4) Staging is the presenting of a concept that is made entirely clear. 5) The staging of my character's walk reflects the emotional state by these methods - Appeal - the hunch pose of my character indicates his worn, stressed out mood, with color tones closer to the mute side of any hues given from his body and the background displayed, looking like a staggering mixture of melancholy and turbulent friction. This is also punctuated simply by the look of his eyes and frowned muzzle. From an anticipation standpointnt, even just looking at it from a still picture, it's felt with that kind of visual atmosphere. 6) Perhaps I could improve the character's staging by adding drop shadows onto the character, giving a sense of dimension and not actually looking like he's walking on thin air (although the sound effect gives the impression that he's walking on crackled crystals). Artworks©RC March 2019. Music is composed by me. Sound effects (dungeon walk steps & glass walk) were downloaded from an audio stock site @ CC license level 0 Used with Adobe After Effects CC and its DuiK Bassel RIG function suite.
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