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#useless lesbian

Wisdom from tipsy me :

- Boobs are like jello. They’re jiggly and fun to have in the mouth

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If you ever need a reminder that life isn’t fair:

I vividly remember seeing Merlin previews on tv as a child, but I never watched the actual show until I was older.

Do you understand that I was robbed of seeing Katie McGrath on screen as an 8 year old?

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Listen here @ news people, I think it’s great that y'all are including lgbt topics and all that, but are you trying to out me to my parents?

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why do I have to get a “real job”, I want my career to be loving and touching and thinking about women constantly. it’s my only talent

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“what are you up to?”

“oh, just writing a crappy fanfic about a wlw couple that nobody else ships, wby?”

Is that an appropriate and socially acceptable conversation with someone you don’t know that well yet? Just checking…

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I remeber that time when i gave the girl I liked my hoodie in class and I couldn’t form an entire sentence for 10 minutes, on top of that she was sitting on a table and all I could think about was well…. you know

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do you write love letters to your crush as a “joke” and a “fun procrastination method” and her give you responses back but really it’s not a joke and you mean every word you write and want to fucking kiss her??????

… or am i just built different

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*at Malfoy Manor*

Harry: Truth or Dare?

Hermione: Dare.

Harry: Ok, I dare you to kiss the most attractive person here.

Hermione: *stands up, leaves the room (everyone follows), goes downstairs, walks into the library, sees Bellatrix*

Bellatrix: What?

Hermione: *plants a big one on her*











Harry: Uhm, I meant kiss one of us.

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<div> —  my cousin, certified Useless Lesbian™ </div><span>Someone can straight up come at me and kiss me and I’ll be like, so do you like me or?</span>
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i’m sorry but why the FUCK would god herself make me a hopeless romantic who cries to Hozier songs and fanfics on ao3 and then give me commitment issues and an intense fear of being emotionally vulnerable with people?

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The Rebel Rose Quartz and The Terrifying Renegade.

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