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911verse · 20 hours ago
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911verse's 1k celebration ↳ top five 9-1-1 episodes as voted by our followers:
#2 · sink or swim (s03e02) – 36 votes
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lesbiandiaz · 2 days ago
inspired by eddie's "i'm an excellent dancer" comment, and a follow up to this, although you don't need to read it first
It’s late in the evening now. Buck had made it in time to walk Maddie down the aisle, and he’d definitely teared up watching his sister marry the love of her life. Since then, there’s been food and speeches, drinks and Jee-Yun winning the hearts of everyone in the room.
Buck is taking a break from partying, sitting at one of the tables he worked so hard to decorate. It looks good if he does say so himself. He can see Eddie finishing up a conversation with Karen and moving towards him.
Eddie looks so good in a suit that it’s honestly unfair, and Buck knows it will be at least a few more hours before they can slip away to their room.
Eddie rarely has this much height on him, but with Buck sitting down he has to look straight up to meet Eddie’s eyes.
Eddie is so close to him now, practically between his legs, “You good, Buck?” Eddie asks as he reaches out to run his hand through Buck’s hair. Buck leans into the touch, and then into Eddie, resting his head on his boyfriend's stomach.
“Hmm, yeah. It’s been a nice day” he replies. Eddie's hand is still running through his hair, and if it wasn’t for the music he could probably fall asleep right here.
It’s then that the music changes from the upbeat pop song that seemed to have been playing forever to something slower.
Eddie leans back and away then, moves his hand from Buck’s hair and extends it in his direction, “May I have this dance?” he asks.
Buck can’t help the giggle that escapes him, ‘Dance? Eds, I’ve seen you dance and no offence..”
“I’ve told you, I can dance. I’ll prove it! Come on.” and then he’s grabbing Buck’s hand and dragging him between the other couples on the dancefloor.
It turns out Eddie can dance, and he’s good at it. He guides Buck through an elegant slow dance, turning and spinning, and only laughing a little when Buck steps on his toes for the fourth time.
The song comes to an end, and Eddie dips Buck backwards, and that shouldn’t be so hot. God.
When Buck is upright again he tries to play it off, they can’t leave right now no matter how much he wants to.
“Well, maybe you do still have some hidden talents.” Buck jokes as he begins to walk towards the bar - he needs a drink after that.
Eddie laughs, his smile wide, “Yeah, maybe I can show you later.”
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witchbuck · 2 days ago
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sweet surrender by sirencalls explicit ♡ 2k ♡ buddie
Ninety-nine percent of the time, Eddie is on top and in charge during sex, and that’s the way both of them want it. Buck needs to let go and be told he’s good just as much as Eddie has a need for dominance and control, and it works for them, it really does. But nothing is ever dealt with in absolutes, always this and never that, so that other one percent of the time, Eddie needs Buck to take him apart.
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911icons · 8 days ago
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☆ requested by @mayonamountain​ ☆ 640x360 / 3 screencaps ☆ find them all under the cut ☆ find more on our header page ☆ please like or reblog if you save/use
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afterafternoons · 27 days ago
In Case of Emergency
The 118 discuss their "In Case of Emergency" contacts.
ao3 link
“Hey, guys, wait up!” Buck calls, flagging Hen and Eddie down as they begin to load their victim into the back of the ambulance. He’s got a black cellphone in hand, and he takes the stairs two at a time, spirited by some nonexistent emergency — their victim stable, but in need of an audience with an actual doctor. 
“I got the guy’s phone.” Buck huffs, passing it off to Eddie who holds it up to show their victim the fruit of Buck’s initial panic. 
“It’s your lucky day, buddy.” Eddie jokes, “Why don’t we give your emergency contact a call?” 
“Sure.” Pete croaks, strapped into the gurney. “It’s my brother, he’s listed under ICE.” 
“Very good, Pete.” Eddie praises, only slightly distracted in his search for the vic’s contact list, “In Case of Emergency. You, my friend, have earned yourself a gold star in safety.” 
Hen snorts at that. 
“What?” Eddie asks, his eyebrows quirking together in the briefest display of confusion. 
“A gold star?” She teases, “Who taught you that? Ana?” And then, after a second of thought she adds, “Eddie… is Ana your ICE?”
“I think it’s still Shannon.” Eddie shrugs, handing the phone off to their patient. “Haven’t really thought about it, I guess.” 
Hen can read Eddie better than that, but she doesn’t press the issue further. 
“Why, who’s your ICE?” Eddie asks. 
Hen deadpans, “My wife.” 
“Hey, Buck?” Eddie finds himself asking, when there’s a lapse in emergencies and the 118 find themselves sitting around the loft. “Who’s your ICE?”
“I think it might still be Ali.” Buck frowns, tapping into his phone. He hadn’t really thought about it to be honest… the 118’s just always had his back in his hour of need. 
“Not Taylor?” Chimney supplies. 
“At least it’s not Abby.” Eddie mumbles. 
“Hold on a minute now.” Hen says, throwing her two cents into the mix, “You two can’t make fun of Buck for who his ICE is when Eddie’s is still Shannon; and who’s yours Chim? Tatiana?”
“No way,” Chimney replies, “it’s been Maddie — for years now.
“What about Ana and Taylor?” Hen challenges, “Who are their I.C.E.’s?” 
“Probably her sister.” Eddie shrugs, at the same time Buck comments absentmindedly, “Probably her cameraman.” 
“Her cameraman?” Chimney repeats, wondering if he’d heard right. 
“You two are pathetic.” Hen decides, turning back to her magazine. 
“Maybe you two could have each other as your I.C.E.’s?” Chimney proposes, the cameraman comment remaining wholly undiscussed, “There. Problem solved.” 
“Or,” Hen counters, despite having acted like she was past this conversation, “maybe you two should have a grown up conversation with your respective girlfriends.” 
The whole ordeal weighs on Eddie long after the conversation is said and done. It’s the not definitively knowing who’s depending on him in their hour of need that gets him. 
Of course he’s Christopher’s ICE, that just comes with the territory of being a parent, but he doesn’t know for sure that he isn’t Ana’s. 
…Is that a step either of them is ready to take? 
That night, after dinner, he’s a little reaffirmed to see Ana’s phone light up with a call from her sister, just as she’s moved to take her leave — ICE displayed in a banner at the top. “I’ll talk to you later, Edmundo.” She waves, starting down the drive as she holds her phone to her ear. 
Closing the door behind her, Eddie’s own phone lights up:
“Hey, I know you were joking,” Buck says, by way of greeting, “but I was thinking about those gold stars…”
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spookymadsbuckley · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
evan "i-can-totally-eat-that-in-one-bite" buckley
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lesbiandiaz · a day ago
hello! congrats on 700 followers!
💕+ one of them nuzzles their head into their lover’s chest, falling asleep, as their lover kisses them gently, wrapping their arms tighter around them OR "You're so golden" for ficlet <33
thank you for the prompt! i didn't follow it exactly, but i hope you like it!
Eddie is sick. He’s sick and he won’t admit it, and it’s driving Buck a little insane.
It started with a sniffle two days ago which Eddie insisted was ‘just allergies’. They’ve been together two years now, known each other for much longer, and Buck knows Eddie doesn’t have allergies. He also knows Eddie struggles to admit when he’s not feeling good, so he had let this one slide.
Now it’s two days later and Eddie is in bed with the flu, groaning and whining and shouting for Buck whenever he leaves the room.
Buck has been keeping up a steady supply of soup, water and meds. He’d like to be able to provide cuddles too, but Eddie is insistent he keeps his distance so he doesn’t get sick too. They’ve sent Chris to stay with Pepa for the week so he doesn’t catch it either.
Buck is just finishing washing the last of the dishes from this round of soup - abuela’s recipe, of course, when he hears Eddie shout for him. He sounds sad, so Buck quickly dries his hands and follows the sound of Eddie’s voice to their room.
“Eds? Are you good?” he asks, leaning against the doorframe. He can just make out the lump that is Eddie under the sheets and can hear faint sniffling too. When Eddie doesn’t respond, he makes his way to the bed, perches himself on the edge and reaches out to touch Eddie’s back.
“Hey, Eds, can you turn over for me?” He keeps his voice gentle. Eddie does move then, turns to face him and oh, he’s crying. “Hey hey hey, what’s going on, baby?” He moves his hand to Eddie’s hair, knowing the repetitive motion is relaxing for his boyfriend.
“I just feel awful” Eddie cries, “I’m so tired, and you’ve been doing everything and I just want to get better so I can see Chris again.”
Buck gets it, he misses Chris too, and knowing Eddie feels so sick on top of that makes his heart ache. “We’ll see him soon, right? We’re gonna get you feeling better and then he can come home.” That seems to calm Eddie some, because he knows rationally that Chris will only be gone another couple of days.
“Buck, do you- do you think you could hold me for a while?” Eddie sounds so small when he asks.
“Of course, always. Scooch over.” and then Buck is climbing into bed and pulling Eddie into his chest. Eddie settles immediately, nuzzles his face against the soft material of Buck’s shirt.
Buck holds Eddie until his breathing evens out and he’s fallen asleep, soft snores the only noise in the room. He presses his face into Eddie’s hair, kisses his head, and sure, he smells sick, but he also smells like Eddie.
He knows he’s risking getting sick himself, but getting to care for Eddie, getting to see him at his most vulnerable, to be trusted with that, is everything.
When he starts coughing later, he’ll let Eddie say ‘I told you so’ and he won’t even argue.
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witchbuck · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
let me touch you (where your heart is) by sirencalls explicit ♡ 1.5k ♡ buddie
In the process of discovering and trying out each other’s kinks, they’ve ended up playing around with feminization a lot. Eddie will moan to Buck about how wet he is just like a girl, how his clit is always begging for attention, and it gets Buck hot and bothered faster than most other things they’ve tried. It’s not that he wants to be a girl because he doesn’t; he likes the subtle degradation of it, the praise that comes with being Eddie’s good girl.
So when Eddie is deep inside of him waxing poetic about his tits and says they’re probably big enough that Eddie could fuck them, Buck is suddenly overcome with a need to see if he’s right.
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witchbuck-archived · 2 months ago
“Eddie is…” Buck trails off. He’s got his head in Grace’s lap and she’s carding her fingers through his hair while the shower runs in the background, her husband just beyond the bathroom door. “I don’t really know, actually. Every time I think I get close to figuring it out, he does something that makes me change my mind.”
Grace hums in response, the shower turning off and leaving the place a little too quiet for Buck’s brain. Buck is antsy, and he knows Grace can tell. “Do you want to talk about it? Or do you want us to help you take your mind off of things?”
That’s an easy question to answer, heat bubbling under Buck’s skin. “Take my mind off things. Please.”
Or, if the Texas wildfires did one good thing, it was introducing Buck to Grace and Judd.
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themarcusmoreno · a year ago
ash just know you’re GREAT and i love that you’re alive ok thanks that’s all
kat i —
what did i do to desrve this love i am receiving from you? i am but a simple, small bean who is doing her best
i am t e n d e r (wut)
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witchbuck · a day ago
Tumblr media
i can feel your shape by sirencalls explicit ♡ 1.6k ♡ buddie
“I didn’t…” Buck lets out a soft moan, ghosting his fingers over Eddie’s abdomen to feel where his own cock is moving underneath the skin. “I didn’t know this was possible in real life. I’ve—I’ve seen it in porn, but not like this.”
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