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cosycrescent · a month ago
Tumblr media
"you're gonna be okay; i've got you."
or, eddie having his ~catharsis~ moment in his kitchen because i'm too impatient to wait for it to actually happen
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demieddie · a day ago
"I just want to put on record that the confetti was very much not my idea" - for the fic game dsajkdask ♥ ~@diazboys
"I just want to put on record that the confetti was very much not my idea." Buck's voice rings out when Eddie opens the front door — a motion which he immediately halts — after coming home from a shift cover that ended in five hours of overtime.
"I don't think I want to continue opening this door, Buck," Eddie says, then fully opens the door and steps inside when Buck laughs. Despite having some minor warning, the sight still startles him: there's streamers all over the walls of the living room, a banner declaring 'Happy Birthday, Dad!', and, of course, too much confetti all over the rug.
"Happy birthday, Eddie"—he pulls Eddie into a kiss—"I'm sorry you missed Chris, he tried to stay up but fell asleep an hour ago."
"Me too, we'll just celebrate tomorrow — although, don't think you got off easy, I'm still making you clean this up after since it may not have been your idea, but Chris definitely got the confetti from you."
send me the first sentence of a fic and i'll write the next five <3
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autodestruct1on · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stаr Wars: The Last Jedi //  Stаr Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
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bb-8 · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
There is Passion, Yet Peace
My contribution for the 2018 Reylo Charity Anthology! Soon to be available on my Etsy shop :)
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oliviarodrigonetwork · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
It has been more than a month since OLIVIA RODRIGO NETWORK came to life and we’ve never been happier. During this time, we’ve grown and so has the fandom. You guys have supported us in what we do and tagged us in your beautiful creations!! We now welcome you to the official discord server. You can interact with livies, talk about her music, listen to her music, and so much more!! We are so excited to have you along with us on this journey!! We hope you have a great time.
How to enter:
Reblog this post to spread the word.
Follow @oliviarodrigonetwork​
Enter the server here!!
You must 13+ to enter the server. DO NOT lie about your age. If you aren’t comfortable telling your age publicly, please inform an admin or a staff member.
We have absolutely no tolerance for bullying, harassment, racism, homophobia as well as any spam or hate policy. If we catch you doing one of these things or we get informed by another member, you will immediately be kicked and banned from the server.
@olivias-rodrigo ​– Augustine, Founder & Admin
@corqeliastreet ​– Kaelyn, Admin
@obiwns ​– Sua, Admin
@staarshines ​– Nat, Admin
@tradinjackets ​– Cat, Staff Member
Reminder that our member and affiliate applications are still open. You can submit them here!
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demieddie · a month ago
I wanted to ask about the jee-yun wip but I realised it's what I read last night before bed and it was so so sweet it made me melt 🥺 so can I hear some more about the podcaster!buck fic? 👀 ~ @diazboys
thank you!!!! and yeah i only had like two more sentences to write and that was the kick in the tail that i needed to finish it, so thank you for that 🧡🧡
and yes!!! podcaster!buck my beloved. this popped into my brain like already 3/4ths planned this week, so i’m still figuring out specifics, but buck starts a podcast around the beginning of his probie year (think like backwards cap buck in jinx timeline) just talking about whatever internet dive he did recently. it gains a minor following, not anything major but just enough to get some fan interaction online. it’s enough for him to keep at it and he loves when people either send him topics or other interesting rabbit holes from the stuff he’s already done.
at the same time, eddie is in el paso. shannon’s already left and he’s struggling under the weight of both being a single parent and his parents’ expectations. sometimes, he can’t sleep - be it flashbacks or just stress - so he finds this podcast about really random topics by some anonymous guy and listens to it to fall asleep. then he moves to la and one of his coworkers seems really familiar but he just can’t figure out why
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iamnathanscott · a year ago
Hello, lovers! I know it isn’t much but if y’all want, feel free to tag #userkae on your edits/gifs/fics for ot5 and I’ll be tracking it and would gladly boost it!!
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balfourpoppy · 4 years ago
🌪 - song for when i’m angry
it generally varies but probably some nirvana songs haha
💤 - song i fall asleep to
ooh minnesota wi by bon iver or hold me down by yoke lore or just light jazz playlists on spotify
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arthrucurry-moved · 4 years ago
ryan-potters → rays-fisher
tracking #userkae
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