sweetsbysatori · a day ago
haikyuu boys as my favorite lyrics from love songs pt 1
a/n: honestly writing fluff for myself at this point LOL but i wanna do a pt 2 because i just love sharing my random ass music taste!
“and i’d give up forever to touch you / ‘cause i know that you’d feel me somehow / you’re the closest to heaven that i’ll ever be / and i don’t wanna go home right now” from iris by the goo goo dolls
SAKUSA, asahi, iwaizumi, kageyama
“this right here still feels like a honeymoon / when you say my name, nothing’s changed / i’m still a boy inside my thoughts / am i meant to understand my thoughts?” from pluto projector by rex orange county
oikawa, OSAMU, nishinoya, semi
“a heart that yearns is always young / but you can’t love just anyone / it’s been a while since 21 / i still feel the same” from home by bruno major
atsumu, SUNA, tanaka, yamaguchi
“look at the stars / look how they shine for you / and everything you do / yea they were all yellow” from yellow by coldplay
tsukishima, KENMA, bokuto, kuroo
“can we write a novel too? / something beautiful and new / tales of glory and of truth / a grander story of me and of you” from can i have the day with you by sam ock and michelle
akaashi, HINATA, sugawara, aone
“my cherie amour / pretty little one that i adore / you’re the only girl my heart beats for / how i wish that you were mine” from my cherie amour by stevie wonder
kita, DAICHI, aran, matsukawa
“i know you could hurt me / but maybe you’re hurting / has anyone asked you if you’re okay? / ‘cause i know you mean no harm / can i hold you in my arms? / i’ll try my best to take away the pain” from loved like this by tatiana manaois
kyotani, TENDOU, ushijima, terushima
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some-lyric · 2 days ago
Daichi : here's Ennoshita, he is very responsible and kind hearted, and have already proved he'll be an amazing captain
Bokuto : Hey hey hey ! Akaashi's already like a second captain !
Oikawa : I've already taught Yahaba chan a ton of things about the art of being captain
Ushijima : here is Shirabu. He is salty and mean, but he's serious and dedicated
Kita : Atsumu may act a little childish, I trust him and I know the team will be in good hands
Moniwa : well, Futakuchi is mean and not always very serious, but he has shown us he can be trusted as a captain, i guess...
Kuroo : *look at Yamamoto crying and screaming bc a girl asked him for a direction, Kenma agressively hissing at him and Fukunaga telling jokes to himself (and laugh)*
Kuroo : sigh
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rosenkow · 2 days ago
Ushijima is a deep and quiet sleeper. He sleeps especially well after intensive training sessions/matches or sex. Noises usually don't wake him, but light can do so. He loves falling asleep with you in his arms (or spooning), but is the type to turn away at some point because he gets too hot. The man's body temperature is over the top which is why he sleeps either only in underwear or in a thin shirt+boxer briefs/shorts.
He breathes evenly, sometimes the frown between his brows relaxes, other times it remains. Despite his height, he doesn't take a lot of space and sleeps with the blankets somehow tangled inbetween his legs. If he's not sleeping on the side, he sleeps on his stomach with one arm beneath the pillow. He usually sleeps through the night, exceptions are, that he has to use the bathroom or feels dehydrated. When returning, he slips back into bed and immediately seeks you out again. He gives you tired kisses before nuzzling his face into your neck and falling asleep right after. Usually only needs one alarm.
Sleeping in with him is a dream. He's drowsy and tame, soft and warm, can't keep his hands off you. His hair is a mess, tired hazel eyes seeming brighter than usual, voice a little hoarse, that little shy smile on his lips. He craves skin contact and kisses, loves to whisper to you and mutter sweet things into your ear just to hear you giggle. Gets aroused rather quickly because he usually wakes up with straining erections.
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akaashiscupofwater · 19 hours ago
u: u better swallow that pride of yours
o:oh i can swallow more that that *exaggerated wink*
u: *calling iwa* come get yo man hes scaring me again
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kirishimasensei · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
"Just the tip," he begs you, his voice rough and deep. "Please, baby, just keep the tip of my cock warm for me, ok?"
And how can you say no to that?
He has you on your back, legs spread wide to accommodate his body, his big hands on your thighs. And when he slides in, your slick making for a smooth glide, you squirm at the feeling of being so stretched and full. 
"You -- you said just the tip," you whimper, clenching your thighs around his hips, not knowing whether you want to press him closer or push him away. 
And he leans over your body, cradles your head and neck is his big palm and lifts you just a bit, just enough to see where he's inside of you, and the inches and inches of cock left to go.
"It is just the tip, baby, see?" he coos, his voice still lust-rough, but sweet.
He rolls his hips back and then forward again, fucking you with just the head of his dick, stretching your pretty pussy around the mushroomed tip.
"Unless you want more?” he says, sliding in just another inch, making you arch your back and moan, shutting your eyes tight to stave off the tears. “How about just half?"
Tumblr media
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adoringhaikyuu · a month ago
Tumblr media
hq boys that grab your face, nod your head and make you repeat their praise back to them when they're fucking you dumb. "you look pretty like this, hm? mhm. say it."
Tumblr media
iwaizumi + kyoutani + oikawa + atsumu + osamu + suna + daichi + sugawara + ukai + kuroo + sakusa + tendou + ushijima
Tumblr media
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popposposts · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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lausterdomyamong · 4 months ago
Bestest bois getting bestest headpats ❤
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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introloves · 6 months ago
anon: country boy wakatoshi drives a big ugly old truck that he is perpetually “fixing up” but he opens the door for you and holds your hand to help you get in and out. and he drives you guys out to a field in the middle of nowhere to fuck you in the backseat where no one can hear
country boy! ushijima + dominant! ushijima + mutual pinning + tension + awkward flirting + fluff + fuckin in the backseat + creampie + size difference + size kink + mouth stuffing (fingers) + oral fixation (f! receiving) + squirting + summer vibes + f! reader
— word count; approx 3.5k
— lots of characterization and dialogue attributed to my ushijima anon. <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
‘gentle, be gentle.’
its repeated over and over again in wakatoshis head, eyes pinned to the roads he's taken over and over within the last couple of summer nights- a spot that after hours of grueling work brings him the most comfort. he doesn't really know why those words are like a singular loop in his head. it's not like he expects anything to happen, but when wakatoshi sees the gleam of your thighs underneath the dress you're wearing, he can all but hope.
he needs that reminder while you sway only a couple inches next to him, hands gripping the steering wheel until his knuckles are white- you look beautiful, even more so than usual.
the singular thought seems to overtake any and all other feelings and wants for the night. he thinks it might be a mistake, dangerous to have you seated in the dusty and… cracked seats of his truck, but you only smile and look at him with a soft gaze. he can't help but think that there’s ways this night could progress and to have you like he wants- like he wants you.
the roads are bumpy and by the time you two get there and wakatoshi thinks that he needs to check the suspension in his truck, still thinking as he parks. he realizes how shabby the spot is when you're here with him and that has a hot blush crawl up his neck.
it’s a space overrun by tall grass- a creek somewhere in the distance- usually the superficial things don’t really bother him, but now with you sitting there and he thinks that compared to how pretty you are, it overshadows any and all places he could possibly think to bring you.
he’s scared to turn and look at you, leaning forward to turn off his truck, unaware of a lingering and wanting gaze pinned to the muscled stretching over his arms- biceps curling, veins running up and down, all the way to his hands.
thick hands scarred and calloused from the work he does. they've turned rough and heavy- everything about him looked proportional to his height, but his hands stood out just a bit more and you couldn't really get enough of the sight.
you stare, and keep staring, even when he finally turns to look at you, face unmoving except for a hint of blush painting his cheeks. from the heat or just the situation that seems to grow more and more heavy may be the cause of it, you're not too sure.
either way, there seems to be a weight to the already muggy air you breathe, it takes what feels like minutes before he even says anything- clearing his throat with a grumble.
he apologises, of course he does. he's always been the gentleman; words just a tiny bit quieter- voice rolling deep with bass and something a little rougher. you know he says something about the scenery being too ugly, but you can’t really focus on his words.
it's easy to respond to a man so kind, so big but gentle and respectful with an almost instinctual lean towards him. hand placed over his bicep to let him know it's okay-
you weren't playing coy, anything but that, but the touch makes him go rigid. wakatoshi wants to ask you to not be so casual, but he doesn't want to come off creepy and he wouldn’t know where to start.
wondering what you would think if he told you the singular touch of your arm against him had him sweating, swallowing back the slowly bubbling lust threatening to tip over with each passing second. all he can do is lay back, legs spreading out to make himself comfortable; in his mind, shifting to lessen the tension- limbs still achy from the day, hazel eyes tracing the dirty spots on the roof of his truck before finally peering back at you.
ushijima knows his strength and stature is daunting- built for hard labor, honed to do dirty work all day, so he tries to make himself as welcoming as his imposing personality can, nothing more than the painted picture of a gentleman while he looks at you.
you had the decency to act shy, flustered at the scene unfolding before you. the reality weighing in at having such a big man sitting next to you so casually, and you nearly felt ill for responding to him with a twisting heat between your legs. trying to speak up, wanting to start conversation but not finding any thoughts, not ones that you could say out loud anyways.
“it’s hot.” he mumbles, sighing heavily through his nose before passing a rough hand up to push hair from his forehead- undercut on complete display in this angle.
“it is, but it’s nice- at least there’s a breeze.” you respond, worrying at your lower lip, nibbling on it to keep you from embarrassing yourself.
“yeah, at least there’s a breeze.”
wakatoshi doesn’t mean to be so curt and short, it’s just that you make him nervous- warmth always settling right under his navel when you come around to his house, full of bright smiles and food for him, knowing he works all day long. using this act of kindness under the guise of being a friendly neighbor- but really…
you just loved seeing him when he was all sweaty, and on lucky days- you’d even caught him shirtless, shoving whatever food you’d made for him in his general direction and hightailing it out of the vicinity to go back home and touch yourself to the image.
he sighs heavily, and it makes you feel a little guilty. he should be at home and resting- farm work is extensive and always needed and now you’ve pulled him away from precious time that could be spent recuperating that fatigue, not that he minds- but you wouldn’t know that.
“are you tired?” you question sweetly, still looking over at him with a smile. he catches the way you bite down onto your lip, wondering just how improper it’d be of him to ask you straight up if him fucking you would be a bad idea, but he holds back- swallows down any complex about being too forward, because he needs to know if you want this just as bad as he does.
“no- not with you here, it’s the opposite… the opposite.” he finalizes his words by turning towards you. lumbering form slowly straightening up in the worn seat he’s sat on, leather crackling beneath thick thighs.
there’s something insinuated between his words. you can actually catch up on it, and it brings forth an almost nervous smile, cheeks warm and neck nearly on fire with the way he says it.
“it’s the opposite for me too…” you reply, soft and still so kind. in another world maybe you’d act just a bit more coy and shy, but it’s nearly too much and you ache beneath the pretty summer dress you’ve thrown on.
“mm, is it?” wakatoshi questions, eyes finally letting themselves look at you- eyebrows furrowed, wondering if this is a game you’re playing. that somehow you’ve read his mind and are hinting at all the naughty things he wants so desperately to do to you.
but there’s no way that’s the case, and instead he lets himself long for you openly.
“what does that mean?” his voice is just a tinge heavier- once more adjusting himself in his seat to let himself get comfortable, eyebrow quirked up as a smile plays on his lips.
he’s straightforward and calculating for the most part, now he just wants to hear it come straight from your pretty lips.
if what he saw from your swaying form was correct, you were also feeling the pulsating heat of pure lust curling between your legs, just like him.
the question sends you into a babbling mess, once more going shy, but pulling through for the need to know if he’s also as desperate as you.
“well, it-it's a little improper… i’m not sure if i should say what i'm thinking.”
you confess, hands wandering down to lay against your thighs, playing with the edges of your dress to keep yourself from looking at him.
he didn’t know how he could stop himself now that the singular thought of you being needy like he is has made a home in his mind.
wakatoshi is usually so calculating and perfected in everything that he does, but this once, with the prospect of having something so sweet like you all to himself so within reach- he grabs at you.
the first touch of his warm palm against the exposed skin you’ve presented him with thanks to your fidgeting hands makes you look at him, and you know that there’s nothing but heavy lust behind his eyes.
“tell me.” ushijima near growls, no room for questioning or self doubt.
“i want you.”
it’s all he needs.
finally. finally with the confirmation that his horniness isn’t alone in the beat up truck he’s brought you here in, he lets his other hand wander up to your neck, so small compared to him- slowly sliding up until he’s pressing an index finger and thumb to either side of your face, not knowing how to treat something so soft with gentleness.
“tell me more.” he whispers before giving you the chance, statement completely rhetorical because his mouth is on yours in mere seconds.
he’s all you’ve wanted and hoped for. rough hands moving you into his lap without a care for anything in his vicinity, fitting you like you belong against him like this with each pass of his tongue against yours- growling at the warmth pulsating right over his own heavy cock.
gentle hands find purchase against his shirt when things get too heavy, holding you around the waist and slowly starting to push and pull your mass to grind tightly over his jeans. only grounded back to reality because you’ve started to mewl so nice and high- airy and shaky with each pull.
this was never going to end in just kissing and heavy grinding, so once more- wakatoshi silently apologizes to your integrity, deadset on fucking you right here and now.
“pretty girl.” ushijima speaks, equally breathless when you pull away and he’s met with the textbook definition of desperate.
eyes wide and wet, lips swollen, a singular string of spit still connecting the two of you, watching when you respond with a shake at the compliment, thighs squeezing around him.
“i need you.”
words spoken with such ease have you dizzy once more and you simply nod, unable to do anything else but nod.
his hand reaches for the door handle of his truck- the other splayed over your back when he swings a leg out, keeping you pressed sweetly, protectively, to his towering form, cradling you while he moves the both of you to his back seat.
its criminal- he thinks very quickly, that he’s going to fuck such a pretty little thing in the back of his old, dirtied, beat up truck.
but there doesn’t seem to be any complaint coming from you, watching intently at the skin slowly being revealed to him when he sets you down and your dress starts rising up, bunching at your waist like a present slowly unraveling itself all for him.
he can't begin to describe the feeling that overcomes him the second your panties peek from between thighs that have not left his hands. you're glistening- his breathing catches immediately in his throat while looking down at the patch of wetness clinging onto your panties, hands gripping your thighs with enthusiasm and little self restraint at the sight.
he grunts, it's all he can do because his cock is now straining so hard against his jeans- and he knows that if he isn’t buried to the hilt inside of you within the next couple of minutes, he’d break you in a flurry of pent up energy to try and get to your undeniably pretty pussy.
ushijima can’t bring his eyes up farther than the swell of your cunt, fingers precise in their movements, come down to hook against the hem of your soaked underwear, pulling it to the side- temptation itself crawling up his neck to lean down and have a taste, but the incessant throbbing he feels is what drives him now.
with no words uttered, wakatoshi thumbs up your cunt, an intense glare pinning your body into the seats- it feels suffocating, thighs so tempted to just squeeze around his arm twitch at the first touch, but with the way he looks like an animal starved- you know that wouldn't go down well.
“are you going to give this to me?” he asks out of nowhere, still feeling your slit up, no pressure behind his ministrations, thumb caressing everything revealed to him. he waits for the simple nod- or whisper, or even slow and desperate swirl of hips- detonating you want this as much as he does, and the second you whine out a pretty little,
“yes- yes, please.”
he swears he can see stars.
there’s no time that comes between the two of you once those words tumble out of your pouting mouth- finally letting his hands move to grasp at your hips. crowding you, leaning his big body to loom over as he lets your thighs settle on either side of him.
grasping down between the two of you to quickly unclasp his belt. the sound of metal hitting metal only further accentuating your need- body squirming beneath him in the most tempting wiggle, fumbling with the buttons of his bottoms and finally, finally pushing his underwear down.
you can't see him, but you can feel the weight of his cock finally land onto your pussy and it's nearly criminal how dizzy feeling him like this makes you. hands coming up to grab at his arms- open mouth sobbing. patience waning with the need that strikes you right in the middle of your chest. now it's your turn to act frenzied.
you want him, wanted him from the second your eyes laid on him and now his dicks drooling over your cunt.
it's so easy to fit your arms up and over his shoulders, clinging and grasping at him with fervor- pulling him onto your mass even closer, almost like you want to drown in his everything.
it draws a chuckle from deep in his chest, short lived because he wants you like you want him, letting himself sink down to press his face to your heated cheek- breathing in your scent, occupying himself while he moves his hips in a fluid motion to find your hole- not leaving any space between the two of you, and sinking inside so tight every centimeter he breeches tugs on the skin of his dick.
teeth gnash against one another when he’s stretching you out, knuckles pressed on either side of your head sink down further, crackling leather seats protesting as he brings himself down to his forearms.
“fuck- pretty little pussy.” he groans, coughed out as he bottoms out- unable to compare this moment to anything he’s ever experienced.
your keens bring him down lower, sweet and whiny just like he knew they would be, taking every little second his cock slides out of you to leave a sloppy, near opened mouth kiss to your lips- seconds away from drooling down onto your open mouth, panting out syllables that vaguely sound like his name, too twisted in pure pleasure to be really sure that its whats uttered.
“u-ushijima.” you cry, plead with him to do something about the burn encompassing your cunt, stretched full, knowing this was the outcome for this whole ordeal- but you still blink away the tears and dig your nails into his shoulders.
there’s an overwhelming need to ruin you and he can't place the want or where it comes from, only follow it head first with the first brutalizing thrust- echoing out in the backseats of his truck, squelching from such a tight cunt sticky and wet as it receives him, and seconds too late he recalls the way his name sounds, another need to hear it properly takes place and once more wakatoshi follows it like a lead.
rising to ease the pressure of his form off your chest, a strong, tanned hand settles so easily on the delicate skin of your neck- finally finding rhythm to each heavy push inside.
“say my name- properly.” he grits out, fighting the very clench of you.
there’s little resistance when he says something with such conviction- push behind every consonant, growled lowly right to your face. hand squeezing just right, thighs jumping- clamping down on his hips in response.
a sharp thrill passes through him at how well you respond- he’s not well versed in all this, didn’t know that squeezing such a pretty little thing like you between his body and the cracked seats of his beat up truck would feel this good, and now he knows it’s not something he’s ever going to give up.
he watches your back come up and off the seats- chest pressing up against him, just barely able to move and squirm with the way his cock drags in and out of your walls, it’s nearly too much, suffocating and heavy inside, you know you’re going to cum too quick.
“please- please!”
you clung to him so easy, hands gripping at the muscles in his shoulders and biceps- burying your face into his neck in a desperate attempt to quiet embarrassing mewls.
you just couldn’t help it with how good he fucked you, listening to every squelch his big cock brings out, panting helplessly against his thick neck- it’s too much, he’s too big- but you only want more and more.
the simple action of you whining like that has ushijima realize very quickly that he can’t take not seeing you.
“no hiding.”
it’s a harsh statement- grunted out, wanting to let you know that he wants to see you come undone.
hand searching for your neck once again to press you down, unceremoniously shoving two thick fingers into your mouth, pressing down to watch you drool and pant over them. eyes glazed over and so very pliant for him, pinning you right where he wants you.
the simple act is what brings you to a teary orgasm, wailing sharply against his digits- whole body shuddering, twisting under a man that’s kept you down so good, eyes rolling back while every ridge and vein passes past the tight clutch of the pussy he’s still fucking into the shape of his massive cock.
huffing breaths leave him while your thighs twist and squeeze, while you squirt and messy his thighs, cock already gleaming with arousal slickened now in the prettiest mess he’s ever seen-
there’s no time wasted before frantic thrusts reach their crescendo- swinging down onto you, balls heavy with so much cum, swollen and pained in need to find release inside your tight cunt only further accentuate the mess you’ve made with messy slaps down onto your ass, pretty dress thoroughly wet at the hem.
groans sound nearly pained, hips lose their tempo and ushijima stills inside with a final heavy thrust that sends you skirting up the seats, enunciated with sharp wails that come from you while pump after pump of cum floods your cunt- eyes wide and teary while you look up at him, lips wobbling around his fingers still knuckle deep inside your pretty mouth.
his body trembles, slow thrusts ensure that every inch his cock is stuffed inside rubs that heavy cum into your puffy walls, gaze still pinned with lidded eyes down onto your own watery ones.
it’s funny how backwards things have become- wakatoshi smiles in realization that he’s just dumped a heavy load into your tight pussy- not even tried to woo you, falling for him as easily as he did with you.
“it’s hot.” is all he mumbles, words still shaky, vision still blurry at the edges while he looks down at you, slowly retreating thick fingers from your lips to let you gasp and speak.
“yeah- it’s hot.” is all that tumbles past a swollen mouth, giggling and starstruck. humming- listening to the mid summer bugs chirping, sweat pooling against your back, dress sticking to you every which way, but you’re comfortable and so fucked out you couldn’t do anything to lessen the heat of his own body even if you wanted to.
he leans down, tongue licking up a stray string of drool from your chin before licking into your open mouth, not able to curve the need to have you all- wanting so badly to consume your whole body in his very being, but he knows you need to rest even a little.
“you’re mine now, yes?” ushijima questions- and all you can do is nod, clench around his softening cock and squirm once more.
“yeah- ‘m yours wakatoshi.” you respond back in earnest, clipped words coming from him feel comforting, knowing he only speaks with truth and honesty, silently smiling while he pushes kisses down against your jaw-
excited to finally have something soft and pretty and so so cute to love and protect.
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tameshrimp · 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✧˚ · .Haikyuu!! Captains!* ˚ ✦
Thank you to everyone who has liked/reblogged any of my content! I created this edit in dedication to the accounts that I see most in my notifications. Thank you for supporting my blog!
@manjiroarchiviste @okkotsu-yuutas @samu-sorbet @miya-twins
@yujikuna @symbolofpeacee @lanoireparade @lianshua @love-oikawa 
@fadingsoulss @haikyuus @paintbrushyy
& for anyone I missed, thank you as well!
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tsukishumai · 5 months ago
HQ Boys + their viral tweet
alternatively, hq boys as tweets on the TL lol
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*    *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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propertyofushiwaka · 2 months ago
Haikyuu Boys When They're Needy
Tumblr media
Stares at you from across the room and hopes you get the message
KENMA, Kunimi, SAKUSA, Asahi, YAMAGUCHI, INUOKA, Kindaichi
Walks up behind you and rests his head on your shoulder until you give him attention
OSAMU, SUNA, Matsukawa, Sugawara, AKAASHI, Goshiki, KITA, Konoha, Kageyama
Grabs your hand and whines all the way to the car
OIKAWA, KOGANEGAWA, Lev, Tendou, BOKUTO, Terushima, ATSUMU, Nishinoya, Tanaka, HINATA
Whispers into your ear and says "time to go" (and you leave bestie)
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dewybyul · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
the leaves are falling
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an-ki · 20 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ husband!ushijima & bodyguard!toji
+ dark content, crossover, phone sex, humiliation, cheating, cuckholding, degradation, hair pulling, ass job, masturbation (m), protective toji (lol), minors (-18) do not interact.
+ 1.3k
note. I HEARBY CONVERT U INTO AN USHIJIMA FUCKER @ambrodias. Also im tryin a new technique where reader doesn’t/rarely says anything
Tumblr media
You didnt agree to this. You didnt plan this when you agreed to let him stay with you as a bodyguard while your husband was out on a business trip. You always felt Tojis eyes on you ever since Ushijima hired him but you didnt dare say a thing both out of pity and fear. He was just as big as Ushijima. Broad, tall, muscles, and just as handsome but who were you to admit those thoughts out loud. The tension every time he was left alone with you was suffocating you in the best ways possible. The way his voice erupts in a low tone every time he speaks made you quake in your already wet panties.
The few starting days you spent alone with him in the house were always a thrill. You would aways wake up and see him in the kitchen in sweatpants with a shirt on, leaning against the counter as if waiting for you. His groggy morning voice always made you purposely dismiss yourself earlier. Tojis smirk when he sees you walk away didnt help the heat swelling within your core, instead it made it worst. You were ashamed. So ashamed that you have play with your pussy in your bathroom ever morning just relieve the pain throbbing in the slit of your pussy but you couldnt deny how good it felt. How good it felt to replay his voice and mischievous smirk in your head every time you flick and press your clit, chasing your orgasm.
You felt ashamed back then but right now, you felt absolutely humiliated. Every pounding of Tojis cock inside your slick wet pussy causing slapping and squelching noises to fill the room absolutely pained your heart. Especially when your husband is witnessing it first hand. Phone right in front of you, trying to calmly talk to your husband like you usually do every night before you sleep but tonight you had an unplanned guest with you.
“H-hi honey, how was the trip shi—” you curse but grit your teeth to hold in your moan. The man behind you slid his hand down your pussy to pinch your clit while continuing to thrust. “Hm? The trip was smooth sweetheart, work should finish by tomorrow so if possible i’ll come back tomorrow night because I really cant spend another night here knowing I could be sleeping with you,” Ushijima responds. Your heart warms at his words, your lips curving into a sad smile as you grip the sheet to hold yourself back from the rough pounding that Toji was causing you from behind. “Eyes over here princess..” you hear a whisper in your ear before you felt a hand pull your hair, causing your head to fall back. Your eyes tried to look behind you to see him but your attempt was quickly dropped when Tojis hips thrusted inside of you harder in a faster pace than before with his grip on your hair still firm. You gasp and continued exhaling heavy breathy moans despite you trying to bite your bottom lip to muffle them but that wont muffle the wet slaps of Tojis cock agains your wet skin. “C’mon, dont be scared and let out your moans for me hm? Why wont you? You already have the nerve to fuck another man while on a phone call with a husband, what other dignity do you have left? Fucking slut,” he growled behind your ear. You whimpered at his words for they stabbed through your heart. Your eyes pooled with tears as your eyes stared down at the phone in front of you, showing your husbands name on the screen along with heart emojis. You loved him, you loved him so much but Tojis cock was so good at making you dumb. Your cunt squeezed around his dick so well it made Toji lose his composure. “Well? Who’s the man thats dicking you down? Who’s the man that protects you everyday when your own husband, for life partner, leaves you alone every time of the day only to have me protect you? Who’s the one that actually loves you like he’s suppose to?!” he yells, stopping his hips as he talks to have you convulse on his cock with every word he says. You whine and cry out his name in frustration as well as humiliation that he’s saying all those things crystal clear for your husband on the other side to hear. You tighten your grip on the sheets as you stare at your phone in fear when you realised Ushijima heard everything you’re doing and continues to stay silent. You couldnt handle it anymore and lowered your phones volume to 0 so you wouldnt hear him through the phone anymore. But he could hear you.
Tojis sudden pause was soon broken when you felt him pulling his cock out slowly but stopping at his tip. The feeling of your empty pussy clamping down against nothing but his tip made you mumble for him to put it back in. Instead of putting it back in like you begged, he pulled it all out and rubbing his shaft between your ass up and down as his fingers travels down your puss to rub your clit and slid over your needy pussy. “Your pussy so fucking wet it make me miss it so damn much fuck—” Toji groaned, his precum covering the skin of your asscheeks. You dig your face on the mattress when he inserts two digits into your pussy while his thumb presses against your clit as Toji begrudgingly chases his orgasm through fucking his cock between your asscheeks. While you were lost in the bliss of ecstasy, Ushijima on the other hand was shamelessly masturbating to your moans. Yes it pained him that someone else was fucking you in his absence but he never heard the moans you were making right now. Even when he’s fucked you senseless with his huge cock before so many timw, he still cant get enough of your voice, how you tell him it feels so good it hurts and how stumble between you words trying do so that only shows him how dumb he’s fucking you. Ushijima cant help but imagine what Toji’s doing to you right now to make you say such dirty words. What turns him on more than anything is how you let loose and beg for him to go faster as if you’ve completely forgotten about the phone in front of you which had your husband on call. Teasing his tip as his head throws back in pleasure, Ushijima fastens his pace as he heard you screaming that you were close. Ushijima chased his orgasm to match yours so he could cum with you like he always does because your pleasure gives him pleasure. Hearing you continuously moan ‘cumming’ as a mantra had him fuck his cock and squeeze his eyes shut, feeling his cum spurting all over his hand.
You felt your orgasm climbing, fast, matching the speed of Tojis thumb and fingers playing with your pussy. You heard Tojis string of loud groans too which told you that he was close too. Instead of cumming outside on your ass, he released his fingers from your pussy and entered his cock in one go, making you gasp and back arch in surprise. Your toes curled and eyes rolled back when you felt his warm cum spray your insides, meeting with your own. After your orgasms ended, Toji pulled his cock out to see his seed drool out of your pussy after your legs gave out on you. He leaned towards you to kiss your head and stroke your hair until he saw your phone still on call with Ushijima. He picked it up and spoke something for him.
“I know you enjoyed that you sick fuck. Next time I expect you to be here physically so I can show you how to please a woman.”
and he hanged up.
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magicmooshka · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
goshiki is the BIGGEST ushijima simp i cannot lie
part of my team crush series!
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[sleeping in the same room]
Ushijima: Good night everyone.
Reon: Good night
Tendou: good night. sleep tight. don't let the bed bugs bite. tonight. imma fight. till we see the sunlight. tik tok. on the clock. but the party don’t stop-
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adoringhaikyuu · 6 months ago
smau idea: the tiktok trend where you update them on your day for no reason
(if you are unfamiliar with this i can send a link)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: bokuto + kageyama+ kenma + iwaizumi + suna + ushijima + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: i feel like this is eh but here you go <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
LEAVE A TIP <3 (if you’d like)
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Upsetting His Pregnant Wife | Ushijima, Sakusa
Pairings: Ushijima X Reader (female), Sakusa X Reader (female) 
Genre: soft comfy angst to fluff tehe, mafia!ushi too! 
Author’s Note: @ushijimabae suggested this idea to me as a comment on a post tehe and I really liked it so here I am! I hope you guys enjoy!! also LONGG also Boom more sakusa and now, Mafia! Ushijima tehe ! 
Tumblr media
gif from @rivaillerose​
This sinking feeling in your chest
The touch of his skin against yours was so short, so fleeting whenever you sat beside him, reached for his hand, or you just wanted to be with him
You couldn’t tell if maybe this had been normal or if you were just overreacting because of your hormones but whatever it was
You didn’t like this feeling
Especially when you just wanted to be with him
It felt like recently, now that Omi would be home with you for the next few months to take care of you, whenever you wanted to spend some proper time with him, after a few moments of making contact with each other, he would be out of his seat, off to somewhere else to take care of a chore
It had been more or less than two weeks since Omi started staying home instead of going to practices or games from here on out, though he did get in a regular workout from home instead though
It felt like little fireworks were going off inside you the first two nights and days when you got to sleep later at night with him, staying up, and then waking up and finding him still beside you
But as the days went on, this little paradise was short lived as he woke up as his normal time for his morning practices to go out on long runs instead
Leaving you alone at breakfast
Whenever he came home and took a thorough shower, even giving him a hug, a burning and sinking feeling filled your chest when you wrapped your arms around him the best you could with your bump and all
But his hands
You loved him and his hands but not this moment as he subtly and lightly pushed your arms kind of away from him, breaking the hug early
You didn’t mind it since it was only the first thing but you noticed it a few more times after dinner
When you tried to drape your legs across his lap, he would lightly pat your legs, telling you he needed to use the bathroom and come back and sit somewhere else like on a different couch or sit beside you, practically at arms distance
But enough was enough
You didn’t want to directly ask but you also couldn’t just ignore this
But this moment was perfect
The last ounces of light glowed in the summer sky as the temperature slowly dropped as night approached
Fireflies slowly began to shine and float about throughout the neighborhood as their time of the year was here
You could feel the heat through the rubber gloves as you scrubbed the dishes clean, not a plate or utensil left in the drying rack as you dried them off too, returning them to their rightful place back in the cupboards
All the leftover dishes were put away
Floors swept
Table wiped down
Chairs returned to their rightful place
There was nothing he could possibly do in the kitchen that needed to be put away or cleaned or anything
This really would prove whether or not he really was avoiding you and just the thought
The mere idea that he possible could be
It broke your heart
“Omiomi, do you want some tea?” You called from the kitchen as you swirled a spoonful of honey into yours, the metal utensil creating light tinging sounds as the edges tapped the sides of the porcelain cup
“No, thanks,” he responded, his voice monotone as he didn’t even look up, continuing to scroll through his phone
You switched off the kitchen light, emerging from the darkness toward the light in the living room, towards your husband
And now this was the true test
You drank your tea, sitting on the recliner, one of the other available seats, sipping your tea while you watched some tv
But you weren’t really paying attention
You were just mindlessly watching the images and scenes come and go as you peripherally observed Omi
And here it was
After about what you thought were a few minutes, you set down your tea onto the coffee table and put on a warm, loving smile, Omi’s eyes meeting yours, off his phone as your approached
The couch sighed beneath your weight as you sat close to Omi, draping your legs across his lap, cuddling close, resting your head on his shoulder
He was so warm, it seeped into your skim, making your heart flutter just feeling his touch
You nuzzled even closer, making yourself at homes in his arms which felt so natural
He continued to scroll, minding his own as his hand lightly stroked down your leg
Though you were so caught up in just being near him for the first time in awhile that you didn’t even notice his hand was practically hovering over your leg
Kiyoomi sat comfortably in his seat with you at his side, your presence so nice
It was so comforting for the two of you
But there was an itch
Or something
There was just a feeling inside of him and he didn’t know what he needed to do to get rid of it
He could smell your tea from where he sat as the scent wafted toward him  
It felt so nice, this feeling that you had been longing for so long
And now you had it and him
The warm aroma of the tea warmed him inside and out, alongside your touch at his side - it was so calming
As you settled in, you felt silly now that you realized that you thought Kiyoomi wouldn’t want to be at your side anymore
He paused in his movements, thinking about the tea as he watched yours on the coffee table
After a few silent moments that you settled in, you felt a light, subtle push from him, your mind telling you that he was telling you to get off of him
“Actually, I will make some tea, I’ll be back..” He walked off stoically, not even sparing you a glance as he made up his mind unbeknownst to you that he wanted tea to drink with you
You couldn’t even begin to describe what the sudden temperature change that happened inside your body, your heart dropping and breaking inside
His body disappeared into the kitchen, grabbing a cup, making his tea, stirring in honey and warm milk, the warm aroma smelled so good, he could almost taste it
The blanket pooled on the floor as it slid off your legs as you made your way up the stairs, your vision blurring, a deep low rumbling in your ears as you held your breath
A heat burning in your throat as it felt like it was being closed off
“Y/N? Where are you going?”
The voice of your husband sounded while you were already halfway up the stairs, his cup of tea in hand and a plate of crackers to go with it but he didn’t miss the sound of your sniffles
“A bath...” you pushed out, trying to sound as normal as possible but he heard the slightest quiver
Also it didn’t make sense to him. You had already showered earlier today and there was no reason for you to clean yourself again
Did you spill your tea on yourself?  
No, that wasn’t it since your tea was just as he saw it last before he went to make his own
He set down the platter of crackers, sipping his own tea in silence, waiting to hear the water start to run
But after a few minutes, there was nothing
He went up the dimly lit carpeted stairs to the upper level, still not hearing any water running, no music that you usually played while you showered or bathed
But only as he stepped into your guys’ shared bedroom, turning on the light could he hear the faintest thing
Sniffles and sad weeps sounded through the crack beneath the bathroom door
Your cheeks were burning from how your tears made your skin dry, your eyes sore, your throat dry
Now you really wish you had your tea
But you also wished you had your husband with you
It was a dull but deepening ache in your chest as you thought about it more and more and it was all you could think of
Was he losing interest? Now? With the baby on the way?
Did he not love you as much anymore?
It broke your heart, you couldn’t hold in your cries as it seeped out
Omi’s hand hovered over the doorknob before he heard you
He never felt it before in his life but his heart sunk deep inside hearing your cries
Your hands trembled as you buried your mouth into your elbow, muffling the cries as if you were afraid he could hear you all the way downstairs but you didn’t want to get carried away
You would have to return downstairs or see him at some point
Even if it felt like to you that he didn’t want to
Your arms and legs felt cold as you sat on the tiled floor of the bathroom, only the moonlight pooling in from the skylight was your only source of light in the bathroom
You hugged yourself the best you could, your hands rubbing over and around your pregnant belly
At least you weren’t truly alone
“I have you,” you whimpered to yourself in your head, feeling more tears slide down your face, dripping off your chin
This dreadful feeling - it was so unsatisfying
It didn’t feel right at all but there was nothing you could do, at least not that you could think of
It hurt
As you sniffled and cried in the moonlight by yourself in the cold bathroom, you almost didn’t hear the light knock until it was more prominent
The sound itself made you instinctively freeze as if you were hiding
Kiyoomi was knelt down on the carpet right outside the bathroom door, no longer standing
For the first time, he was heartbroken just hearing your anguish
He had never really loved someone outside his family or volleyball in his life before until you came in and now here you two were
He never understood how hearing others being sad could make himself sad but he knew now that he was experiencing it
“Please open the door.” He held the doorknob, the metal cool in the palm of his hand as he gripped it, not hesitating to open it as soon as he felt the click of you unlocking it
Before he could even think, his body moved as natural as breathing
“What’re you doing crying in the dark by yourself, honey?” He asked with such a hurt in his voice as the lights came on and your body was enveloped into his
His voluntary touch, his voice
He did his best to hold you even with your large pregnant belly in between the two of you
Your heart beat faster as your legs gave out a bit more despite you already being on the ground
Sad cries were buried into his chest
He practically lifted you off the floor and into his lap even though you were much heavier now that you were pregnant but he could care less about your pregnant weight, even if this was your normal weight
You cried and he comforted you, rubbing his hand down your back slowly, wiping away your tears, letting you let it all out
Nothing more mattered to him than you
“It feels like recently,” you started, your voice weak, your eyes down, watching your hands fiddle with each other with his hand that wiped your tears, pads of his fingers grazing your skin
“It feels like you’re avoiding me or like you don’t want me anymore - like you don’t want to be near me,” you whimpered, feeling a pang in your chest as it dissipated into a warm heat that melted through your body
Your own words made you feel crazy now that you were saying it out loud
“What do you mean?” He asked genuinely curious
“Have I been saying things in a brushing off manner? Did I ignore you?” He asked, assessing the terrain as usual
“Well, whenever we’re downstairs, I wanna cuddle with you but after a few minutes of me being beside you, you get up and go somewhere else,” your voice cracked as all these moments you’ve been observing for the past few weeks ran through your head
“And sometimes you come back and sit somewhere else, so it just feels like you don’t want me or you don’t want to be near me…” It hurt as it felt like your fear was coming through the more you thought about it, the more you said it
You sobbed into his chest, bringing your hands to your mouth to silence your cries but they were just too painful and obvious to hide
Kiyoomi listened to every word you said before he wrapped his arms more securely around you, resting his cheek upon the crown of your head as he rocked ever so slightly with you in his lap
“Have I really been doing that?” He spoke his thoughts, not remembering exactly when he did this but of course he didn’t mean to
You nodded, whimpering as the tears couldn’t be stopped, the sinking feeling now changing and morphing into almost what felt like a cold twist and pull inside, coiling more and more as the mere thought of your husband not wanting you grew
“I’m so sorry, Y/N, I really didn’t mean to do this. And of course I want to be with you.” He rubbed his hands against your arms, squeezing them without bringing you any pain
“I don’t want to make any excuses but it could’ve just been an old part of me that still exists.. With all these germs and diseases in the world, I never thought I would be with anyone at all..” He looked down to you, your face in such a close proximity with his, he just knew that if his high school self could see him now, he probably would have been in such utter disbelief
Words couldn’t even begin to describe the cool yet also warm wave of guilt slowly was over him as disappointment pooled deep within
“But you came into my life.” He reassured, putting his words together carefully. “You’re the one I married and I made a vow to be with til death years ago.” He squeezed with every word, hoping they would help mend your broken pieces back together
“I’m so sorry,” his voice cracked into a whisper, his hand cupping your face, wiping away as many tears as he could in hopes he could see your god sent smile soon
your eyes straining from all the tears you’ve been weeping
And at this point, you couldn’t even tell if they were open or closed anymore
But either way, you were just feeling so much all at once, it was overwhelming
you wanted this moment to freeze so everything could be sorted out
“I’m so sorry,” he repeated, wrapping his arms around you, squeezing you as tightly as he could without hurting you in any way
His tough alone, hearing him, feeling him, his warmth
It was just much for your wounded heart
“I’ll hold you like this whenever you want until it’s time for me to go back and however long you want.” He leaned back into the door, holding you close
His hands and arms never really ceased their movements as he always rubbed or stroked his skin lightly with yours
“I love you,” he spoke into your head, holding you as physically close as he could.
And never in his life did he ever think he would want this with anyone but he never wanted to let you go
Tumblr media
gif from @rivaillerose
Ushijima: ft. Tendo
Pregnancy was very much the biggest, newest experience you would be going through for sure
Newest because you never thought you would live in such a lavish home, alongside many others, able to travel to any of them with any of the modes of transportation Wakatoshi provided
You never thought you would be connected to the mafia in any way, let alone be the wife of Wakatoshi, the boss, but the story of how you two met would be a different one to tell another day
Guards stood their post at the entrances, on the terraces, walked the dogs around the perimeter of the property
It felt like the safest place in the world but you knew there were always risks, always factors that weren’t obvious to consider whenever you went somewhere
And now that you were pregnant with your and Wakatoshi’s first child, there were extra precautions - more guards, tighter security around the perimeter and everywhere
He always wanted you safe but he never wanted you to feel trapped or like a dog on a leash
No, that was the last thing you wanted. If he could go back in time and never be involved in this dark life, he would
He would give it all up with no strings attached or any dangers if he could if it meant he could give you a normal life and family that you could call your own with your own husband and kids
Thunder rumbled as rain poured down from the skies
You paused in your steps at a particular loud boom of thunder, clinging onto the arm of the man beside you as you walked around the house since you couldn’t really walk your normal outside route
“You’re scared of thunder?” The somewhat playful voice of Tendou Satori chimed lightly as he peered outside before glancing back to you
“Just a bit..” You understated, doing your best to hide behind the tall, lean man just a bit as you the two of you walked through one part of the estate that you loved whenever the weather was anything but stormy
The windows in this hallway bridge-like area of the house was just so big, it was mesmerizing but whenever the dark storm clouds rolled by, you wanted to be as far away as possible
It was just the daunting fear you had that, somehow, thunder or wind or even lightning would strike the window, blowing the shattered pieces inward and toward you and you would just die like that
“Can we go a little faster? I don’t like being here when it storms..” You reached with your other hand over your belly, grasping his uniform jacket even more
“Hmm hmm, sure thing,” he hummed. “But you’re the one setting the pace, I’ve just been following you, Y/N,” he teased but you knew it was the truth
You wanted to go on your daily walk outside and usually it was either Wakatoshi with you or Tendou but more recently, it had been Tendou and your walk had to be inside because of the weather
“I’m waddling as fast as I can!” You bantered, getting him to laugh
You only started these little strolls since your belly had been growing since it helped relieve and most of the time prevent cramps - though they still came out of nowhere at times
Tendou had been by Wakatoshi’s side since as long as you could remember
He was the top head of the security and both your and Wakatoshi’s first hand man when it came to anything - he knew everyone
You waddled along the carpet, eyes staring off into the distance of the house
There was just a feeling
You couldn’t quite put your finger on it
How long had it been since you got to hold onto your husband’s arm?
How long before you could again?
Turning the corner from the hall, you could hear rain beginning to tap and shower onto the glass of the windows
But of course, you also didn’t miss the flash of thunder, making you squeeze onto Tendou’s arm
“Hm, there there. The storm can’t get in,” he comforted you with his soothing voice, nice to listen to as it wasn’t too harsh or low but quite playful despite his combat abilities that would make others think he was quite intimidating
He led you away, down another hall, turning into a more concealed room that had less windows but there were a lot of things he could distract you with
It was sort of like a library but it wasn’t at the same time - it was weird but it was one of those rooms in the whole estate that could be anything wakatoshi or you wanted
But this was your comfort-play room
It was a tall yet also “small” room where he wakatoshi was able to get you anything you wanted
To the left of the entrance, there were bookshelves of your favorite mangas, graphic novels, book series, photo albums that took up half of a whole wall with a nice wooden table where you could sit and eat or study or anything
Then on the other side of the room, to the right of the entrance, there was a big tv and big plush couch that you could sleep on like a bed or just to lounge back and watch movies
There were gaming consoles and movies that you could always be able to watch or play, with nice led lights that changed based on the ambiance you chose or based off the sound
And quite a unique feature was a fridge disguised as a bookshelf, filled with cool snacks and drinks and water and just a lot more that you also shared with security and others that worked in the house, though toshi would remind you that you didn’t have to
But you insisted, they were humans too with lives and souls
“Are you going tonight?” You sat yourself onto the couch, the plush fabric rubbing against your skin, leaning into the plush back as he stood at the door, holding his hands behind his back
“The gala? No.. I’m staying here with you tonight,” he smiled, popping his hands out to make jazz hands. “To keep you safe~” he chimed. “And company.”
You patted the couch, inviting him over since he never really needed to stand at the door and be super formal with you - plus you knew that he was always on guard no matter how relaxed he truly looked
He had two lives to protect in this room, even if it meant giving up his own for your ensured survival
He was a friend of yours too, someone in the house you could talk to about anything beside toshi if he wasn’t there, who unfortunately wasn’t the most accessible recently
“Is tosh bringing a guest this year?” You pondered
“No, not this year I don’t think.. he seemed a lot busier this morning when I saw him and he talked about how a few others were unhappy but he didn’t seem too bothered. It was just other business stuff I didn’t ask about..”
You nodded before you mindlessly turned on the tv. “Do you want to watch anything?” You turned toward him
“Mm, maybe some horror?” He suggested. “But will you be brave enough?”
“I actually don’t know, I’ve never really watched any horrors, but you’re staying with me tonight anyways.” And with that said, you put on his suggestion of the conjuring
The ambiance of the room shifted, turning dark as it matched the movie, the surround system making you tense even though nothing had really happened yet
But all you could sort of think about was the gala
It was a prestigious event where leaders of the city and mostly those in the higher socioeconomic class gathered, having a luxurious dinner with a ball
Toshi had taken you a few times, though as his power grew, so did the threats - there was a shooting one year where there were fortunately no casualties, though a lot of heavily injured and it was revealed by the police that you were the main target
From then on, security increased and he didn’t let you go as his guest
Instead, a fake guest that was dressed to look like you was invited
Initially, the thought made you feel envious of whoever got to go.. got to spend time with your husband when you didn’t get to but he kept your worries at bay, riding at separate cars, not even offering to dance as he would mainly eat dinner and leave
But even his guests were shot and killed
The movie kept you tense the entire times
The white noise during the silent parts, the sudden base drops and loud booms of doors slamming or jump scares - it was all so much
You curled your legs up, holding one of the large pillows in your lap so you could easily hide away behind it because if you couldn’t see the ghost, the ghost couldn’t see you
“Can I hold your arm?” You looked over to tendo as he enjoyed the movie as you scorched yourself closer to him, already reaching for his limb before he could actually respond
“Sure,” he laughed. “But if you want to stop watching, we can always watch something else.”
“No, cause now I want to know what happens.” You clutched onto his arm, his hand loosely in yours, just resting there
If anything, you were the one squeezing him, making him actually laugh through the movie than scared at the loud noises and jump scares - plus the face he had already seen this series quite a few times but still loved it
As much as you appreciated tendo and loved him as a friend, you wished that you were hugging your husband’s arm instead
To get your mind off of it, you pushed through the conjuring series movie, even the prequels like the nun, only to cling tighter and tighter to tendo through all of them
Before you knew it, it was practically the usual time Wakatoshi would be leaving
“I wanna go see him off!” You paused the movie, instantly turning on the lights and reaching out your hand so tendo could help pull you to your feet. “If he’s not bringing a guest then maybe he can just stay home tonight then?” You wondered to yourself, a fall hope casting a glaze over the truth you didn’t want to admit over yourself
Tendo escorted you down the brightly lit hallway, leading you down the stairs, through the living room, past the kitchen, down a small elevator which led right into the basement, and finally turning the corner into the main garage, right where you caught up to him
He looked stunning in his suit, his olive green hair slicked back
“Toshi!” You waddled the fastest you could over to him beside the open car door, his men watching stoically like statues all around at their posts
Now that you were down here, it was you had a single chance - like you had to trust the other person not to drop the rope or to let go of their hand
“Y/N,” his voice was so clear and strong, sounding over the car, though you could just tell from how he said it, his tone was off - he wasn’t in his bestest mood
Before you could speak, he took a few strides, walking past you, approaching Tendo who stood at the door
Before you could fully turn around, you heard it and it was too late
Tendo’s face looked down and to the side, his cheek turning red as he kept his composure while your husband spoke, clearly upset about something.. angry even
“I told you to keep her inside while I left. Which part of those orders were unclear?” Ushijima spoke, staring into the eyes of tendo who only kept his head down, not daring to say another word. “I specifically instructed you that I didn’t want to see her when I left..”
“What?” Your heart dropped, the heart from your chest suddenly turning cold
It burned your eyes, the prickles of your tears, which felt sharper than ever in your dry eyes as all you could do was stare
Did you hear correctly? Your own husband didn’t want you to see him off? Or to.. see you tonight?
When he turned back around, he made long, clear strides to the car, barely even looking at you
“Bring her back upstairs.” His final orders as he shut the door, the vehicle driving off
Tendo silently approached you, an apologetic look pooling in his eyes as your vision of him blurred before the hot tear trickled down your cheek
He led you in, staying with you
The ride up the elevator felt slower than before when you went down Stepping out, you took his hand, leading him to the counter while others were stationed
“Please leave us,” you could barely speak but with a silent nod from tendo and the others, they left
You grabbed a small ice pack from the freezer, waddling it over to tendo, his cheek rosier than before, and brought the pack up to his face
He kept his eyes down, even raising his hands up so you wouldn’t have to hold it but your hand would only push his away
It was only when he saw the tear drops fall onto the floor did his eyes shoot up
His heart ached for you as he couldn’t even begin to imagine how you must’ve felt
“Why didn’t he want to see me?” It only hurt more as you rubbed salt into your own wound, repeating his words. “What did I do wrong?” Your lip quivered as all you could manage to do was stand still, staring off toward the wall as the tears fell as fast as they came, drenching your cheeks and your shirt around your belly with tears and wet stains
It only took a moment before you took deep gasps for air, your face scrunching up as you cried, your legs no longer having the energy to hold you up as you sunk to the cold tiled floor
“Y/N!” Tendo took hold of your arms, trying to help you stand but you just couldn’t
“I just wanted to see him.. I feel like I haven’t seen him in so long cause of his work and- and then..” You couldn’t push yourself anymore as you caught yourself, keeping the dam at bay. “I just wanted to see him, Satori, was that so wrong?” You sobbed, face contorted, lip weak as you broke
There was no point in keeping it in when it hurt so much yet felt so good to let it all out
“I miss him!” You clung onto his arms as he did his best to help you to your feet
The pain you felt - it ached, it burned, it seared itself onto your soul so that every thought, no matter how recent or fresh a thought of your husband was it made sure to make it’s presence known
The pain made sure to hurt and hurt it did with your own husband’s words repeating in your head
Tendo knelt beside you, offering his handkerchief to wipe away your tears although they never showed any signs of stopping
With all his might, he carried you upstairs, walking you to your bedroom where you went in, closing the door immediately on him
Even just looking at the bed, as much as you loved it and wished to sleep away the pain, you knew, you could feel how much your heart ached just seeing his pillow
You mustered up the energy to crawl in, pulling the blanket over you, pillows into your arms and between your legs and you just sobbed
Nothing felt like it mattered and it felt like nothing could be done about this pain
Tendo could hear it all through the door as he stood guarding his post, glancing up at the camera in the corner as he saw the red light blinking and through it, he knew who was watching
On the other side, Ushijima looked Ito the camera’s surveillance, cooled off a bit more
A strange feeling began to pool inside of him as he switched back, hearing your audible distress through the cameras and that he was the cause - guilt
“Turn around.” He commanded to his driver
The longer he stared outside the window and at his phone of the cameras, all he could think about was you and just the shame he felt for having to hurt you
He was completely oblivious to your feelings of wanting him at your side but felt so ignorant for not being at your side in the first place
“I will make things right..” He told himself as the car sped back home
Your nose grew stuffier and your eyes puffier the longer you laid there, just… you didn’t even know what you wanted at this point
The front castes of the state opened and close, allowing his car to slip back into the garage as he sped his way upstairs, right towards you, passed the numerous guards and servants
“Tendo.. I’m sorry.” He apologized as the other bowed his head before he opened the door and slipping himself in, shutting it silently behind him
Hearing your sobs through the cameras were already bringing him enough guilt but to hear it before him, he could hear and practically feel the pain he had caused you
He silently stepped over to you, kneeling beside your bed
“Y/N,” he said, bringing you a strange feeling aside from pain.. How was it that the voice that hurt you not long ago was saying your name with such a softness, that you couldn’t even believe it was the same one that hurt you?
“There’s no physical amount of love I can give you or speak with enough love in my words to make up for my hurtful words. There is no good excuse for what I said. I am sorry.”
You were speechless - you didn’t know what you wanted to do or say? Not respond to him? But that would only open a rift.. respond? Hugging would be nice since that’s just what you’ve been wanting to do for so long but you were so upset about his words, how he treated tendo
He knelt on his knees beside you, silently, patiently waiting for what you had to do or say
You remained still, laid on your side with the damp pillows in your arms as you kept your eyes closed - you wanted this to be a nightmare and maybe you would wake up while watching the movie with tendo back in your other room
But this was the aching reality
“Why.. did you say you didn’t want to see me?” You thought you had the courage as you pushed the words through your closed throat but you were wrong
Your voice lost its strength throughout the sentence as you swallowed, feeling the hard aching lump
“There is no excuse for my temper. I sincerely apologize for taking it out on you. I was angry to begin with because of the business I had to take care of before the gala and not everything went smoothly. I wanted to further ensure your safety in case others attempt an intrusion while I was leaving. I am terribly sorry, Y/N..” He lowered his head upset, feeling like a fool at himself
He should’ve never taken his emotions out on you. Instead, he should have felt the opposite effect
Seeing you before the party should’ve been the best thing, where all his negativity could be changed to something better because you were the best person who had come into his life
Shame and dread mixed and stirred within Wakatoshi beside you
He didn’t feel worthy
Guilt ate at him but to him, he opened his arms to these feelings knowing that this would not be enough punishment for speaking and treating like he did tonight
“If you wish, I will leave you..” He stood, turning to make his leave when he felt a grasp, a force
You pulled onto his hand, the two of you locking eyes as he fell onto the bed, his hands falling on both sides of your legs
And now he could see you so clearly, it hit him all at once
He missed you too
God seeing your eyes, how red they were, how tired - how could he have done this to you
“Stay.. Stay,” was all you could push out, your voice squeaking
This was the last thing he had expected you to say
He didn’t know what to say
He nodded, silently pushing himself off as he slipped out of your fingers to disappear into the closet, changing out of his suit into much comfier, simpler clothes
You wiped your face with your sleeves, feeling the sting at the sudden dryness of your skin
“Please don’t cry…” he wished to say, but obviously if you wanted to, you would’ve - and deep down, it was subconsciously something he wanted to say to make himself feel a bit better about himself but he didn’t
He knew better
Getting into bed beside you, he brought a tissue box, plucking a few as he moved himself to your side, feeling more and more ashamed of himself as he got closer, seeing your anguish
“I’m so sorry..” He wiped your face gently
It felt like there was nothing he could say since he hurt you originally with the words but now it felt like all he could truly to to help was to be with you
It was what you had wanted
You gave him another shock as you reached your arms around him, holding him and for once tonight, the comforting feeling of feeling your husband in your arms actually felt better than the words that broke your heart
You were so starved of it and now you could heal
He wrapped his arms around you, rubbing your back as you nuzzled yourself into his chest
“Did you apologize to tendo?” You asked, sniffling as you looked up to him, stern with a small pout on your lips and brows furrowed, ready to be angry
“I did.. I will apologize more sincerely tomorrow, but tonight, you should rest..” He paused, cupping your face, grazing his thumb along your dry cheek
“I will be here and be by your side whenever you wish from now on. This is my promise to you,” he vowed, cherishing the feeling of your body laying in his, pondering what he did that made him able to deserve you in his life, to be by his side in this lifetime
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hornime · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
warnings: 18+, timeskip!ushijima, f!reader, SIZE KINK!
a/n: the size kink is acting up today 😐 
Tumblr media
“it’s too big,” you whine, eyes glossy as you gaze up at ushijima, his large frame hovering above you, his eyes focused intently between your legs. your thighs are drenched in your own slick, cunt pulsing from the two orgasms you’ve already experienced—all prep to finally get him to sink inside you. he’s dragging his cock through your folds; you peer down to glance at it, and it’s huge, his size intimidating and fully capable of breaking you in half. you hesitantly put a trembling hand on his bicep, digging your nails in slightly to draw his eyes up to yours, “it’s not gonna—”
“it’ll fit,” he says, eyebrows furrowing as his hand wraps around his cock, lining it up with your drooling hole. “it’ll fit.”
your legs kick out involuntarily as his tip pushes past the first tight ring of your cunt, the burn making your muscles twitch and eyes roll back into your head. it’s so intense—it’s everywhere: you can feel him in your throat and he’s not even halfway there—and his calloused palms grip the back of your thighs, pushing your knees higher up your stomach, giving him a better view of the way you're so lewdly being stretched to fit him. “it won’t,” you cry. “you’re just too big!”
“yes it will,” he insists with a grunt. he pushes in slowly, simultaneously pressing your legs higher and higher until you’re basically folded in half. all you can manage is pitiful whines and choked whimpers, having something so filling—so big—inside you is absolutely intoxicating. his cock is driving every thought out of your brain until you’re just a pussy to get fucked, and god it feels good.
ushijima groans lowly as he thrusts in further, the soft and wet muscle of your cunt hugging his cock, enveloping it in an addicting heat that sends shivers up his spine. you’re so damn tight—he’s in awe of how you’re even accommodating him—and even as he leans his hips back a little to get a better angle, your hole just won’t let him go. it’s sucking him in like you need it, which you might as well at this point, and he can’t believe an angel like you has had heaven tucked between your thighs this whole time.
“oh my god,” you slur, desperately grasping at the sheets below you. “oh my g-god.”
and then his thumb finds its way to rub small circles over your clit and you squeeze, your body clamping down on him like a vice. ushijima’s so shocked at how you somehow feel even better than you did before, letting out a raspy “fuck” as he throws his head back. 
you’re gonna kill him if you get any tighter, but that’s all you can do—every vein and ridge of his cock is fitting perfectly inside you. with a sharp intake of breath, you’re cumming, spiraling into an uncontrollable orgasm that shakes you with the force of it. your cunt is pulsing sporadically, it almost pushes ushi’s cock out entirely, and it’s so overwhelming: your body’s impulse wants him out but the fragmented remnants of your brain want him in—it’s obvious with the way your heels lock together behind his back to keep him in place. the contrast is staggering and it makes him dizzy how you want his cock, him, inside you so badly.
you slightly relax after your orgasm, giving him the opportunity to push in a little more, and his balls slap against your ass. your surprised gazes meet each other—he bottomed out—and you can’t help but laugh, mind giddy with the pleasure of your peak and the blissful way that he fills you whole.
“told you,” ushijima pants, a drop of sweat trailing down his temple. his hair is plastered to his forehead, face shiny with exertion, and you think he’s never looked more handsome—not in a suit, not on the court, never as beautiful as he is now. a smug smile is on his lips and he looks at you hungrily, licking his lips.
“told you it’d fit.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
© property of hornime 2021. do not plagiarize any of my writing and do not repost/copy my writing onto any other sites.
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isseikuns · a month ago
fresh set of nails
includes: hq!characters
summary: where our hq hotties like feeling your nails 💅🏻
genre: fluff, suggestive
a/n: idk, I just made my nails last week and couldn’t stop thinking about scratching bo‘s back…idk
Tumblr media
➵ sitting down on the couch next to him, you perch your elbow up on the backrest, with fluttering eyelashes eyeing his handsome side profile. however he‘s not really paying attention to you, gaze fixated on the TV and only the resting hand on your thigh showing that he had acknowledged your presence. that was until he feels something card through his hair, the way too familiar feeling sending a shudder down his spine, and suddenly his attention is all yours as he turns his head, a lopsided grin on his face, knowing very well that you must had come back from your nail appointment. “C’mere.” he sighed, pulling you over in his lap, your hands instantly finding their way around his neck and fondling with the hair at the nape of his neck, which you know always riled him up, wet kisses already being pressed over your jawline. “The colour’s pretty, baby.”
asahi / tsukki / sugawara / KUROO / akaashi / semi / sakusa / SUNA / romero
➵ never understood how these long things on your fingers were not a nuisance to you. like, how do you pick up a coin? how do you wipe your ass with them?? nevertheless, he had to admit that your nails also had their perks. and one of them was the tingling sensation when you‘d let them glide under his shirt, his abs contracting and a growl getting caught in his throat when you‘d slide in bed next to him. he‘d pull you closer against him, tilt your chin up up between his thumb and the knuckle of his index finger, and attack your lips with his soft one‘s. your hand‘s sliding down and painfully slow untangling the cord of his sweatpants while he gets restless, he hates nothing more than being teased by you but if teasing is supposed to feel so good then he's definitely ready to just bear with it. “Fuck, doll. Yer so hot.”
kageyama / hinata / / kenma / lev/ IWAIZUMI / konoha / TENDOU / terushima / atsumu
➵ he‘s proud of his back muscles which is only another reason why he loves seeing the red marks painting his skin when he gets out of the shower, standing butt naked in front of the mirror. and honestly, you love it too since those are obviously your marks. you two plump down on the bed, his broad form hovering above you with his hands resting on both sides of your head as he mumbles a soft “beautiful”, pressing gentle, fluttering kisses down your throat. and as soon as you help each other out of your clothes, his kisses get sloppier, hips slowly grinding against yours, and your nails clawing at his back as you feel his muscles slightly ripple underneath the skin.
BOKUTO / daichi / matsukawa / aone / washio / USHIJIMA / kita / aran / OSAMU / meian
Tumblr media
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