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#ushijima fluff
waka-chan-out · 2 days ago
Do you think Ushijima or Kita ever gets insecure? I can’t imagine them insecure but I feel like everyone gets insecure. I just... I ponder ..
can you read my mind because i think about this all the time. i apologize for responding to this insanely late but it truly did take me this long to come up with something for kita to be insecure about.
content warnings: ushijima’s is slightly suggestive and discusses body image.
i feel like their form of insecure isn’t debilitating, it’s just annoying. so here are some things i think they’re insecure about and why they shouldn’t be.
love handles, stretch marks, and pecs that are large with more with fat than muscle. this man is incredibly strong and works out all the time, but he has the appetite to match. he’s strong, but he doesn’t have super defined abs. he notices other  v league players around him don’t carry their weight the same way he does, and so when he changes in the locker room part of him is like “huh. weird. is this not normal?” he tries to work out to get more definition and has those thoughts in his mind whenever he’s shirtless around the team but ESPECIALLY around you. i don’t know about you, but these are like….my favorite features someone could possibly have.
he realizes he has nothing to worry about once you get used to each other. you go on dates, spend days in bed together, and in the back of his head he’s thinking about how his body looks for you. not enough to prevent him from doing anything or changing how he acts, but it’s still something that bothers him.
one night you go to bed early because he has practice in the morning. you’re laughing and kissing him, and a small, shy smile won’t leave his face because he just likes you so much. you straddle him and run your hands down his chest and abdomen, past the weight that he doesn’t like thinking about. something in your gaze is so unwavering and fond, and he doesn’t quite know what to do. he feels exposed. you lean down and press a kiss to his lips, then lower to his chest, kissing all over his pecs and pausing to run your tongue over his nipples. he shudders, surprised at the motion, but you don’t stop there. you shift, leaving a trail of kisses down his midsection, burying yourself against his stomach. when you stop and pay attention to the skin just above his waistband he meekly asks you what you’re doing. you hum and ignore him for a moment, moving your attention to his hips. you can’t help nipping gently at the soft skin there. he gasps and his brows furrow, because he has no idea what to do. you press a few more kisses to his sides and move back up to meet his lips, smiling lightly. “you’re just so pretty. i couldn’t help myself.”
he’s startled. that was not what he was expecting. there’s so much sincerity in your words that he can’t help but believe you. insecurity doesn’t fade completely, but you can heal the open wounds that are there.
kita is a hard one because in my head he’s just….perfect. it took me forever to come up with something but i think i’ve finally got it. kita is worried that he’s boring.
he knows you love him and that nothing could change that, but he can’t help but feel a pang of guilt. he takes you to see his friends from high school and you laugh so loud around the miya twins. aran tells a million stories in an excited voice and kita realizes that he just….isn’t like that. he doesn’t get hyper and overly happy. he’s not very outwardly funny, and he’s certainly doesn’t have as exciting of a job as they have. you love him, but maybe you notice those things too. maybe you’re secretly wondering why your partner can’t be as fun as the people he’s closest too. he doesn’t smile as easily or laugh as loud. he doesn’t throw jokes your way very frequently and he certainly doesn’t have the same energy.
it’s easier to make him feel better than he thought it’d be, though. you’re laying in bed with your faces close together. kita is telling some story, one that he really likes telling. there’s a little smile on his face that only grows as he tells it, partly because he loves that story but mostly because you won’t stop laughing. he’s not even really doing anything, or he at least doesn’t think he is. he’s not purposefully telling jokes or being overly passionate. apparently it’s just a good story, because by the end your face is buried into his neck and you can’t kick the grin off your face. you kiss his forehead and press your faces together. all it takes are a few words, a simple “you’re my favorite” or “i’m glad i met you” and he knows he doesn’t care about how you interact with other people. sometimes the thoughts sneak back in, but you’re always there to push them away again, telling or showing him that you’re delighted to know him, to be able to love him. he’s an absolute joy, and what other people say or do doesn’t matter.
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Tumblr media
#genre: Uh idek… fluff I guess with a dribble of sex appeal.
#includes: many boys
#Warning: none , there’s nothing explicit just suggestive
#Note: This was supposed to be straight up just innocent PG shit but I can’t help myself so there’s a sprinkle of 12A :) so Minors proceed with caution
Ushijima: Watching this man drive is better than sex. When reversing he’s got his arm around the back of your seat and his head turned back so you can see the sharp angle of his jaw. He turns the wheel with one palm, and you find yourself getting lost in the way the rings on his fingers accentuate the veins in his hands, the only thing that snaps you out of it is his other hand squeezing your thigh and him turning to ask if you’re okay.
Kuroo: The smirk. This cocky bastard knows what it does to you. It’s a slow sly smirk with low lidded eyes and his tongue poking the inside of his cheek as he watches you get flustered. To make things worse he’ll slowly walk towards you while looking you up and down and put the back of his hand on your cheek and make a comment about how hot you feel, “I didn’t know I affected you this much kitten” he’ll lowly chuckle and you’ll swat his hand away while telling him to shut up.
Osamu: Whenever he’s behind you he’ll place his hands on your waist and squeeze then chuckle when you jump. He just loves having his hands on you and having you close to him at all times. He’ll slowly snake his arm around your waist and pull you to his side so you’re flush against him, often your back flush with his chest so he can easily lean down and whisper in your ear.
Akashi: This man is so in love with you. Hates and I mean hates when people talk over you, like the audacity! Will glare at them not so subtly, so they can get the hint and be quiet and then look over at you with the softest look in his eyes and tell you to continue with a little smile because he wants you to know that he’s always listening to you and that he cares.
Sakusa: After a long grueling work out, he’ll stretch so he’s not so sore the next day and you find your eyes glued to all of him. He’ll lift his arms up and spread them wide so the bottom of his shirt lifts a little so you can just make out his abs and happy trail. You find your eyes following the path of his happy trail until his voice snaps you out of your daze, “What you looking at?” “uuuh… nothing” busted. He’ll look at you weirdly and then just shrug but what ends up killing you is when he lifts his shirt to wipe the sweat off his brows and you get a full look at his toned, sculpted chest and stomach. You walk off to start a cold shower.
Bokuto: He always finds his fingers running through his hair because he can never style it right and will pout while looking at you, but you’re too busy enjoying the view of his tousled hair and beefy arms that flex every time his hands run through his hair. Will ask you if it looks okay but you’ll lie and say it needs to be fixed a little more just so you can watch his biceps stretch the fabric of his shirt, “Can’t you just do it for me babe…babe?” “wh-what?”
Diachi: Daddy Diachi. Every time he wears a suit, he always rolls the sleeves of his dress shirt up, so you get an eyeful of his tan arms that are adorned with a Rolex and the veins that snake up his arms. Will loosen his tie and unbutton a few of the top buttons which draws your eyes to his chest, his chest that looks so tight and uncomfortable in that shirt that you just want to do him a favour and unbutton every button and peel it off his back. But that’s for his case, you’re doing him the favour…it’s definitely not for your benefit.
Suna: Eye contact. The king of maintaining eye contact and it always throws you off because it never falters and if it does it’s so his eyes can flicker down to your lips then straight back to your eyes. Will always subtly smirk when you stutter or trip over your words and will lowly tell you to “take your time princess, I’m all ears”. However, when he’s not teasing you, he’ll have the softest look in his eyes as he listens to you talk because your voice is like a prayer, washing his sins away.
Meian: *Profusely starts sweating*. When he’s sitting down, he’ll lean his head back and let out a low groan. His whole neck will be exposed, and your eyes follow his Adams apple as it bobs and you mentally trace his jawline. He’ll be breathing all heavy which takes your mind to a not so holy place, and you’ll physically have to shake yourself out of it. But what you can’t see is his soft smirk and little lip bite as he watches you get all hot and bothered, that’s the whole reason he does it ;)
Tumblr media
 ༺♡༻ Honorary mentions:
Iwaizumi man spreads and has his hands slowly rubbing the length of his thighs (that Chris Evans video). Oikawa will repost all your posts to his socials and hype you up and brag to everyone how lucky he is. Tsukishima, now with him it’s not something he does but it’s just ✨him✨… he smells so fucking good, without fail he will have heads turning and the other boys asking him what he wears, and he’ll just throw them a cocky smirk and tell them it’s his “natural scent” (it’s his brothers cologne lmao). Kita has a habit of saying your name when he talks to you, will just slip it in there randomly and will catch you off guard but for some reason it’s just so hot.
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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dilf-uc · 3 months ago
sora… please i need size kink with kita & ushi gushy
are you trying to kill me
Tumblr media
warnings » nsfw. minors dni. fluff. sweetest boys <3 size kink. breeding. tummy bulge yum. 1.1K wc. do not ignore warnings.
read samu & iwa’s part if you want <3
Tumblr media
KITA is the most attentive and ritualistic man in bed. and he’s always doing whatever he can to please you in the ways you wish him to. he’s known to be the kind of guy to look out for others even when they don’t ask him to, that’s why he’s always putting your pleasure above his own during sex. by looking out, he’s testing out the waters of what it is that makes your toes curl, makes your moans more audible and whiney, makes you so desperate for him to help you chase your release.
and it’s not like he doesn’t care about chasing his own release; oh no. his release comes as soon as yours does.
it’s impeccable when it comes to timing because he literally finds himself wanting to come undone along with you. so much so that it makes his stomach flutter, even more, because of the intimacy that comes with falling apart in each other’s arms. the sweet feeling of heavy breaths and praises against each other’s sweaty skin, reassuring kisses.
it’s shinsuke’s ritual. it’s a part of it to see your fucked out expression every single time because of his hard work. so of course, he’s going to cum alongside you. he’s put in the effort to hit every single spot that has you seeing stars, he deserves to cum with you.
he just loves seeing his hard work pay off.
oh, and most definitely inside you. because he deserves to empty out all the hard work’s end into your fertile pussy. it’s honestly all he really cares about, thus when he fucks you … it’s like the first time all over again; drinking in everything in your expressions and sweet moans in his ear telling him he’s fucking you so good.
because he’s always investing his time in figuring out what you like and going crazy over it because he loves you so much and he’s so modest. he likes to say he’s doing the bare minimum to please you when in reality he’s doing the most the best boyfriend ever could.
however. kita is completely oblivious to one thing in bed that has you give those scratches down his back unintentionally. and that is his size and the way he performs in bed in relation to it… dear god.
he thinks he knows the things he’s doing to you; he plans it accordingly when you’re having sex because he’s observant of what makes you feel good. but right now, he did not know this thing that you moaned out suddenly as he has you folded in mating press into his ear. he doesn’t know why it was never part of his ritual in the first place.
your arms were wrapped around his back softly, his ears near your wet lips that press kisses to his cheeks with every thrust that hits the right spots.
“s-shin, you’re so big—hngh!” you whimpered in his ear.
and he’d be confused when you spew obvious things about his dick; it is big in size but it’s the average size (to only kita, dear lord) nut what can you do? but perhaps there’s an issue for you to call out his size like that? whining about it? it’s not like he can control it.
kita would be clueless to his size and think something is wrong.
“are you uncomfortable, love?” he’d pull away from your side and face you with concern, though he’s slightly confused because he thought you were enjoying.
“no... ‘m just so full,” you smile wobbly, hands squeezing his shoulder to continue.
kita still looks confused as to why you must point out his size to feeling good before you giggled and grabbed his hand that was at your side, guiding it to your tummy.
“can you feel you right here, shin…” you say with a flushed expression; lips parting and it’s there he can feel his large cock inside you.
and his eyes widen, pupils dilating at this new sensation that causes him to feel the tightness of your pussy taking him all of a sudden. as if you pointing out his size caused him to really take that in.
“that’s me in there?” he’d ask in disbelief; was your tight little cunt and womb just that small around him or was he just that big compared to you?
“mhm... shin, you fill me up so good, baby,” you’d hum against his neck, pressing kisses.
it’s almost instinctive in the way he intertwines his hand with yours on your stomach, pressing further and gnawing his lip flesh at the feeling of pressing against his cock— he can feel it in his tip.
“in that case…” kita leans to press a kiss against your forehead, matching your smile before pulling away to look at you. “i’m gonna fill you up as much as you want— have me really in there. is that what you want, my pretty girl?”
the size kink is like another bullet point in his y/n to-do list.
Tumblr media
USHIJIMA is a beast in the bed unintentionally. he’s like a big teddy bear with all the love to give into you. his physique is no joke; he’s ripped, has got the most massive thighs that could break your body with one slip up.
ushijima is just built like a god and you tell him that every day. so obviously that energy is matched in his cock. and oh my. he’s just so huge in that aspect, muscley, veiny all around and it’s truly a sight that makes you drool.
sadly sometimes ushijima takes it as an exaggeration and refuses to believe all the sweet words you spew at his good form. it’s like you state it as merely a fact. and he partially curses at himself for it because he just doesn’t realize the extent of his strength and body sometimes. especially his inability to tell if you’re feeling as good as he or not and it’s always putting him on edge.
though you constantly are there to reassure him, he’s still always anxious to hurt you. because this man knows how big his dick is, therefore, he’s always taking extra precautions, prepping you until he’s convinced you can take him. or, at least as convinced as he’ll be.
he’s the kind of person who wants to make you feel good without worrying about hurting you in the process because he knows the stamina that comes with his strength.
but it’s not just that.
what really drives him insane is the tightness of your pussy wrapped around his length that’s too much to bear; barely taking him whole. he knows he shouldn’t be turned on by it but he can’t help it; he’s so in love with the way you force yourself to take what he gives you whole, whimpering even if it’s physically impossible. even if it doesn’t fit in all the way.
you did that in your own will when you first started dating because you knew just how much came with being with him, how much you would have to deal with.
pro-volleyball player, ace, sculpted like a god ushijima wakatoshi with so much responsibility and eyes on him... how can you not give it your best to make him feel good because there’s so much more that he has?
it’s like a challenge to take him, to make sure he gets to release all the stress of his work inside of you, filling you to the brim. it even feels better knowing that he’s big and that physically it’s impossible to take him.
to sink yourself down on his cock and take him whole because he deserves it. to make it fit just for him. like you’re bringing yourself to take him no matter the cost.
“y/n, i don’t think you’re ready to—” he’d coo in your ear as your face is currently pressed into his shoulder, interrupting shortly by your whines.
“nngh— no! i can,” you whimpered into his shoulder, hands pawing at his back as you sink yourself down his length. “i can take it.”
“no, y/n, you can’t,” ushijima pulls away to see you struggling, pressing a kiss to your cheek. “you can use my thighs, i can use my fingers, my mouth; whatever you prefer, my love. just—”
you pull away from his shoulder and grab his face rather harshly, slamming your lips against; sliding your tongue in, and stealing his breath away.
“i said i can take it,” you look up into his eyes with a daring expression, teeth gnawing at your bottom lip… ushijima’s eyes widen and it rushes the blood to this tip all too quickly at your determined tone. “‘m almost all the way in, toshi,”
ushijima doesn’t know why but the moment you grabbed his hand that was resting at your lower back, placed it on your stomach to feel the increasing bulging in your stomach the further you
“can you feel it, toshi?” you mumble against his lips, pressing his hands on the area and causing him to groan at the feeling of being pushed inside you even more. “i can take you, okay? just wait hmph—!”
ushijima cuts you off by a wet open-mouthed kiss, needing you to stop talking or else he was going to go insane— he thought about lifting you off his lap and just throwing you on the bed, folding you into a mating press and go haywire into your tight little pussy, absolutely wrecking it like you’re asking for here.
so he can’t help himself but grab at your ass, pulling you down and completely thrusting upwards into you, making you let out the loudest moan at the sudden stimulation.
“let’s see you take it then.”
ushijima and his size kink are inevitable.
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pxckyfxiry · 26 days ago
Misunderstood characters and how they really are:
Haikyuu edition:
My Hero Academia edition:
Tumblr media
Oikawa Tooru: “the heartbreaker”
People make him out to be a playboy heartbreaker. But that’s not true. He loves his fans, they make him feel appreciated and all his efforts worthwhile. But you, you are an entirely different situation. Just a compliment from you is enough to brighten up his entire week. He is undeniably faithful and only has eyes for you. If it makes you feel insecure or uncomfortable that he’s hanging around his fans, then he will distance himself from them. Because in the end, you’re the one that truly matters to him. And he makes sure you know that, proving his love for you on multiple occasions with exaggerated gestures.
Tsukishima Kei: “the insensitive bully”
Sure he has his moments and snide remarks, but all of that vanishes when he is with you. He doesn’t even need to watch over his words because he knows he can never say anything bad about you. He loves you so much, and he is uncharacteristically affectionate around you. He does not hesitate to show any kind of PDA, as long as you are comfortable. It’s all soft smiles and warm, lengthy hugs when you’re with him. He tries to not depend on others, but he’s very dependent on you. Not in a bad way, but you’re the only person he knows he can rely on to keep his heart safe.
Ushijima Wakatoshi: “the emotionless volleyball player”
No. Just no. He is blunt, yes. But that’s all he is. He is not emotionless, his countless efforts to contribute to your guys relationship proves it. You’re the only person that gets to see his rare smiles, you’re the only person that gets to see how his cheeks flush when you’re the one initiates the kisses. He’s quite protective and jealous too. Like one time, he brought you a plushie and you began cuddling with it instead of him. You heard him talking to the plushie about how you’re his and how it has to share. It was honestly adorable, but after that, you didn’t bother cuddling with the plushie, the big, soft man beside you provided you with all the warmth you needed.
Suna Rintarou: “the f*ck-boy drug dealer”
First of all, he doesn’t even use them. He’s never even touched them. He just looks like that because he is extremely sleep-deprived. But he tries to make up for his lack of sleep by demanding an insane number of cuddle sessions and sleepovers from you. Which you are happy to oblige to because he is an extremely good cuddler. He gives the best damn cuddles, he’ll use his height to his advantage and make you curl up against him. In the middle of the night, he’ll mumble incoherent ‘I love you’s and he’ll press his lips against your hair/neck/knuckles, whichever he reaches first. He’ll keep his lips there until next morning so he can greet you. Even if he does greet you in the morning, you both will only get up in the afternoon.
Miya Atsumu: “the playboy”
Unlike Oikawa, this guy straight-out ignores his fans. You’re the only one he needs. He doesn’t give them two glances, he’ll just run to you the moment you enter his field of vision. Although you’re not allowed to make any noise while he serves, he always dedicates them to you before he does it. Whenever he wins a game, you’re the first person he goes to. He’ll twirl you around and place torrid kisses on your face. He doesn’t have any problem with showing you off to the rest, besides, Samu loves how you make his brother happy too.
Kyoutani Kentarou: “mad dog”
He is one of the softest people with the most purest hearts on this list. He’s quiet, meaning he tends to overthink a lot. But whenever he thinks about how someone as amazing as you decided to grace his life, a huge crooked smile will adorn his face, and it creeps out his teammates most of the time. As soon as he finishes practice, he’ll dash to the gate to see you waiting there, and it warms his heart thinking that you were waiting for him. He will definitely hold your hand the entire way back home, and he growls at anyone who dares to come near you. Even his teammates are surprised, wanting to know how he managed to score someone like you.
Sakusa Kiyomi: “the germaphobe”
Sure, he does have his fear of germs, but your cleanliness is what probably made him fall in love with you in the first place. Not overly clean, just enough to maintain basic hygiene. You’re the only person he can be comfortable around. He’s extremely touch-starved so expect a lot of demands for affection from him. He’ll make you give him painstakingly long cuddles, and he’ll have an arm around you whenever you’re both not cuddling. He’ll pout if you go almost even an hour without seeing or touching you, and he’ll whine if you cut one of your cuddle sessions short.
Bokuto Kotaro: “the man-child”
Let me start off by saying, that his childishness was what made you fall in love with him in the first place. We all need that one person in our life that’s able to bring us happiness just by being around. Bokuto fills the role easily. He is not overly childish to the point that he is ignorant to your problems. No, he tries his hardest to solve them with you, he tries his hardest to make you feel better and it works most of the time because this man just radiates serotonin. His positive energy is very contagious, so expect your bad mood to be washed away the moment you are graced with his infamous close-eyed smile, teeth and all.
Tumblr media
© pxckyfxiry - do not repost, translate, plagiarize or share my work on other platforms
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adoringhaikyuu · 11 days ago
hi!! i really love ur works and idrk if this is where i write my request but can you write about that tiktok prank where you keep removing their hands from your owns while they're driving so they start to get irritated and grabbed ur thighs instead? u can ignore this message if u dont do reqs! love lots <3 (tsukishima, kuroo, ushijima) if possible!! :)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: iwaizumi + kuroo + tsukishima + ushijima + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: this isn't even a trend any more cause it's been so long 😭i'm sorry but hope u enjoy <3 i added iwa cause i felt like it :) ALSO i misread the ask and only realized after i wrote everything so it's a lil different i'm sorry sfjkdghk
Tumblr media
★ iwaizumi would slowly slide his hand back the first time, thinking you did it as a mistake or something. but when you keep doing it, he raises a brow and clenches his jaw, a dangerous smile appearing on his face. when he reaches a red light and turns to find you hiding your smile, he rolls his eyes and grabs your thigh with some extra force (not enough to hurt, just to get you flustered) and faces the front like nothing happened. "cut that shit out, you know better."
Tumblr media
★ kuroo turns to you immediately, a questioning smile on his face cause he knows you're up to no good. he slides his hand back just for you to shove it off again and he lets out a huff of laughter, shaking his head. he keeps on driving with a smile that's far too casual. "you're not playing very nice, kitten. see where that gets you." he waits a second before bringing his hand back to your thigh, squeezing it cheekily when you don't shrug him off. he smirks, smug as ever, "that's what i thought."
Tumblr media
★ tsukishima glares at you so hard you're surprised you don't combust then and there. when you turn your body so you're facing away from him, his eyes narrow but he gets more worried as time passes and you don't look at him. he mutters out a quiet, but soft. "is something wrong?" when you hear the worry in his tone, you can't keep it up any longer. you let him know it was a prank and he rolls his eyes. "you're insufferable." will not put his hand back unless you put it yourself and hold it there, cause he can be insufferable too <3
Tumblr media
★ ushijima is confused and slowly places his hand back, his brows furrowing when you put his hand back on his side. immediately asks if everything is alright. when you don't respond (so you don't laugh) he turns to you, glancing every few seconds. and once he hits you with that "love?" there's no going back. you take his hand and put it back yourself––he's very confused but doesn't question it, just gives you a few loving pats before resting his hand again.
Tumblr media
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luvbub · 5 months ago
Hello! Can you do the "I think I know why my boobs are so small." prank on my beefy boys, Matssun, Atsumu, Bokuto and Ushijima👅 love your styles in writingggg😩💓
“I think I know why my boobs are so small” prank
Tumblr media
feat. Matsukawa, Atsumu, Bokuto, Ushijima
♡ note: f!reader
♡ a/n: LMAOOOOOOO this prompt
♡ part two
Tumblr media
you knew your boyfriend was clever- so you had to ask him when he was off guard
so you waited until he was nearing the end of his nap to try out the prank
you curl up next to your boyfriend, cuddling into his side
“hey Issei” you whisper, causing him to stir and wake up
“hmm?” he asks
“I think I know why my boobs are so small” you tell him
“mmm and why is that” Matsukawa asks, but the moment you gasp at him, he processes what you said and sits up
“ISSEI YOU THINK MY BOOBS ARE TOO SMALL?!” you screech-although you can’t help but laugh upon seeing his unamused expression on his face
your boyfriend thumps your forehead before he wraps you up in his arms and pulls you back down onto the couch
“ah that was really clever of you babe. you really got me there” he chuckles, drifting back into his nap
“I don’t know what you’re talking about Issei, you just said you thought I had small boobs” you dramatically sigh, trying to squirm free from his hold
but instead he only pulls you closer into a tighter embrace
“never said that, and to be fair I wasn’t even paying attention to what you asked me” he rolls his eyes at you
despite what he says, he still presses a kiss to your forehead
“I think you’re absolutely perfect, alright? I wouldn’t change a single thing about you” he mumbles
you take pause at his words, unable to come up with any sort of witty comeback solely because you’re too flustered by his words
“oh? not so chatty anymore huh?” he teases, enjoying the way you’re absolutely speechless from his loving words
as much as he knows that this was just a little prank you set up
he’ll never shy away from making sure you know how absolutely beautiful you are
you knew for a fact that Atsumu would be the type to fall for this one
and you also knew that the best set up for this prank would be in front of his friends
so one day, you and Atsumu has Osamu, Suna, Kita, and Aran over
everyone was just hanging around, and when the room got silent you knew it was time to strike
you nudge Atsumu to catch his attention
“baby baby I know why my boobs are so small!” you announce, catching the attention of the other four
“why?” he asks with absolutely no hesitation
the other four realize what went on before your boyfriend, and they were dying to see his reaction was
Atsumu blinked at you, waiting for your answer
“ think they’re small?” you softly ask, and you watch as Atsumu’s eyes widen in a panic
“wait wait wait nO THAT’S NOT WHAT I- NO Y/N I DIDN’T MEAN THAT” Atsumu hollers, grabbing hold of your hands to pull you closer
he looks to his friends for help but the four avert their eyes, not wanting to be a part of whatever was going on (Suna was recording this of course)
Atsumu was panicking even more when he saw your dejected face, not realizing it was a prank
“’s okay ‘Tsumu, you’re not wrong..” you mumble and at this point, all sense of logic and reason fly out the window
there was another silent pause
“WAIT NO DON’T SAY THAT” Atsumu screeches, and pulls you into his arms
he has you in a hug, jumbling his words around but you’re able to make out a string of apologies and compliments
the guilt eats away at you and you eventually confess to him that it was all a prank
and Atsumu makes the biggest deal out of it, claiming to have never been ‘so betrayed’ in his life
but in all honesty he’s just relieved he didn’t accidentally make you insecure
“hey Kou?” you call out innocently, yet plastered across your face was a devilish little grin
“in the living room!” your boyfriend calls out, and you follow his voice where you see him watching his latest volleyball game- going over every play
perfect- he was distracted
you plopped onto the couch next to him, and his arms instinctively wrapped around your waist to pull you close
“hey babe, I think I know why my boobs are so small” you say, waiting for him to ask why
but he doesn’t
Bokuto grabs the remote to mute the television and he sits up to look at you, blinking in confusion
“your boobs aren’t ‘so small’, they’re perfect what the heck are you talking about Y/n?” he asks with a completely serious look on his face
because he does not like hearing you say anything about your body that could come off as negative in the slightest
“No Kou, what I meant was-” you try to explain yourself but it’s too late
your boyfriend is going off on a tangent about how much he loves you and how every part of you is absolutely beautiful to him
after that, he goes on to ask you whether or not he’s ever said or done anything that made you feel more insecure about yourself
by the end of his little motivating speech, you’re honestly too embarrassed to even admit the whole thing was a prank you saw on tiktok
but how could you even muster the courage when your boyfriend is cuddling you and showering you with so much praise and affection
so you leave the prank at that and enjoy the rest of the day snuggling up to your boyfriend
although you didn’t expect Akaashi to swing by the next day with some self-help books teaching you to love yourself more
“Bokuto-san asked me to bring these”
messing with Ushijima was always going to be unpredictable
because there was no telling how he’d react to the prank and how he’s react to learning it was all a prank
however, through Tendou’s encouragement, you decided to muser up the courage and try it out on him
the two of you were just cuddling in bed after waking up, the perfect time to strike
“Toshi~ guess what” you coo, and it was your soft voice that made him smile every morning
“yes Y/n?” he asks, his mind wandering off about the tasks that needed to be finished later today
“I learned why my boobs are so small” you say so matter of factly
“hm, why?” Ushijima asks, still thinking about today’s chores
but Ushijima thought your question was weird, and so when he thought back to what you said and how he answered, he sat up in bed
“oh. I don’t think they’re small at all” he says, and you bite back a laugh
he was always so earnest, and you knew what he was speaking was his own true opinion
still, it was fun to press on
“then why did you ask me why?” you sigh, turning your back away from your boyfriend
Ushijima frowned, not knowing what was going on
he lays back in bed, hugging you from behind to comfort you
“I was only curious as to what you had to say. that doesn’t mean I agree with what you said. I’m sorry if I've upset you but I think you’re beautiful the way you are” he responds, and it’s at this point you break
you turn back to face him, cupping his face and giving him a quick peck
“you’re so cute Toshi, but it was all just a prank you know! I’m not actually upset in the the slightest” you softly chuckle, trying to convince him that it was all for fun
Ushijima slowly blinks, nodding at what he heard
“was Tendou a part of this?” he asks, and when you nod at him, he nods back
the two of you drop the subject, changing the conversation to something else
and while you thought that this whole prank ordeal was over, let it be known that Tendou was still in big trouble with your boyfriend
rip Tendou
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iwasbunny · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 576 words.
# warnings. none!
# contains. tanaka, atsumu, bokuto, hinata, lev, oikawa, daichi, ushijima.
# author’s note. back, back, back again with some soft shit.
Tumblr media
you’re that couple that has a weirdly specific handshake that you both made up.
no one has any idea how to do it but you two, and tanaka loves to show it off.
to be honest, you weren’t really sure why you did it either but if it made him happy then why not?
this man literally cannot keep his hands off of you, at all.
you guys end up being that one couple that kind of grosses everyone out.
all because he will pull you into his lap and suck faces with you regardless of who’s watching.
he’s a big ball of sunshine, and he doesn’t give a single shit about what other people think of you guys.
which is why he’s exactly the type of boyfriend to get you those matching couple shirts, the ones that say ‘He’s the king’ and ‘I’m his queen’ that type of shit.
he will buy it and proudly wear them around with you.
think of the worst thing a couple could do, that’s right.
those ‘I love you more,’ ‘No, I love you more.’ fights? yeah, that’s an everyday thing for you and him.
he probably gets smacked in the head by sakusa a bunch of times cause he keeps being late since he doesn’t want to give in and lose to you.
he’s a huge drama queen.
and whenever he hurts himself, no matter how little it is he will tell you and ask you to kiss the pain away.
everyone around him just rolls their eyes whenever they hear him say it but he won’t stop, he’ll happily take the affection from you.
the king of using too many pet names.
we all know he’s a whiny brat already but that somehow gets worse when you guys start dating.
all his teammates hear are a constant ‘baby, babe, angel, love, pretty, honey,’ they’ve heard him call you every single name they can possibly think of.
you guys love taking pictures together, maybe a little too much. whenever you’re out with friends you’re constantly stopping to ask them to snap a shot of you two.
and at first they thought it was adorable but then you’d do it at the most mundane places.
the frown on suga’s face is unmistakable as he takes a picture while you guys are posed in front of a random sign.
both of you text each other about the most ordinary things.
he just likes hearing about your day and you’re the same.
there have been times when someone tries to tease him for it but he always just responds with a simple, ‘I don’t think I’m clingy, I would just like to know what they’re doing. That’s what good boyfriends do, is it not?’
Tumblr media
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kybabi · 5 months ago
can you please do a scenario where the boys have been distant and closed off which makes their s/o sad :(( they've tried talking to them but they dismisses the reader. and one day when the boys were coming home from practice, they accidentally hear their s/o talking to their friends and their friends convincing them to break up with the boys because of how distant they've been acting. could you please do this with sakusa, ushijima and bokuto? lots of angst and to fluff please! thank you so much ily <3
hearing their s/o talk about breaking up with them
w/ ushijima and sakusa!
(a/n: ahhh i love this prompt sm :’) i’m not sure if you’re the same anon who sent this a couple months ago but i did get the same request a while back and planned to write for it ! i tweaked it just a bit; i hope you don’t mind! i’ll put bo in another part, dw :))
anyways, thank you for requesting :) these scenarios are written in the timeskip. ily all!
p.s. if any of y’all read my recent sakusa drabble (the one with mini sakusa) this is what i imagine the little bedtime story to be like :’))
Tumblr media
he hadn’t meant to get so defensive
and in retrospect, it’s clear that you were completely right
after coming home hours after he promised to, you were upset
“i barely even see you anymore! it’s like you don’t even wanna be with me.”
and he was tired, and irritated, and didn’t want to deal with you
so he snapped at you
“yeah? maybe i don’t.”
he didn’t miss the way your eyes filled up with tears as he walked out, going for a walk to clear his head
he knew he was being unreasonable and you didn’t deserve to be treated so terribly
and frankly, he missed you too
he missed your warmth and affection greatly, and he wanted to be with you more than anything
so he went back to your shared place to apologize
but what he heard made his blood turn to ice
ushijima opens the front door softly, the sound quiet in case you might be asleep.
he pads over to the bedroom softly, peeking in. he sighs in relief. you’re still here.
he’s about to say something when you sniffle, attempting to stifle a sob. his heart breaks.
“i don’t know what to do, fumi,” you mumble helplessly, words shaky. it’s then that he sees your phone on the bed next to you, the speaker on. quickly, he hides against the wall.
your friend, fumiko, sighs from the other end. “oh, babe.”
“it’s just... i feel like i’m putting so much energy and time and love into this relationship and he doesn’t even care,” you sniffle, burying your face in your hands. “i love him so much, you know? but i don’t even know how he feels anymore.”
don’t... know how i feel? he thinks, confused.
yet another sigh comes from her end, and there’s a pause. wakatoshi moves a little closer to hear better.
“y/n, i know you probably don’t wanna hear this, and whatever you decide to do is your choice, which i will wholeheartedly support. but,” she takes a second, “don’t you think... if he’s not putting any effort into this relationship, is it even something he wants?”
you break into another sob at that, hands helplessly wiping at your cheeks.
ushijima frowns. of course your relationship is something that he wants. how could you ever even think differently?
“i know, i know,” you mutter shakily. “i just— i love him,” you whisper dejectedly.
i love you too, he wants so badly to say, but he stays quiet against the wall.
“i know you do. but if he doesn’t even care enough to just show up, i don’t think you should either,” fumi says gently. “i don’t know much about your relationship, but i care about you and i want you to do the best thing for yourself. and if that means removing yourself from situations like this, it might be best to move on.”
move on?
wakatoshi feels like he can’t breathe, throat tight with panic.
he doesn’t want you to move on. he wants to wake up every morning to see your sleepy smile. he wants to cuddle with you when the winter comes and it’s too cold to go out. he wants to spend the rest of his life by your side.
his hands are uncharacteristically shaky, and he balls them up into fists and waits for your answer nervously.
you sigh, defeated. “i know. you... you’re right,” you mumble, and wakatoshi’s chest aches painfully at your reply. “i just need time to think about it.”
“i get it. and i’ll support you in whatever decision you make, okay?” she says on the line. “just— just try not to get hurt, alright?”
a watery laugh escapes your throat and you sigh. “yeah. okay. thanks, fumi. i’ll call you later.”
you’ve hung up, but wakatoshi feels like he’s stuck to the floor, feet glued to the hardwood.
and then suddenly you’re in front of him, eyes widening at his presence, and he can’t find his voice. all he can do is take in the hurt in your red-rimmed eyes; watch as you swipe at them awkwardly in an attempt to make them look like you haven’t been crying for the past hour.
“toshi?” you whisper, and he’s swallowing nervously.
“you,” he mumbles lowly, “you don’t want to be with me anymore?” you look away sadly, stepping back a little.
“i, um. i don’t really know...” you trail off, uncomfortable.
the entire exchange is awkward, and wakatoshi realizes that it’s entirely his fault for that. if he had just been better to you, none of this would have ever happened...
“what do you mean you don’t know?” he asks, brows furrowed. you sigh, frustrated, and look away.
“it’s not like i want to break things off, i just— i don’t really see a point to continuing if you’re just going to keep pushing me away like this,” you explain, and he swallows nervously. “i just need time to think about—”
but then he’s reaching for you, hand wrapped around your wrist, and you pause.
“i’m sorry. i never meant to hurt you,” he mutters guiltily. “and i know i did, but i don’t want to be without you. i love you.”
the confession makes your heart stop. you’d forgotten how it’d felt to hear those words. you turn away, eyes filling up all over again.
“i can’t keep doing this if you’re just going to keep tossing me to the side like this,” you murmur shakily, and he shakes his head, desperate.
“i-i’ll do better, okay? i’ll be better for us, just— just let me prove it,” he pleads, and you’re surprised to see that his own eyes have gone glossy. you don’t think you’ve ever seen him look so desperate in your life. “please.”
fumiko may have been right, but with the way he’s trying to fix your relationship, you think that it might be worth fighting for.
you sigh. “alright. but you can’t walk out on me like that again, okay? it really hurt my feelings,” you mumble, pushing your head into his chest, and he sighs, relieved.
“okay. i’m sorry,” he mumbles, cradling you softly. you offer him a gentle smile and a nod to let him know you accept his apology, and he kisses your forehead.
you know there’s still much to discuss, and many difficult conversations to have. but for the first time, it feels like things will be okay.
Tumblr media
sakusa wasn’t planning on having an argument with you, but it ended up happening anyway
you were fed up with the way he’d been treating you and it all just came out
you pleaded for him to just listen to you, but all you got was stubbornness and harsh words
after a while, he simply refused to talk to you, too angry and exhausted
“what, you’re just gonna go to bed now? is this conversation not important to you?”
he’d scoffed, not even bothering to look back at you
“maybe it’s not. maybe i’m fucking tired of always having to hear you talk.”
it’s not like he actually meant it, but he was tired, and so he snapped at you
so you locked yourself in the bathroom and cried while he drifted off to sleep
kiyoomi groans, rubbing at his eyes tiredly. he checks the clock on his bedside table. 1:28 am.
he looks over to see light peeking out from under the bathroom door. shit, he thinks. you’re still up?
he sighs guiltily, face falling into his hands. he really hadn’t meant to snap at you like that. in fact, having a conversation with you about your relationship really was a good idea anyway.
kiyoomi knows he’s been treating you terribly. he’s been coming home ridiculously late and forgetting to answer your texts. and frankly, he’s just been a terrible boyfriend.
but today was exhausting, and he’d just been so tired, and everything just got to him. so he said things he didn’t mean and shut you out.
he sighs again, looking towards that light from the bathroom. he doesn’t want to go back to sleep feeling like this, so he gets up and tiptoes toward the door. he’s about to knock on it gently when he hears you let out a sob.
he can feel his heart breaking at the sound, and the guilt from earlier increases tenfold.
“i just wish things could go back to the way they were,” you cry, sniffling loudly, and he presses his ear to the door.
“i know, i know,” a voice soothes quietly, and kiyoomi vaguely recognizes it. it’s your friend, emi.
“and i don’t know what i did wrong to make it this way,” you sob sadly, and he swallows regretfully. he wants so badly to tell you that it’s not your fault, that he knows he’s been neglecting you, that he wants to be better for you. but he longs to hear more, so he stays put.
“hey. this isn’t your fault, okay? you can’t put all of this on you,” emi says, and you sniffle.
“i know, but,” you mumble. “if i was a better partner, maybe he’d still want me.” kiyoomi gasps softly at that, confused. it takes everything in him not to open the door and wrap you up in his arms, to reassure you that he wants you more than anything in the world.
“i get it, y/n, and i know you’re hurting. but nothing you could’ve done would make him treat you better. you always strived to be the best partner for him. i know you did,” she reassures you. “but he hasn’t been putting in the same effort, and i think you deserve better.”
he grits his teeth in frustration. he knows she’s right. he wishes she wasn’t.
“maybe you’re right. i-i don’t know,” you mutter softly, and there’s a pause. “i think it might be time to move on.”
kiyoomi’s blood turns cold at that and he blinks erratically, trying desperately to dispel the thought of losing you.
“i don’t think he’s willing to try anymore. i’m just...” you sniffle quietly. “i wish it didn’t have to end this way.”
he steps back, hands shaking, and quickly threads them into his hair as he attempt to find a way to make everything okay. he paces frantically, head spinning, and everything comes to a stop when he hears the door open.
“kiyoomi?” you whisper tearfully, turning the light on. “i—i thought you went to sleep...”
he swallows, suddenly not knowing how to act. he fumbles with his hands, shoving them into the pockets of his sweatpants. “i, uh. i did. i just woke up.”
there’s an awkward, tense silence. kiyoomi understands what you meant when you said you wished everything could go back to the way it was.
“i want—”
“i’m just gonna head to bed for the night,” you mumble, refusing to look at him, and walk into the bedroom. he starts to panic, grabbing your wrist before you can go.
“wait! let’s just,” he says frantically. “could we talk for a minute?”
you turn around, bitter. “now you wanna talk? i thought i wasn’t important enough for that.”
he winces, trying to find the words to respond and coming up blank. you scoff, turning and walking away.
“i love you!” he blurts, and you freeze. your eyes widen, filling up with tears and overflowing.
you miss him terribly.
“i’m sorry. fuck, i’m so sorry. i never meant to make you feel like you weren’t important to me. and i didn’t mean to push you away, but i did, and i hate myself for doing that to you,” he says, praying that you won’t go. “i love you. more than anything in the world. and i should’ve shown you that.”
it’s quiet for a while. and then he can hear you sniffling, and he yearns to comfort you, but he knows he can’t.
you turn around, and he holds his breath.
“i never asked for much. i just wanted you,” you whisper, and he looks down shamefully.
“i know,” he mutters. “i’m so sorry, baby.”
you nod, and he takes a few cautious steps until he’s standing right in front of you. you look up, and he swallows nervously.
“just— just give me a chance to show you that i can be better. i know it’s selfish, and i know i don’t deserve it, but i want to try. please.”
the past few weeks have been rough. but now that he’s looking into your eyes for the first time in what feels like forever, you feel like things might just be okay soon.
you know there’s a lot to say and more hurt to come, but now you know that he’s willing to go through it with you. and you don’t feel so alone anymore.
you take his hand and gently place it on your chest, resting your head on his.
for the first time in a long time, you sleep snuggled into his chest, his arms safely wrapped around you.
the feeling is familiar, and you can finally remember just what it is.
yeah, you smile softly.
Tumblr media
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kitashinsvks · 6 months ago
is your girlfriend single?
characters: ushijima, sakusa, iwaizumi
warnings: none
a/n: hi hi, i was actually planning on publishing this with 6 characters but decided to split it into two parts, i hope ya’ll like it! <3
(read atsumu, suna, bokuto's here)
Tumblr media
ushijima tried his hardest not to look as if he wasn't bored in the ongoing interview. well, he wasn't. but he has been told by their manager that his resting face looks very unapproachable.
he was fiddling with his fingers as the rest of his team members were answering fan questions. letting out a small smile whenever he finds some questions funny and the way that kourai reacts overdramatically. 
"ah, here's a question for big boy, wakatoshi!" kourai announced as he squinted his eyes on the influx of questions.
"yes?" ushijima responded, sitting up a bit more upright. 
"is your girlfriend single?" kourai bit his lip as he tried not to laugh at the question. 
the spiker furrowed his eyebrows in thought. 
"i do not have a girlfriend." was all he said.
the atmosphere was silent as the rest of his team looked at him in shock and mostly worry.
ushijima noticed and looked around the room to see the camera staff and team looking at him. 
"you just said..." kageyama trailed off, hesitant to continue. 
"you broke it off with (y/n)?!" kourai interrupted. 
ushijima frowned, as if that was the most absurd thing he heard.
"(y/n) and i are happily engaged. she is my fiancé." ushijima said plainly, as if he didn't just cause the live chat box to spam with shocked and congratulatory messages.
"and you didn't tell us?!" if anyone was the most offended, it would be kourai.
"i thought the ring was obvious. kageyama has told me it looked nice." the team's heads whipped to kageyama who spluttered on how he didn't know it was an engagement ring. 
ushijima hummed. "it seems like i have not announced this." 
"you think?" he hears kourai's retort but pretended not to.
"me and (y/n) are engaged, therefore, she is now my fiance and not my girlfriend." ushijima said to the camera. "i hope this clarifies my answer." a few more questions were answered, mostly questions in regards to you and ushijima’s engagement before the staff announced that the livestream was over.
“that was a terrible way of announcing that you are engaged.” he hears his captain mutter. ushijima nodded in acknowledgement before heading home to you who was waiting to scold him after watching the livestream. 
Tumblr media
the trainer didn’t know how he was roped into answering WIRED questions when he wasn’t the one in court. he was already halfway when the staff gave him a new board but he was shocked to see that it was filled with questions not about him, but about you.
“your fans wanted to know about your relationship with (y/n).” hoots from outside the camera’s view were heard, iwaizumi internally sighed, knowing that this would be fuel for the team to tease their trainer.
“let’s get this over with.” the trainer says before ripping the first tape from the board. “is iwaizumi’s girlfriend… staged?” he gave a deadpan expression to the camera. 
“(y/n) has been with me since we were third years, waited for me to return to japan after leaving for california and is currently living with me in our apartment. yes, our relationship is staged.” iwaizumi said sarcastically as he held the second tape by his fingertips. 
“is iwaizumi’s girlfriend… oikawa’s ex. what?” he didn’t know whether the staff is being serious as he gave another unimpressed look.
“no, i’m her first boyfriend and the last.” he smirked at his promise, the staff already knew that that alone will become a trending snippet. 
he answered a few more questions in haste, don’t get him wrong. he loves you but he would rather keep details about your relationship private. 
“aight, last one.” iwaizumi ripped the last piece of tape off the board. 
“is iwaizumi’s girlfriend… single?” he raised a brow at that question. 
“where the hell are you getting these questions?” iwaizumi asked rhetorically. “these are the most searched questions about your girlfriend.” one of the staff answered him. 
iwaizumi shook his head in disbelief. “wow… you’d think people actually unironically search for this.” he cleared his throat before looking straight at the camera. 
“i’m going to say this for the last time. my girlfriend isn’t single and won’t be for the longest time before i make her my wife.” iwaizumi stated, voice clear as if he was determined. 
the staff were clearly having a field day, knowing how much this episode will trend because of how whipped and dedicated the sought out trainer was for you. 
the interview ended shortly.  iwaizumi thanked the staff for having him only to be bombarded with a lot of comments filled with adoration towards your relationship. the trainer smiled before finishing up and heading home. 
“you look happy.” you greet him by the door, iwaizumi scoffed playfully before pulling you by your waist and placing a soft kiss on your lips. 
“of course i am, i come home to you.” iwaizumi thought of the comments from the staff, ‘marry her.’ was the comment that stuck to his mind. 
he already had the ring in the bottom drawer, tucked away by his socks. 
Tumblr media
sakusa supposes that being an athlete involved having to deal with interviews. well, interviews that came with the sport, not whatever their team was currently doing. 
sakusa, atsumu, hinata, and bokuto were sat down on chairs, a small metal bucket in the middle of them filled with numerous pieces of papers, printed tweets, to be exact. 
“ooh, this is a good one! were bokuto and hinata close before msby?” bokuto read aloud before beaming at the camera and recollecting the memories from when they were in highschool. 
“fun fact! we all knew each other in some way, waaaay back in high school.” bokuto said before atsumu and sakusa nodded in confirmation. 
sakusa looked at the bucket as his teammates plucked random pieces of papers and answering them with ease. “why are sakusa’s wrists so flexible? please he could like… slap me and i would feel it twice in one motion. great, now all i’m thinking about it sakusa slapping me.” atsumu read aloud, voice turning a mocking pitch at the last sentence. 
“it’s called hypermobility-”  he paused as he saw bokuto and hinata look at him curiously. “otherwise known as being double-jointed. and no, i will not slap you. next tweet, please.”
“how boring, omi.” atsumu teased, sakusa rolled his eyes at the setter. “next. tweet.” 
“okay, okay. calm down.” atsumu surrendered, bokuto plucked another piece of paper before reading it out loud. 
“is sakusa’s girlfriend single? because i saw her in msby’s game against raijins and damn. if sakusa doesn’t wife her up immediately then i would gladly do the honors.” the whole room went silent after bokuto read the paper. the spiker’s eyes widened as he looked towards sakusa. 
“i was only reading the tweet!” 
“no. she isn’t, next question.” was only sakusa’s answer. his voice left no room for argument as atsumu hastily grabbed another piece of paper, moving on from the previous tweet. 
the team believed that due to sakusa’s reaction, that segment would be removed. but to the surprise of everyone, it was part of the final cut and managed to blow up. the fans swooned on how territorial sakusa had been and there were a few feedbacks that sakusa’s eyes softened at the mention of your name in the video. 
sakusa knew that, but he would never admit to it. 
“so.” you start as you lie down next to your boyfriend as the both of you watch the interview. “territorial, huh.” 
“you’re mine and you know it.” sakusa grumbled as he cuddled closer to your chest, watching the remaining few minutes. 
“of course i am, ‘yoomi.” you reply, kissing the crown of his head and watching the interview once more.
Tumblr media
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tetsvhoe · 5 months ago
based off a tiktok
character/s: kuroo tetsuro ; kenma kozume ; suna rintaro ; iwaizumi hajime ; bokuto koutaro ; terushima yuuji ; ushijima watakoshi ; miya atsumu ; oikawa tooru
genre/s: fluff ig
warning/s: none
gwen's notes 🤍: just a quick post y'all im still on hiatus mwa <3 thank u for 800 followers thinking of an event for 1k 😩
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ichigomis · 2 months ago
striking you with hearts again ❤️❤️, if its alright is it okay for you if i can request of a scenario of how will hq boys act calling them by their full name as a prank and they start getting scared because they thought they did something wrong HSHSHHS thank you !! i rlly like ur writing :D (any characters of your choice!)
Tumblr media
with: sakusa, atsumu, iwaizumi, ushijima
notes: HAHAHAA my go to boys :') also ❤️❤️anon! i love ur prompts so much lemme give u kisses [not proofread] —fluff!
Tumblr media
he freezes in the doorway and slowly lifts his head to meet your glaring eyes. he takes a small step back out of a mix of fear and confusion as he brings his mask down to his chin, racking his brain for something he did wrong. he looks down at the bag of groceries in his hands, maybe he forgot something you had asked him to buy?
you bite down your mischievous smile as you watch him scrambling to search the grocery bag, hurriedly looking for an item to possibly appease you. but you only clear your throat, adorn a faux pout, and sigh. "did i do something wrong?" he asks, giving up and finally taking a step closer to you, shaking his shoes off the mat.
you cross your arms against your chest, "i don't know, did you?" you raise a brow at him in your best attempt of seeming angry.
sakusa only furrows his eyebrows and mumbles a, "no?" hoping he got the correct answer.
"then what's taking you so long?" you say, uncrossing your arms and padding towards him, "i missed you!" with a sweet little smile, you immediately drop your act and let your giggles escape your lips. he doesn't move an inch as you wrap your arms around him, a still confused look on his face.
Tumblr media
he looks up from his phone to see your knitted brows and crossed arms, all tell-tale signs that he definitely did something wrong. he shoots up from his seat, a sudden chill running down his spine as he gasps, "D-DON'T SAY MY FULL NAME!" he exclaims in his defense.
"and why not?" from across the room, you shoot him a fake glare and tap your foot as if impatiently. his breath hitches in fear as he gulps down his words and cautiously makes his way to you. he then lovingly slides his hands around your waist to soothe you, rubbing gentle circles which he knows always calms you down.
"did i do something wrong?" he brings you in closer and rests his head on your shoulder, "if i did, i'm sorry," he mumbles against your skin and your facade instantly falls apart. the living room fills with your muffled chuckles as you bury your head against his chest and he snickers, secretly relieved.
Tumblr media
his head whips towards your voice as you intentionally yet pretend to absentmindedly call him by his full name. he immediately straightens in his seat and observes your expression cautiously.
"can you help me with the laundry?" you ask already turning away from him and exiting the kitchen. with a silent nod, he follows your command without a word and silently works as fast and efficiently as you can, making sure you don't even lift a finger.
you watch him quietly put away the last of the clean clothes, eyebrows furrowed in deep thought. and as if sensing your gaze, he cautiously pads over to you and wraps his weary hands around you, hugging you from behind, "i'm sorry," his whispers laced with guilt.
"hajime?" you turn around and cup his face, hearing the name you always call him by brings slight relief to his features.
with a small and apologetic smile on his face, he circles his thumb on your cheek, "whatever it is, i'm... really sorry." he apologizes again and you bite your lip, feeling your own guilt build up.
Tumblr media
he freezes mid-bite—his spoon of rice suspended in the air, his mouth ajar and open, just waiting for you to speak. but you only stand there, arms crossed and glaring at him.
"y/n?" he calls out for you, hand still holding up his spoon. he considers his situation for a second and his eyes immediately darts down to his half-eaten lunch. was it because he didn't invite you to eat with him? his mind short circuits for another second as he remembers how you had insisted he went ahead and eat first, but still, he had to make sure. "did i... do something wrong?"
"hmm..." you drag out your hum, relishing in the cute confused look on his face. there's a slight pout on his lips as he awaits your answer and his brows are knitted as he racks his brain for the best way to apologize to you.
but with a sweet mischievous smile, you only sit beside him and take his spoon. "nope," you bring the spoon to his mouth and he obediently lets you feed him, "you're good toshi."
Tumblr media
rbs are appreciated! *headpats* » m. list
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shoyotime · 2 months ago
arguing and making up
Tumblr media
featuring : oikawa, ushijima, sakusa
genre : angst to fluff ; hurt + comfort
warnings : gn!reader
a/n : if tumblr doesn't mess the queue and posts this, everybody say thankyou <3
Tumblr media
— oikawa
"I can't do this anymore." Those were the last words he heard before you locked yourself in you bedroom. It was fine, really. You both are fine. You'll come out soon, he'll apologize. Everything will be back to normal. After all, you didn't mean what you said, did you?
Even after multiple turns of self assurance, oikawa can't seem to put his heart at rest. An hour passes, then another, followed by the other. No sign of you. He paced around the bedroom door for hours on empty, thinking about you, and the words he should say when you'd finally step out. However, the silence was overwhelming, making it harder and harder to breathe. And so he opened the door. The sight of an empty bed didn't help him.
At this point, tears were already prickling his eyes, hands rolled in a fist as his nails dug in the skin of his pans. The guilt of unbearable. But where did you go if not in the bedroom? That was until you stepped out of the washroom, stretching as if you just woke up from a sweet nap. Your puffy eyes were the pang to his heart.
The next second, you found yourself in his arms, head in the crook of your. "I'm sorry." Only an apology feel from his tongue, voice cracking as his hands tightened around your waist. "Please tell me you didn't meant it." Because a hundred rounds of self assurance never stood upto one 'I'm not going anywhere,' from you.
You smiled, warm breath against his shoulder while your fingers found their way to his hair, brushing them gently as he always preferred. "Of course, I'm not going anywhere, Tooru." However, you broke the embrace, much to his disappointment. "But," You looked into his eyes, hands cupping his cheeks. "Please consider my opinions too, yeah? It takes two to make a relationship work." He knew where this was going.
You always talked about how volleyball was a game of six. No single person can set and spike and then block, all by themselves. And just like that, in a relationship, no single party can make decisions and tag them as right or wrong without the other's opinion. If he didn't learn the second part earlier, he did now.
Oikawa nodded, beaming a goofy smile before hugging you once again. "By the way, what were you even doing for three hours?"
"Oh, I fell asleep."
And oh boy, he was offended. "I was worried to death and you were sleeping?"
"Serves you right, though."
Well, it did.
— ushijima
"Try to understand—"
"No, you try to understand, Toshi! If this is how we're going to live then I think we should just end it here!"
You wished you never had to say that. It was painful for you too, truly. Ushijima, on the other hand, he didn't know what just happened. He was trying to process — repeating your words over and over again. How did we get here? A moment ago, you both were fine, and then you started arguing. Now, you wanted to break up.
So instead of wasting another second over some words that were spilled out of anger ( and maybe, you didn't mean it. he hoped you didn't ) he straightaway followed you outside the apartment, his feet escorting him to the nearest park — the one he proposed you at.
A sprint worth five minutes and there he could see you see you sitting on the park bench. The one where you both shared your first kiss. He took a seat beside you, the fragrance of his sweet cologne filling in, you know it was him. However, you never spared him a glance.
"Do you really, you know, want to—"
"No," His eyes travelled to your face. Unfazed as always, you looked calm yet the fear swam inside your eyes. I didn't mean it, you wanted to say, but the words never left your mouth. He understood your thoughts, though. "But I meant everything else I said. About you being inconsiderate with our relationship, not caring about the planned dates, forgetting important occasions, taking me for granted, everything."
He wished he could deny those accusations. A silent "I'm sorry," was all that filled the silence between you two. "I'll try. Would you like to go on a date tomorrow? Let me take a leav—"
"No, Toshi." And for the first time in the past fifteen minutes, you looked at him with your teary eyes that still had crumbs of hope floating around inside them. "I don't want you to give up on one thing to have another. I love watching you play, you know it. Just, don't put our relationship aside for volleyball. Or volleyball for the relationship, please. I know you can balance them together, we can do it. Trust me a little more, please?"
Amidst this, he didn't realize when his hands slid over yours, grip fastening with every word you spoke. Now that you put it in clearer words, he realized how much it must've hurt. No one deserved to be treated that way, especially you.
His lips curled into a smile — an apologetic smile, to be specific — before planting a soft kiss on your temples. "I will. Thanks for giving me another chance."
And you nodded. "Let's go back? It's getting old and none of us have our sweaters on." You stood up, offering him your hand, just the way you did when he asked you out. 'Let's go back? I don't think we want out friends to catch us like this.' — This was what you said back then. He thought it was childish. Why would a grown man hold hands with a grown woman?
The Ushijima now, however, finds comfort when his fingers intertwine with yours. "Sure."
— sakusa
"I'm done."
And you hung up. Sakusa stared at this blank phone screen, standing near one of benches, in middle of packing his stuff. An argument — he knew it was his fault. He hated it. Within no time, he was driving towards your apartment, worry evident on his face as he dialed and re-dialed your number, hoping you'd pick you.
The sight of an empty home didn't help with with the situation. Did you really leave? He didn't want to believe it, but your slippers weren't around either, neither was your phone. Your family was out of city for a week so there was no way you went to them. Anxiousness overwhelmed him and it was making his skin crawl.
That was until he heard the front door open, the sound of you humming a song filling in the living room. "Omi? You're early tod—" He didn't even let you finish the question, cutting your off with a tight embrace.
"I thought you left."
You chuckled, pulling away. "I went to grab your favorite ice cream. Thought you'd like a little ice cream party after that heated conversation we had over the phone."
He frowned, pulling you closer once again as your foreheads rested against each other. "I'm sorry for that."
"It's okay. I was responsible too."
The next few minutes swam by in silence. Just the two of you in middle of you living room and the scent of home filled inside your hearts. And then you whispered, "i love you.
"Love you too, omi."
"By the way, the ice cream,"
Tumblr media
taglist : @lomlparker @pockydays @stffychn @discountkiyoko @devilgirlcrybabiey @kenmaslov3r @aghashiii @watashiwakurapikapls @astroqphillic @uxavity @kawaii-angelanne @admiringlove @corporeal-terrestrial @escapenightmare @ebiharachan @milktyama @mysterystarz @sassyglassesbunny @buzymanifesting @criesinpisces @kotarousproperty @Kellesvt @elitparadox @crapimahuman @maipxilia @smolmo @http-kimara @random-734 @perqabeth @kur0-kawa
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Tumblr media
#Includes: many many boys
#genre: Fluff/crack
#warnings: none other than the fact that some are suggestive but nothing explicite
Ushijima: Blinked at your hand with a stone face for a few seconds before he interlaced your fingers then looked at you expectingly “is this okay?”
Sakusa: Stared at your hand with a confused face then fished his hand sanitiser out and squirted a few drops in your palm “it’s peach scented… your favourite”
Tsukishima: Looked at your hand with a bored face , pushed up his glasses then shooed your hand away “I’m doing work , go bother someone else”
Yamaguchi: Smiled at you and then brought your hand up to cup his face “Mmh warm”
Kita: softly took you hand and brought it up to his lips and placed a kiss on each knuckle “hey beautiful”
Hinata: immediately grabbed your hand and dragged you to the court “great can you set for me baby ?”
Kuroo: “oi oi what do we have here” lifted your hand up higher and dapped you up.
Kenma: blinked up at you and then put his switch in your hand “did you want to play?”
Suna: smirked at you with low eyes and slowly grabbed your hand and brought it to his crotch “this is what you wanted right pretty baby?” “SUNA!”
Aran: smiled at you softly while he took your hand in his large one and started massaging it “relax princess , I’ve got you”
Atsumu: looked at you with a bewildered expression , then at your hand, “oooh you got your nails done! , they look really pretty baby but that wasn’t the colour I said to get”
Osamu: yawned as he looked at your awaiting hand and with a straight face said “it would look better wrapped around my di-” “OKAY that’s enough for one day”
Tendou: cheekily smiled at you then licked your hand “Mmh sweet” and walked on as if nothing happened, leaving you dumbfounded.
Aone: looked at you softly with red cheeks and brought your palm up to his lips and gave it a sweet peck. Let your hand go with a little smile.
Bokuto: excitingly gave your hand a low high five “HEY HEY HEY, we should do that more often , that was fun”
Akashi: stares at your hand and then slowly runs his fingers over your ring finger (where a ring would lay) “soon sweetheart , soon”
Iwazumi: looked at you with distrust and apprehension as if your hand was going to bite him and softly poked your hand while eyeing you “did shittykawa put you up to this?”
Oikawa: sighed contentedly and placed your hand in his fluffy hair, clearly expecting a head rub and when you didn’t move your hand to run it through his locks he whined softly while nudging you “your hands are magic mi amor … please”
Kyoutani: was eating chicken wings when you did it and thought you wanted some so growled out “go get your own”
Note: this was really fun to write !
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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ohajime · 3 months ago
When you tell them “I’m pregnant” (Atsumu, Kageyama, Kuroo, Tsukishima, Suna, Ushijima)
Tumblr media
A/N: for the sake of the smau let’s just pretend you can’t tell them in person you have to text them but if you don’t fall in love with Ushijima after this then I’ll gladly keep him hope you enjoy let me know what you think
Reblogs are very appreciated
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ushijimascumbucket · 22 days ago
no bc being ushijimas dummy virgin gf that he doesn’t quiet understand, but adores anyway. u make him take stupid photos with you pining him against the wall like a shouju manga. u constantly spam him with memes he doesn’t understand but he likes that u send things to him at all. he tries to send you things like the things you send him, but he’s always just a bit off, which you don’t mind at all.
You get jealous about stupid things that he doesn’t understand, but he’ll never stop reassuring you, holding you close to him and telling u “i only replied to her story to say i like her shoes, i didn’t even use a heart emoji.” he replies to all of his friends stories, but if it upsets you, he’ll stop with certain people. he doesn’t understand you, but that never meant he can’t try to make you happy and trust in him. he doesn’t need to understand to know something upsets you.
he will never make you feel stupid at all, even if you are a little.
“look y/n, there’s a bunny on the left.”
“oh wow!”
you try desperately to remember your left and rights in time to see the bunny, head flipping from side to side, until toshi takes you face gently in his hands and tilts it to the left.
“there, love.”
he is so bimbo friendly it’s insane.
he knows you’re a bit more affectionate than he has ever been, but he quickly adapts. maybe he can’t cuddle for quiet as long as you want to every single day, but on those days where he can’t, he will place your legs over his lap when you’re hanging out on the sofa, or hold your hand and rub soft circles into the back of it. he will pat your head in public, and doesnt quite get why it makes you melt and beam the way you do, but would do it forever just to see you glowing like that again.
or rather, he didn’t understand, until you pat his head. now he’s totally got it. 100% on board. he now lowers his head sometimes just so you will pat it, stoic eyes still on you, blinking innocently.
and when u first start talking about having sex, and you tell him you don’t have any experience, he is more than helpful.
He shows you how to get him off, walking you through each step. he doesn’t expect you to know anything, which is the most comforting part.
“just wrap you hands around it and move them up and down. Like that. that’s -ah, that’s good.”
“You aren’t going to break me, a little tighter, faster maybe. perfect. Y-You’re doing well.”
when he finished, he hugs you tight and curls up with you on his bed.
“You did such a good job Y/N, i finished in no time.”
and when it’s your turn, he takes care of you so good. He holds your hand and rocks into you, kissing your forehead and wiping all other thoughts out of your head. he eats you out with such intensity, gripping your thighs and exhaling softly.
Ushijima doesn’t understand a lot about you, but he is still so very understanding.
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strawbearisamu · 3 months ago
clinging onto the boys
❀ timeskip! miya atsumu, ushijima wakatoshi, kuroo tetsurō, miya osamu, sakusa kiyoomi x gn! reader
summary: you're touch & attention starved and you won’t let him go.
note: requested by @sunarinnieee — here 💗
Tumblr media
miya atsumu
he was completely engrossed in the volleyball match, eyes trained on the movement of the athletes on the tv. his arms were crossed as you slid your hands around his waist. you lift his arm over your shoulder as you snuggled into his chest, inhaling the fabric softener, and him. an index finger gently prodding his hoodie, tracing small circles on his skin under it.
he cocked his head a little in question, "need cuddles," you mumble, burrowing further into his embrace, "have i told you how pretty you are tsumu?"
"i know i am," a goofy grin on his face. "you're such a loser sometimes." you squeeze his cheeks in your hand.
“baby, need the remote,” he whispered into your ear, trying to pry open the death hold you had on his waist, as you shook your head and pouted.
“need cuddles tsumu.”
ushijima wakatoshi
he tried to put his running shoes on as you desperately clung to his arm. "please toshi? just five minutes of cuddling, i need this," you pouted, "please, it's a sunday, one day won’t hurt, you’re athletic enough,” still met with no response, “and you’re totally the hottest guy on the team,” you add.
ushijima was not typically swayed by compliments but that seemed to have pleased him. he smiled a little before undoing his laces, looking to see your arms stretched wide, staring at him expectantly. he crouched to your height, allowing you to slip your arms around his neck as he scooped you up, carrying you back to bed for a 5 minute cuddle session.
"you said 5 minutes yn, it's been an hour and a half," he said, as you spooned him, arms wrapped around his torso, cuddling him as if he were a big teddy bear.
"i know toshi but you're so warm," you protest, "i guess i could just do the a few more laps in the evening," he smiled.
"i love you toshi, you're too precious," you gave him a peck on the cheek.
kuroo tetsurō
"tsurō, you promised you would stop at 11, it's 1am babe," you yawned, standing by the door, rubbing your eyes.
"i know baby, i'm almost done." he said, eyebrows furrowed at the documents on his laptop as you wrap your arms around him from behind. "alright then," you said unmoving.
"you're not leaving?" he whispered as you rested your head on his shoulder. "don't wanna leave," you muttered.
"fine, don't fall asleep on me now," he warned but before you knew it, you were dozing off on his shoulder, head lulling forwards towards the table, but he catches you just in time. an arm outstretched towards your chest standing you up.
"wake up now sleepyhead, i'll give you a ride back," he pinched your cheek, waking you up a little.
"do i get cuddles?" you let out another yawn, getting on his back, "lots of em, hold on tight babe."
"i love you tsurō, you're perfect." you professed in your half lucid state as he smiled.
miya osamu
he was home in the evening for once, a day off from the restaurant. though still in the kitchen, chopping up the vegetables, prepping the ingredients for dinner. you sneak behind him, sliding your arms around his torso, giggling into his broad back.
"yn." he smiled, "you're back huh? how was today?"
"need cuddles," you nuzzle deeper into his back, voice a little muffled.
"well after i'm done cooking, we can cuddle as long as you want," he turned around, pulling you into a hug.
"need it now," you frowned, craning your head up at him, caressing his cheek in your hands, "missed you so much samu."
you yelped as he picked you up, your arms tightening around his neck, holding on koala-style as he settled you on the couch, plopping next to you as you crawled between his arms, leaning your head on his chest.
"guess we're eating takeout today," you looked up at him from between his arms.
"only because of you, you're too spoiled for your own good," he whispered in your ear, leaving kisses on your jaw.
"and you're too whipped to do anything about it," you tease.
sakusa kiyoomi
just getting home from training, he barely got through the door before you tackled him in a big hug.
"omi, missed you babe," you said breathing in his scent.
"mhmm, missed you too." a smile displacing his tired eyes and frown, as he pulled the back of your head into his chest. "let me shower first?"
"no. i wanna cuddle now," you whined
"i'm really sweaty and i've been out all day, you'll get sick yn," he tried reasoning, mumbling into the top of your head.
you looked up, glaring at him, arms still wrapped defiantly around his waist, before you huffing, "fine. but i get to join you."
"stop pouting. we'll get to cuddle after," he reached down, giving you a peck on the lips.
sol’s comments ❀: did this instead of work and i will pay dearly for it tmr 🐸 <33
m.list ·˚ ༘ ꒱ | each and every reblop is appreciated ☻ (+ free hugs)
Tumblr media
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luvbub · 20 days ago
Hi Bub! I saw that you were taking requests and was wondering if you could do the Haikyuu boys reacting to their crush or s/o (your choice!) calling them by their first name for the first time?
Thank you ✨
calling them by their first name for the first time
Tumblr media
feat. Ushijima, Tsukishima, Hinata
♡ a/n: ushijima’s is pre-established relationship, tsukki and hinata’s are just crushes!!!
Tumblr media
Tendou’s words kept echoing in your head.
“You’re dating Wakatoshi, aren’t you? How come you still call him Ushijima?” he had asked one day. You didn’t have a good answer really. You’ve just been so used to calling your boyfriend by his last name that you never thought twice about it.
Today, you were over at Ushijima’s place as per usual. Your boyfriend was squatting  out on his terrace, potting some new plants he had just bought with you.
“....Wakatoshi” you say out loud.
You watch as the shovel falls from your boyfriend’s hand, hitting the ground. He keeps his back towards you as he fumbles for the shovel. You hear him let out a deep breath before clearing his throat.
“Yes Y/n?” he asks, continuing to garden as if nothing had happened.
But you knew better than that and weren't fooled by his acting. The tips of his ears were slightly red. You silently made your way to your boyfriend’s side, taking a seat on the ground next to him.
“Wakatoshi” you repeat, watching as Ushijima freezes for slight second.
“....yes?” he says once again.
“Oh it’s nothing!” you teasingly hum, starting to stand up. But before you can, Ushijima grabs your hand, preventing you from getting up. With one gentle pull, he brings you down, your face inches from his.
“You’re going to say my name for the first time and just leave like nothing happened?”
Your cheeks feel warmer, and you’re not sure if it was from the proximity or his sudden shift in attitude- perhaps both. Regardless, Ushijima sighs, resting his forehead onto yours.
“Do you want me to stop?” you pensively ask, unsure of how he even felt about this sudden change.
Ushijima sudden backs away from you in a panic.
“Wait no, don’t do that. Please continue to use my first name.. if you’re alright with that” Ushijima sheepishly admits.
You let out a light chuckle, grinning at your boyfriend.
“You got it... Wakatoshi” you kiss your boyfriend’s forehead, satisfied with the faint blush on his cheeks.
It would be awhile before Ushijima got used to hearing his name. But each and every time he heard his name escape your lips, his heart fluttered just the same.
You loved having these biweekly movie nights with your friends. It was a great way for the group to hang out without having to fuss over any extra details. This left plenty of time to fuss over how annoying Tsukishima could be.
Of course he was your friend, so you didn’t hate the tall beanpole. But the two of you had a contentious relationship. There was constant teasing, bantering, and bickering between the two of you. And at this point, the rest of the group learned to drown out your voices.
When you came back to the couch with a bowl of popcorn, you noticed the only empty seat left was right next to Tsukishima himself. You sat down next to him, handing him the bowl.
“Thanks L/n” he said. Perhaps it would be more peaceful tonight and no words would be thrown around.
About an hour into the movie, you found yourself thoroughly engrossed in the plot. You had no idea what was coming next, and you were looking forward to every scene.
“Hey, can you pass the popcorn bowl?” you quietly whisper to Tsukishima.
“No” he answers, not that you were surprised.
“Fine, be like that Kei” you scoff, reaching for the bowl yourself, your eyes still glued on the television.
But before you could reach it, Tsukishima reaches forward first, grabbing the bowl and placing it on your lap. You smile at him, pleased that he actually did what you asked.
And when you thank him he simply nods and replies back with, “You’re welcome, Y/n”
You freeze- he just said your first name. As long as you’ve known him, Tsukishima has always referred to you by your last name- with the exception of dumbass. But calling you by your first name was a big deal, and wasn’t something you weren’t going to brush off so easily.
“You called me Y/n. What’s up with that?” you whisper to him, your attention now solely focused on him and not the movie.
“Well you called me Kei first” Tsukishima answers, still facing the television.
“I did? I don’t think I even noticed. It must have slipped out” you murmur, not even recalling you ever saying that. Maybe it just felt natural to call him by his first name so much so that you didn’t realize it.
A bright scene appears on the television screen, illuminating the dark room, and just for a moment, you’re able to see the fainted blush on Tsukishima’s cheeks.
You’re really not sure what to make of tonight’s incident. But from that point on until the end of movie night, you’re unable to focus on any of the movies. All that was on your mind was the person sitting right next to you. And unbeknownst to you, his mind was grappling with the same ordeal.
It was weird being an honorary member of the MSBY Black Jackals. You weren’t a player or a manager or a coach, so you had no real reason to be at their practice. But you were friends with the team, and they genuinely enjoyed having you around. So whenever you had the time, you would stop by their practices.
“We’re practicing our serves next, so you’re about to witness me in my full glory” Hinata tells you, a cute grin on his face.
“Hmm, but Hinata, I thought you were really bad at serving??” you tease back at him, watching as his smile drops.
“I- hey that was just in high school when I had weaker arms. I’m stronger now!” Hinata quickly refutes you, holding up his own arms, unintentionally showcasing his muscles. It was hard not to stare, and it was far too easy for him to notice your gaze.
“Hey, my eyes are up here you know” he teases you back, satisfied by the panicked look on your face when you realize he’s caught you staring. But before you can make any sort of witty comeback, he takes his leave to start practicing.
“Just watch how great my serves are!” he calls out to you. You scrunch your nose at him, formulating a plan to get back at him. No matter how much you liked him, there was no way you wouldn’t want to embarrass him back. And just as he tosses the volleyball in the air, an idea strikes you.
“Shoyo” you call out, loud and clear so that the entire gym hears.
Hinata flinches, completely missing his serve. The gym falls silent as they realize what's happening, and not a second later everyone (minus Hinata) bursts out into laughter. Hinata turns back at you, cheeks now flushed.
“FOUL PLAY Y/N” he shouts at you, cupping his face to hide his blush.
“Just how is that foul play? You call me by my first name all of the time, I’m just returning the favor!” you shrug at him, looking at him innocently. But Hinata knew your actions were anything but.
Hinata pauses, his hands dropping to his side. He shakes his head at you as he reaches for another volleyball.
“Alright, is that how we’re gonna play this game Y/n? I see.” he calmly responds to you, bouncing the volleyball a couple of times.
“I- wait what are you planning?” your eyes widen, and you try to stay composed. But inside you felt like screaming, because surely he was planning on doing something as revenge. And you honestly weren’t sure if your heart would handle it.
Hinata simply shrugs at you, and the last thing you see is a smirk before he turns back to practice serving.
Truth be told, he wasn’t going to continue this game of back and forth ambiguous flirting and teasing. He was going to put an end to it once and for all.
And what better way to do that than to finally confess to you?
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iwasbunny · a month ago
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 518 words.
# warnings. none, just tooth rotting fluff.
# contains. ushijima, tendou, nishinoya, atsumu, tanaka, bokuto.
Tumblr media
he always brings you something home from work
it can be something he knows you’ve been craving like a certain snack or something simple that you’ve mentioned you needed, like a pen.
it never fails to make you giggle as he bursts through the door with a proud grin as he announces his arrival,
“I’m home! I brought you a surprise, my love.”
your relationship with him is nothing but playful even after months of dating him, he still seemed to amuse you.
every time you’re cuddling and your shirt lifts up a little, exposing some skin he immediately perks up.
slipping his hands onto your hips and rubbing small circles against them before with his thumb before he nuzzles into your neck,
“Soo pretty.. so soft.”
he means well, he really does, but he always seems to compliment you in the most confusing ways.
the last time he did it was during a talk about your relationship
you were both pretty sleep deprive but you knew you’d never forget what he said.
“There’s no way anyone could love you more than me, baby. Their heart wouldn’t be big enough! Only I can do that, so guess you’re stuck with me forever.”
loves to cuddle into you, he’s just a big baby, and he’s said multiple times that he likes how you smell
but he just had a way with saying it that left you speechless.
a part of you wasn’t even sure if he, himself, realized how cute he was being.
“Ya smell so good, angel. Ya know, if we lived together we’d both smell the same.. that’d be really nice.”
he’s clingy, to put it lightly. tanaka’s always thinking of you so he loves to send you cute little messages throughout the days,
sometimes they’re notes and other times they’re texts, really depends on his mood
but the things he writes out are adorable ranging from terrible pick-up lines to random memes.
“Hey, remember me, your boyfriend? Yeah? Well, where’s my good morning text then.”
bokuto wakes you up whenever he thinks you’re having a bad dream
sometimes it helps but most of the time he’s just disrupting you from a really good nap. you can’t bear to tell him though,
not when he looks at you with that dumb smile before explaining himself,
“Sorry, baby. I just didn’t want you to have that falling dream again.. you okay?”
Tumblr media
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kybabi · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
telling their s/o they’re being too clingy
w/ tsukishima, ushijima, and iwaizumi!
part 3!
series masterlist here!
(a/n: i finally made a third part hehe :))
anyways these are all written in the timeskip!! thank you all for requesting☺️)
Tumblr media
you and tsukishima were very different
he didn’t like to show affection all that much, and while he cared for you deeply, it was difficult for him to show it
you, on the other hand, loved to show how much you loved him
but often it came to be a bit much for him
today, tsukki came home tired and irritable
he felt like going to sleep and never getting out of bed
but you had other plans
you’d made dinner for him and you were hoping to catch up on some episodes of your favorite show tonight
but when he opened the door and saw you waiting eagerly, he sighed irritably
and when you asked him what was wrong, he simply scoffed
then you asked him if he wanted to eat dinner with you and he just sighed, again
“can’t you just leave me alone for one day? god, you’re so fucking clingy.”
he went into the bedroom and closed the door
hurt, you just drooped sadly and went to put dinner away before going to sleep alone on the couch
when tsukki opens the door of your shared bedroom in the morning, he finds you curled up on the couch, still sleeping peacefully. he smiles softly, the sight adorable.
he’s reminded of his harsh words to you he’d said just yesterday. he feels kind of bad for taking out his frustrations on you like that, but it would be too much of a hassle to apologize formally. he hopes that you know he didn’t mean it.
when he comes home from work, he doesn’t see you anywhere in sight. usually you’d be in the kitchen, cooking up something delicious, but the area is bare, the lights off. that’s when he sees you sitting on the couch, your computer in your lap. he walks over.
“hi, baby.”
you look up at him and smile.
“how was work?” you ask him. he shrugs before waiting expectantly for your greeting kiss. you turn back to your screen.
he tilts his head subtly. huh?
you always give him a kiss after he comes home from work.
but you’re not paying attention to him, instead typing something on your laptop.
“so... dinner?” he mutters.
“oh, i just ate some leftovers. they’re still in the fridge from last night if you wanted some,” you respond, eyes still glued to the screen.
tsukishima stands there awkwardly before turning away and walking into the kitchen.
it’s a little strange, the way you’re acting. on a normal given day, you practically would have jumped on him the second he got home. but now it’s like he’s not even there.
when it’s time for the two of you to go to bed, you both get ready in the bathroom. then you’re grabbing your pillow off your side of the bed and leaving the bedroom. confused, kei finishes brushing his teeth and ventures out into the living room to see you setting up on the couch.
you turn to look at him, waiting expectantly for him to finish his thought.
“i... why are you sleeping on the couch?” he asks.
you swallow.
“well, yesterday, it seemed you didn’t want me in bed with you, so...” you trail off, uncomfortable. his heart sinks.
he sighs. he really didn’t want to have to do this, but you’ve left him no choice.
he steps up to you wordlessly and scoops you up in one fluid motion, throwing you over his shoulder and grabbing your pillow for you before retreating into the bedroom. you squeak in surprise, and he puts you on the bed, pulling the covers over you. he gets in on the other side and pulls you into his chest. he scoffs at you, and he looks a little uncomfortable, but he nuzzles at you anyway. the gesture surprises you.
“i didn’t mean it, you idiot.”
“mean it?”
he sighs, looking away.
“i didn’t mean the things i said last night, okay? i was just tired and i had a long day. don’t distance yourself just because i was being a dick yesterday.”
to anyone else, his attempt at making up with you would be a miserable excuse for an apology, but to you, it’s one of the sweetest things you’ve ever seen him do. it’s moments like these where you remember just why you fell for him in the first place.
“does this mean you’ll cuddle me?” you ask sweetly.
“don’t push it,” he grumbles.
he pulls you closer anyway.
Tumblr media
ushijima was never all that big on physical touch
honestly, he only tolerated it from you, but sometimes even you were a bit too much
today, you were having a bit of a bad day
work was slow and annoying, and you just wanted to come home to your boyfriend and cuddle with him
but he was having a similar day
and he felt the exact opposite
he really just wanted to be alone
he came home, walking past you and into the bedroom, and sat on the bed
you followed him and snuggled up to his side
to your surprise, he pushed you off gently
but you didn’t get the hint and nuzzled right up into him
this time he pushed you off harder
“toshi, why—”
“please stop being so clingy, y/n. i don’t want your affection.”
you deflated, sleepy and touch-starved
that night, you slept clinging to your pillow
today was an exhausting day for ushijima.
he and the rest of the team were working even harder than usual, and by the end of practice, his limbs were worn out and he was fatigued.
but the positive thing about days like this was that you would always cuddle him after he came home from work, and he could fall asleep with his muscles nice and relaxed from your touch.
eager to see you, he comes home, noticing that you’re sitting on the couch. you look up and greet him.
“hi, toshi. how was your day?” you ask.
“it was very tiring,” he explains, and you can see he’s telling the truth by the way he seems to be drooping. you hum in consideration.
“i’m sorry, baby. maybe a warm bath might help?” you suggest before turning back to your phone. he stands before you expectantly, waiting for you to follow him into the bedroom. you don’t budge.
his eyebrows furrow in confusion. usually, at this point, you would bring him into bed and sit on his lap. but you seem to be busy or something, so he decides he’ll wait until you’re finished.
when you finally get into bed with him, it’s late. you get under the covers and turn on your side, away from him.
he waits expectantly, lap open and ready for you, but you don’t crawl into it like you usually do. he sleepily nudges at you.
“what is it, baby?”
“why won’t you sit on my lap like usual?”
you pause. isn’t this what he wanted?
when he’d pushed you off of him, you came to a realization; he was right. you really were clingy. you were always touching him somehow; your head on his shoulder, your hand intertwined in his, your nose pressed up against his shoulder. you couldn’t blame your boyfriend for wanting space.
but with the way he’s looking at you, you’re not so sure.
then wakatoshi remembers what happened the last time you tried to cuddle him. he pushed you off of him and told you he didn’t want your affection. but he hadn’t thought you would stop completely, and now he misses your touch desperately.
he grabs you by your waist and pulls you into his lap, holding you right against him. you try to get off of him, but he pulls you closer.
“no. i want to cuddle,” he mumbles. you tilt your head in confusion.
“i’m sorry for calling you clingy, y/n. i like it when you hold me. i didn’t mean it,” he explains, and you inhale at his honesty.
“really?” you whisper. he nods, and buries his nose in your hair.
“please keep being affectionate with me. i love that about you.”
your breath hitches, and you cling to him tightly. you whisper an okay and rest your head on his chest.
you fall asleep in his lap, his hand in your hair and your nose nuzzled deeply in his shirt, listening to the steady sound of his heartbeat.
Tumblr media
iwaizumi loved your affection and cuddles
it was one of the things he loved most about you
but it was common for him to push you away when he got angry
you were waiting expectantly for him to come home, wanting to talk to him about your day
you’d gotten a promotion at work, and he was the first person you wanted to tell
but iwaizumi was beyond tired and frustrated after a long day at work
so when he got home, he went straight to the bedroom, ignoring you
you followed after him, already beginning to ramble about your day
but your voice was irritating him and he just wanted to sleep
“hajime, you’ll never guess what happened to me at work—”
“can’t you be quiet for two seconds? you’re so clingy, god. just leave me alone, okay?”
stung, you backed away, turning to get ready for bed alone
that night, you slept with your back toward him and tears in your eyes
it’s the next day, and hajime is at work. he’s on a break and scrolling through instagram when he comes across a post of yours on his feed.
it’s a picture of you in your adorable little work outfit, hair done up beautifully, fingers up in a peace sign. you’ve captioned it, “got the promotion😜” and hajime pauses upon reading it. he goes into the comment section to see your friends congratulating you, sending you words of praise and kind words.
confused, hajime puts his phone away. why would y/n not tell me first? he asks himself. he’s always been the first person to hear about these things, but it appears that he’s far from it this time.
he gets home to see you in the kitchen, and he walks in to greet you with a kiss. you dodge it subtly, moving around him to get something from the fridge. he frowns.
“hey,” he mutters. “when were you gonna tell me about the promotion?”
you look at him before staring at the food you’re cooking.
“well, you found out about it, didn’t you?” you mumble. he stares at you in confusion. are you mad at him?
“yeah, but...” he trails off. “it’s just that i usually hear it from you first.” you scoff. “what? why are you acting like this?” he asks, crossing his arms.
“you wouldn’t have wanted to hear about it anyway, hajime.” he gapes, baffled.
“what are you talking about? how would you even know?”
you put the knife you’re holding down, and glare at him sharply.
“because i tried to tell you last night, and you shut me down!”
he pauses. you return to cooking.
to be honest, he barely even remembers last night. he came home, and then got into bed, and you were rambling about something, and then...
hajime freezes. he looks at you guiltily.
“baby,” he starts, but you cut him off.
“just forget about it. it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway,” you lie.
honestly, you’d been really excited about your new promotion. it felt like something in your life was changing and things were good; you had your boyfriend to cheer you on and a fulfilling job that you loved. and you wanted to share it with him.
so it hurt when it felt like he didn’t care at all. you were always there to support hajime, but when it felt like he didn’t even care about doing the same for you, it stung painfully.
hajime knows you’re lying; he can read you like a book.
“y/n... i’m sorry about yesterday, okay?” he apologizes gently, coming up behind you to rest a hand on your waist. you push him off.
“i don’t wanna talk about it, hajime.”
he turns you around, and you attempt to turn your gaze away from him, but he has his hand on your jaw, making it impossible.
“hey. look at me.”
you do, reluctantly. you’re surprised at the genuine concern in his eyes.
“i know you think i don’t care, but i do. i want to hear about these things and how you’re feeling and how your day is. and i didn’t do a good job of doing that yesterday. i’m sorry.”
you sigh.
“please let me make it up to you?” he asks, desperate. you look up at him for a second, and then nod. he kisses you gently. “thank you for letting me. and for being mine.”
you smile softly at him. you can’t think of your life being any other way.
Tumblr media
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adoringhaikyuu · 8 months ago
you flinch during an argument with them
Tumblr media
characters: kageyama, kuroo, ushijima, (gn!reader)
request: i was wondering if you could do a reaction with kageyama, ushijima and kuroo “when their s/o flinches during an argument” but if that makes you uncomfortable in anyway please feel free to ignore this !!! • by anonymous
warnings: mentions/hints of abuse (bc of the flinching but nothing physical or abusive actually happens) + a hint of angst i suppose
notes: thank u for being so sweet w ur request !! don’t worry it’s ok but this may be an uncomfortable topic/idea for some people so pls keep that in mind if u read this !! <3
part one | part two
Tumblr media
let’s say this boy is stressed
he didn’t have a good practice today, he and hinata couldn’t get their quick attack right
and he couldn’t get his milk––
overall 0/10 would recommend 
so it was kinda guaranteed that he would be in a pissy mood 
so when you were walking home, telling him about your day and you kept asking him about his (awful) day that he very much did not want to talk about
because he was disappointed in himself tbh :/
and you kept pushing him because you knew it wasn’t good for him to hold everything in...
he kinda snapped, telling you to drop it
unfortunately you weren’t expecting his outburst or for the volume of his voice to triple
you stopped walking and flinched, shocked by literally everything that was happening rn
kageyama stopped walking as well, basically panting as he looked at you, eyes wide––in fear, honestly. he never yelled at you and he never wanted to. “i––uh––” he stuttered, blinking quickly at you, his cheeks flushed, pupils shaky.
you sighed, a bit hurt, but you knew he was probably stressed since he was always working himself too hard. “tobio...” he looked down in shame at your soft tone that he definitely did not deserve, in his mind. “i’m only trying to help, you know. you shouldn’t shut me out.”
he opened his mouth but quickly shut it, not knowing how to respond. but he lifted his head in shock when he felt you wrap your arms around him. 
“i’m guessing you had a bad day today?” you asked gently. he didn’t answer for a few seconds, but when you heard him take a shaky inhale, you raised your head to look at him, feeling your insides twist when you noticed the tears falling down his cheeks.
you took your arms away to wipe his cheeks but yelped when he quickly trapped your arms, pulling you into a crushing hug. “no!–i––i’m sorry. but please, don’t let go.” his voice was quiet, vulnerable.
“okay.” you wrapped your arms around him as best you could in your position and he visibly melted in your hold. “i’m here, okay?” he nodded, letting out a few quiet sobs. “i’m not going anywhere.” 
he held you tighter and closed his eyes, not even caring that you were still in public. “thank you.” 
Tumblr media
we know that kuroo is v laid back
which means when he’s mad, it’s not too bad
but that doesn’t mean you want to willingly get into an argument with him––
he doesn’t shout, but his voice is stern and loses it’s playful charm––and that’s almost scarier
now the argument wasn’t too intense, but you still didn’t like the way his stare had hardened, his stance tensed, his jaw clenched and his arms crossed together, almost like a barrier shutting you out
you were just getting very frustrated, you wanted to climb into his arms again but you two were already stressed out and all of this pent up energy was pouring out of you, fueling the fire
you felt very aware of your surrounding, on very high alert
and kuroo was just about done with this fight, just wanting to go to bed and put this behind you
so he sighed and raised his hand to pinch the bridge of his nose, about to end this when you flinched––
maybe the abrupt movement shocked you, you honestly weren’t sure
he immediately paused and you could see the fear and confusion register through his body as he watched you, his arms slowly falling to his sides. a harsh silence overcame the two of you for a moment. you didn’ didn’t think he was going to...did you? 
“babe––?” he stepped towards you slowly, not wanting to make a wrong move even though he was probably more frightened than you were.
honestly you weren’t scared at all, if anything just confused. you stared up at him, eyes wide, lips parted. “i...” you swallowed harshly. “i’m sorry i don’t...i don’t know why i did that.” you knew that he would never hit you, but you were just so strung up, too overwhelmed that you weren’t functioning properly.
kuroo held his hands out hesitantly, “is it okay if i hold you?” 
you nodded, biting your lip nervously, your eyes tearing up slightly. “please.” he immediately wrapped you gently in his arms and squeezed you tight.
he kissed your head and stayed with his lips pressed against you for a few seconds before speaking up. “ know i would never––right?”
you tilted your head back to look at him, your hands gripping at the back of his shirt. “i know––i know tetsu.” 
he looked down at you with glassy eyes and gave you a small relieved smile. “okay.” he kissed your nose and leaned down to tuck his head in your shoulder, arms still wrapped around you. his voice was small as he mumbled into your sweater. “i’m so sorry kitten. this fight was stupid anyway. can we please go cuddle? just wanna hold you.” 
you nodded, smiling, relieved to be putting this behind you. “of course.” 
Tumblr media
ushijima didn’t like to say that you had arguments
he preferred to say that you had a few...frustrating or tense conversations every now and then that you always solved in the end, strengthening your bond and your relationship
but tbh they were very rare
well this was one of these rare moments...
let’s say you were having a tense conversation as he was cleaning up after practice, you walking behind him as he picked up stray balls
so he was already wound up and in need of a soothing shower which didn’t help the conversation at all
and he was honestly trying to end it as soon as possible
not because he didn’t respect you or what you had to say, but because he didn’t like arguing with you
but sometimes he just doesn’t exactly communicate things well
so when he turns abruptly and stares at you blankly, saying a simple but firm “enough.” 
you flinch and take a small step back
he just looked so intimidating and you honestly weren’t expecting him to stop walking that fast so that mostly surprised you too
ushijima stopped as well, the shock and confusion clear in the way his mouth dropped open and his eyes widened a fraction. his expressions weren’t exactly obvious, but to you, they were clear as day.
he paused for a few seconds, unsure of what to do. “i––i didn’t mean to frighten you. i’m sorry.” he swallowed and tentatively reached for your hand, after checking that you were okay with it. “i only meant that i don’t want continue this conversation like this. it’s only stressing us out and i don’t want you to feel that way. not because of me.” 
you bit your lip sheepishly as you looked up at his hand holding yours firmly, understanding and appreciating his reasoning. you looked up at him and gave him a small smile. “it’s okay, i understand. and you didn’t scare me toshi––”
he squeezed your hand and looked into your eyes deeply. “please don’t lie for my sake.”
you shook your head and stepped closer to him, taking his other hand as well. “i promise, toshi. i know i have no reason to be afraid of you.” 
he nodded once but you could tell it might take him a little while longer to really believe you. 
“let’s go home, okay? we can order some food and watch that new documentary you were waiting for.”
he nodded again, grateful and relieved. “please.” 
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