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#ushijima x reader
iwasbunny · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 518 words.
# warnings. none, just tooth rotting fluff.
# contains. ushijima, tendou, nishinoya, atsumu, tanaka, bokuto.
Tumblr media
he always brings you something home from work
it can be something he knows you’ve been craving like a certain snack or something simple that you’ve mentioned you needed, like a pen.
it never fails to make you giggle as he bursts through the door with a proud grin as he announces his arrival,
“I’m home! I brought you a surprise, my love.”
your relationship with him is nothing but playful even after months of dating him, he still seemed to amuse you.
every time you’re cuddling and your shirt lifts up a little, exposing some skin he immediately perks up.
slipping his hands onto your hips and rubbing small circles against them before with his thumb before he nuzzles into your neck,
“Soo pretty.. so soft.”
he means well, he really does, but he always seems to compliment you in the most confusing ways.
the last time he did it was during a talk about your relationship
you were both pretty sleep deprive but you knew you’d never forget what he said.
“There’s no way anyone could love you more than me, baby. Their heart wouldn’t be big enough! Only I can do that, so guess you’re stuck with me forever.”
loves to cuddle into you, he’s just a big baby, and he’s said multiple times that he likes how you smell
but he just had a way with saying it that left you speechless.
a part of you wasn’t even sure if he, himself, realized how cute he was being.
“Ya smell so good, angel. Ya know, if we lived together we’d both smell the same.. that’d be really nice.”
he’s clingy, to put it lightly. tanaka’s always thinking of you so he loves to send you cute little messages throughout the days,
sometimes they’re notes and other times they’re texts, really depends on his mood
but the things he writes out are adorable ranging from terrible pick-up lines to random memes.
“Hey, remember me, your boyfriend? Yeah? Well, where’s my good morning text then.”
bokuto wakes you up whenever he thinks you’re having a bad dream
sometimes it helps but most of the time he’s just disrupting you from a really good nap. you can’t bear to tell him though,
not when he looks at you with that dumb smile before explaining himself,
“Sorry, baby. I just didn’t want you to have that falling dream again.. you okay?”
Tumblr media
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ichigomis · 2 days ago
featuring haikyuu dads! ღ inspired by this art, check them out!
Tumblr media
has to hold back his tears, every single day; seeing his kids on the brink of tears because of him "leaving" just breaks his heart. he kisses you and the kids goodbye as he blinks back his tears, throat seizing up and avoiding his kids' equally teary puppy eyes. every day, it's like he wasn't going to work, instead it's as if he's going some faraway land and never to come back.
BOKUTO, makki, ATSUMU, tanaka, ASAHI, tendō, sugawara, OIKAWA
dashes out the door as soon as he gets his goodbye kisses; he kisses his kids and you goodbye, lingering just a few seconds more on your forehead, before grabbing his things and dashing out the door. he knows that if he stays home a few moments more, he'll cave in his kids' plea and cute little pouts for him to just stay home.
kyōtani, kageyama, KONOHA, terushima, hoshiumi, AKAASHI, hinata
promises to be home as soon as he can; he promises this as he kisses his little kid's forehead, smiling at the little pout they're making. he's quite a busy man and it will take him extra effort to come home earlier, but he'd do anything just to be able to spend a few extra hours more of his day with his kid and with you.
shirabu, IWAIZUMI, aone, mattsun, ARAN, KITA, yaku, koganegawa, kunimi
cradles and cuddles his kid/s until he gets to his car; his little kid's hands wrap around his neck, head buried on their dad's chest, unwilling to let go. so he lets them and cradles his kid in little pajamas in his arms until he's in front of his car. and you have to "pry" them away from each other or else he really won't leave.
SAKUSA, tsukki, USHIJIMA, meian, semi, KUROO, hirugami, daichi
convinced he'll skip work and just stay home; he drops his bag and puts on his home slippers once more as his kids jump in triumph and joy. just a little pout and a few cute words from his kids and he's 100% taken. besides, missing a day of work just to see those smiles won't do any harm.
suna, nishinoya, kenma, OSAMU, komori, FUTAKUCHI, yamaguchi
Tumblr media
note: this is me working on something completely new and not getting to my wips and requests :(
rbs appreciated *headpats!* » m. list
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sunarent · a day ago
Tumblr media
when he throws his wedding ring
Tumblr media
characters: asahi. atsumu. daichi. kita. ushijima.
genre: angst
part one
Tumblr media
ASAHI never felt so afraid before. the moment he realized just what he had done he goes pale, eyes wide as he stares at you. of course he doesn’t miss the silent tears that leave your eyes, of course he doesn’t miss the way your shoulders shake, of course he doesn’t miss the sobs that you try to hold in so desperately. and yet he is the one to break down first, he is the one who lets the first tears fall, he is the one to be pulled into your embrace - but shouldn’t he be the one comforting you?
ATSUMU finds himself rushing to you and pulling you in for a tight hug, just after the first shock had settled. he doesn’t care if you want distance right now, he doesn’t care that he broke his very own promises. despite your struggles he refuses to let you go, afraid of what might happen. what would he do if you were to run away, if you left him here, if you never came back? above everything; even if he did just the very thing he swore he would never do, even if he broke every promise he ever made - atsumu knew he needed you, more than anything else. he couldn’t bare to see you leaving - but he couldn’t really blame you, could he?
DAICHI knows that he was supposed to be better than this. hell, he knows that he was better than this. he takes a few steps towards you before stopping, seeing you tending your shoulders and taking a few steps back in return. he calmly apologizes after taking a deep breath. daichi doesn’t rush out the door and neither do you - after all the both of you know that there’s no escaping from this, you need to talk about this. with a clenched jaw he follows you into the living room, right after he picked his ring up again. he couldn’t stare at anything else than the band on his palm as he sits down beside you, the silence unbearable.
KITA stares at you for a short moment, before gulping. he knows that what he did was wrong, he knows that it was unforgivable - and he doesn’t even know why he did it. So he only mumbles an apology, telling you that he knew that you‘d wanna be alone now before making his way to the couch, leaving you to sleep in your shared bedroom. kita doesn’t find any sleep that night, only tossing and turning and mentally scolding himself, even cursing at himself. and truthfully - if he were you, he wouldn’t forgive himself.
USHIJIMA had always cherished you and your marriage, ever since you two slipped the rings on each other’s fingers, never failing to make you feel loved and secure - so he never thought he would find himself in this position, the very same band that you gave him years ago thrown carelessly on the floor as you looked at him in disbelief. you take a deep breath as you rush past him, claiming that you need some fresh air, yet ushijima‘s gaze is still glued to the floor - his wedding ring mockingly reflecting the sunlight. and having him ignore your sniffles as you rush out without a jacket or any proper shoes almost hurt more - maybe he really didn’t care anymore.
Tumblr media
© sunarent. all rights reserved. do not modify, copy or claim as your own. do not repost. reblogs are appreciated
Tumblr media
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storms-playhouse · a day ago
Tumblr media
featuring: ushijima, osamu, bokuto, atsumu, sugawara
warnings: none!
author’s note: hehe, hacked his blog to make this post ‘cause.. yes, plus someone’s gotta provide content for his followers once in a while.
Tumblr media
he’s extremely supportive as a dad
your daughter wants to try a new sport? he’ll sign her up. your son has a dance recital on a weekday? he’ll miss work for him.
and if either of them are feeling down about something, he’s always there to reassure them.
“Don’t be sad, you did good and I bet if we practiced more then you’ll be even better next time, right?”
if he finds out that any of your kids have a favorite food, you bet your ass he’s going to learn how to make it.
it doesn’t matter how utterly complicated the dish is, he’ll take hours to perfect it just for them.
he loves to brag but hearing them compliment his cooking really does make him soft.
“I bet this is better than whatever kinda crap ya get from the store. C’mon, tell me what ya think!”
bokuto’s surprisingly really patient
he takes all of his energy and puts it into play time with his kids, and he somehow never gets sick of it.
even if it’s them playing peekaboo for hours on end, every time he hears them laugh it’s worth the exhaustion.
“Oh, a burger again? It’s just as good as last time, sweetie, nom nom nom.. super tasty!”
he’s a bit.. clingy as a dad, overprotective and spoiling at times too.
it’s no surprise that he’s a big softie when it comes to his kids which is why sometimes he takes the blame for their mistakes.
he just can’t help but feel bad, and he knows you’ll go easier on him than you would with scolding them.
“I told ya, angel. I was the one who broke the window! Yes.. I know it was their ball that went through but I promise ya, it was me.”
another dad who is a huge softie to his kids,
he just can’t find it in himself to say no to them, especially when they ask him to do things so sweetly.
the most common thing his kids ask is to practice their make-up skills on him, and as weird it feels on his skin he always ends up agreeing.
“You gonna put sparkles on my face again, princess? Pink ones this time and red lipstick? Hah, I can’t wait to see it.”
Tumblr media
storms-playhouse 2021.
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saintmanjiro · 2 days ago
haikyuu boys and locker room sex
Tumblr media
characters: kuroo tetsuro, ushijima wakatoshi, semi eita, semi eita, tsukishima kei
warnings: fem! reader, exhibitionism, handjobs
a/n: repost from my old blog ; everyone is timeskip
Tumblr media
— Kuroo is a busy man, and he’s also a patient one. He deals with lazy employees, pushy bosses, insane deadlines, and he does it all with the utmost composure. But it’s bound to break, and it does when he notices a room full of volleyball players eyeing you like candy during a game. He decides he show them your his when they’re done playing.
“Fuck, princess,” Kuroo groans, sliding past your folds as he takes you from behind, your palms trying to grip onto the cold metal of the lockers as you feel him split you open. He breathes heavily as he tries to stay still, hissing at the way you clench around his cock. Panting, he smirks when he hears the hollers of the team coming, all ready to change and celebrate after a win. “They’re in for a g-great surprise, don’t you—ah shit—think, baby?” And they are, staring at you both as he slams into you, groaning wildly as you squeeze around him. “Fuck, fuck s-so good,” he moans, staring at the players before him with a sly grin. “Take me so well, princess,” he grins, tugging you by your hair and making you face the many eyes that had found themselves on you. “Show them how I make you feel.”
— Ushijima wasn’t sure why he was feeling this way, why he couldn’t go two minutes into the game without thinking about the way your small hand felt squeezing around him, making him put extra force into every spike. And while he was mvp of that game, the only thing he could worry about was feeling your pretty little hand around him.
“Mmm, y/n,” Ushijima groans, seated on the bench, legs spread wide as your thumb glides through his slit, making him throw his head back. Slowly, you wrap your hand around him, stroking up and down with a pace that makes him growl in frustration. “Do not go slow I have been waiting for this,” he warns, letting out a loud grunt when you pick up your speed, making his hips rise with each stroke, fucking into your hand as he pants quietly at the feeling. “F-faster,” he insists, closing his eyes and leaning his head against the locker behind him. He looks up dead serious when his teammates walk in, looking them in the eye with an angry glint. “I am busy, come change later,” he demands, rutting his hips up as he feels himself approaching his orgasm.
— Semi remembers being replaced by Shirabu as the team setter, and though he holds no grudges, he’s gotta remind his junior from time to time that he’s not inferior. So, when you’re at your old high school reunion, he takes Shirabu’s little crush on you back in the day to his advantage, even all these years later.
“Ei-eita,” you mewl, back arching off the locker behind you, clawing at his back as you push his shirt down his shoulders. Leaning down, he kisses your neck, chuckling at how you struggle to take all of him in. “Shh, baby, you can take it, can’t you?” You both look up when the door opens, a caught off guard Shirabu standing there with his mouth agape. “Shirabu! Glad you got my—fuck,” he groans when you unintentionally clamp down on him, “glad you got my text.” Turning, he starts thrusting into you, hard and fast, making you whine as he sucks harshly on your collarbone. “A-always… always wanted to do th-this,” Semi groans, smirking as he watches Shirabu gulp, trying to fight the tent in his pants. “Now watch me take my girl like you took my spot,” he growls. “Right against your old locker.” He happily realizes that maybe Shirabu’s little crush hasn’t yet worn off.
— Keishin deals with annoying teenage boys who don’t always listen to him. He’s got a naggy mom and a list full of things he’s gotta do, his reasons for frustration go on for miles long. Good thing he has you to help him out, late at night once all the people are gone, locker room all to yourselves.
Keishin groans as you stroke his member, forehead pressing to yours while you move up and down his length with precision. Spreading your legs apart with his knee, he pushes past your folds, groaning with you at the feeling. “F-fuck, princess, we’re gonna…” he pants, chest heaving as he takes your hands and pins them over your head, pushing you against the wall, “we’re gonna be here all night,” he growls. Slamming into you harshly, no stutter in his pace as he fucks his frustrations of the week away, he growls as you squeeze on his cock. “Pretty rough week,” he mutters, “y-you’ll m-make yourself useful, won’t you?” And you can only nod, crying out as he slams down, his tip kissing your cervix as he chases his high, groaning loudly into your ear. “Good thing we got the place to ourselves.”
— Tsukishima loves the game now, he really does, it’s just that sometimes he needs some extra motivation to keep himself putting his all in games. And then he sees you, across the stands, cheering for him, calling his name, and he can’t help but be excited to hear it in a different setting.
“Scream my name, y/n,” Tsukishima growls, squishing your cheeks together roughly, jerking your head up to look at him as he pounds into you, your back laid on the bench with your legs wrapped tightly around his waist. You squeal when his hand moves to your nipple, pinching and rolling it harshly as he growls. “What did I just tell you to—fuck, you’re tight,” he pants, “I told you to scream it. L-let them hear,” he says lowly. His skin slaps against yours as he keeps at it, knowing there’s a crowd watching when he sees your gaze drift to the doorway. He hisses at the way you suck him in, making him go faster as he glances over his shoulder at his shocked team. “Let them know it’s me,” he smirks.
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katsulia · 2 days ago
Dad's mode. He has already booked a week in advance the cab that will drive you to the airport. All the documents are in his bag. The suitcases have been packed for two days and he has weighed them. He is the one who carries all the suitcases to the airport and he does not stop. He knows where he is going, no need to stop everywhere. No time to be late with him, and you better keep up.
Kita, Ushijima, Sakusa, Daichi, Akaashi, Iwaizumi, Shirabu, Kageyama, Aran, Tsukishima, Yaku
Very chill. Jogging and sneakers to be as comfortable as possible. You arrive a little bit early so you don't have to wait in line at the counter. This gives you a little time to hang out in the stores and sip a coffee. He walks around with his neck rest already on his shoulders, a comical but somewhat touching sight.
Oikawa, Osamu, Suna, Tendou, Mattsun, Semi, Sugawara, Kuroo, Kenma, Konoha, Komori 
A marathon. It's a race through the halls of the airport and you arrive out of breath at each counter. It's even a blessing that he managed to take all his documents. He still finds time to stop and buy a whole bunch of food for the trip. You're sure that you won't lose him since he's easily recognizable from miles around with the three caps on his head and the two sweaters tied to his waist (yes, there was no more room in the suitcase...)
Atsumu, Bokuto, Hinata, Lev, Hanamaki, Nishinoya, Hoshiuimi
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harjiee · 2 days ago
Haikyuu characters and the insecurities I think they’d love
Info: Once again another HC, except this time instead of My Hero it’s Haikyuu! I know fun!!!
Characters: Um....alot of Haikyuu characters :3
Warnings: Insecurities. I guess I could count angst?? The “Hair insecurity” is more targeted towards females but everything else is gender neutral. Rushed and sloppy so please don’t make fun =] Possibly spelling errors. 
Lemme know if I missed anything friends! 
Skin Insecurities
These are the boys that are lowkey obsessed with facial things. Like acne, vitiligo, eczema, etc. Now when I say obsessed I mean like if you start talking down to yourself about your skin or something, they're the type to turn you away from the wretched mirror and kiss your face senseless (if you're comfortable with it of course). 
Sugawara, Akaashi, Aran, Oikawa, Yachi, Diachi, Kageyama, Ennoshita, Semi, Yamaguchi, Asahi, Hinata
Body Insecurities
You, body insecurities? No. Never. Not in their line of sight. Like….wtf??? You’re perfect? They’re the type of people where if they catch you lingering at your stomach or chest or anywhere for way too long they’ll dramatically gasp before treating you like a ROYAL. You think you're too chubby? Well too bad! They’re taking you out on an all day shopping trip. You think you're too flat and or skinny? Oh well! Go put on their favorite outfit and get ready for probably the best day of your life!
Sugawara, Oikawa, Bokuto, Kiyoko, Yaku, Tendou, both the Tanaka’s, Nishinoya, Lev, Aone, Iwaizumi, Suna, Osamu
Hair Insecurities
Body hair to be exact, especially if you're a female. You know, there’s always a standard that “pretty people are hairless” (I don’t believe that now let’s not get this twisted) but….whenever you shave or wax it always comes back within like a month. Of course you’ve tried asking several people who work with waxing why this happens and they give you the same response every time. “Just keep your regular waxing schedule but make sure to be safe with it.” So at some point you had just given up and thought that you should focus more on your mental health than society….and yet one negative comment about your body hair just brings you down tenfold. 
These boys are the type of boys where they remind you that body hair is completely normal and that a lot of people have it. They’ll probably search up some Pinterest models and get you aware of the fact that a lot of them don’t have hairless legs and they still look perfect. 
Tsukishima, Tendou, Asahi, Kenma, Kurro, Kiyoko, Ushijima, Semi, Ukai Jr., Goshiki, Mad Dog, Daichi, Aone, both Miya twins
Hope you enjoyed!
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bokubear · 2 days ago
their quirks | hq boys
Tumblr media
feat. tendou satori, ushijima wakatoshi, yamaguchi tadashi, tsukishima kei, suna rintarou, oikawa torū, daichi sawamura
warnings; none
Tumblr media
tendou ^ he likes making paper cranes. he has since he was young. once he learned how, he takes every piece of paper on a stack and can make a hundred paper cranes. one night you walked into your shared bedroom and stopped dead. thousands of cranes littered the floor, and in the middle of the hoard sat tendou, smiling enthusiastically despite the dilemma.
suna ^ when you do silly things you don’t mean and he takes a billion pictures just to use them as blackmail. his phone is practically taking pictures of you every millisecond. you ask him why not specific moments and he says: ‘if you take a lot at a time, you get a lot more action shots.’ this jerk-face.
ushijima ^ he spends HOURS in the meat section. no he isn’t a food enthusiast, he just likes to see the meats available. he says to you: ‘in case we should try something new, good meat is healthy.’ of course the nutrition freak is always there, especially the grocery store.
daichi ^ makes sure the door is locked. he’s seen to many of those memes about it. a massive peeve when he’s out with you to wonder if he locked the door or not. rushed and late? you have to wait, daichi needs to check the door. not only does it secure his protection, your protection is most important as well.
oikawa ^ he winks at you. you glance at him sparingly? he will wink when you catch his gaze. it’s a habit he’s picked up from flirting with you. he likes it when you had first begun dating and he would wink in your direction and you’d become flustered. now he pouts because you’ve become completely unaffected.
yamaguchi ^ he doodles. notebooks? doodles. an old paper? doodles. when it’s your notebook or textbook he likes to write little notes on pages you might visit often. cute hearts and things. instead of encouraging notes he likes little doodles. if you return the favor he will be bouncing around with happiness all day.
tsukishima ^ homework. you may ask, or you may not but that’s out of the question. he will help you. not really ‘help’ but in his own way. which means when he sees your pencil not moving for a bit, or how you bite your lip and narrow your eyes, he slips beside you and corrects you. every single time. i swear it’s a routine for the salt-shaker.
Tumblr media
plagiarism, repost, and editing is prohibited ©
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Tumblr media
#includes: Ushijima, Osamu, Suna
#genre: pure fluff
#Description: this idea was from @fullmetalpalchemy. Haikyuu boys reacting to pets they said they didn’t want. Suna’s is kinda flipped where he surprises you.
You quietly walked into the house , trying not to make a sound in hopes that you don’t alert Toshi that you’re home yet as you wanted to have enough time to find a hiding place for the box in your arms.
Unfortunately your efforts were for nothing as he strolled out of the kitchen and stopped right in front of you. He suspiciously eyed the box in your arms with furrowed brows.
“What’s in the box love?” “uuuhh…nothing?” That was definitely NOT convincing and you mentally facepalmed. This just made Toshi even more suspicious as he slowly started to walk towards you.
“Meow” ushijima raised a brow “what was that?” “Ahah that was just … me! Yeah me , meoww, see?” “Y/N….. what’s in the box sweetheart?” “Nothing! I swear , just don’t come any closer” “Y/N” he said sternly. A beat of silence passed before you broke “i couldn’t just leave him there! You should have seen him Toshi , he was all alone and shivering and looking at me with those eyes , his eyes Toshi! What type of person would I be if I left him ? A psychopath! That’s who” once your rant was over , Ushijima just gave you a small smile and chuckled out “I didn’t even say anything love” “you didn’t have to” you pouted. “I know how you feel about pets and if I asked you if I could take him and you said no I would have still brought him home” you meekly got out.
He just looked at you with soft eyes and realised that this was why he loved you , because you care so deeply about everyone and everything. “At least let me get a look at him before you start jumping to conclusions like that” . You slowly opened the top of the cardboard box in order not to startle the little black ball of fur that lay at the bottom. And as Ushijima took his first look at the little guy he knew he was a goner because the round eyes that peered back up at him looked too much like yours to dislike. “You know what? I think I can make an exception just this once” he whispered as he lifted the kitten into his large arms.
“No” “why nooot??” You whined out and stomped your foot. “You’re acting like a child Y/N” “And you’re acting like an a big ole meanie” “Just because I said you can’t get a hamster doesn’t make me a meanie babe” “YES it does, give me one good reason Samu” “I’ll give you as many as you want! Be reasonable , who’s going to take care of it? We don’t have the time for a pet” “I promise babe I’ll do everything, I’ll feed it and clean its cage and take care of it and give it all the love it needs” “You know that’s going to last a week before I have to deal with it” “It won’t ! I promise” you gave him puppy eyes hoping it would lower his guard and make him more reasonable but he was holding strong and was not changing his mind.
You shove your phone into his face and he peers at the photo of the hamster you want to get “Just look at her little chubby cheeks Samu, you can’t say she isn’t cute” “Babe…please can we just drop it” you huff and end up admitting that you may or may not have already got her. “Sooo…. I didn’t want to tell you this but I may have already bought her..” you bite your lip and await his response. He looks at you with a very unimpressed face and sighs out “I was never going to win this argument anyway”
However, watching Samu now with the little round hamster laying in his lap peacefully sleeping while he does his work , you have a feeling that he doesn’t mind. The size comparison makes your heart melt and the way Osamu occasionally looks down to check up on her and softly stroke her back with his finger makes you fall in love with him all over again. Because while Osamu may be stubborn, he’ll always let you get your way because the smile that stretches your face when you look at your little baby is 100% worth it.
It’s not the fact that he doesn’t want a pet puppy its more of the fact that he can’t. Mans is allergic to them and he hates himself for that everyday because he knows how badly you want one. The longing look you send every dog you see in the park and then slowly pout at him as if he chose to be allergic to them.
However, he can’t lie, he also really wants one. He wants you to have someone with you when he goes on away games so you don’t feel as lonely and miss him as much plus he thinks they’re really cute but he won’t tell you that.
So he ends up going to a doctor to find the best solution for his problem and they gave him a few options: A shot, allergy tablets and nasal sprays, plus many more. He’s relieved that there are so many options that can help him with his symptoms. After picking his poison he makes his way to the nearest shelter to have a look at all the cute dogs that are up for adoption and hopes that one catches his eye. Unfortunately, more than one catches his eye and he finds himself wanting to take them all home …. Going on his own was a mistake.
He finds a day where you’re out the house and won’t be home for a while to surprise you with the puppy he ended up choosing (you can imagine whatever dog you want :) ). He hides the dog in your closest and waits for you to get home and then ushers you into your room. You confusingly look around and before you can ask him why he brought you in here you hear soft whining. With big eyes you look at Suna, “No you didn’t” he softly smiles “yeah I did”.
You make your way to where you heard the sound and open the door. Lying on the ground, looking up at you with glass eyes is the cutest dog you’ve ever seen in your life. With gentle movements you pick them up and cradle them to your chest where they happily nuzzle into you. “They’re so cute but how? You’re allergic baby , how come you aren’t a mess right now?” He shyly scratches the nape of his neck “Well about that … I went to see a doctor and got some medication for it so it isn’t that bad anymore, plus this sight is definitely worth it” he walks over to you and kisses your forehead while petting the puppies head, “now you won’t be so lonely when I have to leave”
Tumblr media
© property of simpforanyanimeguywithdarkhair
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chosonore · a day ago
summary: ushijima misses you terribly when he's traveling, plagued by a strange heartache and thoughts filled with only you. what he wants is come home to you every day, for the rest of his life.
a/n: i'm not sure if i characterize ushijima well but he's one of my favourite haikyuu characters. he's so adorable and endearing in his own way and my fingers were just itching to write a little something after my friends and me were talking about him and dating. enjoy!
Tumblr media
ushijima had a hectic schedule, always on the go or busy with work related things. but whenever he could, every second of the day, he would spend it with you. no matter how much time he spent with you, it always felt like it wasn't enough. he would find his thoughts wandering to you throughout the day, his fingers itching to grab the phone and call you just to hear your voice. it was even worse when he was abroad; though ushijima had never been a person that particularly needed physical contact, he grew to appreciate being able to hold you in his arms. due to his large frame, he'd engulf you entirely, pulling you close to his chest as he rested his chin on your head or pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead. the closeness comforted him, made it easier to fall asleep. being abroad was hard without you, ushijima missed you terribly and even more so when timezones made it difficult to talk on the phone.
the past few weeks had been excruciating. it was the first time that he was away for so long, so much so that it made him feel restless. everything in him was itching to get home as fast as possible - it was almost comical, seeing how he excused himself and took his leave as soon as they exited the airport and left with such rapidity that none of the teammates could say goodbye.
ushijima felt like his heart was going to explode soon. was it nervousness or excitement? he couldn't quite tell. all he knew was that he looked forward to you, longed for you. perhaps it was the distance and extended period of time spent apart from each other that made him realize that he wanted to come home to you for the rest of his life. because no matter how many times he woke up next to you, how many times you'd already gone on dates or how many times you'd told him that you loved him, it never failed to make his heart flutter anew, as if he fell in love with you over and over again.
and there you were, standing in the kitchen in one of his sweaters that were way too big on you and humming quietly as you prepared dinner. a sigh left his lips as he dropped his bags at the entrance of your shared apartment, padding over to you. awkwardly, he bent down to wrap his arms around your waist and nuzzle his head in the crook of your neck. ushijima exhaled loudly, relieved that he was finally home, with you. you giggled quietly at your boyfriend's antics, wrapping your arms around his neck as you hugged him back. your fingers found the nape of his neck, gently playing with his hair. "hey baby. how was your flight? no complications?"
ushijima grunted a brief reply and made an affirmative noise, not wanting to let you go yet. you were warm and comfy and he would not let you go until he felt fully recharged. sensing his reluctance to let you go, you remained in his hold, swaying back and forth gently. though he hadn’t uttered a word, you could tell that he had missed you as much as you missed him. you could tell in the way that his arms tightened around you ever so slightly upon hearing your voice, how his breathing had calmed down gradually with every second that passed while holding you.
though you were busy yourself, juggling your free time between pursuing your hobbies and meeting up with friends, watching his matches on tv whenever possible, there was always a lingering loneliness following you whenever ushijima was traveling. only after moving in with him, you realized how much it affected you at times. he was a gentle and silent force that accompanied you throughout the day, even without him letting you know, even when he wasn’t there physically, you knew that you could count on him. he would always be there for you, regardless of what he was doing, willing to drop his training just to come home for you.
mornings didn’t feel as warm anymore without him by your side, days were starting to drag and blend into one another, colours dull and not as vibrant whenever he left. but just as a cloudy, rainy day that was slowly coming to an end, revealing brilliant hues of blue and the warmth of the sun, you felt like every ounce of liveliness returned back to you when ushijima was back in your arms. almost like a petulant child, he grimaced slightly as you pulled away but calmed just as fast when you stood on the tip of your toes and pressed your lips against his. with ease, he lifted you up on the counter, making you giggle against his lips as he stood in between your legs.
“i don’t want to leave for this long ever again,” ushijima bluntly stated, absentmindedly grasping your much smaller hands, clumsily intertwining your fingers. “that felt very unpleasant.”
“but that’s your job, you love volleyball. your matches just require you to travel, that’s how it is. i’ll always be here, waiting for you,” you looked at him perplexed, watching as his brows furrowed at your words. was he upset about your reply?
“i don’t like it, not being with you or near you. i keep thinking about you all day and then i feel distracted.”
“where is this coming from all of a sudden?” you asked, soothingly rubbing the back of his hands with your thumbs. something must have happened during his travels, he usually wasn’t this… pensive when coming back home. in your experience, it always took a while to coax him into telling you what was bothering him - either because he wasn’t sure himself or wanted to gather his thoughts before opening up to you. so chances were, he would either let you know or brush it off. to your surprise however, ushijima halted in his movements, exhaling briefly.
lifting his head ever so slightly, he looked at you, gnawing at his bottom lip. "i missed you a lot," he confessed quietly. "i don't like coming back to an empty bed or somewhere that is not home. it makes me feel restless."
"oh. so you feel homesick?"
"is that what it is?" ushijima seemed to be confused. you couldn't help but coo at his troubled face expression, he just looked to adorable as he was trying to make sense of his thoughts and feelings. it was almost as if you could see the cogwheels turning in his head, clicking and clacking until it finally made sense and a light went off in his head. the tall male shook his head. "i don't know if it is. earlier i realized, when i think of home, i think of you. i want to come home to you, for the rest of my life."
your eyes widened at his last sentence, spluttering in panic as you tugged at his hands to get his attention. "wait, wait, wait. are you proposing to me?"
"huh?" now it was ushijima's turn to look at you panicked. "no? i mean i wouldn't mind but that was not my intention. but if you want-"
"no, no, it just sounded like you were going to," you laughed nervously, scratching the back of your head. your heart was beating rapidly, the possibility of him proposing was one that you'd never considered until now. the two of you had never discussed anything of that sort or even remotely mentioned it - moving in together had already been a big step for you. but the thought of spending the rest of your life with him filled you with so much giddiness that you couldn't contain your excitement, wiggling around on the counter until you were able to wrap your arms around his waist and burying your face in his chest.
"so you don't want me to propose?"
"i do, i do. one day, when you're ready and thought it through, maybe?"
"okay." you felt ushijima nod, then his lips against your temple and cheek before they landed on the corner of your lips. he kissed you gently before regarding you with an earnest look. "i love you, y/n. you know that, right?"
"yeah, i do," you reassured your boyfriend. he nodded in contemplation, undoubtedly pondering about his future proposal. it was somewhat endearing to know that he always wanted to make sure that you knew he loved you, reminding you again and again because he found it difficult to express it in other words. but he didn't need to, you could see it in his actions and how they were reserved only for you.
Tumblr media
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ushisrever · a day ago
helo!! could u write first kisses or handholding for the first time with ushijima? thank u sm if u do, pls take ur time!!
Hi hi! Thank you for sending in a request :)). I really enjoyed writing this piece. It made me melt halfway hahaha...and I hope you also like it :))
Pair: ushijima wakatoshi x gn!reader
Genre: fluff
Song: You were meant for me
Word Count: 1.4 k
Summary: You never could have asked for more from Ushijima Wakatoshi except for one thing - a kiss.
Tumblr media
Ushijima Wakatoshi. How do you describe this man? Sweet? Stoic? Passionate? Ambitious? No one-word could explain this beautiful and complex man you love. He’s just perfect the way he is. It will take years to just say all the reasons why you love him.
The moment he asked you oh-so-bluntly if you two could go out on date, you don’t remember a time where you felt unhappy when you were with him. The moment he asked you to be his girlfriend, you felt like you’re in a pool of happiness. You never wanted to be anywhere else other than being beside him. Yes, there may have been arguments, but you two just know how to compromise or to truly work things out.
Then, two months have passed and you can never get tired of his warm affection. He literally just sits or becomes your confidant whether it be in a cafe, mall, movie theatre, a party, just anywhere. Sometimes, you two just hang out in a cafe and just bust into each other’s presence. You two don’t even have to talk for hours, sitting across each other is more than enough for you. You two support each other in every way you can despite the fact that sometimes Toshi can be busy in volleyball. All is well. You have no complaints at all with how things are...until then you notice one thing.
You two have never kissed yet.
That thought downed on you for weeks. It came to the point where you gave yourself so many reasons why it hasn't happened yet. It came to the point where you thought that perhaps your relationship never really revolved on such intimacy. Or it’s because Toshi is a gentleman...and eventually it came to a point where you thought maybe he didn’t want to kiss you. Maybe he never really looked at you in that way.
Panic builds in you the more you think of that last reason. Sometimes, you look at his lips when he’s not looking...thinking if he ever thought of yearning for your lips as you do now to his lips. The thoughts flooded in your mind to the point that it became noticeable to Toshi. And Toshi is not the kind of person who would let the problem be hidden and unnoticeable between your relationship.
Therefore, when the two of you are walking home, he decides to approach the problem. He would always walk or drive you home after every date. As the cold night breezes in between the silence building up between the two of you, Toshi glances at you.
“Is there something wrong, y/n?” he asked.
You blink from your thoughts and you turn to him. The first thing you see once more is his lips. Those damn lips. You immediately look away before it gets weirder in your case.
“No. Nothing,” you said with a smile.
Toshi doesn’t buy it. He stopped and you did as well. He fully turns his body to you, his eyes definitely a definition of seriousness. You never really like those stares. Even if you’re not saying anything, you already feel yourself slowly peeling open your true emotions. However, you know as well that you will never get away from it. He will never stop until he gets to solve whatever seed of problem is beginning to bloom in your relationship. That’s honestly one of the reasons why you loved him. He just knows how to be attentive, but hoped he didn’t notice this supposed problem on your side.
Though, what more can you do? He already has set himself to work on the situation. Whatever situation it may be.
“I...well...I was just thinking,”
You look at him and immediately shift your gaze to the ground.
“I was just wondering...I guess...if you ever felt that way about me,” you said almost like a mutter, but he heard it clear.
“...was there an instance where you thought...I don’t like you?”
“No. Not that. I know of course you like me. You’ve said that to me so many times,” you said with a nervous chuckle escaping you afterwards.
“Can you explain further than what you mean nothing feeling that way about you?”
You stay quiet for a while before you look up at him. “About you know...about being more intimate,”
Toshi’s face is the exact representation of someone who’s not getting where you’re going in the conversation.
You sigh as one last form of courage. “We...haven’t kissed yet, Toshi,”
His eyes widened.
“I don’t know. The idea that maybe we haven’t done that is because you never….intended to do so. I mean...couples kiss. I just thought since we’re you know...a couple...we should also...kiss. Gosh, I sound like a child,” you let another nervous chuckle.
Though, before Toshi could even say anything, the sky grumbled. Pure silence hits in before thick rain drops come pouring down. Toshi grabs your wrist and the two of you quickly run to that front of a small hotel. You two go under the built tent connected to the small hotel. You quickly glance at the fancy lobby just right after the entrance then back at the rain.
You then try to squeeze a bit of water from the hem of your shirt. Toshi does the same thing as well. However, once he managed to do so, he pulled out a handkerchief and lightly wiped your hair, your arms, and then your face. He lifts your gaze to him as he wipes your face dry. You try not to look at him, especially at the fact that you’ve told him about it. However, his eyes are just the complete definition of...beautiful. As if those eyes are meant to call for your gaze. And it really did.
Your gaze locks with his. The way he looks at you is definitely different from his soft gazes before. And as if someone just knows how to build the mood, a very soft romantic music plays in the background. The music you always love to listen to. With the music just slowly painting a scene that you hope is what you think it is, he puts a strand of hair behind your ear.
His thumb then slowly grazes at your cheek as he continues looking at you as if you are the only person that exists in the whole world. He just...loves you that much.
“It’s not that I never wanted to kiss you. It’s just...I was told that a first kiss must be perfect. It shouldn’t happen out of nowhere. So....I was thinking of doing it when we go to the beach next week,” he said with a light chuckle.
Your breath hitched. So, all those worrying was really for nothing. You just happen to meet a man who savors every moment with you and would do anything to make you feel that you are special. You never really needed him to go to that extent. Even if a kiss happened in an alleyway, in front of your home, or in a random place, you’ll still find it special.
“But then...I think this is already a perfect setting?” he asked.
Rain is pouring down. A light romantic music playing in the background. The love of your life is standing in front of you. What more could you ask for?
“It’s perfect,” you say with a soft smile.
At that, he cups your face and leans down to you. In a second, his lips are on you. And it felt like heaven. There are so many words to explain the way his kiss feels. You love it. The sweetness of it. The warmth of it. As your lips respond to each other as the seconds go on, you know that you would always seek this kind of touch from him. A sweet heavenly kiss.
After a minute or so, he finally pulls away from you. A smile emits on his face, and so did yours.
And ever since that night where you two had your first kiss, there wouldn’t be a day where you don’t even think about it. You two frequently kiss and it’s always as heavenly as the first kiss. It then comes to the point where you realize that the feeling of his lips against yours will never change because you know for sure that you two love each other. It didn’t change.
Until then, you just call your every kiss your first kiss.
A first kiss when you went on a vacation.
A first kiss after his game.
A first kiss after a big fight.
A first kiss after going on a date.
A first kiss at the walk in the park.
A first kiss before and after he asked your hand-in-marriage
A first kiss the day before your wedding.
A first husband and wife.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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pazumane · 19 hours ago
Baby fever? 🥺
Think about Wakatoshi and him having twins. Two boys, both absolutely adoring their father. Love to watch him play and snuggle with him on the sofa! He let them sleep on his chest 🥺this strong man holding his precious kids and gets soft around them!
I should think about drawing it....
don't mind me spouting my dad!ushijima headcanons real quick HAHAHA
Imagine if one of his twin sons was really into sports, while the other was more interested in his mom's hobbies (like playing music, making art, performing in choir or theatre or something else these may or may not have been my interests in high school LOL).
Imagine him taking turns going to volleyball matches one week and then band concerts the next, but always supporting his twin boys as equally as he can.
No matter what their hobbies end up being, he would try his best to foster and support his kids' interests, even though he'd be just a little bummed if they didn't want to be volleyball players like their dad. He'd do a good job hiding it though
He would also be the best girl dad ever too!! He would teach his little girl how to play volleyball and then brush her hair after bath time. He's so much bigger than her that he's afraid of pulling too hard and hurting her head, but she'll cry if Daddy doesn't braid her hair before school.
He would be so soft with his kids, it doesn't matter if they're boys or girls. He's not the best with comforting words, but he's always there to hug his daughter whenever she asks or clean up the scrapes on his son's knees and wipe away his tears.
When they're little and get too riled up right before bedtime, he lays on the couch with them on his chest until they fall asleep, before carrying them to bed and tucking them in himself.
Definitely that one dad who carries his kids on his shoulders, probably far after they're too big to comfortably do so.
He's firm with discipline, but not authoritarian. He never yells. When his children are misbehaving, he sits with them and explains why their behavior isn't okay, and always makes sure they apologize sincerely.
His career keeps him busy, but he does his best to be there for his family. He'll support you if you decide you don't want to work (and with the sponsorship money he makes, you don't really need to), but he'll support you just as much if you want to keep working and hire a nanny or some other kind of extra help.
Whenever he's in the offseason, he goes FULL househusband mode. You don't have to lift a finger, and he won't let you until you demand that he needs a break too.
the brainrot is running so deep right now
wakatoshi please just give me one chance i'll be the best baby momma you could ever ask for
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iwaizumeanie · a day ago
how the hq boys say they love you, without saying they love you.
feat: matsukawa issei, fukunaga shouhei, ushijima wakatoshi, tanaka ryuunosuke
Tumblr media
matsukawa likes to draw you a bath after a long day; he experiments with different salts and bubbles, always trying to figure out what it is that you like best. sometimes he'll sit in the water with you, your back pressed against his chest as he rubs shampoo through your hair, scratches his nails against your scalp. other nights, when you're too tired to keep your eyes open, he'll sit on the side of the tub and massage over your arms, hold your legs in his hands and rub knots out of your tired muscles. he'll shave your legs if you ask him to, careful not to knick your skin anywhere; though he'd never mind if you let your hair grow out either. matsukawa issei is in love with every piece of you, and he'll swear to pamper you for the rest of eternity in order to see your tired smile when he finally tucks you into bed, and kisses you goodnight, a silent proclamation of his devotion to you.
fukunaga always has you test his cooking. he holds a spoon out to you, wordless and expectant as you swallow down whatever it is he's been working on in the kitchen. he doesn't want you to tell him it's good just because it was "made with love", like you always say; he wants you to say it's good because it's actually good. so he'll watch you smack your lips with bated breath, nod when you tell him what it could use more of, he'll smile extra wide when you say, "it's almost there, babe. just needs a little something extra," so he kisses your cheek, thanks you, and goes back and forth from the kitchen to the living room where you're sitting, with a spoon in hand every time ready to hear your thoughts.
ushijima is sure to tell you often that he loves you, he states it plainly during mundane moments of the day; he enjoys reminding you. but in the mornings, when the air of early day sends shivers across his skin, he always snoozes his first alarm. he winds an arm around your waist, pulls you closer to him, whether your back is against his chest or your head is tucked beneath his chin while you drool on his collar bone; he doesn't care. for the first few minutes of every morning, ushijima simply wants to feel as close to you as possible, as if your impression will stay with him throughout the entire day, until he has you back in his arms in bed that night. he presses kisses against your skin wherever his lips can reach, the warmth of his mouth against you stirring you awake. it's the best alarm you could dream of, and seeing his smile first thing every morning is the most beautiful reminder of his love.
tanaka is the perfect definition of a gentleman when you're around him. he walks you to your favourite restaurant on friday nights, keeps you on his right side away from the street with his hand placed neatly in your back pocket. he opens the door for you with a polite bow, pulls your chair out and places your napkin on your lap with a quick kiss to your cheek before sitting across from you. when you speak, he looks at you like you're the only person on the planet, and nothing can break his attention until he's sure you're finished with your sentence. he orders for you, with perfect accuracy, and places his jacket over your shoulders on the walk home, even if he's shivering beside you. tanaka couldn't imagine a world in which he didn't worship the ground you walk on, and he's always sure to remind you in the simplest ways so you won't ever forget that you simply are his world.
Tumblr media
as this post is sfw, minors feel free to like or leave a reply but do not reblog and do not follow me as i am an 18+ blog! thank you for respecting my rules. <3
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queenofhimbos-hq · 16 hours ago
[12:48 am]
☆ Ushijima Wakatoshi x gn! reader , fluff, wc: 364
☆ “Don’t leave me”
Other Teams
Tumblr media
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
It had been a late night, for both of you. Ushijima had a late practice for the national team, and you were caught up with work. Luckily for you though, you could complete the work in the comfort of your shared home, laptop on your thighs as you worked on your couch. Tired from a long day, you shut your laptop and decided to rest your eyes, slipping into a peaceful sleep without realizing it.
When Ushijima walked through the door, he made sure to be as quiet as possible, not wanting to wake you. He immediately noticed the main lights on, which was unusual if you were in bed already. Walking into your living room, he is met by the sight of you slumped over on the couch, body bent in half in a way that would be uncomfortable if you spent a lot of time in it. With a small smile, Ushijima set his bags down, knowing that he would take care of them tomorrow, that now, it was time to take care of you and get you into bed. Gently, he scoops you into his arms, flipping off the lights as he walks the familiar steps to your shared bedroom. He set you down, covering you with a blanket and pressing a kiss to your forehead before slipping off to the bathroom for a quick shower.
He walks back into the room, freshly clean and relaxed, to see you curled up to his side of the bed, cuddling up to his pillow. His smile is small, but he loves how soft and sweet you are in sleep. Doing his best to not jostle you, he lays down, pulling the covers over him and carefully adjusting you so you’re now cuddled into his side.
He knows he’s not outwardly emotional - it’s not the easiest thing for him to do. But he loves these moments, in the darkness of night, when he can express his love to you openly and without judgment. As you held on to him, nuzzling your head into his shoulder, he leaned down, pressing a gentle kiss to your forehead. “Don’t leave me. You mean the world to me.”
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
© 2021 queenofhimbos All Rights Reserved.
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hunniepawp · a day ago
Haikyuu Timeskip! headcanons: dating an kpop idol! s/o who they met during filming (Pt. 10) ISAC Edition
A kpop idol s/o who is filming or having a photoshoot. But along the way they met their boyfriend while on set! How will they react?
❀ Warnings: SPOILERS (Timeskip characters involved), Swearing, Grammatical errors (Probably)
❀ Reader is gender neutral
❀ G/N - Group name
❀ The members will be gender neutral as well
❀ So, since I’m planning on writing some of the characters with the same theme. I just decided to combine them all lol.
❀ Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9
Tumblr media
This man, he flew all the way from Poland just to see you in your A game.
Out of all the things you were doing, Ushijima was always trying to be there for you.
But this one peeks his interest, because not only does it involve playing different types of sports. He gets to see you play! Especially, volleyball?
Man zoomed his way to the arena, no hesitation whatsoever.
Ushijima was sitting in one of the bleachers, near your fans.
Some people immediately recognized him as a former member of the Schweiden Adlers. Some even congratulated him for participating in the Olympics (and some were intimidated ngl. He’s tall af ).
So what does Ushijima thinks about your group participating this years ISAC?
He’s okay with it, he actually finds it quite nice that you get to enjoy yourself a little.
Although he doesn’t really see the point as to why must you play for sports when you’re already an idol?? Isn’t that exhausting?
Anyways so volleyball was the game for today, and he was watching intently, mostly for you.
You were the middle blocker on your team, as you told Ushijima before.
“Jaeyoung, spiking the ball and OH it was blocked by g/n’s y/n! Man, everyone’s on the roll here!”
With every achievement your members shout with glee encouraging the others to point for more.
As for Ushijima, man is impressed. He was nodding his head, clapping.
“That’s my y/n. A great blocking technique and form.”
After your volleyball game, you guys were announced as the winners of the match.
Your fans cheered for your achievement, cheering and screaming a fan chant of your group.
Upon looking at the crowd your eyes landed upon him. And immediately gave him a toothy smile.
Ushijima, just smiled in return.
Man was there with every game your group has participated.
He was pretty quiet while cheering though, but with that smirk and adamant face? Yeah he’s definitely intrigued.
Ushijima was plopping his arms underneath his chin, legs crossed, and face so eager to watch you play.
Ushijuma is now keen in watching more of your games. And he’s definitely gonna be there when you win.
Tumblr media
“Oh god...Yeah Hoshi I’ll do my best!”
“You got quite the enthusiastic fan of yours y/n. Boyfriend of yours?”
“Yeah he is.”
Yep, there he is Hoshiumi Kourai, hyping you up on your games (Excessively so).
Even your fans got nothin’ on him, man’s a built-in-megaphone boombox collision.
Like when you lose? Man gripped his hair and jumping out of his seat.
He’s like an old man watching his favorite soccer team lose to the opposing team.
And you know how much he hates losing.
And when you win he immediately changes his personality 180 degrees.
Like when you perfectly shot an arrow at the center, in archery (you even broke the camera too sheesh).
Komori was shouting so loud, that the best vocalist of your generation was nothing compared to him.
His claps were obnoxiously loud too.
Much to say the fans are irritated by his loud demeanor, but his support is very endearing.
After the games, man was prepared to pepper you with affection and words of encouragement.
Hoshiumi even advised you to train with him sometimes, strongly despising the fact that you were losing to others.
Not that you needed to anyways, but he’s persistent.
Yeah you should prepare yourself, because Hoshiumi will make sure you come back better than ever.
Tumblr media
Your fans love Komori (no, they adore AND revere him). 
He is the ultimate fan of your team.
Komori’s the most supportive, too : >
If you win? As you should! You’re amazing!
And if you lose? No problem, you’re still the best! : D
Oh and he’ll tell you’re fans about your greatest achievements.
Big promoter too lmaoo.
“Like did you see g/n out there? Yeah they’re even better than last year too! Especially y/n, very proud of them.”
“Also stream for G/N’s comeback, you hear me guys?”
You get to see Komori cheering you on in every game. And you smiled happily at where he is.
He smiled back of course, the fans however, they fainted due to your charms.
You making a big heart was the final blow, even Komori was struck too.
“Wah your mere presence alone can win the hearts of many, thank you for your blessings!”
You and your members were laughing at them, this gave them enough boost of confidence to win every games so far.
And also, did you noticed that your fans seems to be liking Komori so much? Yes you did : D
In the end your group only attained a few medals, but that didn’t matter because Komori is here!
Man hugged you so tight and tells you about the good things you did today.
“Komoriii I didn’t won a lot of games today, but I’m so glad you came to see me!”
“Haha oh I didn’t care about those things y/n. I came for you, and only for you~.”
All in all Komori doesn’t really care if you win or lose.
As long as you’re having fun, Komori will support you.
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riceballlori · a day ago
Haikyuu radnom thoughts - Shiratorizawa & Date Tech High
- Ushijima, Tendou
- Aone, Koganegawa
Tumblr media
Ushijima Wakatoshi (Schweiden Adlers - OP)
Ushijima is not very talkative person and everybody knows he is not very openly emotional. He truly knows that he could be better. Better in showing happiness, better in showing his concerns, better in showing how much he loves you. He doesn't know if you feel loved lately. He was always away playing or just training. Truly Ushijima is a hard working man but he is concern about your relationship - he doesn't want you to feel alone when he is playing volleyball. So he asked Kageyama and Hoshiumi how to make a s/o happy. Not a brilliant idea. Now his only help is Tendou. He even waited for a right time to call his best friend (timezone problems). With a help of his bff, Ushijima came up with and idea. He is going to buy you a plant and paint a pot like his jersey looks like. After hiding in the garage for you to think he is working out and after few unsuccessful pots he if finally done. He makes sure to buy the plant which is not difficult to keep alive. That day Ushijima asks you on a date. During a date you looked so happy and enjoying yourself and him spending time with you.He hopes he is able to keep that sparkle in your eye forever. As soon as you come home he gives you your present. Tendou told you that Ushijima is planing something to surprise you but you didn't thought he would give you something so cute and handmade like that. You did felt grateful since the gift was made from bottom of his hearth. "I know I'm always away but I want you to have this and talk to it while I'm gone so you are not lonely here."
Tendou Satori (Chocolatier)
You were surprised when Tendou asked you to move to Paris with him. You thought that maybe for a while you will have long distance relationship but Tendou was extremely against it. He believed that once you are away from him, you will find someone better and he may be selfish by not letting you go but he truly wanted you only for himself. What was even more surprising was when you moved to the Paris with him, Tendou asked you to cut his hair. You refuse at the beginning. You found his hair so unique and beautiful and no way you could ever do that but he promised you that he will let it grow out. He just wants to do this as a symbol of his new beginning. You knew what he meant by that. You knew he was referring to. As a good significant other you did as he asked. So one night, in your comfy clothes, Tendou only in his boxers, you grabbed pair of scissors and cut his hair. You had to remind yourself that it is just a hair. Right when you finished cutting with a trimmer you looked at completely different Tendou. He looks at himself and you can see that he is genuinely happy. The spark in his eye was so bright and you were internally melting and thanking god that you can memorize this night as a new beginning.
"Are you sure? Like sure sure? Like 100% sure that you want to get rid of your beautiful special hair my pretty boy? If so can I keep a strand in the wallet for a luck?"
"You are weirder than I am..Of course you can."
Aone Takanobu (student of Date Tech High)
Running on a few hours of sleep and caffeine you were getting in the bus home. You had hard day in school and your feet hurts so you looked around for a place where you could sit and maybe few minutes rest in a bus wouldn't kill you eighter. You see place next to guy from your school. You don't know much about him, only that he plays volleyball. He was sitting there all alone so you came to him and asked him if you could sit next to him. He looked at you surprised. Normally people don't sit next to him. He looks scary to others but in your eyes he was just quiet and not dangerous. You knew that he looked intimidating but you never heard a bad word about him. You started a small talk with him so the atmosphere around you guys was not weird. You know, you sat next to person from your school it would be weird if you wouldn't start small talk. You asked him in which bus station is he getting off. You were leaving bus sooner since he is going to the last stop. Aone wasn't very talkative and your tiredness was killing you so you felt asleep. Your head started flopping around and he noticed. He held your head and guid it to rest it on the back of the seat. He cannot let a first person who would start converstion with him getting neckache. Later he woke you up since that was your bus stop. You told him that next time you will not fall asleep and you will talk to him more and he looked forward to it. "See you next time Aone-san. Maybe we will get to talk more in school or in the bus. Goodbye."
Koganegawa Kanji (Sendai Frogs - setter)
Tsukishima and Koganegawa were completely different personalities. Working together was little bit difficult when it came to the bonding. Tsukishima is harsh with his words and Koganegawa sometimes takes these words too seriously. One day Koganegawa comes home to you with sad aura around him. You asked him about it and he asked you if he looks like that one angry bird. You started laughing since you found it funny. You yourself thought that too but didn't wanted to offend him. You asked him who told him that and he explain you that Tsukishima called him like that today. Poor Kanji is trying his best to be friends with Tsukki. Koganegawa's mouth didn't stop there so you sit him down on a couch and started listening to him about his relationship with Tsukishima. He said that even Mad Dog is not that mean to him. You listen to him and since you knew Tsukishima from the days studying at Karasuno, you had to explain why Kanji's energetic personality and Tsukishima's blunt personality are not alighning. You told him not to care about Tsukki's venomous tongue and do his best in a game. And you didn't forgot to tell him that if he wants, with his sets he can push Tsukishima to do more and that's something Tsukki is not a fan of. Just a little pay back for hurting your precious boyfriend. "Kanji don't care about him. You are you and you are perfect. Do your best and things will get better. I promise."
a/n: Aone's is not my original idea. I don't remember where I saw similar idea and I apologize. I'm sorry for the mistakes and I thank you for a reading. See you in Nekoma's post.
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215-luv · 28 days ago
OPENING YOUR MOUTH INFRONT OF THEM (Tiktok Trend) // tw: slightly suggestive
SUNA: holds your jaw and stuffs his tongue in your mouth, full on make out session with you before pulling away with a smirk. “is that what you wanted?”
SAKUSA: stares at you in confusion and disinterest, eyebrows furrowing as he looks at you like what’s he supposed to do?
KAGEYAMA: blinks in thought before gently moving the tip of the straw of his milk carton on your bottom lip. “do you want some?”
KUROO: looks at you in curiosity, leaving you open-mouthed before he caught you off guard as he shoves a ballpen on top of your tongue. the action immediately making you jump away as your boyfriend cackles out loud. “do you need attention? is that what you want, kitten? hm?”
KONOHA: dips two of his fingers into your mouth, lips turning into a smirk as his facial expression screams ‘suck my fingers.’
TSUKISHIMA: looks at you in question before turning away to ignore you, eyes focused on the manga he was reading as his hand reaches to your chin to close your mouth at the same time. “just what the hell are you doing? a fly could go in your mouth, dumbass.”
BOKUTO: tilts his head in confusion. “are you hungry?” he asks, earning no answer from you as you look at him as if to usher to do something with your mouth open. though, the only thing he did was slowly tap your tongue with his pointing finger in confusion. “kotaro!” “what?! baby, i didn’t know what to do!”
AKAASHI: was eating a piece of candy when you opened your mouth out of nowhere infront of him. he looks at you curiously before holding onto your neck gently, leaning down to connect his lips with yours, shocking you when he used his tongue to push the mint flavored candy into your mouth with force. he smiles as he pulls away. “how does it taste, love?”
IWAIZUMI: is half confused as he raises an eyebrow at you. “what are you doing?” and a few seconds passes by before he decides to raise his hand to close your mouth gently, peering at you suspiciously as you go on your day as if nothing had happened.
OIKAWA: “what?” your boyfriend raised an eyebrow at the sight of your open mouth, before morphing his lips into a smirk. “ooh, is that it? do you want me to put something in there?” he coos, “tell me, darling. what do you exactly need?”
USHIJIMA: “y/n..??” he stares at you stoic. kinda just stares at you waiting patiently if you wanted him to do something cause; following his motto in life - whatever y/n wants, y/n gets.
KENMA: quickly shoves a piece of chip on your mouth, assuming you were hungry cause his eyes were pierced through the screen, continuing his game as if you aren’t next to him shooting daggers at his side profile.
KITA: he’s.. i don’t know.. his nonchalant expression takes in sight of your open mouth, eyes raking over your figure as if he’s telepathically asking what’s up. he just stays like that the whole time to wait for you, no questions asked. your boyfriend is a patient man.
SUGAWARA: you open your mouth, and he gets the tingling signal that you’re hungry. and so there he goes, opening a bag of your favorite snack and feeding you just the way you like it. <3
TENDOU: goes all giggly like, “what are you doinggg??~~” before slightly lifting your chin to close your mouth a bit, giving him a much comfortable position to kiss you tenderly.
TANAKA: blinks at you, confused as hell though a million thoughts were running to his mind. unfortunately, some of those thoughts weren’t so innocent. he instead closes your mouth in an immediate. looking away from you as he scratches the back of his head. “w-would you look at that babe! i gotta finish my homework now before it gets late- haha…”
YAMAGUCHI: “why? what are you doing? are you hungry?” he inquired genuinely, eyeing your expression as if he’s looking for any sign of hunger from you. he pats your head with a look of sadness on his face. “i don’t really have any food with me right now.. would you mind if i leave you for a while to go buy your favourites?”
ATSUMU: “huh? what’s this?” he raised an eyebrow in curiosity, looking at you suspiciously before he’s finally got an idea. lips turning into a smirk, he leans down to your level, nose in touch with yours as he lowly mutters. “now, what’s this all about babe?”
OSAMU: also one to raise an eyebrow at you. “are ya hungry?” he tilts his head in confusion. letting out a sigh when you don’t reply, he gently shuts your mouth with a hand under your chin. he kisses your forehead as he says. “fine, i’ll cook ya up somethin’ okay? just wait here and lay pretty.”
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introloves · 4 months ago
anon: country boy wakatoshi drives a big ugly old truck that he is perpetually “fixing up” but he opens the door for you and holds your hand to help you get in and out. and he drives you guys out to a field in the middle of nowhere to fuck you in the backseat where no one can hear
country boy! ushijima + dominant! ushijima + mutual pinning + tension + awkward flirting + fluff + fuckin in the backseat + creampie + size difference + size kink + mouth stuffing (fingers) + oral fixation (f! receiving) + squirting + summer vibes + f! reader
— word count; approx 3.5k
— lots of characterization and dialogue attributed to my ushijima anon. <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
‘gentle, be gentle.’
its repeated over and over again in wakatoshis head, eyes pinned to the roads he's taken over and over within the last couple of summer nights- a spot that after hours of grueling work brings him the most comfort. he doesn't really know why those words are like a singular loop in his head. it's not like he expects anything to happen, but when wakatoshi sees the gleam of your thighs underneath the dress you're wearing, he can all but hope.
he needs that reminder while you sway only a couple inches next to him, hands gripping the steering wheel until his knuckles are white- you look beautiful, even more so than usual.
the singular thought seems to overtake any and all other feelings and wants for the night. he thinks it might be a mistake, dangerous to have you seated in the dusty and… cracked seats of his truck, but you only smile and look at him with a soft gaze. he can't help but think that there’s ways this night could progress and to have you like he wants- like he wants you.
the roads are bumpy and by the time you two get there and wakatoshi thinks that he needs to check the suspension in his truck, still thinking as he parks. he realizes how shabby the spot is when you're here with him and that has a hot blush crawl up his neck.
it’s a space overrun by tall grass- a creek somewhere in the distance- usually the superficial things don’t really bother him, but now with you sitting there and he thinks that compared to how pretty you are, it overshadows any and all places he could possibly think to bring you.
he’s scared to turn and look at you, leaning forward to turn off his truck, unaware of a lingering and wanting gaze pinned to the muscled stretching over his arms- biceps curling, veins running up and down, all the way to his hands.
thick hands scarred and calloused from the work he does. they've turned rough and heavy- everything about him looked proportional to his height, but his hands stood out just a bit more and you couldn't really get enough of the sight.
you stare, and keep staring, even when he finally turns to look at you, face unmoving except for a hint of blush painting his cheeks. from the heat or just the situation that seems to grow more and more heavy may be the cause of it, you're not too sure.
either way, there seems to be a weight to the already muggy air you breathe, it takes what feels like minutes before he even says anything- clearing his throat with a grumble.
he apologises, of course he does. he's always been the gentleman; words just a tiny bit quieter- voice rolling deep with bass and something a little rougher. you know he says something about the scenery being too ugly, but you can’t really focus on his words.
it's easy to respond to a man so kind, so big but gentle and respectful with an almost instinctual lean towards him. hand placed over his bicep to let him know it's okay-
you weren't playing coy, anything but that, but the touch makes him go rigid. wakatoshi wants to ask you to not be so casual, but he doesn't want to come off creepy and he wouldn’t know where to start.
wondering what you would think if he told you the singular touch of your arm against him had him sweating, swallowing back the slowly bubbling lust threatening to tip over with each passing second. all he can do is lay back, legs spreading out to make himself comfortable; in his mind, shifting to lessen the tension- limbs still achy from the day, hazel eyes tracing the dirty spots on the roof of his truck before finally peering back at you.
ushijima knows his strength and stature is daunting- built for hard labor, honed to do dirty work all day, so he tries to make himself as welcoming as his imposing personality can, nothing more than the painted picture of a gentleman while he looks at you.
you had the decency to act shy, flustered at the scene unfolding before you. the reality weighing in at having such a big man sitting next to you so casually, and you nearly felt ill for responding to him with a twisting heat between your legs. trying to speak up, wanting to start conversation but not finding any thoughts, not ones that you could say out loud anyways.
“it’s hot.” he mumbles, sighing heavily through his nose before passing a rough hand up to push hair from his forehead- undercut on complete display in this angle.
“it is, but it’s nice- at least there’s a breeze.” you respond, worrying at your lower lip, nibbling on it to keep you from embarrassing yourself.
“yeah, at least there’s a breeze.”
wakatoshi doesn’t mean to be so curt and short, it’s just that you make him nervous- warmth always settling right under his navel when you come around to his house, full of bright smiles and food for him, knowing he works all day long. using this act of kindness under the guise of being a friendly neighbor- but really…
you just loved seeing him when he was all sweaty, and on lucky days- you’d even caught him shirtless, shoving whatever food you’d made for him in his general direction and hightailing it out of the vicinity to go back home and touch yourself to the image.
he sighs heavily, and it makes you feel a little guilty. he should be at home and resting- farm work is extensive and always needed and now you’ve pulled him away from precious time that could be spent recuperating that fatigue, not that he minds- but you wouldn’t know that.
“are you tired?” you question sweetly, still looking over at him with a smile. he catches the way you bite down onto your lip, wondering just how improper it’d be of him to ask you straight up if him fucking you would be a bad idea, but he holds back- swallows down any complex about being too forward, because he needs to know if you want this just as bad as he does.
“no- not with you here, it’s the opposite… the opposite.” he finalizes his words by turning towards you. lumbering form slowly straightening up in the worn seat he’s sat on, leather crackling beneath thick thighs.
there’s something insinuated between his words. you can actually catch up on it, and it brings forth an almost nervous smile, cheeks warm and neck nearly on fire with the way he says it.
“it’s the opposite for me too…” you reply, soft and still so kind. in another world maybe you’d act just a bit more coy and shy, but it’s nearly too much and you ache beneath the pretty summer dress you’ve thrown on.
“mm, is it?” wakatoshi questions, eyes finally letting themselves look at you- eyebrows furrowed, wondering if this is a game you’re playing. that somehow you’ve read his mind and are hinting at all the naughty things he wants so desperately to do to you.
but there’s no way that’s the case, and instead he lets himself long for you openly.
“what does that mean?” his voice is just a tinge heavier- once more adjusting himself in his seat to let himself get comfortable, eyebrow quirked up as a smile plays on his lips.
he’s straightforward and calculating for the most part, now he just wants to hear it come straight from your pretty lips.
if what he saw from your swaying form was correct, you were also feeling the pulsating heat of pure lust curling between your legs, just like him.
the question sends you into a babbling mess, once more going shy, but pulling through for the need to know if he’s also as desperate as you.
“well, it-it's a little improper… i’m not sure if i should say what i'm thinking.”
you confess, hands wandering down to lay against your thighs, playing with the edges of your dress to keep yourself from looking at him.
he didn’t know how he could stop himself now that the singular thought of you being needy like he is has made a home in his mind.
wakatoshi is usually so calculating and perfected in everything that he does, but this once, with the prospect of having something so sweet like you all to himself so within reach- he grabs at you.
the first touch of his warm palm against the exposed skin you’ve presented him with thanks to your fidgeting hands makes you look at him, and you know that there’s nothing but heavy lust behind his eyes.
“tell me.” ushijima near growls, no room for questioning or self doubt.
“i want you.”
it’s all he needs.
finally. finally with the confirmation that his horniness isn’t alone in the beat up truck he’s brought you here in, he lets his other hand wander up to your neck, so small compared to him- slowly sliding up until he’s pressing an index finger and thumb to either side of your face, not knowing how to treat something so soft with gentleness.
“tell me more.” he whispers before giving you the chance, statement completely rhetorical because his mouth is on yours in mere seconds.
he’s all you’ve wanted and hoped for. rough hands moving you into his lap without a care for anything in his vicinity, fitting you like you belong against him like this with each pass of his tongue against yours- growling at the warmth pulsating right over his own heavy cock.
gentle hands find purchase against his shirt when things get too heavy, holding you around the waist and slowly starting to push and pull your mass to grind tightly over his jeans. only grounded back to reality because you’ve started to mewl so nice and high- airy and shaky with each pull.
this was never going to end in just kissing and heavy grinding, so once more- wakatoshi silently apologizes to your integrity, deadset on fucking you right here and now.
“pretty girl.” ushijima speaks, equally breathless when you pull away and he’s met with the textbook definition of desperate.
eyes wide and wet, lips swollen, a singular string of spit still connecting the two of you, watching when you respond with a shake at the compliment, thighs squeezing around him.
“i need you.”
words spoken with such ease have you dizzy once more and you simply nod, unable to do anything else but nod.
his hand reaches for the door handle of his truck- the other splayed over your back when he swings a leg out, keeping you pressed sweetly, protectively, to his towering form, cradling you while he moves the both of you to his back seat.
its criminal- he thinks very quickly, that he’s going to fuck such a pretty little thing in the back of his old, dirtied, beat up truck.
but there doesn’t seem to be any complaint coming from you, watching intently at the skin slowly being revealed to him when he sets you down and your dress starts rising up, bunching at your waist like a present slowly unraveling itself all for him.
he can't begin to describe the feeling that overcomes him the second your panties peek from between thighs that have not left his hands. you're glistening- his breathing catches immediately in his throat while looking down at the patch of wetness clinging onto your panties, hands gripping your thighs with enthusiasm and little self restraint at the sight.
he grunts, it's all he can do because his cock is now straining so hard against his jeans- and he knows that if he isn’t buried to the hilt inside of you within the next couple of minutes, he’d break you in a flurry of pent up energy to try and get to your undeniably pretty pussy.
ushijima can’t bring his eyes up farther than the swell of your cunt, fingers precise in their movements, come down to hook against the hem of your soaked underwear, pulling it to the side- temptation itself crawling up his neck to lean down and have a taste, but the incessant throbbing he feels is what drives him now.
with no words uttered, wakatoshi thumbs up your cunt, an intense glare pinning your body into the seats- it feels suffocating, thighs so tempted to just squeeze around his arm twitch at the first touch, but with the way he looks like an animal starved- you know that wouldn't go down well.
“are you going to give this to me?” he asks out of nowhere, still feeling your slit up, no pressure behind his ministrations, thumb caressing everything revealed to him. he waits for the simple nod- or whisper, or even slow and desperate swirl of hips- detonating you want this as much as he does, and the second you whine out a pretty little,
“yes- yes, please.”
he swears he can see stars.
there’s no time that comes between the two of you once those words tumble out of your pouting mouth- finally letting his hands move to grasp at your hips. crowding you, leaning his big body to loom over as he lets your thighs settle on either side of him.
grasping down between the two of you to quickly unclasp his belt. the sound of metal hitting metal only further accentuating your need- body squirming beneath him in the most tempting wiggle, fumbling with the buttons of his bottoms and finally, finally pushing his underwear down.
you can't see him, but you can feel the weight of his cock finally land onto your pussy and it's nearly criminal how dizzy feeling him like this makes you. hands coming up to grab at his arms- open mouth sobbing. patience waning with the need that strikes you right in the middle of your chest. now it's your turn to act frenzied.
you want him, wanted him from the second your eyes laid on him and now his dicks drooling over your cunt.
it's so easy to fit your arms up and over his shoulders, clinging and grasping at him with fervor- pulling him onto your mass even closer, almost like you want to drown in his everything.
it draws a chuckle from deep in his chest, short lived because he wants you like you want him, letting himself sink down to press his face to your heated cheek- breathing in your scent, occupying himself while he moves his hips in a fluid motion to find your hole- not leaving any space between the two of you, and sinking inside so tight every centimeter he breeches tugs on the skin of his dick.
teeth gnash against one another when he’s stretching you out, knuckles pressed on either side of your head sink down further, crackling leather seats protesting as he brings himself down to his forearms.
“fuck- pretty little pussy.” he groans, coughed out as he bottoms out- unable to compare this moment to anything he’s ever experienced.
your keens bring him down lower, sweet and whiny just like he knew they would be, taking every little second his cock slides out of you to leave a sloppy, near opened mouth kiss to your lips- seconds away from drooling down onto your open mouth, panting out syllables that vaguely sound like his name, too twisted in pure pleasure to be really sure that its whats uttered.
“u-ushijima.” you cry, plead with him to do something about the burn encompassing your cunt, stretched full, knowing this was the outcome for this whole ordeal- but you still blink away the tears and dig your nails into his shoulders.
there’s an overwhelming need to ruin you and he can't place the want or where it comes from, only follow it head first with the first brutalizing thrust- echoing out in the backseats of his truck, squelching from such a tight cunt sticky and wet as it receives him, and seconds too late he recalls the way his name sounds, another need to hear it properly takes place and once more wakatoshi follows it like a lead.
rising to ease the pressure of his form off your chest, a strong, tanned hand settles so easily on the delicate skin of your neck- finally finding rhythm to each heavy push inside.
“say my name- properly.” he grits out, fighting the very clench of you.
there’s little resistance when he says something with such conviction- push behind every consonant, growled lowly right to your face. hand squeezing just right, thighs jumping- clamping down on his hips in response.
a sharp thrill passes through him at how well you respond- he’s not well versed in all this, didn’t know that squeezing such a pretty little thing like you between his body and the cracked seats of his beat up truck would feel this good, and now he knows it’s not something he’s ever going to give up.
he watches your back come up and off the seats- chest pressing up against him, just barely able to move and squirm with the way his cock drags in and out of your walls, it’s nearly too much, suffocating and heavy inside, you know you’re going to cum too quick.
“please- please!”
you clung to him so easy, hands gripping at the muscles in his shoulders and biceps- burying your face into his neck in a desperate attempt to quiet embarrassing mewls.
you just couldn’t help it with how good he fucked you, listening to every squelch his big cock brings out, panting helplessly against his thick neck- it’s too much, he’s too big- but you only want more and more.
the simple action of you whining like that has ushijima realize very quickly that he can’t take not seeing you.
“no hiding.”
it’s a harsh statement- grunted out, wanting to let you know that he wants to see you come undone.
hand searching for your neck once again to press you down, unceremoniously shoving two thick fingers into your mouth, pressing down to watch you drool and pant over them. eyes glazed over and so very pliant for him, pinning you right where he wants you.
the simple act is what brings you to a teary orgasm, wailing sharply against his digits- whole body shuddering, twisting under a man that’s kept you down so good, eyes rolling back while every ridge and vein passes past the tight clutch of the pussy he’s still fucking into the shape of his massive cock.
huffing breaths leave him while your thighs twist and squeeze, while you squirt and messy his thighs, cock already gleaming with arousal slickened now in the prettiest mess he’s ever seen-
there’s no time wasted before frantic thrusts reach their crescendo- swinging down onto you, balls heavy with so much cum, swollen and pained in need to find release inside your tight cunt only further accentuate the mess you’ve made with messy slaps down onto your ass, pretty dress thoroughly wet at the hem.
groans sound nearly pained, hips lose their tempo and ushijima stills inside with a final heavy thrust that sends you skirting up the seats, enunciated with sharp wails that come from you while pump after pump of cum floods your cunt- eyes wide and teary while you look up at him, lips wobbling around his fingers still knuckle deep inside your pretty mouth.
his body trembles, slow thrusts ensure that every inch his cock is stuffed inside rubs that heavy cum into your puffy walls, gaze still pinned with lidded eyes down onto your own watery ones.
it’s funny how backwards things have become- wakatoshi smiles in realization that he’s just dumped a heavy load into your tight pussy- not even tried to woo you, falling for him as easily as he did with you.
“it’s hot.” is all he mumbles, words still shaky, vision still blurry at the edges while he looks down at you, slowly retreating thick fingers from your lips to let you gasp and speak.
“yeah- it’s hot.” is all that tumbles past a swollen mouth, giggling and starstruck. humming- listening to the mid summer bugs chirping, sweat pooling against your back, dress sticking to you every which way, but you’re comfortable and so fucked out you couldn’t do anything to lessen the heat of his own body even if you wanted to.
he leans down, tongue licking up a stray string of drool from your chin before licking into your open mouth, not able to curve the need to have you all- wanting so badly to consume your whole body in his very being, but he knows you need to rest even a little.
“you’re mine now, yes?” ushijima questions- and all you can do is nod, clench around his softening cock and squirm once more.
“yeah- ‘m yours wakatoshi.” you respond back in earnest, clipped words coming from him feel comforting, knowing he only speaks with truth and honesty, silently smiling while he pushes kisses down against your jaw-
excited to finally have something soft and pretty and so so cute to love and protect.
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Tumblr media
#Includes: Multiple boys (Ushijima, Sakusa, Atsumu, Kuroo, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, Tsukishima)
#genre: Smut
#warnings: choking, belly bulge, size kink, dirty talk, praise, dacryphilia , gagging, afab reader, pet names.
Minors for the love of all that’s holy please DO NOT interact , thank you :)
Sakusa: Relishes in the feeling of his hand wrapped tightly around your throat. Not just during sex but whenever. It makes him feel like he’s fully in control and you’re at his mercy plus the image of your eyes rolling to the back of your head every time he does it just edges him closer. And without fail the feeling of you gripping his wrist and clawing at his hands when his dick gets too much, sends him over the edge and has him pulling out and cumming all over your puffy pussy.
Ushijima: Everyone knows he’s a big boy and the same can be said about his dick, mans got a horse cock. Loves watching you struggle to take him but the best part…him pressing down on your belly bulge. He’s so big that you can see him through your stomach and the visual of him going in and out of you makes both of you groan. He’ll press down on it and say things like: “look how deep I am baby” “do you feel me in here love? Let’s see if I can go deeper, you can take it”
Atsumu: This man loves dirty talk. Will whisper the nastiest shit into your ear just to feel the tight clench of your cunt that drives him mad. Will ask questions like “does that feel good baby?” knowing you physically can’t reply and watch with amusement as you try to moan out a reply, but don’t worry he knows his baby’s too fucked out to respond and his aim is to get you to a place where you’re seeing stars.
Kuroo: The way he looks at you. With low lidded eyes and an easy seductive smirk. Often gives you that look when you’re riding him and begging him to do something, but he just leans back against the headboard with his hands tucked behind his head and watches you struggle. He finds the desperation in your bounces so fucking hot, how eager you are to get off and begging him to help just makes his smirk stretch wider. Its only when tears of frustration start to well up in your eyes that he decides to put an end to your torture and places his hands on your waist and plants his feet on the bed, then harshly thrusts up, “my pretty baby can’t do anything without my help, don’t worry I’m here now kitten”
Oikawa: The noises he let’s out. Has the prettiest moans and whines that make your pussy leak like nothing else. Most of the time you’re just trying to get him to moan and make noises and he doesn’t understand what’s so hot about them, he finds himself a little insecure of the noises he makes because they aren’t ‘masculine’ and deep. What has you creaming around him nine times out of ten is when he moans right into your ear while slowly thrusting in and out of you and in a high-pitched whine tells you how good you feel.
Iwaizumi: Holds you close every time. That’s why his favourite positions are missionary and spooning. Wants to feel every single part of you when he’s buried deep inside of you because it makes him feel even more connected to you and increases the intimacy of it. In missionary he’ll be practically flush against you, your legs wrapped around his waist and arms around his neck, while he’ll either be sucking softly on your neck or ear or making out with you, tongues wrapped around each other and breathily moaning into each other.
Tsukishima: When he thinks you’re being too loud, he’ll put two of his long digits into your mouth and order you to suck. He loves shoving them a bit too far down your throat, so you gag a little and tear up. Will watch those pretty tears cascade down your face with a smirk as he continues delivering hard deep thrusts, “shhh you’re making too much noise baby, wouldn’t want anyone to here how fucked out you are”
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