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in the heights 馃 how I met your mother
main character tells the story of how he got the girl to his kid(s) but takes way too long to tell it because he gets distracted by every little detail
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I'm just too late
In the Heights (2021) Part 2 of 2
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I never knew how much I needed to see LMM slut drop against a Piragua cart in the most innocent fashion until now
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Help I saw Hamilton live and am officially obsessed. Better late than never? Ran out of fanfics pretty quickly though, any recs please?????? Or any Lin-Manuel Miranda character fics will also accept.
Also am realising I have no theatre friends so I need to discuss my love!!!!
Written while watching on Disney plus for the 10th time this week.
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The salon聽馃拝
In the Heights (2021) | dir. Jon M. Chu
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Three months and three days until we get to see this beautiful boy in this beautiful movie.
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Things I loved about In the Heights
-The sounds of the city are part of the music of the opening song
-The frame story is the only way this story should be told; the story only works if it shows the results of Usnavi's decision to stay
-Anthony and Lin shaking hands
-Yay to random mixed race couple asking for directions
-鈥淚 hope you鈥檙e writing this down I鈥檓 gonna test you later鈥 only makes sense with kids
-Showing different residents of Washington Heights provides scale
-I鈥檓 not sure about the decision to cut Camila, but if it means less Nina drama, then I love it
-I love how Usnavi has his friends鈥 orders all ready to go
-LOVE how Usnavi announces Benny鈥檚 entrance
-Everything about Vanessa in this movie is perfect=> she鈥檚 given so much more depth, her beauty is downplayed, she鈥檚 kind of a nerd, but has a beautiful smile
-Nina鈥檚 heels=> metaphor for her reaching for the stars
-I love the actress that plays Nina; she鈥檚 the right age and her singing voice is so sweet
-Nina鈥檚 hair is straight when she鈥檚 at school; as soon as she comes home, it鈥檚 curly=>she can be herself at home
-When Nina turns around and sees the crowd of people counting on her=> I felt that
-I love seeing Nina get her acceptance letter; I remember what that was like for my brother
-Camila must have died while Nina was at college in this version; Nina lost her mother recently which helps explain her different reason for dropping out; she feels lost
-I don鈥檛 know why Sonny is using this deep voice, but I love it!
-Whoever decided to have 96,000 take place at the pool is a genius
-The graphics at the beginning of 96,000 are good for helping regular people understand the rap
-Pete just put his arm around Sonny=> are they dating?
-Sonny yelling 96,000 as he enters the pool=> the sound design
-Pete nodding along to Usnavi=> sucking up to the family
-Usnavi is such a proud cousin-uncle during Sonny鈥檚 part in 96,000
-Vanessa making her 鈥淚'll be downtown鈥 walk down a ramp
-The dancer doing flips is now a diver doing spins into the pool
-On stage, the lighting was dark; in the movie, it鈥檚 underwater
-The circles of people in the pool reflect the zeros in 96,000
-Lin and Chris being rivals is perfect; their bromance is everything
-Nina and Benny being together before the events of the movie means they are the beta couple and have less drama than Usnavi/Vanessa which is how it should be
-Benny joins in during 鈥渙n that fire escape鈥=> like West Side Story
-Benny鈥檚 鈥淟et me in鈥 against the fence is hilarious
-Nina and Benny are FUN, not angsty like in the original
-Nina following the little girl=> following herself, following her dreams which eventually lead her to the sea; all of this is done while she鈥檚 talking about her past
-Nina and Benny instrumental鈩 part 1 in the middle of 鈥淲hen You鈥檙e Home鈥, Benny interrupts=> their story isn't complete yet
-Benny says he believes in her without discounting her feelings
-Everyone loving Nina=> I finally get it
-Nina is home geographically and with people who love her
-Benny is Nina鈥檚 home
-In the Heights is about how dreams are great, but the life you have now can be so beautiful
-Nina鈥檚 hair during the dinner/club scene is great
-Usnavi is wearing his dad鈥檚 hat for his date with Vanessa; he knows that she is to him what his mom was for his dad
-Family dinners are the same in every culture
-Awkwardness of long-time friends going on a date
-Vanessa offers Usnavi his first drink of the night; he thinks that鈥檚 what she wants; because why would she want him and only him?
-Usnavi whispering in Vanessa鈥檚 ear is so sexy
-Love that Benny is on Nina鈥檚 side instead of being mad at her
-I wonder if they thought 5 years of Benny working for Kevin was too much or too little since they changed that line to "all these years"
-Benny鈥檚 reactions to Vanessa dancing at the club are hilarious
-Vanessa laughing at Usnavi dancing with someone else
-Nina is always smiling and laughing at the things going on around her; not as self centered
-Nina and Benny dancing at the club=> all of the yeses
-Usnavi is too nervous about being alone with Vanessa that he un-dated himself; he wasn鈥檛 quite ready
-Love that they consciously cut all the 鈥淯snavi, help me鈥 parts=> Vanessa is not a victim
-Fireworks are a romantic setting for Sonny and Pete, just saying
-Usnavi/Benny/Nina talking about the fourth member of their square gives me feelings; I need more of these four in fanfic, my dreams
-鈥淚 got to wait for Vanessa鈥=> the stuff dreams are made of
-Benny is such a good person; he鈥檚 even better than the original which is what he deserves
-Usnavi is relieved to have Vanessa call his name
-鈥淒on鈥檛 walk away from us tonight鈥=> great addition
-To give Usnavi and Vanessa some of Nina and Benny鈥檚 original lines is to see the face of God
-The first time I saw this, I鈥檓 ashamed to admit, I thought Benny was going to steal money from the dispatch; I was a fool
-Dancer with fireworks on his shoes
-Benny is smart and good; he isn鈥檛 doing this for Kevin or Nina but for the people of New York
-Abuela was able to see stars again on the last night of her life
-I鈥檓 sad Blackout isn鈥檛 exactly the same but the orchestral parts that cover up what is unsaid is so beautiful it makes up for it
-Abuela鈥檚 family is her 鈥渇ireworks鈥; they are what light up the Heights
-Sonny came to Usnavi instead of being with his dad during the blackout; his real family
-Abuela鈥檚 smile as she looks at her family while reflecting on her childhood is the most beautiful thing there will ever be
-Paciencia y Fe as a dream sequence is how it was meant to be
-The transition on the subway from reality to memory
-Paciencia y Fe is a mixture of cultures; like Abuela鈥檚 memories
-鈥淲ide awake鈥=> stepping off the subway
-The same actress played Abuela on Broadway and in the movie
-Abuela may be in a musical, but she鈥檚 still an old woman
-鈥淎s I feed these birds鈥=> back to the present
-Calor means heat in Spanish but in English it sounds like color
-Abuela dying during the night of the blackout is perfect
-Usnavi saying 鈥渟he was just here鈥 twice: when she was literally just there and many years, maybe a decade, after the fact
-Usnavi鈥檚 daughter is the life that goes on after Abuela is gone
-Usnavi and Nina crying together
-Those closest to Abuela are inside and everyone else is outside
-Iris was sitting on the outside and now she鈥檚 in the middle; needed comfort from her friends
-鈥淪hould we take a break?鈥=> we鈥檙e past the point of an intermission
-鈥淣o daddy, keep going鈥=> does this look like a stage production to you? It鈥檚 a fucking movie
-There isn鈥檛 a clear point for an intermission; the action stays strong over where the intermission should be; this is a movie, not a play, and movies don鈥檛 have intermissions
-Everyone鈥檚 holding candles; like the stars Abuela loved so much
-Iris called Usnavi Daddy for the first time because that was the point in the story where he needed to hear that the most
-鈥淚 thought about the people I care about the most, I thought about you鈥
-Anthony makes Usnavi sexy in a way Lin never could
-So many people love Vanessa, but no one better than Usnavi
-Abuela paid to have Camila's napkins cleaned after all
-Usnavi is the kind of parent that doesn鈥檛 sugarcoat life
-Vanessa listed no emergency contacts even though she had people
-鈥淭hat鈥檚 senorita to you鈥=> yes girl, get it
-Love Daniela for getting everyone out of their asses
-鈥淭onteria鈥 means foolishness=> the more you know
-How fast Carla says no to 鈥渁sk me why鈥 shows how quickly she wants to please her love
-Usnavi鈥檚 Nueva York t-shirt=> I need it
-Daniela鈥檚 first effect being on a woman whose hair is terrible
-Carla pushing that man away from her woman with a bullshit excuse
-My friend was laughing at the parts that were meant to be jokes
-Usnavi鈥檚 entrance being announced in Carnaval del Barrio; just like Benny in the opening song
-鈥淭here鈥檚 nothing holding me down鈥=> assuming he was rejected
-The different communities dancing with their flags
-Nina being part of Carnaval del Barrio is great
-Even Kevin, kind of an old man, can get down
-Since Nina and Benny sex scene wasn鈥檛 shown on screen (praise Jesus), I have to assume Nina told Daniela even though she knows she鈥檚 a huge gossip
-Everyone stops because Sonny, a kid, starts singing
-Vanessa and Sonny are so powerful together
-Vanessa鈥檚 hand on Sonny鈥檚 shoulder
-A kid providing Usnavi with the 鈥渇lag I鈥檝e got in my hand鈥
-Usnavi and Vanessa dancing together is muy romantico
-Everything about Nina鈥檚 appearance in 鈥淲hen the Sun Goes Down鈥
-鈥淟et me just listen to my block鈥=> peak Nina
-Abuela wrote 鈥渇or Usnavi鈥 on her lotto ticket 馃槶
-They cut so many songs but kept Champagne=>I love their priorities
-The pause before 鈥測ou outta stay鈥
-Everyone has such great chemistry; especially Usnavi and Vanessa
-The choreography in Champagne is what I鈥檝e always imagined
-Usnavi didn鈥檛 have time to cash in because Vanessa came over
-Vanessa and Pete friendship for the win
-鈥淏est days of my life鈥 is said thrice=> good things come in threes
-Usnavi staring at the room where Vanessa kissed him
-Iris knows he stayed; she loves her dad so much
-Usnavi looking out his window in Washington Heights and seeing his friends on his dad鈥檚 beach
-When Usnavi talks about Kevin at the dispatch, the camera flashes to an abandoned building
-鈥淰anessa at the salon鈥=> Usnavi sheds a tear
-Vanessa being front and center during Usnavi鈥檚 decision to stay
-Hearing the sounds of the beach during the unveiling
-It鈥檚 all about Vanessa=> perfection
-Lin being at the ending is perfect no matter the context
-鈥淪ay it so it doesn鈥檛 disappear鈥=> the sad reality is your neighborhood probably will disappear
-Usnavi telling his daughter 鈥測ou鈥檙e it鈥 is everything
-Iris understanding all of the little details of her father鈥檚 store now that she knows his story
-Iris is the goddess of the rainbow like the light that appears when water appears on a sunlit day
-鈥淢an, you talk forever鈥=> that鈥檚 so 鈥淗ow I Met Your Mother鈥
-Iris has a necklace of seashells, like the islands
-Vanessa would sooner get wet than let go of Usnavi鈥檚 hand
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photmath a year ago
just her luck | anthony ramos
author鈥檚 note:聽have you guys seen 鈥渋n the heights?鈥 i loved it, although, i do wish the actors represented the heights more correctly with it鈥檚 afro-latinx population. i love love love the songs and i don鈥檛 know why but i can鈥檛 get聽鈥渂enny鈥檚 dispatch鈥 out of my head. with that being said, check one, two, threee
word count: 5.2k
warnings: cursing, fluff, mild jealousy聽
summary: anthony ramos x fem!reader, academic rivalries to lovers trope of course. they are in college and get paired for a test and anthony finally admits he is in love with the reader. (ps, sorry for the mistakes, i didn鈥檛 fully edit this.)
Tumblr media
She was beyond stressed. All night she had been preparing for her chemistry midterm and she was strong in the subject but she didn鈥檛 believe she had studied enough. So she stayed up flipping through her notes until she lost count on how many times she had flipped through them.
But the morning had already been rough. She stubbed her toe on the end of her bed and then ran out of toothpaste and had to fish out rusty scissors to cut the tube in half to get any excess. On top of that, the clothes from her laundry had a funky smell to them because someone decided to let a skunk into the dorm halls that stayed in the laundry room all day. Everyone hogged the washers to rid the smell out of their clothes, so she had to put on a dirty hoodie because it was the only thing that didn鈥檛 smell.
Her coffee machine decided to sputter out a mess all over her desk that she had to clean up because she knew it would stain the cheap white paint a light brown. Then, she had to rush to the building next door to get a cup of coffee and was able to dump into her thermal without any slips. This was the only right thing that happened so far this morning.
鈥淲hat a fucking day,鈥 she mumbled as she walked down towards the science hall. The clouds were gloomy and there was a chill running through campus that it would only be a matter of seconds before a full downpour began. The day couldn鈥檛 possibly get anymore worse.
She felt her phone vibrate a couple of times, alerting her that she had two minutes before class.
鈥淥f course,鈥 she huffed and broke out into a slow jog. Her professor was an absolute ass that was very punctual about when class started and she couldn鈥檛 be late for her midterms because then she would get an automatic zero. She couldn鈥檛 afford a low grade at all.
She ran through the doors and gave a weary smile to the onlooking staff members. Running through the science hall wasn鈥檛 an odd sight to see, there were numerous kids always running in the corridors and bunching up on the elevator. And of course, there was an elevator already filled with students that was on the verge of closing. With her luck today, she knew that she wasn鈥檛 going to make it. But she ran anyway.
She didn鈥檛 make it. She huffed and ran her fingers through her hair as the elevator chimed. Glancing around the lobby, there were a couple of students left but she didn鈥檛 recognize any of them as her classmates. She wanted to see at least one of her classmates because then she wouldn鈥檛 feel the bubbly feeling in her throat forming. She would have someone else to be late with, but of course everyone knew that they had to arrive early for Professor Lee鈥檚 class.
Her phone vibrated again and it signaled a minute left. There wasn鈥檛 enough time to make it up on the fifth floor through the stairs and she knew that.
鈥淔uck,鈥 she tapped her phone and stared as the clock struck towards the 12 hour mark. 鈥淗ow could you be so stupid?鈥
The elevator dinged and opened. It was cold and empty as she walked in defeated. Her cheeks started to heat up because she knew that she was going to have to repeat this course by missing this test. No matter how well she did on the final exam that wasn鈥檛 until two months, there was no way she could bring up her grade to a 70.
Before the elevator shut completely, a hand stuck between the doors and a body came squirming inside. His curls bounced as he looked up at her after stumbling.
鈥淥h, hey, Y/n鈥 Anthony gave her a nervous smile. He sat beside her in their chemistry class and the two of them used to always compete for who had the higher grade back in high school.
She swore he had an eidetic memory and was able to remember everything as long as he read the words of the textbook. Meanwhile, she had to study her ass off for every lesson by writing down notes in class and missing parties and events around campus just to reread her notes. He would be slumped in his seat and then glance at his notes and ace his tests. She hated him for it. He would brag about his grades all the time and knew he was the smartest.
Their rivalry started their freshmen year when he started gloating about being the only one who passed the first human geography test, and she had an outburst of calling him an asshole in front of their whole class.
They bounced between valedictorian and salutatorian, with Anthony ultimately getting that valedictorian spot during graduation. At commencement, Y/n鈥檚 speech was stunning and inspiring while Anthony鈥檚 was an actual joke. It was a mayhem in which he went off script and just said whatever he wanted, by roasting a couple of his friends and other classmates.
Y/n was humble with her grades and never made it known that she had such a high rank, whereas Anthony bragged about it constantly. It became childish and bothersome that she tried everything in her power to have distance between them. That meant choosing a college that was two thousand miles away from their hometown. And of course, with her luck, they ran into each other on the first day of classes.
鈥淎nthony,鈥 she gave him a thin-line smile. His toothy grin slowly faded as he turned away to look back at the elevator doors while she stayed in the back corner.
鈥淩eady for this exam?鈥 He asks and turns back briefly. He presses the 鈥5鈥 button again and the elevator starts moving.
鈥淵eah...just don鈥檛 know if Professor Lee will let us in.鈥
He walks towards the opposite end and lets out a bluff, 鈥淥h I got you, I鈥檒l get us in.鈥
鈥淣o--that鈥檚 okay.鈥
鈥淭rust me, I got this,鈥 he shrugs. She wants to protest again but she needs this exam. Anthony was a smooth talker and was always able to persuade every person he came in contact with.
She lets his words fly over her head and holds her breath as the elevator opens. She knew not to have high expectations for him and was already bracing herself for the disappointment. Her parents were going to be pissed when they found out about her missing this test.
The elevator chimes and Anthony lets her walk in front of him. The classroom door was still open from letting students walk in, but the professor was there at the door kicking the door stop to the side. She let Anthony walk in front of her and he ran towards him.
鈥淪orry, the elevator got stuck for a minute on the second floor,鈥 Anthony starts, but the professor holds up his hand.
鈥淕o in, Mr. Ramos,鈥 he says. His voice is raspy as he brushes his white hair off of his forehead. Y/n follows right behind Anthony but the professor stops her.
鈥淣uh-uh, ma鈥檃m,鈥 the professor booms. Anthony halts and turns around.
鈥淪he was stuck in the elevator with me,鈥 Anthony says but he continues to shake his head.
He moves in front of Y/n, 鈥淐lass starts at noon, it always has.鈥
鈥淭hat鈥檚 not fair,鈥 Y/n snaps. She didn鈥檛 expect to talk back, but something inside of her made her upset that Anthony was able to go to class and she couldn't even though they arrived at the same time. 鈥淲e got here at the same time and were on the elevator together. How come he can--鈥
Anthony interrupts her, 鈥淧rofessor, she鈥檚 with me.鈥
Something about that line made him rethink his refusal to let Y/n into the classroom. He nodded and then held the door open for the two of them to walk in. She glances towards Anthony and he just gives her a slow nod.
What the hell was that about?
The two of them went to their seats in silence and placed their bags underneath the table. The two of them sat next to each other after Anthony strolled into class one day and plopped down right beside her in the then-empty desk next to her.
鈥淵ou didn鈥檛 have to do all that,鈥 she glances towards him and he shrugs.
鈥淚 got chu.鈥
鈥淣o,鈥 she crosses her arm. 鈥淵ou shouldn鈥檛 have.鈥
鈥淗e wasn鈥檛 going to let you in class,鈥 he leans on the table and looks at her. His short curls were hanging on his forehead and his light eyes were dimmed from the lowlight in the classroom.
She shrugs, 鈥淪o what, then I would鈥檝e left.鈥
鈥淵ou would鈥檝e failed. Don鈥檛 sweat it, Y/n, it doesn鈥檛 matter.鈥
鈥淲hy did he fold when you said that I was with you?鈥
鈥淗e trusts me,鈥 Anthony replied sheepishly. 鈥淲hy are you making this a big deal when it isn鈥檛? I鈥檓 not mad or anything.鈥
鈥淚 just don鈥檛 want you to hold it over my head.鈥
鈥淲hy would I do that?鈥 He throws his head in her direction and rolls his eyes. The two of them only had a foot of distance between them. They heard the ding from the computer that signaled that they needed to start preparing for class and check in for attendance.
She decided not to say anything back just yet, and instead pulled out her laptop in silence. They quickly checked in for attendance before they settled into their seats more comfortably. Anthony had slouched back in his chair and blew out a raspberry while he drummed his fingers on the table.
She feels Anthony turns towards her, 鈥淭his is a partner test.鈥
Her cheeks warmed up because even though she was strong in this subject generally, with today鈥檚 luck and working with Anthony, her brain was bound to falter. She had only prepared for an independent test and did not take account of it being with someone else, let alone Anthony.
鈥淗ow do you know that?鈥
鈥淗e told me and look--,鈥 he points back to the front of the theater and the projector is now turned on with the instructions of the test. One of the bullet points read that the test is with the partner seated next to them.
Well, fuck. She opened up the school鈥檚 browser and started finding the test that was online within their class module. There were only a couple of questions but they were tricky and she groaned because the questions already seemed like they would have to use both of their brain power.
Anthony scoots his chair closer to her and she feels their shoulders graze each other. Even though they were both wearing hoodies, she could still feel the warmth from his body.
鈥淎lright, I鈥檓 strong in this stuff, what about you?鈥 Anthony starts and she fights the urge to roll her eyes. Of course he was strong in everything.
The first couple of questions were drawing and naming organic compounds which was something she was also strong in, so she didn鈥檛 mind doing those questions first. She ignores his question, 鈥淲e can start with these.鈥
They decided to just use her computer since only one of them had to turn in the assignment as long as both of their names were on it.
鈥淥h, it鈥檚 isomers? That鈥檚 easy,鈥 Anthony says and pulls out a piece of paper from his backpack and starts writing down their names quickly on the paper. He then starts drawing out four isomers for C6H14.
鈥淲ait,鈥 she squinted at his drawn isomers, 鈥渢hat one is wrong.鈥
鈥淣o it鈥檚 not,鈥 Anthony whips his head towards her and they are closer than both of them anticipated. She leans back a little to put some distance between them.
鈥淵eah, you added too many lines. There鈥檚 too many carbons.鈥
Anthony analyzes his drawings and then frowns, 鈥淪hit, you right, my fault. I鈥檓 sorry.鈥
The two of them continue in silence except noting several thoughts about the IUPAC rules. Anthony apologizing was different than what she was used to because usually he never admitted he was wrong so it threw her off guard. She didn鈥檛 let the thought get to her though and just kept moving on to the next question.
The last question stumped both of them to where they couldn鈥檛 think of anything. Anthony let out a groan as he slouched in the back of his seat, 鈥淚 forgot what to do here.鈥
She scrunched her eyebrows. He was incapable of forgetting but not now. He credited himself constantly for never forgetting but here he was, forgetting one of the reactants. She smirked at his defeat. Although she didn鈥檛 know the answer herself, she was onto something that could work.
鈥淵ou forgot? Didn鈥檛 think that was possible,鈥 she taunts.
He rolls his eyes, 鈥淗ardee-har.鈥
鈥淚 think I know what to do,鈥 she says. She starts writing the measurements in order and then starts converting them. Anthony watches her every move hoping his brain would click on where she was headed but nothing was showing.
After a couple of more conversions, she boxes her answer and looks at him for a second opinion. He nods his head slowly, 鈥淭he math checks out, but I have no idea if that is what we are supposed to do. Are you sure?鈥
He grimaces, 鈥淗ow sure?鈥
She shrugs, 鈥淎ll the other questions have to be correct, so we would only get this one wrong if so.鈥
Anthony nods his head, 鈥淎lright, let鈥檚 skim our answers again and then I鈥檒l go turn it in real quick. That decimal on the last answer is sketchy though, like that鈥檚 very specific so we might get points off for it.鈥
The two of them go over their previous work and then Anthony gets up and turns in the piece of paper to the front of the class. While he is gone, Y/n finally finds the chance to calm herself down. She had been trying her hardest in front of Anthony. She prides herself on not caring about other people鈥檚 opinions, and she doesn鈥檛, but she hates being wrong--especially if Anthony was present. She didn鈥檛 want to seem stupid in front of him but she always seemed to do something dumb.
Y/n zips her laptop in her bag and grabs her now empty coffee thermal and slips it on the side of her bag. Anthony settled beside her as he came back from down the stairs, 鈥淲e鈥檙e allowed to leave class now while he grades. He鈥檒l post grades tomorrow, so do you want to grab breakfast?鈥
She stands up and looks at him as he closes his laptop. He doesn鈥檛 hold a smug look and he is genuinely welcoming. His face is soft as he awaits her response. A part of her doesn鈥檛 believe that he is being nice at the moment so she lets out a bluffed response, 鈥淔unny.鈥
She turns on her heels and then starts walking down the stairs of the theater room. Anthony grimaces as he stuffs his laptop in his bag and throws it over his shoulder. He catches up to her.
鈥淵o, Y/n, I鈥檓 being for real, let鈥檚 grab something to eat,鈥 his hand touches her elbow softly in the corridor as she walks towards the elevator. She adjusts her backpack on her shoulders and presses the down button for the elevator.
She remembered seeing him with his arm around a girl鈥檚 shoulders and the two of them always walking together around campus. She furrowed her eyebrows, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 think your girlfriend will like that.鈥
Anthony tilts his head, 鈥淗er and I aren鈥檛 together anymore.鈥
She lets out a laugh as the elevator door opens, 鈥淣ot surprised.鈥
He steps into the elevator with her and crosses his arm and leans against the side, 鈥淲hat鈥檚 that supposed to mean?鈥
She shrugged as she pressed the first floor button, 鈥淚鈥檓 not surprised you two broke up.鈥
鈥淲hy do you say that?鈥
鈥淏ecause,鈥 she looks at him. He was awaiting her response and she knew he was listening wholeheartedly. Whatever she was going to say, he cared for her opinion and she could tell by the way he was staring.
鈥淨uit dodging the question, just say it man,鈥 he huffs. He was growing agitated after her constantly bouncing around his responses.
鈥淪he didn鈥檛 seem like the girls you were into.鈥
He drops his arms to the side of him and stuffs them into his pockets, 鈥淎nd you would know that because鈥?鈥
She rolls her eyes, 鈥淲hen have you ever been in a serious relationship? You always have a different girl with you every week so I鈥檓 not surprised it didn鈥檛 work out because you usually get bored with them after a couple of days and let them go anyway.鈥 Anthony鈥檚 shoulders tensed and she could sense she struck a nerve. 鈥淚 mean, am I wrong?鈥
He looks at her and then turns away whenever their eyes connect. He shuffles in his feet and faces the elevator doors, waiting for them to open. She glanced at the number indicating which floor they were currently on and it read 鈥2.鈥 She looked back at the side of Anthony鈥檚 profile and he clenched his jaw.
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry about it.鈥
She rolled her eyes in annoyance. If an argument like this happened in high school, she wouldn鈥檛 have cared at all. She would鈥檝e walked to her next class without giving it a second thought and not caring, but them being two thousand miles from home made her want to set things straight between them.
鈥淟et鈥檚 get breakfast,鈥 she continues. 鈥淎t Commons Hall.鈥
She watched him keenly, searching for a sign in him to change and there was one. It was brief. His jaw relaxed as he nodded his head. He lets out an unsteady breath as the doors open and they walk out of the main lobby. It was still raining but Anthony pulled out an umbrella and the two of them walked in silence together. They were so close to each other that she held her breath the entire time. His demeanor was still tense but he seemed to ease as they neared the dining hall.
He held the door open for her and closed his umbrella, stuffing it in the side of his bag.
鈥淭hanks,鈥 she said. She followed him into one of the buffet lines and they grabbed their food in silence. He chose a table far away from others and slouched down in his chair again as he started unwrapping his burrito.
鈥淎re you okay?鈥 she asked and he looked back up at her. He rolled his eyes and that was what set her off. 鈥淛ust talk to me. You asked me what I said and I told you and you got mad. Why?鈥
He looked everywhere but at her and left his burrito alone. He bit down on his lower lip and then sat up straight, 鈥淓at your food.鈥
鈥淎nthony,鈥 she said his name with irritation and Anthony still hadn鈥檛 looked at her. He tore out his burrito and started chewing it. She watched him in disbelief. She had been around him before but she has never seen him so upset that he wouldn鈥檛 even look at her. Usually, the two of them would bicker at each other back and forth until a teacher or one of their friends interrupted them. She had never been able to get under his skin this bad.
She sighs, 鈥淟ook--I鈥檓 sorry if I upset you, okay? I didn鈥檛 think it would upset you鈥︹
Her mother always taught her to be the bigger person even when it wasn鈥檛 remotely your fault, so here she was, being the bigger person when all she wanted to do was slap him for not listening.
鈥淗ow well do you think we did on our test?鈥 She changed the topic hoping to get him out of his shitty mood but he wasn鈥檛 folding.
She sees some of his friends making their way through the cafeteria but they weren鈥檛 carrying food. They were just walking by. She knew them too but she met them at one of Anthony鈥檚 parties so she associated them with him.
鈥淲hat are you two lovebirds doing?鈥 Oak teases and Daveed laughs. She glances at Anthony and his pinks tinge pink. That鈥檚 odd. But it was a reaction, nonetheless.
鈥淗ey,鈥 Daveed says and gives her a brief side hug and grips Anthony鈥檚 shoulder. 鈥淲e鈥檙e just passing.鈥
Anthony looks up at him, 鈥淚鈥檒l catch you at home.鈥
鈥淲hat鈥檚 up,鈥 Oak greets and also gives her a side hug before dapping up Anthony.
鈥淗ey,鈥 Y/n smiles at them. She was glad for their brief appearance because it was able to make Anthony loosen his attitude.
鈥淲hen are you going to take me up on that offer for dinner, Y/n?鈥 Daveed whines and she catches Anthony鈥檚 eyes. She watches as he looks at Daveed and his jaw clenches. He was mad, but it seemed out of character because she never noticed him get mad. He seemed...jealous?
To test out her theory, she smirks, 鈥淣ow that midterms are about to be done, very soon.鈥 She flashes Daveed a smile and turns quickly towards Anthony. He seemed more angry than before and was sending Daveed a cold stare. He looked at her and his eyes seemed to falter.
She has never seen this side of him before.
Daveed lets out a nervous laugh, 鈥淏et. I鈥檒l let you guys finish eating in peace. It was good seeing you, Y/n!鈥
Oak waves her goodbye and the two of them saunter off. She turns her head and watches them walk back before turning back to Anthony and he's staring right at her.
She feels her cheeks grow warm, 鈥淲hat?鈥
He shakes his head, 鈥淣othing.鈥
鈥淐鈥檓on, what鈥檚 your problem now?鈥
He looks at her and his green eyes are piercing through hers. His gaze is strong and she doesn鈥檛 want to back down from it. 鈥淎re you really considering going out with Daveed?鈥
She grows defensive, 鈥淲hy do you care?鈥
He lets out a mocking sigh, 鈥淵/n, why do you think my relationship with Destiny didn鈥檛 work out?鈥
She shrugs and crosses her arms, 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know...you grew bored with her?鈥
He shakes his head, 鈥淏ecause I was in love with someone else.鈥
鈥淥h,鈥 she mumbles. She didn鈥檛 know how to respond to that. 鈥淒id you tell her that?鈥
Anthony simply shakes his head again, growing tired of her cluelessness. 鈥淚 did. I realized I wasn鈥檛 in love with her because I鈥檝e only ever been in love with one person this whole time. It...has taken me years to realize this because I never knew what this feeling meant. But I realized it whenever I dreamt of her getting married to some guy that wasn鈥檛 me. I was crushed at this wedding and it felt so real that I knew I had to do everything in my power to at least try.鈥
She nods her head slowly. He never told her anything personal like this that she wasn鈥檛 sure what he wanted to hear in response. 鈥淚 didn鈥檛 know you were so romantic.鈥
Anthony gives her a soft smile, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e clueless.鈥 She stays quiet and he leans forward on the table, resting his weight on his elbows. 鈥淚 fell in love with you, Y/n. From the moment you walked in with those big ass glasses you used to wear freshman year. I would bicker with you constantly just for you to keep talking to me.鈥
Y/n chokes on her spit and Anthony lets out a nervous laugh. She holds her hand up to her mouth and turns away from him. His words caught her entirely off guard but she knew he wasn鈥檛 lying. His honest eyes were sweet and genuine and the smile he held would make any girl鈥檚 knees weak...including hers. The thought of Anthony being in love with her since freshman year confused her, though.
鈥淭hat doesn鈥檛 make sense,鈥 she says. 鈥淵ou were always with a different girl.鈥
鈥淵our boy was falling hard,鈥 he shrugs and glances at the doors behind her and then back at her. 鈥淎fter I realized that I was too much of an asshole towards you, I lost hope in trying to get at you because you would never say yes. All those times I asked you to study with me, I really did just want to hang out with you, but you would shut me down everytime and say that I wasn鈥檛 being serious. I didn鈥檛 want to keep getting hurt so yeah, in junior year I started going for other girls, but none of them interested me the way you did. I wanted you.鈥
Her hands were already clammy from his confession. Him admitting his love for her was not something she had planned for today--or ever. Her luck, suddenly, seemed larger than she realized. Her high school rival was madly in love with her and she never knew.
鈥淗ow could you possibly still feel the same way?鈥 She asked. All of her high school crushes would be gone if she didn鈥檛 see them for a long period of time. There was a boy who she liked for the longest but they didn鈥檛 interact at all one summer and she no longer felt anything for him.
Anthony laughed, 鈥淗ow could I not? Did you forget prom night senior year?鈥
Y/n never forgot prom night. It made her look at Anthony differently that鈥檚 for sure. They both won prom queen and king and shared a dance. Their dance was intimate to say the least. Both of them forgot about their peers watching them and just stared into each other鈥檚 eyes the entire time. When she lay her head on him, she closed her eyes and reeled at the closeness of him. One of his hands was clasped with hers and it was firm but she felt content and comforted. The other hand was on her back and it made her feel giddy--it was the first time she ever slow-danced with a boy, and for it to be Anthony, she started feeling things and didn鈥檛 know what they meant.
He continues, 鈥淧rom night--man, you looked so beautiful in your dress. I thought that I was over you, but then I saw you walk in and forgot all about the date I had. And when we danced, god, I was soaking in every moment because I didn鈥檛 know when I would ever get to be that close to you again.鈥
He lets out another laugh and that makes her grin. Seeing him nervous was a different look that she found herself enjoying. He licks his lips, 鈥淲e only had one class with each other and I kept my distance from you all the time. I hoped that the teacher wouldn鈥檛 assign us to the same table--and I mean I would be sweating bullets standing in the back hoping she wouldn鈥檛 call both of our names together.鈥
Anthony had the brightest smile on his face and it made her break into one. They shared eye contact as she suppressed a laugh.
She couldn鈥檛 deny the fact that Anthony was handsome, maybe even one of the most handsome men she has ever seen. His freckles, bright green eyes that had strokes of orange and brown in them, his growing curls, the way he would drum his knuckles on the table whenever he was waiting for something, the way his laugh would shift from loud to silent depending on how funny he found the situation, and how he no longer seemed to argue with her on useless conversations and would write extra notes for her on the days she missed class even though she never asked--she realized that all of these things made Anthony a great guy.
Anyone would be lucky to have, including her, but did she like him because he was a 鈥榞reat guy鈥 or because she felt something for him? She remembered prom night when she thought about him all night long and even dreamt of him that night. She would have hung out with him after prom in an instant if he were to ask, but he didn鈥檛. She went home alone wondering if Anthony possibly felt something that night. She would never know until now, nearly a year later.
And the next week at school, the two of them acted as if nothing happened. A part of her was gutted that he seemed to ignore anything ever happening and another part of her was foolish to believe that Anthony would feel anything towards her. But a part of her was also glad that he ignored her because they were going to different colleges and she did not need to start a relationship right now.
鈥淧rom night was something鈥︹ she dragged. 鈥淵ou left me confused though, if I鈥檓 being honest. I liked dancing with you and it felt...good, like we fit like puzzle pieces together. But then when we saw each other at school, you acted as if nothing happened and that was it.鈥
Anthony hangs his head as if he is ashamed of himself, 鈥淚 did. I wish I could have gone back to change that night. I wanted to hang out with you after prom and tell you how I felt, but I got roped away by my friends and by then you were gone. I was nervous at school. I didn鈥檛 know how you felt and didn鈥檛 want to hurt myself by the possibility of rejection. I was just waiting until graduation day so I could finally get away from you because I knew that was the only way I would get over you.鈥
She lets out a chuckle. They had the same thought process. She couldn鈥檛 wait until graduation day so that she didn鈥檛 have to think about the possibility of what her and Anthony could have been. 鈥淎nd then we see each other here鈥︹
鈥淭hat day was a trip. I thought I was hallucinating when I saw you, man,鈥 he lets out a laugh. 鈥淚 just kept thinking that there was no way, but then I saw you in chemistry and knew I just had to sit next to you. I didn鈥檛 want to lose another chance with you.鈥
The two of them share a lingering look and Anthony relaxes in his seat. She was thinking about their time in class for the past eight weeks. They held conversations in class and rarely argued, much more than what they ever held while in high school.
鈥淪o鈥hat happens now?鈥 she raises her eyebrows.
鈥淒amn, you want me to get on one knee too?鈥 Anthony jokes and they burst into a laugh. 鈥淕o out with me.鈥
"I'll think about it," she smirks.
"Don't play with my heart like that," he puts his hand on his heart and clenches it.
She laughs alongside him, "I'm kidding,"
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The most outlandish part of the 鈥淚n the Heights鈥 movie is that the ambulance Usnavi calls for Abuela doesn鈥檛 bankrupt him
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Don鈥檛 forget how you got your name
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raccoongirl66 a year ago
usnavi is bisexual. vanessa is bisexual. benny is bisexual. nina is bisexual. carla is bisexual. piragua man is homosexual and in a relationship with mr softee man, who is also homosexual.
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so I got you a present i went next door to get it
In the Heights (2021) Part 1 of 2
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Okay, who's taking Lin-Manuel Miranda character fic requests? I may have a few and have officially run out of things to read. I'm telling you, I've read everything 馃槄
Sincerely, a girl with lots of ideas and no writing ability. And nothing to read on my night shift 馃槶馃槶馃槶
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anthony posted this on his tiktok and im wheezing I don鈥檛 think he knows how to work it LMFAO
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Suenito (1)
Summary :聽(Y/n) is a single mom living in the barrio, struggling to make ends meet like everyone else. Her only Suenito? To provide a good life for her baby, and to move away from the elevated train. And maybe finally go out with her high school crush Usnavi.
Pairing : Usnavi x Reader
Words : 1,409
Authors Note : Hey聽y'all guess who back? With a new Fic? I watched ITH and loved it! Im聽Hispanic and really connected to it and got this idea for a聽fic, I really wanted to write it so this is it.聽
(Not my gif of course I聽don't聽know聽how to make them.聽)
Tumblr media
(Y/n)鈥檚 POV
You awoke to the sound of your baby wailing, rubbing your eyes, stretching as you walked across your small bedroom to the crib. There he was, your little boy, Sebastian. 鈥淕ood morning mi angelito (my angel).鈥 You took the crying baby and moved out of the room, you carried him to the kitchen and prepared his bottle. He calmed when he saw you preparing his breakfast, 鈥淗ow are you mi amor (my love)! I know, Mama鈥檚 almost done.鈥 He whined till he practically ripped the bottle from your hand.聽
You smiled carrying him back to your shared room to get him and yourself dressed for the day, you finished changing him and placed him back in his crib as you got yourself ready. Running to the bathroom you tried to do your morning routine as quickly as you could, leaving a one and half year old unsupervised wasn't ideal, especially since you had no one else to watch him. Just as you were finishing your hair you heard it, your worst enemy, the train. You ran to the crib but were too late, Sebastian was screaming his head off. 鈥淚 know Sebastian, I know, let's go so the mean train won't bother you!鈥 You grabbed his diaper bag and set him down in his stroller.
First stop of the day was Usnavi鈥檚 bodega, where you and everyone in the barrio went for their morning coffee. The streets were still quiet, all you could really hear was Sebastion mumbling and giggling as he played with his toys. 鈥淏uenos D铆as Se帽orita (Good morning) (Y/n)!鈥 Piraguero greeted you, stopping on your side. 鈥淏uenos dias, how are you?鈥 You asked the kind man, 鈥淵ou know mornings are usually slow but with the heat I'm sure I'll be very busy today. Can I get you something for you or your little man?鈥 You laughed shaking your head, 鈥 No thank you, giving him sweets this early is a recipe for disaster. And I can't eat anything without having my morning coffee, thank you though.鈥 You smiled, waving goodbye, 鈥淎dios (Goodbye)!鈥
聽You pulled up to the bodega prepared to struggle with the door for the millionth time. 鈥淥h! Miga (daughter) let me help you with that.鈥 Abuelita, the mother of the barrio and one of the sweetest ladies you've ever known, pulled the door open for you. 鈥淭hank you abuelita.鈥 You pushed your cheap stroller into the cool store, 鈥淯snavi! Haven't I told you to leave that door open?鈥澛
There he was the most beautiful man in the barrio, Usnavi de la Vega. You met him when you were both sixteen, and have been friends ever since, coming to his bodega every day to talk to him and Sonny and Benny when he was around. 鈥淚'm sorry (Y/n)! It always slips my mind.鈥 He turned to Abuela, 鈥淎buela my fridge broke. I got cafe but no con leche.鈥 He looked over at you apologizing with his eyes, 鈥淎y Dios (oh god), Try my mothers old recipe. One can of condensed milk.鈥澛
鈥淣ice.鈥 He pulled a can from behind him and made a cup, 鈥(Y/n) can you try this?鈥 You took the cup from his hand and took a sip. Both him and abuelita waiting for your opinion. 鈥淯snavi I hate to say this but鈥 This might be better than your coffee.鈥 He laughed, 鈥淭hat's not funny (Y/n)!鈥 You laughed pulling your wallet out. 鈥淥h hey. Your lottery ticket.鈥 He handed Abuela her ticket and she exclaimed her iconic line 鈥淧aciencia Y Fe!鈥 She turned to you, 鈥(Y/n) I'm just going to run next door to get some meat, I'll meet you there.鈥 You nodded telling her you'd be out soon, see Abuela watched Sebastian while you went to school and work. You always offered to pay her for the trouble but the sweet lady always pushed your money back, since she never had any babies you just assumed she liked watching one for a while.
聽鈥淪o how's school been?鈥 Usnavi asked you, leaning over the counter to get a better look at you. 鈥淲ell you know finals, only one more week though and then it's just me and Seb all summer. It would be nice to give Abuela Claudia a break.鈥 You responded by pulling out cash to pay him, 鈥淗ey you know for you it's on the house.鈥 He laughed. 鈥淵ou know if you keep doing this Daniellas is going to think something up.鈥 You leaned closer to him, 鈥淲ould that be such a bad thing?鈥 He whispered looking from your eyes to your lips. You pulled away smirking, 鈥淚've got to go meet Abuela before I'm late. But thanks for the coffee Usnavi.鈥 You walked out almost bumping into a couple outside, 鈥淗ey (Y/n)! You forgot your lottery ticket!鈥 You took it from Usnavi, 鈥淐an I pay you for this at least?鈥 He shook his head, 鈥淥nly if you win.鈥 He winked, turning to speak to the confused couple.
You turned on your way to meet Abuela, 鈥淥h Sebastian, all we could have if I won the lottery.鈥澛
Usnavi鈥檚 POV
聽鈥淪onny you're late.鈥澛
鈥淐hillax you know you love me. Did (Y/n) come in yet?鈥 Usnavi rolled his eyes at his cousin, 鈥淵es you missed her.鈥 Sonny groaned, 鈥淒id she ask for me?鈥
聽鈥淪onny you are fifteen, she is twenty three stop crushing on girls way older than you. Also you're not her type dude.鈥 Usnavi said he rang up another customer, 鈥淥h yeah what's her type carribean guys who are too shy to ask out a girl they've liked for five years?鈥 He turned to Sonny now with no customers in the store, 鈥淚 don't like her, she is just my friend.鈥澛
鈥淲ho's just a friend? (Y/n)? What have I been saying, Sonny he has no skills.鈥 Right on time there was Benny Usnavis' best friend since high school. 鈥淚 have skills Benny, you want the usual?鈥 He nodded as he began ranting on how great he was, which Usnavi knew of course. He paid for his things and turned to his friend, 鈥淵o Vanessa show up yet?鈥澛
鈥淪hut up.鈥 Vanessa Morales is one of the prettiest girls in the Barrio, he knew it and so did plenty of other men too. Carla had mentioned to him and the boys a few weeks back that Vanessa had taken interest in him, Usnvai. Of course she was beautiful and any guy would be lucky to have her but something or maybe someone always held him back. He had more than one Suenito, he's always dreamed of going back to the domincan republic, his other dream well was a big one too. Since freshman year of highschool he dreamed of taking (Y/n) out on a date, his crush always obvious to everyone but her. But things happen and Benny has been pushing him to ask Vanessa out, to finally get over (Y/n). 聽
鈥淗ey, lil鈥 homie, don't get so upset. Ask Vanessa out, buy the girl a meal on the real or you ain't got no skills.鈥 Both Benny and Sonny exclaimed. On cue Vannesaa walked in on the phone sounding distressed heading straight to the fridges as she always did. Sonny grabbed a paper rose and led them to Vanessa.鈥淵o, here's your chance, ask her out right now.鈥 He shook his head ready to walk back to the counter, 鈥淵o do something, make your move, don't freeze.鈥 Benny said while Sonny pushed a box towards Vanessa.聽
鈥淗ey鈥 He said awkwardly, waving, 鈥淵ou owe me a bottle of cold champagne.鈥 She smirked, proud of herself. 鈥淎re you movin鈥?鈥 That's the only reason he could come up with for owing someone champagne, that she's getting out of the neighborhood. 鈥淛ust a little credit check and I'm on that downtown train.鈥 He smiled happily for his friend, 鈥淲ell, your coffee is on the house.鈥 He grabbed the coffee from Sonny, throwing the paper rose aside.聽
鈥淯snavi ask her out.鈥 Benny whispered.
鈥淣o way.鈥 Sonny whispered knowing his cousin wouldn't have the guts. 鈥淚'll see you later, so鈥 She smiled once more at him before walking out. He turned to see both of them laughing their asses off.
鈥淵o, smooth operator, aw, damn, there she goes. Usnavi! Cmon!鈥 Benny left saying his usual words of encouragement for his friend. That Usnavi was like a street light. He never denied it, he knew what he was but he was content with it.聽As long as he had his friends and family he was content with just being Usnavi.聽
Part (2)
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sleepystreetsworld 5 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
In The Heights (2021) Melissa Barerra and Anthony Ramos as Vanessa and Usnavi
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asa-studies a year ago
Tumblr media
My In the Heights (2021) Thoughts
Things I liked:
聽Daniela and Carla being married was super cute
Narration scenes helped replace parts where Usnavi would typically address the audience
The choreography was insanely good
Casting was near perfect
Including Benny in the culture really helped his narrative and made taking out the conflict between him and Nina/Nina鈥檚 dad less of a blow to his character
Abuela Claudia鈥檚 death scene was very sad and captured her importance in the community very well
The sense of community was very well established
The further development of Sonny鈥檚 character really made him an interesting character within the story and I think it really benefitted the narrative
Establishing what Vanessa鈥檚 dream is helped better shape her as a person
聽Changing the plot in small ways to better address current issues
The added touch of whimsy
Things I wasn鈥檛 a fan of:
Vanessa didn鈥檛 really get her dream:(
The ugly animations during 鈥淲hen You鈥檙e Home鈥 and 鈥96,000鈥
Some of the more significant plot changes undermined the emotional moments of the show
I really missed some of the songs/plot points that were missing because they were really important to their respective characters
I really loved the dynamics between Nina, her parents, and Benny, so I鈥檓 sad they were removed from this version because it took emphasis off of the importance of family, which is a huge theme
The 鈥渞each for your dreams鈥 marketing and motif were very heavy handed
Piragua Guy was unnecessary in this version, but it鈥檚 cool that the creator got a cameo
As a fan of theatre and accessibility, I thought this was a great movie! It was definitely different than the original, but I would definitely recommend watching it
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