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💅 - How does your muse feel about gender roles? Do they conform to them, or do they play by their own rules? [ACCEPTING]


[honestly? fuck gender roles
guzma is known to be a rulebreaker, and the roles created by boomers are stupid. ya boy has lots of problems, but being close minded isn’t one of them!
he himself, while not being particularly interested into wearing “feminine” clothes, doesn’t mind make up every now and then!


…buuuut i also gotta talk about his toxic masculinity, because that’s an issue.
i dipped my toes into it every now and then, but guzma needs to deal with it. he needs to be the strongest, the most masculine, the biggest buffest man in the galaxy to assert his dominance, yadda yadda.
he’s not the type of guy who calls himself alpha or actively goes out of his way to talk shit about other men, but all these problems make breaking gender rules hard for him. 
 yes sure he can play more girly videogames and have fun with them, but nobody must know about it; he actually has a big knowledge about hair products, but it’s far more manly to instead pretend he’s nothing but a sewer rat; venting and showing emotions is important and good for your mental health, but to him that just makes him seem weak.

as always, he’s just an hypocrite. he thinks others can openly do anything they like without caring about gender roles and that’s ok, but he can’t.]

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Are you refering to the cut song that had lyrics about Vanessa and the Prince/Moonjumper? If so… it might be, yeah! Maybe some people change the lyrics and try to make up a story behind the Snatcher…

… but if I’m going to be completely honest, I was thinking it could be a song that the royals would be extremely familiar with, perhaps a royal “theme” of some sort :]

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“Yup!” Frost smiles. “Its inside you too! It comes out if you hurt yourself too bad. You need it to function, I think, so you should try to keep it inside your body.”

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yeosang’s tiny ponytail

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Bianca Diaz


¡¡Mis amores aquí la primera ficha :“D!!

¿que les parece?, ¿les gusta la ficha así?, tiene al personaje, los colores y los datos (además del nombre no del todo completo, solo el apellido de la madre xD), supongo que es lo suficiente uWu💖💗💖💗💖💗💕

Ojalá les guste, las estaré haciendo así y espero les sirvan los colores mis bebes lindos💜💜💜

Por cierto, estaré reblogueando las fichas en mi segundo blog @ballorita1010-2 para guardarlas y cuando las necesite las pueda buscar con facilidad uwu💖💖💖💖

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Ok a esta madre hasta historia te tengo UvU


Zircón casi diariamente va al pueblo para jugar con las niñas o para conocer a unas nuevas niñas una vez noto que una de las nenas no estaba así que fue a la casa de sus padres para saber lo que le pasaba resulta que la nena tenia una enfermedad que no se había estudiado del todo por lo cual había varias probabilidades de que la niña muriera así que cada día después de las 12 que era cuando la dejaban de examinar iba a jugar con ella hasta que se durmiera y bueno ya sabrán el final de la historia la recuerda con mucho cariño, aun siendo un unicornio no pudo hacer nada a la beba que cumpliré sus pequeños deseos o al menos hacerla pasar un rato feliz UvU

¡¡Reblog y corazón seria de gran ayuda QwQ!!

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Me encanta su pelazto! XD

Aquí tienes a un Zircón sonrojadito todo bello uwub

Lo único por lo que se sonrojaria seria cuando las niñas del pueblo le dicen que cuando tendrá un príncipe el nene xdd

Ellas muchas veces se refieren a Zircón como una “princesa” por eso uwub

El se deja por que quiere mucho a las nenas en serio >‘3

¡¡Reblog y corazón seria de gran ayuda QwQ!!

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Las dos nenas molestas uvu♡


Jsjs me gustó realmente la que menos enojon es, es Mail XD

Hari a veces suele no poder controlar su ira por lo que la descarga matando varias veces ese es su trabajo xd

Mail es mas relajada si le da mimos su esposo Sasha xd (@erixhope-owo)

No c me gustó mucho UvU~!!

¡¡Reblog y corazón seria de gran ayuda QwQ!!

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Yanno, maybe I’ll finally introduce y'all to my apprentice

It’s about time

Meet Virgo, say hello to them


Sassy, impetuous, independent little bitch

Of course dom ass, because what else

If they give you Vulgora vibe then good, I kinda got inspired by dear Vulg while creating my MC

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Some Post-Major Fic stuffs :3c

@thomothysdoodles uwu may interest u

  • Eric gets to spend SO MUCH time with Tea!! They spend literally hours out on the lawn and woods making flower crowns and stuff c: They lso just talk and…enjoy being uncle and niece. 
  • Randal gets a reputation for being very sleepy all the time bc he’s the handyman patience guy for THE ENTIRE PLACE. ;-; He’s on duty 24/7, so if a lightbulb burns out in the middle of the night or a door breaks early in the morning, he’s called in to fix it. He’s actually fallen asleep a couple times under sinks bc he laid down on his back to get under the pipes and just dozed off
  • Sometimes Eric runs across the Jims when he’s out walking and they’re hunting, but they just snifsnif him and then try to get him to play fetch with them. On occasion he gets tackled but it’s due to overenthusiasm rather than Hunting.
  • The jims tackled Derek Once. Never again. 
  • The Jims also help out doing stuff around the place, and help Wilford with his tv stuff. They’ve got a lot of responsibilities. 
  • Once Bim started coming out of his cave more, he began to run into Eric. Eric was v v v gentle and kind to him and gave him a flower crown.
  • Kots enjoys running around the woods, and keeps getting hunted and tackled by the Jims bc he sees them and run and they. they just. wanna hunt. He usually doesn’t get bitten, though. 
  • A jim tried to tackle Randal once and he just lifted the wolf up and carried it back and complained to Dark while holding it. 
    • (This made Dark…both respect and fear Randal. A lot.)
  • Wilford insists that Dark is the ‘Mayor’ of the Parc. Dark is…not entirely pleased with this, especially when Wil announces his desire to run for mayor against Dark.
  • Movie nights!! They hang a giant sheet out in the front lawn, set up a projector, and show so many movies. 
  • Heap somehow gets along with everyone while also being the creepiest dude in the place. He’ll stare at you spookily from the shadows when ur trying to get home but also be the first in line to take u to the doctor if u bonk ur head. 
  • Host is almost never seen outside of the cabin. u.u he’s shy, plus just very…tired after all that happened to him. The dude wants to rest and he gets to. 
  • Yancy gets to fly so much!!! He loves flying from roof to roof and over the forest, and practicing various bird calls. He’s the first in line to take stuff from one end of the park to the other. 
  • Blue is not the only googlebot on site ;)c
  • The Warfstache Association gets a lot of help from the prisoners, and also does lots of exclusive shows with them, and eventually Bim gets a show job there again. All the profits go right back into the parc. 
  • A lot of times at night, especially during winter, people will see red and/or blue balls of lights, kinda like will o the wisps. Usually they’re around the lake, or up near the cabin. But they disappear when people try to follow them, and there’s no apparent reason for them. 
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