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Hey uhmmm guys..?

I got home from school yesterday and… well.. I asked my mom if I could enroll myself to an education^^ She said yes and we went to the site of the school I wanna go next year. We saw there weren’t any other people who enrolled for the education yet, so when we were done I got an email back after 3 minutes or so. It was the main teacher of the education.

I’m in!!

I’m in the education guys!!! I’ve wanted this to happen for so long, and now my dream finally comes true^^

I just wanted to tell y’all, sowwy. Just.. SOFREAKINGHAPPY!!!!

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Guess who procrastinated for the past month…

👆 This guy but here are some doodles of artic foxes



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Well, it’s all about hitting the right kinks

I don’t have anyone in my vicinity who could help out in that regard so I always rely on things through tumblr, asmr and fan fiction lmaooo

But I’ve got plenty ~messy~ through those methods, and since it’s really just me and these hands late at night, I’ve definitely had to make a change of panties before uwu

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