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Morning After {Teaser}
A continuation of Unexpected
Tengen x Makio x Suma x Hina x Fem! Reader
Tumblr media
“I don’t think any of us moved an inch.” Hina laughed as you wiggled around, aiming to stretch out all the kinks in your muscles from such a deep sleep. “Certainly feels like it.” You blushed as you noticed all the hickeys left on her neck and breasts. “It’s not the first time.” She giggled as she saw your surprise. “You should see yourself.” She whispered against your ear, pulling you slowly into a kiss after.
“Getting busy without us?” You both pulled apart at the sound of Makio’s voice, her face squished to Tengen’s chest. “Maybe.” You smiled as Hina hugged you tightly, sticking her tongue out at Makio. “Oi! Tengen! Wake your ass up!” She flicked his nose, the action making the man jolt from his sleep. “Huh?” He looked down in confusion until he realized you were in his bed as well. “Oh.” A smirk crossed his handsome face. The sound of his morning voice already sending your stomach into a frenzy of butterflies.
“They are trying to do stuff without us!” Suma began stirring at the sound of Makio’s whining. “Is that so? Then go ahead.” Three pairs of surprised eyes met Tengen’s. “What? If I remember correctly, Hina and Y/N didn’t get as much one on one time as you and Suma did. Let them put on a show.” Tengen lifted both his arms to put them behind his head, you admired the way his muscles flexed in the morning light. “Well then…go ahead.” Makio seemed a bit reluctant until you and Hina moved above the covers.
At the sight of your naked bodies, she seemed to have changed her mind. “The show will be so fun.” Suma wasn't even fully awake yet and already excited to watch the two of you. “I think I’m a little shy all of a sudden.” You giggled softly as Hina pulled you closer to her by your hips. “Do I look cute on my knees, Tengen?” You glanced over your shoulder to look at him, a smirk creeping up his cheeks. You turned your attention back to Hina when you felt her teeth sink into your shoulder.
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Tumblr media
Kimetsu no Yaiba - Entertainment District Arc Vol. 1 Cover
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
. Belljar Heart .
( Tengen Uzui x fem!reader )
Tumblr media
Tags:: explicit sexual content, Tengen isn't shy, rough and passionate sex, loss of virginity, oral, vaginal fingering, size difference, M/F/F/F/F, aftercare, SLOW BURN, teasing, coaxing, dirty talk, fluff, angst, romance, canon-typical blood & violence, porn with that thick juicy PLOT, crossdressing, swordplay, teacher/student relationship, parental abuse, all sex is consensual but there's a brief instance of attempted rape, reader is very inexperienced, Tengen is a very good teacher, if you know what I mean😏😏😏, wall sex, squirting, flamboyance, lies/deceit/revelations, I want my third degree slow burns to kill me
Tumblr media
💗 Tengen Uzui x reader - porn with that thick juicy PLOT 💗
You’re the only daughter of a prestigious, high-rank government official; a cold, abusive man who wants you to be ladylike within the comfort of your gilded cage, when you’d rather be anything but.
It will take deceit and cunning to slip by his tight leash. Disguising yourself as a man, you begin sword lessons in secret in the hopes of one day becoming what you’ve come to learn are ‘demon slayers’. And when an actual, real-life Hashira - a beast of a man with hair like moonlight - passes through the short reach of your cage, you’re determined for him to accept you under his tutelage, even if his answer is a stern and resounding ‘no’.
You won’t give up that easily. And you’ll do whatever it takes to make Uzui Tengen take you under his wing, even if it means deceiving him, disguising yourself as a man, and running away from the life of luxury you know.
It goes without saying that things get messy within this tangled web.
💗 Tengen simps get your sexy asses in here~ 💗
Tumblr media
Read it here on ao3
Tumblr media
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Yan uzui request? Im coming for ya-
Can i request yan uzui with kohai (platonic) whos independent and quite strong
Yandere Uzui Tengen
Tumblr media
In the beginning, your relationship with Tengen was only like a student and a teacher.
But little by little it became something closer.
That is, a bit like a father-child relationship
(Except your "new" father is really overprotective and caring)
Tengen would have impressed you with your strength and that is why he would want you to be a his student.
And eventually you will become really close.
Even if Tengen knows you are strong he is worried about you.
Because of this, you must always be on duty with him.
And if you violated the mission once, at least Tengen will no longer let you fight.
You can still get involved but Tengen will make sure you are not injured.
And when you try to tell that you know how to be independent, Tengen takes the "you were injured once and you can die next" card.
Maybe you better stop working on the demo slayer anyway.
If you have no place to go Uzuz and his wife will surely take care of you.
That would be best for everyone right?
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-Uzui screencaps
-like or reblog if you save-
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
[do not repost without giving credits]
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have you seen him? now you have :)
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Their S/O has painted them | Headcanons
gender neutral
-> During your off days, you enjoy painting to spend the time. But then, your boyfriend notices that he has been your muse for your last work of art.
-> Tengen Uzui, Tanjiro Kamado, Shinobu Kocho, Nezuko Kamado.
-> For Nezuko, consider it platonic as you can’t really date her ! But I never write for her and I thought she would have a cute reaction.
Tengen Uzui
Tumblr media
Newly married to Tengen and the wives, you had decided to make them a present, considering they all had been together for a long time and kind of feeling like someone breaking their habits and nice life that they seemed to enjoy so much.
« It’s beautiful, my love. But… why didn’t you paint yourself ? » you heard Tengen from behind you, say. Unknowingly to you, he had been watching you adding some last details for some minutes. Indeed, Tengen was sat in the middle, Makio standing behind in the middle, Suma on the left and Hinatsuru on the right.
« It’s just… it’s a present for you all. So you’re the ones on the painting. » you explained. « But you’re married to us, you should’ve painted yourself ! » he added. Seeing your face, he cupped your cheeks with both hands. « What’s wrong ? » he asked.
« It’s just that… you’ve all married at the same time, and I arrive, so many years later, I just don’t want to trouble you all now. » Tengen just laughed at your face. « We married you ! We wouldn’t have if you were a bother ! What is up with your mind ? »
You felt dumb for feeling some tears at the corner of your eyes. « Even the girls ? They don’t mind ? » Tengen snorted. « Why would they ? You think I just forced them to marry you ? They’ll absolutely love it. But please, include yourself next time, my love. »
Tanjiro Kamado
Tumblr media
You could’ve painted Tanjiro fighting. You could’ve painted him using both fire and water. But as it was a present to celebrate your first year together as a couple, you wanted to make it more personal. Thus, it was very complicated to finally be happy with the result.
As you were still focusing on his scar, you heard Tanjiro from behind you, say : « Y’know, I think it’s already done. Nothing has to be changed. » You jumped, but you were careful enough not to ruin the portrait. Still, you were ashamed he had already seen it.
« Tanjiro- it’s not done- there’s still something off about it-» you tried to argue, but there was no need. Tanjiro had already pushed you a bit to the side to observe it. « The background, it’s where we had our first date, right ? » You smiled, very happy that he had recognized it, considering that his face took most of the space on the canvas.
« I… I wanted to paint the expression you had on our first date. You had your eyelids a bit lidded, yet your eyes seemed wide open- I don’t know how to explain it ! I can’t paint it ! It’s annoying ! » you complained. That only made your boyfriend giggle.
« (Y/N), love. I think it’s perfect. Thank you for taking so much time for my present. » he said, kissing your forehead in the process. « Now let’s ask Urokodaki if we can hang it at his place alright ? So we can always see it whenever we’re over. »
Shinobu Kocho
Tumblr media
You loved to paint butterflies, so painting Shinobu not so long after starting dating her has crossed your mind very quickly. She was holding her poisonous sword with her usual smile, butterflies flying everywhere around her. You were very proud of yourself.
When Shinobu walked in, she gasped and smiled immediately. « (Y/N) ! You did this for me ?! » You nodded, happy that she seemed to like it. « I love it ! It resembles me so much ! You’re so talented ! » You started to blush at this point.
It was obvious to everyone, including you, that Shinobu loved you, despite so usually looking unemotional. But you had never seen her this happy. « Is it how I look to you ?! It’s so cute ! » she kept saying. It felt a bit out of character, but you didn’t mind.
Since that day, Shinobu kept the painting in her office, close to her fish tub. Yet, she would often show it to everyone walking in, invited or not. Seeing her so happy, you decided to paint her again.
Thus, throughout all those years you two dated, you kept painting Shinobu really often, and she kept being excited every time. The Butterfly Estate was filled with paintings of her at this point, making guests sometimes uncomfortable…
Nezuko Kamado
Tumblr media
Tanjiro was taking a bath. Thus, Nezuko decided to go to your room to hang out with you instead. However, she was surprised when she saw you painting a portrait of her, seeming excited to make her look at it.
« I hope you like sakura trees ! I just thought it looked great with your outfit. It matched. » you said, pulling her to look. It was a beautiful painting of Nezuko looking at her reflection in the lake, surrounded by sakura trees.
She gently traced her hair on the painting with her finger, careful not to slash it with her claw, and nodded. You turned to look at her reaction and she jumped to hug you. You giggled at how genuinely happy she was.
« Well, we’ll have to find out where to put it. Maybe at the Butterfly Estate ? Or maybe at Tamayo’s house ? » You thought. Nezuko looked at you very excited, nodding at every question. That’s when Tanjiro walked in.
« Oh wow ! That’s beautiful ! Did you make this, (Y/N) ? » you nodded. Nezuko held your hand and pointed to the painting with her free one. « Yeah I saw it ! I love it too ! » the boy replied, as excited as his sister.
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Purrr 💅👁👅👁
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yoriichissun · 15 hours ago
Who would you like to train under?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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The Hashira's Darling | Chapter Four | Various x GN reader
The following days Sanemi and Mitsuri were patrolling around your home the two Hashira felt as though they were married to you, you would wake up and make breakfast for the three of you, and sometimes if you weren’t finished the both of them would help you, Kanroji asked you out to get Sakura Mochi and it was an absolute blast for the both of you and Mitsuri even bought (Fav color) socks that matched hers and you’ve been wearing them every day. Sanemi and you made Ohagi that the three of you ate together and you haven’t felt this happy in so long, you were kind of feeling upset about the both of them leaving but the three of you agreed to send letters to each other and you would get to meet new people so that cheered you up, so the three of you had some lunch before you saw the two Hashira off and would invite the next Hashira to your home. The three of you were walking down the familiar path to where you would meet two more Hashira.
Before you even arrived at the spot you heard someone yelling loudly to another person, you could see Kanroji get excited by the voice. When you entered the clearing you saw two people who seemed to be opposites, one resembled a calmly flowing river while the other was a fiercely exited flame 'Kyojuro! How are you?' Kanroji greeted the fire like man running up to him, you looked towards Sanemi and noticed he seemed very angry, you placed your hand gently on his arm making him tense a bit then look down towards you 'Are you ok Sanemi?' You asked filled with concern 'I'm fine just annoyed is all' Sanemi mumbled to you, the two of you then went to join the group 'Ah! Kyojuro this is L/N Y/N aren't they cute?' Kanroji asked introducing you to the other Hashira.
'Yes, they are! I'm Rengoku Kyojuro! It's nice to meet you!' The man yelled obnoxiously loud and you couldn't help but flinch at how loud he was 'Oi! Talk quieter' Sanemi growled at Rengoku and the Flame Hashira's smile seemed to dim due to you flinching 'I'm sorry L/N! I didn't mean to startle you!' Rengoku was still yelling but its volume was noticeably lower, you looked over to the other Hashira who was still unnamed to you. He was looking towards the ground and the air around him felt lonely, you walked up to him and he looked down at you at your approaching footsteps 'I'm L/N Y/N what's your name?' You asked introducing yourself but he stared down at you and you could feel Social Anxiety all over him 'You don't have to answer me, you're here to enjoy yourself and relax!' You explained and you could see and feel the Hashira in front of you calm down a little.
Sanemi and Kanroji were off and you were leading the new Hashira's to your home 'So! Your home is surrounded by Wisteria flowers?' Rengoku exclaimed 'Yes it blooms year-round here like at Fujikasane Mountain' you explained and you could feel the energy of the unnamed Hashira shift to one of self-loathing, you looked towards him he had his eyes downcast with a solemn look on his face 'Oh! My home is just up ahead!' You exclaimed grabbing the two Hashira's attention as they looked forward and you watched as they both stiffened and took in your home. Kyojuro couldn't believe his eyes it was a feeling like he was a child again and he would go inside and see his late mother again.
Giyuu was stunned, the air around your home was the same when he was a child and Tsutako was still alive, or when he was training with Sabito. Your home was so comforting and warm it was reminding the two boys of their fondest memories where they were taken care of and loved for, as before you showed the two their rooms and gave them a spare yukata to wear, but this time you went to your greenhouse to take care of your plants, you went to your room and put on a sombrero vueltiao, a dark blue ruana over a light grey shirt, a pair of black pants and finally your espadrilles.
In your greenhouse, you were growing herbs, vegetables, flowers, succulents, and cacti (they were your favorite) you put on some gardening gloves and got to work, making sure all the plants were taken care of properly until you heard the door open and looked to see Rengoku 'Ah! Hello, Rengoku I'm just taking care of my babies you can stay if you like' you said spritzing a baby succulent with water 'Did you grow all these?' Kyojuro asked in a softer voice than before as he looked all around, you had some hanging from the ceiling, some latching onto the wall and a few growing in the ground and some in a planter pot 'What are these?' He asked and you turned to see him pointing at your potatoes 'Those are my potatoes. I heard from Kanroji that you love sweet potatoes. I don't mind making some for lunch' you said and couldn't help but let out a giggle as Rengoku reminded you of the sun with that big smile of joy he had on his face.
You harvested the potatoes and some galinsoga parviflora, caper, and corn to make for lunch you weren't sure if your other mysterious guest would like what you make but if he doesn't you'll just make something else for him! You went to your kitchen and placed your ingredients on the bench and other things you might need and began to prepare lunch. When you had just finished making the sweat potatoes you felt your silent guest stand next to you, his energy was curious this time 'Hello! I'm just making some Ajiaco for lunch, it's from my home country' you said enthusiastically looking up at the man 'Tomioka Giyuu' he said suddenly confusing you.
'My name is Tomioka Giyuu' he finally said 'It's nice to meet you Tomioka! I'm L/N Y/N!' You happily introduced yourself glade that he was comfortable enough to introduce himself 'Is there anything I can do for you Tomioka?' You asked and silence followed but you still looked up at him 'It's ok, take your time' you said with a patient smile and after a few seconds he spoke up 'C-Could I help you with the food?' He asked shyly avoiding eye contact, at this, you beamed up at him 'Of course, you can!' You said then gave the Hashira a task as you did yours, there was a comfortable silence between you two.
Tomioka felt very relaxed in your presence, he didn't feel extremely awkward to try and talk with you and you wouldn't get angry with him like Sanemi or make him sad by bad-mouthing him like Iguro. The two of you then add the last things then served the food and Rengoku joined you two as soon as he smelt the sweat potatoes, every time Kyojuro would take a bite of the sweet potato he would boisterously yell out an "Umai!" He and Tomioka both tried your Ajiaco and said it was delicious. The three of you were in the comfort room, you were talking with Kyojuro, and Giyuu was listening and joining in time to time, Cherry suddenly flew through an open window and landed in your lap you gave her a cherry as she cawed happily and you gave her soft head pats.
'Tomioka Giyuu! Rengoku Kyojuro! Demons have been staying around Y/N's home! Kagaya asks that you petrol at night! Make sure Y/N is safe!' Cherry ordered to the two Hashira 'Is there anything else you can tell us?' Tokioka asked 'No more information! Ask Y/N!' Cherry screeched out then flew out the window to probably sleep in the sun, the two Hashira then turned to you, and you explained the day a demon almost kidnapped you while mentioning that part you saw the two men visibly tense up 'But in the end, Sanemi and Kanroji saved me' you finished off 'Well that was very brave of them! I'm glad they were able to rescue you!' Rengoku shouted out and Tomioka agreed nodding.
'You two don't have to patrol tonight. I'm sure you two are tired so I'm sure you can rest until tomorrow night!' You exclaimed 'That would be atrocious of us to not help someone in need because of tiredness! I'm sure Tomioka agrees!' Rengoku exclaimed and again Giyuu also agreed 'Well in the meantime while the sun is still up, how about we enjoy the hot springs!' You exclaimed and after the both of them agreed and now you three were relaxing in the hot water 'This is very relaxing L/N!' Rengoku exclaimed crossing his arms and closing his eyes.
You could tell that both of them were pretty relaxed enjoying the heat against their tense muscles 'Did the two of you have a specific reason for joining the Demon Slayer Corps?' You asked them both suddenly getting curious 'Well in my family it is tradition for the oldest child to join the Demon Slayer Corps!' Rengoku explained and you nodded along, you turned to Tomioka encouraging him to talk, but the energy returned to self-loathing 'If it's a hard subject Tomioka you don't have to say' you spoke trying to comfort the quiet male 'No... I-I would like to talk about it to some' Giyuu began. He knew that if he kept on bottling in his feelings they would just overflow and he did want to get all his troubles off his chest.
'I joined the Demon Slayer Corps due to my older sister Tsutako getting eaten by a demon' he said and you could feel his energy unbearably sorrowful but you could also feel a sense of relief 'I'm sure she was an amazing sister' you said which result in Giyuu letting out silent tears, you moved to where he was and embraced him while combing your fingers through his hair, you felt Kyojuro move and hug Tomioka from behind 'I can't imagine how devastating that must of felt. How old were you?' Kyojuro asked his voice was filled with much sadness 'I-I was 13' Giyuu managed to sob out and you and Kyojuro both tightened your hug on the Water Hashira 'She d-died the day before her wedding!' Giyuu cried out shoving his head into your shoulder blade.
His shoulders were trembling with the force of his sobs, both you and Kyojuro held Tomioka as he let out what must have been years worth of tears. After a few more minutes Giyuu calmed down enough as you and Kyojuro stopped the group hug but were close enough to hug the Water Hashira 'I met a boy named Sabito he was amazing! He almost defeated every demon during Finale Selection' Giyuu started and you could see the fondness on his face recalling the memory 'But he was killed. I was injured as soon as the trial started... I don't deserve to be a Hashira I couldn't kill a single demon on that mountain, it would be better if I died instead' Giyuu said that with such confidence he must have thought it was a fact.
'I don't think so' you said kind of annoyed that he would think such a thing 'But-' 'No buts. I can tell that you've worked so hard to become a Hashira. Also saying that you're better off dead is an insult to Tsutako and Sabito's memory. Do you have any other relatives? If not that Tsutako will be forgotten. Sabito might have someone else that will remember him but if you were to die, then all the memories you shared with him will disappear you ranted on and cupped Giyuu's face looking into his eyes 'So don't ever say you wish to die ever again!' You demanded. Giyuu was at a loss you had reminded of that very important conversation he had with Sabito.
Tomioka could feel the tears coming again and latched onto you in a hug again and you returned the hug. Soon enough the three of you had to get out of the hot springs or else you would turn pruny all over, both Hashira were preparing to go out to patrol and you made a bento for the both of them and you sent the both of them off, but not before insisting they can wait until the next night but Rengoku was having none of that. So the Hashira were off to patrol the area around your home, you just hope the both of them will be fine.
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demonslayedher · 10 hours ago
So that scene of Daki whining and Tengen dismissing her, and then his shock when she starts that long, high-pitched, pitiful wail? I hope he has a daughter someday who does the same thing to him.
Speaking of retired family men, one thing I'd have love to have seen (besides ObaMitsu surviving and thriving) is Obanai very quickly settling into the role of a responsible husband once he finally accepts it, and he and Tengen relating to each other at this level while shaking their heads at their bachelor colleagues who can't seem to wrap their meatheads around the concept.
Really, just more Tengen and Obanai interaction in general would be great. If we ever were to get an Uzui Gaiden, I'd want Obanai to be his sidekick so we can see them talking about their pasts and Obanai finding some comfort and admiration in that. At least going by the section in the second fanbook about what the Pillars think about each other, it seems this had a big impact on how Obanai sees (as possibly looks up to) Tengen. It would also add more depth to the "hmm, I expected more out of you, good job, I guess--WTF, YOU CAN'T QUIT" commentary.
(But also, Kaburamaru .vs. Muscle Mice is a small disaster waiting to happen. Please, universe, please, Shonen Jump, make this Gaiden exist someday.)
Back to the topic of Uzui spawns, though, teams of Muscle Mice rocking babies to sleep, Muscle Mice dutifully removing choking hazards, Muscle Mice acting as babysitter spies when children get rebellious and stupid? Yes please.
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cricketsjunk · 2 days ago
Giyuu was sitting there, wondering why he was there. Not minding, too much since they actually invited him to do something, all of them, WILLINGLY, for once. But wondering why it was for THIS of all things.
With a sigh, he ignores the tiny annoyance that was slowly building up, in favor of reading the 'black card' as the instructions said to. "What ruined last years chirstmas dinner? Blank (___)".
And watches and each pillar either gasped or chuckled at their card, before being told to close his eyes. Witha sigh he did so, waiting for the go-ahead- t start reading their responses.
Tengen was not holding back his urge to laugh very well. At first he was a bit hesitant, since although he wasn't there for it, their newest member of the corps was an american, that introduced this game to them. Apparently it was american history along with some other things, (thankfully they were able to translate over half of the cards to japanese) and the goal was to be either as offensive as possible, or to play to teh Card Czar's taste.
And since nobody really knew much about the water pillar, he went with the first option. So he played a card that mentioned something about 'jews'. And the flame pillar that was sitting to his right, saw what he played and began to laugh loudly.
Was it wrong? Probably. But between what his fellow Sound pillar put down, and his own card, he was fairly amused. What an odd game this was! And who knew, maybe they'd finally see some kind of reaction from the water pillar?
Then there was Shinobu, who after reading the rules and found out about 'blank cards' wasted no time, writing Giyu(u)'s name down just to annoy him further. He was soo fun to tease!~
Mitsuri was cooing at the mere thought of everybody being able to hang out, since it was so rare. Mentally fangirling at being surrounded by not only friends, but such strong people!
Muichiro was trying to remember what he was doing, wsn't he supposed to be playing some card game? oh well. So he looked down, saw a random card, and after everyone spent the next 5 minutes staring at him, figured he'd put it up.
And then there was Obanai, who was torn between wanting to be vulgar for the game, or playing a card, that was overly cute, in hopes that maybe the Love pillar would notice and coo. It was only when his beloved companion Kaburamura (or is it Kaburamaru?) pressed his face against one of the cards, did he decide.
Sanemi was smirking at the cards in his deck. There was one about Incest, one about bitches, No, it just literally said 'bitches'. A card about jesus, one about driving a bus full of children in a lake, and a few that were surprisingly wholesome. But of course, our dear Wind pillar is not wholesome in the public eye, so of course he chose one that was inappropriate.
And although he could not see, and sadly could not use his senses to detect which cards would be best to play, or read them aloud, he was still invited. So while his fellow pillars played, he was silently praying for their souls to be forgiven and to be let into heaven. So gyomei decided to sit, and pray for his friends and his soul, while secretly being amused by everyone's snickers or mortified gasps.
And finally in the distance the american demon slayer, who is doing a decent job at hiding the fact that they were not only from the future, but from a different world entirely, is reveling in the fact that they managed to grab a hold of the infamous game that brought the worst in people for humor, to the world of demon slayer. Just, giggling to themself in mischief, waiting for the chaos to ensue.
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muzanskimono · a day ago
I made a giyuu playlist
What songs do you think I should add
Tumblr media
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tokoyamifumi · a day ago
there was literally NO reason for uzui to tell gyutaro that he had three wives, he literally just wanted to flex. its not like it was an indispensable piece of information that had to be shared. gyutaro was like “i hate you for being hot when im this hideous” and uzui was just like “damn that sucks for you bro, couldnt be me tho im so sexy plus i have 3 wives plus L+ ratio”. not only did it add nothing to the conversation, it just pissed gyutaro off and made him want to kill uzui even more. like we get it bro, youre hot and sexy and could pull anyone you want at any moment, but is it really worth possibly getting killed by an enraged, hideous demon with bad hair?
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hashir9 · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
tengen would be the kind of person to call you absurd nicknames to gain your attention. in a relationship or not, he’d always have his eyes out for you, calling out to you. even when you’d whine for him to stop bothering you—the male wouldn’t listen. he’d never explain why he did so. so all you could do is just stare at the sound hashira as he leaned in, pressing his lips against your ear as he whispered to you another nickname which made you flinch. but when he pulled away, the male licked his lips and you were left with a reddened face.
“how’re you today…princess?”
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hairymoths · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I’ve got you something, just don’t get angry
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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goldenphoenixrises · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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tinandabin · 2 days ago
Hmmm, ok so now that the AU is kind of ready, I will be telling you who are the yanderes and whether they are platonic or romantic and how I would like to portray them. 
First off we have got Muzan. The platonic cousin yandere. Let's say you are his long cousin coming from a foreign land. 
He would learn the language you speak. No questions asked.
I would think he would want you to see him as a parental figure because you are his younger sister. 
Probably because you like were really caring towards him and all that stuff and he just wants to repay whatever you did for him back and he's absolutely not doing this because he's a softie for you. <3 
He would be those over-bearing, overly clingy and protective and possessive yandere. Really, anything applies to him.
Controlling too.
And punishments? He could never. Nope. He would ultimately find a reason to place the blame on someone else, he could NEVER blame you. 
But if he was a romantic yandere, it'd be a whole different story but that's for another AU. ;)
And even if you did something and he couldn't place the blame on someone else, the least he would do would be take away your favourite plushie and threaten to hurt it if you don't listen. 
And I bet that he has forced a demon to use their blood demon art to put a spell on your favourite plushie which would act as a CCTV for him. 
He had locked you in the same room for 20 years as a PLATONIC yandere. Dude, I can't imagine what torture you would go through if he liked you romantically. 
And even if you do ask him why is he doing all this he would just say to repay back the things you did for him due to his god complex, lol. 
But okay! Moving onto another yandere, Yoriichi. 
Muzan and Yoriichi are enemies by blood.
So if you have got both of them as yanderes, you are doomed. Like they both are so powerful and if they form an alliance you are dead. You might as well sell your soul. 
But no fear for that will never happen! Them and being even ok with each other?? Nah. 
I feel like Yoriichi would be overly-clingy and protective. That's it. He would let you go outside but only if it's with him. Let you do anything, ANYTHING if it means you will be safe without a scratch on you.
And if you seem to have a good or stable relationship with Muzan, he'd probably feel kind of insecure thinking you will too leave just like Michikatsu for Muzan. 
And because of that, he would dislike, or better yet, hate muzan more. 
Punishments? Sorry to say this, but whether platonic or romantic. He will deem punishments as necessary. 
So the question is what kind of punishments would he do? 
Hmmm, probably burn a few of your plushies. He would like get a copy of your favourite plushies and burn them in front of you. And then when you do get angry at him, BOOM, he would hand you over the plushie who you thought he had burned.
I don't think he would go too extreme, but let's say you aren't much affected by your plushies dying and stuff. 
He would throw you in a place full of wisteria, they would be enough to make you feel very uncomfortable but not enough that you would faint from it. 
And after 3-5days your powers and strength have weakened immensely and would probably take 3 weeks of sleep to recover. And that's when Yoriichi starts doting on you again. 
But after that, he would slowly throw you more into the wisteria forest unknowingly designing your body to adjust to it. But when he does realise this and he knows that wisteria isn't affecting you much he would probably force you to drink 1 or 2 small bottles of wisteria poison. Weak ones.
The poison would make you weak enough to not move for 4 hours so you bet he is feeding you small amounts of it when he goes on missions.
Knowing it isn't affecting you much he would take advantage of it. But would he ever hurt you with his own hands??? Like slapping or hitting?? Nope. Never. He feels the punishments are necessary. 
Moving on to the hashiras...
The one's I wanna make romantic are: Uzui, Shinobu, and Muichiro.
Uzui and his wives. Do I even have to explain? 
His wives are just female versions of Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke. 
So you bet Hinatsuru is the caring, overly-doting. And overly-protective yandere. She would probably fret even if you get a minor headache thinking you have a brain tumour or some shit. Probably the motherly type.
Suma is gonna be clingy. SUPER CLINGY. YOU CANT GET RID OF HER.
Let's say you are taking a nap and you move a bit. A bit. Her eyes are open. 
If you try to escape you might as well forget the idea because she will know your presence is gone in 3 minutes. 
I doubt she is delusional, she's self-aware but really, she doesn't care that much about it.
And then we have Makio. You would expect Hinatsuru to be more understanding but surprisingly Makio is. She knows how overly bearing they all are and how tired you feel of them. 
So she would probably be the one who would take you outside by convincing others. But if you do try to escape in that time she will never trust you. Never. 
She won't even let you pee in peace thinking you are trying to break the wall.
But overall, Makio seems the best to me. She knows how clingy Suma is and how protective Hinatsuru is so she will be helping you avoid them. 
And Uzui. I feel like he would let you do your thing and whatever you want but you better be here when he asks for you. Possessive. 
That's all. He trusts his wives for other duties as to being protective and stuff. But that doesn't mean he isn't.
But he trusts his wives to not let you hurt yourself. I don't think he's the type to fret over a minor scratch. I mean he's a hashira and he probably has suffered from many wounds.
So I feel like he would know what's actually to be worried about and what isn't. Probably controlling. 
Would wanna choose what you wear, how your hairstyle should be. If it were in his hands he might as well teach you how to breathe flamboyantly. 
And now, Shinobu. She would be toxic. Knowing that you are a demon she would test all kinds of poisons on you. But don't worry, she has tested them on other demons to see if it's deathly or not. 
And she always has an antidote ready at hand if her plan does backfire.
One of her reasons is so she can consume the poison herself by making it stronger if it's effective against demons. 
And another is because you sometimes do escape and it's just extra work for her to track you down so she uses poisons to weaken you.
She would be possessive. I don't think she'd be very affectionate as she is not a fan of demons. 
Probably sadistic and would take pleasure in your suffering against her poison. 
She's weak but very fast. So she would track you down easily but would she be able to drag you back home? Nah, she has to bribe you. 
I can see her being the type that only she can hurt you and no one else. 
And her punishments are probably making you drink way too much poison on purpose and letting you be on the brink of death when she injects the antidote. 
After that she makes you drink some kind of drug which makes it seem as though what happened was just a dream. You almost dying and stuff. And this process repeats. You aren't even aware she's doing this to you. 
Now Muichiro.
I feel like he was probably following you and then forgot what he was doing so he approached you and felt a connection to you, he didn't straight up start wanting to keep you to himself. Well, he did, but he forgot.
And he wanted to figure out why he felt so at peace and warm with you and so he befriended you. He does realise you are a demon but you haven't attacked him or any civilians so he doesn't care.
It would probably go like this, Yandere ---> Friendship ---> Normal ----> Possessive and clingy ---> Yandere. 
Clingy. He's like an overly-affectionate cat. Weird, isn't it? That's what the hashiras think. It's weird how he is so affectionate with you and he doesn't even acknowledge the others much.
He's like, " I like this person so I will be clingy hoping they will get it I like them and want to love them forever ".
Muichiro's love language will be flowers and no one can change my mind. He would learn the meanings of each flower has and give it to you on specific days according to how he is feeling. 
As he can't cloud gaze with you he would be stargazing with you, tho he doesn't find it very fun but as you have been locked in a room for 20 years so you learnt all the star constellations.
You would be telling him about one whenever you do spot one. 
Punishments? Eh, he would probably just hang you upside down at night on a tree and let you stay there for hours or days. And no, you won't burn because there's a shade protecting you from the sun BUT if you do move even a bit you will get burnt. 
So just get accustomed to staying upside down 2 times a week. :D
And those 3 are the people I want as romantic interests for the reader. All of them at pretty interesting. But I am always open to writing for other characters, so if you have any suggestions go ahead and tell me.  
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