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Uzui’s Fourth Wife Part 5: Uneventful
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Going into the village was probably the worst idea Uzui had. You knew that all your customers or even nosy people would see a different man on your arm and even ask questions. They should’ve known the Riku was not the man you were wearing because how do you mistake anyone for Uzui. His hair stands out, his beautiful eyes stand out.. “Beautiful, did I just say that” you thought to yourself. It wasn’t a lie though. Uzui and Riku both were very handsome and it was a shame you couldn’t have them both or at least have the one you loved so dearly. Not objecting Uzui’s request to go into town you put on a Kimono on that your mother had handed down to you.
“This Kimono was passed down from my mother and her mother. It brings abundance of health and happiness” You could hear her voice in your head. You tried to hide the frown on your face as Uzui and you began to walk towards the village. He hadn’t taken an eye off you since you started walking, feeling like something was wrong. “If you aren’t happy, why smile?” He asked, stopping in his tracks. You kept your back facing him and you crossed your arms in front of your chest. “Because I have to, why would you want to see me sad about another man?” Your words coming off harsh and cold. His lips downturning “I understand that you love him, I’m sorry.” He said. “Sorry? You're sorry? You could’ve just left and not have came back when you walked in on him and I talking.” You said your voice hitching in your throat.
“I can’t walk away from something I proclaimed to be mine.” He said, you could hear him taking steps closer to you. “Just saying you’ll marry someone one day as a young man doesn’t mean the person you say it is is yours. I wasn’t even of age and nor were you. But Of course father wouldn’t object to an Uzui asking for marriage” you said, wiping the tears that began to flood from your eyes. “Tengen, the way you love your wives is probably the same way I love Riku, except I don’t get to be with him. He was here for me when you weren’t.” You croaked. “Is that what this is? Because I wasn’t here? Because I didn’t come for you sooner? I had missions, obligations of being a Hashira.” Uzui said starting to sound agitated.
“But you had time to marry 3 different women in that time and not come and see me once. Not even write to tell me what was going on.” You said. “Writing to you or visiting would’ve just hurt more. You probably wouldn’t have responded anyways with Riku around your body like a snake, taking away what was mine.” He said, now standing in front of you. His face looking to be in pain. “I’m not yours and I’m not going to tell you that again. I’ll marry you for the sake of my family but please don’t expect me to be loving towards you.” you said looking up at him. A cocky smile forming on his face “one day you will, but for now I’m ok with the feelings being one sided. Can we please get something to eat? I’m starving” he said.
The walk to one of the food vendor, you started to feel bad with how harsh you were. You knew he treated the other wives nicely and loved them so much so why couldn’t you be accepting of that. You more so heartbroken over Riku to try to feel anything else. Uzui has only shown kindness when he got here and today. You decided you would try to be more civil. You should’ve just bit your tongue instead of spewing out hatetrad to a man who didn’t directly do anything besides saying he was going to marry you one day. “Uzui, c-can I ask you something?” You finally peeped out as you watched him eat his food. Nodding his head he took his attention fully on you as he wiped his hands on the napkin. “Of course. What is it my love” He said. The nickname sorta making you feel sick but also a warmth you your heart.
“Why did you pick me? I’ve never encountered a demon before and I barely have any fighting skills, I’m quite frankly an asshole to you for no reason, and I’m not even that good looking. Average at best… Your other wives must have experience in this if they went on a mission with you. They are gorgeous.. “ You said, before finishing off your own insults to yourself he chimed in “You are gorgeous, I don’t know what you're talking about. And why are you insulting yourself like that? You don’t need to fight unless you want to and I’ll train you when I can. I didn’t want the other wives to fight either but they made that choice. And I’ll give you the same kindness. Please never insult yourself again. You caught my eye at the ceremony, and I knew you would be a perfect fit for me” He said. Blushing at his comment, you hide your face.
“I’m really sorry I made your life difficult after I made that statement about marrying you. I don’t need you to be a housewife or made to do things you do not want. Do not worry about children, I do not plan on being a father anytime soon.. or at all. I want to make it all up to you and I promise I will. Please take all the time getting to figure out how you feel about me. We don’t have to marry till then and I’ll discuss that with your father when we get home” He said with a smile on his face. You were confused by the last part as why would this man come for you if he was going to give you time to figure out your feelings. He already knows you love Riku so why not let you go. “You know I love him Uzui. I don’t know how long or if I ever will get past him. You acted like as asshole but I know you are good but why wait for me to figure out how I feel. It doesn’t make sense” You said.
“Well believe it or not y/n, I want you to genuinely like me and love me one day. Further forcing you into something would not help my case now would it? Now please eat some food, it's getting cold” He said. Going back to digging his fork into the meal before you two. The rest of the meal was filled with silence, finishing up he paid for the bill and walked with you our arm in arm. A few of the village people recognized you and made a confused face when they saw you with Uzui. The one old lady you had shown Riku their family portrait to when you had first met, wore a face of sadness as if she was frowning for you, feeling your sadness and heartbreak. Which only made you want to run away even more. But the problem was Uzui tightening his hold on your arm with his.
When you looked at his face he wore a smile, a genuine one. You felt like he was showing you off, parading you around in front of all these people who previously saw you with another man. Ruki too walked with you arm in arm, the pathways were bumpy and the last thing he wanted was for you to trip and ruin the nice Kimonos he had brought to you. Putting your head down to avoid the onlookers' gaze, Uzui kept walking with his head held high. The thoughts in his head were completely different from what his face was conveying. He didn’t understand why you kept receiving saddled looks from people or why your head had dropped to look at the ground instead of also holding your head up. It only made him want to pick you up and run to a place more secluded. And so he did, getting a gasp from you as he threw you over his shoulder and ran off towards the woods with you.
Once in he had gotten to the woods he put you back onto your feet. He avoided looking at your face as he had already seen enough of disappointed faces for one day. The words you spoke took him from surprise. “Thank you” you said with a small smile on your face. You were grateful that he had gotten you out of there, the looks from people pushed you over the edge. “You wanted to get out of there as much as I did. I’m sorry” You said, putting your hands over your face. “Why were they looking at us like that? Were you looking down because you felt embarrassed to be with me?” He said. The first time hearing his voice sounded sad. “I-i wasn't looking down because I was embarrassed by you, I was looking down because I felt ashamed that you would receive those looks. Riku and I use to walk through here and sometimes he’d be with me when I went to make portraits for people. A lot of them thought we were a couple and as much as we denied such things, but people make their own assumptions” You said looking at him as his face matched his voice. Sad.
You didn’t know why you felt sad seeing him look that way. Maybe it was because if you were to put Riku in his shoes that you would be upset from him receiving the same way. The guilt eating away at you looking at the man before you. “I slept with him Uzui” you blurted out and quickly regretting bringing that up. His facial expression didn’t change but he crossed his arms. “Ok, that's fine. People in love do that.” He said. “We should head back to the estate, it's getting late” He said again this time not taking your arm into his as he walked steps ahead of you through the woods to the property. Once getting to the house he went to your fathers quarters as you walked back to yours. Hearing what it sounded like things being moved around in your room but when you slid open the doors everything was normal except you saw movement from your closet.
Peering inside you saw a new Kimono added to your clothing rack. Your heart sank as you knew it was Riku coming through the outside door from your room and placing it inside. You examined the Kimono, it was red with gold flowers. Taking it off the hanger a note hit the ground. Picking it up you couldn’t stop the tears that flowed from your eyes. “I hope this letter finds you well. I miss you more than you could know Sweets. I’m sorry for leaving so abruptly last time and I’m sorry I can’t allow you to see me. I love you. Please take care of yourself. - Yours Riku.” Falling to your knees as you held the Kimono to your face sobbing into it. His scent still lingering on it.
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Can I request a Muzan x F S/O x Tengen? Smut #14,22,29. Thanks & Congrats💚❤️
"You can take it; you've done it before." "Look how good you take it." "Come one more time for me, I know you've got it in you." | Muzan x F!Reader x Tengen
Warning(s): Smut, Oiran reader, Threesome, Blowjob, Deepthroating, Double Penetration, Cumshot, Creampie, Degradation, Daddy kink, Impact play
Author's Note(s): I didn't know how to go about this scenario at first, but finally got an idea and went with it while it was still fresh in my mind. Enjoy.
Word Count: 853
100+ Followers Event [Closed]
Tumblr media
Demons and demon slayers—especially Hashiras—are not supposed to get along, let alone make truces. Tonight, however, the horniness was too high for Muzan and Tengen to come to temporary terms long enough to share you, the prize oiran of the Ogimoto house. 
The meet-up was accidental. Tengen came disguised as a customer to investigate disappearances likely caused by demons. He was about to pay for your services when Muzan came in with half a mind to end Tengen right then and there until you proposed that they share—oblivious to the occupational rivalry. 
The only hint of a rivalry you saw was competition for your attention. Both cocks were big and memorizing to see side by side. 
“Oh, fuck,” Muzan muttered in a guttery moan as you took him into your mouth. 
“I didn’t expect you to be so sensitive,” Tengen gave him a shit-eating grin that a pro would give to a novice. The two men may have forged a truce, but that didn’t mean taunts were out of the discussion. 
Tengen had to eat his words sooner than anticipated as your mouth went from Muzan’s cock to his. Muzan reached over to give your ass a smack that made you jolt forward, Tengen’s cock hitting the back of your throat. 
“(Y/n) is good with her tongue. Isn’t that right, slut?” Muzan asked, and you can only gauge much to his indifference. “You can take it; you’ve done it before.”
You are too business with Tengen’s cock to notice how Muzan peers at Tengen as he says that last bit. He wants the Hashira to know he has laid claim to you many times in the past. And what better way to do that than to be the first one to fuck you? 
Muzan crawls behind you and pulls your ass up, but Tengen catches on and pulls out of your mouth. “Hey, I paid for her first, so I should be the first inside her!” 
“Well, I’ve been in her multiple times. I’m a more valuable customer than you.” 
“But I’m much more flamboyant, and to go into the same hole after someone like you will be unflamboyant of me.” 
The two bicker back in forth until you sit up and place a hand on either of their shoulders to quiet them down. “How about you both take me at once?” 
“I call your cunt,” Tengen rose his hand too fast for even Muzan to beat him to the punch. 
“Fine. I can always come back,” Muzan complied. 
With the agreement in place, you lay on your side with Muzan settling behind you and Tengen. They get their cocks in their respective positions and simultaneously enter your holes. 
“Oh sh-shit,” you mewl out at the dual stretch.
“Look how good you take it,” Tengen pat your thigh while Muzan smacked your ass. 
“Just what I’d expect from a high-paying slut.” 
Once you adjusted, both men began moving. At first, it was a competition to see who could outperform the other, but the way you writhe in pain and pleasure as they pushed your body to its limits caused them to abandon the challenge. Soon they established a synchronous pace that brought you to the edge. 
“Close,” Tengen finishes it for you, feeling your walls close in on his cock and effectively lock it in place. He pounds deep into you, and you come undone with a glorious moan leaving your lips. “F-Fuck… you’re soaking, baby girl.” 
Muzan’s thrusts deepened in irritation that Tengen got you to come first. Thank goodness for small favors, though. Tengen pulled out and came on your stomach, so at least your cunt hadn’t been sullied by Hashira seed. 
“Where… are you going,” you breathlessly ask Tengen, who has dressed back up in the gorgeous kimono he sported. 
“I’ll leave you both alone,” Tengen winked at you, then disappeared in the blink of an eye. 
“Forget him, focus on me,” Muzan balls your hair in a fist and turns your head to the side to face him, “Come one more time for me; I know you got it in you.” He forced you on your hands and knees as he intended earlier and slipped his cock into your pussy where he rightfully belonged. “I missed your cunt.” 
“W-Was my… ass, not enough?” 
“Not nearly enough,” Muzan moans at the feeling of your warm walls soaking his cock. Until the memory of Tengen’s cock inside you flashed through his mind. “Can’t believe you let that bastard defile you before me.” 
“Sorry, daddy,” you mewl out as he firmly smacks your ass, paired with his cock twitching as he neared his climax. 
“Next time, you will please me before anyone else. Understood?” 
“Yes, daddy. I’m sorry.” 
“Remember who am I to you?” 
“My daddy.” 
“And who are you to me?” 
“Your slut.” 
“Good girl,” Muzan pressed a kiss to your neck, then came inside you to wash away any remnants of Tengen’s cock. Your walls closed in on him just in time to milk him before his high ended, and your climax followed. “Good girl, coming around your daddy.”  
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You’re Mine.
{Tengen x Makio x Hina x Suma x Fem!Reader}
Warnings: poly relationship • fivesome • semi-public sex • possessive Tengen • wlw • explicit language • breeding kink
A/N: thank you for the request anon! I really took it and ran so I hope you enjoy!
Word count: 5.2k
Tumblr media
“It’s only a small list! With four of you it should be a breeze!” Tengen smiled fondly at you four, stretching his arms towards the sky. “I take it that means you won’t be accompanying us.” Hina laughed as he sighed dramatically, “five of us would be overkill for such a small list!”. He was beyond instant that this small list would be a breeze. It wasn’t until you got to the market that you realized how large the list was. “So that’s why he wanted all four of us to go.”
The list just kept unfolding until it was nearly at Suma’s feet. “WAAA! This is going to take all day!” Suma wailed, throwing the list in the air for you to catch. “Suma! We would have been screwed if we lost that!” A slap to the back had Suma running to you for cover. “It’s actually not that bad.” As your eyes scanned the items listed you realized it would be easy to group together and split amongst you.
“So we can break it down to four categories. Meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, herbs and spices. It looks like we are out of a ton of herbs so I can take that one since it's the longest.” Hina took the list from you to glance over and make her decision. “I’ll take meat and fish. You two can decide between fruits and baked goods.” Makio took the list next, “we know Suma will buy more than necessary with her sweet tooth. So I’ll take baked goods.” Another wail sounded from Suma “no fair!”
“You can tell Makio what you want from the baked goods. Or you can combine the last two categories and do them together.” You hoped Hina’s compromise would settle things, and luckily it did. With that you all split off, it was a market you frequented often so you knew exactly where to go. The herbs and spices were tucked away in its own little alley of the market. Tents and tables were set up filled with an array of different options.
“Good morning miss! Need help?” You smiled as a kind looking man waved you over. “I have quite the list.” You handed it over to the older man, laughing as he adjusted the glasses on his face to decipher Tengen’s handwriting. “It looks like I can help you with a few things. I have ginger, sansho pepper and mustard seed powder. There are a few merchants further down that have more medical herbs and western imports.” You thanked the man and handed him the money.
As you made your way through the market you spotted the tents he was referring to. “Good morning dear! How can I help you?” This tent was run by a sweet old woman. “I have a few herbs to pick up per my husband’s request.” You couldn’t help but laugh as she wiggled her eyebrows. “Not anything like that!” This time it was her turn to smile. “Must be nice having a young lover.” You waved your hand at her, laughing still. “I’m looking for turmeric and ginkgo. Oh and by any chance do you have tea tree or primrose oil? Oh and I’ll definitely take some of that wisteria.”
She began packing your order for you, making small talk as she wrapped each item with care. “Pardon me ma’am.” You looked up as a male voice appeared beside you. “Yes?” He seemed to be about your age and looking a little lost. “I just wanted to say you are absolutely breathtaking.” You certainly weren’t expecting that. Part of you hoped it would be a simple compliment but you knew what he would say next. “Oh! You’re too kind. Thank you.” You turned back to the woman as she handed you part of the wrapped goods.
“Here let me help.” You moved away with your items still in hand. “That won’t be necessary. Thank you though.” You hoped he would walk away, instead he persisted. “Would you by chance want to go get something to eat with me?” You held in your sigh, handing the woman her money after she handed you the rest of your order. “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested.” You placed the items in your bag, hoping he’d walk away after. “Or we could just get drinks.” This time though, you let out that sigh.
“I already told you I’m not interested.” You thanked the woman and began walking to the next stand. Much to your dismay he began trailing behind you. “Not even to just chat?” You turned to look at him now, “I’m married.” You figured that would be the end of it. “He doesn’t have to know.” That made you freeze in your tracks. “Are you saying you want me to cheat on my husband?” Why couldn’t he get lost? “It’s not cheating if he never finds out.” Your mouth fell open at that, anger bubbling in your stomach at his ignorance. “I already told you I’m not interested.”
You began chatting with the next merchant, rattling off parts of your list and counting out the money needed for the order. “Here.” You froze as this mystery man handed over the money needed for your herbs. “What are you doing?” You felt your brow twitch as the persistent stranger paid for you. “Going about things a different way.” You thanked the merchant before heading off towards the entrance of the herb and spice tents. Part of you hoped he’d leave you alone once you found the others.
As you read over your part of the list you felt your shoulder sag as you realized there were still a few things left. “So you aren’t going to talk to me now?” You whirled around, anger making your jaw hurt as you stared at him. “I told you. I don’t have a single interest in you. Truly if you saw my husband you’d understand you stood no chance.” You began storming away this time, the only reason you didn’t mention your wives was because that may interest him more. As if your relationship was some sort of fetish.
“So where is this mystery husband then? He couldn’t have sent his wife to the market alone.” So he didn’t believe you now? You thought back on Tengen’s reassurance, he was probably still training at the moment. “He’s at home, training. He’s a shinobi after all.” This man would think you were absolutely insane. “A Shinobi?” You could hear laughter bubbling in his voice and it only fueled your anger. “Oi! Y/n! What’s taking so long?” Your heart soared when you heard Makio’s voice.
You turned around, looking past the man to see Hina, Suma and Makio walking towards you with their full bags. “It’s taking me so long because this asshole won’t leave me alone.” With their sudden appearance you gained a little more confidence. “Oh. Is that so?” Hina tilted her head, looking him over from head to toe while he stared at her in confusion. “Who the hell are you?”
“Her wife.” You held back a laugh as all three spoke in unison. He began laughing “oh this is good. Seriously!” He couldn’t believe it. “Well I told you I was married to a shinobi didn’t I?” His laughter died as he connected the dots. “You told him you were married and he kept trying? How pathetic.” Makio was seething, meanwhile Suma had snuck around to link arms with you. “He won’t leave me alone Makio.” You pouted, hugging Suma’s arm. “He even said it wouldn’t count as cheating if Tengen never found out.”
“Oh! That’s a good one!” Hina walked closer to him, “get lost.” Makio slowly pulled out a kunai, she’d never use it but it always scared others away. “Don’t ever let me see your face here, around y/n or any of us.” He got the hint, finally, and scurried away. “He was a persistent one. He didn’t even tell me his name. He didn’t even ask my name!” The realization made you begin laughing, “sorry y/n. We should have stuck together” Suma pulled you closer.
“How about we get the last few things and go tell Tengen what happened.” Hina read over your portion of the list as she spoke. “Sounds good to me. I’ve had enough of this market for today.”
Tumblr media
“And then he wouldn’t take no for an answer!” You took another bite of food, watching Tengen’s face struggle to stay calm. “Even after I told him I was married, he still persisted. Even said it didn’t count as cheating if you never found out.” You had even laughed about it on your way home, you four now found the whole thing rather comical. Tengen on the other hand looked as if he was seething. “Did he touch you?” Your hand stopped mid reach, “No. He didn’t touch me. You know he wouldn’t have walked away with his life if he did.”
Tengen still didn’t seem satisfied. “He didn’t touch any of you, correct?” His eyes shifted from you to Makio then Suma and lastly Hina. All of you shook your heads, food partially forgotten. “What did he look like?” You shook your head. “You aren’t going to track this guy down.” This time all eyes turned to you. “Is that a challenge, my dear?” Tengen was no one to mess with when he was angry. Since you had gotten over the whole ordeal, you didn’t realize how upsetting it could be for your husband to hear.
“No. I just think you’re getting a little too worked up.” You reached out to touch his hand, slightly worried he’d pull away. Instead he shifted his hand so he could hold yours. “I don’t like the fact that sleazy men think they have any right to talk to you.” He was genuinely fuming. You glanced over at Hina, hoping she’d help you figure out a way to calm him down. “Tengen…” you were surprised when Suma was the first to speak up. “Yes?” His voice had gotten calmer, but you could still feel the tension in his grip.
“How about after dinner we all go to the hot springs!” Suma definitely knew the way to his heart, the smile on his face said it all. “That sounds like a wonderful idea.” You knew the whole situation was still bothering him, but a nice soak with four beautiful women was sure to ease his stress. “We’ll need a towel for each of us and then a towel to clean up with.” Makio choked on her water, looking up at him with wide eyes. “So it’s that kind of hot spring visit.” Tengen seemed more than pleased with where his night was heading. “Absolutely.”
Tumblr media
Night had fallen by the time you made it to the hot springs. They were only about a twenty minute walk from your shared estate. “I still can’t believe you won’t even describe this man to me.” Tengen had your hand locked with his, you found it kind of cute that he had suddenly become so protective. “He looked like everyone else! You see one guy that looks like him and you’ll kill the wrong man!” Suma began giggling at your dramatics, skipping along the path ahead of the four of you.
“I’ll be able to tell! He’ll sound like a sleazy bastard.” He was so certain his sense of heading would help him pinpoint the culprit. “Tengen, give it a rest already!” Makio began rubbing her temples, hoping the fake headache would get the man to stop. “I won’t! Just give me a damn description and I’ll shut it!” The hot springs finally came into view and you sighed with relief. “I’ll give you a description when we get in that water.” You tried to wiggle your hand out of his grasp, pulling on your kimono.
Suma on the other hand was already naked, throwing her kimono to the ground and stepping into the hot springs. “Show some restraint!” Makio threw a rock at her head, making the girl squeal and duck “so mean!” Hina rolled her eyes as she too began undressing. “You two act like little kids.” She was laughing as she spoke, dropping her kimono to the ground and sinking into the hot springs. “I need both my hands to undress, Tengen.” You smiled as he refused to let go, as if you’d get taken away if he let go.
“Tengen is being dramatic.” Makio had a smile on her face but you could tell she was hoping for his attention too. “He’s playing favorites.” He huffed at that, raising an eyebrow at you. “You know I love all of you. I’m just a little hurt okay!” You began laughing at his dramatics, using one hand to begin undressing since he still refused to let your other go. “Hurt over what?” Makio was submerged in the hot water now too, three pairs of eyes were watching you in curiosity.
“Okay okay maybe that wasn’t the right term.” He finally let go of your hand, allowing the both of you to undress and join the others in the hot spring. “Then what term did you mean?” Hina cuddled up beside you, watching Tengen relax into Makio’s arms. “I’m just a bit upset that I asked you four to go to the market and some time like that happened. I should have gone with you.” So it was regret that was weighing heavily on his shoulders. Makio sighed, slowly massaging his scalp. “Things like that are sadly bound to happen. No one was hurt. You don’t need to feel guilty.”
“Plus we got free stuff out of it!” Suma had just re-emerged from under the hot water. “How does that not hurt!” You could never understand why she always dunked her head under. “Wait, how did you get free stuff?” You glance at Hina who looked to be fighting off laughter. “Oh I didn’t tell you that?” Hina buried her face in your neck now, her laughter vibrating your shoulders. “No, clearly you didn’t.” There was an amused smile creeping up his face even though he didn’t know what was happening.
“He tried to win my affection by paying for some of the herbs. He chose my most expensive order too.” Tengen seemed rather pleased by your answer, “well if I ever meet him, I’ll have to pay him back. But for now…” he turned his body, moving to kiss Makio’s cheek. “We may as well really relax. That is a problem for another day.” You watched his hands emerge from the water and trail up Makio’s frame. She shivered as he reached her breasts. “You should really wear a towel if you're going to sit above the water.” You watched as his lips connected with hers, only looking away when Hina pulled your face towards her.
“Suma, come here.” She was looking you dead in the eyes as she spoke. Hina’s lips melted against yours as Suma appeared beside you, her breasts pressing into your back. Suma’s hands began roaming your body, her lips attaching to your neck as Hina coaxed your mouth open. “Gotta make our favorite girl feel better after a day like today.” Suma’s hands came up to cup your breasts as she whispered in your ear, Hina’s hands slid lower, rubbing your thighs under the water.
“How are we going to do this in the hot springs?” You pulled away from Hina, barely hearing her response as Suma pulled you towards her lips instead. “Who said we can’t scissor in the hot springs.” Your cheeks went red hot as Hina spread your thighs. “Plus, if it doesn’t work we can always just sit on the ledge and try again.” Suma pulled away from you, helping you lean backwards so Hina could angle herself on top. “We’ll have to make it quick, I think Tengen is a little pent up.” You glanced over to see he had Makio on her back, her body fully exposed above the water as he positioned himself at her entrance.
“Oh my.” Your laughter turned into a shaky moan as Hina slotted herself between your legs. Despite the heat of the water you were submerged in, you could still feel the heat radiating from her center. “Maybe it will work!” Suma’s hands began squeezing your breasts, tugging at your nipples softly so your back would arch. “You know…” Hina began rocking her hips slowly, “Tengen isn’t the only one who is mad over what that idiot did to you.” Her rhythm became steady, waves of pleasure course through you as you listen to her speak.
“It’s rather annoying that men think they stand a single chance.” You didn’t realize it, but it seems the incident was weighing heavily on all of them. There was a twitch in Hina’s brow that gave it away. “Yeah, it was kinda scary seeing him so close to you.” Suma sunk her teeth into the shell of your ear, holding your breasts even tighter. Hina’s rocking only seemed to become harsher, over the sloshing of water you could hear Makio’s moans. They were just out of sight for you, each time Hina’s body moved you only caught a small glimpse.
“It…it bothered you all that much?” You could already feel the build up starting. “Yes!” You all turned to look at Makio, a hand flying over her mouth as Tengen continued to rock into her. “Awfully quiet Tengen.” Suma rolled your nipples between her fingers, causing you to whine. “Because—ha— I’m saving it for y/n to hear nice and clear.” You whined at the thought, Hina’s hips began grinding in circles. “Shit…” your chest heaved, the stimulation and hot water suddenly becoming too much to handle.
“Oh! Close already? Are you getting off on the fact that we were worried about you?” You squeezed your eyes shut, the truth too embarrassing to face. “Shit.” You assumed Tengen must be close. Hina’s hips grinded down on you faster, she didn’t want you taken from her before she was done. “Suma…keep playing with her. Look how close she is.” There was a smile present on Hina’s face when your eyes opened again, Suma’s hands continued their toying while her lips moved to your neck.
“We’re lucky this is our own private hot spring.” Had you not been so close you would have laughed at Hina’s comment. You could only imagine how gross the water would be to an outsider. “Fuck…” your eyes watered as the slow build up became unbearable, your release teetering right on the edge. “Hina…Suma…please…” you felt loved being at their mercy. “I’m trying…ha…” Hina’s hips became erratic. Your hands shot out to hold her hips, pressing her cunt further against yours as the thread finally snapped.
You came with a loud cry, Hina following shortly after you. “No fair!” Suma whined as you both came down from your highs, “I’m the only one who hasn’t gotten to come yet!” You started to laugh as you caught your breath, Hina slowly sinking into the hot springs as you sat further up. “Makio and Hina can help you out, Suma. Y/n. Get your ass over her.” You felt a shiver run down your spine. Tengen was sitting with his arms resting on the edge of the hot springs, Makio was slowly making her way over to you three on shaky legs.
You switched places with Makio, smiling as she kissed your cheek when you passed. Tengen still looked pissed, the butterflies in your stomach still had you aching for more. You sat on his lap, hands coming up to cup his cheeks. “So sweet.” The anger in his expression melted into a warm smile, his arms moved to hold your waist. “I know you stood your ground. I have no worries of you ever leaving me. But the fact that people think they can just do as they please with you…” his grip grew tighter, the anger returning to his face.
“You’re mine. You are mine only. Or well, Hina’s, Suma’s Makio’s and Mine. Just as we are yours.”
You felt your lower lip tremble, his hands dipped lower under the water to cup your ass. “Perhaps I’ll have to leave some marks to let people know you are certainly taken.” He lifted you slightly causing you to fall forward. “Maybe I’ll get you pregnant.” It was just nothing more than a breathless whisper, so quiet you would have thought you imagined it. His lips melded to yours in a suffocating kiss, your body pressing tightly to his own. Your hips began to move without you thinking, grinding against his erection.
“I think I will.” Your lips were connected by a string of saliva now, his lidded eyes and blown out pupils making you gulp. “What do you think ladies?” Tengen looked over your shoulder, Makio was sitting with the water up to her chin while Hina was taking care of Suma’s needs with her tongue. “What’s that?” Makio looked absolutely exhausted. “I think I’ll y/n pregnant tonight. That way no moron will try something. It will be clear as day she is taken and committed.” You didn’t have the courage to turn around, mind spinning at the thought of actually carrying his child.
“I think she’d look so cute!” Suma’s response was a mix between a squeal and moan. Tengen studied Makio’s face, watching a blush slowly but surely rise up her face “do it.” You buried your face in his neck, the only one that hasn’t responded was Hina. “I’ll—ah—answer for Hina… she moaned…really loud when you mentioned that. So I’d say—ah— that was a yes.” Hina’s attack on Suma was unrelenting. “That settles it then. I’m getting you pregnant tonight Y/N.”
You squealed as your body left the hot water all together, your back met the cool stone surrounding the hot spring. “Are you okay with this?” There was concern on his face, his cheeks were red and for some reason he looked as innocent as a child looking down at you. “I am. You can get me pregnant if you want. It’s bound to happen eventually.” You felt a giddiness build in your chest. You and the others didn’t really do too much to prevent pregnancy. The most caution you had taken was trying to avoid sex around the timeframe where you’d be most likely to conceive.
It wasn’t an unwelcome idea, certainly Shinobi had large families. Tengen would be no exception to that. “Good.” He was hovering over you, almost entirely out of the hot springs himself. His lips descended on your neck, littering marks where Suma had missed.
“Tengen…” your hands buried in his hair, spreading your legs a little wider to allow him more room to get closer. “Yes?” He was kissing down your sternum now, one hand kept him balanced above you while the other began massaging your breast.
“Quicker.” You felt his laughter vibrate your chest, “desperate to feel me?” You closed your eyes again, too embarrassed to look at him. You jumped slightly when his voice appeared right next to your ear. “Use your words.” You whined, his cock pressing to your lower stomach as he waited for your response. “I-I am. I want to feel you…so bad.” You barely felt the cool night air on your skin. That was usually the worst part of leaving the hot springs.
“Is that so? Tell me what you want me to do and I’ll do it.” You groaned, it seems no matter how many times he pulled this trick it never got old. “Tengen.” You shivered as his head spread your slick folds, brushing lightly over your clit. “C’mon. I’ll move quicker when you tell me what to do.” You tugged harshly on his hair, earning a groan in response. “Fuck me! Please. Fill me up.” You couldn’t take the embarrassment, you never quite understood why he loved hearing you talk like that. “Such a good girl.”
His lips pressed against yours, teeth sinking into your bottom lip so your mouth would open. Your back arched, as if it would somehow get him inside of you. “Okay okay.” He smiled as he pulled away, shifting his legs so he had better leverage. “Here you go.” He pressed the bulbous head to your entrance, you clenched involuntarily. A small chuckle left Tengen’s lips “Makio c’mere.” You heard water sloshing about until Makio appeared next to you. “I think our girl is a little too excited. Help her relax.”
Makio smiled down at you, laying on her stomach to stroke your cheek. “You’re so cute.” You could tell she was getting sleepy, Tengen really must have worn her out. You opened your mouth to speak but a loud moan came out instead. “Shit!” You wailed as Tengen bottomed out fully. “Fuck…I’ll make you feel so good.” His hips moved slowly, Makio’s hands began running up and down your torso, dipping lower to ghost along your clit before trailing all the way back up to your shoulder.
Tengen’s hips found a steady rhythm, hands coming to pull your knees over his shoulders. He was hoping the new leverage would keep your lower half from scraping across the ground. Makio’s light touches compared to Tengen’s heavy hits had your head spinning. He was hitting all the right spots, you swore at some points he was actually hitting your cervix. With each cry of his name, Makio would make you say hers as well. She would time each thrust with her fingers on your clit, slow but deliberate circles making your toes curl.
“You’ll look so cute carrying my baby. I bet men will look on with envy knowing you’re taken.” Makio chuckled as Tengen began thrusting even harder, some of his previous anger leaking back into him. Your breasts bounced in a mesmerizing rhythm, so much so that Makio needed to touch them. “You’re—ah—still mad?” You couldn’t believe he was still holding onto the matter as he fucked you. “Of course I am! No one should fucking dare to go near you let alone try and take you from me.” His grip on your ass tightened, a loud squeal leaving your lips as Makio took one of your nipples into her mouth.
“You’re mine.” His thrusts started to become a little sloppy. The blush rising on his chest gave away that he was close. “Makio—focus on her clit. I want her to suck all of this in.” You both blushed at the implication of his words, Makio’s fingers skillfully got to work. “He’s really determined, huh y/n.” She knew her words were falling on partially deaf ears. All you could focus on was Tengen’s face and places he was reaching inside of you. His brows were scrunched in anger and determination.
“Come on pretty girl, come.” You whined, the tension you felt threatening to snap at any second. Your hands grabbed both his wrists, holding on tightly as you felt the release you hoped for coming. “Oh wow.” Makio’s voice was right by your ear, her fingers became erratic. With a loud cry you came for the second time that night. Spots blurred your vision as Tengen’s thrusts remained relentless as he pushed you through your orgasm. A few more thrusts and he buried himself deep, spilling inside of you with a shameless moan.
“Don’t move.” You both began to relax a bit, but Tengen refused to move even after his soften cock slipped out of you. “I don’t think I’m going to be able to walk.” You felt a lazy giggle leave your lips but you were far too tired to really think past the position you were in. “Me either.” Makio was resting her head on your chest, the exhaustion finally catching up with her. “I think you overdid it, Tengen.” Hina and Suma’s heads appeared on either side of him.
If you didn’t feel so spacey at the moment you probably would have been embarrassed. Tengen was holding your ass in the air as if it were a piece of art he was showing off. Had you made any sort of comment he probably would start showing it off. “Maybe I did. But they are satisfied aren’t they?” You and Makio let out lazy groans in response. “I’ll carry y/n and Makio. You two just need to grab towels. Though I’d relax for a while, I don’t want to move her yet.”
“You really think you’ll get her pregnant on the first try?” Suma put a towel over you and then a second over Makio. “I sure do.” Tengen smiled down at your sleepy form, Makio was already snoring softly against your breasts. “Oi, Tengen.” Your voice sounded hoarse as you spoke. “Just get us home. If any slips out you can just fuck me again on our bed. At least I can sleep comfortably after that.” You liked the shocked look on his face, a light blush dusting his cheeks.
You weren’t normally that bold unless you were tired.
“Let’s get you two dressed.” Hina pulled Makio off you, drying her off the best she could. “This is going to take a while.” Suma began laughing as Hina struggled to get Makio’s arm into the sleeve of her kimono. “You can put me down, Tengen, this position is uncomfortable.” Your knees were no longer hooked over his shoulders, instead it was your ankles. “I’m on full display!” You whined as the man refused to move. “I’ll let you down when Hina is ready to help you get dressed.” Hina, on the other hand, was now attempting to get Makio’s other arm into the kimono.
“Why did you have to make this decision when we are in the middle of the woods?” You stared up at the starry sky above you, may as well enjoy the view while he has you stuck like this. “It’s flamboyant isn’t it?” He saw no issue with where he chose to try and make you a mother, how typical. “It would be if I wasn’t so cold. These rocks still hurt you know!” You looked back at his face when you heard him sigh. “I love you.” The sudden tenderness made your heart skip. “We all love you.” Hina and Suma looked over at you, smiling softly.
“I—I love all of you too. I’d love you even more if I could have some of my dignity back.” You glared at Tengen, his laughter booming through the trees surrounding the hot springs as he finally gave in and set your legs down. “Well, looks like it’s your lucky day.” You sat up, kissing Tengen’s chest before standing on shaky legs. “Looks like it’s all staying.” You laughed to yourself as you began getting dressed. After a few minutes you were all ready to head back. Much to your shock, Tengen was able to carry you and Makio back.
“Next time some idiot tries to take you from me, kill him.” You snorted, nuzzling your head into his shoulder. “You’re so dramatic.”
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s0dium · 3 months ago
Slapping your ass
Tumblr media
Warnings: Suggestive themes overall, fluff.
Giyu Tomioka
He saw Uzui do it to one of his wives
Uzui told him that girls love it
You were talking to a Kakushi, UNAWARE of what was about to happen
It actually kinda hurt and it made you yelp-
He just looked at you expressionless and then walked away
Obanai iguro
SUPER shy had no idea what he was doing
Totally planed this all day
It felt like a light tap
When you turned around he seemed just as surprised as you
Couldn't stop apologizing after though you kind of enjoyed it
Kyojuro Rengoku
He was just bored and wanted to see your reaction
You fell on your knees in embarrassment
he laughed and patted your head
"Your so cute y/n~!"
Tengen Uzui
Did it in front of EVERYONE because it would be "flamboyant"
You turned around ready to yell at him furiously
He picked you up and spins you around after seeing your flustered face
"How beautiful you are my flamboyant flower!"
Sanemi Shinazugawa
This mf fucker WINDS his hand back
Snickers and looks at your embarrassed face
"Sorry thought I saw a bug~"
*smirks and walks away*
Gyomei Himejima
Ok lets be honest this man would never. He is too much of a cinnamon roll plus he would break all the bones in your body. Instead Gyomei would give you a light kiss on your forehead :)
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sakusins · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: uzui tengen, hashibira inosuke, rengoku kyojuro, kamado tanjiro, shabana gyutaro (just pretend he’s human in this okay)
notes: i am a little fixated on demon slayer as of late if you haven’t noticed :,)
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐆𝐄𝐍 groans, dragging his feet into the room stiffly. he curses under his breath as you stir in your sleep, eyes fluttering open as you give him a sleepy smile when you realize he’s home. “you’re back. how was the mission?” grinning at you fondly, he chuckles, cupping your cheek as he leans down to press a kiss to your forehead. “didn’t mean to wake you. i won a flashy victory, what else?” he moves to stand to his full height, and you grab his hand with a pout, staring up at him with tired eyes. “no,” you whine, “you only just got back.” you lift the blanket, staring up at him expectantly to join, and with a low chuckle, he gives in and crawls in beside you, pulling you flush against his chest. “i still have to bathe, you know,” he murmurs, but you press a soft kiss to his pec, snuggling your cheek against the firm muscle and smiling to yourself in content. “stay here a bit first,” you murmur, falling back asleep as he rubs your back, and a bath might sound nice right now, but the sound of your soft breathing as you shift closer is even better.
✰ 𝐆𝐘𝐔𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐎 walks in with his back hunched, scowl on his face as he slams the door shut behind him. you stare at him with a soft smile, lifting the blanket up and holding an arm out. almost instantly, the stress rolls off his shoulders as he slides in, head finding your chest while you kiss his forehead. “long day, huh?” you murmur, stroking through his hair slowly. “yeah, daki was being difficult,” he grumbles, looking up at you and pouting as he adds, “and my back is sore.” chuckling quietly, you bring the covers over his body, rubbing his back slowly and smiling as he lets out a relieved sigh. “maybe if you didn’t hunch all day, you back wouldn’t be sore,” you tease. he scowls once more, burying his head into your chest, and you press one more sweet kiss to his temple as you relax. “supposed to pick my side,” he mutters through a yawn, smiling to himself as you giggle, and he thinks as long as he ends each day with you, they can’t be too bad.
✰ 𝐈𝐍𝐎𝐒𝐔𝐊𝐄 shakes your shoulders, waking you as he complains loudly for you to get up. groaning, you pull the covers over your head, only for him to pull them down instantly. “wake up, you’re always sleeping,” he grumbles, prodding your shoulder with his finger harshly. huffing, you smack his hand away, and he growls under his breath in frustration. “leave me alone, inosuke, it’s too early,” you glare at him. he scowls, but his lips curl ever so slightly into a small pout, making your features soften as you take in the sight. “well i’m bored,” he mutters under his breath, staring at you with a raised brow when you lift the blanket up, ushering him to join you under the covers. “come back to bed then,” you murmur gently, and even if he complains under his breath, his body presses as close to yours as it can get. “this is a waste of a perfectly good morning,” he grunts, but he lets out a soft sigh when your fingers thread through his locks. “you seem to be enjoying it,” you snort.
✰ 𝐊𝐘𝐎𝐉𝐔𝐑𝐎 is a little concerned when you’re not jumping into his arms as he walks through the door, searching through your home to find you. he lets out a soft breath of relief when he sees you bundled under the covers, and a wide grin stretches across his face instantly. “baby, it got cold without you,” you pout, opening the blanket to signal for him to join you, hand out and grabbing for him. he chuckles, slotting his body next to yours and wrapping two strong arms around you as he pulls you against his chest. “we can’t have that,” he murmurs, pressing a sweet kiss to your forehead, “gotta keep you warm, then. that better?” your hand trails to rub his chest in slow circles, and he lets out a soft breath, curling his arm around you tighter. leaning up and kissing his jaw, you hum as you nod, and he’s glad he gets to come home to you, always keeping him warm on the coldest of nights too. “way better.”
✰ 𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐉𝐈𝐑𝐎 sits down at the edge of the bed beside you, smiling to himself as you sleep. he cups your cheek, rubbing a thumb in slow circles as he admires your features. “you’re so pretty,” he hums, leaning to peck your lips softly, but he’s shocked when you return the kiss, cracking an eye open slowly. “welcome back,” you yawn, “why’re you staring at me like a creep?” you’re blinking up to look at him as he sends you a soft grin, and he feels his chest swell with affection as you rub the sleep from your eyes. “why’re you pretending to sleep like a creep?” he counters, and you giggle as your hand takes his into your grasp, tracing over the scars slowly before planting tiny kisses along each one. it’s quiet for a bit, and then you scoot over to the side, lifting the blanket up and staring at him expectantly. “come to bed, i missed you,” you whisper, and as he slips under the covers with you, both of your quiet laughs mingling against the fabric as your limbs tangle, tanjiro knows he’s home.
Tumblr media
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sukunababy · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
— stepdad!Tengen Uzui x f!reader
» req. Mina can i request prompt 60. “No, I'm going to make you feel good ” for Uzui Tengen? Thank you 💕 — @cursedmoonchild
» req. So my request is for stepdad Tengen Uzui. He decides to marry y/n's mom. Out of spite, y/n doesn't do any chores that is assigned to her, sneaks out of their home and refuses to listen to anything any of the other wives tells her to do. Tengen decides to take matters into his own hand — @tojibreedingme
cw. mdni. age gap (Tengen is in his 40s — reader in her 20s), step-cest, daddy kink, deepthroating, gagging, mating press, degradation — use word slut just one, cervix kissing, belly bulge
an. thanks for your requests babies 🖤☁️ — m.list
Tumblr media
Maybe you should have listened when his wives asked you to do something around the house, whether it was laundry or dishes, sweeping the floor or working in the garden.
Maybe you should have listened when your mother told you that you were now a family and you had to abide by their rules too, even if their rules forced you to come home too early or not invite boys over.
You were no longer a kid, but maybe you should have asked to be allowed to go with them instead of staying home with your new stepfather.
Or maybe not.
Tears fill your eyes as you choke on his cock stuck in the back of your throat. You look up at him from under your lashes as Tengen slips his fingers through your hair, pulling you to him once more, "now, look, this wouldn't have happened if you'd just followed our rules, brat" he murmurs holding you still with your nose pressed against his crotch.
Drool drips down the sides of your lips and onto your chin as your gags echo through the room, and he can't help but smirk at your smutty appearance as you swallow his fat shaft, again and again.
When you pull off the drool keeps you glued to his head, and as sore as your throat is you can't stop your lips.
You're relentless as you suck on the tip of his cock, your hand sliding on his balls and caressing them as you bob your head back and forth in a slow, sloppy, lewd rhythm while little moans of pleasure escape you, because yes, it gives you pleasure to suck his cock, it gives you pleasure to choke on his long shaft, it gives you pleasure to hear how he moans low and rough.
And then his hips jerk forward slamming deep into your throat, his hand presses behind your head as your eyes snap open and tears wet your cheeks, "mmhp daddy" your voice almost not audible as you roll your tongue out to get more room for his throbbing cock.
Tengen quickly thrusts back and forth and when he pulls off you give him one last long tongue roll and smile at him lasciviously, "this wasn't a treat for you" he whispers pulling you to your feet and pressing you to the mattress.
Your gaze travels down his body and you stare unashamedly at his pecs as he climbs on top of you, his mouth is hot as he hums in your ear, biting your earlobe and moving down your neck leaving red wet marks, "you're just a whore aren't you?" he asks with a smirk.
You meow lewdly as you spread your thighs wide, "what now?" you tease him wrapping your thighs around his hips, "are you going to punish your naughty little girl?" and Tengen can't help but giggle pushing his shaft heads between your glistening folds, "no, I'm going to make you feel so good you'll want more and more, and to get more you'll have to follow everything daddy says."
You moan obscenely when Tengen hooks his arms under your legs and lifts them up, pushing your knees up to your shoulders, his cock working its way into your dripping hole and his swollen balls slamming into your ass.
Your warm walls wrap around his cock as his thick head repeatedly kisses your cervix, you're biting the back of your hand and your eyes glisten with tears as you stare as his white hair falls back over his face, "feels so good" you whimper taking in all that Uzui is giving you.
He thrusts his hips forward in short, sporadic jerks, watching you scream every time his cock comes out of you, and he can barely think straight as he pushes himself back in and fucks against your cervix, slamming his tip against it.
"Shit, like this" he growls through gritted teeth as your back arches under his thrusts and the knot in your stomach unties bringing you to orgasm.
Your mouth opens wide, your eyes grow hot as you stare at him and Tengen's thrusts slow as he empties himself inside you, your belly swelling with his sticky seed and his words echoing as he strokes your tired, trembling legs, "since you can be such a good girl for Daddy?"
Tumblr media
🏷. @spicybunnyxp @matssuncxmslxt @shigamiryuk @narmisseite @semisgroupie @hannas16 @Kurtaclangobrrr @misandrybrat @daoyuu @itsmesephy-blog @awkwardchick87
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sugeto · 3 months ago
+ breeding, pregnancy, poly relationship implied, no prep, rushed smut, riding, some jealousy, unprotected sex duh, cream pie duh, implied modern au I think?
+ hi this is my first work 4 kny so ignore bad characterisation n also any typos 😓
“You’re jealous, aren’t you?” You shrug off Uzui’s touch and walk past him with your snooty, little nose in the air. “My baby’s jealous.” The teasing lilt in his voice indicates that he’s finding this all too funny.
“I am not jealous, Tengen.” You prod a nail at his firm chest, glossy lips forming a pout that he bends down to kiss away.
“You are,” he insists, and there’s no escaping Uzui’s hold, his arms wrapped around your middle, keeping you in place. “My baby wants a baby too, don’t you? Is that the problem?” Bullseye. That is exactly your problem. You want his baby so bad you could die.
“Yeah,” you frown, he smooths the divot between your brows with his thumb.
“All you gotta do is ask.” Uzui tells you, lips stretching into a cheeky smile, and his eyes glint.
Suma has always wanted a baby, and she made that clear from the very start, so it’s no surprise she was the first to bore him a baby. Makio is reluctant, she says it’ll fuck up her figure - Uzui doesn’t push and he never will. Hinatsuru seems to be fine either way, just like she always is. But now you’ve been struck with a terrible case of baby fever, and all you want is a little bundle of joy. With his eyes and smile and maybe your nose. “Can we have a baby, Tengen?” You ask, fiddling with the hem of your shirt, “will you give me a baby?”
“Course I will, babe,” he says, taking a seat on the edge of the bed and patting his lap. “Gonna give you as many as you want.” You sit with each leg over his right thigh, hands braced on his chest.
Uzui pulls your shirt over your head, deft fingers working on your bra clasp and letting it fall to the floor. He squeezes your tits, puckered lips wrapping around your pert nipple, you tilt your head back and let out a soft whimper. He pulls away with a pop, and you tug free the belt of his robe, exposing miles and miles of firm muscle. There’s a pause for you to simply admire his figure. Then he shuffles backwards until his back hits the headboard. “You gotta work for it, babe.” Uzui rolls your nipple between his thumb and pointer figure, you can feel his hard dick pressing into your covered pussy from below. “Gotta beg like Suma does.”
No one begs like Suma does. Her candy-coated words come natural. Suma isn’t afraid to wail and plead until her throat is hoarse and the neighbours have knocked on the door a multitude of times. Suma doesn’t have any shame, neither does Uzui, and he eggs her on to boost his ego. “That’s why I fucked her nice ‘n full.”
“Tengen…” you rest your head on his shoulder, he can feel your pout on his skin, rubbing his hand up and down your back to quell your bashfulness. “Please?” You try, a miserable attempt that only makes him snicker.
Uzui’s fingers hook beneath the waistband of your cotton panties, you lift your bottom so he can slide them over the swell of your ass and down your legs. “Gonna have to try harder than that, baby.” He nips the supple skin of your neck, and when you raise your head to pout again like the crybaby you are - Uzui only mocks you with a pout of his own.
“Tengen,” you wrap your arms around his neck and cling to him, “I want it,” you declare and then add a ‘please’ onto the end of your sentence to be polite.
“You want what?” He hums, big hands finding purchase on your hips and forcing you to grind down on his cock that gets cushioned between the soft lips of your cunt. “Tell me nice ‘n clear, baby doll.” You let out a gasp as his tip bumps your swelling clit, clutching at his shoulders and trying to ignore the little jolts of pleasure that burst through your system with each drag of his cock.
“I want… I want…” you struggle to string a sentence together, “I want your cock.”
He flicks your forehead, “see? Wasn’t so hard now, was it, baby?” Uzui presses a thumb to your clit, spreading your slippery folds and watching as a bead of arousal trickles down your inner thigh. The prospect of him stuffing you full of his cum is enough to have you dripping wet. “Fuck,” he hisses through his teeth at the sight of your shiny cunt. “‘M gonna give you a baby, alright? I promise.” Uzui never breaks a promise, whether or not it’ll take thirty of his loads to get your belly swelling, he’ll keep going until your wish is fulfilled.
You sink down on his cock with little resistance, something that takes you both by surprise despite how evidently wet your pussy is. All of his uncut, fat cock stuffed to the hilt in such a tight cunt. Like the glutton you are, you circle your hips and reach down between your thighs to soothe your aching clit - not giving Uzui the chance to even blink.
He slaps your hand away, pinching your clit and levelling you with his narrowing eyes. Uzui plants his feet on the bed, fucking up into your cunt with a pace that has you lurching forward and grabbing onto his chest to stay upright. “Atta girl,” he praises when you let out a pornstar worthy moan, lips curling upwards into a snug grin. Your walls pulse around his length, drool pooling in your mouth and dribbling down your chin - he’s too good, knows your body like the back of his hand.
“Please, fill me up… need it so bad, please—” you beg dumbly, going limp in his hold as he uses your tight, little hole to his heart's content. What sends you over the edge is the constant rub of his fingers on your throbbing bud, pushing back the hood and watching as you fall apart, melting like a dish of butter left out under the afternoon sun. You’re just too easy, not as easy as Suma, but certainly easier than Makio who’s particular about how he fucks, and Hinatsuru who needs more than just his cock to come undone.
Your body trembles with aftershocks, letting out a yelp when he slaps your tits that bounce with the force of his thrusts. “Tengen, please,” you plead, eyes watery as you drag your nails down his chest and clench around his cock. “Please, fill me up.”
“Fuck, stop that, ____.” He grits out when you clamp down, milking his cock and practically forcing him to dump his load in your sweet cunt with a grunt. There’s tons of it, milky white and sticky, thick as it drips out of your hole and down his shaft and balls. Silvery strands stick to his sweaty forehead, broad chest rising and falling as he tries to regain composure. “Gotta fuck you again.” Uzui concludes after a moment, the carnal urge to fuck load after load into your pussy drives him on. “You wanna get filled again, don’t you, baby?”
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tatorthots · 4 months ago
KNY || Favorite Kisses
Tumblr media
Characters: Hashiras x gn!reader
Warnings: fluff, MDNI, slight angst (only Shinobu)
Synopsis: the types of kisses the Hashiras would give you
a/n: besties I SWEAR ON i b lyin MY LIFE that this was just supposed to be pure fluff with super sweet moments between y/n and the Hashiras !!! but have yall considered the fact that I'm a whore 🤨 also oh no my favoritisms showing !!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The back of your hand.
Gyomei is very much a traditional romantic
Which is why he specifically loves hand kisses because they're a very easy way to show pda without being too frisky or making you or anyone around uncomfortable. Respectful king
It’s a mannerism that can be done as courtesy, politeness, respect, admiration or devotion. it's such a diverse and gentle gesture that it honestly fits his personality best — Gyomei isn't a theatrical lover, and if anything he finds boasting a relationship is a guise of insecurity
That’s not to say he doesn’t show you off, no no he just doesn’t find it necessary to prove anything because he feels secure in your relationship. You’re his greatest blessing, the lover of his dreams, and he shows it. The kindness and patience he offers you is endless and he’s always protecting you. This man would stop at nothing to please you, and nothing or no one can stop him from laying down his life in exchange of yours. You really lucked out y/n >:(
He also does it because he usually always has his hand interlocked with yours. Like I said, The Stone Pillar isn’t big on extravagant forms of pda but that doesn’t mean he’s not affectionate, so a lot of his public displays are more like reassuring or soothing touches. For example, because he’s such a towering man, Gyomei often places you on his lap when there aren’t a any futons or seats available (but even if there is he still likes to have you curled up in the security of his embrace), he also keeps a hand on the small of your back when you’re in crowded areas to help navigate the both of you through it and to make sure you don’t get lost. Though pda isn’t very common, his love language is mostly words of affirmation and acts of service
While we’re on acts of service, this man is an absolute giver in the bedroom. His favorite position is when he’s lying flat on the bed with your body straddling him, but because of his large stature he sometimes has to place his hands on your hips to help you ride him. Your hands are shaky on his broad chest, moaning and crying in pleasure as you sink into his girthy cock, struggling to fit him inside no matter how many times you’ve made love. Your body was worn from the amount of times he's made you cum with his mouth and long digits alone, even overstimulating you a bit until your moans turned into cries. But sensing you wince in pain as you so bravely try to take him in was a sense to behold — he brushes his hand through your locks, complimenting and whispering sweet words. “You’re taking me in so well my light… you’re doing so good riding me like that” tightening his hold on your hips he helps move you, using you as his personal fleshlight until you cum all over his abdomen, the last of your strength leaving with it as you fall limply on his chest. Gently grasping your wrist, he places a passionate kiss on the back of your hand before moving his hips “try to hold on a little longer, we’re not done yet”
Your spine.
It only makes sense that Sanemi's favorite type of kiss is one where he can hide his flustered face
Expressing feelings is this mans actual downfall
And whenever he tries to show displays of affection he ends up doing it in such an aloof and aggressive way that it just comes off looking almost forced, especially if you're in public — but he tries each and everyday to work on it so pls be patient!!
Instead he opts to kiss your spine, so he doesn't feel overwhelmed or exposed. When it comes to pda Sanemi prefers to keep things simple and light (because if you kiss him in public he'll literally explode) so he usually only ever has his arm wrapped around your shoulder/waist or his hands interlaced with yours. Though occasionally he'll sneak in a kiss or two on the back of your neck where your spine starts as he hugs you from behind — but he only does this if you're somewhere more secluded and he's feeling needier than usual
Elaborating on that last note, it's not only his preferred place to kiss because of his shy softer side, it's his favorite because he loves taking a protective stance wrapping his arms around your waist as he pulls you into the security of his embrace — this way he acts like a protective shield so in an unexpected situation where someone attacks from behind, he's the one that'll take the hit
The Wind Pillar is an aggressive, posessive, domineering lover but he'll steal the stars and hunt down every single demon out there with his bare hands if it means keeping you safe and happy. Sanemi’s love is loud in its silence, and there’s no greater insult to him than someone questioning it. In his eyes you don't belong to him, he belongs to you.
The bedroom is where he most displays how much of him is yours. The sound of squelching and skin slapping on skin echoed throughout the room, your body was bent on all fours with your back arched and ass held high. Fresh hand prints stung your ass as your body slammed against Sanemi’s flexing torso. Your throat was parched from your loud moans and pleas of pleasure as your lover hovered behind you, his heavy balls smacking against your skin with each powerful thrust as one hand gripped your waist and the other pulled your hair for balance, "s' fuckin' good for me huh.. heh you just love being filled with my cum, don’t ya? fuckin’ slut" your walls clenched at his taunting words. Growling in pleasure he bent down, lowering himself to place a delicate kiss right on the center of your spine as he filled you once more and you came undone, "that's right baby.. s' all yours, every last drop." he cooed as his hand trailed back down between your thighs
Your shoulder blade.
There’s something about kissing someone’s shoulder blade that feels so intimate
It’s like declaring your raw devotion to someone without having to say anything , and actions like this are when subtlety speaks loudest — especially for Obanai
Shoulder kisses are somewhat of an earning pass as well as status for him, given that this type of affection is mostly only done between couples who've already built a strong foundation and are deeply in love. Two things the Serpent Pillar has confidently established with you
Similar to Sanemi, Obanai has a hard time displaying affection — of course, not as much as the latter but this raven-haired Hashira gets all the more finicky and shy about it. As a result he's not very into pda and at best he'll hold your hand or brush his arm with yours, but don't let that fool you! This sweet snek boi shows his love in several other ways
because he doesn't show lots of physical signs of affection in public he opts to reassure you of his feelings by buying you lots of gifts and trinkets. His gifts would range widely throughout the beginning of his courtship with you, closely observing your reaction to them until he figures out what gifts you like best. He's heavily observant and protective of you as well
While we're on the topic of being protective, most times Obanai kisses your shoulder it's usually due to one of two reasons: one of you are about to embark on a mission for a few days or he's feeling particularly possessive or jealous — in which case he'll kiss or even lightly bite your shoulder if he feels someone is being too friendly towards his lover. A jealous Obanai is a dangerous Obanai
Lifting your leg over his shoulder, Obanai gripped your waist, his nails digging crescents against your supple skin as he pounded into you relentlessly. The cruelty of his nature showing as he punished you for 'entertaining that civilian scum’ far too long for his liking. It's been hours of him edging and degrading you, pulling your hair and shooting thick ropes of cum in your abused hole — not to mention the scatter of visible marks and bites all over your body. Having edged you to another climax he abruptly stopped his movements, cold eyes glared at you as he sneeringly threatened to leave you like this, mocking you for being too ‘undeserving’ to cum. Clawing at his chest with tears in your eyes you frantically shook your head. Leaning down he licked your shoulder before sinking his teeth down and drawing blood, lapping it with his tongue he chuckled, "Beg me to stay."
Your lips.
Mitsuri is the Love Hashira so tbh she kisses you everywhere and anywhere she can reach and it doesn't matter who's around to see, though sometimes she might shy a bit. This sweet girl is just bursting with love to give so it’s only natural for her to display it in any way she can — and she’s does
But her favorite place to kiss you is on the lips
It's in all honesty that Mitsuri absolutely adores your body, often littering soft kisses and chanting loving praises like it's her dying mission and of course, you do your best to reciprocate every last drop of it and she can't get enough!! Pda is common and sometimes an absolute must for this strawberry-haired Hashira, whether it's feeding you some of her food, holding your hand, kissing your cheek, or clinging onto one another, she lives for it all
But to her, sharing a kiss is something done only between lovers, it marks a bold statement that the relationship she has with you is special and unique. They're sweet and gentle, a way to say "hello" "goodbye" or "I love you!"
Because Mitsuri can be generally affectionate and kind to those she deems close like the other Hashiras, a kiss on the lips is even all the more special because it's only offered and reserved to her lover. The cutest thing tho is when you catch her off guard with one, for example, if you're both walking around the Demon Slayer Corps headquarters conversing and laughing and you decide to pull her into an abrupt kiss she will MELT!!! so pls do it often!
Mitsuri's kisses come in many forms, but there's a stark difference between her usual kisses and her more private ones. Her gentle butterfly-like pecks switch to more passionate, needy ones as she parts her soft lips to glide her tongue across yours in a heated exchange of saliva and desire. She'll pull and tug at your bottom lip and even involuntarily bruise them if you reach your hand down to slide across her wet folds. Moaning into your mouth she'd pant and cry out your name when you dip a digit inside, pumping them in and out of her spongey walls, her slick on your fingers as the room fills with lewd sounds of squelching, "a-ahh y/n—!! p-please.. more..!" your other hand gropes and squeezes her bouncy breasts as your thumb rubs her swollen clit until she squirts all over your hand, kissing her once more for a job well done
Your forehead.
Forehead kisses with Rengoku are x8000000
This kind of kiss is most often given to show care, affection, apology, or protection, so a forehead kiss feels like an ‘I've got you,’ or ‘you're safe here,’ kiss — it indicates the emotional closeness between ones relationship
In a deeper sense, it's like a silent declaration that he feels responsible for taking care of you and wants you to feel safe with him. It doesn't matter how strong you are, and it doesn't matter if your strength parallels that of an upper moon, he's your protecter now and forever
The pure warmth that radiates off of his plush lips can almost rival the heat of the Flame Pillars fighting style as he lovingly places a kiss on the temple of your head. It feels as if he's kissing your thoughts, ideas, and you as a being — not just a physical body
Rengoku never shies away from demonstrating his burning love for you, and how could you expect him to? He's full of passion! A man in love!! It doesn't matter if you're out in public or even in front of crowded streets, this man will gush and fret over you any chance he gets so be prepared to be pampered in as much love and adoration as possible
He also specifically has a soft spot for them because they were the first form of affection he could give you before the both of you actually started a relationship
In the bedroom, Rens favorite position is missionary and it's all due to his greedy need to memorize and etch each and every facial express he coaxes out of you as his flushed red tip kisses your core. Rutting into you he presses both your legs up against your chest to shove his girthy length in deeper, his golden eyes darken with lust as you moan and cry in pleasure. Sharp eyes dart to your flushed face wincing in discomfort at the new angle, struggling to take him in deeper and it only prompts him to move in faster, harder until his name is the only thing left floating in your pretty little fucked out head. Once your voice hitches and your walls tighten around him he'll know you’re close to climax, "hmm look at you my little flame, so pretty.. like you were meant to be filled with my cock buried deep inside you, hm?" eyes half-lidded he'd continue to tease and praise you as his hand moves down to stimulate your sex. He leans himself down to press his forehead on yours, peering into your eyes with as much love as he can muster “My life is yours y/n” his voice gently coos as his hips snap into you mercilessly, lifting his head up he places a soft kiss on your temple as you wail out in pleasure, orgasming all over his torso
Your neck.
To this lost boy, neck kisses are the epitome of affections. They signify a direct connection to passion and they're a definite way to prove that he’s your lover
By nature Muichiro is a very subtle partner and he's often in a daze or too caught up in his own head to remember to be affectionate — and to be honest, he's not the best at understanding physical forms of endearment
But that doesn't mean that he loves you any less! far from that actually. This Hashiras love language is quality time over physical displays so most tender moments between you two is through the prior, but touch-wise he's always leaning or touching you when he's around you
Whether that's lacing his slender fingers with yours, leaning his body on you, lazily looping his arm around any limb he can reach or resting his head on your lap as he stares up at the clouds — he somehow always gravitates towards you (huh maybe he is kinda set in the physical dept.) neck kisses are common because they're really easy access to him; mostly because he’s usually always draping his body against you as he nuzzles his face on the crook of your neck and subconsciously he tends to place chaste kisses on it
These special neck pecks are also very common even in public. It's one of the few forms of pda that Muichiro isn't too shy to exhibit even tho this one can be considered somewhat frisky, but it's all in genuine fondness to him and he could care less what others think because he never notices them anyways
His kisses can be soft and feather-like or rough and needy depending on his mood and in the bedroom it can vary a lot. Usually, he prefers to have you snuggly straddling his lap as his hot body rests flush against the cool headboard, snaking his arms around your waist he practically gets mesmerized by your bouncing figure, taking his veiny length in so well. His mouth latches onto your hardened nipple, he swirls his hot tongue, nibbling and sucking on your nub before letting go with a pop. Pulling your body closer to his, his buried cock twitches inside of you as he feels your chest press against him, his breathes become short and uneven, "s..shit... you're a dream y/n..ah riding me so w-well!" Nuzzling his face in the nape of your neck he bites and sucks on your neck to muffle his groans as he cums his hot seed deep inside you
Your chest.
Specifically your sternum — the very middle of your chest where your heart rests
Shinobu had spent so many years forcing a smile no matter how she felt that she forgot what it was like to actually feel something stir within her, demanding begging to be set free, and at first it scared her. She's lost so much already, what if she loses someone else too? She won't be able to handle that
But whenever she saw you, heard your laugh or felt your warm touch caress her pale skin, she felt her heart start to pound, quicken, tighten, race, all things she never thought she’d feel again — and patiently you coaxed your way through her defenses to find a vulnerable, loud, glimmering love underneath
You were her heart. The one who shared theirs with her when she couldn’t bring herself to have one. So she kisses you most where yours is found, it's her own way of promising herself to you. Kisses are also frequent there because often she’s placed between the safety of your arms as she lays her head on your chest to listen to your steady heartbeat thump against her ear
When you're out in public, Shinobu is somewhat casual with her forms of pda — mostly consisting of soft caresses and small acts of service but one thing that never fails to make your heart flutter is when she kisses her index and middle to gently tap them on your chest. Indirectly giving your heart a kiss since she can't actually place one in public, all the while her lavender eyes pool with love
In the bedroom is when the Butterfly Hashira really takes flight. Her amount of attentiveness and care is unparalleled as she focus on your enjoyment, carefully watching your reactions as she skillfully treads the line between pain and pleasure. Leaving bruising colors in her wake, she'll trail pecks and kisses starting form your jaw all the way until she reaches your chest, "my my aren't we eager? hearing you whine and whimper over the smallest of touches" sighing she glides her thumb across your bottom lip "really, how shameful y/n.." Moving her head down, she continues her assault on your skin as she switches to whispering out sweet nothings and praises. Hovering above your chest she'll place a kiss right where your heart beats rapidly under her touch, all the while smiling to herself
Your wrist.
A pulse point — one that thumps ever so lightly against his lips
Wrist kisses can be an extremely sensitive point of the body, it elegantly depicts a sexual undertone and adoration to the receiver and can easily signal an act of loving affection or lustful neediness
This type of kiss pairs perfectly with the sensual Sound Pillar as well as contradict his flamboyance all at once. Mostly because the act itself is both a low-key gesture as it is a loud confession — but of course his fav gesture is a contradictory expression that’s both complicated and simple, something that just can’t be put into words, now that’s flashy!
Uzui is flashy with his affections and he doesn't back down from any act of pda no matter where he is or what he's doing , the bigger the better. He's often holding, caressing, kissing, or extravagantly claiming you as his lover — but really did you expect anything less? The man has 3 wives after all, each with their own handcrafted forms of pda
With this Hashira you just have to accept his pampering and praise. He lives for the moment, and how could he not show off his beloved s/o to everyone he meets? It's honestly impossible! But he'll respect your feelings if you feel like he's doing too much, just don't expect him to cut back completely
But there's something about wrapping his large hand around your forearm and placing a gentle kiss on your pulse that feels so intimate. As the giver Uzui is silently vowing his devotion to you when doing this, maroon eyes intensely focused on you — it's one of the rare times when he fully and willingly submits to you
Placing your trembling body against his broad chest and between his muscular thighs, Uzui nips and kisses the shell of your ear as he presses his throbbing cock on the curve of your ass to relieve some tension. His silky voice coos and whispers a mixture of degrading and encouraging words as he plays with your sex, overstimulating you until you come undone over and over again. Your eyes roll to the back of your head as you cum all over his slender fingers for the nth time, “how flamboyant my love.. cumming all over me so shamelessly” he pulls his hand up as his other one grasps your jaw, prying it open to shove his coated digits into your mouth forcing you to taste yourself. With teary eyes, and body spasming as you’re hiccuping and babbling he smiles in satisfaction. Releasing his hold on your jaw he’ll trail his fingertips down your arm to bring your wrist to his lips, with a low chuckle he’ll press a warm kiss, "mm.. that's my good girl/boy" Abruptly pushing you on all fours he hovers over your marked body, his marked body. Aligning himself with your hole, he rubs his blushing tip on your entrance as his large hands caress your waist to hold you in place, “now then … let’s get started”
Your Palm.
Devotion, submission, or adoration?
Palm kisses are highly overlooked and honestly it's a real shame. They symbolize love from an innocent heart, like subtle ways of saying "i give you my heart" or "my life and heart are yours to do what you see fit with"
This type of kiss embodies Giyuu's devotion to you perfectly. It's known to everyone that the Water Pillar is a man of very few words, and he himself is aware of that. He knows he's not good at expressing himself but to be honest it doesn’t really matter because what he can't put into words he supplies in actions
Pda isn't very common and generally he gets too shy and flustered to be overly-affectionate in public. Intimate moments like that should only be reserved in the privacy of closed doors where he doesn't need to hold back
That doesn't mean he avoids pda but at best he only holds your hand or pecks your cheek (but that's only if no one is looking), though you have a little more leisure to show your love for him, just please don't overdo it because he might combust!!
Though kissing the palm of your hand is his most preferred act of affection it's something he saves when the both of you are completely alone or somewhere more secluded, and it's only something he does on rare occasions so the meaning behind it stays impactful — but you have a higher chance of receiving one during sex
You're at the brink of exhaustion, having cummed already for the fourth time in a row. Your body was trembling underneath Giyuu as tears streamed down your flushed cheeks. A light sheen of sweat glistned across your body as wet strands of hair clung to your forehead, at this point you couldn't take anymore. Your body was already bruised and marked, you had hand prints decorating your plump ass and a mixture of your and Giyuus cum leaking from your hole. Weakly lifting your arms up you tried pushing your lover away from you, hiccuping as you begged him to stop but all he did was soften his gaze as he gently carressed your wrist. Staring into your irises he brought your shaky hand up to his lips and placed a loving kiss on your palm, "just one more... you can do that for me, ca-ah.. can't you?"
Tumblr media
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minnie-mei · 5 months ago
Hi! Can you please write headcanons for Yandere Tengen Uzui and his wives x reader when reader becomes pregnant with Tengen’s child? How would that change any dynamics within the relationship and how much more protective would they be than before? Would they be a little more lenient/gentle with their darling because of hormonal mood swings and cravings? Thank you!
pregnant reader | yan! tengen + wives
yandere! au
afab! reader
headcanons + mini scenario
all sfw, kind of fluffy bc the reader has stockholm syndrome (it’s been a few years since you’ve been taken)
WARNING(s): obsessive/possessive behavior, overprotective tendencies, implied stockholm syndrome, yandere, mentions of kidnapping, potentially triggering content
Tumblr media
tengen yandere type: possessive, protective
hinatsuru yandere type: protective, obsessive
makio yandere type: protective, possessive
suma yandere type: clingy, obsessive
You’re pregnant? shocked pikachu face as if Tengen doesn’t jump you every chance he gets
the reaction to the news is extremely positive at first, and the moment isn’t complete without Suma crying and clinging onto you
(Hina definitely knew you were pregnant even before you did)
but as time goes by, it becomes obvious that your pregnancy vastly changed things around your home
Hina, the most calm and patient person in the house, starts snapping very easily at her other partners when you’re involved
she’s taking no risks in your safety whatsoever
her protective tendencies have gone up tenfold
the worst part is that Tengen likes to snatch you away to himself all the time and she hates it
To be fair, the pillar has always been that way, but he feels extra possessive now that you’re pregnant with his child
you’re his his his
and you’re growing stomach just further proves it
he doesn’t want any of the girls messing with you honestly, which has never been an issue before
he once held you over his head to keep the girls from grabbing you and he become Enemy #1 for an entire week afterwards
attempts to carry you around everywhere, but Makio will not be letting him get away with it
Makio started off the most normal in the group, but quickly becomes your guard dog after Hina complains to her about what Tengen was doing
before she was just casually protective, but now she sits at your feet ready to beat up anyone who tries to mess with you (it’s always Suma or Tengen)
One time Makio actually bit Suma for trying to touch your hair and it ended in utter chaos for almost three hours
ultimately tengen reigned victorious over his wives and swept you away that day, but that’s how most arguments ended due to him being a pillar
Suma doesn’t like it, and started pulling stunts that got her alone time with you
Suma gets clingy, and not just regular clingy, but follows you around like a shadow
even when she’s not behind you, she’s still watching you like a hawk from somewhere near
before your pregnancy, she was bubbly and able to do her own thing during the day, but now things have changed
she gets a little creepy, but don’t complain about it unless you want Makio to start a fight
just watching you across the room, peaking her eyes out from behind the wall
it’s kinda cute, like your own little owl
Pregnancy hormones are difficult
Hina and Tengen do the best with them and can handle you no matter what attitude you give
Suma doesn’t argue much, but she’s a crybaby and will immediately start sobbing if you snap at her
if you’re sad, she’s sad with you. if you’re happy, she’s happy with you.
definitely not the person to be around when you’re moody
Makio gets irritated too easily to deal with your mood swings, but she can handle it somewhat because she realizes it’s not intentional
she often walks away to avoid saying something harsh when you mention “sensitive topics”
the “sensitive topics” being the fact that you were kidnapped and they’re your psychotic captors
There are no punishments when you’re pregnant, which is good for you because you can now get away with saying whatever you want
but because it’s likely been years since you’ve been captured, who’s to say you’re not happy now?
even if you’re still upset about the whole “being kidnapped by a large demon slayer and his three hot wives” thing, it’s best not to mention it
because although their anger is no longer being taken out on you, it’s now being taken out on each other
they argue worse during the time in which you’re pregnant, then they ever have before
the fights rarely get physical, but it’s overwhelming and stressful
just a waste honestly, but you can hardly control what comes out of your mouth at that point so it’s bound to happen
They like touching your tummy, even when it’s still small :)
they argue over who gets to touch first and where (bc Tengen’s hands are so big they can’t always fit everyone)
Hina gets stressed about your health because it wasn’t exactly rare for women to die during pregnancy during this time
so she takes upon herself to learn completely about prenatal care and find you the best doctors
speaking of doctors, they are all in the room when one comes for check-ins (they are very jealous lovers)
your doctor is terrified of 6’6”, giant, flamboyant Tengen Uzui
Once you reach the last quarter of your pregnancy, Suma’s attitude does a 180
rather than being quiet and doting, she’s now back to being whiny, and adds some moodiness to the mix
she’s still clingy, but now she’s frowning all the time
everyone in the house has a problem with it but it’s soon is revealed that she’s jealous of the baby
she doesn’t want it taking all your attention from her
The others haven’t even thought of that but she just put the idea in their head
chaos ensues once again
Tumblr media
You were only three months along, and you were surprised how much your pregnancy had changed things in such a short amount of time. You couldn’t imagine the four getting any more obsessive than they already were.
Hinatsuru was cooking in the kitchen while you sat on a heap of cushions in the dining area, sure to stay in her line of vision. Since she’s realized you were pregnant, she hadn’t let anyone else feed you or have you alone for more than a few minutes. Makio, who sat at your feet, had a similar attitude.
The two had built some sort of alliance to keep you “safe.” Of course, a big part of their definition of safe entailed keeping you away from Tengen and Suma. They’d decided that Tengen was too big and confident to be trusted with you; they were sure he’d be too rough. As for Suma, she was unpredictable and emotional. Plus she didn’t have the best track record being alone with you.
Tengen and Suma were on two different spectrums of moodiness now that they were kept away from you most of the time. Suma was getting increasingly pouty, but the white haired male was beginning to get angry, which nothing good ever came out of. They were both decently selfish about you, and would not be working together. They’d pull their own tricks to get you.
Suma was lurking just around the corner with her head in view. A small smile was making its way onto your face at her slightly cute habit. She’d been doing this a lot recently. Makio knew she was there, but didn’t bother looking up until the stepped further into the room.
“Out, brat!” She snapped.
Suma paused, not saying anything which was quite out of character. Then, a few seconds later, took another few steps forward.
“‘You not hear me?” Makio growled out, sitting up, ready to get to her feet.
“Would you quit shouting?” Hinatsuru turned around and glared at Makio from a distance, “Do you not have any concern for our little Love? Yelling stresses them out.”
“I wasn’t even yelling!”
“You’re yelling now-!”
With Makio now up arguing with Hina, her back to you, this was Suma’s chance. She quietly snuck over to you before yanking you up full force into her. You forgot how strong she and the other two wives were. Before Makio and Hina could notice what she’d done, she swept you away and ran as fast as she could down the hall with you in tow.
By the time she slammed the bedroom door behind her, the two girls were right on her tail demanding to be let in. Makio was much louder than Hina, who was trying to slow her breathing to calmly ask for you to open the door. The youngest wife fell to the ground, taking you with her, as she glared at the lock.
“No way! I won them fair and square this time! Go away! They’re mine! Not yours!”
“Oh shut it, you little bug! When I get my hands on you—!” Makio banged on the wood.
“—Y/N, my darling, could you unlock the door for me please? Your dinner is almost done.” Hina sweetly said to you.
“They’re pregnant, you dumbass! You’re starving them!”
“Quit it! I just want them for an hour! That’s all! I-I don’t— you won’t ever let me have them! it’s not fair-!” Suma’s eyes welled up with tears and the crying fest began.
Suma had been exceptionally less sensitive lately, until now. And with your hormones being as scrambled as they were, you started crying with her. Now the two of you were sobbing on the ground, Makio and Hina were trying to break in, but where was your husband?
“What’s this~?” You jumped a little and quickly looked back, Suma pulling out her kunai. There, in all his glory stood Tengen, fresh out of the bath in just his shorts. He had an all-too smug grin on his face, happy to catch his pregnant little Love in need of saving.
“Nuh-uh! No!” Suma cut off his plotting, “you don’t get them! It’s my turn.”
Tengen only stared at her blankly, only slightly impressed at her determination to keep you in her possession. But unfortunately for poor Suma, you were his possession to keep.
The large man squatted down to your level, but Suma was quick to crawl in front of you with her kunai drawn.
Unwilling to fight his wife, he thought of something.
“Ok, fine.” He spoke to her, “Let’s make a deal then. If I can have them for a few hours, I’ll let you have them next.”
She didn’t want to say yes, she was sure there was a trick rooted somewhere within his words, but she didn’t have too much of a choice. Pouting and dropping her weapon, she tearfully nodded and stood to her feet. Tengen held her by the wrist and brought her to the bedroom door, opening it just enough to see his other two wives.
Makio scowled at him but let Suma be pushed out. The door was soon shut and locked again, for Tengen to press his back against it and look down at you.
“It’s okay, my baby. You get to stay with your favorite for a little bit.” He stalked towards you, pulling you off the ground and into his arms for you to wrap your legs around his waist.
His face was immediately tucked into your neck so he could breathe in your scent he hadn’t got enough of recently.
“‘Gonna be such a good mommy to my baby, huh?”
Tumblr media
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lazysimp · 4 months ago
Little Runaway /// Uzui Tengen x Fem reader (18+)
✧Click Here for Male version✧
Tumblr media
Rating: Explicit
Summary: A debilitating injury leaves you bed-bound at the Butterfly estate as you recover from your injuries alone, or so you thought
This is a continuation of Little Slayer
Word count: 5.5K
Warnings/tags: !Some Spoilers from manga! Somnophilia, dubious consent, Exhibitionism, Reader is bisexual, Poly ship, Facesitting, Oral sex (giving and receiving), Spanking, Group sex, She/Her pronouns, All characters are adults, SMUT 18+ Only
“It does not look too terrible,” Aoi mumbled, her fingers running our the large bandages covering your arms, “In a few weeks it will barely even be noticeable.
You do not bother to hide your trembling lip from her, “How can I be a slayer with useless arms? I cannot even feed myself let alone lift a sword.”
She sighed, putting away the excess cloth, “You will have to stay here a few more weeks to recover, and then you should be mostly back to normal. Even though Shinobu managed to create an antidote, the poison tore up the veins in your arms. It is going to take your body some time to heal.”
“I should be out there helping, not sitting in this bed,” small tears gathered in the corners of your eyes. You have already been recovering for two weeks, the thought of being trapped in this bed any longer was going to drive you mad.
Aoi awkwardly rubbed your back, “Don’t be so hard on yourself, you assisted in taking down two powerful demons. Even if you had not been injured you deserved a break, we were all beginning to wonder if you ever slept.”
“I have slept plenty, I am ready to get back out there,” You lift one bandaged arm, trying to ignore the pain the movement caused to examine the damage. “Are you sure there is no way to speed the healing up, I am willing to try anything?”
“No slayer, the only thing that will make you better is rest and food. Thought if you would like to recover more efficiently I do have one suggestion.”
Your upper body lurches forward, your nose almost slamming into Aoi's face, "What, what is it?”
“Well, you are not the only slayer I am caring for at the moment, this means you do not get the full attention you need to heal quickly. If you knew someone who could care at all times your body would heal much faster.”
You groan falling back to the bed, “Not this again.”
“All I am saying is you should tell them what happened,” Aoi grabbed a washcloth and brought it towards your face, “I know they would come in a heartbeat to help with your recovery.”
“I already told you, I don’t want them to see me like this, I look pathetic.”
“You look like someone who was injured slaying a demon, there is nothing pathetic about that.” She wrings the water out of the cloth and wipes down your chest, “What is pathetic is to continue to write them pretending nothing is wrong because you are too scared of rejection.”
Your upper lip curls up, “What makes you so sure they would come to care for an injured slayer.”
Aoi scoffed, lifting your arm to bring your wrist to your face, “Last time a checked Uzui does not gift a gold bracelet to every slayer that visits his house to recover.”
You could not wiggle your arm free from her hold, the muscles still too weak to respond to your commands, “It was a parting gift, nothing more.”
“A parting gift really?” She pulls your arm closer to her face examining the intricate engraving on the gold band, “A gold band that is a match to the gold bands on his arms is only a parting gift.”
“Yes,” you growl trying fruitlessly to pull your wrist free.
She rolls her eyes, releasing your arm, “You are so deep in denial. How can you possibly convince yourself that they feel nothing for you? They practically begged you to become theirs, the only reason you are not recovering in their bed right now is that you are too scared to ask.”
“You can’t know that for sure,” you mumble, looking at the stack of letters by your bedside.
“Really, then let’s test my theory,” She pulls one of the blank sheets of paper off of the small table and hands it to you, “tell them what happened to you and where you are staying, you do not even need to ask them for help. I guarantee by tomorrow they will all be here fighting for the chance to take care of you.”
“And if you are wrong?”
She rubs the bottom of her chin, “Hm, If I am wrong I will clear my schedule and wait on your hand and foot until you are fully recovered.” A sly smile spreads across her face, “But if I am right you must buy me a new hair clip, a nice one, not one of those cheap ones at the market.”
“I feel like this is a lose-lose situation,” you groan, squeezing your eyes shut.
“Nu-uh, you have nothing to lose because they will come to take care of you. Well, you will be out at least five yen, the hair clip I want does not come cheap.”
“How is this not extortion,” you growl, trying to find a way out of this.
“Oh please, you can so dramatic. All you have to do is write a short letter telling them you were injured and will not be able to see them for a few weeks. Don’t you think they deserve an explanation for why you have not been visiting?”
You open your eyes to glare at her, “that was a low blow.”
“Well I am tired of hearing your whining, it was pathetic a week ago, not it is just sad.” She thors the rag into the bowl of water, “I am trying to be sympathetic but honestly you are being dull. They are in love with you, they want you. The only reason you are alone is that you are acting like a coward, and that is coming from me.”
“What if they had changed their mind while I was gone? I could not handle going back to being nothing to them.”
Her eyes softened, she reached out and laid her hand over yours, “And this is better? You only eve speak to them in letters, exchanging small talk about demons and the weather. I cannot guarantee they have not changed their minds but can you really lie there and tell me it is not worth it to ask?”
You open and close your mouth, you could not argue with what she was saying. Truth be told they were worth the risk, even a day with them would be worth a lifetime of pain but a small ounce of self-preservation still held you back, “I’m scared,” you whisper, “I don’t think I could survive their rejection.”
“Uzui already told you how they felt, the only reason they are not at your bedside right now is that you have not told them you are injured. They would drop everything and travel here, all you need to do is ask, I promise they will not say no.”
“Aoi,” you whimper, “please can we drop this.”
She gave your hand one gentle squeeze, “Fine, I will drop it, for now, you are due for your meds anyways.”
Fuck, “Do I need to take all of those? They make my head feel funny.”
She laughed, “Trust me, the only reason you are not screaming in pain is because of these meds, your nerves are still very inflamed from the venom, missing even one dose will make you wish you had let the demon finish you off.”
“Here,” she raises the small cup to your lips, “drink up.”
You hold your breath and open your mouth letting the bitter liquid slide down your throat. “Ugh, that is terrible.”
“It tastes awful but there is nothing we have found to even be half as effective.” she stands up, wiping her pants, “You make sure to call for assistance if you need something, this medication has a strong impact on the level of consciousness, some people report dreamlike states where-”
“Yeah, yeah, I know,” you wave off her speech already having heard it a dozen times. “Don’t stand up by yourself, don’t sign anything, don’t talk to strangers, make sure you are not hallucinating before you go to the bathroom.”
“Alright I’ll check on you in a bit,” She points her finger, her lip curling up, “But so help me if I find you out of bed, I refuse to have a slayer injured on my watch.”
You nod, too weak to even think about leaving the bed the medication already making the world around you spin. With nothing else to do you work on controlling your breathing, each small breath allowing you to lessen the effects of the drug in your system.
The sky outside your window darkened leaving you in complete darkness, you try to fight off the heaviness of your eyelids but each blink was a battle. Soon you had no choice but to allow them to close, your mind finally resiting.
You used to love sleep, allowing your mind to turn off was heavenly. But ever since you left the Sound estate you found your mind wandering places it should not. Tonight was no different once sleep finally overtook you.
The dreams always started out the same, you would arrive at the large estate exhausted and starving. Each member would swarm around you, now having the routine down you were in a warm bath only moments later while food was being heated.
When your skin was clean and hair groomed they would listen to your adventures as you eat, Suma flinching whenever you even mentioned a demon getting too close. Hinatsuru would ask about the places you got to see while traveling and Makio would want to know all about the demon you slew. Tengen always ended up pulling you into his lap after you finished your meal, gently rubbing your thigh as you talk with the girls.
When your eyes grew heavy and your head starts to nod forward Tengen would gently guide you back to their room. Your breathing would grow haggard, already trembling with excitement, the exhaustion fading away.
You bring your hand down your stomach, there was no harm in letting yourself feel pleasure as you dream, after all, no one has to know what you are doing while you think about a married man and his wives.
Dreaming was your only escape from the cruel world you lived in, here your arms were not injured and you were surrounded by the people you love.
Tengen would be the first in this realm to take charge, using his hand to position you exactly where he wanted. Your legs were spread open wide, one knee held by Suma whose eager eyes watched as Tengen’s mouth licked a trail up your thigh, collecting the juices that had covered them.
“Tengen,” you whine, your voice cracking, “Please don’t tease me.”
“Shh little slayer, I want to savor my meal,” Tengen groaned, using his tongue to clean your other thigh. Your dreams always felt so real but tonight was different, before his touch felt muffled, as if someone was touching you through a sheet. As his hot tongue runs up your inner thigh its warm wet heat nearly has your back arching off the bed.
Your head falls back, now resting in the lap of Makio. “Relax,” she muttered, her hands trailing down your chest to latch onto your swollen nipples, “We have all night.”
“Have to take my time with you,” Tengen cooed, one finger slinging through the middle of your slick folds, “Your pretty hole needs to be niced and stretched if it is going to take my cock tonight.”
His slick fingers circle around your entrance, giving you a moment’s warning before breeching your tight cunt. Your thighs shake, your muscles working to close but Hinatsusu joins in holding you open leaving you completely exposed to Tengen as he got to work.
“My, my, one finger and you are already creaming all over me.” He tsks his tongue, “Such a needy girl, how long have you been walking around with the mess?” His curious red eyes gazed at the pussy spread before him, admiring how you twitched around one finger.
“Is it our fault you are this messy? Were you thinking about us on your walk here naughty girl?”
“Tengen, don’t talk like that,” you order weakly, barely able to speak your cheeks flaming with embarrassment.
His lips curled into a devilish smirk, “You don’t have to pretend with us,” the finger inside you curled up. The entire room could heat the vigorous thumping of your heart against your chest, nearly ribbing from its cage. “Relax your legs, little slayer, let us see this sweet pussy.”
You could deny him nothing, your these thighs fell open completely, your puffy lips spreading to reveal your tight clit. You were breathing heavily, too nervous to be in control as they all admired your pulsating cunt. Your fearful eyes scanned each member, watching their reaction carefully.
“Fuck,” Suma moaned, her hands gripping your knee tightly, “It is not fair you get her first Tengen.” Her mouth was already drooling at the sight of such a beautiful woman spread open in front of her, a beautiful pussy just waiting to be feasted on. She was half tempted to push Tengen out of the way and fulfill her craving.
“Wait your turn Suma,” Tengen growled, adding another finger to tease you, “little one will need your tongue to clean up the mess I am about to make.”
You want to bring your hands up to hide your face too embarrassed to focus on but for some reason, you could not move the appendages so you had to settle on looking up at the ceiling. Only that proved to be even worse as Makio’s full breasts now filled your vision.
“Hey there,” she smiled, her fingers pinching your nipples and pulling on them until they grew stiff, “Like the view.”
Your train of thought crashed at her teasing smile, you look down only to see Hinatsuru slip off her own dress, her blush rose nipples hardening when exposed to the air. Taking advantage of your distracted mind Tengen’s clever tongue flickered across your tender clit. Your body jumps shocked at the immediate pleasure his mouth brings.
He seemed to enjoy your flavor, his hand settling under your hip so he can tilt it up giving him even easier access. He breathed in the scent of your arousal, preening as the sounds of your moans filled his ears, your head thrown back in pure bliss.
Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Suma trail one hand down her own abdomen, circling her small clit frantically as she watched Tengen lap up your juices.
“Oh, it feels so good,” you pant, your back arching up as he sucks the bud onto his mouth, using the tip of his tongue to draw small circles.
“Fuck,” He mumbled, releasing the suction. “I could feast on this cunt for hours. Your taste is divine.” His hot breath fanned against the tender flesh. “How does that sound, do you think you could handle me for a few hours?”
You shake your head, already at the end of your rope.
‘Mmh, shame, we will have to work on building up your endurance,” he lowered his mouth again, adding another finger to your cunt loving the vice grip you had around the digits. Fuck his cock was already throbbing at the idea of your pretty pussy spasming around his length as he stretches you out.
“T-Tengen, please, I-I think I am going to come,” you screamed, your back arching off the bed.
Makio pushed down on your shoulders, holding you steady as your legs started to shake. Having no mercy Tengen increased the pace of his fingers now scissoring inside you as he worked throbbing clit with his lips. It was not long until the strong tingle in your abdomen rapidly spread throughout your body.
You could feel your hold clench around his fingers as your body convulsed, your mouth open in a silent scream. Tengen continued to milk the pleasure from your exhausted body, only stopping when you fell limp under him.
The only sound in the room was your frantic breathing. You always woke up like that, startled awake by what you had been dreaming about. Only tonight was different because instead of waking up cold and alone you were surprisingly warm.
“I know you are awake little one, open your eyes already,” a deep familiar voice laughed.
Immediately your eyes slammed open but nothing could have prepared you for the sight you encountered. Tengens chin was glistening, his eyes full of hunger you have never seen. On each side of you were Suma and Hinatsuru holding open your limp legs. Your head falls back onto a pair of soft thighs.
“I was beginning to wonder if you would ever wake up,” Makio laughed from above you, her hands on either side of your head.
“W-What is happening?” you look down at the unimaginable sight of Tengen in between your spread thighs, your mind nearly breaking as you try to piece together everything.
“Aoi sent us a letter saying you were injured,” Hinatsuru brushed her hand up your thigh, “We rushed here as quickly as we could once we heard the news. We did you not tell us sooner you were hurt we would have been here the day you arrived?”
“You were here for a week and you did not bother to let us know you were hurt,” Makio growled from above you, the lust decorating her face now gone. “Were you ever going to tell us?”
“I-I,” your breathing starts to grow frantic, what in the hell was happening? One minute you were dreaming and the next your dream becomes a reality. “I don’t understand what is happening,” you mumble your mind fuzzy, “When did you all get here? Why are you in between my legs?”
“Shh,” Suma moved up from her place at your legs and grabbed one of your bandaged hands, “I know you are probably really confused so let me explain.”
You nod, eager to understand the world around you.
“We arrived here less than thirty minutes ago, we all rushed here when we heard the news of your injury from Aoi’s letter,” she paused to give you time to process the information. “When we got here you were sound asleep, Aoi said you would not be up for hours, we were going to take turns watching over you, but when Tengen tried to leave to get some food you yelled out for him to stop teasing you.”
Your breathing stops, your mind replaying the events of earlier, “I spoke out loud,” you whispered.
Tengen snorts, “You did more than speak little one, you begged me to touch you.”
Your mouth falls open in horror, “What happened after that?”
Tengen looked down at your exposed sex, “Well, we tried leaving, wanting you to get some rest but we are only human, how could we resist those little whimpers begging for more?”
“Y-You mean-”
“That I ate your little pussy while you begged for more?”
A startled squeak left your lips at his confession, “You did?”
A wolfish grin spread across his face, “Oh yes darling, I did.”
Your face was so hot you were sure you could fry an egg on your cheeks, “You mean my dream was real, it all happened?”
“Regretfully I cannot see into your beautiful mind but judging by what you were whimpering I would say your flamboyant dream matched pretty well to what we were doing.”
You wanted to bury yourself in a hole, the noises you had been making were mortifying, the idea that anyone heard them, let alone the four people at your side was enough to make you combust.
“Don’t look so embarrassed,” Hinatsuru cooed, “Watching you find pleasure was beautiful, I could watch it every day and never grow tired of that sight.”
Tengen hummed in agreement, “And the flamboyant sounds you made were enough to nearly push me over the edge, if not for my training I would already be staining the sheets with my seed.”
“Wait, you all arrived here to help with my recovery after Aoi sent you a letter telling you about my condition?”
Hinatsuru nodded, patting her hand gently against your, “We left as soon as we heard, we were so worried, she told us how close you were to-to dying.” She choked out a sob, “Why would you not call for us,” her lips pressed into a thin line, “Did you not want us to come here?”
“No,” you try to reach out but your arms could not respond, “That is not it at all,” You look down wishing you had on clothes, you already felt so exposed, “I did not want to bother you.”
“Bother us?” Tengen echoed, lifting himself up into a sitting position between your legs. “Is that what you think you are? A bother.”
You take advantage of his move, pushing your thighs together to gather some privacy, “Not exactly-”
Tengen runs his hand through his loose hair, “I thought I took care of your doubt the night you left but it seems you still have some doubts where you stand in this relationship.”
He looks over at the woman by your side with a new, darker look in his eye, “Darlings would your hold her legs for me please, I believe we need to teach the little runaway here her place.”
“Hey wait,” you try to scramble away but Suma and Hinatsuru locked onto your legs anchoring you in place.
“Hm,” Tengen’s hand rested under his chin, “On second thought flip her around, I want that flamboyant ass in the air.”
“Ah,” you squeak as you are tossed in the air and gently flipped around, landing on the bed with your arms held behind your back, your cheek squished against the mattress.
“W-What are you doing,” you try to look over your shoulder but the position they place you in prevents you from being able to see anything.
“I have tried being a patient little one, I waited weeks for you to finally confess your feelings, and what is my reward for this? A letter telling me how you almost died. Can you even imagine how that made us feel? You almost died having never been ours.”
His large hand runs up your slick thigh, “And now you lie here in the bed speaking about not wanting to bother us!” His large hand comes down across your ass laying a sharp spank. “I refuse to believe the only reason you did not ask for our help is that you did not want to be a bother.” Another sharp sting spreads across your ass as his hand descends, “So tell me the truth, why are you running away from us?”
“I-I can’t” you sob, burying your face into the sheets.
“Wrong answer,” Another precise slap arrives on your skin, the sharp tingle spreading through your body, lighting your skin on fire.
“Please tell us why you do not want to be with us,” Hinatsuru whispered, her lips kissing away the tears gathered in the corner of your eyes, “What did we do wrong?”
“Nothing,” you sob, “you did nothing wrong, it’s me that is wrong.”
“What is wrong with you?” Makio asked, shoving Hinatsuru out of the way, “Because from my viewpoint you are perfect.”
“I’m not,” you turn your face to bury your head onto the mattress needing to hide, “And one day you will see that and want nothing to do with me. And then what,” your chest heaves, too tired to resist letting it all out, “I will be left all alone.”
“Darling,” Tengen cooed, his hand running up your naked back where your loose shirt had ridden up, “Do you truly believe we would leave you?”
You nod your head, your throat too tight to let you speak.
“But that is not true, I could never get tired of you!” Suma yelled, pushing Hinatsuru out of the way for her turn. “The way you hold me when I cry, and how you make sure Hinatsuru will buy my favorite food when at the market. The way you make sure that each of us feels included, can’t you see we will never get enough of you?”
Tenge’s hand settled on the flaming skin of your ass, massaging the sore tissue, “If you think for one minute I am ever letting you go then I have failed at making you feel appreciated.” His hand stops at the back of your neck, gently squeezing the column, “Because this is something I could never live without. Your smile, your kindness, your love, your flamboyant attitude, I need all of it.”
His bodyweight presses over you, his long erection settling in between the cheeks of your ass, “Now little one, I am going to show you how you belong to me,” the head of his cock slides down to settle on the outside of your entrance, “After this, there is no question you belong to us do you understand?”
You glace back in shock, watching helplessly as his hips thrust forward, the large head piercing into your tight hole.
A small whimper leaves your throat as the burning stretch nearly becomes too much, he was so fucking big that even with his fingers stretching you earlier there was no way he was going to be able to fit all of it inside you.
“Fuck,” he hissed from above you, his hand braced against your tailbone as he sank into your warmth. “You are so tight.”
Your hands reach out looking for something to hold onto and two warm hands answered your call, their fingers intertwining with yours.
“You are doing so perfect,” Hintsuru hummed, kissing your knuckles. You squeeze down around their hands as hard as you could, your legs trembling as another inch slides inside.
Just when your thought It would all become too much his cock finally kissed the end of your hole. He froze for a few seconds giving your poor pussy time to adjust to his intrusion. This gave Makio just enough time to fulfill her plan.
Manipulating your body she adjusts your arms until your weight was settled onto your hands, your elbows locked and your ass in the air where Tengen was buried to the hilt. With the help of Suma she carefully lifted your body until she could easily slide under you, her mouth now directly under your dripping cunt.
“H-Hey,” you whine, Makio’s pussy now directly under your face, her breasts pressing against your upper thighs, “What are you doing?”
“This,” She groaned, using her fingers to spread open the lips of your pussy and latch onto your throbbing bundle. You nearly fall forward, the combined attack overwhelming.
Tengen, not one to be outdone drew his hips back, his cock slowly withdrawing from your abused hole only to slam back in. The strength of his thrusts had his balls collide with the top of Makio’s head but she did not seem to mind, in fact, it seemed to egg her on, she grew even more aggressive in pleasing you. Her tongue lashed across your clit as she sucked on the tender bud.
The tongue on your cunt vibrated as Makio let out a low groan. Tengen continued to plow into you in a purposeful rhythm, each thrust well aimed to nail the upper part inside your pussy making black spots appear in your vision each time he hit it.
Your fingers dig into the sheets as you hold on for dear life.
“You feel that,” Tengen growled, his cock kissing the end of your hole, “Feel how deep inside you I am?” His hand came down to slap your ass, “This pussy is mine little one, not yours, mine, and if you think you can keep me from this pussy then I will have to fuck you until you are too tired to argue.”
“Tengen,” you sobbed, your head falling forward. Suma shifted forward, her hands giving your head a comfortable place to rest on Makio’s thighs as the pair worked to drive you even higher. Your legs were shaking uncontrollably, as the throbbing in your clit started to spread. Your chest grew too tight for you to even breathe.
Tengen kept his movements steady while Makio’s tongue worked wonders on your clit, sucking on the tight bud whole flicking her tongue over the tip. It was not long until your mouth opened into a silent scream, your entire body tense as you come all over Makio’s face, your sweet juices coating her tongue as you convulse.
Makio greedily lapped up the mess as you continued to come on her face, the pleasure too strong to let you relax until another mind-shattering sensation overtook you. This time the tingling spread to your head making the world begging to grow hazy as your breathing stopped. You were sure you were screaming but you could hear nothing over the sound of your own pounding heartbeat.
With the high gone your breathing decreased slightly but Tengen was still going, his fat cock continuing to stretch your clenching hole. You lie there and let him lay his claim, too tired to even speak.
When it almost became too much mercifully his cock started to pulse and seconds later his hot cum began to fill you, leaving no inch uncovered. Only when he was sure every drop had emptied inside you did he pull his hips back, admiring how your gaping hole clenched around nothing, his cum already leaking out.
Makio’s magical tongue gave one last long lick up your slit before she shuffled out from under you. You close your eyes for a few seconds, trying to collect your bearings while the world around you spun. One strong arm wrapped around your waist, gently manipulating your body until you were settled on your back.
You did not even jump when a soft tongue began to clean your throbbing sex, lapping away the mess Tengen had created. Another careful pair of hands brought your head into their lap, their fingers tracing the lines of your face. The last pair of hands dragged a warm cloth across your drenched body.
You snuggle into their hold, letting them each care for you in their own unique way. Only when the cloth grew cold and the tongue on your sex stilled did you crack open one eye.
“How are you feeling?” Hinatsuru asked, wringing out the wet cloth into a basin.
“Fuzzy,” you mumble, turning your head to bury your face deeper into Makio’s lap.
“Do you understand now?” Tengen hummed, his callused fingers rubbing across the back of your injured hand. Do you understand how much we love you little one?”
“I-I,” you press your lips together, how could you make them understand what you were thinking. They all knew early in life they would belong to each other forever but they have barely known you for a year.
“I want to,” you whisper, “I want to believe more than anything that you love me.”
You press your thighs together wincing at the ache in your sex, “But I don’t think I will ever be sure of your feelings for me. It is just too good to be true.”
Tengen barked in protest but you continued, “But the one thing I am sure of is my feelings for all of you. The days I was able to spend with all of you were the happiest of my life and I want nothing more than to give you all of my days. I am yours.”
Hinatsuru shot forward her arms wrapping around your shoulders, pulling you into her chest. “We love you so much,” she sobbed, burying her face in your shoulder, “And we will spend all of our time making sure you never doubt that.”
Suma joins in on the hug, her body pressing against your back, “I won’t let go until you believe us.” She declared, tightening her arms even more.
Makio laughed, pushing Suma to the side so she could have room to join in, “I think it will be fun to convince you our feelings are permanent, I love a good challenge.”
“Hm,” Tengen’s large hand settled on top of your head, urging it back until his gaze was able to meet yours, “I agree with Makio, getting you to believe us sounds like a very interesting challenge,” he leans in closer, his lips brushing against your forehead, “One I am happy to spend the rest of my life on.”
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shawtuzi · 4 months ago
Our Favorite Girl
i haven't been seeing enough fics with tengen AND the wives so you already know i had to make one myself for the girls so pls enjoy. 
minors dni obvi 18+ content warnings include: fem!reader, polyship, a whole bunch of praise, oral (female receiving), soft!dom tengen, barely any plot i went straight for the smut lol// word count 2.7k+ (if i missed any warnings so sorry)
It started off as a normal job it really did! You were simply a maid for a nice gentleman and his even nicer wives. Yes wives plural. It was a little odd at first but after a couple times being at their house you began to be intrigued by the way they interacted with each other. The wives are all extremely nice and caring about your wellbeing insisting that you work too hard when actually it seemed to be the opposite.
Whenever you broke  the slightest sweat scrubbing the floors Makio would get on her knees and help you, eventually in the process telling you to take a break while she did the rest. While you would be doing the dishes Suma would stop by shyly asking if she can help you, and of course you couldn’t say no so you gave her the job of drying while you washed. Trying to do any job in front of Hinatsuru was pointless. She used to be like Makio helping you then insist you take a break but now she would just simply do it herself. Tengen never disturbed you while you worked but every night when he bid you farewell he would always whisper a soft, “you’re too good to us truly…see you tomorrow Y/N.”
Today was no different. You were cleaning the pool while the three wives were sunbathing practically begging that you ditch the work and soak up the warm sun with them. “C’monnn Y/N we wanna hangout with you” Suma pouted sitting up straight her breasts bouncing lightly as she did so. You gulped looking at her perfect body shaking your head, “I-I really shouldn’t don’t you guys wanna go swimming in a nice clean pool?” you asked while skimming the water. Makio was the next to get up, she walked over to the pool and pushed her sunglasses up  inspecting the pool. “Looks good to me” she smirked turning her head to the other wives, “guys wanna get in the water feels amazing” she yelled, swishing her foot around in the water.
“That sounds like an amazing idea,” Hinatsuru smiled. Getting up she grabbed Suma’s hand bringing her over, “Y/N you should join us we don’t want you to overheat now do we?” she asked, quirking an eyebrow. “No we don’t and she’s already wearing a swimsuit!” Suma piped up hearts practically appearing in her eyes looking at you in your bikini and jean shorts with the button and zipper undone. “C’mon Y/N pleaseee” Suma pouted, giving you those doe eyes you can’t resist. You sighed a small smile coming onto your face, “I mean I guess it is beautiful today.” The wives broke into beaming smiles all getting into the water.
You got in immediately covering yourself with your arms. They were all so damn beautiful and perfectly in shape. Don’t even get me started with Uzui. “Don’t cover yourself love, you’re beautiful” Hinatsuru frowned, pulling your hands away “very beautiful… does your boyfriend ever tell you how beautiful you are?” she asked, referring to your now ex. “Uh we actually broke up” you mumbled, swirling your fingers around in the water.
“Ohh no Y/N what happened?!” Suma cried swimming over to you wrapping her arms around you tightly, she nuzzled her head into your neck and you couldn’t help but feel a warmness in your chest at the affection. Suma pulled away but moved her hands down to your waist keeping a slight grip. “Yes what happened honey” Makio frowned coming over as well, she tucked a strand of hair behind your ear making you shiver. All three women were huddled around you with frowns and sad eyes.
“He wanted me to quit my job here… kept saying I spent too much time here” the three of them in sync raised their eyebrows, looks of disgust washing over their once saddened faces. Before they could interject you spoke again, “it was either quit the job or break up and it looks like I made the right choice. You guys and Uzui care more about me than him” you said, making them break into smiles. “It’s true Y/N! It’s true we care about you so much” Suma spoke and the other wives agreed nodding their heads.
“We really do. Especially our husband, he may say much in front of you but just know you hold a place in all our hearts” Hinatsuru whispered, rubbing soothing circles on your back, toying with the strings of your bikini every once in a while. “Mhm you’re way more than just a maid to us Y/N, right guys?” Makio spoke not taking her eyes off of you.
The atmosphere was completely different now. It went from a comforting environment to there being tinges of sexual tension in air growing thicker by the second. “I-I care about you guys too and Tengen…so much thank y-” before you could finish your sentence Suma pressed her soft lips against yours making you gasp in surprise. She took the opportunity to shove her tongue in your mouth.
“Sorry about that, you know how Suma can be, she can’t help herself when she wants something” Hinatsuru laughed moving her body behind yours, she brought her hands to your breasts massaging them gently making you moan. “It’s true it's too cute” Makio giggled, pressing a kiss to the side of Suma’s head before bringing her attention to you. She left kisses up and down the side of your neck toying with the waistband of your bikini. “Do you want to go inside? I’m sure it’d be more comfortable” she whispered in your ear nibbling on the lobe. You nodded your head dumbly too distracted in Suma’s sweet kisses.
Fast forward to when they take you to their gigantic master bedroom. You sat on the bed and they made quick work ridding you of your bikini. Makio came behind you untying your top while Suma pulled down your bikini but the sight of your bare chest made her stop in her tracks stopping midthigh. “Oh wow Y/N they’re so pretty” she said bringing her hand up to your right tit brushing her thumb over your nipple. Seconds later she attached her mouth to it, swirling her tongue around your nipple. Suma pulled your bottoms down the rest of the way, once they were off she released your nipple with a lewd ‘pop’.
“Go on, spread your legs darling” Hinatsuru said, kneeling next to Suma. The look she gave you could’ve made you cum right then and there but you held it together slowly spreading your legs making Suma gasp. “O-oh! Y/N your pussy is so pretty isn't it Hinatsuru?” she squealed pressing kisses on the insides of your thighs. “Mhm it is baby” she whispered licking her lips at the sight of your soaked pussy. “May I?” she asked not taking her eyes off your pussy. You nodded slowly, your eyes fluttering shut when you felt Makio leave wet kisses on your neck. She gave you a small smile before licking a stripe up your cunt moaning at the taste of you.
“Mmm she tastes so good here Suma taste” Hinatsuru brought her hand behind Sumas’s neck bringing her in for a sloppy kiss. Hinatsuru pulled away a line of spit connecting their lips, “tastes good yeah?” she whispered and Suma breathlessly nodded, licking her lips. “C-can I have some more?” she asked, bringing her eyes to your dripping pussy. Hinatsuru nodded a smirk coming onto her face, “of course you can baby go ahead.” She pushed Suma’s head gently towards your pussy and Suma wasted no time wrapping her lips around your clit.
You let out a broken moan resting your head back on Makio’s shoulder. “Feel good Y/N?” Makio whispered in your ear leaving gentle kisses on it. “Y-yes oh-!” you squealed out when you felt fingers prod at your entrance. You looked down and saw Hinatsuru spreading your legs open even more, her fingers slowly pushing into you as Suma continued to lap and suck at your clit.
Little did you all know Uzui was leaning against the door taking it the scene before him. It was really a sight to behold. Makio was kissing and sucking at your neck leaving little hickeys as she did so, meanwhile Suma and Hinatsuru were kneeling on the ground playing with your pussy. Suma was licking at your pussy moaning at the taste and Hinatsuru was pushing her fingers in and out of you at a quick pace while rubbing Suma’s clit through her bikini bottoms. And you…
You looked completely blissed out. Your eyes were clenched shut and you hands were fisting the covers beneath you while grinding your hips against Suma’s tongue and Hinatsuru’s fingers.
“I-I’m gonna cum” you whimpered your legs starting to shake from all the pleasure you were receiving. Being the sadist he was, Tengen decided to step in the room ruining your almost perfect orgasm. “Well what do we have here?” he chuckled, taking slow strides towards the bed. “Suma got excited and kissed the girl” Makio giggled, pinching your nipples making you gasp. “My poor baby can never help herself can she?” he smirked, running his fingers gently through Suma’s hair before gripping it roughly pulling her back, “can you?”
“N-no I can’t” she whimpered, making Tengen’s smirk a little wider. “Oh leave her be Uzui, if anything we should be thanking her” Hinatsuru cooed pressing a kiss to Suma’s shoulder. “Now let her get back to what she was doing, poor Y/N was about to cum” she said, dragging her middle and ring finger between your folds. Tengen complied, releasing his grip on Suma’s hair, as soon as he did Suma returned to her place between your thighs licking up your wetness.
Between the wives toying with your body and Tengen’s hard stare you were cumming within minutes your thighs shaking at the intensity. Uzui hummed bringing his hand to your face to caress it lightly, “do my wives make you feel good Y/N?” he questioned brushing his thumb over your bottom lip before shoving it in your mouth. You moaned around his finger nodding slowly. “Would you ladies mind if I joined you?” he asked, quirking an eyebrow. “Yes of course you can!” Suma beamed standing up making quick work to undo his tie and buttoned down shirt. Hinatsuru joined in removing his suit jacket while Makio got on her knees undoing his belt, “my babies are always so helpful” he cooed, pressing a kiss to Hinatsuru’s lips while Suma pressed desperate kisses on his neck.
Makio pulled down his slacks and briefs allowing his already hard cock to be set free. “How long were you watching us perv?” Makio giggled, stroking his cock slowly. He groaned licking his lips, “not long but can you blame me?” he chuckled, patting her on the head. You watched them like you were in a trance rubbing your thighs together to ease the aching between your legs. “Y/N?” you heard Uzui speak up and you quickly brought your attention to him. “I want you to ride me” he bluntly said, making you gulp.
Fast forward once more to you straddling Tengen’s stomach as you hovered above his cock the three wives undressed as well. “It’s okay love we got you” Makio whispered, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek. You took a deep breath as you lowered yourself onto him, whimpering at the stinging stretch of him practically splitting you open. “Good girl” Makio giggled, gripping your chin between her fingers and pressed a loving kiss to your lips, “now can you keep being our good girl and make our husband feel good?” she mumbled against your lips and you nodded, grinding your pussy against Tengen making him groan.
Your slow grinding turned into frantic bouncing as you rode Uzui like your life depended on it. Hinatsuru took this as an opportunity to sit on Tengen’s face and he wasted no time licking and slurping at her cunt. “Mmm T-Tengen” she whimpered, finding balance on his hard chest. While the three of you were tangled up in each other Makio had Suma on all fours eating her pussy from the back like a woman starved. You looked over at Makio and bit your lip seeing her wet pussy on display begging to be touched.
You took it upon yourself to slip a finger into her pussy making her moan loudly into Suma’s pussy. “S-so wet” you muttered, sliding another finger in. Uzui wrapped his muscly arms tightly around Hinatsuru’s thighs before bucking into you roughly. “O-oh my gosh” you whimpered, squeezing your eyes shut but not once stopping your quick movements on Makio’s sopping pussy. Hinatsuru pulled you in for a kiss, shoving her tongue in your mouth without warning. The sounds in the room were downright disgusting but it was music to Tengen’s ears hearing his girls feel good.
With the way you were riding his dick he was fighting the urge to put a ring on your finger right then and there. “M’gonna cum” Hinatsuru whimpered against your lips grinding her pussy harder onto Tengen’s face practically suffocating the man. It wasn’t long before she was cumming all over his face, your orgasm soon following along. “Fuuuck” Uzui groaned, feeling you cum all over his cock, your wetness dripping down his balls. He lifted Hinatsuru off his face with ease, licking his lips “tastes amazing as always angel” he smirked winking up at her making her face flush.
“Suma baby come sit on daddy’s dick” he rasped slowly lifting you off of his cock and onto his face. Before he dove him he craned his neck to the other two women, “Hinatsuru take care of Makio my poor baby’s pussy has been neglected for too long.” Hinatsuru nodded obediently before laying next to Uzui she smiled at Makio, “on my face love.” Makio quickly crawled up her chest lowering her pussy onto Hinatsuru’s face, immediately moaning loudly when she felt Hinatsuru wrap her lips around her clip.
“That’s my girl’s” he smirked before bringing his attention to you burying his head in your pussy. He groaned when he felt Suma’s pussy on him, the vibrations making you shiver. “O-oh Uzui feels so good love you so much” Suma whimpered, bringing her hands to your shoulders for balance. “Love you more baby. Love all of you so fucking much even you Y/N wanna make you my wife” he grunted bucking his hips into Suma making her squeal. “Please marry her daddy she’s so fun we l-love her” Makio moaned, threading her fingers into Hinatsuru’s soft hair.
You gasped when you felt Uzui suckle at your clit making your thighs shake, “y-yes wanna be your guys’ wife please make me your wife” you whimpered feeling your orgasm approach. Your words made each of them moan. The effect you had on them was crazy. It wasn’t long before Suma was cumming all over Tengen’s cock with a loud moan almost collapsing from pleasure. Makio and you followed suit cumming all over Hinatsuru and Uzui’s faces soaking them from the nose down.
“F-fuck I’m gonna cum you all know what to do” he rasped making them all squeal. “C’mon Y/N this is our favorite part!” Suma smiled as she got on her knees along with the other wives sticking their tongues out. You quickly followed behind doing the same as them while Tengen stood up aggressively jerking his painfully hard cock. He was cumming seconds making sure each of you had a taste. “Before you swallow I wanna do something” he said before quickly searching for his phone and taking a picture of the beautiful sight before him.
“Swallow” was all he said and you all quickly obeyed, making him smile. “My perfect girls, let’s get into bed Y/N will be staying with us tonight if that’s okay with her of course” he said, making you smile. You nodded quickly following the other wives into the bed. Uzui was in the middle with his arms stretched out and you snuggled into his side while Suma nuzzled her way into the other. Hinatsuru wrapped her arms around Suma while Makio wrapped her arms around you leaving a small kiss on your shoulder.
“Sleep tight angels, I love you all so much.”
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diaphanoso · 5 months ago
IF THREE'S A CROWD... // uzui tengen + his wives
summary: tengen was gone for a little while and hinatsuru, makio, and suma wanted a new toy to play with to satiate their own desires. then tengen arrived...
word count: 2.5k
mature content warnings:
polygamy, fivesome, finger fucking, thigh riding, cunnilingus, scissoring/tribbing, face-riding, tongue fucking, impact play/slapping, breeding kink, creampie, size kink, objectification of reader [being called a toy], praise + degradation, overstimulation
from em: currently catching up on kny manga and i can't get their relationship out of my head, hinatsuru specifically makes my heart go brrrr. so here's the four of them sharing you <3 as always, minors dni and enjoy! hope i did them justice <3
Tumblr media
it was all so sudden - hinatsuru's sweetly parted lips meeting yours, her skin soft and covered with a sheen of saliva.
even without suma's mouth sucking gently on your neck and makio's smooth hands dragging under the hem of your shirt, hinatsuru's lips alone were enough to send you into a trance.
a very light, pleasurable, lust-glimmering trance.
coaxes of "c'mon, have some fun with us. tengen won't be back for a little while," in whiny, pleading pitches was what brought this all on.
the three of them couldn't satiate their own lust, and their own willing desires to indulge in their fantasies prompted you to become their new little adventure.
your fingers trailed through hinatsuru's silky, dark hair as you free hand held suma's cheek, who was still nipping and sucking softly at the crook of your neck.
"doesn't it feel good?" makio smiled meekly, her hand grazing through your hair. she whispered onto the shell of your ear, "being touched by all of us at once."
shudders tingled down your spine, your tongue flicking against hinatsuru's as you felt it all get slowly more desperate. "mhm," you murmured into the kiss, watching a sliver of saliva fall on her chin as she pulled away.
their gentle smiles were so genuine and kind, but the resonating lust glimmering in their eyes shook you to your core - it intoxicated you.
everything about them was so enamoring - the sweet yet sharp scents of their skin, the depth and emotion held in their eyes, and the gentle and matronly tones dripping like honey from their voices.
it drew you in slowly, ensnaring you in the moment until you felt just as desperate for pleasure as them.
"you're getting hot, too," hinatsuru muttered, her lips grazing against yours. "i can feel it."
you nodded slowly, finding suma's hand on your jaw craning your neck towards her. she had a meek expression on her face, seeming significantly shyer than her co-wives. but it wouldn't stop her from getting her fair share.
"c-can i get a turn?" suma queried, moving to sit beside you on the couch you'd been perched on. "hinatsuru's been hogging..."
suma's lips felt smooth in a different way, her every movement laced with repressed desire. your hands slithered through her hair, needy pants ensuing each time your lips broke apart before connecting again.
makio's hands slid over your waist, grasping the bottom hem of your shirt only to pull it over your head. your watering mouth found suma's yet again, whimpering into the kiss as makio sucked and licked the flesh of your breast.
"such a beautiful body you have," makio murmured, her hands groping and massaging your breasts as her mouth found your nipple.
you gasped into suma's mouth, her tongue making its way to dance along yours. makio's tongue flicked and swirled wetly around your nipple, heat slithering like snakes through your veins.
"let's see that pretty pussy of yours," hinatsuru cooed, her fingers flirting with the waistband of your panties under your skirt. "my co-wives can't have all the fun, can they?"
you felt so vulnerable, so exposed - yet, they made you feel safe. you found yourself in a state of eagerness, your repressing desires fully fleshed as you were surrounded by three enamoring women.
more, more, more. you just wanted... more. more touching, more groping, more sucking, more kissing, more licking. more. give me more.
hinatsuru pulled your dainty panties off of your legs, her eyes widening softly as she stared in focused cognizance. "look how pretty," she murmured, her fingers gracing your folds and relishing in the slick feeling. "and wet, too. the three of us turn you on, don't we?"
"i can't wait any longer," makio whined out, her thighs rubbing together to get any kind of friction on her cunt.
"let me help you, then," you responded, slipping off her own panties to reveal her nude cunt, eager and smothered in slickness. she spread her thighs bashfully, a slight blush on her face as your fingers moved skillfully in circles on her clit.
"oh, f-feels so good," she whimpered, grinding her hips slowly in desperation.
"what about me?" suma muttered meekly, her eyes flicking downwards in overt shyness. "can i at least ride your thigh?"
hinatsuru slipped her fingers into your wet cunt, delving them as far as possible and curling them forwards against a spongey part in your walls. you whined out airily, suma's lips hovering over yours as she straddled one of your spread thighs.
you slipped your own fingers into makio's cunt, her hips bucking against your hand as you curled them again and again. suma's lips met yours, her breath whiny as she dragged her wet cunt against your thigh desperately over and over.
slick was smothered on fingers, whimpered moans filled the air, and pleasure was bursting through each of your bodies. it was so dirty, so undignified. so desperate.
hinatsuru's mouth found your nipple, swirling her tongue around it as she fingered you again and again relentlessly. your fervent moans and gasps filled suma's mouth, her hips grinding even quicker against your thigh.
"i'm g-" makio mewled, her head throwing back as her cunt pulsed around your fingers. "gonna cum, please don't stop."
you didn't dare, curling your fingers faster against the front of her walls as she shuddered on the couch. she gasped once, her cunt tightening and releasing around your delicate fingers as she came, wet sounds flooding the quaint living room.
"oh, look how much you came," you cooed, slipping your slick-smothered fingers into your mouth and letting the taste roister on your tongue. "tastes so sweet."
hinatsuru's own desire enveloped her, possessing her to drape her thigh over yours and bump her wet cunt right up against yours.
suma was still relentlessly grinding against your thigh, slick liquid smothering your skin as she dragged her cunt against you. "jus' a little more," she whined out in neediness.
"ah, shit," hinatsuru cooed, her hips rolling against yours as her clit throbbed from the friction. "feels so good."
your own slick and hers tangled together, painting your folds as your own pulsing clit bumped again and again against hers.
"oh, my god," suma whimpered, her lips crashing against yours in desperation. the pants and shallow breaths leaving her lips brushed against your skin, her body starting to shudder on your thigh. "gonna cum on your pretty thigh."
"good girl, c'mon, cum for me," you murmured against her cheek, grasping her hip as she rolled it again and again. her body shook immensely, her head craning back in ecstasy as she came. her hips continued their grinding, riding out a long-overdue orgasm.
pleasure was bursting through the air like lightning strikes, little whines and heavy breaths flooding the air before a loud noise came from the front of the house.
the women each gasped, eyes lighting up in roistering excitement.
and there he saw you - sprawled out on his couch, hinatsuru's cunt pressed right up against your own needy, slick-dripping one as suma straddled your thigh.
"oh, who's this?" tengen let out a pearled sneer, his muscles rippling enigmatically with each step he took towards the living room. "a new little toy you picked out?"
"mhm," suma nodded, her eyes still mildly half-lidded from coming gloriously on your thigh.
"just having some fun," makio responded, a small giggle leaving her lips. "you shouldn't leave for so long, y'know..."
"but i'm here now, aren't i?" tengen spoke, his fingers finding suma's chin and pressing a gentle kiss on her lips that left her mind boggled. "at the right time, it seems."
there was something enamoring about him - his brawny shoulders, enrapturing suave, and biceps so swollen that they could simply crush you.
you felt meek, exposed - your body naked and writhing against hinatsuru's cunt so desperately to cum.
"let me help," tengen smirked, eagerly admiring the position that you and hinatsuru were in. "why don't you lie down for me and let my wife ride your face, hm?"
you nodded mindlessly, lying back on the couch and spreading your thighs apart sheepishly. tengen knelt before you, freeing his cock from his pants - and your face dropped.
it was so big - girthy and veined, enough to stretch you out so relentlessly. but fuck, you wanted it so badly.
it was all so new, indulging shamelessly in such a dirty act with four other people. the throbs and sears of pleasure burned with vulnerability, making you hotter by the second.
makio's lips found the head of her husband's cock, slipping her tongue in circles before bobbing her head up and down. then she stopped, letting spit dribble from her mouth onto the shaft and fisting it with her hand.
and she did it all in preparation for you.
hinatsuru straddled your face, her knees pressing onto the couch on both sides of your head. the look on her face was sweet, yet her eyes were glittering with lust for pleasure, lust for more.
"sit, darling," you told her, wrapping your hands around her hips and forcing her to let all her weight lie on you. you squeezed the plush flesh of her thighs, letting her wet cunt smother your gaped mouth.
it tasted so good - the slickness dancing on your tongue and setting your taste buds ablaze. you whined out, the sound muffled against her cunt as you slipped your tongue between her walls.
"ah- i love your tongue," hinatsuru murmured breathily, her hips starting to buck against your chin, her clit bumping against your nose. "tengen, she's such a good toy."
"i'll have to see for myself, won't i?" tengen sneered brashly, grasping your inner thigh as he let the head of his cock slip through your folds. "such a slutty little fuck toy you picked out."
you gasped against hinatsuru's cunt, tengen's cock starting to stretch you so elegantly. you whined and ground your hips eagerly, tengen's light grunts flooding the room as he bottomed out in your cunt.
it was so fucking big - you couldn't figure out how these women took it so easily so often. but you couldn't get enough.
tengen wrapped his broad hands around your waist, his hips going into motion and forcing his thick cock deep into your smothered cunt. a jolt of pleasure shocked your nerves as the head of his cock bumped against your cervix, any and all whimpers muffled by hinatsuru's cunt on your face.
"she's doing so good," makio cooed, her mouth leaving delicate kisses and flicks of tongue on your breast. "takin' all of your dick like that, tengen."
"you picked out a good one," tengen sneered, his grasp forcing your thighs to fold against your chest to fuck you even deeper. "such a wet little pussy."
"oh, fuck, fuck," hinatsuru whined, your grasp on her hips taut as she ground her hips onto your tongue. you pushed your wet tongue as deep as possible, letting her clit drag against your nose.
you peered up at hinatsuru to find suma sucking on her neck, making her whine and buck her hips even faster against your face. "you look so pretty riding her face," suma whimpered to her co-wife.
the way they all knew each other's bodies so well was enticing, working together to coax the two of you into a well-deserved, shaking and stuttering orgasm.
tengen's cock rutting into your tight cunt left your mind boggled and thoughts strewn about, your breath hitched and shallow against hinatsuru's pretty pink cunt.
"fuck her harder, tengen," makio cooed, her lips smothered in saliva after sucking on your breast. "see how much she can take."
tengen groaned, adjusting his hips and digging his thick fingers into the plush flesh of your thighs. he stopped moving, then altogether started rutting his hips at almost an inhuman speed.
your body shuddered, grasping hinatsuru's hips even tighter in response and leaving red imprints. she whined, moving her hips faster against your face as you dug your tongue into her cunt.
"ah- don't stop," hinatsuru whined, her hands grazing through your hair and pulling at the roots. "gon- gonna cum on your pretty face."
"mmf," you murmured whiningly, begging for it. tengen's cock filled you up euphorically, your chest burning and roistering as you felt your own climax boiling in your body.
each thrust of his thick cock brought swelling pressure into your gut, feeling filled to the brim and your body shuddered in ecstasy.
"ah-" hinatsuru panted against suma's lips, her body stuttering on your face as her cunt pulsed and released around your tongue. you thrusted your tongue in and out, not daring to let a drop of her cum go to waste.
the taste of her on your tongue was heavenly, a sweet slick that left you gasping and shuddering.
hinatsuru freed your mouth of her weight, allowing you the pleasure of breathing. her thumb dragged along the saliva and cum smothering your chin, admiring the fucked-out look in your eye as you took all of tengen's cock.
"look at her shaking," makio admired, her fingers gliding across your breasts and lightly flicking your nipples, making you whine. "you can tell she's gonna cum soon."
your head craned back, a hitched gasp flooding the living room as tengen slammed his hips again and again against yours.
"what a good girl, takin' all of us," tengen sneered, wet noises ensuing as your cunt tightened around his shaft. "how 'bout i cum in that tight pussy? i'm sure my wives wouldn't mind."
"not at all," suma cooed sweetly, brushing her hand through your hair delicately. "fill her up. wanna see it drip out."
your mind was hazed, fully immersed in the moment of unbridled pleasure searing like boiling water through your skin. you couldn't last any longer, it was too much.
"gon- gonna cum on your cock," you whined breathlessly, your vision blurry from the overstimulation. it was hard to form coherent sentences, your thoughts scattered, "so... big."
"you can take it, though," tengen grunted, his palm slapping your thigh as he rutted his hips into your fucked-out cunt. "such a good little fuck toy, cum all over my cock."
those words sent you reeling over the edge, your body shuddering on the couch as your cunt pulsed around his shaft. it was simply euphoric - a heavenly build-up leading to a wave of pleasure crashing down on you.
"oh, so fuckin' tight," tengen groaned shakily, his cock throbbing desperately inside of you as your cunt squeezed him so eagerly. "think i'm gonna fill you up real nice."
"give it to me, give it to me, please," you pleaded and begged mindlessly, clutching harshly onto the cushion. "fill me up, i want it."
"dirty girl, huh?" tengen smirked, dragging his tongue along his bottom lip as his face tensed harshly. "i'll oblige."
tengen snapped his hips forward, the head of his cock bumping against the hilt of your cunt - and then you felt it.
a hot sensation flooded against your walls, his cum seeping so far into your cunt and your gut bulging in response. you whined and gasped, his cock revealing again, smothered in both of your cum.
"c-can i taste it?" suma pleaded, her eyes widened and mouth watering at the sight.
tengen stood, allowing suma's lips to greet the head of his cock, her tongue catching the slick liquid covering every inch of him. makio soon joined, their tongues working gently to let the taste roister on their tongues.
"mm, tastes so good," makio cooed out.
"look at it drip out," hinatsuru admired, her finger slipping along your folds and catching the white liquid painting your skin. she sucked on her finger, indulging in the taste of the two of you. "maybe we'll have to bring her over more often."
"we did pick out a good one, didn't we?" suma smiled.
Tumblr media
tagging: @cherrykamado <3
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cielinde · 5 months ago
heathen chemistry
Tumblr media
tengen uzui x fem reader smut (pic creds to @/ringorenji88 on twt) synopsis: tengen's mission in the red light district solely consisted of slaying the upper moon demon and that alone. he totally won't get distracted and develop an attraction to the cute oiran he met. right? word count: 2.5k notes: no 3 wives in this; cheating doesn't sit right with me (minors dni, more under cut!)
* ‧ ⨯ . ⁺ ✦ * 𓂂 ꙳
in a district glazed with lust, love, and tears, the sound hashira uzui tengen had never thought of engaging himself into the services it provided. he found several aspects of it repulsive; not the act itself, but the amount of abuse and mistreatment of women that went overlooked by all its residents.
and if not for the alarming number of disappearances and death rates, he certainly would have never stepped foot into such a place. beautiful it was, with its stringed lanterns, flavourful foods, and alluring women, but ugly were the assaults, diseases, and… demons.
with a mission at hand to behead said demon, along with having the slight responsibility of overseeing the three boys (and one demon sister) he had brought along for assistance, tengen was sure that he was only there for the kill, and for nothing else.
not even for a certain oiran that had caught his eye.
he groaned against your clit as you arched your back, fingers running through his silver locks. you gasped sweetly as he flattened his tongue against your aching core, running it from top to bottom and top again with an agonisingly slow speed.
“please…” you whimpered.
ah, yes. totally not there for anything else.
he knew it was selfish of him to be indulging in his carnal desires while his companions were settled into their respective houses and gathering intel on the potential upper moon, but the moment he saw you right after securing a spot for zenitsu in the same house you worked in, he knew he just had to have you for the night.
“ah!” you moaned, biting down on your lip as his strong hands squeezed each of your thighs, which were wrapped around his head. he could hear your heavy breathing and rapidly beating heart, your hands trembling with every stroke of his tongue against your wet core.
flicking your sensitive clit with the tip of his tongue, tengen smirked at your cute squeal. he could feel your peak rising as his skillful tongue coaxed more of your sweet juices straight into his hungry mouth, your skin flushed with sweat and your hips involuntarily bucking into his face with the need to release.
“sir!” you gasped, squirming in his strong grasp held you in place, his lips wrapped around your bud as he sucked it, a low hum emitting from him which sent you closer and closer to the edge.
he removed a hand from your thighs and insert it inside your wet cunt, long fingers curling inside and stroking your sensitive walls as you cried out louder and louder, the fire in your lower regions close to snapping at any moment.
“please, please,” you closed your eyes, muscles tightening as tengen thrusted his fingers in and out of you faster, tongue lapping on your clit and juices as you finally reach your climax, your moans of pleasure filling the room as you tightened your grip on his hair, thrusting against his face as your thighs quiver on his shoulders, the burning tension unfurling and your cunt buzzing from the shockwaves of pleasure.
you moaned softly when he pulled away from your core after your orgasm subsided, a damned handsome smile on his face.
“i can tell you’ve never been with a proper man before,” he smirked, licking up the last of your juices from his fingers. you blushed furiously, and settled yourself on your elbows so you could see him better.
“y-you’re the first one who’s ever been…eager to please me,” you tried to keep your voice steady, but gods, it was hard when such a beautiful man was maintaining eye contact with you from between your legs.
“what a shame,” he hummed, pressing a kiss to your right thigh. you inhaled sharply, and he nipped on your flesh. “you’re too beautiful to belong in a place like this,” he ran his tongue against your skin, and gently bit down onto it.
you fisted the bedsheets, pussy throbbing once again as he harshly sucked on your thigh, sure to leave a bruise.
“well, you’re too handsome to be visiting a place like this, too,” you giggled breathlessly. it was true. while you had seen many handsome men come and go, you hadn’t ever seen one as majestic as the man before you, and you silently wished you could have known him under better circumstances.
“am i, now?” he purred, a low chuckle vibrating against your thigh. “that makes the two of us worthy of leaving this place, doesn’t it?”
your eyes widened. he couldn’t possibly mean..?
your thoughts were cut off with a surprised yelp coming from you as he pushed your upper half back down onto the sheets, lustful eyes staring down at you as he used another hand to knead and grope your breast.
you bit your lip, wrapping your legs around his waist to pull him closer to you, and you rolled your hips against his cock, feeling a drop of precum kiss your cunt. tengen groaned, and you ground yourself against him again.
“don’t you think it’s unfair that you’re holding back, sir?” you purred, trailing your hands on his muscular build. gods, why was he sculpted so perfectly? you felt his cock twitch against your wet core, and he licked his lips.
“don’t you think it’s unfair that you’re teasing me, miss?” he leaned closer to you, both your foreheads touching.
“please do elaborate,” you whispered, kissing the corners of his mouth, just ghosting over his lips.
“hm, for one…you make me want to fuck you senseless,” he kissed you with force, lips rough against yours as he slipped his tongue into your mouth, his hands pinching and pulling on your hardened nipples.
you moaned into the kiss, grinding onto his cock with even more need, and he smirked as he nibbled on your lower lip, the head of his cock already parting your lower lips, which were swollen with lust.
“sir…” you whimpered, wondering if you should beg. a lot of men liked that. and at this point, you would do anything to have him inside you already.
“tengen,” he grunted. “my name’s tengen.”
“tengen…” you looked into his eyes pleadingly, “please?”
“fuck, you’re irresistable,” he chuckled. “why don’t you fuck yourself on me, pretty girl?”
“don’t mind if i do,” you smiled, and once he rolled over beside you, you easily straddled him, a hand on his toned chest for support as your other guides yourself to his entrance, and once his tip is pressed against your cunt, you slowly sink down on him, a satisfying moan spilling from his lips as you whimper at the feeling of his thick girth stretching you out.
“you’re so tight,” he teased, and you roll your hips, earning another groan from him.
“and you’re so hard,” you teased back, gritting your teeth as you shakily lifted yourself up slightly and slammed yourself down on his cock. the feeling of him filling you up was so sinfully blissful, and you moan loudly as you continue to ride his cock, every tentative movement and the way your cunt clenched around him just barely teasing your sweet spot.
“holding back on me, now?” tengen slapped your ass, hands squeezing your rear as you mewled softly. your reaction most likely egged him on, as you could now feel the slight strain in your abdomen from the way a small bulge had formed.
“impatient, tengen?” you picked up your pace, advancing your hands on his chest where you could feel his breathing gradually get heavier.
“only for you, little temptress,” he moved a hand to rub at your clit, and you threw your head back, thighs shaking as you tried to continue your ministrations.
“getting weak in the knees?” he chuckled, pressing a finger harshly against your bud, and you let out a strangled moan, nails digging crescent moons into his skin.
“not yet,” you whispered, reaching further up to support yourself on his shoulders. the slight position change helped bring ease into riding him, but you still knew your dominance over him was withering. not that you minded.
“want me to fuck you?” he palmed your chest, and you slammed your hips especially hard on him. tengen let out a loud groan, and you pressed a kiss to his neck, hips rolling slower against his.
“why don’t you fuck me yourself?” you murmured against his skin, gently biting down as you lightly squeezed his nipple.
“your wish is my command,” he smirked, and effortlessly overpowered you, flipping you over and holding your hips as his length never left your pussy. you looked up at him, a fresh wave of lust rolling through you at the sight of his dishevelled white hair framing his face above you. your breath hitched as he pulled out to thrust against you, and you locked your ankles together around him, wanting more and more of him.
you could tell he wasn’t holding back anymore from his thrusts alone. with all his raw strength, tengen fucked you rough and hard, every deep thrust that kissed the entrance to your womb making your pussy clench deliciously around him, trying to pull him deeper into you.
“oh-oh gods!” you cried out at the feeling of his tongue teasing your earlobe.
“there are no gods but me,” he said, hot breath against you as you squirmed, helpless whimpers spilling from you akin to prayers as he continued to fuck you languidly, every long stroke of his cock making your pussy throb and ache for release. his length was so thick and long; you had never felt this pleasurable in all your years working in the district.
your walls continued to tighten around his twitching cock, a sign he was close. taking notice of this, tengen dipped a hand to mercilessly flick at your clit, the roughness of the pads of his fingers making it all the more pleasurable as you furrowed your brows and closed your eyes, holding onto him tighter as you felt an intense orgasm close to swallowing you whole.
“look at me,” he grunted, and you cracked your eyes open to look into his maroon ones.
“i want to see you cum,” he nibbled on your jaw, peppering it with kisses as well. your thighs trembled as your body involuntarily writhed under his, your back arched into his chest as you could feel his heart beat directly against your breast.
“i want everyone in this damn house to know you’re mine,” he kissed you again, and your moans were muffled against his lips as his tongue dominated yours, spitting into your mouth with a smirk as he grabbed your jaw, cock fucking deeper into you with every rock of his hips. you were sure you’d be bruised come morning, but it didn’t matter.
“tengen…” you moaned his name in bliss once he pulled away, every thought in your mind full of nothing but him. he drove you mad; you had never wanted to cum this badly.
“louder,” he groaned. his touch was bringing you to the brink of an orgasm, and you’re already a panting, trembling mess underneath him.
“t-tengen!” you whined loudly, feeling his cock twitch even more against your sweet spot. close, so close. he growled into your ear as he continued to rut into you, and you held him closer to you.
“cum for me,” he pinched your clit especially hard, cock abusing your most sensitive spot inside you until you finally reached your long-awaited climax.
his name left your lips in a cry from deep within your throat, your pussy clenching around him tighter than ever until you could very much feel the prominent veins along his length pulsate against your walls, your climax racking through your body as tengen held you down, his cock hardening within you as he finally shot ropes of thick, white seed into your pussy, your walls milking him of his essence as he let out a guttural groan, his cum filling your cunt to the very brim as he slowly fucked you through both of your dissipating orgasms.
he breathed heavily as he propped himself on his elbows just above you, not fully placing his entire weight on you. you twitched and whimpered softly, feeling his hot skin against yours as his face remained a mere few inches away from you.
“tengen…” you whispered, running your hands along his perfectly toned muscles. you felt slightly too tired to do more rounds, but you didn’t want the night to end just yet. no other man had ever treated you this way; none of them had ever given a moment’s thought about your pleasure. you had no idea the handsome man who dropped off an unsightly girl hours earlier would have you wishing for countless nights with him. hell, you could even do it with him for free.
and it was the same for him. tengen knew that he wasn’t supposed to feed into any distractions during his time in the district, especially not get entangled with an oiran, yet here he was, filling you up with his cum, still balls deep inside your cunt. he didn’t know the last time he had felt this good either, or if he had ever felt it in the first place.
with a huff, he peeled himself away from you, his cock slipping out and freeing the spew of hot cum that leaked out of your over-sensitive cunt.
you twitched, slowly closing your legs together. you’d need to take more contraceptives in the morning, just in case.
“will you be staying overnight or will you take your leave?” you turned to look at him, eyes plastered on the ceiling as he laid on his back beside you.
“unfortunately, i’ll have to take my leave for now,” he replied, and you had to resist the frown that threatened to betray your neutral expression.
“alright. payment is with the house mother downstairs; i’ll stay behind to clean the room once you’ve left,” you forced a smile, sitting up and stretching your now-bruised legs before standing up, but his voice stopped you.
“so, how much to take you home?”
you turned to him, eyes wide as you stared at him agape.
“you look like you’ve seen a demon,” tengen laughed, sliding himself to a sitting position as well.
“i-i’m sorry?” you stammered. you couldn’t be hearing him right. there was no way…
“forgiven. but will you tell me how much it’ll cost to have you as my wife?” he placed his hand on yours, and you couldn’t stop the flow of tears that formed in your eyes.
“sorry,” you laughed nervously. “i-it’s just, i never really thought i’d be…you know,” you wiped your tears quickly, your heart thumping in your chest as your thoughts raced in all directions.
“aw, don’t cry,” he smiled warmly, pulling you into a warm embrace. “once my job here is over, i’ll come back for you. better start packing,” he chuckled against your hair, and you hugged him just as tight, the first real smile in ages finally forming on your lips.
you would finally have a home.
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s0dium · 3 months ago
You two are caught
Tumblr media
Warning: Suggestive themes, crack writing
Kyojuro Rengoku
You are straddling his lap, arms wrapped around his neck, and your t-shirt had already been taken off (sly bastard) leaving you in a bra. He was kissing and sucking the skin on the nape your neck when Uzui walks in and leans against the door.
Uzui:"Ah youth~"
*Kyojuro stops kissing you and looks over your shoulder. Your too shocked to form words*
Kyojuro:"Oh hello Uzui! Back already?"
Uzui- "Yes, it was a simple mission. I see I have caught you and y/n in a flamboyant act~"
*your head is buried in Kyojuro chest in embarrassment but he doesn't seem to notice (FUCKING JACKASS)*
Kyojuro: "Well yah I decided to get some in before next mission. A man has his needs!"
Uzui: "Ah yes you are absolutely right Rengoku, such wise words. It is important to maintain flamboyancy in a relationship and cater to your own desires. I hope you and y/n are successful!"
Kyojuro: "Thank you Uzui! I shall report back to you and hopefully carry good news!"
*Kyojuro smiles genuinely and Uzui walks out.*
You: "Did that seriously just happen"
Sanemi Shinazugawa
Sanemi pulled you aside while you are at work because he got 🌚h o r n y   all of a sudden. He had taken his haori off and was on top, and you two were making out. You were also pulling his hair and ✨m o a n i n g ✨when Rengoku walks in
*Rengoku is unfazed when he sees you two*
Rengoku: "Hey Sanemi do you know where y/n is i think my-"
Sanemi: "The Hell? Ever heard of knocking?!"
Rengoku: "Yes my bad, but do you think I could borrow y/n for a second I think I broke my p-"
*Rengoku leaves*
I wonder when rengoku broke?
Gyomei Himejima
Gyomi would never approach you first. He is too shy and too much of a teddy bear to do that. He would often be mediating and you would crawl into his giant lap. You couldn't straddle him because the mans is too big and you cannot do the splits. So instead you would sit criss cross apple sauce in his lap and place light little kisses allover his body until he stopped mediating (because he couldn't focus) and would grab your face and kiss back lightly. He doesn't like too much PDA though.
*Muichiro Tokito walks in. He notices you and Gyomei and tries to tip toe away.*
Muichiro (thinking to himself): 'They couldnt have seen me right? I mean Gyomei is blind... phew i got lucky that was so embarrassing. '
*Gyomei Stops kissing you and gets serious*
Gyomei: "I sense a child"
You:"What where ?!"
*you turn around and don't see anyone there*
Gyomei: Ah yes I smell Muichiro Tokito. He was here*Idk he is blind*
You: "Noooo! He must've seen us!!!!"
And that is how Muichiro lost his innocence.
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igumie · 3 months ago
When they want your attention - Giyuu, Iguro, Tanjiro, Sanemi and Uzui
Tumblr media
info: fluff, not proofread lol warning: n/a
Tumblr media
Giyuu Tomioka :
• attention starved boy™️ • cannot go a single day without your touch and attention. He always needs to have at least one hug from you every day. Minimum • so you can imagine how excited he was to come back from his mission which lasted three days. Also meaning, three days without your attention and love. It was horrible for him he thought he’d die • he sprinted back home, not even caring about his injuries. He just wanted to feel your arms around his again and your hand through his hair :’) • you currently were reading a book on the couch when you heard the front door open loudly before seeing your out of breath husband staring at you • you smiled, happy to see him back home and greet him. “Welcome back Gi-” • you didn’t even had time to finish your sentence before you felt a sudden weight on you, along with arms around your neck. • you cooed at your husband and hugged him back, a relaxed sigh escaping your mouth. • Giyuu looked up from your chest, and silently started at you with eyes begging for you to pet his head. He was too embarrassed to say anything so hopefully, you’d know what he meant. • and thankfully for him, you did! Slowly, you started to pet his head and singing a lullaby, immediately putting him to sleep • “sweet dreams, Giyuu” • “mhm…. ‘ove you….” • “love you too”
Iguro Obanai :
• another attention starved boy • except that this one won’t even make it obvious that he wants attention. • bUT! you’ve been in a relationship with Obanai for 3 years now, which means you know what he wants and when • you noticed that he started ignoring you a bit whenever he craved attention. You dont know why, he doesn’t know why, Kaburamaru doesn’t know why, nobody knows why! • but he does. • so you proceed by clinging onto him so it feels like you’re the one who wants attention, all for his sake. • he’ll probably be shy about it since affection and love were not something he was used to in his life before you • okay but once he’s clinged (is that even a word) onto you, there’s no getting him off for at least 4 hours • he’ll nuzzle his face in the crook of your neck or in your chest because he’s too embarrassed to look at you • which is honestly adorable • will definitely grumble in annoyance if you have to get up and his grip on you will tighten but like sir, please, I need to go pee • overall, he’s just so cute when needy for your love and attention so please give it to him • “don’t leave…. you’re warm” • ”was never planning to do so Obi”
Kamado Tanjiro :
• he’ll hide it so well because baby doesn’t want to bother you :( • so he goes to his sister and stays with her. Probably tells her all about you and how cute you were in his haori yesterday. • yeah she definitely knows that he wants your attention. • she‘ll probably end up going to you and somehow managed to tell you that her bro craves your love. • And you’re gonna give him love 😤 • you approach him while he was helping cleaning the Shinobu mansion • and then you jumped on him • man was not prepared lemme tell you that • screams, falls onto the floor and looks up with a terrified face until he realizes it’s you. Then he just sighs and smiles lolol • “hey y/n! How hum- how come you jumped on me like that? Everyone okay?” • “oh yeah I just wanted to give you my affection because I felt like you could use it :D” • wants to cry at how cute you currently are • anywayssss • you drag him outside and make him sit against a tree and cuddle him. He falls asleep and he just looks overall so peaceful :’) • “Sleep well baby” • “Zzzzzz”
Sanemi Shinaguzawa :
• this bitch got me paying her rent paying the trips • he’ll show that he’s craving your affection by being even more protective over you • oh you’re having a conversation with one of the pillars? Well not anymore you’re now trapped in his arms while he glared daggers at his fellow Hashira god forbid if it’s Giyuu • oh your best friend just hugged you? How dare they touch what’s his • you made him sleep on the couch after he almost attacked you best friend • man needs to be put on a leash and a muzzle • anyways • as you can see, he becomes even more annoying. Which is somewhat fine because it’s kinda cute ngl • so you let it slide • anyways. This guy will for sure hide in face in your back. Like that he can smell your delicate parfume and at the same time, you can’t see nor feel his red and hot face • maybe, just maybe, will leave a kiss at the back of your neck. Only if he feels like a hoe though • “’Nemi, why is your face so hot- do you have a fever?!” • “Shut up and keep hugging me”
Uzui Tengen :
• listen, you have special privileges • which are that you get his undivided attention 24/7, you can kiss and hug him and more HFUJAJAKAIOKWS, he takes you on dates etc…. • basically Hinatsuru, Makio and Suma are hella jealous since you get to do all the fun stuff with him . • whatever it’s irrelevant anyways • now, this one doesnt have any shame. He’ll whine until you give him the attention he deserves after a long day of fighting non flamboyant demons 😤 • will rub his face on your shoulder and will pinch your cheeks while you’re trying to read your book • so at some point you do give him attention because of how annoying he’s becoming poor you • literally jumps on you and lays his head in your lap • you now cannot move. Have you seen how tall this man is?! The guy must be so freaking heavy geez • “Zui my legs feel numb get off“ • “I am a god y/n. How dare you push me away“ • “Get off or I’m cutting your hair” • “Geez no need to get aggressive… I had to go train anyways 🙄” pussy
Tumblr media
Reblogs are appreciated :)
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honeybuv · 6 months ago
Squirting Hcs || Ft. the hashiras
Tumblr media
Anon asks: Oh my gosh I loved the squirting headcanons with the boys! Do you think you can do one with Rengoku and how he reacted and what he did abt it, please? 🥺🥺
🍯-Of course! This is going to be a two part series btw if you don't mind!
Kamado ver
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Rengoku Kyojuro
✦He was surprised at first.
✦Like when your legs clasped themselves around his face and fucked his tongue only to feel your slick liquids squirted all over his chin, nose and lips
✦Your soft teary face made you look so cute when you squirted too, making his already erect cock painfully swell.
¶Tears fell to your chin as your husband sucked on your clit whilst his skilled fingers fucked your cunt, making you babble incoherently
When suddenly you felt something weird in your tummy. Rengoku didn't help either as he kept sucking, his fingers fucked your cunt faster as he felt your pussy throb
Only to feel your squishy legs cling to his face as you rode him. Your slick liquids spraying onto his face as you cried out in bliss.⁋
For a damn virgin he knew how to pleasure a woman.
Tumblr media
Uzui Tengen
⤵He did it on purpose.
⚀You're not safe in that house with him in there, hell his wives would lock you in on purpose.
⚀The damn man is skilled with his fingers. Hell it's even worse if you're sensitive.
⤴His wives probably would be in there with your lmao.
⤵Your small hands grab hold of your husband's arm. Clinging on for dear life as he fucked your cunt with his fingers. His smile not altering when you squirted for a third time.
How long is it? three-four hours? He didn't know nor did he care as one of his arms grab hold of your breast.
While you were underneath him, teary-eyed and swollen, your chubby thighs clasped around his fingers for mercy. Your lips spewed out babbles and incoherent words.
While his wives just sat there, smiling and cooing out praises to you, pressing the button on the pink vibrator that was tapped to your clit.
⤴Finally you came a fourth time before passing out, both from dehydration and excess pleasure, you probably won't be able to walk for a while after this.
Tumblr media
Shinobu Kocho
⤵She would do it on purpose. And she'd be so mean about it too.
❦Vibrators, dildos or straps. Hell her hands are enough to make you squirt.
❦She's a doctor so it's pretty obvious she's good with anatomy
⤴Be grateful she even lets you rest as soon as you squirt for the fifth time this evening.
⤵Shinobu's chin nested against your shoulder as she forced you to look at yourself in the mirror. Her sultry gaze looming over you as tears fell from your face.
When suddenly you felt weird, to which she whispered that what you're feeling was completely normal. When you finally relaxed, your fluids squirted onto the mirror as your upper body shook slightly.
⤴Her arm clung to your stomach to keep you from not falling onto the dark wooden floors of her room.
Your first time with her felt amazing, and you can't deny it.
Tumblr media
Tomioka Giyuu
⤵Poor baby was so confused, but when he saw your face he thought it must've felt really good from how you shook above him.
♡He didn't want to ask shinobu on what it was cus she was gonna bully him but asked her since she's the only one that knows the female anatomy better than uzui.
⤴So when she bullied taught him what it was and how to do it he understood and wanted to try it again.
⤵Giyuu's soft praises left your tummy in a fumbling mess as his slender fingers messed with your cunt. Kissing your cheek as he continued to praise you.
Suddenly your body started feeling weird, the new found pleasure was building up on your insides and he could feel it from how you suddenly clench around his fingers.
'Shinobu was right' he thought as your thighs clamped around his arm, you begged for him to stop when he fingered your pussy faster to which he didn't reply.
⤴"Just let go hun, everything's fine" he whispered, to which you learnt to control yourself and finally let go, letting your body go limp as you squirted all over his fingers. Your liquids dripped from off his fingers to which he licked up. Your mind in a haze as you fell limp in his arms.
©honey-buv Do not steal, repost or copy my works without my permission!
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xxsabitoxx · a month ago
Unexpected Ch.3: Stay
Ch. 1 • Ch. 2 • Ch. 3
Warnings: super fluffy, a teeny bit of angst but like not really, smut of course, FXFXF threesome, squirting, fingering, oral, massages, MXFXF threesome, MXF sex, rough sex, semi public sex, belly bulge (I dead ass had to look this up to see wtf it looked like…I’m now permanently the 😀 emoji)
A/N: the third part of Unexpected!! I said I was going to get this out before march… but naturally my life decided to fall apart. But there is a grand total of 3 smut scenes in this chapter YALL…
Word count: just short of 9k
Tumblr media
“Y/N?” You set your pen down, tired eyes trailing up to see Shinobu standing in your doorway. “Do you need something, Lady Kocho?” You were so tired you forgot no one was around, there was no reason to address her as your supervisor. “You really are tired.” She began to laugh, entering the room to take the stool your patients usually sat on. “I am.” Your hands came up to rub your face, every bone was aching. The sun was slowly beginning to rise outside of your small office, your shift was nearly done.
“It was easier when you still lived here, huh.” Shinobu was still a little bit annoyed that Tengen managed to take you from her. “Traveling is the only part I don’t like. As much as I loved it here, I like my new home a little more.” You knew Shinobu wouldn’t take it the wrong way, even as she faked a pout. “Never mind this job tiring you out, you got four people at home putting you through the ringer too.” She winked at your flustered face. “Oh! They aren’t that bad…” you tugged the collar of your uniform up a little more, hoping it would hide the bruise Suma had left on your neck.
“You know you can always sleep here and travel home later in the day. You don’t need to go running the second the sun is up.” Shinobu was looking pretty tired herself. “I know, but I haven’t been home in nearly two days. If I get one more teary eyed crow from Tengen I think I’ll lose my mind.” You were giggling as you spoke, most messages included Suma’s tears on the paper. “My my, they are quite needy aren’t they? It must be nice having people love you that much.” Your eyes widened a bit at that, blinking a few times at Shinobu before a smile crept up your tired face. “Yeah…it is nice.”
“You can go now, get home to them. I’m sure they’re probably already up and waiting.”
“Are you sure?” You didn’t like leaving your position early, anything could happen between that very moment at the thirty minutes before your shift actually ended. “Aoi will be up with the girls to take over for me very soon. I don’t think we’ll have a crazy rush or corps members that need help.” Shinobu herself looked ready to crawl into bed, these last two days truly were as hectic as you felt they were. When you still seemed hesitant, she continued. “You’re his tsugoku now, y/n. By corps rule, that comes first. Aren’t you leaving for a mission very soon?”
You stilled, you nearly forgot about the mission. “We are still waiting for a report back from an informant. Once we get that, we leave immediately.” Shinobu hummed, getting up slowly to open the window near your desk. “If that’s the case, you really need to get home and sleep.” Early morning light began spilling into the room. “Look at that, if you leave now the sun will be up by the time you get home.” She was ushering you up and out of your chair. “Shinobu are you sure?” You were only a few steps from the door at this point. “Yes! Like I said, they are probably waiting for you at this point!”
You stumbled through the door and into the hall. “Alright! Alright I’ll go!” The exhaustion was making you giddy, “good luck, y/n!” Most would assume that was for the mission, you knew otherwise. Heat flooded your cheeks as you waved her off, making a beeline down the hall towards the stairs. “I hope one of them is awake, I’ll probably fall asleep on the front porch at this rate.” You hoped they’d be willing to crawl back under the covers for a bit, or at least until you fell asleep.
The walk between the butterfly estate and the Uzui estate was only a few miles. All together you made it home just as the sun was fully risen above the horizon, just like Shinobu said you would. “Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” You could have collapsed then and there seeing Makio on the front porch, Hina was beside her. “You’re both up early!” You made your way through the gates, a warm cup of tea in both their hands. “Well, we were hoping to greet you when you made it home. Tengen and Suma are still fast asleep.” Hina scooted slightly, making enough space for you to sit between them.
“Y/N…you look exhausted.” Makio’s hand came to hold yours, worry filling her eyes. “I am. It’s been a crazy last two days at the estate’s infirmary. And now Tengen and I could be leaving for that mission soon…” you trailed off. You weren’t one for stress, and you didn’t like sharing that stress. But you couldn’t keep anything from them, they could read you like an open book. “Let’s get you to bed then! No point in sitting out here with us.” Hina was standing by the time she finished speaking. “I’d actually like to take a bath first…” you were being pulled up by Makio. “A bath it is.”
You weren’t sure how long you’d get to sleep, and a bath would be out of the question if you didn’t take it now. “I’ll heat up the water, Makio can give you a massage. I’m sure your muscles must be aching.” You missed the wink Hina shot Makio, resting heavily into her support as they led you into the estate. “Tengen and Suma will probably be asleep for another hour or two. Tengen has been staying up fairly late training and waiting for you to return. Plus with the mission he’s been sleeping as much as he can. Suma is…well she’s Suma. She’s always been a heavy sleeper and Tengen is a cuddle bug. So it works out very well for her.”
Your heart tugged a bit at the fact that Tengen had been staying up late despite training all day, eagerly waiting for your return. It was only two days, but that was the longest you’ve been apart from them since this all started. Shinobu found it a little excessive with the amount of crows you received with messages from them. “I missed that bed. It just isn't the same, sleeping alone is rather cold.” You thanked Makio softly as you entered the bathroom. Hina got to work while Makio helped you undress. “What’s this?” You were completely bare, Makio’s eyes fixated on your upper thigh. A bruise expanded across the plush skin, dark in the middle and yellow around the edges.
“It’s been a nightmare at the infirmary, the blood demon arts were causing a patient to seize. While trying to restrain their limbs, they managed to get a good kick at me.” Makio and Hina both looked frightened, it never dawned on them how dangerous it could be just being a nurse. It was also the first time they’d ever seen an injury on you. “Oh don’t look so scared! I’ve gotten far, far worse.” That didn’t seem to ease their nerves, but they returned to their tasks in order not to upset you. “Here we go, lavender oil.” Makio smiled as she poured a bit into her palms, rubbing them together.
She started with your shoulders, nimble fingers working out the tension. A breathy moan left your lips, you didn’t intend for it to sound as erotic as it did. The slight hesitation in Makio’s movements nearly made you giggle. “Tengen is a fairly heavy sleeper, but don’t be shocked if he appears in that doorway. He’s got a keen ear for anything sexual.” You felt a blush creep up your face, doing your best to keep any noises in. Makio’s hands moved to the middle of your back now. “You have a lot of tension.” Hina had left her post by the slowly heating bath, picking up the bottle of oil to assist Makio in massaging you.
You watched with bated breath as Hina dropped to her knees, glistening hands slowly massaging one of your calves. “Just relax, y/n. Hell you can even fall asleep if you Wanna.” Makio was at the middle of your back now. Every ache and pain faded under her skilled touch. You certainly would fall asleep if it wasn’t for the persistent pulse radiating from between your thighs. “As if…” you leaned into Makio’s touch as she reached the bottom of your back. A low guttural moan left you, she was working out the knots you didn’t even know you had down there.
This time you felt Hina’s fingers freeze, she was slowly making her way past your knee. “Y/n. Tengen is going to break through this door in two seconds if you don’t keep quiet.” There was a hint of laughter in Makio’s voice. “Sorry…you’re good at this.” You felt no shame, you knew what game they were up to by now…so what was the harm in playing back? Silence fell over the room again, Hina had stopped mid way up your thigh to switch to your other leg. You knew by now you were helplessly turned on, it was taking everything in you to not squeeze your thighs together.
“Don’t you think the bath is warm by now?” Makio was working her way up one of your arms. “I’m sure it is, but this is such a nice moment Makio.” You cooed, leaning into her touch. “Don’t you think my breasts would look nice covered in oil?” Maybe it was the lack of sleep talking, but you couldn’t suppress the fit of giggles that bubbled in your chest. “They…they would.” Hina seemed a bit hypnotized for a moment, eyes glued to your chest. You let out a gasp of surprise when Makio’s hands slid up your sides, coming around to grasp your breasts. “Would you like to test that theory out?”
She began massaging the tender flesh with oily hands. The shine transferred the more she worked, leaving Hina to stare in wonder as you submitted to Makio’s touch. After a moment Makio’s head appeared over your shoulder. “Well, would you look at that? They look even better than I imagined. Wouldn’t you agree, Hina?” Slick hands began parting your thighs, “oh, I agree.” She seemed to snap out of her daze. Your thighs fell open easily for her, you watched through lidded eyes as Hina took in your cunt. “You‘re already wet.” She used oil slick fingers to spread you open. “Of course I am, you two have been…” you swallowed thickly as Makio rolled your nipples between her fingertips.
“Y-you two have been playing with me…” you sounded like a whiny child, gasping as Hina slipped a finger inside of you. “Remember you two… we have to be quiet.” If this all worked out well, you’d have a quick stress reliever, a bath and be snuggled under warm sheets within an hour. One of Makio’s hands covered your mouth as you openly moaned. Hina had introduced a second finger into your slick heat, two days without them left you embarrassingly sensitive. “Y/n, what did I just say?”
You tried to relax yourself, deep even breathing was the only thing that allowed Makio’s hand to leave your mouth. All the while Hina’s fingers never slowed. You let your eyes flutter shut, Makio’s hands returned to their fondling. “Y-you know… I can use my hands too…” you had no way of reaching either of them though. “We can worry about that another time. For now this is all about you.” Hina’s mouth lowered to your cunt as she finished speaking. You held in a whiny moan as her tongue toyed with your clit. The sensation made tears prick your eyes, you didn’t dare touch yourself while at work even when you were in your own bed. The neglect was truly making you overly sensitive…how embarrassing.
“O-oh…” you wailed softly, hand coming up to cover your mouth. Makio’s front was pressing fully to your back as you leaned, whole body conflicted between relaxing and staying focused on Hina’s eager tongue. “Shh…” Makio cooed softly, bending down to kiss your head. “Just relax…let go…” you whimpered as she pinched your nipples again. The tension in your gut was growing tighter with each thrust of Hina’s fingers. “Come for her, y/n. Cream all over her fingers and mouth.” A gasp left you, not expecting Makio to become so bold with her words.
All the while, steam was filling the room. The bath was too hot at this point, but neither woman seemed to care when they had you quivering under their fingers. The added heat wasn’t helping your exhaustion, it felt like being wrapped in a warm blanket. “Look how relaxed you’re getting, y/n. Come for Hina. Make a mess of her.” You were starting to break a sweat, shivering despite the warmth. “G-gonna…” the tension was breathlessly tight, any second now and you’d be a mess.
“Gonna come? Then come, baby. Hina’s mouth is full of you right now, but she’d be saying the same thing if she could.” Makio’s voice was against your ear, only making the overwhelming pleasure all the more unbearable. Hina’s fingers were rubbing deliberate circles, fingers curling every few seconds. Her tongue was moving in perfect rhythm with her fingers, before you could even respond you were gasping for breath. Entire body tensing as your orgasm hit you so harshly you jolted forward. “There we go!” Makio praised you, hands pulling you back to her so Hina could continue.
Tears leaked down your cheeks now, if you weren’t tired before — you certainly were now. The same could be said about a bath, you really had no choice now… even if it was your idea to begin with. “H-Hina you can stop…” a slow drip sounded against the tile floor. Your body jerks with each suck as Hina didn’t relent. You felt the tension building up quicker than before, a different sensation accompanied it. “H-Hina…” you whined, hands coming down to grip the stool in an attempt to keep yourself grounded. “You’re not giving her a break?” Makio seemed genuinely confused, maybe even a little disappointed.
It seems she was hoping for some attention despite her earlier statement about this being all about you.
This time it felt like a sudden snap. No build up, no leaning one way or the other. This second orgasm came in record time, still riding off the shockwaves of your first. This time though, you felt liquid spray from between your legs. The sensation making your grip on the stool turns your knuckles white. “Hina!” You wailed, thighs trembling and clenching so tightly you were positive they’d cramp. She finally relented, leaving you feeling like a puddle of jelly. “Fuck.” Makio was using her body weight to keep you supported as you slumped into her. “Maybe I overdid it…” Hina was pulling off the clothes you accidentally soiled.
“You think? Help me get her to the bath.”
“Don’t you think the bath is too hot now…” you were thankful for Makio’s hands guiding you over. “Think of it as a hot spring.” Hina was getting in with you, since you had made her quite a mess as well. “Makio can clean up while we bathe.” Hina shot the other woman a wink, trying not to laugh as a vein bulged in her head. “That’s not fa—“ she trailed off when she saw your sleepy face relax into the bath. “That’s fine. Rest.”
You were completely oblivious to both women’s worried faces. There was something jarring to them seeing you so vulnerable, it was a different type of vulnerable. The bath itself was the perfect type of hot, it had your muscles relaxing even more than their massage did. Before you knew it, your eyes were shouting and you were falling into the warm embrace of sleep. “Well that didn’t take long…” Hina was cradling you to her chest, Makio was wiping up the mess you made on the tiles.
“Already asleep?” Your breathing was even, face perfectly relaxed. “Very much so.” Hina’s fingers combed through your hair, reaching for the small cup to begin filling it and dumping it to wet your locks. “She looked very…” Makio hesitated, you were tired and she knew that. But again, you looked positively exhausted. Plus the fact that you walked all the way home like that?
“I know…” Hina couldn’t say it either, her heart aching a bit. “Maybe it was a bad idea having her move in with us.” She made her way to the side of the tub, fingers gently reaching for you but deciding against it. “Not a bad idea…but certainly a selfish one on our part.” She hugged you a little tighter, relaxing into the bath more so you’d be more comfortable.
“Tengen asked her to be us tsugoku, she agreed. He asked her to move in, she agreed. She is still continuing to work for lady kocho on top of all of that.” Makio grabbed the stool as she spoke, setting it by the side of the tub so she could talk. “That is the life of a demon slayer. Always moving, never stopping. She knew what she was getting into. But maybe her work load would be just a little easier if she still lived at the butterfly estate.”
You’d only been living with them for about a month now. Hina could recall a handful of times you needed to drop everything due to an emergency at the estate. She knew — as far as you’d tell her — that none of the emergencies ended badly. Every patient was okay in the end, but she knew that wouldn’t always be the case. Would you be able to deal with a patient not making it because you were a few seconds too late on arrival?
“She looks so tired…Hina.” Makio’s hands were slowly massaging your scalp, working the soap in. “She does. This is the first time since she’s moved in that she’s been so busy at the estate that it was nearly two full days of no contact. According to Tengen, that is a fairly easy run compared to stories she’s told him. It can last even up to a week. It all depends on how many come in, what they were affected by, how injured they are. It’s also up to her and lady kocho to make remedies at the drop of a hat, even if they’ve never seen that sort of demon art before.”
She began pouring water over your head again, all the while you still slept peacefully. “We’ll probably have to wake Tengen to help us get out of the bath. We certainly won’t be able to do it in a way that won’t wake her up.” She cradled you as if you were a small child. “Isn’t it strange? We got so attached to her so quickly. It was meant to be, don’t you think?” Makio was wandering around the room to find some towels now, Hina began gently washing your body to the best of her ability.
“It’s fate if you ask me. I’ll go wake Tengen.” She left the towels on top of the stool, disappearing through the sliding doors. “I wish you’d open up just a little more…” you hummed unknowingly in your sleep, the sound making Hina tense slightly. “Sleep well, don’t listen to me ramble.” She hugged you just a little tighter as the doors opened again. “So she fell asleep in the tub.” Tengen walked in first followed by Makio, he was still rubbing sleep from his eyes.
“She was very tired, I told you this Tengen.” He laughed softly as he made his way over to Hina. “You two did a good job cleaning her up.” Makio had left out the other parts though she was certain Tengen could probably figure it out. He was shirtless, a pair of pants hanging loosely on his hips. The ones he specifically requested you take from the butterfly mansion because he liked how easy they were to take on and off. Two muscular arms sunk under the water, one residing on your upper back and the other under the curve of your knees. He picked you up slowly, water running off your body in rivets as he moved to cradle you to his chest.
“Towel?” To his amazement, you didn’t even fuss. You were still deeply asleep. Makio handed him one, loosely getting it around your body while taking another to wrap around your hair. “I’ll take her to bed, you two can relax.” Tengen left the room with you in his arms, eyes trailing over your sleeping face down to your wet body. “I miss you, my dear.” He pushed the door open slowly, Suma was still fast asleep. “Two heavy sleepers.” He chuckled softly to himself, sitting on the edge of the bed to try and dry you off before throwing you under the covers.
“Tengen?” Suma’s groggy voice met his ears, a quiet hum leaving him in response. “Is y/n home?” Her voice was quiet, barely there. “She is, sweetheart. She's right here but quiet now…she’s sleeping.” He turned, placing you between him and Suma. “She’s sleeping…” the black haired girl snuggled closer when she realized you were next to her. She hadn’t even opened her eyes yet. A soft hand followed by a soft arm trailed over your middle, she pulled herself tightly to you, settling back into a blissful sleep. “You’d sleep forever if you could, Suma.”
Tengen laid back down, turning so he was facing the two of you. Gentle fingers traced the slopes of your face, pushing damp hair away from it. He didn’t like seeing such dark circles under your eyes. He didn’t like that you seemed to be feeling weak. He had a sinking suspicion that you were overwhelmed, but you wouldn’t say a word. He silently prayed that the informant's crow wouldn’t arrive for at least another day. Soft kisses followed, all across your cheek, your forehead, your nose and temple. He was a mix between tired and awake, but couldn’t stand the idea of leaving you. He settled with the idea of sleep, his arm draping over Suma’s around your middle
When your eyes opened again, you were warm and dry. Eyes blinking sleep away slowly as you realized the sun was brightening the entire room. “You’re awake.” You jumped slightly, head turning to face Tengen. “You slept for only a few hours. It’s not even noon yet, go back to sleep.” He drew closer, flesh pressing against flesh as he cradled your cheek. “I’m not tired…” you didn’t seem to believe your own words, hand coming to rest where Tengen’s was against your cheek.
“Sure you are…” the dark circles had faded just a little, but they were still too prominent for his liking. “I missed you.” Your voice was soft, the slight rustle on the other side of you had you turning away. “It’s just Suma.” You relaxed, Tengen moved his arm so you could see her. “Mornin Y/n.” She had a sleepy grin on her face, eyes peeking open. “Good morning, Suma.” She seemed pleased by your response, snuggling closer. “Makio and Hina are still awake. I’m not sure what they are doing though.” Tengen pulled your attention back.
“Why don’t we have some fun, since you already had fun with Makio and Hina.” Your cheeks flooded with heat, so they had heard you? Suma was shifting upwards now, using her elbow for support to lean over you. “We did absolutely hear you, baby. We also heard Makio shushing you.” Your hands came up to cover your face, embarrassment turning into need as Tengen’s hand lowered down your stomach. “I know you already bathed and all that, but we probably have to leave before the day ends…may as well.”
He concluded as two fingers spread your lips apart, Suma’s hand snaking down to meet his. You sunk your teeth into the side of your cheek, Suma wasted no time rubbing quick circles on your clit. “So long as you are okay with it, you don’t have to do anything.” Suma lowered, toying with your entrance before moving back to your clit, fingers slightly wet. “Y-yeah…” you weren’t sure how to proceed further. “Then let us take care of you like Makio and Hina did.” Tengen pulled the covers off, exposing your naked form.
You hadn’t realized it until that point, but Suma had been naked ass well. Tengen still had a pair of pajama pants clinging to his waist, his arousal evident. “Just relax. Suma keep her open, yeah?” Suma smiled, getting impossibly closer to you. Her breasts pressed into your side, head next to yours as her fingers moved to keep your pussy spread wide. Tengen settled between your thighs, taking in every inch of you. Large hands pushed your thighs open, holding them in place with an iron grip.
“So pretty, baby. I bet you really missed us.” You whined as his mouth lowered, Tengen’s eyes remained trained on your face as his tongue darted out lick your clit. “I-I did…it was so…so lonely sleeping all alone.” You whimpered, Suma’s lips descended to your neck to make more bruises. “Oh I bet…” Suma admired the new bruise, lips pressing to your cheek before moving towards your breasts. “So lonely, but I didn’t even have time to touch myself.” You whined again, eyes meeting Tengen and quickly looking away.
He looked ravenous, the bed head certainly wasn’t helping the aching pulse he was satisfying. “Oh? You were that lonely?” Suma’s hand squeezed your breast as her mouth descended on the other. You didn’t know what to do with your hands, with Suma tending to your chest and Tengen tending to your cunt all you could do is writhe against the sheets. “Y-yeah…” your hands found purchase in the sheets, pulling them tightly as your pleasure grew stronger.
Suma’s tongue swirled slowly around your nipple, teeth grazing it slightly. Your head pushed back into the pillow, eyes squeezing shut as you were once again overwhelmed. Your orgasm earlier still had you feeling overly sensitive. You whined as Tengen massaged the flesh of your thighs, mouth suctioning to your clit. “Tengen…” Suma’s lips pulled away, saliva connecting her to you still. “Hmm?” He hummed against your cunt making you jump. “Why don’t you just fuck her already?”
Tengen’s eyes widened, lips pulling away from your dripping cunt to look at Suma. “You want me to fuck her? Why can’t I enjoy her taste first?” You forgot how similar the two of them were when they were alone together. “Because it’s no fun watching! I wanna see her get all sloppy and whiny. And you could be leaving any minute now!” Suma pouted as if she didn’t just say such dirty thoughts out loud. “Do you want that, y/n?” All attention turned back to you.
“I-I don’t care…” you were slightly annoyed that your pending release had fizzled away. “See Suma! You upset her.” He returned to your cunt without another word, tongue flicking over the sensitive bud before slowly introducing a finger. One of Tengen’s fingers was equivalent to two of Hina’s in your mind. You welcomed the initial discomfort before melting back into your lust filled haze. “Sorry…y/n forgive me.” She sealed her lips over yours before you could even respond. Of course you weren’t mad at her.
Your hands found a new place to reside, and that was in Suma’s hair. You kept her in place, teeth nipping at her bottom lip until she opened wide. You slipped your tongue past her lips, giggling as she tried to fight for dominance. Your advantage slipped through your fingers as Tengen pushed a second past your entrance. Your mouth fell slack, Suma easily dominating the kiss as Tengen didn’t slow.
You couldn’t tell what exactly Suma was doing but she seemed to become restless. After a moment you heard fabric rustle and Suma began to move back and forth at a steady pace. When she pulled away you realized she had stuck a pillow between her thighs. You chose not to say anything, a shaky moan left her lips before you pulled her back. Your orgasm snuck up on you, hands tugging Suma’s hair tight as you cried into her mouth.
“There we go, pretty girl.” Tengen cooed as his fingers were coated in your arousal. He was a bit annoyed you weren’t looking at him, he placed both fingers in his mouth but regardless and sucked them clean. “Hey!” He sat himself up, brow twitching at the fact that he was still being ignored. Your lips were still pressed to Suma’s, hands buried in her hair while her hips rocked into the pillow. Tengen was absolutely dumbfounded for a moment, he’d never been ignored for this long.
He resorted to the one thing he knew would surely grab your attention. He pumped himself a few times, spreading his precum around his shaft before sliding it between your folds. He did so a few times until he felt he was coated enough to slip inside. “Y/n? Suma? Really?” He sighed, you were both too lost in each other to notice him. He pushed in quickly, not wanting to hurt you but not able to deal with the lack of attention.
“T-Tengen!” You wailed as Suma pulled away completely, eyes wide as she looked to the source of your cry. “You were hogging her, Suma.” Tengen’s brows were furrowed, hips moving in and out of you slowly. “Tengen!” She whined as he stuck his tongue out, leaning down over you fully to finally meet your lips. You left Suma slowly, hands buried in Tengen’s hair instead. Suma watched with lidded eyes, hips grinding into the pillow below her. “So hot…” She was breathless, eyes watching Tengen’s hips thrust into you over and over.
All three of you froze. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.” Tengen’s face buried in your neck, a low groan leaving him. “C-can you come back in like…ten minutes?” You watched the crow flap around the room. “ABSOLUTELY NOT! YOUR PRESENCE IS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY!” It was your turn to groan. “We are in no position to receive this news! Come back in ten minutes!” You tried again. “NO!” It’s shrill cry had Suma reaching for a pillow to throw at it.
“Come back later you damn bird!” She wailed, hips moving again to chase her own high. “I MUST SHARE THE NEWS YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!” Tengen’s head whipped upwards, weight shifting to one hand and grabbing the pillow from Suma’s grasp. “COME BACK IN TEN MINUTES!” The pillow nearly hit the crow, it squawked in anger before fluttering through the window again. “I'm never leaving that window open again.” With a new motivation, Tengen’s hips began pistoning into you.
“Stupid fucking bird, fuck this.” He was actually angry, your hands shifted from his hair to his shoulders. If you didn’t hold on tight enough you’d be thrusted away from him. “T-Tengen!” His head was brushing your cervix, your nails scraped his back as groans and grunts tumbled from his lips. “No fair!” Suma huffed, humping the pillow in time with Tengen’s thrusts into you. “I don’t get a turn…” she was breathless, sweat dripping down her forehead.
“W-we’ll treat you…all…when we get back…” how the hell were you supposed to leave for this mission when you were starting to lose feelings in your legs? “Y-you better…” Suma hunched forward, a whiny moan spilling from her lips as she came all over the pillow. Your walls clenched tightly around Tengen, orgasm ripping through you for a second time. “Ahh shit…” Tengen moaned, he’d never get used to how tightly you squeezed him. “T-this isn’t the release I wanted you know…”
He was seconds away from spilling into you. Anger fueled his release over the fact that he couldn’t properly cherish you in that moment. “It’s okay…t-there’s always another time…” your eyes shut, trying to breathe through the overstimulation until Tengen finally buried deep. “I’ll make it up to you…” his voice was strained as he pressed his mouth to your ear. Those words held a promise that had your heart picking up in pace.
“Are you sure you two can’t stay?” Makio had finished fixing your hair, Suma had just finished painting on Tengen’s eye makeup. “I wish we could.” You stood, walking over to grab your sheathed blade and attach it to your hip. “According to the crow. It’s a village up north, we now have confirmed activity of demonic presence.” Tengen stood, walking over to meet you and pick up his blades. “It seems to be a group of them but it’s unlikely to be upper moons. The informant seems to think there is a lower moon, but I don’t think it will be much for the two of us to handle.”
Makio’s hands fidgeted with her kimono, worried eyes glancing at Suma and Hina. “It won’t take us more than a few days. Less than a week for sure.” You could sense their tension, you had to wonder if they were always like this when Tengen left for missions. “That’s too long.” Suma had tears welling in her eyes, hands turning to fists as she tried to force them away. “Suma…” you still weren’t used to someone being so disheartened by your absence.
“We’ll be back before you know it. That goes for all three of you.” Tengen noticed the glimmer of tears in Makio and Hina’s eyes as well. Hina was the first to move, walking forward and pulling both of you into a hug. Makio and Suma appeared seconds later. You didn’t expect the ache you felt in your chest when you hugged them back just as tight. “Come back to us in one piece…please.” Hina’s words were hoarse, tears threatening to spill. “Of course we will. You know I’ll keep her safe.”
“And you know I’ll keep him safe.” You smiled up at Tengen, one he returned just as quickly. “Good luck.” Makio let go reluctantly, pulling a crying Suma away. “Seriously, we’ll be back before you know it.” You and Tengen made your way out of the estate and down its front steps. “We have quite a way to go. We probably won’t make it to our destination today.” You started off at a normal pace, you wouldn’t start covering real ground until you had a plan in place.
“We’ll travel until we can’t, though I’d rather find an inn for us to get a good night's sleep.” You slowly began realizing this was going to be your first time alone with Tengen since the night you first met him. “It’s better to be rested than arrive at our destination struggling to stay awake. Surely a Hashira and his tsugoku is going to raise suspicion.” Your legs were still a little shaky, desperately wanting to fall into Tengen’s arms. “That’s true, we’ll stop at an inn when we are nearly at our destination or when the moon is high in the sky. Whichever comes first.”
He took off after that, leaving you to pick up the pace and chase after him. You were used to training with him like this, his initial goal for you was to match his speed. Yet, your earlier realization was tugging at your thoughts more so than keeping up with him. This would be your first time alone with Tengen since the night everything initially happened. You hadn’t even shared his bed without one other woman in it. And it’s not like you minded, but there was something so nerve racking about sharing a bed with just him.
Those thoughts ran around your head the entirety of your run. Tengen being Tengen never once slowed, not until the sun was slowly disappearing behind the mountains. “I think this is a good spot to take a break!” You practically collapsed, Tengen had barely broken a sweat. “You aren’t human.” You shouldered off your pack, rummaging through it for water. “You did well, y/n.” He was slowly sipping his own, a smile on his face as you guzzled down the cool liquid. “You think? I still have a long way to go, master.”
You held in a laugh, it wasn’t often you got to properly address him as your superior. Mostly because he didn’t see himself as anything other than your soon to be doting husband. You just liked to tease him with the nickname. “Don’t.” He tried to sound serious but a smile was tugging at his lips. “You know you like it, master.” He shook his head, thankful that he was already flushed from running. “I was going to give you ten minutes to relax. Just for that we are leaving now.” Tengen was gone within a blink.
“Oh come on!” Once again you scrambled to grab your things, running after the man at a speed just a little slower. He wasn’t kidding, the next time he even showed signs of stopping it wasn’t until the moon was high in the sky. “T-Tengen…please…” you were slowing, muscles screaming for a break as you made it into a village not far off from your destination. The white haired man slowed, turning to look at you. The dark circles returning to your face in a more prominent manner made his heart clench. “How could I be so careless…”
He was so caught up in treating this professionally that he nearly forgot about how exhausted you must be. “Let’s find a place to sleep.” He was holding onto your arm, head whipping around until he spotted a small building advertising vacancy. Within five minutes you were being carried up a flight of stairs. “I can still walk, you know. I’m just tired.” You giggled as Tengen refused to put you down, the stern look in his eyes making worry scratch at the back of your mind.
“Tengen?” He was unlocking the door with one hand, pushing it open and bringing you inside. “Tengen.” He set you on the bed, still not speaking. “You’re worrying me. Did I do something wrong?” You sat up, watching him lock the door. At the question his head turned, a more gentle look crossing over his face as he walked to you. “You did nothing wrong, my love.” You blinked at him, swallowing as he crouched down before you. “I’m the one that needs to be apologizing, I did something wrong, after all.” Larger hands engulfed your own, bringing them up so plush lips kissed your knuckles.
“I’m a bit lost.” You smiled at his kisses nonetheless. “I was careless, I should have given you more breaks.” His eyes met yours and your heart sunk. Did he think you couldn’t handle this? “Am I not doing well?” You tried to hide your hurt but Tengen saw straight through it. “You’re doing wonderful.” His tone felt like a father talking to a hurt child, you squeezed his hands back. “I don’t get it then.” He shook his head at the offended look in your eyes. “You’re tired, y/n. You’ve been tired for nearly three days and you haven’t had proper sleep. Then I went and got selfish twice. Both times just to satisfy myself.”
“To satisfy yourself?” You knew the first event in question was that morning, but the second? “I didn’t stop because I couldn’t get you out of my mind. This is our first time alone.” So he had been thinking the same thing as you. “Tengen…” your voice was soft, sure you were tired but it was hard to feel tired when he was looking at you like that. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I agree with Hina. I want you to leave the corps…maybe if I get you pregnant…you could at least take a little break.” You blinked, laughter bubbling up in you.
“Save that for another day…though I guess I wouldn’t mind you trying.” You knew he’d never force you to leave, but his choice method wasn’t all that bad. “Are you too tired…” his hands let go of your own, instead moving to hold your hips. “Never too tired for you…” you reached up, taking off his headband and dropping it to the side. His lips met yours in a soft kiss, knees hitting the ground to give himself better balance. You busied yourself with undoing the tie that kept his hair back, smiling into the kiss as his white locks hit your face.
You shivered as Tengen’s hands ran up your sides, slowly reaching to undo the buttons of your uniform. “I’ll be damned for doing this on a mission.” His forehead was still pressed to yours, saliva keeping you connected. “As if you care about things like that.” You kissed him again, hands burying in his hair as he popped open the last few buttons of your uniform top. “You’re right…” he began to laugh, pushing you further into the bed until you laid flat. “You already did this earlier…let me have a turn.”
He was hovering over you now, eyes trailing down your exposed torso. “Oh?” He smiled, rolling off of you and laying flat on his back. “Go ahead.” He had a dopey look on his face as you sat up, a lazy grin spreading across his handsome face. “You’re easy to persuade.” You undid the buttons of his top, smiling as toned muscles were revealed to you. “It feels like this is the very first time we met.” You giggled to yourself as you began undoing the belt of his pants. “Oh don’t remind me…” he was a bit ashamed to say he still thought of that first night. It was only a month or so ago but still.
“You were so charming, little did I know.” You laughed as he looked at you in surprise, hips lifting anyways to allow you room to pull them off. “What’s that supposed to mean!” You giggled, hand delicately pulling his undergarments off. “Oh nothing. You are a charmer, but you are also quite a perv.” He opened his mouth to say something but stopped when your hand wrapped around his shaft. “Don’t you remember? You were so cheeky with your comments. I was bandaging your ribs and you said…”
“Your touch is so light, it nearly tickles.” You smiled as he finished your sentence, for some reason you didn’t expect him to remember. Only a month had passed since that night but you felt like an eternity had instead. “Then you said you could go harder if I wanted.” He began to laugh, a breathy moan escaping with it as your hand passed over his tip. “T-that you did. You say I’m cheeky, have you heard yourself?” You smiled, leaning over his tip and sticking your tongue out. Saliva pooled and dripped down your tongue, landing on his tip. “You can’t deny that you came on to me first, Tengen.”
“I never said I was denying it.” He propped himself up slightly, watching you get yourself comfortable. You laid flat on your stomach, hand pumping his length with a steady rhythm. “Did you really happen to fall for me that night?” Your mouth hovering over his tip probably wasn’t the best time to have this conversation. “I really did. You took my breath away, I told you this.” His hand reached down, stroking your cheek. That was all you needed to hear, lowering your head to take his head into your mouth.
You never doubted his love for you, but you did enjoy hearing him say you took his breath away. You swirl your tongue slowly around the tip, cheeks hollowing to squeeze around him. “You just wanted me to p-praise you huh?” His chest was heaving, your tongue remained around his tip and moved no further. You hummed in agreement, sending vibrations straight through him. Similar to the way he had earlier.
“S-shit.” His head fell back against the mattress, eyes shutting as he tried to cherish the feeling of your mouth. You lowered a bit, taking more of his length and swallowing. You knew just how he liked it, so as saliva slipped down his shaft you wrapped your hand around it. Low moans left his lips as you pumped slowly, fist meeting your lips each time before sliding back down. You continued this motion for a minute or two, relishing in Tengen’s breathy sighs.
“C-close…” he choked out, hand turning to fist the sheets. You didn’t slow, instead using your other hand to fondle his balls, surporessing a giggle as his back nearly arched. You sunk lower than you had the whole time, swallowing as his release hit the back of your throat. You couldn’t get enough of the noises he made, the sheets nearly ripping under his grasp. For such a large man, it was satisfying to see him crumble under your fingertips.
“How was that?” Your mouth made a popping sound as you pulled off him, shifting your weight into your knees to look at him better. “Amazing as always…c’mere.” He opened his arms wide, allowing you to crawl on top. “You should strip for me.” He chuckled as his hands played with the hem of your uniform skirt. “Yeah? You want a lap dance with it?” You were only half serious but Tengen seemed to love the idea. “If you insist.”
You rolled your eyes but got off of him nonetheless. “The things I do for you.” You slowly slid off your top, letting it drop to the ground before raising your arms all the way up to stretch. Tengen smiled, reaching forward to tug your skirt down. “I thought I was giving you a show?” You let him tug it down anyways, the material slipping off and pooling at your feet. “Bend over.” You smacked your lips at his request, “no way.” He pouted, watching you slip your underwear off with a sparkle in his eyes. “Not before taking these off at least.”
You hid your face, cheeks heating as you bent over and fully exposed yourself to him. It was meant to be a bold action but instead you were doing everything you could to force your cheeks not to be hot. “Oh…” Tengen was frozen, waiting to see what you’d do next. “Oh don’t act so shocked.” You straightened, walking so you stood between his spread knees. “I don’t remember you doing that the night we first…” you cut him off by placing his hands on the knot that kept your breast binding together.
“But I did do this…” you smiled as he tugged the knot loose, the material falling away from your body. “Are we just trying to recreate that night?” You wrapped your arms around his neck, looking down at him as his head rested on your breasts. “I don’t mind…but I’d also like to try something new. If you remember correctly…” his arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you tight. “I took you while you laid on your back. I’d like to try something different. It’s something I don’t think we’ve tried yet.” It was hard to imagine not trying something when Tengen always had a high sex drive and four women to please.
“Oh? What’s that?” You lowered, putting your knees on either side of his hips and trusting him to support the rest of your weight with his knees. “I’d like to see you on top, just like this.” You tilted your head, eyes lowering to look at his still hard cock between the two of you. “Don’t I deserve some foreplay?” Tengen seemed absolutely shocked by that realization. “You certainly do.” His hands moved from your waist to your ass, pulling your lower half flush against him.
“You’re wet already…” he pulled you into a kiss as you tried grinding against his cock. “I know…” you smiled into the kiss as your lips met again, your grip tightening as pleasure ebbed its way through your body. Tengen leaned back, giving you more room to move. You whined as his length brushed your clit every few slides, “More…” you were already frustrated. “That’s what I thought. Your teasing backfired.” His hand slipped down, grabbing the base of his dick for you.
“Oh shut it.” You leaned forward, head lowering down to watch where your hand met his. You positioned him at your entrance, lowering your hips slowly until his tip pushed through. “Shit…” you lowered more, welcoming the burning stretch until your cunt was flush to his pubic bone. Neither of you spoke, your thighs were already trembling in effort to keep yourself up right. Tengen’s hand reached for yours, fingers intertwining as your other hand was planted firmly on his chest.
“Can you…handle it?” He was one to talk, he was already breaking a sweat. “I-I think so…” this new position was a lot more strenuous than you had been anticipating. “Think of it as…a work out.” His free hand was gripping your thigh so tightly you were positive it would leave bruises. “Y-yeah that’s it…” you lifted yourself slowly, sinking back down at a similarly slow pace. “Take your time…” he was partially terrified that this new position would hurt you. You said nothing, brows furrowed in determination as you tried to find a quicker rhythm.
You didn’t have the strength to lift your head, instead focusing on where Tengen’s cock continued to disappear in and out of you. “Damnit…” you whined softly, sweat dripping down your temple as your pleasure grew. But at the rate you were going you knew you’d never reach your peak. “D-do you want to switch?” Tengen’s voice was strained, your velvety walls were clenching around him so tightly. “N-not yet…” you wanted to at least make it a few minutes in this position.
You sat yourself up, a shocked gasp leaving you as Tengen hit a new spot. Your eyes traveled downwards, a slight bulge resided above your pubic bone around your abdomen. “Woah…” that certainly had never happened before. Tengen’s face looked just as surprised as your own. “Is that…okay?” You leaned forward again, Tengen’s hand pulling you back. “I’m not…sure. It felt interesting though…” you settled in a position that was sitting straight up but not leaning back. “Let’s…look into that more when we aren’t expected to be somewhere…”
You nodded, hips lifting and dropping in a steady rhythm once again. You could tell Tengen was close by the way his dick was twitching, your walls were suctioning so tightly to him it was impossible not to feel. “S-sorry baby…” you looked down at him in surprise, not entirely sure what he was planning. After a second his legs lifted, feet resting on the edge of the bed has his knees folded. The sudden motion sent you falling forward into Tengen’s chest. “T-Tengen!” You gasped as his hands gripped your ass, “You’ll appreciate this…promise.”
The new leverage had Tengen’s hips pounding into you at nearly triple the speed you had. “T-Tengen!” You wailed again, face burying into his chest as he bruised your cervix with each thrust. Whimpers and moans left your lips with no regard for your volume. Each thrust caused your pleasure to build, one hand shakily reaching down to try and toy with your clit to bring you over the edge. “Shit…shit…” Tengen’s head was thrown back completely, the bed creaking to the point you thought it may break.
Your eyes watered as your orgasm ripped through you, a guttural moan leaving you as you spilled over Tengen’s abdomen. “Fuck…” your walls clenched and spasmed so tightly he found it hard to move for a second. “I-is inside okay?” He was doing everything he could to hold off until you answered. “Yes~” your words were slurred, eyes drooping as he thrusted a few more times until spilling into you. You weren’t sure how long you spaced out, but when you came back to reality Tengen was slowly pulling out of you.
“I think we’re going to get kicked out.” He moved you slowly to your side, arms wrapping around you to keep you close. “Oh…I…shit…I forgot we were at an inn.” Your cheeks were burning hot as you realized your neighbors probably hated the two of you right now. “I’m sure we’ll get some awkward glances tomorrow morning…” you nodded, cheek pressed into his chest as his heart beat evened out. “Get some sleep. I’ll clean you up and get us nice and comfy. We have a long few days ahead of us.”
That brought you back to reality even more, a whine leaving you. “You forgot just about everything.” There was a teasing tone to his voice, your hair was being twirled around his fingers. “I sure did.” Your words were still coming out muffled, sleep slowly tugging at your mind. “That’s a sign that you need sleep. Now close those pretty eyes.” You began to laugh, hand lightly slapping his chest. “Stop being cheesy.” Your eyes were closing fully, body relaxing into Tengen’s embrace.
“Like you’d have me any other way…”
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plussizeficchick · a month ago
Can we talk about how Tengen Uzui is literally aching for a chubby fourth wife?
He wants one so badly. He can’t help but melt over the cuteness of their doughy, cherubic cheeks. The meaty plushness of their thighs, the squishiness of their round, fleshy tummy. The warmth they radiate from their cute, chubby pussies.
Don’t get him wrong, he loves his wives, but there's just something about slipping his thick, veiny cock inside the warm, wet mushy goodness of a chunky girl, the way their doughy thighs are a perfect comfort against his rock hard flesh.
He can’t help himself, he’s always been flamboyant and what’s more luxurious than a cute, chubby darling by his side?
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sakusins · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: hashibira inosuke, agatsuma zenitsu, kamado tanjiro, uzui tengen, shinaguzawa sanemi
notes: i’m catching up on demon slayer rn and this is me at 3 am writing bc i luv them
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐈𝐍𝐎𝐒𝐔𝐊𝐄 stares with wide eyes when you cup his face, tracing over the edge of the bruise with a small frown. “does it hurt too bad?” you ask softly, and he scowls instantly, eye twitching at the question. “what do you mean hurt? i’m not in pain,” he growls, determined to deny there’s a small throbbing through his cheek. you smile gently and roll your eyes, leaning forward and pressing a delicate kiss to the darkened mark on his pale skin. “there, that should keep it from starting to hurt,” you murmur, tucking a strand of hair behind his ear. and slowly, he leans into your palm, forehead pressing against yours as you run a thumb over the warm skin in slow, soothing circles.
✰ 𝐙𝐄𝐍𝐈𝐓𝐒𝐔 pouts at you with watery eyes, wide and innocent as he points at the bruise forming on his cheek. you offer him a sympathetic pout back as he sniffles. “look, it’s getting all swollen. and it hurts pretty bad,” he croaks, and you cup his jaw with both hands, pressing your foreheads together with a soft chuckle. “aww, you poor thing. here,” you murmur as you plant a small trail of kiss along his bruise, making his skin flush a deep shade of crimson as his breath stutters. “please marry me,” he says instantly, staring at you in awe as you stifle a giggle. pinching his nose affectionately, you pull away. “maybe some day. you should heal first, though,” you wink, pressing one more kiss to his jaw before walking away.
✰ 𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐉𝐈𝐑𝐎 winces as your thumb brushes over his bruise, cradling his jaw and inspecting closely as you lean forward. “i told you to be careful,” you mumble with a slight pout, and his hands plant themselves on your waist, squeezing reassuringly. “it’s not too bad, i promise,” he offers, smiling at you with closed eyes. sighing, you tilt your head and press a kiss under the mark, making a soft blush dust over his skin as his breath hitches. his hand places itself over your own, keeping it in place as you trail up to cup his cheek. “you should rest, you know. you never get a break.” and with a warm smile, he plants a kiss to your forehead before tugging you along to join him.
✰ 𝐓𝐄𝐍𝐆𝐄𝐍 grins at you as he pulls you onto his lap, hands planting themselves on your hips and hiking up your shirt to rub the bare skin up and down. you eye the bruise on his chest in concern, and he chuckles lowly to himself. “don’t worry about me,” he says proudly, pointing to his bruise, “this is proof i won flamboyantly—” but he cuts himself off when he feels soft lips press to the purpleish mark on his skin, staring at you as you smile up at him. “i’m sure you were very flashy, but you should still be more careful, you know,” you scold lightly, wrapping your arms around his neck. chuckling, he leans back and pulls you flush against his chest, rubbing your back up and down slowly as he tells you about his mission.
✰ 𝐒𝐀𝐍𝐄𝐌𝐈 grunts when you try to grab his face, pulling away from your touch and muttering that he’s fine under his breath. you’re persistent, though, and you still manage to pull his face closer as you squint at the mark on his skin. “well, on the bright side this one’s not going to scar,” you sigh, brushing loose strands of hair from his forehead. he scowls, crossing his arms and turning his face away from you to the side. “told you i’m fine, so quit—” but you cut him off with a peck to his lips before placing a softer one to his bruise, making his eyes widen slightly. “there, now it’ll heal faster,” you giggle, and even if he rolls his eyes, his arm curls around your waist with a scoff and brings you closer.
Tumblr media
bye these are probably rly out of character bdjshf be nice to me i’m tired and it’s 3 am
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sanwioz · 2 months ago
been thinkin ab this and honestly i just know tengen can put you in the best mating press … his height and weight m’ getting so dizzy imagining it :( and especially if you both have a breeding kink ?? he’d put your legs way back to your chest n look you directly in the eyes while delivering mean strokes… “feel it in your tummy, angel?” gonna cry ab this now - 🐶
hhhh 🥺
no cuz this man is 6’6’’ ! ! ! ! ! 198 centimeters and two hundred and nine pounds of rock hard steel. he pretends not to notice the longing stare you give to babbling babies gurgling little coo’s in a shopping cart pushed by their parents when you both go to the grocery store or how you spend a little more time than usual in the infant section of a clothing store ( this is a lie, he does notice but he only gives you a small smirk before quickly redirecting your attention. he knows how much you want tiny babies of your own ): jus wants you to admit it out of your own mouth. ).
so he makes you say it — he makes you say it while he has you folded into a press on the living room floor with your knees lateral to your ears. “tell me,” he sighs. your pussy pulses around his cock as you sob and whine and hold onto his wrists. “say it ‘n i’ll do it. tell me and i’ll rip this fuckin’ condom off and pump you full.”
but you can’t. you feel embarrassed by your needs for some reason and tengen can see that. your face turns away, lips press close against each other, and you keep your eyes screwed tightly shut — fuck, you’re a stubborn little thing. so, tengen switches up his tactic. he adverts most of his body weight onto one of his hands pinning your knee to the ground to grab you by the face with the other and press his fingers into your cheeks until a loud whimper of his name is catapulted out past your pretty lips. “tell me.”
you look up into his eyes — bright pools of maroon, unsurprised to see a small, handsome smirk tilting the left corner of his lips up. “i wan’ it,” your voice is timid . . small. you feel disgusting and your eyes subconsciously draw closed again. only this time, tengen tch’s a few, firm ‘uh-uh. nuh-uh. no. look at me,’ constellating your attention once more. “what? want me to pull out? leave you here gaping? — huh? no?” his eyebrows furrow with faux sympathy. “then what?”
god, he can be so mean. he’s stopped moving, too and it leaves the weight of all nine inches of him simply rooted inside of you. you hiccup, “tengen.”
“no, no, tell me,” that cocky smirk starts to slowly make its home once more. “. . . i’m curious.”
you can only take so much. “want babies, tengen. your babies.” you do, you do. and he makes sure to give you what you want ): pulls out without another second wasted, snatches off that thin barrier of rubber around his dick that he fucking loathes so much then plunges back in. he makes you squirt around his cock until you’re sobbing, makes you hold on tight to him when the sheer strength of his pounds has your skin starting to chafe against the coarse fabric of the rug underneath you, pins you down and makes you take load after load of his semen until he’s sure it sticks.
and when you’re left practically brain dead, teary eyed, and breathless, only then is when he softly kisses you and murmurs, “hm, now was that so hard?”
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