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gimbapchefs · 2 days ago
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또 가고싶다
i want to go again
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superdictionary · a day ago
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Lois Lane: I’m very tired. I’m greatly tired.
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Taehyung: *walking up to Seokjin, smiling*
Seokjin: What's wrong with you?
Taehyung: I like your hair
Seokjin: What did you do?
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bts-trans · a day ago
211201 Suga & V’s Tweets
V’s Tweet
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Suga’s Tweet
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내일 보아요 :D
See you tomorrow :D
Trans cr; Faith @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
Suga or V’s Tweet
와 하루에 86400초에서 10초도 차이가 안남.. 운명이네
Wow there are 86400 seconds in a day and yet there wasn’t even a 10 second difference.. It’s fate
(T/N: Referring to V and Suga tweeting at practically the same time.)
Trans cr; Faith @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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Patreon reward for @darkendkurai! ✨
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chimgirldaegu · 2 days ago
Jikook + “we”
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lovelymin7 · a day ago
Welcome !!! halsey
#BTS #Halsey
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taystarotoverload · 2 days ago
BTS' Taehyung's Love Language
Taehyungs Love Language
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so Taehyung may have a bit of a problem with sort of ‘obsessing’ over the people he’s with. he tends to want to stay a certain way and mold his relationships a certain way; so part of his love language i guess is ‘control’. i don’t see him as a bad controlling, he allows people space, however he does tend to control out of comfort and protection.
The Emperor
i had to take a breather for this one. just saying… whoever gets tae just know he can be smooth. he does like to be in control at times, but he loves to just offer space. he may be into older people as well, he is very practical and intelligent and thus will use that to get the attention he desires.
The Hierophant
He may be someone into very traditional relationships, so he will stay within that area. i just imagine him literally being the walk for his s/o, being the protective border for them lmao.
King of Cups
his love language is family LMAO he loves his family so much and if he has a crush on someone they will definitely know.
Three of Pentacles
ooh just being friendly in general and including someone. i’m seeing that his love language majorly can be him just including them in things and being like, “well can ___ join us?”
The Hermit
god, the way he just speaks. he will be so smooth and clear with his words and the other person will either be thrown off and not understand or completely understand and crumble at the feet.
Knight of Cups
ROMANTIC GOD HES SO ROMANTIC. i’m hearing music so definitely will play some slow songs or r&b to really set a mood. he’s good at setting a mood!!!!
King of Swords
he has lots of confidence so don’t be surprised if he helps his s/o confidence as well. he’s one for giving compliments so ANYTHING his s/o other does he’s complimenting it all the time.
Page of Pentacles
UGH GOD HES SO GOOD WITH HIS WORDS OGMOWIFIE okay so first off he is one that will help people in need but especially his s/o. like he’s willing to teach them something he doesn’t care about cause he loves them.
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poshtae · 22 hours ago
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This is the best thing I've seen today!
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darkangelhome · a day ago
TH: I’m the only one without make up? I’m emberassed.
JK: I think you look much better in person.
TH: Ah, do I Thank you.
JK: No make up face .I thought you had makeup on.
TH: But I have a pimple here.
JK: Your pimple is cool too.
Jungkookie  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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fyeah-bangtan7 · a day ago
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Tumblr media
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