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This is going to be a remaking of a execution. In more particular I’m remaking Gonta’s execution as one its not as near brutal as it could be and its all too similar to the 1000 blows if you really look at it. So lets go.


Gonta is in what looks like a dining room area with his biological family and adoptive family at the table at different sides.It sounded like they were talking about Gonta. He had a itchy feeling all over him under his skin. They began to start fighting over him saying that Gonta wasn’t meeting their expectations and that he wasn’t a gentleman. The itching feeling grew and he felt a scuttling feeling under his skin that moved from his abdomen to his chest. Both families began to get up and fight each other. Gonta tried to stop them but the scuttling feeling moved to his hands and feet keeping him from moving to stop his family. The families looked at Gonta and moved towards him.  They started to degrade and belittle him say that he was not their son, that they would never get along and connect. That Gonta would never be like them or be a true gentleman. The sadness and despair that Gonta felt was interrupted by a feeling of something crawling up his throat. A dozen large black and white bugs covered in blood crawled outta Gonta’s mouth. His family started to degrade him even more wishing that he was dead and that they wish that he wasn’t born. This made the bugs grow in size. The insects began to eat the his family alive but he could barely keep conscious as he lost blood to see what happened. Finally one of the largest bugs came towards him and ate him.

Execution Masterlist

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Do people still rp on tumblr?

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I finally finished V3 and…whoa.

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of course anon! i am not the best at headcannons, so sorry if this isn’t that good ! <3

s/o: significant other


Tenko and Ibuki relationship hcs:

warnings: mentions of nsfw scenes




Ibuki ~

  • oh this is interesting.
  • i feel like ibuki would be the one to confess, she couldn’t keep her feelings to herself for long.
  • ibuki was estatic when you first started going out, spoiling you every chance she could get.
  • someone bothering you? ibuki is on the case!
  • you couldn’t afford something? ibuki will pay for it!
  • and when the time came for your first kiss, when you pulled apart you stared at each other in disbelief before laughing
  • she would occasionally let you borrow her clothes if you want to, not before checking you out though
  • “ibuki loves you so much!”
  • likes to give you sloppy kisses on the mouth
  • if she wants a kiss, she is getting a kiss.
  • “ibuki i’m working-” “but ibuki wants a kiss from s/o!”
  • if anyone tried to hurt you she would destroy them-

  • -with her words!
  • when you two make out she will always grab your boobs, there’s no escaping it-and it doesn’t matter if they are big or small
  • she likes to take you everywhere she goes, and when she can’t - she is miserable.
  • ibuki loves you a lot, so please give her the same love back!

Tenko ~

  • is very very shy at the start of the relationship, doesn’t know what she can and can’t do.
  • is ready to attack anyone who even approaches you a certain way
  • if a boy tries hitting on you? well rest in peace to them.
  • “degenerate male! what do you think you are doing?”
  • will defend you in class trials, even if it makes her look guilty.
  • “s/o didn’t do anything like that! i know she wouldn’t!”
  • likes to give you kisses on the cheek and blushes whenever you give one back.
  • “t-that’s nice, i guess..”
  • she spoils you whenever her self esteem is pretty low, she doesn’t want to be a bad girlfriend to s/o!
  • doesn’t accept gifts back though?
  • she will follow you around like a lost puppy, even if you’re just walking to get a snack.
  • whatever you do, she does! except if what your doing is dangerous.
  • she will never put you in any harm, anything but that.

  • despite being closed up at first, she’s a great girlfriend to you!


i generally can’t see tenko in any nsfw situations, so sorry i couldn’t include that!

- alicia :)

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himiko yumeno who misses her gf kaede moodboard for himiko,,!


hope you like this :)) thanks for the rq,,!

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demiboy shuichi saihara icons for anon,,!


fellow demiboy hello :)) hope you like these^^

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OKAY YALL yknow the fic i was talking about in my last two posts, i’ve decided i am gonna do other friendship and ship POVs woop woop
i did say it was gonna be out by the weekend on ao3 (COUGH COUGH my user kaimaki COUGH COUGH) but i’ve been procrastinating which is an f
i might be able to get the kaimaki chapter out today but you’ll have to wait for the others :(( 
okay n e way goodbye for now - i’ll keep you updated on the situation n let you know when everything releases mwah ilysm <33

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