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#v: wicked game
STARTER FOR @wickedwritingswickedgame
It seemed almost unreal.
A year. A whole year of him being gone and now he was back with them again. Vivian had been clever about keeping him hidden, then again she had a relic from a sad and sorry past to help with that. Tracking them down had been exhausting and frustrating in equal measure but finally finally they had gotten him home.
Emily had insisted she and Logan go together to rescue him. She wanted to be there when he was finally found. She wanted to make that bitch pay for tearing their family apart. Logan could have tried to stop her but he would have failed so he had just given up and agreed to her coming. She almost wished she hadn’t because despite how much she hated Vivian, how much she wanted to make her hurt, her end had horrified Emily.
He is the child of Professor X. You know that telepaths have a dangerous side like no other. Despite knowing that, Emily had still thrown up as soon as they were safely in the X-Jet and spent the rest of the trip back home in mental and physical silence.
When she had washed and changed, she finally decided to seek out James. With her she carried a small tray with some essentials: food, water, and crucially some first aid. It was always when the adrenaline ran out that the pain would come roaring back and who knew what kind of injuries James had. She had volunteered. The long separation had made her almost desperate not to be apart from him too long lest he be taken away again or she woke up to find this had all been a dream.
Tumblr media
She gave his bedroom door a gentle knock. That too felt odd. After a year of it being empty, it was suddenly occupied.
James? James, it’s Emily. I’m coming in...
Better to warn him in advance. No doubt his captivity had taken not just a physical toll and she didn’t want him to lash out.
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mego42 · a day ago
music tag
tagged by @sothischickshe (💖) to play this unexpectedly difficult game
1. Your favourite song at the moment: i’ve been feeling think about it by TOMI on a cellular level recently. long time coming is a close second. 
2. A song you associate with a favourite character or ship: speaking of cellular level, thanks to @storyskein i will associate belly of the deepest love by tow’rs with bellarke until the day i die
3. A song that could be about you: whitney houston’s so emotional hahaha
4. A song you think is overrated: everything the beatles ever released with the exception of i’ve just seen a face
5. A song that reminds you of a specific memory: little more time by zox. mr meg and i have taken a couple of cross country roadtrips and on our first one, we decided to go from madison, WI to the california side of lake tahoe without stopping to sleep (1900 miles, for reference. it was a highly questionable decision i do not endorse from an adult perspective) and i vividly remember driving through the rocky mountains in the middle of the night playing this song on a literal nonstop loop for probably like 2 hours bc it was the only thing that could keep me awake.
6. Last song you listened to: save us by lennon stella, samples time after time a little kind of (does it count as a sample if it’s not literally a clip from the song? idk) i’m v into it
7. A song that makes you laugh: the gourds cover of gin n juice
8. A song you want your mutuals to listen to: any of the songs linked here with the exception of the zox song bc i don’t actually like it that much, it was on a mix tape i stole from my sister.
tagging @nickmillerscaulk @raincityruckus @pynkhues @sanssssastark @dragonturtle @missmaxime
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akasupergirl-archived · 6 months ago
@666inthemorning​-Mr. Morningstar and Kara
"Care to dance with the Devil himself, Miss Wayne?"
Tumblr media
She’d been speaking with a friend of her brother’s when his voice was behind her.  Kara had sent out the invitations to the gala herself but hadn’t expected him to show up.  The people who often came were vying for favor with Bruce and she was quite sure that the man who she’d met wasn’t one that needed anything from the elite of Gotham.  Still a bit nervous in his presence, her fingers fumbled with the jewelry over her satin gloves.  A smile now curling over her lips, she turned towards him, looking up and being as captivated as before.
“Mr. Morningstar, I wasn’t expecting that you’d have the time to make it to an event like this.  I do have to say though, you look rather dashing in your tux.  Although, I’m sure there aren’t many things that you look dashing in.” Her cheeks flushed at her own words as she reached her hand out to be helped up.  Once she was standing, Kara laced her fingers with his and followed towards the dance floor.  
When they passed Bruce, his look was dark and the same expression he often gave strangers that got near her.  With her free hand, she motioned that she was fine, smiling at him.  Bruce’s posture softened and he returned his attention to the reporter he was dancing with, as Kara looked back at Lucifer.  “Why do you always refer to yourself as the devil?” 
As she spoke, she took his hand and her body shivered as she could feel his bare fingers on her exposed back.  “You know the devil isn’t real right?  You might absolutely be devilish and if there really was a devil, or whatever--- the fallen angel that was the Christian God’s favorite, I imagine he’d be something just like you.  But it’s still just a fairy tale.”
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wickedwritingswickedgame · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Happy birthday to Charles Francis Lehnsherr (Xavier)
September 27, 1933
My favorite muse, my longest muse, the one whom without which, Wicked Game may not have come to be. He’s been through so much, but he‘s still learning, growing and healing and I love him for that❤️
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maitilda · 4 months ago
#➤ m u n s p e a k ┊ ❛ is that just the wind or some furious vexation? ❜#➤ t h r e a d ┊ ❛ the never-ending loop of meeting old and new faces ❜#➤ h e a d c a n o n s ┊ ❛ i fear i will be ripped open and found unsightly ❜#➤ m e m e s ┊ ❛ he caves and plays your mind games ❜#➤ p r o m o ┊ ❛ the silence between the last crotchet held by the orchestra and the rupture of applause ❜#➤ a p p e a r a n c e ┊ ❛ the dso's very own james dean ❜#➤ p h i l o s o p h y ┊ ❛ sleep allows demons and silence a chance to meet ❜#➤ v . r e s i d e n t e v i l┊ ❛ come away o human child! your neighbors are dancing with wicked beasts ❜#➤ v . c y b e r p u n k 2 0 7 7 ┊ ❛ the city of dreams and with every dream lay nightmares and pleasure ❜#➤ c h . w o n g ┊ ❛ our bones are held together with wires and we drink poetry ❜#➤ c h . c h r i s r e d f i e l d┊ ❛ we fight for those who cannot and for the ones we lost ❜#➤ c h . w e s k e r ┊ ❛ without formal introduction yet he makes himself forever known ❜#➤ c h . s h e r r y b i r k i n ┊ ❛ more like the cool uncle and not the overbearing father if you squint hard enough ❜#➤ c h . c l a i r e r e d f i e l d ┊ ❛ our fates are forever intertwined so let's get through this nightmare together ❜#➤ d e s i r e s ┊ ❛ there is a hidden agenda in the fragility of romance ❜#➤ i n t e r e s t s ┊ ❛ the earth is like a child that knows poems by heart ❜#➤ F A T E D T R A G E D I E ┊ ❛ continue to cross paths in a forest with no outlet. and we rejoice upon each meeting as if it's our first ❜#➤ B I O C H I P P E D ┊ ❛ pomp and circumstance betwixt trouble and devour ❜#➤ U R O B O U R I S ┊ ❛ coax the monster from under the bed. ask it why it hides when most people only know how to flee instead ❜
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lucky-moon-idv · a year ago
I use to play the sims on my friends laptop! But maybe you can make Victor since I've never had to chance to make him before
Here he is! Along with Wick bc who could forget him?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bitchspy · a year ago
@zagubionywilk​​ <3′d for a starter
Tumblr media
   “if the only thing we are going to bond over is baked goods . . . i’m not honestly willing to complain.” it was the most simple thing she could ever base a relationship off from with ANYONE. the smirk tugged at her lips, but she has to make a confession . . . clear expectations and all. “hate to be the bearer of bad news though, i couldn’t bake a red velvet cake like this if someone paid me my weight in gold . . .”
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thewrongsorts--archive · 2 years ago
‘  if  i  could  get  to  sleep ,  i  would  have  slept  by  now .  ’ for manon from marlene
eilish starters // accepting! // @imbricare
Tumblr media
And if she’d ever worked that problem out, she would have a better answer. Instead, Manon raised her mug in a lazy toast. “Point de paix pour les méchants, huh?”
She didn’t have a particularly good reason to be loitering around the Order headquarters this late, either, but maybe that was for the best. Whether or not it could help, she did try to look out for Marlene. They all owed their younger partners that much.
“How long have you been awake?”
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zcldrizes · 2 years ago
🍸+ what have you seen in someone as silly as me? (HP verse)
THE BUTTERBEER IN HER HANDS IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BETOO ALCOHOLIC, and yet every inhibitionhas been lowered untilher mind is an open book, and even as the pair sit nestled in the cubby houseabandoned down the street from his house, and their bottles of butterbeer andpumpkin pasties and cauldron cakes sit nearby them, she’s shivering. It’s justthe two of them now, all his family having left them to their own devices – andeven this far away, they can hear the noise of his younger siblings, the happycarols of the holidays and yuletime that her own homelife lacks entirely.
By his side now,she rests in an oversized jumper (his, of course) and several layers of winterclothing, and were it not for the mountain of blankets between them, she mighthave been curled into his side already to capture the mandatory snuggles thatcame with these stolen moments. What was between them, she had no clue –neither had ever put an official name to it, and nor does she plan to pressurehim. But these moments were precious and irreplaceable, and the main moments ofher life that produced the ability to smile – the thoughts she focused on forher Patronus, always him.
Tumblr media
Taking anothersip, the drink warms her from the inside out, cheeks flushed – and she’s notsure if it’s the cold or the question – before gloved hands squeeze his wherethey rest between them. And she can’t bring herself to look at him as sheforces the words out, entirely certain her hands trembling is not the fault ofthe winter outside.
“What have I seen?Someone…who can make me happier than I’ve ever been.”
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starsandthedyad · 2 years ago
“You can have all you ever wanted.”
Wicked sentence starters (accepting)
“All I ever wanted?” A tempting offer. Too tempting. He turned from her. “I can’t. I can’t want it. You know that.”
Tumblr media
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“I won’t leave you!” Jamily
Muse A is trapped under rubble and Muse B has to leave them to die.
Tumblr media
"James, GO!"
Her leg was trapped beneath a large piece of ceiling and from the burst of pain at each attempt to strain, Emily guessed her leg was broken at the least. There was no way she was getting free quickly. Yet, as the building continued to shake and rumble, dust falling and promising a repeat of what had happened to her, her husband refused to abandon her.
She would be touched if this wasn't so dire.
"Listen to me," she told him through teeth gritted in pain "this place is going to come down. You'll either end up trapped or I'll just slow you down. If you leave now you can still get out."
Emily didn't want to die here. If James didn't leave then they both would and she didn't want that on her conscious. Not when it would leave their children orphans.
So, she made the choice for them both. "I love you." With a scream as Emily strained with all her might, fingers splayed as she produced a shield, slamming it down hard and causing another piece of ceiling to come crumbling down. Just as she predicted, it landed squarely between her and James, cutting him off from her.
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beencaughts · 2 years ago
❛ I stayed up to talk to you. ❜, ❛ I know I love you. I know that you love me. ❜ annndd ❛ You make me want to be a better man. ❜ :))
  ❛ I stayed up to talk to you. ❜
⊰ v. princess and the moon ⊱
It was very rare for the squad to hang out anywhere that wasn’t Nick and Matt’s place. Luna would’ve never seen Prince’s flat had they not slept together, and she preferred to keep them away from her apartment too. Cass, on the other hand, not so much. Luna heard two booming voices outside of her front door. One talking about how they hadn’t shagged anyone in a week, and the other making fun of his desperation. She wasn’t too shocked when the door opened and revealed the voices belonged to Nick and Matt; however, she was surprised that they, along with Prince and Pandora, was walking into her flat. She didn’t stay downstairs with her friends for long. She would’ve loved to hang out with them any other time, but she was in the middle of something important in her room. She’d been working on it all day, the sun rising and setting without her finishing it. The only light that filled the room was from the small lamp on her desk. Her pencil moved furiously across the page. Why couldn’t she get it right? No mark she made on the paper made the drawing any better. Luna was so caught up in critiquing her work, she hadn’t even noticed that Prince walked into her room and approached her from behind. Luna jumped in her seat when he placed a hand on her shoulder. She immediately slammed her book closed. “Jesus, Prince! You scared the hell out of me.” He shrugged. “Everyone fell asleep downstairs. I stayed up to talk to you.” Her chest was still rising and falling rapidly from the scare he gave her, but a smile crept onto her face. It was cute he’d waited out everyone downstairs just to come to see her. It was small, but it made her feel wanted, special even. Luna stood from her seat at her desk with her book in hand, taking Prince’s with her free one and guiding him to sit on her bed. She made herself comfortable in his lap before flipping through the endless pages of drawings until she found the one she’d been working on moments ago. “I’ve never shown anyone these, especially the ones I hate, so consider yourself lucky,” Luna grumbled, finally holding it up so he could get a better look at the sketch. “I was, uh, trying to draw you. I usually draw girls, and I wanted the challenge. It’s terrible, isn’t it?” She laughed as she cast the book to the side. Luna turned around to place her legs on each side of his thighs, her fingers dancing along his stubble. “I couldn’t get anything right. Your jaw,” She whispers as she places a kiss there. Her lips ghosted over his skin until, “Your nose,” where she kissed him again. “Your eyes. Your lips.” Luna brought her mouth to his, fingers finding their way through his hair to pull him closer. Their lips moved languidly, but it was enough for Luna before she pulled away. “I know you said you stayed up to talk, but maybe there’s something better to do.”
⊰ v. no reason ⊱
The streets were comfortably vacant at three in the morning. There was a max of five cars on the street, none of the drivers paying attention to the blonde strolling down the sidewalk. Hopefully, she won’t run into any ax murderers, but she was willing to take her chances. It was strange that Iola felt more comfortable outside with criminals than being in her apartment and confronting the fact that her boyfriend went out with the one girl he knew she’d never be okay with. She had nothing against the girl personally, but Iola wasn’t exactly happy that they both experienced Jason do that one thing that drove Iola absolutely wild. She could feel the jealousy creep through her skin just thinking about it. The feeling grew more intense as she reflected on the night because more than being jealous, Iola was hurt. He tried to conceal that he was going out with her. If that was his idea to get Iola to be less possessive, it backfired big time. It was a crazy thought, but maybe he’d done that so he could see if his thing still drove her wild too. Iola sighed, the condensation of her breath disappearing into the night. Iola wished she could do the same. She forced herself to return to her apartment since she couldn’t avoid her boyfriend for forever. Iola felt a tinge of guilt when she walked into their bedroom, eyes landing on Jason immediately. His hair was sticking in every direction, which told her he had been constantly running his fingers through it. His eyes grew in size once they noticed she returned, and it wasn’t until he was standing in front of her that she saw his cheeks were damp and he was telling her he stayed up to talk. She hadn’t meant to cause a panic, but she needed her space. In hindsight, choosing so late at night after an argument to get it wasn’t the smartest idea. And she hadn’t made matters any better when he asked her where she was going two hours ago and her response was, “I don’t know, Jason. Somewhere you aren’t and someone else is.” Iola knew what it sounded like, but her response to being angry was to always go low even when she didn’t mean any of it. She nodded her head in response, taking a seat on their bed. Her head hung low, her eyes focused on her lap to avoid crying herself. “What’s there really to talk about? I’m pissed that you even considered hanging out with someone you’ve slept with. Like, I’ve really spent the past two hours trying to understand how you would even think I would be okay with that until I realize you didn’t think that, and that’s why you tried to be secretive about it.” She spoke, finally meeting his gaze. “Jason, how can I trust you when you can’t even be honest with me? Yeah, I can’t stand the fact that you fucked someone else, but I can’t stand you keeping things from me more.”  Iola took Jason’s face between her hands, wiping the tears away from his face. She leaned in and pressed a kiss to his lips. “I love you so much, Jason. Just be honest with me, please?”
⊰ july 17th ⊱
Usually, the counselor didn’t ask a lot of hard-hitting questions. She really left it up to Zayn and Ari to bring up the most pressing issues in their relationship, so Ari was taken back when they had only been in the room for twenty minutes before she asked them why they thought they were still together. It was a good question but also a hard one. The most readily available answer was because they loved each other, but that answer didn’t seem to be practical enough. All of the answers Ari could come up with — they were engaged, lived together, had a bunch of pets, been through a lot together — didn’t seem to be the right way to answer either. “I don’t know why,” Arianna blurted out. The counselor raised an eyebrow at her, and Ari could almost feel Zayn’s glare on her face. “I couldn’t tell you why I think he’s with me, and I couldn’t tell you why I’m with him besides that I love him. But is loving each other enough? I’m not so sure.”
Arianna used to be optimistic that love was reason enough to power through their problems, but her optimism died partly with her son. The other part when her fiancé decided that going out was more important than rebuilding their relationship. In the counseling sessions, she often wondered if they would even need to be there had he prioritized her before shit truly hit the fan. Now, Arianna convinced herself that their relationship remained for more practical reasons. She couldn’t name any of those reasons, but it was her small piece of hope that there was something tangible saving her soon-to-be marriage. She’d been avoiding Zayn all day, locking herself in her office on the excuse that she had work to do when she really spent all day chatting with Serenity about what her sister should pack for her upcoming honeymoon and watching Youtube videos once that conversation ended. It was half-past eleven when Arianna finally emerged from her office, and for the first time ever, she was actually hoping Zayn wouldn’t be home. Arianna stepped inside of their bedroom with her fingers crossed, but she knew it was wishful thinking especially after what she said in counseling. The lights were off but the jarring scent of tobacco told her that he was outside on the balcony. Arianna so badly wanted to climb into her bed and pretend she was sleep to put off talking to him, but she knew that wasn’t the right thing to do. Counseling was about getting them to communicate with each other even if they didn’t have the most pleasant conversations after, but it needed to happen for them to get better. With a dramatic sigh, Arianna forced herself to join her fiancé outside. Zayn didn’t immediately acknowledge her presence. It wasn’t until his half-smoked cigarette was down to his fingertips did he finally speak. “I stayed up to talk to you,” he admits. Arianna nods her head. “Zayn, what I said earlier that was—“ Arianna paused as she attempted to find the right words. “I love you. I love you so much and that is why I’m with you, but when she asked us that question, love didn’t seem like enough. I mean, sometimes I question if you even love me.” Arianna didn’t feel like she was revealing any new information. Zayn knew that was she was insecure, often calling into question if she was good enough for him or if he loved her. It was all with reason, though. “I’d like to think that you do, but can you really love a person if all you are to them is mean, dismissive, and distant? Like, love didn’t stop you from cheating on me or leaving me or abandoning me. If that was all we needed to do to fix everything, wouldn’t we have the perfect relationship? We definitely wouldn’t need some random lady asking us why we’re still together if that were the case,” Arianna attempted to joke but it fell short. She turned to him, taking his hands into her own to get him to look at her. “Zayn, all I ever wanted from you was to feel like loving me was enough.” Arianna hoped that he could see where she was coming from and not get defensive, or else this would turn out to be another long night of arguing. 
❛ I know I love you. I know that you love me. ❜
⊰ v. princess and the moon ⊱
The man next to Luna could’ve been telling her the cure for cancer, but she heard none of it because her eyes were drawn elsewhere. Classical music played lowly in the background as old socialites and business owners dressed in their Chanel, Tom Ford, Dior and just about any famous designer she could recognize moved around the room. The entire event was too pretentious for her, and the only thing that was saving her was the wine in her hand. Matthew had begged her and the others to attend the party his parents were throwing. Luna felt bad that he often had to be surrounded by such rich pricks when he was the very opposite, so she agreed to be there for her friend. Little did she know that Matthew had invited Prince, whom she couldn’t take her eyes off of from the moment he walked in. It amazed her how easily he blended in. Maybe it was because he was speaking to Matt’s parents, so he looked more relaxed since he knew them so well. Or maybe it was because of the all-black ensemble he donned. He was all the way across the room, but Luna could still tell it was expensive and designer — a contrast to the Prince she knew before. It made her wonder if her cowl neck satin dress was fancy enough for this party. The guy next to her seemed to think so. She only turned back to the man when she caught Prince’s glance, immediately looking away from him. “It was so nice talking to you, but I have to excuse myself to find my friend.” Luna almost tripped herself nearly running to find Matt. Why didn’t he tell her he invited Prince? She hadn’t really been in the mood to see him since their last fight and felt like she at least deserved a heads up. She found Matthew, but he was talking to the rest of their friends which somehow included Prince. He really knew how to be everywhere she didn’t want him to be. “Hey,” Luna interjected, a sarcastic smile on her face. “Matt, when you said you invited everyone, I didn’t know you literally meant everyone.” She glanced towards Prince for a second before averting her gaze again. “I’m actually not feeling up for a party anymore. I’m just gonna go home.” Luna wasn’t sure how she was going to get there because Matt and Panda were her ride there. Maybe the cure for cancer guy was up for it? She was nearly to the exit before she felt a hand wrap around her wrist. Luna rolled her eyes. “What, Prince?” She asked bitterly. Of course, he knew that she didn’t have a way home, so of course, he was offering. And of course, she accepted even though he was the reason why she wanted to leave. And just like always, their arguing commenced once they stepped into her flat. It was funny how now their arguments were about how she felt about him. She now understood how annoying it was when she used to do it. “I know I love you. I know that you love me,” he said to her. Luna chuckled bitterly. “Prince, the only thing I love about you is fucking you, okay? I could never love you the way I used to. Not after you left me.”
Luna’s eyes focused on Prince next to her. Here she was, in bed, and the only thing covering her was her soft white sheets and Prince’s arm slung over her waist. She never allowed herself to fully admire Prince being so close to her since his return. Luna always opted for an argument or telling him to leave before she could allow herself to get carried away, but there was something about this morning that made her indulge in him. She had never seen a man more beautiful, and he was here, with his arm around her like she wanted ever since he left. Luna hesitantly brought her hand to rest on his cheek, being sure not to wake him. His stubble tickled her fingertip as her thumb glided over the hair covering his face. She couldn’t help herself from running her fingers through his hair, which laid flat against his forehead. Luna brushed his hair to the side slightly to get a better look at his face, but it only caused her to wake him up. Her face turned a deep shade of red being caught admiring him like this. “Morning,” she whispered with a slight smile gracing her lips. She was taken back when he hugged her closer and pecked her lips before grumbling a ‘morning’ back to her, a smug look on his face from catching her actually enjoying his presence. She pushed him away playfully, her laughter filling the room, but he only pulled her closer so that he hovering over her now. There was something about them lounging around in her bed and messing around like they used to that brought back a whirlwind of emotions. Luna couldn’t tell if they were positive or negative because she was so happy to have him here with her, but there was a deep sense of sadness plaguing her too. All of the times she cried herself to sleep wanting nothing more than for Prince to be there when she woke up came back to her in a rush. What she was feeling was complicated, and it all came spilling out of her eyes. Her smile fell and Prince’s smirk was blurred with tears as her expression shifted. Luna felt so embarrassed by her sudden shift in mood that her hands went to hide her face from him. She wanted him to say she was crazy and make her feel bad about it, but the way he tried to gently pry her hands away from her face and asked her what’s wrong only made her cry harder. “You were right, okay? I do still love you. I started thinking about all the times I wished you were here, and now that I finally have it, I didn’t know what to do. I love you so much, but I’m so hurt, Prince. I look at you and all I can think of is how hurt I am. It’s hard for me to know if I can forgive you and be with you without feeling like that, but I don’t want to be without you either. I don’t know what I’m doing, but please don’t leave me again, Prince. I know I look so pathetic right now, and I can’t handle this, but I couldn’t handle that more.” Luna finally allowed him to pull her hands away from her face. She didn’t have it in her to fight his affections anymore, so she allowed him to wipe away her tears though it was useless because every tear he wiped away was replaced with many more. 
⊰ v. no reason ⊱
Iola swayed her hips to soft beat flowing through the kitchen as she managed to scrape something together for breakfast. She hadn’t been to Jason’s apartment in nearly a year, and yet, his fridge looked like it always did — slightly empty with no real food in it. At least she had Ed Sheeran to get her through her personal episode of Chopped. As the song faded and moved into her favorite track, she felt a pair of hands on her hips while his lips attached themselves to the crook of her neck. “Jason,” Iola giggled as one of her hands found itself cradling the back of Jason’s head. It fell from its place once he turned around to face him. Her smile became impossibly wide at the sight of him. Jason was always telling her how beautiful and out of his league she was, but she felt the exact same way about him. She will never understand how the world brought her the sweetest and kindest man ever. Iola allowed herself to pulled away from the stove and into the middle of the floor. Her arms instinctively wrapped around his shoulders as he pulled her closer, moving them to the music. “And I know it’s been a while, but I still feel the same,” Iola sang along with the song. They had both been smiling, but she watched as his fell after that line. He was starting to think too much, she knew he was. They weren’t really back together despite them acting like they were. The only difference being that Iola wouldn’t say certain things to him, like that she loved him even though it was obvious she still did. She could feel the happiness dissipate when he asked her what they were doing, why they weren’t officially back together. “Things just work easier without labels. Why is it so important to you that we just jump back into things?” Iola was scared to label their relationship again because, in another 12 months, they were going to back where they were: Iola going back to school and having to decide to continue their relationship or not. Things were easier this way, for both of them. “Because I love you. I know you love me too so why not?” Iola unwrapped herself around Jason, returning to finish breakfast and thinking about his question. She did love him. She loved him more than anything in this world, and with or without a label Iola knew it would be hard to leave him again. Iola turned to face him. “I do love you, and I’m just so fucking scared of messing this up again by labeling it, but you’re right. We should give it another shot. What’s the worst that can happen, right?”
⊰ july 17th ⊱
Arianna thought Zayn was absolutely out of his mind to be saying this to her right now. She hadn’t been feeling well for the last few days, and the last thing she needed was her fiancé telling her that he cheated on her after they got back together the second time, but alas this was her reality. She was seriously regretting asking about his confusing phone call, so at least she could’ve suffered in peace. Arianna buried herself further in their sheets. “Can you, like, go?” was the only response she felt well enough to give, but Zayn wasn’t going to give up that easily. Arianna was beyond the point of leaving him so she couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t allow her to wallow over this shitty revelation alone especially when she was three seconds away from throwing up her insides. She felt she was allowed to be mad and hurt even if it did happen over a year ago. He did just only tell her right now. Clearly, her soon-to-husband wanted a bigger reaction from her. “Love should keep me from being mad at you and wanting to leave you, but it didn’t keep you from cheating,” Arianna threw out bitterly. She threw the cover from over her head to glare at Zayn, though it was more of a sad scowl. “Yeah, it happened ages ago, but you kept it a secret for that long too. Like, did you really think I’d be okay hearing about the man I’m planning on marrying sleeping with someone else while we were together even though he could’ve done it when we literally weren’t together and saved me like 70% of the heartache? But you don’t understand because I would never and have never cheated on or hurt you.” And then she was in tears. Arianna didn’t want to or even feel like crying. She was angry and annoyed. Why was she crying? Zayn pulled her into his embrace. He ran a comforting hand through her hair, and though she hated to admit it, it was making her feel better. “I know that we love each other, but you’ve got to stop doing this, Zayn. Please.”
❛ You make me want to be a better man. ❜
⊰ v. princess and the moon ⊱ ft. ⊰ brotp. aesthetic queens ⊱
Luna jumped back and frowned from the small stings scattered across her arms and torso from the grease of the food she was cooking. She wanted to treat Cass to dinner since she knew she wasn’t being the best roommate the night before. The rest was all done, tucked nicely away in the toaster oven to preserve its heat. It was all left to the croquettes that wouldn’t stop popping on her arms. A bralette and sweatpants that hung off her hips despite her rolling the waistband twice wasn’t the best attire for cooking, but Luna hated wearing shirts when she didn’t have to and Prince’s sweatpants, well, they were his and she was prone to surrounding herself with relics of him while they were fighting, which right now they were in a pretty big one. She just wished Cass wasn’t home to hear it last night. As she switched off the stove, placing the last of the bacon on a place, Cass descended down the stairs. “Buen Provecho!” Luna announced, placing the plate she made for Cass on the island with a smile; however, her smile was not returned. Instead, she was met with worried eyes and a scowl as Cass’s eyes rolled over the dark purple hickeys scattered across Luna’s neck and collarbones and the faint bruise in the shape of a hand on her wrist. Cassie gave her a disappointed look. “What?” She asked, drawing her hand away and hiding it beneath her arm as she folded them across her chest. Luna shouldn’t have been too surprised when Cass started ranting and raving about how bad Prince was, how she didn’t have to feel like she needed to save or fix him from his childhood traumas at her own expense, but what the hell did she know? She didn’t see or feel the scars covering his body or hear the stories he’d tell her. Cass didn’t see the moments where Prince cuddled with her, kissed her, and told her he loved her because if she did, maybe Cassie would understand why Luna loved him too, and it wasn’t because she wanted to fix him. Luna raked her hands through her long tresses, a frustrated sigh slipping past her lips. “What the fuck do you know?” Luna snapped. “Is Prince perfect? No, but is anyone? Isn’t there something about Nick you wish you could change?” Luna watched as her friends scowl softened for a moment before she rolled her eyes at the Spaniard, not backing down from her position about how horrible Prince was. “God, Cass, just shut the fuck up and mind your business. I don’t need you telling me who I should and shouldn’t be with. The last time I checked, my mom was dead.” Before she could argue any further, Luna stormed upstairs to her room discarding her bra for a loose white shirt and her sweatpants for jeans. It was chilly outside, but Luna didn’t even care that she didn’t have a jacket on. She just needed to get out of there. She ignored her best friend calling out her name as she stormed out of their flat and to her car.
Luna’s fist pounded on the door of Prince’s flat. She hadn’t meant to but was definitely taking some of her frustrations out on it. She hadn’t even realized someone was opening the door until her fist was almost colliding with Prince’s face, which didn’t help their already rocky relationship status right now. She ignored his complaining as she walked past him into his flat.  “Where’s Pandora?” She asked, turning to him. He mumbled something about her being out with friends and without really thinking about it, her lips were on his. The anger she was feeling towards him and Cass mixed with the undeniable attraction she always felt towards him made for a Luna that just wanted fuck her frustrations away. “I’m still mad at you, but my best friend’s a bitch and I’d really like to forget the past 30 minutes,” She mumbled against his lips. Luna was grateful when his hand finally found her face as he guided her back to his room. It was stupid to be sleeping with him since their last argument ended with Prince telling her that’s all she was good for with her wrists pinned against the door to keep her from touching him, but she couldn’t find herself regretting it when he successfully fucked away her stress. Luna was hoping that the silence that followed lasted long enough for her to fall asleep, but she wasn’t afforded that luxury when Prince finally spoke up and asked what happened between her and Cass. She sighed. “We got into a fight about you,” Luna admitted, resting her hand on his cheek. “I got so mad at her because I didn’t like that she was implying there was even something broken about you to fix. Or even if there is like we all don’t have shit we need to work on. Yeah, you’re a volatile asshole, but that doesn’t mean something’s wrong with you, right?” Luna’s brows furrowed in confusion as she watched him shake his head with a laugh, his hand coming to rest on top of hers. “No, but you make me want to be a better man.” Now it was her turn to laugh. “Prince, whatever ‘better man’ you think you can be I need you to know you’re already that. I love you and want to be with you because I know you’re good, and I wish you and Cass would realize that.” Luna smiled sadly, pulling her hand away and turning away from before he could respond. She wasn’t in the mood to rehash the same thing she wanted to forget about. Tomorrow, she’d have no choice when she went back to her flat or when she and prince inevitably discuss their relationship again. But for now, she just wanted her peace. 
⊰ v. no reason ⊱
The clutter of magazines surrounding Iola on her bed had become something like her friends the past few weeks of her pregnancy. Her feet were way too swollen to get up and actually go shopping, and her actual friends weren’t pregnant and had jobs so they couldn’t drop everything to hang out with her. Jason was the next best thing, but he also had work, so Iola was left to her devices. What was more fun than possibly spoiling her child? She had been contemplating if their baby really needed Burberry shoes until she heard Jason enter the room. Her attention was immediately drawn to him with the brightest smile appearing on her face. “I missed you,” she said as she attempted to make room for Jason on the bed, gathering her friends into a pile in her arms. When he finally joined her on their bed, she leaned in to kiss him, but he had gone for one of the magazines in her arms instead. Iola could feel her cheeks turn a bright shade of red as he looked through the pages where nearly everything had a circle around it or a star next to it. The circles were must-haves while the stars were more of a maybe. She took it back before he could get past page five. “I know it’s a lot, but I’ve been so bored being in bed all day. This is what helps me past the time,” Iola admits sheepishly. “Who knows maybe our kid will need an automatic rocking crib?” Iola shrugged, mentally noting how ridiculous that sounded out loud and placed the magazines on the bedside table before cuddling up to her boyfriend. As Jason began telling her about his day, Iola couldn’t stop her anxiety about becoming a parent from clouding her thoughts. Sure, she was considering buying a million things for their kid because she was a shopaholic and could afford it, but the other part was that she truly didn’t know what a kid really needed. No matter how many books she read or baby-must-have videos she watched, she was never truly confident and she was sure Jason felt the same. “Jason,” She spoke softly, lifting her head slightly to look at him. “You ever get completely terrified that we shouldn’t have a kid because we absolutely don’t know what we’re doing, but we’re seven months too late to use protection, so we kind of have to stick it out and get through it even if you know you’re going to be a useless parent or is it just me?” Iola spoke dramatically, but the worry was written all over her face with her brows knitted in a frown. Though, she did smile a bit when Jason placed a kiss to her forehead. “How could you think that when you make me want to be a better man for you and the baby?” He asked her, Iola’s expression softening to one of adoration for the love of her life. Jason always knew what to say to make her feel better.
⊰ v. july 17th ⊱
Arianna’s oceanic hues fluttered open at the sudden brightness that filled her room, a sudden wave of illness washing over her only seconds after waking up. She groaned, rolling over onto her side only to be stopped midway by her husband’s sleeping figure next to her. A smile tugged at her lips despite her nausea. He was a sight her eyes couldn’t look away from even after his own eyes met hers from her earlier movements. “Happy Father’s Day,” she spoke softly, kissing the tip of Zayn’s nose. He hummed in response as his lips found Ari’s. She had almost forgotten about her sickness until it came back causing her to pull away from Zayn and cover her mouth to keep from gagging. “Morning sickness?” his husky voice asked while his hand ran over her six-month pregnant stomach. She nodded, sulking over the fact that she still had to go through this, but she wasn’t left with much time before their two children rushed inside of their room screaming a happy Father’s Day to Zayn. She watched as their children climbed in their bed and cuddled up to their still half asleep father, her smile reappearing once more. “I’ll leave you three alone while I make me some tea,” Ari announced as she lifted herself from their bed, stealing one last look at her family before she carried herself downstairs. She couldn’t help but smile to herself. They’d broken up, gotten back together, broke up again, got back together again, nearly broke up for the third time, but somehow they made it through all of that. It seemed almost unbelievable that they were the same couple. Now, they rarely argued and had an amazing family that they couldn’t seem to stop growing. She rested her hand on top of her bump, deciding it would be best to make everyone breakfast-in-bed since she knew they weren’t coming down anytime soon. It was a special occasion anyway. It was a struggle to carry a meal for four people upstairs while pregnant, but she managed to make it to their bedroom without causing a catastrophe. “I have a surprise,” Arianna announced as she entered the room. They were still cuddling except now they were all sitting up as if they were expecting her to bring them this. She leaned over to place the tray onto Zayn’s lap before giving him a longing kiss. The kids squirmed, but it only made Arianna laugh. “Happy Father’s Day, babe. You’re the best man I could ever ask to be my husband and father of my children.” Standing straight again, Arianna was about to walk around to her side to climb in bed when he grabbed her hand to stop her. “You make me want to be a better man.” Arianna had to blink her eyes to keep them from watering at her husband’s sweet words. She finally had her picture-perfect marriage and her picture-perfect family, and she couldn’t be happier.
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akasupergirl-archived · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Looking back towards the entryway to the ballroom, Kara couldn’t seem to focus on the party that her brother was having.  It was just another song and dance to meet people, gather influence and it was filled with the elite of Gotham.  Just as she was about to lean over and tell her body guard that she was ready, another man came up and asked her to dance.  
She smiled, and gave another excuse.  It was the tenth one she’d had to come up with.  Reaching out for her glass, she placed it to her lips, taking a sip.  Her eyes once more looking over the people in the room.  She placed her glass down and as she looked back up, his eyes caught hers.  Had he been looking at her before?  She didn’t think so but had she really been paying attention.
Swallowing hard, she was sure that her cheeks were flushed when Evan leaned in and asked if she was fine.
“Yes.  I’m going to the bar to get another drink.  Will you stay here and I’ll be right back.”
He nodded and Kara found herself sauntering across the floor taking a seat at the bar.  She knew he was still looking at her but she turned away from him and gave her attention to the man taking her drink order.
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Tumblr media
And from then on, Erik always wore big coats _____ Sometimes I make art @secondchancesmagneto
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Name Song Tag
Rules: Spell out your URL with song titles, then tag 10 people.
Tagged by: @sansese
Oh dear, it’s not like I’ve the longest url ever dsklfsdf.
Livin’ On a Prayer - Bon Jovi Once and for All - Newsies Cast Valentine Kiss - Prince of Tennis End of the Day - One Direction I am In Love with My Car - Queen Somebody To Love - Queen The World Will Know -  Newsies Cast Haengbok - Super Junior Evil in the Night - Adam Lambert Keep Yourself Alive - Queen Everybody - Backstreet Boys You Give Love A Bad Name -  Bon Jovi Where do Broken Hearts Go? - One Direction On dit dans la Rue - Roméo & Juliette Cast Radio Gaga - Queen Defying Gravity - Wicked Cast
I tag @nerd-dowell, @tacklemeramos
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cleverasthcdevil · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
The door to her home is ajar and all the lights are off in her home except one. She doubts it’s a burglar for that very reason. More like a very unwelcomed house guest. Her steps are about as light as they can be but if they’re vampire or werewolf it doesn’t really matter - they would have heard her coming the moment she pulled up into the driveway. 
Her gaze falls on the back of a man she hasn’t seen in quite some time. In fact she’s surprised he is here at all. Madeline expected to be dead by the time he set foot in this town again. The thing about Mikaelsons’ is that you should always expect the unexpected from them. “I see you’ve made yourself at home.”
She’s glad that Caroline is nowhere in sight. Maddy can’t imagine that reunion going over particularly well. Green hues leave him to look around her home, searching, perhaps hoping to see another face with him. “What are you doing here? Where’s Bekah?”
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artemxmendacium-blog · 2 years ago
Wicked Game || closed.
The ground shook, and the very earth of his ancestral home turned molten, signaling the end of his long sleep. Deep beneath the volcano, massive pillars of crystal rose, towering in the chamber. Massive wings rose, shaking off the crystalline stalactites and he raised his head, sniffing the air. The land tasted older, and new still. How had the world changed, so far above his hidden cove? What new stories waited to be told? How long before he had to slumber again? 
The dragon stretched and rose to his feet, shaking his wings out again. These were all important questions, but he had more pressing matters to attend to at that moment. Mostly, finding breakfast. 
Quickly he rose from the depths, stretching his wings in the night sky. His wings blocked the moon as he glided, scanning the ground for prey. Much of the forest had been cleared as he slept, and there no elk as far as he could see. They’d been replaced with fat, splotchy beasts that lacked the wit to run from him as he landed. He ate his fill, then scooped one up in a claw to carry back with him. Tomorrow...tomorrow he’d see what the world had to offer. 
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wonderconathome · 3 months ago
WonderCon@Home announces the winners of the 2021 Masquerade Costume Competition
Note that some winners are credited only by Tumblr accounts:
Best In Show: “Astra: Queen of the Frostborn”, a light-enhanced original design crafted by The Queen’s Armory.
Tumblr media
Judges’ Choice: “Elphaba Act II Gown” from the Broadway musical Wicked, re-created in every detail by Shane Chandler (ShaneChandlerCostume).
Tumblr media
Best Re-Creation: “The Ugly Stepsisters” A 2-person historical re-creation from Disney’s animated Cinderella, crafted by Devon Baker and Carrie-Lea Hoch (Komickrazi).
Tumblr media
Best Original Design: “Cheshire Cat”, an original design inspired by Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, designed and made by Nina London Cosplay.
Tumblr media
Best Workmanship: “The Ur-Dragon” inspired by card art of the Magic: The Gathering game. Crafted by Kensadi Cosplay.
Tumblr media
Best Presentation: “This Is Quarantine” a 2-person re-creation from The Nightmare Before Christmas, imitating famous paintings, crafted by Perditas Wardrobe.
Tumblr media
Most Humorous: “The Infinity Gauntlet” An original design inspired by Avengers: Endgame, crafted by Adolfo “Ariel” Estandarte, (Ariel004).
Tumblr media
The above winners will receive WonderCon@Home trophies, plus free attendee badges to WonderCon Anaheim 2022.  Also, the Best in Show winner Astra: Queen of the Frostborn will receive $500 in cash from Frank and Son Collectible Show, of the City of Industry, California.
Honorable Mentions:
Each of the 3 judges had a costume they liked very much but did not win.  Here then they are:
“Oscar François de Jarjayes from The Rose of Versailles”, a re-creation from a Japanese shōjo manga series, and crafted by Yugiri315.
Tumblr media
“Elizabeth Swann from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End”, re-created by Emily G. (GeekyGirlFashions).
Tumblr media
“End Game Ironman” re-created from Avengers: Endgame, crafted by Capt Cash.
Tumblr media
WonderCon gives a big thank-you to the contestants for all their work, to the guest judges for their time and expertise, to the Foglio’s for being our Masters of Ceremonies, and to Frank and Son Collectible Show for their generous support of the event!
Meet your 2021 WonderCon@Home Masquerade Judges:
Jennifer May Nickel
"What makes the art of Costume Design so thrilling is the opportunity to help tell a story and bring characters to life."
Jennifer May Nickel is a Costume Designer for Television and Film.  For television, Jennifer’s Costume Design credits include Neflix’s Cabin with Bert Kreischer and Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis, the CW’s Containment, Fox’s What Just Happened??! with Fred Savage, Syfy's TV movie Miami Magma, the History Channel’s Legend of the Superstition Mountains, TLC’s TV movie The Secret Santa and Nickelodeon’s The Massively Mixed-Up Middle School Mystery.
Classically trained in theatre, Jennifer holds an MFA in Costume Design from Carnegie Mellon University and also studied in England at Oxford University (St. Edmund’s College: Myth and Ritual in Theatre). A proud member of the Costume Designers’ Guild Jennifer has won the Elizabeth Schrader Kimberly Costume Design Award, The Cecilia Cohen Award for Excellence in Theatre and The WCDAC Achievement Award.
Her more extensive bio can be found on IMDb.
Gigi “Fast Elk” Bannister
SFX Artist, Director, Producer, Actor, Director, Gigi "Fast Elk" Bannister (formerly Porter) has been in the film industry for over 35 years.  Better known for her practical special effects and production work, Gigi is comfortable on both sides of the camera. She's appeared in over a dozen films and television shows, and is a popular guest at horror conventions, film festivals, workshops and seminars. For several years she has donated time at San Diego Comic-Cons to assist Masquerade contestants with their special effects make-up needs.
Gigi is credited as a Producer on Don Coscarelli and David Hartman's "Phantasm V: Ravager" (2016) and Steve King's "One For the Road" (2011) (Night Shift Anthology). As a character actor, she's appeared in "Bloody Bloody Bible Camp" (2011), "Carnies" (2009), in "Small Town Saturday Night" (2009) (with Chris Pine, John Hawkes, Reggie Bannister, and Perry Anzilotti), and again in Don Coscarelli's "Bubba Ho-Tep" (2002) (Bruce Campbell, Reggie Bannister and Ozzie Davis), and many more. She has produced and directed on numerous projects including dozens of live events, fundraisers and seminars, six independent feature films, and six shows for television.
More information on Gigi can be found on IMDb.
Allan Lavigne
Costumer, make-up special effects artist, sculptor, and [MJ1] painter with 40+years with credits from Lucasfilm, Sony Pictures, Disney, and more, his costume fabrication work has been exhibited around the world in museums, film premieres and numerous conventions.  His Bronze Armory studio is in the San Francisco Bay Area where he creates, lectures, and teaches.  His newest exhibit of screen-accurate motion picture and television costume reproductions “The Batman Armory” will be re-opening soon at the San Francisco Cartoon Museum, requested by Warner Brothers to promote the new Batman encyclopedia: Batman: The Definitive History of the Dark Knight in Comics, Films and Beyond which Allan was technical advisor for. Formerly a top winner for many years in fan costuming at many conventions, including San Diego Comic-Con, he brings with him great insight from having learned and honed his costume skills as a contestant himself.
Additional information about Allan’s work can be found at
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