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the fact that im not wearing a long hooded cloak that obscures my face with a longsword hanging off my belt is very homophobic actually
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lost-in-the-noise · 16 days ago
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All images are from pinterest // @vagabonds-and-wanderlust // @caprisun-and-novacaine // @revvs-trash
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vagabonds-and-wanderlust · 4 months ago
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timotical on Flickr
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My biggest dream as a kid was always to have a reason to tie a scarf with some food in it onto the end of a stick and leave on an adventure.. can't say that much has changed
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Travelling Food
For legal reasons this is fantasy. Foraging, especially of mushrooms, requires knowledge, and there are laws around hunting and stuff :)
Oats, lots of oats. Porridge is good on any morning
Apples!! And carrots!! Fantastic for snacking on and you can put the carrots in a stew
Onions, the staple ingredient of any cooking
Butter or ghee or oil or animal fat, otherwise how will you cook anything?
A loaf of bread, buy a new one in every town you pass through. It goes faster than you’d think
Cheese, the harder the better so it won’t grow mould. (It’s not that kind of cheese).
Nuts and dried fruits, for snacking on between meals
Eggs! If you can find a way to pack ‘em raw, do so, otherwise boil them. They’ll last a good few days and they give you a hecking lot of energy!
Ginger, for a warming tea
Collect on the way:
Dandelion leaves, and other greens to keep you healthy.
Fresh meat if you have the skills to hunt.
Any berries and mushrooms you find that you know are good.
Non-Food Related Items:
A pot, light but a good size.
A wooden spoon.
You should already have a knife, but a backup never hurts.
A vessel halfway between a plate and a bowl. It can serve as both.
A cloth for wiping, and for grabbing hot handles.
A small spoon for eating, and a fork if you so desire.
A tinderbox! A cold dinner on a freezing night is no fun.
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adventurekiid · 5 months ago
i wanna go running and climbing i wanna go find things i wanna get dirty i wanna laugh and fall down and put cool trinkets in my bag and get kinda lost and come out on the other side only a little scratched up but grinning and then go home and have warm dreams!!!!!
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woolensnow · 3 months ago
Things to do during travels during a warm summer's night
A list for any adventuring party includes making merry with fellow travelers here are some things you can do  1. Make a meal, nothing beats a good meal next to a fire with a cool breeze gently grazing your skin as you help your friends make fresh meals with items packed and foraged  2.Stargazing it’s august-September the skies are usually crystal clear unless stormy maybe you may find a wish,a meteor, or a strange man with a pale woman running from some witches. 3. Conversation nothing beats conversation on a hot night its great distraction and you get to know your friends around you. It helps build deeper connections. 4. Listen just listen to the sounds around in silence before drifting to sleep wolves howling nearby, wind hitting trees, rivers running, or ocean hitting the sand, it’s an experience many must take in it’s your memory your stories no one else can experience or take it from you.
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pennamesareoverrated · a month ago
we can lay here for hours for years
it’s up to you
as long as i can lay right next to you
hand in loving hand just us two
time matters not when im with you
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vagabonds-and-wanderlust · 5 months ago
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Via Trish W on Pinterest
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emj-tolj · a month ago
Tumblr media
Despite a couple of modern articles, this would be a great adventurecore/adventure hunter shelter.
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rangingfarandwide · 3 months ago
The spirits of the land have become angry at the litter left in the green spaces and as a result, people travelling in these areas have been harrased upon their journeys. They no longer pass through the village, preferring to take more open roads to avoid incurring the spirit's wrath. The village is struggling without visitors and the people have been unable to leave without suffering the spirits anger. We need brave souls such as yourself to help us appease the spirits by clearing the litter.
Reward: 50 points
Yours faithfully,
Melcombe Tobberman
Mayor of The Village
To complete this job, you must travel to the nearest outdoor environment and collect whatever litter you find. Dispose of it safely and responsibly. Beware however, for the spirits may have laid a curse on the detritus- wearing gloves and proper safety equipment is strongly advised as is washing your hands thoroughly.
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woolensnow · 2 months ago
Rangercore things to do this fall
Make pumpkin bread to take on travels
Carry corn for the crows you see to let them know you are a visitor and no threat
Feel the crunch of leaves under your feet as you travel through small forests
Walk through a pumpkin field near your companion
Pick fresh apples from trees as your friends catch them below as the fresh autumn air fills your lungs
Make acorn squash with warm butter and brown sugar roasted over a fire
Sip stew when traveling to keep warm during the night
Sew a new patch on your pants as the sky fades to night
Watch the village from afar put its Halloween festival on as you hum into the night on the road again
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nyxxolotl · 7 months ago
Aesthetic tumblr I need your help, I'm redecorating my room and i need as much (cryptidcore, chaoscore, mysterycore, bastardcore, forestcore, wandercore, mothcore, folkpunk, ravencore, racooncore, vagabondcore ect...) inspiration so please give me text or photos of stuff i can do because my brain is fried
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