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1. Valentine’s Day - My Crush Was a Monster Boy written by Shokubai Phantom Girl, Fukase Cover by MioDioDaVinci feat. Fukase

2. Anti-Valentine’s Day - Bitter Choco Decoration by Syudou feat. Hatsune Miku, Russian cover by Sati Akura

3. Valentine’s Day - Piece of Art by KIRA feat. Gumi, cover by Rachie

4. Anti-Valentine’s Day - The Boy Who Murdered Love (male version) by Diana Vickers, Nightcored by Evil Rutabaga

5. Valentine’s Day - Thirsty (OFF-SICK Concert Version) by TAEMIN 

6. Anti-Valentine’s Day - Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance by Machigerita-P feat. Hatsune Miku

7. Valentine’s Day - Maid Factor by Yogarasu P feat. Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len 

8. Anti-Valentine’s Day - Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen, Cover by Wild Fire, Nightcored by Zero.Miz-Kun

9. Valentine’s Day - Hypnotic by Vanic x Zella Day, Nightcored by Cherry 

10. Anti-Valentine’s Day - The Tragedy of Chateau Cepage by ToyaMikz feat. Kamui Gakupo

11. Valentine’s Day - Animal by Conor Maynard, Nightcored by Evil Rutabaga

12. Anti-Valentine’s Day - FAKE LOVE by BTS

13. Valentine’s Day - LUVORATORRRRRY! by Giga-P feat. GUMI & Rin 

14. Anti-Valentine’s Day - Mr. Lonely by Bobby Vinton, Nightcored by Nyx 

15. Valentine’s Day - We Were Lovers (The Count of Monte Cristo Opening) by Jean-Jacques Burnel

16. Anti-Valentine’s Day - Impossible by Shontelle, Cover by I Am King, Nightcored by UNDERDOGS

~*~*~ Winner:  ~*~*~

17. Serial Killer by Moncrieff, Nightcored by UNDERDOGS

18. Doki Doki Literature Club! Outro- Your Reality by Dan Salvato feat. Jillian Ashcraft

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I hope you get your threesome on vday. I’ll probably get flowers and a candlelit dinner. trade you. I wish this guy was more of a slut and had less of a heart. I would like 2 dicks please fuck your flowers!“

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When you don’t have a vase so you improvise with a water bottle 😂

These were a Valentine’s Day gift, which was very thoughtful it unfortunately, I don’t actually own a vase hence this creative solution

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Reacting to a Confession




OMG , ARE YOU TRULY SERIOUS ?! Oh nooo! when did you realized I liked you? Did you even knew?” - he’ll say super flustered and with a shaky voice

I’ll love to be with you , I really love you , but I didnt confess since I’ll be busy playing volleyball and going to tournaments and I really dont wanna treat you badly” :’(

But I promise you , when I’m free I’ll take you to the most cute date there can ever exist!!”- he’ll say confidently and with a very childish tone



Wait me?! To me?!” - he runs away quickly leaving you confused

-you then proceed to leave but will feel a gentle tap on your shoulder and as you turn around you notice it was Tanaka again and he is holding some chocolates and a letter-

I was actually planning to confess too, but I guess you raced me to it” - a smile appeared in his face

Can I hug you [name] ?”-you nod and he’ll do hig you tightly then take y awwour hand and walk to the nearest bench so you guys can interact with eachother more



I didnt expect this , you like me too?”- says in a shocked voice

I guess this mutual feelings prove that we should be together don’t they?”-he kisses you in the forehead and makes you cherry red

Adorable, This is the best day I’ve ever had in my life

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Sneak Peek

I moved to the register to make a CASH ONLY sign until the power came back. I placed tape on the back and rushed to the door only to nearly fall down at it swinging open.

“Morning, fancy seeing you again, love,” Niall greeted, panting, his hair drenched from the downpour, same as his black leather jacket.

I just stood there with my mouth open like an idiot. I have nothing to say to him? Come on now.

“H-hi, I mean, good morning, umm, how are you?” I managed to get out. Ugh, hurt me, please.

He moved further inside, I scooted over giving him room. He shook out his hair like a wet dog. I stifled a giggle, he looked at me, smirking.

“Grand, it looks like the power’s out for yeh. Are ya okay?”

I found myself staring into his eyes and caught my silliness on full display. “Yeah, Tommy’s on it. They’re going to bring it back up soon. For now, our systems are down. Was just about to put up a sign to remind people they can still pay with cash. Oh, is that why you’re here?”

He nodded, “Yeah, actually, picking it up for Mag. I don’t mind paying ya cash. Seemed to have misplaced me card, anyway. It’s probably back home somewhere.”

I smiled, blushing as I went around to the register, pulling out what belonged to him, “It’s my fault. Not only did I try to pull your arm off, I accidentally held onto your card too, sorry.”

Niall took the card from my hand and closed one eye with an amused smile, “S'okay, love. You weren’t trying to rob me, were ya?”

My eyes bugged out, “No, of course not, I—”

“Kidding, love. Nice to know it was in good hands. Thanks for telling me.” He said, grinning brightly.

I was confused, why wasn’t he mad? He looked behind at the pouring rain and frowned. Okay, maybe I was kidding and he really was mad at me.

“Can I ask ya something?”

I blinked, swallowing nervously, “Okay.”

“Do you mind if I stay a bit until the rain calms down? I’d drive, but, I didn’t get me coffee going to start the day. Am already here, yanno?” He shrugged, gesturing around the café.

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Beautiful Mexican Milagritos (sacred hearts) watercolor hand-painted collection: clipart + patterns + greetings.

  • 20 PNG items with transparent background (300ppp, 1000x1000px)
  • 3 Seamless Patterns
  • 8 Greeting cards (English and Spanish)

Perfect to use to create your own designs and creations. Create your own logo or use in st. Valentine’s day, restaurant menu, greeting cards, scrapbooking, textiles, invitations…



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Leviotan: *raises an eyebrow* I see. *casually eats only bonbon before giving the rest to Viviane* 

Sweets really aren’t my thing. Plus, if you had the guts to write a love letter then at least have the guts to confront me in person. Sheesh. *scratches the back of his head, sighing*

(Vivi: Awww, thanks bro! But I already have so many chocos, and the biggest choco is from you~!! Even with my big tummy, I can’t eat all of theseeee-!! ò3ó )

Ophiou: Eh? EEEEHHHH????!!! *shooketh because he received chocos from a girl* Eh-? Wuh-? Arereh-??? Hah-? 

*Ophiou.EXE crashed; rebooting in 3… 2… 1…* 

T-Th-Thanks….!! I, I guess….??! I-I-…! *takes deep breaths to calm himself down* …. I have absolutely no idea why you would even like (a monster) me, b-but…. I really am happy…..

Raneus: *skims through the letter casually tossing it away* She didn’t put any caffeine in the choco right? *sniffs one piece* It doesn’t contain any liqueur as well right? *squints eyes* I guess I’ll feed them to O-chan (Ophiou) first to test if there’s any. 

… Love is unnecessary to me. *blunt* I’m not looking for it nor am I asking for it. Plus I don’t even know who the sender is.

(Ophi: Ran–!!! Be a little more kind and considerate would you…??! OAO)

Berebis: ….. *sighs after reading the letter* Where in the hell are you all coming from… *crumples the letter before staring at the box of bonbons* … I’m not hungry at the moment, but I’m not letting anyone take it.

Keeping it just in case I get hungry from my nap…. *yawns* Speak of the devil, I’m tired again…

Hokusai: Oh? Oho~? *chuckles* Interesting. I am honored to have earned the little lady’s affections, but alas, I must reject such heartfelt confessions. It would be best if she were to direct these to someone else more suitable than I. Now as for the chocolates…. fufu. 

Yes, I’ll share these with my son~. *chuckles* I still recall him being an avid eater of sweets~.

(Raetel: SHUT UP OLD MAN, I’LL KILL YOU-!! WHO SAID YOU CAN SAY SUCH THINGS– *he’s embarrassed, forgive him*)

Shir: *blinks, smiles faintly* This feels rather nostalgic. Who would’ve thought that I would receive chocolates once more like this, I feel as if I had returned back to my younger self. 

*laughs lightheartedly* Valentine’s Day is not a custom really celebrated in my hometown, mainly because they see it as something stupid, so to receive chocolates and a letter once more like I did back in school is somewhat refreshing.

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Valentines Day. It was legit so cold. Had to keep the kids motivated with many snacks and a hot cocoa midway through. But another favorite holiday tradition is in the books.

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Reacting to a Confession




wait wait wait a minute!! What?! Thank you for thinking of me that way ! , let’s go ditch and go to a date !” - he says in an excited and very happy tone as he grabs your hand and runs off with you.



“Hm?! , N-No way !!” - says while he quickly covers his face with both his hands

-he flings his arms open and traps you in them-

I promise to at least be a good memory for you , I hope you aren’t scared of me” - says in a melancholic tone before tearing up to this unbelievable moment.



W-what? You really feel this way towards me?!” - will say while turning bright red.

I seriously didn’t expect this from you , u-um wanna hang out together after school?” -suga says while looking to you in amazement and hugging you tightly.

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Author: @mandelion82

Prompt: The Heart Game where either boys or girls cannot talk to each other on valentines day. If you talk to any boy they steal your heart/ if girls year. Same thing applies. At the end who’s got the most hearts wins. ( years switch off) . And it’s this thing gender depending that boys will try to get girls to talk to them vise versa girls year. So gets competitive. [submitted by @everlark-queen-of-disney-12​]


Author’s Note: I had to try and learn more about this game, so I hope I did the prompt justice. It’s fluffy. Thanks for it! I enjoyed writing this.

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Yeah. I don’t know. I’m just gonna show up at her place on valentines day with a jock strap, box of chocolates, and rose clenched between my ass cheeks with “be mine” written across my glorious man titties.“

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