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My late Valentine’s Day comic post.


“Evil and Crazy?”

Another happy shout out goes to @splashmouse for following! A question for everyone. What should I do when I reach 50 followers? How do I celebrate?

A little extra support is always appreciated, so feel free to like, reblog, comment, and follow for more.

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Tonight is the Snow Moon! Valentines Day may have passed, but every full moon is a night of ❤️ for Mutters and his 🌝 sweating 💦

Artwork © ramida-r


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The Leftovers - Bonus Content 2

This bonus content was posted for 2020′s Valentine’s Day, one of my favorite extras so far! Here’s the commentary I did back in the day:

I know the story doesn’t look like a romcom so far but I promise there are serious hopeless romantics here! Alex is one of them but will never admit it, not even to himself.

His brain still gives him unpleasant cute memories of a certain someone who used to make him see sunflowers everywhere.

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Drew this for my boyfriend as a little Valentine’s Day gift <3 I would’ve posted this on Valentine’s Day as well but it wasn’t finished yet. (why do they both have to have mechanical alarms!?! So much detail!!! and McCree chest plate is also super complicated!!! AHHHH!!!)

Anyways happy late Valentine’s Day everybody!

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A bit late, but here’s a story about Love-a-lot bear and Tenderheart bear! Aswell as Coldheart and Frostbite! There’s some strong shipping energy here.

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“you’re my jam”, valentine card idea, not inits final layout.

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