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#valerie gray
mischiefandspirits · 16 hours ago
Doppelgänger (17/19)
Previously on Doppelgänger ~ Masterlist ~ Next time on Doppelgänger
Danny, Sam, and Tucker were just 14 when they took a look inside the portal Danny’s parents had built. From there, everything changed. They woke up with white hair, green skin, and powers they could learn to control. They were hybrids, halfas.
They were the hero Doppelgänger.
{Reign Storm, Part 3}
“It’s like shooting skeleton fish in a barrel,” Doppelgänger chuckled as they flew up to Valerie’s side, blasting one of the skeleton’s harrowing her as their own crowd rushed into the football stadium after them.
“They don’t put up much of a fight, but there’s a lot of them,” she argued. “You going to duplicate?”
“Already did. We've got our own crowds.”
“It’d be nice if you could make yourself a crowd in return.”
“Sorry, we’re still working on making more than three of us.”
“Hello, son.”
Doppelgänger gave a long, drawn-out groan as Plasmius flew up to the two despite still firing on the skeletons. The older ghost tried to speak when they’d finished, only for the ghost kid to start right back up.
“Are you quite done?” Plasmius asked over the groaning.
Valerie turned to fire at him, but he dodged to the side. He stopped with Doppelgänger between her and him.
The younger ghost stopped their groaning to say, “You know, a human shield only works if the shield’s both bigger than you and someone that the person you’re hiding from won’t shoot. We are neither of those.”
“You’re also not human,” Valerie pointed out.
“I think that’s debatable, but we’ll add it to the list,” they said and fired a blast at Plasmius.
“Calm down, son! I didn't come here to fight you! You have other things to worry about!”
“Okay, even if we were your kid -- which we aren’t because gross -- we’re nonbinary, so still not your son. So get lost. We have this under control!”
A blur of black barreled into them and rose up to reveal a knight in black armor atop a pegasus. The knight had Doppelgänger by the throat and pointed his sword at them. “You are the one who destroyed the King’s ring.”
“We’re not one, but we have destroyed a ring recently. Not sure if it was a king’s, though. Can we get a description?” Doppelgänger said before a swirl of comets wrapped around them and they disappeared.
Another swirl appeared behind the knight, leaving behind the ghost kid. They cheered and shot a blast that unseated the knight. “Yes, it worked. Still not as far as we’d meant to go, but we’ll take it.”
“If you would allow me to trai-” Plasmius started.
“Not interested. Now make yourself useful.” Doppelgänger pointed at the knight, who was pulling himself to his feet.
The knight’s eyes locked onto Valerie and narrowed. “You also carry the ring’s mark.”
She leveled her rifle at him, but a pair of blasts knocked him away before she could fire.
“Right on time,” Doppelgänger said as their two copies flew into the stadium. “Wait a second, is that the Fright Knight? Who? He’s the age-old spirit of Halloween.” The trio began to casually blast the knight back and forth across the field as they spoke together. “Legend has it that if his sword The Soul Shredder cuts through you, you get teleported to a dimension where you live out your worst fear. We read about him in the book we got for Halloween. Did the book have any way to defeat him? We think there was something about a pumpkin, but we can’t remember. We’ll go check.”
One of the ghost kids shot off, giving the knight a chance to finally dodge a blast. “Fools! All I wanted to do was retrieve those who destroyed the ring and return to Pariah's Keep, but now, you give me no choice.” He knelt and held up his sword, point down. “By the authority vested in me by my Lord and Liege…” The sword began to glow and he drove it into the ground, causing a wave of energy to roll outwards across the ground. “I claim this town now and forever under the banner of Lord Pariah, the King of All Ghosts!”
Energy shot up from the sword high into the air before rolling outwards to form a green dome across the city.
Both remaining Doppelgängers fired at the knight, but he ducked away. “The sword has sunk, your die now cast, The sword removed shall signal fast. Surrender your-”
He was cut off as a blast knocked him rolling across the ground.
“We hate rhymes. Did we find a pumpkin?”
The third Doppelgänger flew up with a smirk and pulled a fake jack-o'-lantern out of thin air.
“Found it in the boxes of old Halloween decorations like we said.”
They landed next to the sword and dropped the decoration at their feet.
“Gotta move fast. Cover us. Red, Plasmius, keep the skeleton’s back. We’ll handle tall, dark, and fashionable. Fashionable? Really? Yes, we love that aesthetic.”
Val nodded and pulled out her grenade launcher as the other two placed themselves between their third and the knight, but Plasmius’s attention was on the ghost kid.
“What are you planning?”
The ghost kid smirked and wrapped their hand around the sword’s grip.
“To cease the storm…”
“No,” the knight yelled, but the ghost kid’s copies kept him back.
“To end the fear…”
“Wait!” Plasmius yelled as the ghost kid began to draw the sword from the ground.
“The sword must sheathe…”
As soon as the blade left the ground, the energy feeding into the dome cut off and it began to crack. Instead of the sky being behind it, Valerie saw the endless green of the ghost zone.
“In pumpkin near!”
Doppelgänger sank the sword into the fake pumpkin and everything froze. Then the sky returned.
White and green light began to pour from the decoration as the dome shuddered then began to rise up and flow back into the sword in a reverse of how it had just formed.
“No, NO!” the knight shouted as a vortex formed above the sword and began to draw him in.
Valerie only had a second to feel victorious before the vortex began to pull at her as well. She lost her footing on her board, but the ghost kid flew in to help her. Two of them grabbed her and the last grabbed her board before they all flew to the bleachers and grabbed hold. Once she was sure she was safe, she looked over the field.
Plasmius had taken refuge on a goal post, but many of the skeletons were being sucked up. The knight was clawing at the ground, but soon lost his grip and disappeared into the swirling green. Once he was gone, the vortex slowed and dissipated while the pumpkin holding the sword -- now looking like an actual jack-o'-lantern, if purple with a green glow -- vanished in a flash.
“Well, that’s one down,” Doppelgänger said.
“You idiot! The sword was a signal!” Plasmius yelled, brushing himself off.
“Yeah, we heard. That’s why we got rid of it!”
“Not soon enough.”
The teens looked up to see a large ghost floating over them.
After a second, one of the ghost kids pointed at him.
“You know, we expected more from the King of All Ghosts. He’s just a guy. A tall guy, but still.”
Another nodded, looking disappointed.
“Yeah, what is this Odin wannabe nonsense? We thought we’d be facing some beautiful Lovecraftian horror. We feel ripped off.”
The third tilted their head.
“He’s not even that big. Like ten feet, maybe. The dragon made a more impressive sight, and she was literally just a fairytale princess. You’d think a king could do better.”
“Are you done ticking him off?” Valerie asked, watching Dark get angrier and angrier.
They shrugged. “We’re just saying. He doesn’t even have a crown.”
Then the one who’d tilted their head shot to the side, the one who’d nodded stepped in front of Valerie and raised a shield, and the one who’d pointed braced for impact as Dark sent a massive blast towards them.
The shield held, but the ghost kid was forced to a knee as they poured their strength into it and it shattered apart as soon as it wasn’t needed. Once it was down, Valerie could see that the one who’d taken the blast head-on had created a crater in the bleachers that they were pulling themself out of. Meanwhile, the one who’d avoided it was zipping around the field, keeping Dark’s attention. They fired upon the king while bobbing and weaving around the return fire.
It didn’t look like the attacks were doing much damage.
“That hurt,” they said as the one limped towards her and their kneeling copy turned to her. “You should get clear.”
“We should all fall back,” Plasmius said, appearing next to them.
“Even if we could, he’d destroy the town trying to chase us down. You can run if you want to,” they said then they shot towards the field.
One landed and held their hands out. Thick wires shot out of the ground and grabbed Dark’s legs, electrocuting him in the process. At the same time, the other ghost kid shot towards the fight. They engaged the king as the one that had been fighting him backed off. They reached to the side and plucked a pot holding a glowing spider-like plant out of nowhere. They chucked the plant at Dark’s head then re-engaged him as their copy pulled back to command the plant to wrap around the king’s eyes and neck.
“The boy has Chlorokinesis?” Plasmius said.
“You didn’t know that?” Valerie said, checking her rifle and calling her board to her.
“He’s never used it against me. He’s only even used the Technokinesis recently.”
“They’ve had both for as long as I’ve known them. They’ve tried to use it on me, but I’m usually too high for the plants and my gear’s protected against their control.”
The two looked up to see Dark snatch the plant-controlling ghost kid from the air and throw them. The other flying one tried to catch them, but they both ended up crashing to the ground. The third flew over to them as the king tore off the wires and burned away the plant.
“Our baby,” the ghost kid whined, one staring at the plant’s burning remains with fury.
“Surrender, children! You can't possibly win!”
“Surrender isn’t in our vocabulary. And we can’t possibly let you loose on our city.” The one that had been controlling the wires helped the one that had been thrown to their feet, letting them lean against them, as the other placed themself in front of the two. “Besides, we don't have to win. we just have to make sure that you lose.”
Dark scowled and shot a blast at them. The one in front summoned a shield, but it shattered almost immediately and the three took most of the blast.
Valerie leveled her rifle at Dark, but Plasmius yanked it away.
“Don’t be foolish, girl. He will kill you.”
“Like you care.
“Considering you’re my only help, I do. We need a plan.”
“Face it, children, it's over.”
Valerie turned back to the field to see Dark walking towards the trio as they slowly got up onto their knees.
“No,” they growled. “No!”
Shaking with pain, the trio looked up. 
Their goggles glowed with black energy and then three things happened at once.
The one on the left threw their head back and screamed. Black sonic waves tore through the field and slammed into the king.
The one in the middle doubled over, hands clawing at the ground as they keened. Thick black vines wove in and out of the ground in front of them until they could latch onto the king, wrapping around his arms and legs to tear deep gashes into his skin with their thorns.
The one on the right wrapped their arms around themselves and sobbed. Black tears flowed down their face and formed a void beneath them that stretched out underneath the king.
The vines held him still, the rings drained his power, and the void drew him in.
Dark thrashed against his bindings, but they held and he was soon consumed by the darkness.
The trio collapsed.
The field went silent, the vines shriveled into nothing, and the darkness faded.
Consciousness clearly fading, the trio latched hands and fell through the ground.
Oddly though, they didn’t seem to go intangible and Valerie swore she saw the faintest hint of a white-blue-purple light just before they completely disappeared.
Slowly, she turned to Plasmius to see him gaping at the now empty field. “Did you know they had that kind of power?”
Danny stared out at the stars as Blobena nuzzled up against his cheek.
“My everything hurts,” Tucker croaked, the first sound any of them had made since Danny had dropped them into the Space Fold then promptly passed out. He’s not sure how long they’ve been in there now, but he’s been awake for at least an hour and he knew the others woke before him.
“Sh!” Sam moaned.
It was quiet for a few moments, then Sam asked, “Danny. Why are your blobs in here? More importantly, why is one trying to eat my hair?”
With a sigh, Danny turned to see Sam and the blob in question. “I think Blobson likes the taste of your shampoo. He did the same thing to me two weeks ago when you let me shower at your place after the fight with Garbage Manster.”
“Wait, you seriously named them all? And with blob puns?” Tucker said, pinwheeling slowly near Sam’s feet. “I thought that was just a joke you and Valerie were telling.”
“We had a lot of time in that cage, okay?”
“Danny, get this thing off my hair or I’m smashing it.”
The boy pouted, but reached over to scoop up the blob. He set him on his shoulder next to Bloberick.
“Now again, what are they doing here?”
“In my defense, I just meant to hide them in here for a second because my mom was coming down the stairs and I didn’t have time to get them all back through the portal. I’ve tried to get them to leave, but they won’t.”
“You keep my ghost plants in here!” she huffed, gesturing to the quartet of pots holding plants she’d gathered from the ghost zone.
“They don’t bother them, promise!”
“Speaking of which, how dare you throw Arachne at that jerk!”
“Our ecto-beams weren’t doing much! I thought the poison on her fronds would help!”
“We can get you a new one, Sam,” Tucker said. “It’s not like it was sentient like Audrey II.”
“We can get you a new phone, Tucker,” she shot back. “It’s not like it’s sentient like Audrey II.”
“She’s as good as!” Tucker gasped, pulling his phone out to clutch it to his chest. “Talk to me, baby.”
“Hello, Tuck-man. The time is 9:34 p.m.”
Danny snickered. “Tuck-man.”
“Shut it, Danny Blobton,” Tucker said, grabbing one of the blobs floating near him and tossing it at Danny.
If anything, the blob seemed to be pleased by the action, even as it squished against his forehead. It gave a singing buzz and nuzzled further against him.
“Great, now Blobnessa is never going to let go.”
“Dude, you’ve got issues.”
“Wait, did your phone say it was after nine at night?” Sam asked, turning to Tucker.
“Yeah, it said… Oh man, how long have we been gone for?”
“My parents are probably tearing the town apart looking for me,” Danny groaned.
“Not to mention your girlfriend. I’m sure my parents are already blaming you. Crud, I’m going to have to wear their stupid dresses for a week if they’re ever going to let me see you again,” Sam said, grabbing Danny’s arm and tugging him to her.
“I swear, if my parents try to take me on one of those tech-free relaxation getaways because of this, I’m moving into the fold. Blobs or not,” Tucker muttered, hooking his ankle around Sam’s.
Danny gently shooed and brushed all the blobs off himself then turned all three of them invisible and dropped them onto the football field.
Thankfully no one was around so they turned visible and climbed to their feet.
“We’re going to need alibis,” Sam said.
“Got cornered by some skeletons in an abandoned building?” Tucker offered. “Only came out when we were sure it was safe, but then didn’t recognize where we were and stumbled about until we found somewhere familiar.”
“Sounds good enough for me,” Danny yawned. “Can either of you transform?”
They shook their heads.
“Guess we’re walking.”
They only made it a block before the Fenton RV came roaring up and a hysterical Maddie Fenton tackled Danny to the ground.
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gayspacedace · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Please accept this gray ghost doodle I did instead of my week overdue project today
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mymadmedleyw · a day ago
(probably true) theory time-
we can all agree that during the alternate timeline Vlad helped Valerie and her father building up that massive ghost shield over Amity Park, right? because- partly because he felt guilt and responsible for creating the merged ghost and things turned out wrong, just as Danny's death? (poor boy died because his naivety)
we all can agree that he was helping them during the ten years from the shadows, right? upgrading Valerie's suit, helping them understand the Fenton's anti-ghost technology? because- well, partly because he was (not anymore, thanks to the ripping out part) partly ghosts, he knew how ghosts work and well- he was a crazy fruitloop to come up with ideas to keep away the ghost from Amity Park, well- not letting anyone else to get hurt that was once important to Danny? keeping the city and the people inside save from ghosts?
just, think about it--- I'm not wrong.
oh, yeah, and I'd add that the merged ghost maybe didn't know Vlad survived the blowing up of his mansion, but suspected after a few years that the man was still alive, only hiding somewhere and helping Valerie? (otherwise, how on heck could two people - Valerie and her dad - built up a shield that kept him away from Amity?)
other thing, in an episode (I can't recall in which one), it is mentioned that there are natural portals (like the Bermuda Triangle), if! if there are natural portals then- why in TUE came the ghost from the Ghost Zone, huh? beginning with that after Danny got murdered, the merged ghost was in the Earth. I am saying Vlad closed all the natural portals in the Earth, to trap him then inside the GZ, then as the ghost had the ability for the wail, he could get out from the GZ, ruining the shield over Amity and so on, the rest is history...
(this one turned out rather as a big ultimate theory... at the literal-est meaning, but it makes sense...)
(I am working on a short story - really a short one - including this whole, it's just a theory yet, but soon-)
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fishyartist · 2 days ago
Tumblr wip two stuck in a boogaloo :)
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rat-presenting · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I don’t about y’all but I like the idea that
1) Danny’s face works like a glowstick at night and,
2) red and phantom can sometimes be spotted floating a couple hundred feet up in the air, every night, eating Wendy’s and gossiping trading information on other ghosts
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dani-halfa5 · 3 days ago
I think the reason of why Vlad can't have healthy relatioships is because he needs to feel he is in control of them.
In almost all his episodes he has someone working for him. These characters are usually paid or own Vlad a favor.
The Vultures in "Bitter Reunions" and " A Million Dolars Ghost"
Tumblr media
The animal ghosts in "Maternal Instincs"
Tumblr media
Skulker in a both "Bitter Reunions" and "Secret Weapons"
Tumblr media
The clones in "Kindred Spirits"
Tumblr media
Valerie also works for him as ghost hunter in a few episodes. (Reign Storm; D-Stabilized)
It's like... he has to be the one giving the orders. He sees people as his pawns, as chess pieces that he can make them do what he wants.
That's why he gets more and more frustrated each time he fails in persuading Danny to join him. He knows Danny is someone he can't control. He can't make him to join him by using money and power.
The same goes to Maddie. She doesn't care about Vlad's money or status. She loves Jack for who he is.
This is why he starts making plans to clone Danny.It's because he thinks that if can't control the real Danny, then cloning him is the solution.
My theory is that he got so used to making others follow his orders by using intimidation and money that he forgot what is like to have normal relationships.
Another thing is that control is may be his ghost obsession, which he developed months after he started using his powers.
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ghostey-o-toby · 3 days ago
I’d love to see/create something that goes into Valerie’s mental health and her relationship with her dad. Damien is a loving father trying his best, but Val is depressed, angry, overworked and fourteen. What does a parent do when their teenager is coming home every day covered in bruises from ghost fights? How is he supposed to protect her? Make her quit? She’ll hate him! Plus, she’s the best ghost hunter in town. Without her, people could be killed, or have their lives ruined like hers was, because of preventable ghost attacks. The flipside there is that she could die too. There’s no way he could live with that! Any move he makes to stop her from hunting will make her feel like he doesn’t care if violent ghosts are rampaging through town as long as she doesn’t get hurt, which will make it even harder to talk to her than it probably already is. If/when he confiscates her hunting gear, she’s got a huge stash, so he has no idea whether he has everything. If he doesn’t, she might still go hunting, but with almost none of her equipment. That’s a massive risk to take. Not entirely sure how you’d work this into a story. Maybe an AU where Vlad hires “human” Spectra as a go-between for him and Valerie, and then has her exacerbate Valerie’s Issues until she only cares about ghost-hunting and revenge and perceives her dad as a coward who would let the world burn if it meant keeping her safe? Idk
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kvf22 · 3 days ago
The animated cover me & a friend made to help promote the single “Soulless” by Kfresh
The full quality 4k version will be available in the animated section of KF world in a few days🎁
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kvf22 · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
My Cover Art for the 25th Single “Soulless” by Kfresh
The “Artwork” Tab on is coming soon(so anyone is able to see my progress starting from my first illustration up to this one.)
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gayspacedace · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
I think Val deserves to have a good time with her abnormally strong boyfriend at prom too
Bonus comic under the cut
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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floralflowerpower · 4 days ago
Tales of life after Death.
Chapter 4 {Chapter one}
Today was the first day of debate class. Well, in his opinion. It was technically the second since the first day was about the syllabus as usual.
Mr. Simon was still ecstatic, though. Mainly because he would be teaching Daniel, who no doubt would be using debate and speech a lot in his future.
Or at least that is what he reasoned. He had heard from Mr. Lancer himself that the boy was considered a king.
A king in his class…
All the faculty had met after school to discuss it the same day.
It had blind-sided everyone. Sure, they all thought that Danny would grow up to be influential.
For Pete’s sake, he somehow united a panicking world and got everyone to work together to survive. Something that all the worlds’ leaders had failed to do.
A 16-year-old kid managed to fix it.
And not only that, but he also managed to unite an army of ghosts to help him.
This boy got the living and the dead to work together.
Something that Mr. Simon was pretty sure had never been done in history before.
He was a natural-born leader. He could see why the ghosts wanted him to be king.
Mr. Simon was going to make sure that Danny had everything he needed to be a good king. Debate and speech were essential skills to a monarch, after all.
He already had the first topic of debate picked.
One he knew most likely would be a government discussion sooner or later, and Danny had to be prepped for it.
It was a heavy topic, though.
He heard a few audible gasps from his students as he scrawled out their first debate topic on the whiteboard.
“Debate and speech have historically been used to do a lot of harm but also a lot of good. Especially when it comes to the topic of individual rights. Now that the world is aware of ghosts, our government’s next logical question should be around the notion of whether the dead deserve rights. And if they do, then what are they?”
The room was silent.
He turned around to face his students.
They all looked uncomfortable.
Daniel looked pale and slightly shaky.
“Mr. Simone, you don’t really think…I mean I am technically a ghost as well… Any decision they make would affect me too, not to mention my friends that I have in the ghost zone…Are you saying that the government might try to treat us worse than they already do?”
That caught the teacher off guard.
“What do you mean by worse, Daniel?” He asked softly.
Danny looked conflicted, and in an instant, he seemed much more mature than he should have been for his age. His blue eyes were hardened over with an emotion the teacher could not Identify.
“Up until a month ago, the leading understanding in the paranormal science community was that ghosts couldn’t feel pain and that any noise we made was a way to derive sympathy from the people who—.” Danny took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a second to center himself. “let me put it this way. I have been electrocuted, burned, frozen, shoved into small devices that force you to destabilize into either a pure gaseous or liquid form, and I could keep going on. Ghosts already do not have rights. If they did, then over half of the ghost hunting equipment that’s currently in use would be illegal.”
Mr. Simon had to sit down. His heart was breaking. He didn’t realize….
Daniel had basically just admitted to being tortured.
“And all of that is just the weapons; most ghosts tend to still get dissected and experimented on without any form of pain killer or any medical treatment afterward. And sometimes…” Daniel’s voice started to waver as he looked up at his teacher, “Sometimes, the ghost never gets a chance to leave. They destroy it.”
Valerie reached out from where she was sitting next to Danny and grabbed his hand.
Danny looked at her hand with a far-off expression before turning to smile weakly at her.  
Mr. Simon felt like his world was crashing around him.
His student may of….Was it possible to destroy ghosts?
Had Daniel been?
Mr. Simon felt nauseous.  
Danny seemed to pick up on his teacher’s distress almost immediately.
The next thing he knew, Danny was in front of him, holding a water bottle and a bottle of Dramamine.
He blinked up at his student with surprised eyes.
“I know it’s for motion sickness, but trust me, it works really well for nausea in general,” Danny explained as he shook out two pills and handed them to his teacher.
“How did you know?” Mr. Simone asked.
“Well,” Danny paused, seeming uncertain. “Ghosts can feed off human emotions if they want to. I don’t do that. But one of the side effects of being capable of even doing that is feeling the emotions of others. I can’t read minds or anything, but after years of practice, I have gotten good at distinguishing needs based off of emotions alone. There’s a particular flavor of panic that rises in someone when they are trying to fight off puking.”
“Oh.” Mr. Simone breathed out.
He didn’t know that. He didn’t know any of this.
Danny backtracked and started to nervously fiddle with his hoodie. Not meeting his teacher’s eyes.
“Daniel, you and I need to talk.” Mr. Simon said before turning his attention to the rest of the class. “The rest of you may be dismissed early today.”
The other students didn’t need to be told twice. No one wanted to be in the room after what was said; all of them kept giving Danny worried or empathic glances as they filed out.
All except Valerie. Who stayed.
“Do you want me to stay with you for this?” She asked.
Danny gave Mr. Simone a hopeful glance.
“Can she?” He inquired.
Mr. Simon looked between the two. He was unsure why he wanted her here, but he was not going to tell the young hero no.
“That’s fine, Daniel. Why don’t you both take a seat.”
Mr. Simon watched as Danny phased the water bottle and pills back into his nap sack and then sat down. Val sat in the same place as before and immediately held his hand the moment she got a chance.
He had thought Mr. Fenton was with….?
“Are you two dating?” He asked in surprise once all the pieces had clicked together.
Val blanched at the question.
But Danny seemed prepared because, without even hesitation, he responded.
“Yes, Val is amazing, and I don’t deserve her.” He said with a sincere smile.
Val practically melted in the seat next to him, lightly punching the half-ghost in the arm.
“That’s not true,” She said with a laugh, causing Danny to freeze. “it’s the other way around, ghost boy. I don’t deserve you.”
Daniel relaxed. He looked like he was going to cry but in a good way, given his megawatt smile.
Mr. Simon smiled as well; he was happy that Daniel was happy. Even if he did not understand what happened between him and Sam. But it was apparent they were no longer a couple.
But he needed to get back to the urgent questions.
“Daniele, are you safe at home?”
That question made the boy’s head snap back to his teacher so quickly that he was surprised it didn’t crack.
“Yes, why?” Danny asked. His demeanor had gone very cold, and so did the room.
“That’s good to hear. I was worried before with some of those stories you were telling….” Mr. Simon trailed off.
Danny relaxed, and the room got warmer again. Was he causing the temp change?
“No, my parents have never purposely harmed me. Those stories were mostly about my run-ins with the GIW.” Daniel’s eyes flashed green. “I very much do not like them. They have done some awful things, but I was lucky because I was almost always let go. Some other ghosts weren’t so lucky.”
Mr. Simon could see the anger and hurt on his face.
Which made sense. Daniel was a good king, no doubt. So, of course, this would bother him.
“I want to help you protect your people, if you’ll let me.”
Danny’s eyes turned back to their normal baby blue.
“You want to help ghosts? And they’re not..” Danny paused for a second contemplating, before glancing over at Val and then back to his teacher. “You know what, they are. And I have to make sure they are okay. It is my duty as the king of the infinite realms.”
Just then, Daniel gasped and clutched his arms.
The room was suddenly cast in blinding light.
“So you have finally come to your senses and claimed your title.”
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romancemedia · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Top 10 Broken Up Animated Couples (2/10)
Danny Fenton & Valerie Gray (Danny Phantom)
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romancemedia · 6 days ago
Danny and Sam’s first Fake Out, Make Out.
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noctisidious · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
THEM 🥺🥺🥺😭😭♥️♥️
Wish there was more of them as a couple
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noctisidious · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
HER 🥺🥺🤲🤲❤️❤️❤️❤️
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