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You can fulfil the prompts in any way possible so edits, fanfiction or fan art

Please tag it as valkosweek2021

No NFSW And last but not least have fun

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Valkos week is only a month and a half away now so here is the prompt list with a thank you to @wobblyjellyfish and @pottermusprime for their help in deciding the prompts

Day 1 - workout or competition

Day 2 - coffee shop au

Day 3 - Mermaids

Day 4 - Insomnia

Day 5 - Fall/Autumn

Day 6 - soulmates

Day 7 - Valentines

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I headcanon martial arcs and valkos does animal crossing double dates, it just seems so cute

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“Dating?” The two echoed together. Pyrrha looked down, hiding her face, and Nora fidgeted in place, rubbing the back of her neck.

“We’re not… together-together.” Nora answered. If she’s blushing, it’s hard to tell; the pink on her cheeks seems to be one of her permanent features.

“But we are together, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.” Pyrrha finally looked up from where she seemed fascinated by the grass, giving Nora’s hand a gentle squeeze.

Nora leaned her cheek into Pyrrha’s shoulder and closed her eyes, smiling. “Yeah.”

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Things I’m Here For


Nordic Winter



More to add later, but yeah, that’s where I stand lol

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Nora squealed, flapping her hands. They were covered in a pair of pink gloves her mother had given her, but with half the length of the fingers shoddily cut off, an odd but endearing contrast to her sundress which reminded one of a cloud of strawberry frosting. “Oh my gosh! That is such a cute idea! We could pick flowers together and I could arrange them in her hair…” Her eyes and heart were sparkling. “I had also been thinking of asking her to go to the festival with me once it’s opened… we’ll buy flowers and chocolate and strawberries and rose water and I’ll try on silly clothing to make her laugh.” A cloud shaded her face, and her shoulders dropped slightly. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen her laugh. Well, something to work for, I guess.”

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The JNPR discord has been buzzing about Valkos so I wanted to make a moodboard

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Ren: Nora has came to the realization that she can make Pyrrha do anything dumb activity with her if she makes it into a competition.

Ren: Those two are currently seeing how many watermelons they can crush with their thighs and they’re both currently on 20.

Ren: Literally all Nora said to Pyrrha is ‘I bet I can crush more watermelons than you with my thighs’ and Pyrrha was instantly like ‘It’s on’ with no hesitation.

Ren: Our dorm looks like a scene from a bloody slasher film, I swear.

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Pyrrha looked away, shuddering and lost in memories. “I was terrified. I’ve never heard anything scream and move like that, and every time I looked at Ren and Nora, there was so much sorrow and fear and pain in their eyes. Ren was practically out of control - I was so scared he would hurt himself or even one of us while fighting.” Pyrrha looked down, pushing a lock of hair behind her ear, her usually-bright eyes clouded. “I should’ve been able to protect them. I should’ve been able to help kill the Nuckelavee faster. I don’t know how I can look them in the eyes now.”

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Nora: Hate when people always use the ‘I have a breathing problem’ excuse about not wearing a mask.

Nora: Like, shut the hell up. Pyrrha over here has a fat ass, yet she still wear pants.

Pyrrha, blushing: WHAT?!

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Yang: Are you a big or a little spoon?

Nora: I’m a knife

Pyrrha, from across the room: She’s a little spoon

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Just astral projecting into the future y’all need anything

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I should draw more girls kissing

That’d be nice


This was for an art trade on Instagram:3

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