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I ship you with…



- She loves your jokes and confidence!

- You immediately caught her eye with your green hair

- Thor actually pushed nudged her over to introduce herself

- After that the two of you were inseparable!

- After a bit she took you out to watch a horror movie

- She wanted to make the first date special and spent hours pestering Tony for good movies

- Eventually Peter overheard them and helped chose a good horror movie

- He also came up with your ship name

- When she sees you fire eating for the first time, she thinks you have superpowers 🔥

- She believed that for weeks before anyone told her anything

- You later explain how it works and she practically begs you to teach her

- Whenever you draw, she always looks over your shoulder in awe

- One time on Halloween everyone went out to a haunted house to celebrate

- When the first jump scare came up, Valkyrie’s “protect” mode activated and she immediately jumped in front of you

- When she realized it was only a prop, there was a dead silence before everyone burst out laughing

- After a bit of reassuring on your part, you all continued on with the house

- She also adores your pet parrot and spoils it with treats

- She also may or may not have trained it to tell you “I love you” when she’s away on missions

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welcome to

Charlie’s List

of women who can step on her if they wanna (in no particular order bc i’m a horny bitch)


Originally posted by youmissedthewholeshow

first, we have bicon peggy carter because. she and angie had a thing don’t lie. also she punches things and it’s hot.


Originally posted by wakewriter

next up we’ve got villanelle. should be a controversial opinion but it really isn’t. she goes kill kill and i 🥺 also lesbian as fuck


Originally posted by nicin20gayteen

then, we got Sara Lance. bicon again. canonical this time. ex-assassin turned hero (are we noticing a theme here ) she can use a sword so i’m happy to be crushed by her boot


Originally posted by bluebeetletedkord

and then we got valkyrie for no reason except a FOURTH SAPPHIC ICON. just. kill me pls.


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So I’m pretty sure I can pinpoint which shining star was supposed to be a prototype for these new dark stars, or at least which shining stars they parallel.

I think the clown is obviously the new version of Ivry, I think the clown is supposed to be kind of a play on Ivry’s intimidating yet goofy presence, kind of like how clowns are pretty goofy but can also be very creepy and intimidating. And he’s also the only one of the 4 dark stars that is modeled after something specific. Just like Sister Ivry is modeled after a nun(I don’t count witch in this because her appearance doesn’t really scream witch at me at first glance, whereas Ivry is obviously a nun just by looking at her appearance, just like clown guy)

The one with his eyes closed is the new version of witch, purely because witch keeps her eyes covered and it seems like this guy is going to keep his eyes closed a fair amount, which is a very obvious visual similarity while not being the exact same.

The giant one at the end is the new and improved version of Valkyrie, purely based on its size and the giant axe it has I’m assuming it’s going to be the new sword of Edens One.

The smallest one is hermit, I can’t find any visual similarities however they’re both short so who knows

They’re also all male, which is a direct opposite of the shining stars who are all female. I think each shining star is going to have to go up against their dark star counterpart, which I think would be an amazing battle

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“Look around that corner again,” said Loki, “very carefully.”

Bruce, being the closest to the corner, peeked around, saw something, then jumped backwards with a curse. “We’re dead,” he declared to the group. “We’re dead. We need to get off of this stupid hunk of rock right now.”

Thor heard Loki’s quiet, “Agreed,” as he looked around the corner himself. It took a moment, but then he saw it. There were two Chitauri soldiers standing guard in the cavern.

“Damn it,” he swore.

Or: The Statesman is low on fuel, the Revengers stop at a trading outpost to get some, and run into problems.

—Set between Ragnarok and IW.


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