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Go off!!!

It’s bc fandom loves a white wlw. That’s how it is across every fandom. A white woman shows a hint of being attracted to her lady best friend and fandom goes wild. But when it comes to wlwoc?? Its silent. And it’s even worse with valkyrie not only because she’s black but because fandom is biphobic as hell. You won’t believe the amount of posts I’ve seen about her being like “oh she’s lesbian” or them shipping her with carol because “she can’t date a dude” or whatever. Also speaking of carol possibly being wlw you notice how some people would rather ship her with valkyrie and not her best friend (who she’s canonically interacted with) who just happened to be dark skinned?? The colorism jumped out!!! Anyways stan valkyrie for clear skin because she’s one of the few well written woman characters in the mcu

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The Song of the Spears - Darraðarljóð

Darraðarljóð is an Eddic poem that is part of the Njáls Saga séc. XI. The poem recounts a battle that took place in Ireland, the Battle of Clontarf near Dublin in 1014 that ended with the victory of the Scandinavian invaders over the Irish where King Brian Boru (Brian Bóruma mac Cennétig) died in the same battle. However its fame is great, the O'Briens, subsequently became one of the main families of the country, having as a coat of arms the famous Harp by Brian Boru, today kept at Trinity College in Dublin.
According to the prosaic text accompanying the poem, twelve travelers spotted twelve valkyries, but only six were named, weaving the fate of the battle, on a loom composed of entrails, skulls, spears and swords.
The poem was composed shortly after the battle where the skald’s commitment and excitement can be seen.

v. 1: A loom is set up before
the fall of the battle-dead;
it rains with blood.
Now a fabric of men is made
by the girl-friends
of Randvér’s slayer [valkyries].

v. 2: The warp is warriors’ guts,
weighted by skulls,
blood-drenched spears as loom-rods.
With our swords we must
strike this victory-weave.

v. 3: Hildr goes to weave,
Hjǫrþrimul, Sanngríðr and Svipul,
with drawn swords.
The spear-shaft will snap,
the shield will break,
the helmet-dog [sword] will
pierce the shield.

v. 4. We weave and weave the spear loom,
that which the young king had before.
We shall go forward and wade
into the troops, where our friends
exchange weapon-blows.

v. 5: We weave and weave the spear loom,
and then let us follow the
war-leader; there Gunnr and Gǫndul,
who protected the king,
see the bloody shields of warriors.

v. 6: We weave and weave the spear loom,
there where warriors’ standards advance.
Let us not let his life be lost;
the valkyries have
their choice of the slain.

v. 7: Those people will rule the lands,
who beforehand lived on outlying headlands.
I declare death to be decided
for the mighty ruler; now the earl has
sunk down before spear-points.

v. 8: And the Irish will endure sorrow,
which for warriors will never fade.
Now the fabric is woven and
the battlefield reddened;
news of men’s deaths
will travel across lands.

v. 9: It is gruesome now to look around
as a bloody cloud gathers in the sky.
The air will be coloured
with people’s blood when
our prophecies get transmitted.

v. 10: We spoke well of the young king;
let us sing many fortune-bringing victory songs.
Let whoever listens to the
song of the spear-women [valkyries]
learn it and entertain men.

v. 11: With brandished swords,
let us ride out hard on bare-backed horses,
on our way from here.

Art by Massimo Carnevale

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female awesome meme: 4/5 warrior ladies ♡ valkyrie (marvel)

Look, I’ve spent years in a haze trying to forget my past. Sakaaar seemed like the best place to drink and forget and to die one day. I was thinking that you drink too much, and that probably was going to kill you. I don’t plan to stop drinking, but I don’t want to forget. I can’t turn away anymore. So, if I’m gonna to die well, it may as well be driving my sword through the heart of that murderous hag.

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Shinnakasu VF-1S Super Valkyrie.  Resin 30mm-scale kit from kidslogic.

Commission piece; the requestor asked that I use red as the detail colors rather than the typical yellow.  The last of the three 30mm-scale Macross figures that were requested.

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