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unhealthyfanobsession · 15 hours ago
The Best Laid Plans Chapter 10: “It’s Nice To Have A Friend”
Nesta Archeron raised herself on Fairy tales, so she knew how they went. And when she was offered her first real choice, it's hard to deny the facts in front of her. She was locked in a tower, guarded by a dragon, and a prince was offering her a chance at freedom. The prince would never love her, and she would never love him. But she loved her freedom and she loved the idea of not hiding parts of who she was.
So she went.
And then the dragon huffed and puffed and... well... you know how the story goes.
*The Nesta agrees to marry Eris and Cassian loses his mind story that we have all been collectively craving and despising at the same time. Happy ending planned, but get ready for the A N G S T*
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nestasgalpal · 3 days ago
Nesta has the logical thinking
Gwyn has the quick and resourceful ideas
Emerie has the common sense that keeps the three of them alive at the end of the day
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acotarprofessor · 7 days ago
hc: the inner circle sitting together during Nesta and Cassian’s mating ceremony reception and Mor says “damn, Nesta’s friends are hot” as Emerie and Gwyn enter the room and Azriel turns to look and thinks true but he looks at Gwyn a little longer and thinks wow damn hot damn 😳🥵
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They are the pretty best friends. The ic could never.
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spoilersteph · 8 days ago
How I hope the Valkyries get a pegasus: Helion finds out about the romance book club they have and bribe them with one each so he can join.
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duskandstarlight · 8 days ago
Hey! Just a few questions for your E&L fanfic
Do you plan on having Gwyn and Nes meet? Or do you have any plans for reintroducing the Valkyries in your fic? And who do you ship wax with, since I can’t entirely decide if it’s Elain or Mor, (that’s why I asked if you’re going to include Gwyn, so that gwynriel can happen or the Valkyries), or if you have some other plans for him
No, I don’t plan for Gwyn and Nesta to meet, but trust me when I say that they will meet in the E&L universe at some point. I won’t be writing about it, but Gwyn is always in Nesta’s future timeline, if that makes sense?
I ship Gwynriel... but I also don’t deny the projection of Azriel’s POV in ACOSF, which means the attraction between Elriel is very much a living, breathing thing in E&L... Until, of course, Gwyn and Azriel meet in the universe’s future... which would make things far more complicated.
I hope that makes sense?
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acotarprofessor · 9 days ago
I wish we got to read about the conversation that was mentioned in ch. 80, where Nesta, Emerie, and Gwyn gave Cassian and Azriel details about their Blood Rite experience and the list that Cassian and Az made with the mistakes that needed to be corrected. I just imagine them sitting around the dining table or in the private library discussing the things that happened in those days of the Rite and the banter between the five of them as Cassian and Az add things to their list 😀
SAME, ANON!! I was angrily flipping through the pages like 🤬
But it makes sense why we didn’t. We were at the very end of the book and sjm needed to wrap up. I believe we’re going to get allusions to that conversation in Az’s book since that would have been a formative learning experience for Gwyn.
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unhealthyfanobsession · 11 days ago
Nesta at the beginning of ACOSF: wow rude of Feyre to call these people her new “family” like you really hate us this much???
Nesta by the end of ACOSF: Emerie and Gwyn. My sisters. My 2 sisters. The 2 perfect female companions I could ask for. Would die for them. Valkyrie forever. Sisters doin it for themselves. So nice to finally have, specifically, 2 sisters after all this time!!
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acotarprofessor · 13 days ago
I hate those lightsinger theories that claim that the only reason Azriel, Nesta, Emerie, and Cassian are Gwyn’s friends is bc she “lured” them to her 😖
I LOVE Gwyn being a lightsinger. SJM has all but blatantly confirmed it. I don’t, however, like that being the only reason people are lured to her. SJM loves the fate trope; the Caldron is essentially a physical manifestation of fate. In all of her books, she repeats the idea that “those that are meant to find each other always do.”
Gwyn, Nesta, and Emerie are fated to meet. Their coming together serves a higher purpose: the Valkyries. On a micro level, it brings mates together: Emmor, Gwynriel, and Nessian. But! Mates are never just mates; when they are together they move the state of their world forward and are harbingers of power. This makes me think of the African proverb, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
Gwyn is a lightsinger, and her being thrown in with the IC is gonna be a huge plot device. She and the Valkyries are waking deus ex machinas.
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duskandstarlight · 17 days ago
Do you see yourself writing oneshots about Nesta, Gwyn and Emerie? We don’t have enough fics about them 😩
Yep! I have a WIP that is about their friendship and Cassian (happily) putting up with them always being at the House 😂
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acotarprofessor · 18 days ago
off topic but I just know Nesta, Gwyn, and Emerie get down to yo perreo sola at Rita’s 😤😛
That is the quintessential Valkyrie trio song 😛😛😛
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acotarprofessor · 23 days ago
Whatever you do today, make sure it’s listening to this song while thinking about the Valkyrie’s training together and kicking collective ass in future battlefields.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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vidalinav · 26 days ago
You know I might think this book is a disaster.5 but I will always always be grateful for the fact that Nesta is in the iconic three women friend group trope like Donna and the Dynamos, the Powerpuff girls, Totally Spies, Charlie’s Angels, The First Wive’s Club, The Bold Type. I LOVE that friend group. 
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vidalinav · a month ago
Y’all send me headcanon prompts. I’m running out!!!
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unbotheredtbh · a month ago
The only thing that my brain saved from acosf was the valkyrie trio and the pegasus, the rest of the book does not exist for me :))
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valkyrieflavor · a month ago
Also available on Ao3. Only up to chapter 12 though.
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i-like-the-stars · a month ago
For the otp3 thing j3 with emerald, Nora and ren?
google what do you do when this girl u were enemies with and are now kinda friends with starts breaking down and she obviously needs more comfort than just her bf and u also kinda have a crush on both of them
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requests are no longer open besties 😔💔
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