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oshwei · 16 minutes ago
Finally catching up on Word of Honor! I’m in the need to create a character video now for one of these two once I’m finished. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. But for now here’s just something short and quick from the beginning of their journey. I hope you can give it a watch 💙 -2021.05.16
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pacmagician · 47 minutes ago
For some reason I thought building the obelisks required a lot more materials.  I’ve been too late to get to get a ride to Ginger Island because I got distracted multiple times and I could’ve just been zapping myself to the beach forever ago.
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bitch-with-a-spoon · 49 minutes ago
guys i literally cannot wait for summer we have lineups for games to play on stream. for now, tune into our Stardew Sunday stream!
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slomps-stomp · 54 minutes ago
Penny And Caroline Trash
I got an interesting prompt to write something with Penny and Caroline and this was the result.
“Don't worry, I'm using my own money to buy this.”
Caroline overheard this conversation as she was helping Pierre with the store, knowing the teacher’s voice when she heard it. Penny was looking around for something as the farmer quickly ran up to her, gave her a kiss, and ran out, back to working and providing for their family. Penny’s belly was swollen with life, her pregnancy very obvious at this point. Caroline had watched their relationship progress. She’d been there for little shopping dates, and there for the wedding, and it was obvious that the two loved each other very much. But they were never the richest family in town, and Caroline had also seen their struggles. The farmer coming in to buy some flowers for Penny, only to count their gold and realize they couldn’t afford it. Seeing the farmer covered in scrapes, and walking past the clinic. It was heartbreaking, in a way. And now the two were expecting their first child.
“Penny?” Caroline peeked out from behind a shelf, to catch her attention.
Penny swirled around to look at the green-haired woman, smiling softly. “How can I help you, Caroline?” “Do you have anything to do today? Would you like to come sit?”
“I’d be delighted to,” Penny responded, holding her stomach as she followed Caroline into the kitchen of her home. “May I sit down?”
“Hold on just a second,” Caroline told her, opening a back door. “Come on, let’s sit down and have some tea.”
Penny sighed with relief as she sat, continuing to give Caroline a small sliver of a smile. “Thank you, my knees were killing me.”
“Don’t worry, I understand how you feel. I was pregnant once too!” Caroline laughed. “How are you feeling, other than your knees?” “Well, I’m positively happier than I’ve ever been in my whole life before,” Penny admitted, clasping her hands together. “Having children has always been a dream of mine, and it’s finally coming true. I came in here to shop for the baby. You have a better, more natural supply than JojaMart as it is.” “And you’re buying it with your own money?”
Penny raised an eyebrow. “You were listening to us?”
“Not intentionally. Here, let me get you some tea.” Caroline stood, getting ready to brew Penny tea, when she continued talking.
“It’s not like we’re financially struggling, we’re just… well, we’re not exactly the richest either. We’re doing just fine,” Penny argued.
“Are you sure?” Caroline stirred the tea, looking back at Penny. “I promise I’m not here to just insult you. I want to make sure that you’re okay, and that you’re not in any trouble.”
“Well… We’ve been struggling to make a living, honestly. The farmer tries their best, but it’s just hard to make a living in this world as a farmer, you know? It’s a quaint little farm, and I love it a lot, but… the profits aren’t the greatest. And with the new baby coming? I’ve never had much money saved up, since a lot of it went straight to my mother, when I would get money for my birthday or for the Feast Of The Winter Star. So… we’re a little broke.” Penny sighed. “We’ll make it through, though.” “Oh, honey.” Caroline handed Penny her tea. “I’ve been in your situation before, and I know how it feels. I got pregnant with Abigail when I was just about your age, and I remember Pierre and I being… Well, not the most financially stable at the time. Running the store was hard, but eventually we made enough of a profit to have a little to save rather than live paycheck to paycheck. So…” Caroline rustled around in her dress pockets, and pulled out a small purse. “Here, it’s all yours.” Penny opened up the purse, and glittering golden coins revealed themselves, and Penny gasped in shock. “Caroline, no. I can’t accept this,” Penny argued. “Please, it’s only 1000 gold. It’ll buy you some seeds for the farm, baby supplies, and you can put a little of it into savings. It’s not much, but it’ll help.”
“I can’t thank you enough.” Tears fell from Penny’s eyes, and then quickly wiped them away. “Thank you, Caroline.”
“It’s no trouble,” Caroline promised. “Us ladies have to stick together, and I’ll always help someone in need, okay? If you ever need anything, or just want to come over for tea, just let me know,” she insisted.
The two women drank their tea in silence, not wanting to address the awkwardness of the whole situation, but rather leaving the thanks and forgiveness completely unsaid.
“Thank you. For everything,” Penny said one last time before leaving.
“And thank you. For letting me help.”
Penny nodded, and then she was gone.
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maedre13 · an hour ago
excuse me but where is my Zhou Zishu yells and screams at Wen Kexing for letting him believe that he died - scene?? where is it?
are you really going to tell me that his self-discipline is so strong that he won't even yell at him about it? you make me look at Zhou Zishu at his most devastated in his whole LIFE and then not allow him to yell about it?
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frosted-firefly · an hour ago
I'm sorry, but you can not tell me that Emily Stardew does not own a fursuit that she made herself
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baileystrick699 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
parma heights
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paper-pluto-plants · an hour ago
Fly Back Home to Me - Harvey x Farmer || Chapter 2: Friendly Enemy Territory
Lilith Willoughby, born and raised in the Gotoro Empire, runs away for a new life in the Ferngill Republic. Pelican Town in Stardew Valley might be where her new life starts. Harvey Hampton, born and raised in the Republic of Ferngill, yearns for a life outside of Pelican Town. The newcomer might be his answer.
Chapter 2: Friendly Enemy Territory
It was like a “once-in-a-lifetime” sort of thing. It was until now, Harvey Hampton's life got a bit more interesting.
Chapter 1
Pelican Town was a small quaint town that was located in Stardew Valley, just on the south coast of Ferngill. Nothing much happened in Pelican Town, other than events that brought the town community together. It was a small town, so everyone knew everybody. The atmosphere of the small seaside town was calming and refreshing, and some would even suggest that the town was magical. The rustic houses gave the small town a vibe of nostalgia and simplicity, which added to that calming and refreshing feel. The only building in the town that disrupted that vibe was the crisp sleek JojaMart that stood at the east of the town, near the blacksmith, museum and library.
One of the other buildings that stuck out of the rustic buildings was the Clinic, which was owned by Harvey Hampton, the local doctor of Pelican Town.
Harvey moved to Pelican Town five years ago when the town's original doctor, Dr Clara Darwin, had retired. Harvey was Clara's apprentice back in Tera City, and Clara trusted Harvey that he could take over for her. When Harvey arrived at Pelican Town, he was greeted with open arms. The townspeople were very nice to him, and were grateful that he was their doctor. Harvey was also grateful that he lived in such a humble town with good people. He was happy.
And a bit disappointed.
Don't get him wrong though. Harvey really was glad to live in Pelican Town, but he wished that he could do something more. He wanted to expand to the more crowded towns or cities, where there was more foot traffic. He wanted to help more people, though he felt bad if he ever left this small seaside town. Everybody depended on him.
Harvey looked down at the clipboard and read a patient's file. He sat in the comfort of his apartment which was situated upstairs of the clinic. He tapped his foot on the wooden floorboards, struggling to restrain himself from looking at his radio that sat on the bedside table. He had the urge to turn it on and continue his goal in communicating with a Ferngill fighter pilot, but he needed to focus on his work.
Now Harvey really needed a break.
He placed the files on the coffee table, slipped into his green coat, and headed outside to the Saloon for a drink. The sky was now painted in purple, pink, and orange, with the sun now halfway into the horizon. The wind pushed against Harvey's coat as he walked towards the Saloon. As he entered, he was greeted by the bartender, Gus
"Good evening Doctor Harvey. The usual?"
Gus went ahead to fix him a cup of coffee, and another costumer walked in. It was a familiar face with glasses and straight neck-length hair. The young woman smiled as she saw Harvey.
"Hiya Harvey," she greeted as she sat down next to him, "Didn't see you at the clinic so I figured you'd be here,"
"Hi Maru," Harvey gave her a small smile, "I thought you already went home,"
"I did, but I forgot the case for my glasses at the Clinic and I thought I'd ask you,"
Harvey didn't recall seeing Maru's case, to which she responded in frustration towards herself. For someone as bright as her, she always did misplace her belongings.
"Imma just go check back at my house," she sighed, "again,"
She said her goodbyes to Harvey and left.
Maru was a nurse at Harvey's clinic. She was a bright and sweet girl who he knew, had a bright future ahead of her. She was just like her father, Demetrius, who was the town's scientist. Always hardworking and brain always running. Maru and Demetrius had a lot of ideas for the town's sustainability, such as keeping the waters clean, moderating the wildlife, finding materials in the nearby caves for good resources, and so on. One of their ideas was on the old abandoned farmhouse that was located a couple of miles away from Pelican town. No one had lived in it for 10 years. The town's elders including Lewis, Robin, Marnie, Pierre, Caroline, and Willy, knew the former resident of that farmhouse. From what Harvey heard, he was a treasured individual who cared for Pelican Town. He couldn’t remember his full name, though he knew that his surname was Wilson.
Maru wanted to make use of the old farmhouse. Perhaps use some of it's remains as materials for the town, though Demetrius had hesitated on those plans. He knew that the house was due to be handed over to a relative of the old farmer, but 10 years after Mr Wilsons passing, no one had come to retrieve. The rest of the town elders knew the will that Mr Wilson wrote for his grandchild or great grandchild, and they waited in anticipation for that day to come when the "heir to the farm" had set foot in Stardew.
Harvey finished his cup of coffee and tipped Gus before leave. As soon as Harvey left, more customers entered, and Harvey thanked Yoba that he left early. Crowds weren't for him.
"Breath in and breath out," Harvey gently instructed. His small patient took a deep breath in as instructed, and breathed out. Harvey removed the stethoscope from Vincent's back and wrote in his notebook. He then excused himself out of the room to go to the PC at the front desk. As Harvey typed away on the old computer, the front  door swished open, catching the Doctors attention.
"Oh good morning Maru," he greeted with a smile, "You're a bit early,"
"Morning Doc," Maru smiled, "I just thought I might start early, so I can leave early. I have something tonight,"
"Ah I see," Harvey nodded and returned his focus to the PC. As Maru made her way around the front desk, she noticed that there was someone in the Doctor's office.
"I thought we didn't have any patients today," Maru spoke as she made it to the front desk.
"Jodi requested if Vincent could have his check up earlier," Harvey replied, still focused on the Computer screen. Maru chuckled.
"I guess everyone wants to be early today,"
Harvey finished typing up the last few notes on the computer before leaving back to his office where Vincent and his mother waited. Before leaving the waiting room, he reminded Maru that she could leave at 3, since she started her shift early. Harvey run through some key notes to Vincent and Jodi before they were finished for the day. It wasn't anything new with the appointment, only that it was a day earlier than usual. It was always the usual for the past 5 years when Harvey first moved here. He quickly adjusted to the townspeople's check-ups, as his first year living in Pelican Town went by.
Vincent and Jodi said their goodbyes to Harvey and Maru, leaving the Clinic, back home.
The Doctor sighed as he flopped on his couch with a pile of reports. While his office was downstairs in the clinic, Harvey preferred that he did his work in the apartment. Even though he wasn't a fan of his current home, it didn't feel like home to him. Sure he had his radio set up there as well as his model fighter planes on the shelf, which were two hobbies that he enjoyed. Even still, it didn't feel like home. It was lonely. The apartment was lonely. He felt lonely. It was a secret, of course. He wouldn't dare tell anyone what he felt about his apartment.
While he was finalising the reports, he inserted a cassette tape on the radio, which played some smooth jazz that calmed Harvey's nerves. He always did enjoy listening to jazz while he worked. He never could remember when he grew to love jazz. It was such an interesting genre of music to him. All the improvisation in the music was what made him love the genre. 'Take Five' performed by the David Burbank Quartet was his favourite. Technically, it wasn't smooth jazz, but he found it catchy. For Harvey, the song made him more motivated to work.
The last file was plopped on the pile of other reports on the table. The tired Doctor stretched his arms in relief from the work, relaxing on the couch as the music continued to fill the room. He sat there for a moment to unwind before turning his attention to the radio set that he neglected for the past few days. He never really left his radio for this many days, but after the end of winter or as doctors and nurses like to call it, flu season, he was bombarded with files. He knew he shouldn’t have left them until now.
Harvey was now dozing off to the music. The radio could wait tomorrow.
Temperatures weren’t as cold as winter, but the early spring temperatures still took time to rise to the usual. Harvey didn’t bring a blanket to the couch, so he shivered the whole night until he woke up at 2 in the very early morning. It was very quiet and still very dark outside. The radio had stopped playing music, so the only noise present was the refrigerator’s low humming. Harvey couldn’t see a thing, other than the street lamps that shone bright in the dark night. He wrapped his arms around him, trying to keep warm as he stumbled to his bed. Not bothering to change out of his current clothes to his pyjamas, he dropped on the bed lazily, sluggishly removed and placed his glasses next to the small radio, and covered his body with the warm blanket.
Harvey dreamt about planes that night. Not much of a surprise. He was a plane enthusiast after all. He studied planes in his off time. He even studied Gotoro fighter planes, and compared it’s mechanics with the Ferngill fighter plane. Ever since Harvey was a kid, it was his dream to become a pilot, but there were many things that stopped him. He felt insecure about it. He never shared anything about his childhood to anyone, since he wasn’t close to anyone. Sure he was close with Maru, but she was just a friend that Harvey worked with. He also didn’t have many relatives. He had some family in Tera town. His mother was still alive, but the two never really talked or contacted each other. They hadn’t done so in a long time. Harvey felt bad, but his mother was in good hands. He knew that his mum didn’t need to worry about him, if she even worried about him. It sort of scared Harvey that he would be alone for the rest of his life, with no family to remember him. With no family. It added to the lonely feeling of Harvey’s apartment, and that looming feeling was something he didn’t want to think about.
Maybe he could find her. The one. He always thought about the idea of “ The One”. The person that was the person you have been looking for your entire life. Your soulmate attached to the other side of the red thread of fate. Harvey often thought about the whole idea, but was also embarrassed by his thoughts about it. He wasn’t young anymore. He was in his mid-30s nearing his 40s. He was too old for these stories and daydreams about a soulmate. It was all cliche, and he would never meet the one. Although Harvey was so certain about it, the future was cloudy. No one could predict it, and no one, especially Harvey, did not predict what happened next.
It was 3pm. Harvey closed the clinic for the day and made his way upstairs. He decided that he was going to spoil himself today, so he turned on the radio, plugged the headphone on, and began turning the dial. He spoke into the microphone, hoping to hear a response from anyone. The only response Harvey was getting was the usual flat static noise. He didn’t expect much for today’s attempt. It was just an ordinary day of Harvey Hampton trying and failing in contacting a Ferngill fighter pilot.
“This is Doctor H. at 52 North, 43.5 East. Seeking aerial response. Anyone out there?” It was a usual message Harvey tried sending out to any passing pilots, but alas, no one responded. Just as usual. He continued speaking through the mic.
“I repeat, this is Doctor H. at 52 North, 43.5 East. Seeking aerial response. Is there anyone out there?”
No sign of pilots. He continued.
“I repeat, this is Doctor H. at 52 North, 43.5 East. Seeking aerial response. Anyone out there?”
No response.
Suddenly, a sudden static reached to Harvey’s ears, making him shift slightly.
“Hello?” He cautiously spoke. A sudden sound of whistling was heard, as well as a voice which caused Harvey to jump. The person sounded quite distressed, judging from the slight cursing. Harvey was getting pumped up. It was an actual response. Not a response he was expecting, but it was a response. From a pilot. Though, from the sounds from the other end, the pilot seemed to be in distress.
“Hello?” Harvey continued, “Can you hear me? This is Doctor H at 52 North, 43.5 East. Can you hear me?”
Again, more silence. Harvey tried once more, but he sighed in defeat. There was still no response. Maybe if he tried again, but he was interrupted by an urgent banging at the door. The doctor switched off the radio, putting the headphones aside, and opened the door to be greeted by a panting Maru. It seemed like she just ran. At the bottom of the stairs was her mother, Robin.
“Maru,” Harvey greeted, surprised at the visit, “Is there something wrong? You’re sweating,”
Maru took a deep breath in, composing herself in front of her boss and friend.
“You won’t believe...” she began, recollecting her breath, “ You won’t believe what just crashed outside,”
Harvey was confused but followed his friend and her mum outside the clinic. The three walked towards the outskirts of the town, just nearby Cindersap Forest and pass the mysterious tower. It was a long trek, but not too long for the group to grow weary. Harvey could see the crashed object from afar, and he couldn’t believe his eyes. It looked like a plane. They finally made it to the scene of the crash, where Clint, Leah and Shane struggled to open the cockpit. It was definitely a plane. It’s exterior was covered in dull red paint, and covered in newly formed scratches from the crash. The wings were absolutely busted and the propeller was all bent. Mayor Lewis cautiously inspected the broken plane and noticed Harvey’s arrival, ushering the Doctor to come closer.
“Doctor! Glad you’re here,” Lewis greeted, “What do you think?”
Harvey blinked in confusion, “I’m sorry?”
“You’re the expert in planes, so what’s the situation?”
“Oh, well…” He had no idea to be honest. Judging from the exterior itself, it was a likely chance that the plane was a Gotoro fighter plane. Harvey thought back on his encounter with a pilot through the radio. Perhaps this plane belonged to the pilot he briefly “spoke” to. He never thought that he would come into contact with a Gotoro pilot. It was all a shock for him.
“Well,” Harvey began, adjusting his glasses and clearing his throat from the smoke, “We know for certain that it’s a Gotoro fighter plane. A Missaba AM-760 to be precise. It must have lost its way from the battle,”
He could hear Lewis sigh in worry.
“That’s what I was worried about,” the Mayor revealed, “This incident now challenges the safety of the people of Pelican Town,”
“Have you contacted the authorities?” Harvey asked.
“Not yet. We need to check if the pilot is still alive. What we need is answers as to why a Gotoro fighter plane made it all the way here up north to Pelican Town,”
Harvey nodded to Lewis’ plan. He continued looking at the plane, admiring the craftsmanship of the plane’s exterior. He never seen a Gotoro plane up close in his entire life. It would make sense, since they were the enemy. Harvey wondered what it looked like in the cockpit. Maybe Gotoro aircraft had different interiors to Ferngill aircraft. Harvey’s mind began to wander away from the current situation of an enemy plane that had just crashed in Stardew Valley. His thoughts were halted by Clint, who called out to Lewis from the plane.
“Mayor Lewis! It’s the pilot!”
Harvey followed the Mayor to the plane, and found the body of the Gotoro pilot. She was still breathing, but unconscious. Lewis instructed Harvey to bring her to the clinic to be treated, but some of the townspeople were quick to disagree with helping the enemy pilot to recover. Mayor Lewis explained to the people what the plan of action was, which gave them more of an understanding of the situation. Some of them were still adamant about having a Gotoro pilot in the clinic. Kent was particularly tense about the Gotoro pilot, and made his way back home earlier than the rest of the townspeople. Harvey and Maru carried the unconscious pilot to the Clinic for her to be patched up.
“What do you think will happen to her after this?” Maru asked as they entered the town.
“Dunno,” Harvey shrugged, getting tired from all the carrying and the walking. He really needed to get more exercise, “They’ll probably take her away somewhere. After all, she is a Gotoro,”
To ensure that Harvey kept an eye on the sleeping pilot, he resorted in staying up all night in the medical ward. Harvey was still in a bit of a shock. He contacted a Gotoro pilot just minutes before she crashed. It was like a “once-in-a-lifetime” sort of thing.  His curiosity for the enemy pilot grew, which helped to keep him awake throughout the night.
It was until now, Harvey Hampton's life got a bit more interesting.
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clarksvilleonline · an hour ago
Austin Peay State University Men's Basketball adds Carl Little as Director of Operations
Austin Peay State University Men's Basketball adds Carl Little as Director of Operations #clarksville #clarksvilletn #montgomerycounty #apsu #austinpeay #basketball #ovc #ncaa #sports #letsgopeay #apsubasketball #carllitte
Clarksville, TN – Carl Little, who spent more than two decades serving in the United States Air Force and Army and spent the last two seasons as Director of Player Development at North Carolina Central, has joined Nate James‘ Austin Peay State University (APSU) men’s basketball coaching staff as Director of Operations. (more…)
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hotelkdm · 2 hours ago
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enicholson15 · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Logarska Dolina - Steiner Alps, Slovenia.
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americansuicideblog · 2 hours ago
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Wassen, Switzerland Jason Smith
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brackenwayfarm · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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It was a bit miserable outdoors today. Claudette was more than happy to spend the day curled up by the fire indoors while I did the outside jobs. My tulip harvest was ready! They grew so fast, and are very pretty. I sold most of them but kept four red ones, maybe they’ll make good presents? I got a letter from Robin saying he’d lost his axe. I couldn’t find it but did find a lock-box in the tunnel which I hadn’t noticed before. Must try to get a battery for it. Oh, and I finally upgraded my rucksack! Over the moon about that. I spent the afternoon reaching level 15 in the mines, and, for once, didn’t have to choose between keeping one of my finds over another due to lack of space. I think I might need to get a better weapon, though, there are some weird things down in the mines.
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pdcwatford · 2 hours ago
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Berchtesgaden, Germany
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capcomposer · 2 hours ago
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Scwd Ddwli waterfall in Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales
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