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vousnavezrienvuf1 · 2 days ago
Okay I went full crazy hyperfixation mode and decided to factcheck what the drivers said their heights were in the Grill the Grid video based on this photo of them walking side by side.
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Long story short : I had to correct perspective, lense deformation and track curvature the best I could based on the assumption that Lewis and Kevin are the same height and Zhou just slightly taller. I used Lewis as a benchmark for the whole process because as he’s in the center of the frame he’s least subject to the deformations. Then I calculated a cm/pixel ratio based on his presumed real height and height in pixels in the image and used that to calculate everybody else’s supposed real height (also trying to take fluffy hair into account when necessary).
Here’s what I found (height stated in the video compared to calculations) :
Click on the images for slightly better quality
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The purple box is Lewis’ height. I used it to calibrate the perspective. There was a difference of 2px between Lewis and Zhou which is roughly equal to 1cm which should be their actual height difference which means the perspective should be correct.
Valtteri is much shorter than he’s supposed to be which is weird because Zhou is the right height and Lance taller than he said so if it’s image deformation I don’t get what kind. Seb is also shorter than he said, as is Ocon, but Ocon is visibly slouching so that explains it.
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Alonso is slightly taller than he said he was. Both Charles and George are the right height which exposes Carlos, who’s in-between them and shorter than he said he is. Nothing to say on Lewis because he was the benchmark.
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Max is the right height. Sergio is taller than he said. I used the purple box that shows Lewis height to check it and he fits in it perfectly (messy hair aside) which confirms it. Lando did indeed not have a growth spurt, he’s not 176cm. Both Pierre and Yuki are the right heights.
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Latifi isn’t 186cm but he also said in the video none of them tall drivers were standing straight. Apparently Albon didn’t get the memo because he is 186cm. Mick and Kevin were also correct.
Of course Daniel wasn’t there so yep.
Here’s the full picture for reference
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K bye !
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teamgreenheart · 2 days ago
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grill the grid: driver's heights + facial expressions
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beelarson · 3 days ago
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GRILL THE GRID 2022: Driver Heights! “Oh, I knew it! Oh, no, I didn’t know it but okay.”
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valtterifanblog · 3 days ago
OMG, I missed Grill the grid so much. Drivers ranking each others height and making a debate out of it who's taller or shorter makes me laugh😂
Favorite parts:
Lewis throwing Esteban's name over the board because he can't reach the top of the board
Everyone roasting Yuki's height
Valtteri making literal art instead of a ranking
The host saying to Lance that Max claims he's 0.5 cm taller than Lance (Max saying other wise🤣)
Charles confused that he's taller than Daniel (me too Charles, I thought that Daniel was 1.82 actually) + Seb about to go to the Ferrari engineers to claim the truth.
Lando being 1.76 m (yeah Lando, sure you are😏)
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arachnidfellow · a day ago
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racehalos · a day ago
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FORMULA 1 2022 MIAMI GRAND PRIX Miami, Florida sunshine state smiles
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anything-f1 · 4 hours ago
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Just some iconic pairs on the grid!
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holdmyhopeinyourhands · 2 days ago
I've decided to be a nicer person from here on out. Just ship cars, support Lewis, adore Pierre, root for Charles, buy pictures of Valtteri's naked bum and vibe with Mercedes. Generally be chill and nonconfrontational😌....*warning: this is likely only gonna last until the next time Lewis is insulted and I've resulted to scorched earth tactics*
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andreagrimes · 2 days ago
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hey guys!!! valtteri's got a helmet design challenge thingy right now. the deadline is june 15, the helmet will be auctioned afterwards and the proceeds donated to charity. i also checked if there was any cr*pto bullshit involved and didnt find any <3
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champagnepodiums · 6 hours ago
F1 Drivers IG Gains: Off-Week Report
Hello, my lovely pals, I am bringing you all of the gains that each driver made in the off week! I also wanted to take a second to thank everybody who has sent me an ask and given me their input on a topic or asked me my opinion. I adore each one of you!
So here we go:
Charles Leclerc: +79,399 followers
Lewis Hamilton: +64,861 followers
Max Verstappen: +43,134 followers
Sergio Perez: +38,322 followers
Daniel Ricciardo: +32,039 followers
Carlos Sainz: +29,528 followers
Valtteri Bottas: +25,369 followers
Lando Norris: +21,308 followers
Fernando Alonso: +18,639 followers
Pierre Gasly: +16,218 followers
Yuki Tsunoda: +12,348 followers
George Russell: +12,260 followers
Alex Albon: +8,658 followers
Mick Schumacher: +8,561 followers
Esteban Ocon: +6,435 followers
Kevin Magnussen: +4,939 followers
Zhou Guanyu: +3,933 followers
Nicholas Latifi: +1,990 followers
Lance Stroll: +1,192 followers
Sebastian Vettel: +0 followers
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l8tof1 · a month ago
pls 😭😭
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vousnavezrienvuf1 · 7 hours ago
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Grill the Grid : Drivers Heights!
Bonus 1 : Valtteri being very proud of himself
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catleclerc · a month ago
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evermqre · 5 months ago
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weirdshapedcircles · 4 days ago
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"The picnic" (2022), oil on canvas
I didn't do this, credit goes to a guy I know
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the-obsessedone · 5 months ago
Funny how we joked all year long about there being 19 drivers and now we really just have 19 drivers
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nyehhh-h · a month ago
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Welp 💀
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miamivicegrandprix · a month ago
f1 but make it a beloved 80s sitcom
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eleyhsa · a month ago
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andreagrimes · 17 days ago
valtteri bottas:
dyed his hair black when he was 15
used to regularly plant fireworks in mailboxes and smash windows
once spooned kevin magnussen for an entire flight
knows the average penis size of a beaver
showed his ass on netflix and would probably do it again if possible
got a podium in his very first cycling race
has an exclusive fanclub composed of spanish nuns
had a q3 streak only beaten by prost and senna
can craft a chair with his bare hands
owns a coffee roastery
is the best teammate that's ever been in this sport
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