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“He had his own demons, but even when they chased him into the dark, he never stayed there. Instead, he danced like a sparkler and smiled like the sun. He wrote a new story every day, and reminded me to always find the light.” –Lizzie Saltzman

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Gable Hacke  is AVAILABLE

  • AGE: Unknown
  • SPECIES: Vampire
  • OCCUPATION: Ex Pirate
  • Skills and Abilities: N/A 
  • GENDER: Male
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • FACE CLAIM: Chadwick Boseman


One of the youngest of Captain Brant Hacke’s crew, Gable saw a lot of things from the young age and went pretty unnoticed. He was just a boy and was often sent into small spaces and sent to check out small areas that the rest of the crew couldn’t. Like Brant, Gable was born in Crestle Cove. An orphan on the streets he was taken on while the Pirate Captain was passing through. She saw prospects in the young boy, or at least… that’s what Gable thinks. Living as a pirate was like a new world for Gable and he was amazed by everything he saw, beautiful cities, beautiful women, beautiful men and beautiful treasure. He was the happiest man alive. But growing up on the streets Gable was weary of superstition and when the crew reached England… Gable spoke up. He had just come of age and he had heard plenty of stories about witches and ungodly things. He couldn’t stop his captain from taking the witches on board and delivering them to Crestle Cove. Gable feared the three witches and he knew no good would come of it. He didn’t know that Brant’s decision would impact the whole crew.

When Gable woke, he found no satisfaction from eating. He could not become intoxicated and he thirsted for something he had previously seen too many times. The witches had cursed the whole crew with eternal life… they became vampires. Gable knew the curse was irreversible. He hated the witches for what they had done to them and he led the crew in terrorising the town of Crestle Cove. The people there had never been kind to him. The only person that had ever been kind to him was Brant. Gable was vital in leading the recruitment process and after experiments they found how to turn new vampires. Gable took on Hacke’s name, becoming the prodigal son. But Gable did not predict what the witches had planned. The coming of there werewolves was a great loss and although Gable tried his best to find their weakness, ultimately he could not defeat them.

Brant told Gable to leave and so he did. He took a ship and he left the continent. He has lived centuries regretting that decision. But he has also spent centuries building up his own coven. He is a powerful vampire, smart, cunning and his success in the recruitment process in his human life has left him with the ability to locate other vampires. Gable has always known about Brant and the crew being trapped. Gable has no intention to free them. He knows his mentor better then anyone. He knows Brant Hacke was suffering in life, she was suffering in immortality. She would not want to be brought back and used as a weapon. Gable would fight any vampire who wants to do so. But Gable has returned back to Crestle Cove with vengeance on his mind.


Lillith Mosely: Lillith was a member of Brant’s crew and in Gabe’s eyes, she’s a traitor. She fled for her own survival and he knows the vampire only cares for self preservation. Trusting her would be a mistake.

Tomas Henrikson: Tomas was an experiment of Gable’s he wanted to see what would happen if you turned a vampire. After hours of attempting to find a weakness for the werewolves, he gave the werewolf his blood and turned him. He found out that when turned, Werewolves do not retain their original state. They are vampires just like everybody else. He finds that fact extremely disappointing and although he offered Tomas a place on his ship when he left all those centuries ago, Tomas remained to protect the pack.

Alistair Henry: Gable sees Alistair as a little boy. A little boy who doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s currently letting Alistair do his research, if he finds a way to break the spell on Captain Hacke. Gable can ensure that the spell is never broken and his old mentor remains at peace.

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EXCEPT! Furihata is the Vampire and Akashi is the human.

Furihata is about a century old. He is very tired, very done and does not have the energy to deal with young vampire shenanigans. He’s part of a coven called Seirin(hshshs very creative ik) and he’s in that age range where he isn’t old enough to deal with the big problems, but isn’t young enough to avoid dealing with vampire politics entirely. 

Akashi is the heir to the Akashi conglomerate and the canon shit with his dad happens. He’s still buddies with GoM and plays b-ball. AND he’s a vampire hunter on the side. He comes from a family of hunters.

One night, when a newly turned vampire goes blood-hungry crazy and starts rampaging through town, Furihata is left with the duty to get the vampire under control before he actually kills someone. Akashi’s close by and is alerted of the presence of two vampires and goes hunting. 

Furihata has shit mostly under control since he dealt with this, like four times already and went through it himself when he turned so he knows what the newly-turned would do. But Akashi jumps in outta nowhere and now Furihata has to deal with Akashi too, who is like 2 seconds away from destroying them both. Shit goes down, the newly-turned vampire bites Akashi. Furihata saves Akashi and knocks out the newly-turned. The newly-turned is fine since they drank Akashi’s blood and Furihata asks them to get back to the coven base and report on what happened to Riko, who is coven leader. 

Now Furihata has a famous, extremely powerful, vampire hunter DYING in his arms and he knows that if Akashi dies, Seirin is fucked, Papa Masaomi will destroy them. So in a last ditch effort, he turns Akashi. Hey, at least he is not fully dead. Just…undead.

Akashi wakes up and he doesn’t know wtf to think because he never really cared for vampire hunting, he did it for his family legacy and for his father. Now that he’s a vampire, he can’t use any of his weapons since it’s all coated with silver and has holy water infused inside. 

Now Furihata has to teach Akashi to be a proper vampire that doesn’t alert humans that he is, in fact, a mythical creature. 

Cue Akashi jumping up flights of stairs and Furihata having to run after him and explain to him that even if it IS convenient to just shoot up the staircases by holding onto the railings, humans don’t find that shit NORMAL.

This entire fic is just Furihata babysitting a very clueless Akashi who’s having an existential crisis because his entire purpose is gone and his idea of humanity, his plans for life and his goals are now in the trash can. Also his dad probably got the excuse he needed to kill his son. Fun stuff.

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Vampires are not all white twinks and the fact that so much vampire media portrays us only that way is a disservice to the diversity we work so hard to cultivate in our community

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スト2『ダルシム-Dhalsim- vs 四天王』
#ストリートファイター #streetfighter #marvel #xmen #superstreetfighter #ヴァンパイア #vampire #kof #kingoffighters #👍 #svc #つるっぱげゲームズ #boss #finalboss #vs #ゲーム #game #turuppagegames #fighting #youtube #youtuber #akuma #geese #esports #samurai #interesting #pleasant #cool #japan #best

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Two of my characters, Daniel Diedrick, who is a hunter, and Orran, who is one of Daniel’s ancestors, and also a vampire. Orran normally wears a mask to cover one side that is scared, but that broke. 

drew this a while back, and I’ve slacked off on posting. So here is this. More to come

Orran, Daniel, and artwork belongs to me. 

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