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Chapter 2: When the Wolfbane Blooms, and the Autumn Moon is Bright

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The body was still on the back porch where he’d left it. Adam veered to the other end, circled thrice, and collapsed down in an exhausted heap. He looked up at Ronan boredly. Ronan gripped the body’s collar a little more firmly.

“I’m still gonna eat. So. Deal.”

He ducked his head back down and went back to it. The blood wasn’t nearly as warm and the body had lost a lot of it while he’d been gone. The chair would have to be washed in the evening. Still, a meal was a meal, and after stunning Adam into sleep last night, he needed a good bout of energy. When he shifted to bite a hole in the body’s leg, he looked over to check on Adam and found half wolf and half man. The man parts looked badly broken, arms twisted the wrong way, a jaw hanging limply askew to fit long canines, hair shed everywhere. It looked like half-wolf-half-man Adam was laying on a carpet.

Ronan looked away and went back to draining the body in front of him. Probably he should be more disgusted, but he also wasn’t in the mood to waste any more than he already had. But he couldn’t ignore the images in his mind of Adam’s mangled body for long and finally he threw aside the blood-bag-body to look at the wolf.

Adam was a man again, struggling to stay upright on his knees on the porch. His eyes were distant and wavering, unable to stop on much of anything. When he realized Ronan was looking at him, he tried to stand, using the other chair as a grip. “I need a bed,” he said roughly. He almost slipped on the blood that covered his body and Ronan was there quickly to catch him.

“You need a shower first,” Ronan said.

“I’ll sleep in the grass,” Adam offered. His head lolled to Ronan’s shoulder and it was a good thing his shirt was already bloody from his own meal or he might be upset.

“You can sleep in the bed. You just need to wash off first.”

Adam made a noise but didn’t lift his head. Ronan sighed and bent a little to hook his arm behind Adam’s knees to lift him up in a bridal hold. He carried him back into the house and up to the second story bathroom because there was no way he was having double wet dog smell in his bathroom.

The teeth in the sink were disgusting.

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Serious question

Would vampires need to be welcomed into a vehicle to enter? If so, those poor inner-city vampires trying to get onto the subway…

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David was afraid at first. Of course he was. He had every right to be. That didn’t stop Jack from being frustrated, though, to see that all of the work he was putting into maintaining the moral high ground over the likes of his kind was going unnoticed by the one person he was doing it all for. He always figured that David was bound to hate him eventually, turned or not. At least he could postpone the inevitable by doing as David wanted, steeling himself to temptation and pushing through the only way he knew how: ignoring his feelings and putting them off to be dealt with at a later date.

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OCtober 2020 - Day 20: On A Rainy Day

I know, I know, over half my OCtober is either Emmett, Melanie or Emmanie at this point hgfjdksg I’m usually for more variety, but I really enjoy drawing them :v And many of the prompts seemed to fit them =u=

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Sexy bitch seeks vampire sugar daddy . Don’t call me a monsterfucker unless you’re a vladdy . Honestly what does a bitch have to do to get a noseferaru boyfriend round these parts. Absurd

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