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towerofpisa · 2 minutes ago
It was bad enough knowing that his girlfriend, Jenny Calendar had been turned into a vampire by the former paramour of his slayer, but it was another to have to deal with the demon wearing her face feigning love and affection for him.
This was the second time he’d returned home to find what appeared to be a love letter attached to his front door with a red rose.
After a year and a half of starting to write a multi-chapter Giles x Jenny fic called, “All Things Considered,” I am actually going to update and finish it. This comes courtesy of a much needed 3 week vacation after working myself to the bone the last year as a behavioral health clinical researcher of viruses during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
I think we’re looking at 3 more chapters: 1 regular, 1 super long, and a short epilogue. Leggo!
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luxenimcordis · 4 minutes ago
Existence Everlasting
Tumblr media
Chapter One: A Discussion of Extreme Delicacy
Characters: Henry Sturges/Original Female Character (Caroline Lincoln)
Chapter 1/?
Rating: Mature in later chapter(s)
Summary: Henry Sturgess’s heart was broken when his attempt at a proposal to Elizabeth Smith-Knightley was cut short in the face of her seemingly derisive laughter. He relocated to Carshalton to find a fresh start and to advance in his law career. Caroline Lincoln’s father enlists Henry’s law office to gain recompense after her betrothal ends in humiliation and scandal. Will they find the courage to put their pasts behind them and a way to be together?
Warnings: None for this chapter; it’s a slow burn story
A/N: This story idea arose when I watched Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and felt so badly for Henry Sturgess, the poor little puppy. I wanted to give Henry a happier ending and imagine how a little time and wisdom gained might have led to a better match with a woman worthy of him.
Mr. Henry Sturgess had never considered himself to be a great risk-taker. He had followed his father into the profession of law after receiving an education at the finest institutions available to him. He had been sensible in his pursuits, never dipping a toe into anything scandalous that could come back to harm his reputation later. He had observed many of his compatriots indulging themselves in spirits and loose women, but he had resisted temptation, finding strength in his faith and remaining focused on diligently studying and preparing himself for his career as a solicitor.
It was not that he did not like the practise of law; he did, and likely would have chosen it anyway, even if his father and his father’s father before him had not also been lawyers. But it had not even occurred to him to pursue another profession. It had been expected of him and what he had expected of himself.
When the time had come to choose a bride, his attentions had focused upon one Miss Elizabeth SSmith-Knightley. She was youthful, lovely, and spirited - a bit too spirited, perhaps, owing to the influence of her Aunt Jane, a woman with very modern and even sometimes scandalous ideas. But he had been sure that they would be compatible and that marriage would settle Elizabeth into a more proper demeanor. He enjoyed her lightness and laughter and was sure that he would be all the happier for having her as his wife.
He had believed his courtship to be welcome, although he was never quite sure if Elizabeth’s affections were as strong as his own. Still, she had not indicated that his pursuit was undesired in any of the commonly known ways and had, in fact, seemed to encourage it. The time had come for him to propose.
Sitting on the bench with Elizabeth, trying to drum up his courage, they had gotten into a discussion of music and what was appropriate. Elizabeth’s tastes tended towards the more raucous, in Henry’s opinion, while he argued that sacred music which would be pleasing to the Almighty was preferable.
Elizabeth’s laughing response left him feeling unsettled, unsure of himself and his course of action with regard to her. Her reassurance that she was not making fun of him gave him the boldness to forge ahead with his planned proposal. But as he struggled to come up with the right words, the grin on Elizabeth’s face grew broad, and his heart began to sink.
“Oh, you’re laughing,” he said, a frown creasing his forehead. “Look, I know I’m not brilliant with words.” Henry stood, gaining a bit of distance from Elizabeth.
“Oh, no, you are. You are!” Elizabeth insisted. “Henry?” she said, gently placing a hand on his shoulder for a moment.
“Forgive me. Forgive me, I, uh…I…think I might take a walk to that line of trees, um. Beeches, I think.”
“Beeches? Yes, I believe so,” said Elizabeth, looking a bit stunned.
“Fagus sylvatica. The dead leaves stay on the tree all over the winter, did you know that? Fascinating subject, botany.”
Excusing himself, Henry walked deliberately toward the sanctuary of the beech trees, comporting himself in a proper gentlemanly manner but berating himself in mortified whispers as he went. The sting in his heart was keen, and he took deep, steadying breaths as he walked. He had some thinking to do, and some changes to make.
Henry pulled on his suit coat, set his hat atop his golden curls, then headed out the door of his rented flat. His decision to relocate to Carshalton after the debacle with Miss Smith-Smith-Knightleyley had been the right one. The village was thriving, which meant that there was plenty of business for up-and-coming attorneys, and he had been able to join an established practice, quickly gaining the approval of the barrister who had founded it and being made his partner in just two years’ time.
The law firm of Williams and Sturgess had an excellent reputation and more than enough clientele to keep them busy. The majority of their work came from drafting wills, drawing up deeds and settlements, and acting as stewards and estate managers for area landowners, but they handled other types of legal work as it arose. Henry had been able to save up a tidy sum and had been considering purchasing a home of his own, perhaps a place near the edge of the village or past its outskirts a bit, where he could have a bit of land and room for a future family.
As he walked the short distance to his practice, he enjoyed the surprisingly pleasant autumn weather. It was late October, but he had no need of an overcoat and the skies were clear, so he had left his umbrella in its holder near his front door. He enjoyed walking the streets of Carshalton in the early morning - the bustling busyness of shopkeepers preparing to open for the day, tradespeople on their way to their workplaces, businessmen in their suits, and a few constables roaming around, keeping the peace in the ever-growing village. It was exciting to be living in a place with such vitality and promise. The air was crisp, his spirits were high, and he contemplated that morning’s appointment as he walked, greeting shopkeepers and other familiar faces along the way.
Mr. Thomas Lincoln was coming in to meet with Mr. Williams to discuss a breach of promise case. Mr. Lincoln’s daughter, Caroline, had been engaged to marry a Mr. Charles Saunderson. The marriage had been agreed upon by their families when both parties were children. Plans were being made for a spring wedding when news reached both families that Charles had eloped with one Miss Emilia Hewitt, with whom he had evidently been having an affair for some time.
The scandal had rocked their social circle and had tainted Miss Lincoln’s reputation, being not only abandoned by her fiance but now associated with the unseemly story in how he had done so. Mr. Lincoln was seeking damages in order to increase the size of his daughter’s dowry should she be fortunate enough to marry, or to help provide for her future if she was not. Mr. Williams would be handling the case himself as Mr. Lincoln was a prominent member of society and the details were sensitive, but he wished for Henry to participate and assist as needed. Mr. Lincoln was a valuable client, and Mr. Williams wanted him to know that he was receiving the best possible service.
Caroline Lincoln waited as the maid put the finishing touches on her hair, which Rose had swept into a low updo. “Thank you, Rose,” she said once it was finished. Sighing, she picked up her reticule, then she put on her best bonnet and walked down the stairs to meet her father for the ride to the law office of Mssrs. Williams and Sturgess. She had worn her second-best gown, not because the soft emerald green fabric set off her chestnut brown curls, fair complexion, and green eyes. No, she wore it because she needed the armor of a finely cut outfit as she ventured out in public for the first time since her humiliation at the hands of Charles Saunderson.
She had not wished to pursue the matter via legal means, but her father was furious that Saunderson would disrespect him and was determined to make him pay. Caroline had tried to reason with him, but she knew that it was futile and had given up doing so before long. Now she could only hope that they could achieve a swift resolution so that she could find a way to disappear back out of the public eye. Perhaps a trip to the Lake District would be in order, once all was settled.
Their carriage rolled along surprisingly smoothly. Papa had paid for a well-made conveyance that was designed to absorb the bumps with little jostling for those inside. It was an extravagance, but Caroline had a hard time thinking it foolish to have spent as much as he must have when the benefits of riding in it were so evident. This was one luxury that she could appreciate.
As they drew nearer to the destination, her stomach began to roil. She did not wish to subject herself to the stares and whispers of the residents of Carshalton, but the choice had been taken away from her by her father’s decision to pursue legal measures against Charles. She only hoped that she would not have to walk much distance to the law office after alighting from the carriage. To her great relief, after the carriage had stopped and the coachman opened the door, she saw that it was just a few steps to the stairs leading to the office entrance.
As the law clerk entered the office and announced the arrival of Mr. Lincoln and his daughter, James Williams stepped forward to shake Thomas’ hand. Mr. Lincoln had been a client of the firm for some time, with Mr. Williams personally acting as his estate manager for much of that time. Lincoln bore a weary look of determined resignation, and Henry could see that he was likely a formidable man to cross. He did not pity Mr. Saunderson, though, as the man deserved anything coming to him.
**Caroline Lincoln had entered the office on the arm of her father, but she remained a few steps back when he stepped forward to shake Mr. Williams’ hand. Henry was curious about her but did not wish to make her any more self-conscious than she likely already was. She had kept her eyes downcast, and the bonnet upon her head, although of a fine quality, concealed most of her face. He imagined that she wore it as a way to fortify herself against the slings and arrows of those who would be cruel, but then gave his head the slightest shake, realising he was just being fanciful.
His eyes quickly moved back to Mr. Lincoln as Mr. Williams introduced him to the man. He spoke up in greeting. “I am honored to make your acquaintance, sir, although I regret that it is not under happier circumstances.”
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Miss Lincoln’s head raise for a moment. He longed to catch a glimpse of her but kept his attention upon the man in front of him, who was answering.
“As do I, Mr. Sturgess. I trust that we will be able to put this unpleasant business behind us quickly so that we may all move forward to a better future. May I introduce my daughter, Miss Caroline Lincoln?”
Caroline took two steps forward and nodded first at Mr. Williams, then Mr. Sturgess, acknowledging the introduction. She glanced only briefly at each man as she quietly returned their greetings.
“Why don’t we all sit down, and then we can discuss how we may assist you?” said Mr. Williams.
Mr. Lincoln took the lead from there. “As you know, my daughter Caroline has been engaged to be married for the last six months, with the expectation of such an arrangement having been agreed upon by both families for much longer. As such, any other prospects for Caroline’s marriage were turned away before offers could be made.”
Henry glanced at Miss Lincoln, who appeared to be looking for either an escape route or a place to hide herself away, perhaps in one of the large cabinets along the wall. He could not help but feel for her and the discomfort she had to be experiencing over the discussion of her broken engagement and lack of other candidates.
Mr. Lincoln continued, “Now Charles Saunderson has quite possibly ruined her chances for the future as well-"
"Papa!” she interjected, unable to remain silent any longer. “I do not require a man for my happiness, and I do wish that you would simply allow all of this to blow over.”
Mr. Lincoln looked at her sternly. “We’ve discussed this, Caroline. I will not allow Saunderson’s insult to your reputation, and to our entire family, to pass without consequence. Even if I were inclined to do it for your sake, I cannot allow your sisters to be tainted by scandal when the time for their own attachments will be approaching all too quickly.”
Caroline bristled at both his words and his tone but struggled to hold her tongue. Aggravating Papa would do no good.
Henry was impressed by her fiery spirit and her courage in speaking up in this meeting, which must be an intimidating circumstance. She was not the wallflower that he had assumed her to be from her initially withdrawn demeanor.
He had in the past believed that women should be genteel and unassuming in public, and had had certain ideas of how that should look. He had found in the last few years, after having been exposed to a wider variety of women in Carshalton both through his employment and through social gatherings, that there was an appeal in a livelier nature and in a woman engaging in candid conversation. He had met a number of appealing, forthright women since moving to the village, although he had not progressed beyond a pleasant acquaintance with any of them. He was not sure what he was looking for in a future wife, but he had not yet found it.
Neither Elizabeth’s liveliness nor her directness had been the problem in his relationship with her. On the contrary, he realised now that those things had been part of Elizabeth’s allure to him.
No, it was Elizabeth’s indecision about her feelings for him, exacerbated by her aunt’s own misgivings with regards to him, that was the problem. He had not seen it at the time, not until the disastrous failed proposal and his reflections upon their relationship afterward. He knew now that their match would have been ill-advised and was, surprisingly, grateful to her Aunt Jane for putting doubts in her head. He did not want to be someone that his wife settled for, always wondering if there might have been someone else who was a better match for her.
Henry realised that he had been woolgathering and focused his mind back on the present conversation, quickly wishing that he had not.
“Then there is the matter of my daughter’s virtue, which many will think has been compromised as she was engaged to Mr. Saunderson. It is difficult to place a monetary value on such an assumed loss.”
“Papa, I have already assured you that my- my virtue is still intact,” said Caroline, turning nearly scarlet as she spoke the disgraceful words in front of two men who were complete strangers to her.
Henry could not sit idly by as she was subjected to such inappropriate and, dare he think it, cruel conversation being bandied about regarding such deeply personal matters. “Excuse me for interrupting, but perhaps it might be best if I were to escort Miss Lincoln to the outer offices for a cup of tea, if that is acceptable to her? Such a sensitive subject must be distressing to her.”
He had taken a gamble in making the proposition, having seen that her father was a high-handed man who might not appreciate his interference, but Henry suspected that he would see his daughter as someone in need of protecting.
“An excellent suggestion, Henry,” said Mr. Williams.
“Fine, fine. We’ll determine the details and notify you when we have it all worked out.”
“After you, Miss Lincoln,” said Henry, extending his arm in the direction of the outer office. He noticed the way her eyes flashed at him, just for a moment, and thought he had better tread carefully.
On the one hand, Caroline resented being dismissed from the discussion as if she was too fragile to bear it or should have no say. But on the other, she recognised the rescue attempt for what it was and was genuinely relieved to be out of the room and away from such a humiliating conversation. She appreciated Mr. Sturgess’s gallant effort, even if she did not care for the condescending manner in which she was being treated by the other two men.
“How do you take your tea, Miss Lincoln?” he asked, in a mellifluous baritone that she had not noticed previously. She almost forgot to answer him, she was so taken by the beautiful tone of his voice.
“Wouldn’t it be more appropriate for me to prepare it, Mr. Sturgess?” she had the presence of mind to ask.
“No need, Miss Lincoln. I am perfectly capable of making a cup of tea and do not mind doing so. I hope that Earl Grey is acceptable. Milk? Sugar?”
“Yes to both, please, Mr. Sturgess.”
He directed her to a plush armchair before he began.
Caroline watched Henry as he worked. She had not had more than a fleeting look at him when they were first introduced, and her irritation in the office had kept her from noticing much beyond a head of golden curls. Now she had a chance to study him surreptitiously. His back was to her, but she took the opportunity to look over his form. She noticed that he was quite tall. Although not overly broad, neither was he too lean. She wondered if he was muscular underneath his suit. Perhaps his body bore a resemblance to Michelangelo’s David, beyond the curls of his hair. She had been fortunate enough to travel with her father to Italy several years before, and they had spent a few days in Florence. She had been fascinated by the art and architecture there, although her father had rapidly moved her past the statue of David once they had seen it in all its glory. She had not forgotten the glimpse she had gotten of a man’s enticements, however.
Now her cheeks flushed scarlet as she thought about where she had allowed her mind to wander, and in the presence of a strange man, no less. It was completely improper and Mr. Sturgess would surely be appalled by her wantonness if he had any inkling of her thoughts. She looked for something else on which to focus, something that would be less…stimulating.
Caroline watched Henry’s hands as he readied their teacups. He had poured milk into two fine bone china cups before adding the tea from the pot that had already been prepared. He gently stirred them, then added a bit of sugar to both cups as well. It should have seemed strange to see such an imposing man performing such a delicate task, but he moved with both assurance and a surprising grace. His long fingers held the cups and the spoon with an elegant finesse. But she thought that those hands could be quite strong when they needed to be.
She began to wonder what one of those hands would feel like if he cupped her cheek with it, or stroked his fingers down her arm. How would it feel if he took her ungloved hand in his own? Again her cheeks began to heat at her own thoughts, but she did not have time to attempt to redirect them because Mr. Sturgess was turning to her, cups in hand, and walking towards her.
Henry had used his time making their tea to consider what to say to Miss Lincoln. It was clear that she had bristled at his suggestion that she be sent from the room, but he could not bear to see her endure any more if there was anything he could do about it. He knew that she was less fragile than her father likely thought her to be, and that he himself had thought initially. But the conversation had veered from uncomfortable into downright vulgar. She should not have been subjected to that, and he placed the blame squarely on Mr. Lincoln’s shoulders, although Mr. Tibbets could have perhaps steered the conversation in a gentler direction - or, at the very least, absented Miss Lincoln before it had gone that far.
The tea was now ready and he could not put off facing Miss Lincoln any longer. He turned, cups in hand, and found Miss Lincoln looking at him most intently, to his great surprise. Her cheeks were rosy and she looked as if she had been caught out doing something she shouldn’t. She quickly dropped her eyes for a moment before looking back at him with a small smile as she accepted the tea with a quiet thank you. The cup trembled a bit in her hand before she steadied herself. She lifted it to her face and let the citrusy smell of bergamot soothe her.
Henry decided to address the elephant in the room. He was sure that Miss Lincoln was not prone to swooning over such a conversation; she clearly had a stronger constitution than that. He thought, in fact, that she would appreciate his directness.
“Miss Lincoln,” he began, at last looking directly at her face as he spoke. He faltered for a moment upon meeting the gaze of her green eyes. He had not noticed their colour, nor the intensity of them, when he had first met her or in the minutes after that. Only now, when she was facing him head-on without wavering, did he notice how remarkable they were.
She looked at him now with brows raised, and he became conscious of his halted speech. Looking away for a moment and taking a subtle but calming breath, he tried again.
“Miss Lincoln, I apologise for treating you as if you were too delicate for the discussion that was happening in your presence. I have no doubt that you would have been able to endure it, but I did not think that you should have to do so.”
“I know, Mr. Sturgess, and I appreciate your concern. It was very noble of you to rescue me from a conversation I wish wasn’t happening in the first place,” she responded.
Henry spoke again, “I am very sorry that Mr. Saunderson chose to break his promise to you.”
“I am not,” came the unexpected response that made Henry’s eyes widen and eyebrows lift. She continued, “He is boorish and conceited. He is unwise in his business practices, but he would not hear of any suggestions I might make. There was no point in offering him my opinion on that or anything else, because he did not wish to hear it. I did not realise that he was deceiving me with Miss Hewitt, but it is not surprising, considering his lack of character.
“Our fathers have known each other for decades, but the senior Mr. Saunderson is very unlike his son. It is puzzling how far the apple has fallen from the tree. It was always assumed that Charles and I would marry, even though I did not wish it. I was determined to find a way out of marrying him, but Charles is skilled at charming those he wishes to charm, so my father continued to think very highly of him up until it was impossible to ignore the evidence that he was not a good man.
“I hoped and prayed every day that the Lord would see fit to release me from the burden of marrying him, since my father would not. And while I am thankful that He answered my prayer, at the risk of sounding blasphemous, I do wish that He had shown more kindness in doing so and had brought about the end of the engagement in a more discreet manner.
“Now Papa is determined to be recompensed, as if I am only a prize sow whose chance at a winning litter has been ruined. I would vastly prefer for this to quietly be swept under the rug so that I may return to a life of little notoriety - or as little notoriety as I can, now that my good name has been sullied in the highest circles. But Papa insists that my opportunity for marriage and children has been damaged and he demands satisfaction. One would think I’m only good for breed–” she stopped abruptly, realising at once how indecorous her speech had become.
It was true that Henry found her words shocking. And yet he could not fault her for feeling that way, or even for being overcome by strong emotion and allowing such things to emerge. He imagined that she had little opportunity to express them to her father, and he was glad to allow her the chance to speak about them with someone who would keep her confidence.
Additionally, he found that the fire of her anger put a spark in her eyes that made them most appealing. Her high temper also caused her cheeks to flush again, returning some of the color that she had likely lost in recent days and only adding to her charms that were rapidly becoming apparent to Henry. She was still wearing her bonnet, but he could see the brown hair that was mostly hidden underneath. Did it have a reddish tone to it? He couldn’t be sure in the light of the office and with the bonnet covering it, but he would like to find out. Taken altogether, her appearance was quite enchanting. He had thought her on the plain side when he first saw her, but he could see now that it was the toll of recent events that had caused her to appear so. She was lovely enough to serve as a muse to any artist of renown.
“I am so sorry, Mr. Sturgess. You must think me quite lacking in restraint, or even decency,” she spoke out, with a shamed expression on her face.
“Not at all, Miss Lincoln. It is clear that you are an intelligent lady of good character, who possesses a passionate nature. You have been put through a terrible ordeal by the underhanded dealings of the one you should have been able to trust above all others. And even before that, it was clear that he was a poor match for you, if I may be so bold in saying so. I am the one who is sorry, that you were unable to make your father understand and that you were ever put in such a position in the first place.”
It was Caroline’s turn to be shocked. She had not expected Mr. Sturgess to be so understanding either of her perspective or of her outburst. Most men would have thought her far too outspoken, at the very least. She was nearly a stranger to him still, and yet he listened and seemed to empathise not just with her treatment at the hands of Mr. Saunderson, but with her father’s decision to match her with him in the first place.
Before she could respond, Mr. Williams opened the door. “Henry, we are in need of your assistance, please.”
Henry excused himself and went into the office, closing the door behind him. Caroline was left in the quiet to finish her tea and contemplate what had just happened.
Mr. Sturgess was a remarkable man indeed. There must be a very fortunate Mrs. Sturgess keeping house somewhere in Carshalton. But even if there was not, it was pointless to spend time thinking about him in any romantic fashion. He was simply being kind, albeit more compassionate than most men she’d met. And an eligible, successful, handsome bachelor such as he would surely have already made an offer of marriage to someone, even if the vows had not yet been said.
No, thinking about Mr. Sturgess at any length would only lead to heartache. She had successfully avoided it for one and twenty years and had no intention of becoming victim to it now.
She shook off any lingering thoughts of Mr. Sturgess just in time as the door to the inner office opened. Her father emerged, followed by Mr. Williams and the man who was definitely not at the center of her thoughts. Setting down her teacup, she stood up.
Mr. Tibbets spoke: “Mr. Lincoln, I’ll have the appropriate paperwork drawn up over the next few days and then send it to you via one of our law clerks, if that is acceptable to you?”
“That will be fine. Thank you both for assistance, and your discretion,” said Lincoln, shaking hands with both Mr. Williams and Mr. Sturgess. “Caroline, come,” and with that, he took Caroline’s elbow and led her to the door without giving her the opportunity to say goodbye.
Her eyes briefly met Mr. Sturgess’s and she gave him a subtle smile of gratitude. Then she was walking down the steps and being handed into the carriage to head back home, likely never to see Mr. Sturgess again.
Henry watched her go and was surprised at the sense of loss he was experiencing. How could he feel such a powerful connection to a woman he had only known for a matter of minutes?
Mr. Williams set Henry to drawing up the legal documents to deal with the Lincolns’ breach of promise claim. He had gone over the details thoroughly to ensure that Henry understood everything that should be included, in addition to the suggestion that Henry himself had made during the final minutes of the meeting.
Henry tried to focus on his workload, knowing it was imperative that they deliver the papers in a timely manner so that they could keep Mr. Lincoln happy and resolve this delicate matter as quickly as possible for Miss Lincoln’s sake. But no matter how hard he tried to concentrate, he kept finding himself thinking about a fair face with green eyes and a blazing look of determination on it. He couldn’t bear the thought of never seeing that face again. There must be something he could do to ensure that wouldn’t be the case.
Regardless, he had to get this documentation completed, no matter how difficult it was to keep his mind on his work. He laboriously began to draw up the papers as a plan formed in the back of his mind. He had to see her again.
Whether or not she wanted to see him, he did not know. But one thing was clear to him: he was in trouble.
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littlewitty · 10 minutes ago
Imagine how MC must have felt when she will be turned into a vampire for leo, seeing her lover showing his blood lust for the first time. She would be shocked and confused as she probs didnt realise it affected him as much as it did.
Tempted to write something for it.
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starshipsofstarlord · 11 minutes ago
Can I request a Kai Parker smut
stuck in 1903
Tumblr media
kai parker x reader / masterlist
summary; being trapped in the prison world after sacrificing yourself to protect your friends, leads to some very embarrassing and frustrating situations / warnings; kai being an annoying lil shit, mentions of death, smut, possessiveness, imprisonment,
the prison world, perhaps it would have been slightly peaceful if an entrapped witch was not following your every move like an obsessed ghost. he was relentless, stalking his threatening footsteps after your own, prowling for a manner of attention.
“if you stop this whole, ‘let’s walk in y/n’s shadow’ charade, i will have sex with you. can we pursue a deal concerning the matter?” instantly, the witch muted his movements, gripping onto the side of the aisle shelf as he studied you, searching to see if your prospectus contained serious regard.
once he had come to a conclusion, he raised his eyebrows. kai had tried his darnest to keep you contained in that house that he likened to call a home. there was something he didn’t wish for you to discover, he was keeping you isolated from everything within the empty world that his family had banished him to.
that made you think, that it was possible, that perhaps other souls had entered the enclosure of this world, and that was why you were seeking, in the hopes of providing yourself with the comfort that you weren’t alone in this cursed nation with the one, and the only, to your misfortune, kai parker.
there wasn’t much that you knew about him, he was a practical talker, rather than a personal one. he had stocks of questions about the modern world, so that he could relish in the imagery of how much it had evolved without him. a part of you pitied him, but another worried that there was a wisp of darkness that he was hiding.
you didn’t know him, he was a stranger, and that truth made him potentially dangerous. it was safe to always remain on your toes, even if he had a habit of trailing huskily after. it gave him no chance of envisioning you as a sitting duck, every day was the same, but he was the one thing that could change that.
one tip of his mindset, and he could remember that he preferred being alone. and he could kill you, piking you on a stake, despite being human, or using his siphoning hands to drain all life out of your body. this wasn’t your first rodeo with the aftermath of death; bonnie had found a way to bring you back, her power flowed through you, keeping you logically alive, to a fault that was.
parker licked his pork rind exploited lips, collecting the dust from the treat, and bringing it into the cauldron of his mouth. the man was thinking, and that idea alone scared you. however you waited for him to persevere with whatever was unravelling in his mind, although you could have easily passed him by, finding elsewhere to seek salvation.
“is there a due date for that offer, because i’d like to take you up on it right now?” a smirk curved his mouth. perhaps not every day was the same, this was certainly going to be different, that was one thing that was for sure.
he noticed how your shoulders withered from the thought; sex in a grocery store, you had never been so filthy, and despite there being nobody around to bare witness to the sin, it still had your skin crawling. hugging your arms across your chest, you sighed, giving into his slick prompt, leaning your head down out of self disrespect.
kai couldn’t be trusted, you knew that. not for the fact that his own family had sent him here, to wallow in nothing more than the loneliness of his own company. there had to be a reason! nobody’s mother nor father would do such an act for no resolving purpose.
gulping, you finally grew the guts to adjust your gaze on him, and how he tapped his foot, silently demanding a response. “i mean it kai, we have sex, and you stop trailing after me like some stray. you got that?”
he got it. his footsteps came closer to you as he backed you into a shelf along the outer wall, enclosing you against the packets of rustling pork rinds, accidentally crushing their interior contents, as you raised your chin up, obscenely glaring at the mysterious man.
“oh, i heard every word.” he held out his pinkie finger to make a promise, and sickeningly you reached your own out, shaking on it, before he rasped his hand around your wrist, pressing a kiss upon the thin flesh. leaning down, kai attached your lips, humming contently, it had been so long since he had endured the contact of another person.
with his unoccupied hand, he slithered it down your chest, dragging his knuckles down your stomach, before he reached the tender edge of your trousers. he toyed with the band, the action making you stifle any sounds of admitted likening to his teasing; if you did, then he would only continue to do so more.
it felt like forever since you had gotten laid, a large portion of you wanted kai to take you on the spot, which it looked as though that was his intent, and that he definitely would do so. but another felt sick of yourself, these were the extents that you would go to to be left alone, and there was not exactly a plan b if he didn’t.
you wanted to obtain a way out of this place, and possibly the only chance that you had of doing so was to wander away from his ever watching eyes, and strive on your own, trying to discover any evidence of life throughout this semi detached world. you felt like a cattle, being guarded by their herder, he was protecting you from anything that could daunt your mind with realisation.
it wasn’t the fact he was protective, it was more in the terms of possessiveness. though he wanted to leave, he claimed that there was no way out, he was intent on descending your hope of uncovering an escape, from not only the ghost town of your home, but from him also.
“what to first? should i just fuck you or make you blow me?” his teeth toyed with a sly smile, as though he were trying to convince you into a conflict regarding the answer. but instead of growing a fuzzy brain, you simply glared at him, pushing his fingers out from where they had slipped under the top of your bottoms, leaving the man to be a confused mess; it was kinda cute, but for all you knew, his often sublime attitude.
“i didn’t say foreplay parker, only sex was on the table. and that will be all you’re getting, unless you want me to leave you high and dry, and find another resolve to rid myself of your attached escapades of following after me like there’s a wire attached from me to you.”
“fine.” he raised his hands in a motion of surrender, chuckling lightly to himself. “i was just testing my luck, which is clear that i don’t have.” he turned, his brows going up higher on his face as he saw a variety of boxes stacked on one of the shelves. he picked one up, reading over the scripture as you scoffed.
“i don’t think your gonna need xxl, unless you’re going to cum that much since nobody has had their hands on you for a long time. you’ve had to suffice and please yourself for how long again?”
“spicy, i like it. eh, you’re right anyways.” he tossed the box down the aisle, grasping for another like a kid in the candy store, this time it was for the variety of average sized men. kai aggressively ripped the box open, causing the contents of packets to spill all over the ground.
“are you incapable of doing anything like a grown ass man?” it was irritating just watching him fail to do ordinary everyday tasks. he was destructive, and it seemed to be a large part of his personality.
“you won’t be asking that in a minute y/n/n.” he sent you a gruelling wink, making you inherently gulp, watching as he plucked a singular condom off the ground, holding it between his teeth as he began to unbuckle his belt, starting towards you.
“whatever you say kai.” rolling your eyes at his constant cockiness, you pried open your jeans, dropping your panties to the ground, as you caught kai frozen, with a slight swab of drool bathing his bottom lip. “come on, i am waiting, so hurry your ass up before i get bored of doing so.”
“you want this as much as i do, you just won’t admit it.” he lightly sneered towards you, and you felt your body flush with composed embarrassment. perhaps you had thought about the ordeal a little during the time you had been there, but there had to be some excuse! he was the only guy in a worldwide radius, that was a reasonable enough purpose.
when he was rid of apparel on his lower half, he rolled the protection onto his length, as he pinned you completely flush against the shelves of the aisle, one of his hands cupping your ass, before he helped you clamber into his arms, as he held your weight up.
you wrapped your legs expertly around his waist, biting your lip as he ran the tip of his cock against your clit, and then pushed into your walls, his moans reverberating erotically along the column of your throat, as he trailed his lips against your tender flesh.
“fuck, fuck, fuck.” he uttered as he began to thrust. it had been a long time since kai had endured any physical contact, let alone like this. the siphon was relishing in it, slipping his cock in and out of your folds as though that was his lifelong purpose.
for the first time in many years, he no longer felt trapped, he had inched into a small paving of freedom, all because he was inherent not to leave you to abandon alone. you too were also caught up in the web of pleasure, you didn’t here two specific sets of footsteps enter the store, searching for the witch that had claimed that he knew of a route out of this subordinate hell.
they had survived the enduring loss of their own freedom, being sucked from the force of a collapsing vacuum into this lonesome reality. the other side had fallen, and so had their jaws, as they saw kai not only having sex, but with you, their lost friend whom had given her life to previously save them from complicated doom.
bonnie felt borderline disgusted as she watched you shut your eyes and try to bounce yourself on the man’s cock, whilst damon was specifically disappointed. your hands rasped around his shoulders, though their grip tightened as your name was called.
as you turned and saw your friends, it all suddenly made sense. from kai’s behaviour, to his lack of inclination to leave you alone, it was clear that he was hiding you from them and vice versa. “bonnie, damon!” you gasped, unsure of how you were supposed to compose yourself throughout this predicament.
“yes, bon bon, damey.” kai mocked with a roll of his eyes, as he remained still to his own dismay. “could you maybe give us five minutes, we kinda weren’t done here. just let us finish, and- ow!” you slapped the side of his face, scrambling to situate yourself out of his menacing grip.
with downturned eyes, you hastily pulled your clothes back up into place, glaring at the siphon. “you knew didn’t you? you knew that these were my friends and you purposely made sure i was distanced from them!” you growled at kai, your eyes fluttering with disregard for the imprisoned magician.
“well if i had, then you’d be less inclined to spend time with me, and this, would never have happened.” his fingers pried at pointing between the pair of you, amusedly he would say, though you would think otherwise. “welcome to 1903 baby! the world of lies and disgrace.”
“you’re the disgrace, you killed your own family, your younger siblings.” bonnie spoke, and her words made you feel physically sick. “get away from him y/n.” you followed her command, rushing over to her and damon, with shock established in your eyes. you had just fucked a sociopath.
“well, i guess that the jig is up.” he shrugged as he conformed his own clothes to be put in place. the fact that you still felt a rouse to finish what you started made you feel disgusted with yourself, though he deserved to rot here. why did the bad guys always have to be so hot? it just was not fair.
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How many times do you think the Sunnydale funeral home had to sit down some grieving family and be like “Sorry, we sort of lost the body of your loved one. Again. Yeah, our bad”??They probably offer apology voucher coupons for half off your next cremation at this point .
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laslloronas · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
I love cookie run
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my-personal-multiverse · 16 minutes ago
Tumblr media
This is for everyone who’s been talking about gnc Spike. All that talk got me inspired. And it was also a good excuse to try some new things in photoshop. 
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ladyeroway · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Are you ready for this action
Does it give you satisfaction
Are you hip to what I'm sayin'
If you are then let's start swayin'
The answer better be (Yes, yes)
That pleases me
- Do I Move You - Nina Simone
I have been so excited to share this piece. I was really happy how the anatomy turned out for my girl Celeste!
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theprofessionalpromptmaker · 19 minutes ago
International No Diet Day & National Beverage Day & National Day of Prayer & National Day of Reason
Person A is a vampire working with for a magazine for vampires, where they write an advice column from the angle of a vampire nutritionist, but when a columnist about vampire beauty tips starts spreading vampire fad diets, such as drinking holy water to force the body to expel energy on healing and causing immense weight loss, Person A decides to go to advice columnist war with them, and write an opinion piece in regards to the very dangerous fad diets. Person B, the vampire beauty columnist, takes personal offense, and soon vampire society’s social sphere is focused on their century long fight.
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daddopenguin · 24 minutes ago
Ichiru: Father I crave violence.
Papa Kiryuu: Let me ask your mother.
Hey dear he craves violence, what do I say?
Mama Kiryuu: We can't let him!
Papa Kiryuu: Sorry kiddo that's a no.
Ichiru: I'm going to internalize this and use it against you someday.
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basilone · 28 minutes ago
3. Light for Vampire!Ron and Billie, maybe in Haguenau 😏 Juno xx
That little emoji says it all, and I’m still on time for Thirsty Thursday.. so.. these two lounging around in bed? A good look.
Even beneath his weight, her legs tangled with his, his head resting on her heart, she feels strangely light – as though she’s floating, wrapped up in this heat of being with him like this – and she wraps her arms as tightly around him as she dares. There’s a flutter in her belly that tugs at the doubts and sweeps her up in this warmth of being here, being wanted, being needed, and she flushes brightest red at the thought of being so much to someone who’s lived so long that his memories that currently tumble around in her head feel like memories of several people rather than just those of one man.
Being with him is this: a flurry of names, a tapestry of faces, song and dance or bloodshed and battle and sometimes both of these at once, and the slickest sense of blood trickling down her throat – sweet, with a bitter iron twang in its linger on her tongue – and flourishing to life inside her before she recalls that this is his memory alone, intimate and yet open to her, and that she has not drunk from him as he did from her.
He stirs, then, a murmur of “what is it?” on his lips, his head rising to look at her – and she’s utterly naked, isn’t she, trapped in his feverish gaze until she turns pliant and wanting beneath him or until she topples him over and takes what he offers – and she worries her lip before offering “nothing” the way she always does when she’s too much of something and needs to be smaller than this.
“You’re never nothing,” he refutes, calmly, and she’s unmoored, soaring, flying with only his hand on her hip as anchor, “and not too much” – her back arches involuntarily at the touch of his lips on the nape of her neck, anticipating the sting of the bite just before he sinks sharpened fangs into her skin – “and I want you, Billie,” he offers, somewhere deep in her head where doubt goes to die, somewhere she keeps the monster that says she can want it all and have it too, “just like.. this.”
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stonebutchjet · 30 minutes ago
🔪 ?
Copycat by Billie Eilish (idk common opinion on her here 😭but this is a compliment !) or Disenchanted by mcr !
Send me an emoji and I’ll give a song w you vibes <3
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