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#vampire max
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Got inspired by @dietcloud I LOVE VAMP AU-
(EDIT) I couldn’t help myself from fixing stuff up-
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sfwilliam · 2 years ago
~(@dontstarvetogetherlads )~
Maxwell was doing his regular activities, watering some of his gorgeous plants he had on his front porch, happily. He was humming a little tune and that's when he noticed a car pulling into the next house. He had lived her for a while and was a bit suspicious, since no one had lived there for a while. But soon he smirked as he saw this adorable man step out of the car, the way the man stood and how he was dressed, Maxwell was blinded by his beauty. He slowly licked his fangs, interested in this new neighbor. He leaned against the railing on his porch, watching the man go inside of his new house.
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How to punch a fucking ass
Aka Daniel
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Max Schreck on the set of Nosferatu (1922) Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau
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homicidal-lagamorph · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My best friend whom I played sam and max with helped me come up with this
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Tumblr media
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Where to find SPF 10000000000 sunscreen?
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ciervo-robot · 4 months ago
so I think I made an au....
Tumblr media
It’s about Vampire warners
I’m juts gonna copy paste some ideas I had here
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in this AU Scratchy is some sort of scientist/ biologist. one day he's out in the woods collecting samples or whatever nerd shit when he starts hearing little chirping and squeaking sounds coming from under some bushes, he's curious so he goes to look and finds three little bats looking absolutely miserable, all weak and sickly, he takes then home and nurses them back to health, they're starting to get better when one day he wakes up to three little kids in his house asking him for bacon and talking to him like they've known him all their lives and he's like shit I guess I have children now
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(when he found them they were lil bats because they were going through a rough time and hadn't eaten in a while )
he decides to keep them and he tells to himself it’s for “scientific research” but  he grows very fond of them and sees them as his own children
now some random ideas 
 - as little bats, scratchy would feed them a little of his own blood when they transform back to normal vamp warners he maybe starts buying farm animals for them to eat 
-they can turn into bats on command but it can also happen  involuntarily when they’re scared/sad/sick 
Tumblr media
 -they'll sometimes shirk/squeak like bats even in their normal form 
 -they mostly feed of animals, they try not to feed of humans unless they really need to 
-they don't have to kill a victim in order to feed off them but if the three of them feed off the same person then yeah that fucker's dying 
- they can still eat human food but it doesn't satisfy them and if they try to survive only on it they get sick 
-also Max Goof is in this au and he’s a ghost (yes, there is yax) 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh yeah, and there are ghosts in this au too!  
-after scratchy inevitably dies he decides to stay with them as a ghost because "even if they are hundreds of years old they're still children and if I'm not there to look out for them who will" 
-being a ghost in this au it's pretty cash money actually, none of that "you'll never find eternal peace" bullshit
 -ghost scratchy still lives with them in the house/tower? and still does his nerd stuff 
- -ghost can see and talk to each other, they have their own little community 
-Ghosts can interact with objects but it's an ability that takes a while to master, good thing they have eternity 
 - only fellow undead can see/interact with ghosts 
-a Ghost can physically interact with other undead normally (yes a ghost can fistfight a vampire and it looks hilarious to outside viewers) 
-a ghost can physically interact with a human only if the human knows they're there and that it's them specifically 
 - humans can't hear/see ghost unless they've got tThe gift™ or have gone through specific rituals 
 - ghost can only write in dead languages, even if they don't speak it (i just thought it would be funny jdjfjd)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m gonna end it here because it’s already too long but I have a lot more of ideas and lore ™  I might share later  👀 and if I don’t get bored of it in the next week I might even write a little something 
ok I love you byebye 
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georgeromeros · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Nosferatu (1922) dir. F.W. Murnau
“You’ve hurt yourself... the precious blood!”
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absurdthirst · 4 months ago
The Bloodsucking Bond {Max Phillips x F!Reader}
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 14.9k
Warnings: Vampirism, blood drinking, forced servitude, (you have a douchy boss and it’s NOT Max for once) Oral sex (male and female receiving), blood play, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, cream pie, death, staking someone, gore.
Comments: Based off this request. Charlie and I had THOT hours on this one! You flirt with Max at the office but he doesn’t know you work at and underground blood bank club. Max is surprised to find you there, offering your blood to any vamp that pays. Co-written with @storiesofthefandomlovers
Tumblr media
“What are your plans for the weekend, sweetheart?” Max flashes you a confidently smug smile, knowing how well women responded to him. He’s leaning against your desk, one hip propped up on the surface, halfway sitting on it as he looks down at you. You fluster, unable to look at him for too long before you look back at your computer, needing to distract yourself from the way that his suit vest pulls tight over his body. Your fingers clack against the keys as you try to finish typing up your reports so you can leave at five. “The usual,” you shrug nonchalantly, trying not to give him any idea of what you did on your own private time. It wasn’t something that you advertised around the office, a few of them especially you didn’t want to know. “How about you?” You ask, knowing how much Max Phillips enjoyed talking about himself and hoping you could distract him.
He smirks, “nothing in particular. Might go out and have a few drinks...if you know what I mean” He smirks and you swallow, knowing exactly what he means. “Might find a beautiful lady to take home...unless you’d like to volunteer?” He winks and you fluster, looking back down at your keyboard. “I’m- I don’t- I can’t” You finish lamely and don’t look up at him. Knowing he’s a notorious flirt and would say the same thing to any woman in the office.
Max frowns slightly, wishing that he knew how to get you to respond to him. You flirted at times, but then others you acted like this. He much preferred when you bantered back and forth with him. Enjoying the double entendres that made Amanda’s head spin. He leans in, taking a deep breath and feels his fangs starting to push through, always responding to your scent. “Well if you change your mind, sweetheart, I’ll kick anyone out of bed for you.” He winks when you look and pushes off your desk, catching sight of Tim. “You have that Phalacite report for me?” He asks, striding away from your cubicle.
You exhale shakily, grateful that Max is distracted. Your phone beeps and you pick it up, sighing as you read it. “Don’t forget to wear that new outfit 😈” You type back a quick “okay” and get back to work. When you pack up your things, you gasp when you walk across the office and see Max smirking at the new intern. You grab your bag and try to sneak past but Max notices you. “Have a good weekend sweetheart” He winks and you offer him a polite smile, praying he doesn’t notice the way your heart rate picks up with one look into those dark eyes.
The club is not that you would think of a typical club being. Catering to a very specific clientele, the music was low, just humming through the hidden speakers. The temperature was warmer than in most clubs but that was because there was no heat generated from the majority of the bodies that were here. You and the other employees were the only ones that had a pulse, the food source for the people that frequented these places, vampires.
You smile at your coworker Shannon, she’s been working at the club for years. “Alright doll? That vamp over in the first booth is a little handsy when he’s sucking. Be careful. He does tip good though” She holds up the fifty dollar bill and holds the gauze to the bite mark in her neck. “I’m gonna go get some lemonade and a protein bar. Keeps ‘em sweet when I’m a little bitter.” She chuckles and walks off. You look up as a cocktail waitress walks over. She usually serves blood bags but the a la carte menu. “Table two. Wants O neg” She tells you and you adjust your dress, cleavage on display and hair tied back to expose your neck. You straighten your back and walk out into the club, smiling at another regular as you make your way to table two.
There were two vampires at the table, one facing away from you and talking to another leaning back in the booth. “You asked for O neg?” You ask, throwing your hip out and titling your head to give the best view of your neck. Your eyes widen briefly when the other vampire turns towards you. Max. You didn’t know he would be here, assuming that he frequented another club since you had never seen him in here before. You look between the two men and the other one nods, obviously the one that ordered fresh blood. His gaze runs up and down your body as he smirks. “I did.” He leans forward and arches his eyebrow at you. “I prefer the vein in the thigh, it’s…...sweeter.”
You shake your head, “neck or wrist only. Not on the thighs.” The vampire pouts and Max hasn’t said anything, he’s shocked that he’d find you in a place like this. You are usually so quiet and keep to yourself. He can’t believe you are wearing a tight black dress and heels, red lipstick and you look wicked in this light. Pure sex. He reaches down to adjust himself and he swallows when you raise an eyebrow at his friend. “Well?” You ask, “wrist or neck?”
Huffing, he sits back and motions to the spot next to him. “Neck.” He decides and you sit down, brushing aside any imaginary hair away from your neck as you lean closer. You can feel Max’s eyes on you and gaze over at him while the other vampire slides his hand behind your back and tugs you closer by your waist. “You smell good, fresh.” He murmurs, his tongue licking along your pulse and you barely refrain from rolling your eyes. “Iron rich diet.” You quip, only to gasp lightly when he tilts your head and sinks his fangs into your neck.
Max frowns, thinking about all of those spinach salads you eat for lunch. The vitamins, snacking on pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate. The roast beef. All of it leading to an iron rich diet. He frowns, not liking the disinterested look in your eyes as some vamp sucks you up like a milkshake. Your eyelashes flutter and you tap on the vamps shoulder, “okay times up.” You knew your limits, how much you could give in one serving. The vamp continues to suck. “Times up” You slur a little, feeling dizzy. “Times-” Your eyes roll into the back of your head as you slump against the vampire who still has his fangs deep inside of you.
Max growls, pushing the table aside and grabbing Richard. “She’s passed out.” He hisses, pulling you away from him and cradles you in his arms while the other vampire sits back with a satisfied smirk on his face, his tongue running over his fangs. “It’s fine, she’s just overwhelmed by my presence.” He jokes, swiping his thumb across his bottom lip to get the last drop of your blood. “She’s a meal, nothing more. Why are you so upset about a human, Phillips?” He asks, huffing at Max.
Max doesn’t respond, he doesn’t get a chance to when someone comes rushing over to the table. “Y/N? Wake up. Fucking hell. She’s passed out. She told you when she was done?” He asks Max who nods and jerks his chin over to Richard. “She told him. He didn’t listen” Max growls. The man narrows his eyes and clicks his fingers. “You. You’re fucking barred. Nearly killing my best seller” He hisses at Richard, baring his fangs. “Give her to me. She just needs some lemonade and she will be good to go again.” He reaches for you, “I’ll take her from here.”
Frowning, Max holds on to you a little tighter. “I’ll carry her.” He tells the man, not wanting to give you over to anyone, not even your employer. “Fine. Follow me.” The man snaps his fingers again and two huge vampires appear. “Escort this one out.” He orders them, jerking his chin towards Richard. The other vampire’s eyes narrow on Max but he shakes his head, not paying any attention to him as he hitches you up higher in his arms and stands, following the proprietor away from the table and across the floor of the club.
Max carries you behind the red curtains that separate the backstage area from the main club. Several humans are snacking or drinking lemonade and Max frowns, not liking the gaunt look of their faces. “Lay her there” The owner orders. “Shannon. Get her some lemonade. I need her back out on the floor within ten minutes” He orders the human, “if not, you know what happens.” He warns and disappears into the club once more. “Shit. What happened? Some guy get more than he paid for?” Shannon asks Max.
“Yeah.” He lays you down on a small chaise and brushes your hair back from your face. “What did he mean by ‘you know what happens’?” Max asks, watching another human bring over a small vial and a glass of lemonade. His nose wrinkles when smells the vial, rearing back at the strong ammonia scent. Waving it under your nose, he watches you jerk back to consciousness before he looks back at Shannon, expecting an answer.
You blink, eyes squinting at the bright light. You focus and turn your head, “Max? What - what are you doing here?” You frown and Max waits for Shannon’s answer. “It’s a long story. The owner, he, um, has us contracted and that contract is only terminated by one thing.” “Which is?” Max asks, not liking the way you are still shaking. “Death” Shannon answers.
Max’s jaw clenches, his eyes darting around the back room and looking closer at the gaunt appearances of all of the humans. “You’re all cattle.” He murmurs as his eyes come back to meet Shannon’s and she gives a small nod. “Why- how did you all come to sign the contracts?” He looks back down at you, moving closer to you and kneeling down beside the chaise to take the lemonade from the other human and hold it up to your lips. “Drink.” He orders, tipping it back.
You swallow it harshly, throat so dry and you are craving the sugar. You gulp it down until he tuts and tells you to slow down. “The money. It pays- well, not even prostitution would get you this much. I know Y/N was struggling when she first approached the boss. Said her job doesn’t pay enough for her to support her and her father who was dying at the time and couldn’t work. Poor girl doesn’t have any family left. She’s been working here to support herself since her father’s house was repossessed” Shannon sighs, feeling sorry for you.
If his heart still worked, it would have clenched at the information. You had never said a word and he knew that Tim would have talked if you had said anything to your coworkers. “There’s no way to break these contracts?” He asks, finally lowering the glass once you have finished the lemonade. Your eyes are still glassy and he doesn’t like how thready your pulse is in his ears.
You are finally cognitive enough to respond. “Death” You whisper, “death is the only way to break the contract. I should’ve read the - the fine print but I was desperate and blood banks don’t pay enough” You reveal and Shannon takes the glass from your hand. “I have a rare blood type so I get paid more.”
“O neg isn’t rare, sweetheart.” Max scoffs, shaking his head. “It’s just a universal donor type.” He knows most vamps prefer O neg but your boss shouldn’t have lied to you. “No, but I’m also CMV negative.” That makes Max’s eyes widen in understanding. With that in your blood, you would taste sweeter. “Gotcha, sweetheart.”
You hate the fact that you were lied to. That you had been roped into a scheme and you are tired of being nearly sucked dry most weekends. "I- Max. You gotta go. I need to go back out there. He- he will come back and demand I go back out there" You are trembling, having seen what your boss is capable of.
Max shakes his head. “You stay right here and drink some more.” He demands, standing and his face shifts into a frown. “I’ll be right back.” He tells you and walks off, disappearing behind the curtain out into the club.
Your eyes widen as he walks out and you turn to Shannon, "I'm so fucked." Max storms through the club until he finds the owner in his office. "You again" The owner rolls his eyes when Max walks in. "Me again. Y/N is leaving. She's not working here anymore. She nearly dies every damn weekend from what I've heard" Max hisses. "She's legally bound by contract" The owner shakes his head. "Let me see this contract" Max demands.
Max skims the contract, his eyes narrowing in anger. He’s taking advantage of them, the wording of the terms hidden in legal language. Until he stops, goes back and reads it again. “See? She’s mine until death.” The owner says, leaning back against his desk with a smug smile on his face. “Not beyond that.” Max sneers, looking up from the contract. “I’m taking her home.” His voice hardens and his glare intensifies. “And you’re going to let me, or you’re going to have a swarm of lawyers come down on this place. Picking it apart for anything they can find.”
The owner's eyes widen, knowing he is breaking several laws in that contract but the humans are usually too desperate to even question it. "Take her now. She'll be back" The owner chuckles and dismisses Max with a wave of his hand, "she'll be back."
Max stuffs the contract in his jacket and marches out of the office and back over the curtain. Finding you trying to stand makes him hiss and rush over to your side in a burst of speed that only the supernatural can accomplish. “What are you doing?” He demands, wrapping his arm around your waist as you sway slightly. “I- I have to go back out there.” You mumble and Max shakes his head. “You are going home with me.” Looking over at Shannon, he motions towards you. “Does she have anything? Bag, change of clothes?” As much as he likes the dress you are wearing, it’s skimpy and not at all what he normally sees you in.
Shannon nods, “let me get her bag. She has a change of clothes in there.” She disappears and comes back a few moments later with a bag. “Here. Just- make sure you look after her” Shannon requests and you lean against Max when you feel dizzy again.
“I will.” He pauses and looks around at the other humans that are back behind the curtain. He knows now why the club is so dark, the lighting so specific. It hides the face that these people are being nearly drained every day they work. He had thought the idea of clubs were great, had actually considered investing in some, but this - this is not what he had ever imagined. You make a sound and his attention turns back to you. “Come on sweetheart, let’s get you out of here.” He picks you up, the weight nothing to him, and starts to carry you out of the club to his car.
You protest him carrying you and just before he can exit the club, the owner rushes over. “This isn’t over Phillips” He hisses and Max just glares at him and carries you out of the club to his car. “Mr. Phillips, you shouldn’t have done that. He’s dangerous. He will find you and punish you before he takes me back” You warn, not knowing that Max had already threatened the owner.
“Max, sweetheart.” Max tuts as he opens the car door and settles you into the passenger seat. “If I’m going to carry you out of a bad situation, Officer and a Gentleman style, the least you can do is call me by my first name.” He jokes, covering his anger by throwing you a wink. “Or a blowjob. Your choice.”
You giggle softly, feeling your energy return a little. “I don’t think I have enough strength for a blowjob just yet.” You turn your head to look at him as he sits in the driver's seat. “I can call you Max though. Do you want my address to take me home?” You ask.
He starts the car before he looks over at you, shaking his head. “You are coming back to my place, sweetheart.” He decides. “One, so I can make sure you are taking care of yourself and two, so your ‘bosses’ -” he sneers the word, “goons don’t decide that you’ve rested enough.” He tells himself it’s just because you are a good worker and he would hate to lose you. Especially since it didn’t seem like they were turning the humans that worked there. He didn’t want to have you just not show up to work one Monday.
You don’t know what to say. It’s been so long since someone took care of you. It was usually you taking care of others. “I- thank you for saving me back there. I thought -” You exhale shakily, “I thought your friend was going to kill me. Usually most vamps will adhere to the rules and pull away when I tell them to. I thought he was going to keep going” You whisper, looking out of the window as Max pulls out of the parking lot and the club fades into the distance. You feel like you can breathe easier.
“He’s not my friend.” Max tells you quickly, not wanting you to believe that he was like that. “He’s - well he’s a business opportunity. Or was.” He flashes a rueful smile, knowing that particular venture was dead now because of this. “But don’t worry about that.” He reaches over and puts his hand on your knee, squeezing slightly and marveling at how warm you are.
You inhale sharply under your breath but Max hears it as you react to his hand on your knee. Such an innocent gesture but it sends your heart racing. “I’m sorry. I know your sales come first” You murmur.
“Don’t be sorry.” Max spits out a little more firmly than he had intended, watching you instead of the road in front of him. “I’m not.” He feels you cringe and sighs, pulling his hand away from your knee and tries to focus on the drive back to his place. “It wasn’t something to do with the office.” He explains, slowing down at the upcoming red light.
You nod and swallow harshly, throat still a little dry. You remain quiet save the radio playing and you watch the streets of L.A pass by. “How did you become a vampire?” You ask Max, curious. You’ve never asked about how vampires are turned despite interacting with them constantly. None of them spoke about their “rebirth” and you reckon It’s private but you know Max is nothing if not brutally honest.
Max huffs, looking over at you for a moment to see if you are serious. “You didn’t hear the water cooler gossip?” He asks, and you give him a quiet no. Most often you were trying to recover from the weekends and pretend you weren’t exhausted. “I - Evan and I went to college together.” He looks forward, not wanting to see the disgust on your face. “His girlfriend- I kind of slept with her and when he found out he accused me of academic dishonesty.” His voice gets low, still angry at the way that things played out. She had told him that they were broken up, something he never had a chance to explain before Evan wrecked his life. “The only college that would take me was one in Romania.” He shoots you a mocking grin. “The rumors are true.”
Your eyes widen, “every rumor?” Your eyes flit down to his crotch and he smirks, “that too.” You fluster and look out of the window once more to hide the curiosity on your face. “So you went to college and they turned you?” You ask and he says yes. “Vampires are created by biting a human and not draining them of blood, breaking their neck to kill them and burying them. I woke up and had to claw my way out of a grave” He reveals. Your eyes widen and you look back over at him, “that sounds...awful.” He shrugs, “it was and it wasn’t. I crawled out into a new life. Focused on revenge” He reveals. “Do you regret it?” You ask softly. He chuckles, “no. I love being a vampire. It’s...eternity and the ability to live life how you want.” You hum, imagining living life how you want. “That sounds like freedom.” You whisper.
He hums, his mind already whirling with the contents of the contract. Your reaction to his story makes him want to study it closer when he gets back, to see if that is what he needs to do to get you out from under the terms of your agreement. “You need food.” He announces, his eyes studying the restaurants available. “What do you want to eat?” He asks, slowing down so you can study your options. “I obviously don’t keep much at my place but you need more than that lemonade.”
You want to say no but you know you need to eat. “Just fast food will be fine. A burger and fries. No, just fries. I don’t want to spend too much money” You say, mentally adding up the coins in your purse. You’d been waiting for your tips from the owner that night to buy food.
Huffing, he pulls into a drive through. Not even bothering to ask you what you want, he leans out the window after rolling it down. After the person rolls through their speech Max starts to order. “Yeah, I need a number one, large with a coke. Can I also have an order of the chicken strips, 8 piece?” He listens to them ask about sauces. “Honey mustard and BBQ. You know what, can you just give me two of all of them?. And one of those pies.” When they ask if he wants anything else, he grins. “Oh, a large chocolate shake too.” After getting the total, he doesn’t look at you as he starts to pull forward, lifting up so he can take his wallet out of his back pocket.
You frown, “are you getting food for someone else?” You wonder if he lives with a human...perhaps a girlfriend. You reach down to pull your wallet out of your bag and Max shakes his head as he pulls up to the window and hands the teenager his credit card. “How much do I owe you?” You ask. “Nothing. It’s on me.” He answers and your eyes widen, “no-” He cuts you off, “you need to eat.” You sit back in the seat and put your wallet back into your bag. “Thank you” You say sincerely.
Max shrugs it off. It’s not a big deal honestly, and he doesn’t want you to pass out on him again. He didn’t want to see you looking like that again. At the other window, another teenager starts passing the food out the window. “Here’s your drink.” He tells you, handing you the soda. Taking the chocolate shake in the cup holder and then grabs the large bag. “Thanks.” He flashes the boy a smile and passes it to you before he starts driving away. “You can go ahead and start eating if you want. Fries, if I remember correctly, are better hot.” He can eat regular food, but it doesn’t taste the same so he avoids the favorites he had when he was human, including fries.
You thank him again and look down at the bag of food, reaching in to grab the fries. You can’t help but moan as you chew a handful of fries you’d shoved into your mouth. It’s like a switch is flipped and you are ravenous. Shoving fries into your mouth and you know you look like an animal but it’s been a hot minute since you had a hot meal. You’d been planning to get something tomorrow once you’d been paid. “Sorry. I- I didn’t realize how hungry I was” You wipe your mouth with the back of your hand.
His cock had definitely twitched when he heard you moan, imagining how you would sound spread out under him, around him. “Why did you do this?” He asks quietly, watching the road. He didn’t want to embarrass you, but the question was burning in his mind. “How long have you been working there and why didn’t you come and ask for a raise?” He knows you probably don’t remember Shannon telling him about your father and he wants to hear it from you.
"I've been working there for the past six months. My dad got sick, really sick, and we couldn't afford the medical bills. I saw an ad for quick money for blood donations and called. It ended up being the club and the money was too good to turn down. I - my dad died a couple of months ago. I have no one else and, um, I was struggling - am struggling. I can barely pay my rent now my dad is gone and- I was too proud to ask for a raise. I didn't want to admit to myself that I was struggling, let alone you."
Max frowns, wishing that you had come to him. He could have given you a raise, your performance justified it. “Why let alone me?” He asks, focusing on that part of your speech. He didn’t know why he would matter, you flirted with him sometimes, but you blew so hot and cold, he couldn’t quite get a beat on how you felt.
"Because-" You swallow harshly and look down at the bag of food, "-because I know you are successful and you would want a woman who is successful and strong and beautiful and I- I'm - it doesn't matter" You blink a few times and shove some more fries into your mouth.
He doesn’t comment, wondering what you were going to say. Curious to find out if you thought he was just fucking with you when he came by to flirt. He wasn’t. He had liked you from the start, even considered you being one of the first ones he turned, but you were a hard worker and he loves your scent the way it is. Instead he focuses on getting you back to his place, the rest of the drive spent in silence before he turns into his driveway. “Come on, sweetheart. I’m sure you want to get out of that dress.” He doesn’t waggle his eyebrows like he normally would have, not wanting you to think he expected sex in exchange for the food he had bought.
You follow him to his front door, he is holding your bag and the bag of food while you focus on staying upright, feeling better after some food. He opens the front door and your eyes widen as you take in his home. "'s beautiful. You- you have a lovely home" You say as you eye the leather sofa that definitely cost a pretty penny.
“Thanks.” He tosses the keys on the counter and looks around as if seeing it for the first time. “It does the trick.” He comments offhand. You stare at him in shock for his nonchalant attitude and when he looks over at you he shrugs. “Spend a lot of time here, wanted to make it comfortable.”
You don't know where to sit or what to do. You don't want to damage his beautiful home or mess it up. You stand here and stare at him for a moment, "Max" You say his name and he turns his head to look at you, "yeah sweetheart?" Your heart thumps at the term of endearment. "Thank you again. I want to thank you properly" You bite your lip and sway your hips as you walk over to Max, running your fingers along the collar of his leather jacket. Looking at him through your eyelashes, knowing most men would want something in return.
Max’s nostrils flare slightly and his cock twitches in his jeans at the look you are giving him. Instead of pulling you closer, he puts his hands on your hips and gently pushes you back. “Sweetheart, I would normally jump at this in a heartbeat.” He pauses and flashes you a grin, obviously amused with his own pun. “But you were passed out in my arms an hour ago.” He doesn’t want to admit how badly that affected him, seeing you like that. “If you are full, we can put the leftovers in the fridge. And then we’ll get you changed and put to bed. You need to rest.” He insists softly.
You falter, surprised he isn't jumping at the chance to fuck you. Most men would, regardless of your health and wellbeing. You swallow, tears pricking in your eyes at the rejection. Knowing it's not because you passed out, it's because he doesn't want you the way you want him. Most men would've left you in that club but Max is different. He saved you...but he doesn't want you. You stumble back from him and turn away, not wanting to see the disgust in his eyes. You had sold your blood to the highest bidder, essentially a whore without the sex. Selling your body. He's clearly revolted.
Max frowns at your reaction, chalking it up to the night. “Come on sweetheart.” He leaves the food on the counter, planning on putting it away later. “Do you want to change into what you have in the bag? Or would you prefer I give you a pair of my boxers and a t-shirt?” He asks, very interested in the idea of his clothes on you. He hears your heart beating faster and puts his hand on your shoulder. “What’s wrong?”
You don't flinch away from him but your heart is beating so fast, your skin tingling from his touch. "I- can I borrow your t-shirt and boxers? I don't have any nightclothes" You confess, feeling cold and confined in the tight black dress.
Max groans softly, imagining your hair down and bare feet walking about his house in his clothes. “Absolutely, sweetheart. Anytime you want.” He quickly covers that slip by walking past you. “This way.” He leads you down the hall, past a large home office and then to his bedroom, the only bed in the house. “I’ll get you the clothes and let you change.” Being a gentleman was starting to get on his nerves, wanting to strip you down and spend the night making you limp with pleasure, but he also wanted to take care of you. Snorting to himself over his opposing ideas, he walks into his closet and brings out some clothes for you a few seconds later. “I’ll go put the food away, give you some privacy.” He offers, holding out the items for you to take.
You glance around his bedroom, discerningly masculine with dark wood bed frame and grey sheets. Only one photo...him graduating college. You decide to stop being nosey and head into his bathroom, quickly changing and avoiding looking at yourself in the mirror, knowing you look awful after a shift at the club. Gaunt and exhausted. It's probably worse tonight and you don't want to see yourself. You fold your clothes and walk back into the bedroom, finding Max as he pulls the sheets back.
He stops and stares at you for a moment before he remembers that you need to rest. Shaking himself out of his stupid, he finishes pulling back the sheets and motions for you to get in. “It’s comfortable.” He promises, before he can’t help but add. “And I promise not to bite…..right now.” He winks, his lips pulling up into a smirk.
You’re exhausted and his bed looks so soft. You bite your lip and offer him a small smile, shifting to get into the bed. You pull the sheets back over you and settle into his pillows. It smells like him and you look up at him, “thank you Max.” You close your eyes and within seconds, you’re asleep.
He spends far longer staring at you that he should have. He’s had humans here before. Whether it was to feed or fuck, often both, there were plenty who had been in his bed. You though, you looked like you belonged there. Making him snort at himself before he turns off the light on your side and walks out of the room. He needed to study the contract and he could do that if he was mooning over you.
You blink, sunlight peeking through the blinds. You snuggle into the sheets, reluctant to wake up before you hear someone chuckle, “don’t want to wake up sweetheart?” You gasp, opening your eyes to see Max. You’re disoriented, sitting up and running your eyes, “what am I doing- oh. I-” You remember, touching your neck where his friend had nearly drained you.
Max watches you touch your neck, the wound healed and he thinks that you at least look better. “Feeling better?” He asks, sitting up beside you in the bed. He hadn’t been able to resist bringing in the reports to look over just to be able to be close to you. He sets the file aside and smirks. “You look refreshed.” His eyes roam over your sleep tousled look, how soft and innocent you seem.
You nod, clearly your throat. “Yes. I- I feel a lot better. Thank you. I- I’ll get changed and go, let you enjoy your weekend. Thanks for helping me Max. I have a shift later, I need to go to.” You say, pushing the sheets away.
Frowning, he reaches out and takes hold of your arm. “You aren’t going back there.” He tells you, his tone hard. “That place, no, you aren’t stepping foot back in that place again to work. Damn the money.”
“I have to. My contract is unbreakable. I’m there until I die which I think might be sooner than I anticipated. I- Max, it’s okay. I don’t want you to get into trouble. He will kill you too. He’s dangerous. I- I don’t want you to die because of me” You look up into those brown eyes, “it’s okay” You promise him.
He shakes his head, unable to believe that you would care more about his well being than your own. “So die.” He says simply, smirking when your eyes widen and you pull back slightly. “Your contract has several things in it that I can use to break it. He’s breaking the law sweetheart.” He reaches for you and brushes back your hair from your face. “But if you are worried about him coming after me, let me change you. Technically you would die.” He shrugs one shoulder and adds, “you just get to come back.”
“Are you serious? You’d change me?” You ask and he nods. “I- Max” You swallow harshly and tears sting your eyes, “you’d do that for me? Are you sure you want me to be around forever?” You ask. He nods and playfully rolls his eyes, “of course.” You reach out to grab his hand, “thank you. I won’t feel safe even if you break that contract, he will still come after me. I want to feel safe.”
Max smirks, wondering how you will react to being a vampire. It’s a whole new world and your fears will dissipate. “You don’t have to worry about that.” He assures you. “I’ll change you tonight.” His eyes roam over your face as he listens to your heart beat. “Now you have one last day to live, what do you want to do?”
You go silent, mulling over what you want to do for your last day as a human. You think about going to eat at your favorite restaurant or sitting out in the sun. Then you decide what you want. “I want to have sex” You announce and Max’s eyes widen. “I want to experience sex one last time as a human before I experience it as a vampire. You don’t - it doesn’t have to be you” You add hastily.
Huffing, he shakes his head. “You really think I’m going to help you find someone else to sleep with?” He asks, amused that you still seem to think he doesn’t want you. “You propositioned me last night and I told you I would jump on it in a heartbeat under other circumstances. Well….” He smirks. “You look like you are feeling better, sweetheart.”
You bite your lip, “I am. I’m feeling a lot better.” You look up into those dark brown eyes and shift to sit up so you can cup his cheek, “I have always wanted you. I just - I didn’t think you’d want someone like me. I want you to fuck me now, my last time as a human” You request.
Max would laugh, the idea that he wouldn’t want you being ridiculous. Instead he nods, wanting to make this whatever you want. “I’ll make good for you.” He promises with a cocky grin. “The best.”
You stroke his cheek and tilt your head up to brush your lips against his, "it better be Mr. Phillips" You smirk before pressing your lips to his, eagerly sliding your tongue into his mouth. It's been a while since anyone touched you and you are practically vibrating with need now that you know he wants you too.
The growl that comes from his chest is nearly feral. The taste of you is sweet, his hands moving to your waist and he’s quick to drag you onto his lap. He was happy he had changed into some sweats instead of the confining jeans he had been wearing the night before. Holding the back of your neck, he deepens the kiss, his tongue stroking yours.
You whimper and grind down onto him, loving the way he growls softly and slides his tongue against yours. You reach up to tangle your fingers through his normally perfectly styled locks and rock on the hardening cock beneath you. “More” You beg breathily.
He chuckles, loving how desperate you already are. “We’ve got all day, sweetheart.” He coos, wanting to not rush this. Finally getting to touch you like he had wanted, he wants to make sure you are addicted. “You’ll get what you want.” He kisses along your jaw and down your neck, scraping his teeth over your pulse, making sure to keep his fangs retracted and loving the way you shiver. Not in fear but in anticipation. “Richard was right, you know.” HIs hands slide up under your shirt, roaming across the bare skin of your back. “Feeding from your inner thigh would be so much sweeter. Take a drink, lick your pussy, take another sip, make you cum.”
You moan at his words, not repulsed by it like you were with Richard. “Yes. I want you to do it. Drink from me and make me cum” You whimper, grinding down harder on his hard cock and gasping when he catches your clit through the thin boxers you’re wearing. “I want to suck your cock too. Always imagined it. Sneaking under your desk when you were stressed” You smirk and bite his stubbled chin.
Max’s cock twitches under you, and he smirks. “I’ll never say no to that, sweetheart.” His hands slide down to grab ahold of your ass and pull you down harder against his cock. “A blowjob a day will keep the stress away.” He jokes, moaning slightly when you bite down on his own neck. “Good girl. Just like that.” He mumbles, imagining watching you bite into someone’s neck. “You wanna suck me off and then I’ll make you cum, over and over again?”
You nod, kissing along his clavicle and moaning as you reach for the hem of his t-shirt, pulling it over his head and you inhale shakily before pressing your lips to the space above where his heart once beat. You kiss down his stomach and shift to kneel between his thighs. You look up at him as you hook your fingers in his sweatpants and pull them down. He lifts his hips to help you pull them down to his thighs and you gasp as his cock rests against his lower stomach. He’s thick and red and throbbing. “Fuck Max. I- it’s huge.” Now you understand why he’s so cocky. Literally. You wrap your fingers around the base and hold his cock up so you can flick your tongue over the tip to lap up a drop of pre-cum.
His grin turns into a hiss at the feel of your tongue on him. “Shit.” He looks down at you and watches your fingers start to massage the base while your tongue rolls over the top, moaning at the taste of him. “Fuck. Don’t tease.” He grunts when you flick your tongue over the slit again, and narrows his eyes at you when you smirk up at him. “You want more?” You ask playfully, pumping his cock and his hips jerk up, thrusting into your grip.
“Fuck. Yes. Baby” Max grits his teeth and tries to control his movements so he doesn’t hurt you. You lean down and wrap your lips around his cock, pressing your tongue against the frenulum before taking him deeper. Still working the base, you bob your head and look up at him, loving the way his dark eyes are focused on you.
Max’s lashes flutter closed in pleasure when you swallow around him. His groan low in his throat and he can’t help but reach down and cup your jaw, feeling your muscles move under his fingertips. “You look good like this sweetheart.” He rasps out, smirking when your eyes narrow on him. “Be nice to it, or it won’t make you scream later.” He reminds you, twitching in your mouth.
You pull off of his cock, pumping him in your hand and twisting your wrist. It’s been a while since you gave a blowjob but it’s like riding a bike. You smirk up at him, “maybe it will be me that makes you scream.” You lean down to take one of his balls into your mouth, rolling it around with your tongue while your thumb swipes the leaking head.
“Fuck.” Max hisses, his fingers tightening slightly. He still keeps in mind that you are human, he can’t be as rough with you as he could if you were a vampire. The time for that will be after you are changed. Instead he closes his eyes and exhales harshly, even though he has no reason to breathe. “Wouldn’t get paid as much? Sweetheart, that mouth is heaven, I’d sign over my bank account.” He moans, only halfway joking.
You are emboldened by his words, taking him back into your mouth and you slide your hand down to his balls. Taking his cock deep into your throat. You gag at first and pull back a little before relaxing and taking him deeper until your nose is nestled in the coarse hair at the base.
“Shit.” His fingers rip into the sheets, shredding them under his nails as he fights for control. The urge to thrust up into your mouth is overwhelming. Wanting to fuck your throat with no care for your ability to breath or talk afterwards. “Goddamn baby.” He hisses, opening his eyes to watch you take him down. “If I had known you wanted this, you would have stayed under my desk all day.”
You moan around his cock at the compliment. Determined to make him cum, you bob your head and your eyes water as you look up at him. You squeeze his balls, feeling them tighten up under your palm and you hollow your cheeks. Begging him with your eyes to cum.
Max groans, loving how pretty you looked with his cock in your mouth. “Shit, sweetheart gonna-” He cuts himself off with a strangled groan of your name. His cock twitches, pumping rope after rope of cum down your throat. Moaning when he sees you struggle to swallow all of it, drops of the whitish fluid escaping from the corners of your mouth.
You eagerly swallow every drop and when you release his cock from your mouth, you lean down and lap up the drops that escaped that dripped onto his pelvis. You look up at him as you lap it up and hum, his cum doesn’t taste like anything and you clean him up.
He sighs, watching you for another moment before he moves. Grabbing you and twisting your body so that you are thrown down in his place and he is over you. “Ready for you to scream my name, sweetheart?” He asks, sending you a wink before he shuffles back to his knees to pull his shirt over his head and tosses it aside before he reaches for your own. “If you knew how many times I imagined stripping you down.” He comments, his eyes fixed on your breasts as he pulls it up. “Just never thought it would be my own clothes. But I like it.”
You whimper when his fingers hook in his boxers and his dark eyes flick up to look at you, making sure you are comfortable. You nod and he pulls them down. "I, uh, I didn't get a chance to shave" You whisper and he chuckles, leaning down to softly kiss you. "Baby, do you really think I give a fuck about that? Spread your legs for me" He orders and you bite your lip as you spread your legs and he sits back on his haunches.
“Now that is a pretty pussy.” He can’t help himself, grinning at you with heat in his eyes as he devours the sight of you spread out for him. “Five star meal.” He lifts your leg up, kissing your knee as he props it on his shoulder and starts kissing down your thigh. He feels your vein pulse in anticipation and can already smell how wet you are, even if he can see your glistening folds. Making sure to keep his fangs out of it, he bites your thigh where he would drain you, chuckling when you gasp. “Not yet baby, I want to taste you first.” He murmurs before he turns his head and buries his face in your cunt.
You cry out, the sensations overwhelming and you reach down to tangle your fingers in his hair. "Max! Oh- oh fuck!" You whine, head throw back into the pillows. His tongue seems impossibly long and you whimper when he flicks your clit.
He moans into your folds, loving the taste of you. Pressing his nose against your clit while he pushes his tongue deep inside your cunt and curls it up. Your cry is music to his ears, his eyes watching your face contorted in pleasure. Digging his fingers into your thighs, he tugs you closer as he laps into you.
You gasp, unable to believe how deep his tongue is inside of you. “Fuck Max. Oh fuck. I- I need - please bite me” You beg, enthralled by him. You want him to bite you. To drink your blood. An urge you’ve never felt before. “Please Max.”
Max growls, pulling his tongue out of you and flicking it over your clit again before he pulls away. Fangs lowering, he nuzzles your thighs, smelling your blood humming through your veins. His dark eyes are nearly black when they meet yours and his face is one of pure wickedness. He kisses your skin before throwing his head back, opening his jaw wide and sinking his fangs into your tender flesh.
You gasp when his fangs sink into your flesh and he takes a gulp of blood. Your cunt clenches around nothing. “Max. Fi-fingers. Want your fingers” You plead and he slides his hand up to press two thick digits inside of you while taking another gulp of your blood. “Oh fuck!” You cry, clamping down on his fingers within seconds and you can’t believe how good it feels for him to drink your blood.
Max pulls away, amazed by how tightly you were squeezing his fingers. "Fuck you just came from me biting you?" He asks in awe, watching your chest heave. He lowers his head back down and drinks some more, moaning when you flutter around his digits. "Jesus, I wish we weren't turning you tonight. I could get addicted making you cum like this." He smirks and flicks your clit with his blood soaked tongue.
You can’t believe he’s mixing your cum and your blood. The thought makes your walls clench around his fingers again and you gasp out when he curls them inside of you. “Oh God Max. It’s - it’s so good” You whimper, “more. Please. More.”
He groans and nods, sucking on your thigh again as he pumps his fingers into your fluttering walls. Gorging himself on the hot and sweet blood. No wonder Richarch was so reluctant to let you go. He kept his eyes on you, making sure that he wasn’t taking too much too quickly. Wanting this to last. He moves back over to your cunt, having no issue spreading the blood over your lips so he can suck it off as he devours you.
You close your eyes, overwhelmed by the pleasure. It’s never been like this before. You whimper and tangle your fingers in his hair again, pulling and he growls into your flesh. “Max. Max. Oh God. I’m going to cum again” You gasp out, walls fluttering around his fingers and you open your eyes and look down at those nearly black eyes. The sight of him unhinged sends you over the edge. You whimper his name before soaking his fingers. There’s a pressure that's released and you nearly push his fingers out as you cum.
Luckily he wasn’t still in college, otherwise he would have cum right there while watching you come apart for him. It was gorgeous, the way that you cried out and your body trembled under his touch. He worked you through it, keeping up the steady pressure on your clit, not needing to take a second to breathe like a mortal would.
You pant, trying to catch your breath. You push his head away, too sensitive from the multiple orgasms. “Max. I- I want you to kiss me” You plead, wanting to taste your blood before you are changed. To see what the fuss is about. “Please baby. Kiss me” You whine.
He pulls his fingers out of you, resisting slipping them into his mouth before kissing you. Making his way up your body, he groans when he kisses you. His tongue slides into your mouth quickly, capturing your moan as yours slides against his and tangles with it. His fangs catch on your tongue and you jump, gasping at the sharpness of them but he notices your curiosity, the way you run your tongue over them again cautiously.
You gasp into his mouth when you cut the tip of your tongue on his fang and Max moans, pulling back to suck on the tip of your tongue to suck some blood out of the cut. You grab onto his shoulders and pull him impossibly close. When he pulls back, your chest heaves. “Please Max. Fuck me” You plead, wrapping your legs around his waist and his cock brushes your clit.
Groaning he slides his hand between the two of you to guide himself into position. Max looks into your eyes, a smirk on his face as he slides his hips forward and starts breaking open. Rolling his hips slowly so he can hear your breath catch until he was about half way in. Then he drives his cock deep inside of you, bottoming out and moaning when you cry out and squeeze him tight.
You grip his upper arms, “oh God.” “It ain’t God inside of you baby” He chuckles and presses his lips to your neck. You lock your ankles together and he slides a little deeper, “Move. I want you to fuck me.”
“I’m planning on it.” He assures you, pulling his hips back before he slides back into you smoothly. He braces his weight on his elbows and starts a fast and deep pace, making sure that his hips slam against yours with every thrust.
You stroke his back, nails digging into his back and you bury your face in his neck. “Oh it’s so good. So good” You almost sob, sensitive from the previous orgasms and you rock your hips up to meet his thrusts.
“Jesus.” He grunts, keeping his pace up without falter. He wants to feel you cum again, twice if he can hold out. It’s been a long time since someone felt this good around him, hot and tight. “You feel so good sweetheart.” He tells you, sliding another hand down and starting to rub your clit. “Cum for me again.” He orders roughly.
You are clinging to him, crying into his neck when he hits something delicious inside of you. “Oh God Max. I’m- I’m gonna cum” You gasp and the combination of him thrusting inside of you and his calloused fingers rubbing your clit sends you over the edge. “Fuck!” You yelp, your orgasm almost painful, it’s so intense.
“Good girl.” He purrs, his smirk pulling his lips back to show you his fangs. “Feels so good.” He murmurs, loving the heat of your cum surrounding him. He groans as he keeps rocking his hips, working himself deep inside of you. He slows down the pace as he pulls his fingers away from your clit, letting you recover from your high.
You pant and Max kisses along your neck, listening to your pulse. You sigh while he slowly rocks his hips before he pulls out of you. You whine but he grabs your waist and turns you on your side. In a flash, he’s behind you and lifting your leg so he can push his cock back inside of you. “Oh God” You moan as he pushes back inside of you, his arm wrapping around your waist and squeezing your breast. “That’s - you feel so good” You sigh. He’s so deep and pushing up against something mind blowing.
Max groans, closing his eyes and listening to your heart start to slowly speed up while he is moving inside you. His hips starting to roll faster, hands squeezing and caressing your breasts, toying with your nipple. “You are incredible.” He whispers, kissing along your shoulder.
You reach for his hands, squeezing them over your tits. “You too. God, you feel so good Max. So fucking good. Thank you for saving me last night. I owe you my life. It’s only fair I let you take it. I want you - oh fuck” You moan when he changed his angle, “I want you to kill me after you cum. Change me.”
“You want me to-“ He breaks off with a groan when you squeal, gripping him like a vice when he hits your g-spot again. “Fuck- you want me to kill you right after?” He asks. “Still inside you?”
“Yes!” You cry, “I want to be killed while I’m still blissed out, dripping your cum. I want you to kill me after you fill me up” You plead, nails digging into his forearm and your walls flutter around his cock. Each thrust sending you closer to the edge. One deep thrust makes you squeal and you clamp down on his cock. “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Max!” You moan, soaking his cock.
He snarls, snapping his hips against your ass faster, fucking into you harder than he had before. Your cries stay loud, everything thrust making you gush over him again. “Fuck, you’re so perfect.” He hisses. “Feed, fuck, kill.” He feels his own end starting to get closer, holding onto you tight to keep you in place, keep you from getting away from him. As if you could. “Fuck, gonna cum, fill this cunt up before I snap your pretty neck.”
You know you shouldn’t be turned on by his words, your imminent demise closer with each thrust of his hips but the adrenaline coursing through you makes you clamp down on his cock again. One more small orgasm before he grunts, burying his cock deep inside of you, and you cry out when he fills you with spurt after spurt of cum.
Max wants to wait, to bask in the afterglow of your orgasm but he heard what you wanted. He feels your walls still fluttering around him as he pulls your head to the side. “Sweet dreams sweetheart.” He murmurs, seconds before he buries his fangs in your neck while simultaneously snapping it. You go limp in his arms and he feels your body start to relax as he pulls his blood stained mouth away from your skin. “Let’s get you underground so you can come back.”
You gasp, dirt falling into your mouth and you choke but you don’t feel like you’re dying. You feel fine despite the tickle in your throat. Panicking when you can’t see, you start clawing at the dirt. Working your way out and you are frantic until your hand is free, sticking up out of the ground. You dig and dig until you are laying on the ground beside the grave, on your back and panting for unnecessary breath, covered in dirt.
“Took you long enough sweetheart.” Max smirks as he looks over from the tree he was perched under. His posture is relaxed, one leg kicked over the other before he straightens and struts over to you, a robe in his hands. “How do you feel? Hungry? Horny? Both?” He waggles his eyebrows playfully.
You let him wrap the robe around you, remembering why you were naked in the first place. “I- both?” You answer honestly. “I feel stronger. Better. I- thank you for doing this. I know he can’t come after me now. Technically the contract is as dead as me. Thank you” You whisper, eyes not stinging with tears but you reach up to cup his cheek.
Max freezes, staring into your eyes and if he had needed to breathe he wouldn’t have been able to. Something shifts inside him. Fundamental and earth shattering as he gazes into your orbs. For the first time since he had been changed, he felt warm. Like his heart was still beating. Swallowing, he wonders if that is true, he had heard of it but never knew anyone to have actually experienced it. He searches your face with a sense of wonder, like he is seeing you for the first time.
You are unable to look away from him. Those dark eyes, staring into yours with what looks like awe. You stop breathing and stroke his cheek. It feels like your heart is pounding in your chest but you know that’s impossible. You see details you’ve never noticed or been able to see before - a scar above his lip, a few more wrinkles around his eyes than he’d like, and flecks of gold in his eyes. “Max” You whisper, almost scared to break the moment. “I- I love you” You declare, feeling it in your bones.
Your words hit him like a brick. Making him nearly stagger from the force of them weighing down on you. “I love you.” He whispers back, scared of saying those words that he hadn’t said in years. Never thought he would say them again, if he were honest. “I- you’re my soulmate.” He admits quietly, now completely sure of what he was feeling.
Your eyes widen and your hand slides down to his neck, feeling no pulse as your thumb presses against his jaw. "Soulmates? I- I never thought I'd hear you say that" You say, surprised but tingly, "I don't understand." You frown when you realize he is being serious.
“I never thought I would say it, sweetheart.” He holds onto your waist, unable to stop staring at you while he tries to explain. “I’ve only heard rumors, never actually met someone who has a soulmate that they have - bonded with.” His rubs your hips and he continues. “We - looking into your eyes now that you’ve changed, it was like I was human again for a split second. Warm.” He gives you half a grin. “Swore my heart beat for a second there.”
You chuckle and look over at the grave you crawled out of, "Max Phillips has a heart? Never thought I'd see the day." He rolls his eyes at your joke and you lick your lips before meeting his eyes again, "I felt the same. Thought for a second I was still human. I- I have always been drawn to you...maybe that's what it was. Fate telling me that you would be the one for me."
He smirks, cocky in the fact that you wanted him as much as he wanted you. “And you thought I was just after your pussy.” He huffs playfully, leaning in and pressing his lips to yours and feeling the way you made his skin tingle. “I think we should go get you fed, definitely get you fucked - you’ve gotta experience sex as a vamp - and then get ready for tonight.” He murmurs against your lips.
You growl playfully before pressing your lips against Max's, tongue immediately sliding into his mouth and his hands slide south to squeeze your ass, pulling you up against his hardening cock. "Wait- what's tonight?" You ask, pulling back from his mouth and he whines in protest before answering your question. "Tonight, I am buying the club. I have a new business model. One that doesn't involve the abuse and exploitation of humans. That's why I was meeting Richard...I needed his assets but while you were buried, I found a new investor. Baby, I don't want anyone else to go through what you went through." You are shocked, amazed at your soulmate and you wrap your arms around his neck and jump, wrapping your legs around his waist to get impossibly close to him. "I fucking love you. I want you to fuck me first. Here. I need you" You whine and grind down on his cock.
“Greedy thing.” Max chuckles, turning and already starting to stride off towards his house in front of the woods where he had buried you. “Less than five minutes old and already begging for me to fuck you.” You whine and reach for his cock but he shakes his head. “You need to wash the dirt from your grave off.” He winks at you when you huff. “I’ll fuck you in the shower baby, I promise.”
You whine as he carries you through the house to the bathroom. Setting you down on the tiled floor before leaning in to turn on the shower. "Baby, I need you" You whimper and reach for his sweatpants, pushing them down and reaching in to wrap your fingers around his hard cock.
“You’ll get me, you just have to be -” Max groans, slammed back into the tiles as you push him against the walls. The sound of cracking tile at his back makes his eyes widen in amusement and you freeze for a second, embarrassment painted on your face when you realize you broke his wall. “Tsk tsk baby, gotta remember you aren’t human anymore.” He chides, pushing you back gently so he can strip out of his now soaked clothes.
You are mortified you just cracked the tiles in his shower. “Max. I’m so sorry. I’ll pay for it-" You ramble but he shakes his head as he kicks his wet clothes aside. “Baby, it was fucking sexy. Come here” He grabs your hand and pulls you into the shower with him. You whimper when his hard cock presses up against your hip.
He pulls at the ties to your robe and strips you of the sodden garment. “You are filthy.” He presses his tongue to the inside of his cheek and pushes you back under the water. “Dirty too, but we fix that.” He reaches down to hike you up into his arms. “After.”
You gasp when he turns and presses you up against the ruined tile. Reaching down with his free hand to position his cock at your entrance before pushing inside of you in one thrust. “I- I want you to fuck me Max. Want you to - shit, to wreck me” You beg, nails digging into his shoulders.
Max grins. “Oh sweetheart, I planned on it.” He had held back when he was fucking you as a human, he didn’t have to now. He uses his strength to lift you up off his cock only to slam you back down on it and make you scream out his name. “Ready?”
You nod, wrapping your legs around his waist. “Please Ma-” You don’t get a chance to finish when he lifts you up and slams you back down again before pressing you into the tiles even more, some chipping off and falling onto the floor.
You are tighter around him, your muscles stronger than they were when you were human, making him let out a strangled groan when you clench around him. “Fuck.” He spits, his jaw clenching and grits his teeth to start hammering into you. Tiles falling off the walls and shattering on the shower floor while he pushes into you. Harder and deep, growling against your neck when your fingers rip into his skin.
You moan, unable to believe how deep he is inside of you. “Oh fuck Max” You cry, rocking down onto him, new strength allowing you to move rather than be merciless to his grip. You don’t pay attention to the tiles breaking and the exposed wall doesn’t hurt your back as he pounds into you. “Yes! Yes! Like that” You lean down and run your tongue along the length of his neck before sinking your teeth into the skin below his jaw.
His own grip on your body would have broken bones, determined to give you just what you wanted. Show you how good it is now that you are immortal. He hisses at the feeling of your fangs in his skin. Feeding off of him wouldn’t appease your hunger, but it does make his cock twitch, making him push into you harder. “Fuck.” He spits, feeling you hum against his skin as you suck his blood.
“So good baby. Oh fuck” You moan after pulling your fangs out of his neck, blood dripping down your chin. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna- oh fuck!” You practically roar as you clamp down on Max’s cock, soaking him with your cum. “I love you” You whine as he frantically fucks you.
His growl rumbles in his chest, making his own fangs extend when you cum. Steadily pounding into you while you are locked down on his cock, pushing him closer to the edge. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” He shouts, thrusting into you so hard that the wall behind the tile caves slightly. Burying his cock deep as he pumps you full of his cum. Groaning as he rides out his high, he turns his face to press it into your neck. “Love you too.” He mumbles, drunk off his high.
You pant, gasping for unnecessary breath as he stops moving, keeping you close as he kisses along your neck. “Sorry I bit you” You fluster, surprised by your own animalistic reaction. “Sweetheart, I nearly came just from that” He confesses with a chuckle and pulls back to look at you. “I love you Max. I- I can’t wait to spend forever with you” You smile, ecstatic at saying those words.
Max smiles back, pressing his lips to your bloodstained ones. “Forever.” He promises, pulling you back away from the wall and back under the spray of the water. “First though, we need to get cleaned up and go take care of your former boss.” His eyes harden slightly, his grip on you tight when he thinks about how that slimy bastard could have taken you from him. “And then we’ll move your stuff from your place into mine. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you don’t need to sleep.”
You nod, “I’m sure we will find some way to pass the time” You smirk and tap his shoulder so he can let you down. “Let me clean off and then I want to go see my former boss, give him a taste of his own medicine” You grin wickedly. “I think I’m going to enjoy being a vampire” You giggle and step closer to the flow of water.
He smirks and reaches for the shower gel, squirting some into his hand before setting it down and lathering up his hands to cup your tits. “You are going to be great, sweetheart. The two of us together are going to be successful for eternity.” He promises you, eager to see you take on your old boss later. It was going to be fun showing you how to navigate your new immortality. “I think we should let Shannon manage the humans, I owe her.” He murmurs, so glad he had gone into the club last night and glad that Richards had ordered you over to his table. He would have hated missing out on this with you.  
You nod, “she saved me. Has saved me many times when people got too handsy or they nearly killed me.” You run your fingers through his damp hair as he cleans you up.
“You should have come to me, sweetheart.” He hates that you had too many close calls, scowling at the thought. “I would have let you come live with me.” He can’t help but waggle his eyebrows lecherously. “I wouldn’t have charged nearly as much.” His joke is tempered by the way that his hand strokes your skin, washing you clean.
You chuckle and hum as he cleans you up, “I wouldn’t have charged you at all.” You reach for the body wash and squirt some into your hand, working on washing the dirt and grime from his skin.
“That’s because you know I’m good.” He winks, chuckling when you swat at him. “Hmmmm. we might need to get you a sexy outfit. Something really, really sexy for tonight.” He smirks down at your tits. “You know they are perkier now, right?”
You smirk, “I think I have just the thing back at home. We can collect it when we get my stuff. It’s - I never wore it to work. It gave the wrong message but for you baby, I’ll wear it. As long as you rip it off of me later.”
“I can definitely do that.” He grins wickedly. “I can’t wait to see it. Better yet, I can’t wait to see you rip out someone’s throat wearing it.”
You quickly clean up and get dressed in the dress you’d work to the club last night. Max drives you to your apartment across town, it’s not as nice as his house. It’s a studio apartment you’d rented after your dad passed and you couldn’t afford much after the home was repossessed. You glance at Max, knowing he’s taking in your neighbourhood and the rundown look of your building as you climb the stairs and open the door to your studio apartment.
He doesn’t like your building, not because he thought he was too good for it but because you were. Max gives a slight shudder at what could have happened to you while you were human, knowing full well what lurked in the dark. People could believe that vampires were the monsters, but there were far worse creatures, most of them human. You open the door and he’s struck by how clean your apartment is. Your furniture obviously things that you had brought from your family home and he was impressed with how homey you had made the small, dumpy little studio. “What all do you want to put in the car now, sweetheart?” He asks, wanting to make himself useful.
“My clothes and a box of family things. Photos, etc. I don’t really need anything else. I - I want a new start and I don’t need all of this. I want to keep my family heirlooms but I don’t want to be dragged down by furniture” You confess, knowing that you loved your family but you are alone now and it’s time you lived your life for you.
“Sounds good.” He starts quickly walking around the space, taking down the photos that you had on the walls. Observing how young and happy you looked. Humming to himself when he sees the picture of you on the beach in a bikini, that one was going in his office.
You quickly pack up your things and Max carries the few boxes to his car. Thankful they aren’t heavy for him and you are a little emotional to be leaving but you are so excited for the future. For the rest of eternity with your soulmate. You carry your suitcase down the stairs and smile at Max, “I’m ready.”
He smirks and puts the suitcase in the trunk and shuts it. Whistling, he leans against the car and eyes you. “Fuck you were right, that is a nice dress.” He leers at you, loving the skin you were showing and the confidence you had already adopted in your new skin. “I can’t wait to take you home.” He grins. “Have another bathroom to demolish.”
You playfully roll your eyes and sway your hips as you walk over and wrap your arms around his neck, “it’s gonna cost you a fortune in DIY if we fuck in the shower and ruin another bathroom.” You lean in and press your lips to his. Pressing your body against his and you tangling your fingers in his hair.
He snorts, moving his hands to your hips. “I hated that tile anyway.” He jokes, kissing you again before he stands straight. “You will get used to your strength quickly. But until you do, you ready to go see your friends? Set them free of those shitty contracts?”
You nod, excited at the prospect of helping the people who helped you. You peck his lips before you step back. You get into the front passenger seat and look at Max as he sits in the driver's seat. “Let’s give ‘em hell baby.” You smirk wickedly.
The drive to the club doesn’t take too long, Max quiet as he goes through the rough plan in his head. He’s already signed the paperwork, the deal is practically done. All through a lawyer, so the previous owner didn’t realize exactly who had bought him out. He wanted to save that little bit as a surprise. He would also be surprised to learn that he would not be kept on as day to day operations manager. His employment was…..terminated, effective immediately.
You take an unnecessary deep breath as you stand outside the club that has ruled your life for so long. You look over at Max and he offers you a cocky grin and reaches for your hand. Guiding you into the club that is bustling and the music is loud to cover the cries of the humans getting drained. You shiver out of habit and Max guides you along until he reaches the back and the owner's eyes land on you. “What the fuck is this? You’re - you’re a vampire? Who did this?” He hisses and steps closer to you, “I’ll kill them.”
“Awww champ, now that’s not very nice.” Max drawls, his face pulling down in a disappointed frown. “Is that any way to talk to your new boss?” He tuts, making the man’s eyes narrow. “What are you talking about?” He hisses angrily. “She’s not my boss.” Max chuckles. “No, but I am. You signed the papers earlier today.” He smirks, wrapping his hand around your waist and jostling you slightly. “And she’s my soulmate, so….technically she could be considered your boss. Because she’ll get whatever she wants.” Max’s voice goes flat, all traces of joviality gone.
The now former owner’s eyes widen as he looks between you and Max. “Soul-soulmates? I didn’t think that was possible” He stammers and Max grins and leans down to kiss your cheek, “it is and she’s the center of my universe so what she wants, she gets. And she wants you out of this place. The way you treated the humans...the way you treated her” Max growls and you place your hand on his chest, “it’s okay baby. I’m okay.”
He sighs, reaching to pat your hand. “You’re right baby.” He looks over at you and smirks. “This is your time.” He jerks his head over towards the man. “Why don’t you tell him how much you appreciate his treatment of you and your friends.” He wants you to choose this man’s fate, since he had mistreated you.
You smirk and step away from Max, walking towards the owner - the man who had abused your trust and your blood. “I didn’t appreciate it at all. So many times I was nearly drained of blood and you never said anything. Didn’t tell the vamps to stop. Never gave me a day off to recover. Me and the others. Far too many people never came back in because they’d died and you wouldn’t release us from the contract until we died. Well, you forgot one crucial detail...the contract is null and void if you are dead” You chuckle and pull a wooden stake out of your purse. The owner's eyes widen but before he can make a move, you stab him in the chest with the stake. He explodes and blood covers you and splatters on Max.
Max smirks, his cock already hardening at your display. “Well fuck me, sweetheart.” He purrs. “That has to be the hottest thing I think I’ve ever seen.” He turns at the sound behind him and flashes his own fangs at the bodyguards. “Your boss has been terminated.” He hisses, “go the fuck away unless you want your own employment terminated as well.”
You are shocked at yourself for murdering a man - albeit vampire - but Max looks positively orgasmic. You turn around and see splatters of blood over his clothes and you can’t help it. You surge forward and wrap your arms around his neck, pressing your lips to his. Moaning into his mouth and wasting no time in tangling your tongue with his. Core soaking wet as some vampiric version of adrenaline courses through you.
Max groans, surprised by your sudden attack but he recovers quickly, wrapping his arms around your body and groping your ass. You had shocked him with the stake, but he couldn’t be prouder of you. Growling, he pushes you back slightly, murmuring against your lips, “want to fuck you.”
You moan and tangle your fingers in his hair, “I want to fuck you too. God, so much. Where- actually, follow me” You grab his hand and pull him along to the owner’s - now Max’s - office. You push him inside and lock the door behind you.
Max smirks, “I can get used to fucking in the boss’s office.” He jokes, walking backwards as you advance on him. “Want me to bend you over the desk?” He lifts his eyebrow and glaces back at the paper covered desk. “Fuck you on the contracts you just broke?”
You moan, “yes. I need you now Max.” You reach for the buckle of his belt and swiftly undo it. “Let me ride you in his chair” You plead, wanting to show him how good you can be. “Want to make you cum” You whimper and unbutton his pants, reaching in to pull his hard cock out.
He nods, willing to let you do anything to him. “Anything you want, baby. You deserve it.” He flashes you a cock smirk. “Come and take your reward like a good girl.” He challenges you, pulling away from your touch and walking around the desk to sit down in the former boss’s chair. He wraps his hand around his cock and holds it up. “Sink that pussy down on my cock.”
You smirk and sway your hips, walking over to him. You reach under your dress and hook your fingers in your underwear, ripping it off with your strength and swiftly straddling him. You gasp as you sink down on his cock, blood drying on your face and you moan as he fills you up. “Oh fuck Max. So good.”
He grabs ahold of your ass, groping it while you start riding him. “Fuck this is hot.” He groans, loving your skin painted in blood. Your eyes are bright, the flash of power and excitement in them makes his cock ache. “Come on baby.” He orders, slapping your ass. “Ride me hard.”
You moan, grabbing onto his shoulders and lifting up. Slamming back down onto his cock and throwing your head back as you whimper his name. He’s so deep inside of you and you can’t help but clamp down on him with the way he’s covered in blood. “God baby. I- I fucking love you” You whimper and grind down on him again.
Max huffs, leaning in and pressing his lips to yours. Your cunt is tight around him and he’s sure that you are going to cum soon. Letting go of your ass, he reaches between you and starts rubbing your clit. ”Love you too.” He mumbles against your lips. “Cum for me baby. Squeeze my cock nice and tight.”
You cry out, unable to resist following his order as you clamp down on his cock. Soaking him with your cum and the fact that you’re covered in blood makes it even more erotic as you moan his name. “Need- need you to cum” You whine and try to keep up your pace, writhing on top of him.
He takes control, wrapping his arms around you and thrusting up into you frantically. The chair creaks and groans under him, threatening to collapse, but he pays it no mind. Intent of getting off now that you have cum. A dozen hard thrusts later, he’s groaning, driving deep and painting your walls with his cum. Feeling it push out as he shallowly thrusts up into you to ride out his high, massaging your hip while he does.
You sigh in bliss and lean down to press your lips to his. “Is it always this good? Or is it because we are soulmates?” You ask softly, stroking his hair out of his face as you look into those deep brown eyes.
“It’s always good with me, sweetheart.” He quips, pressing his lips to yours again. “But this- this is because of our being soulmates.” He admits softly. He had plenty of sex before you after he had turned, but nothing had felt like this. “You could always - nope, un uh, not even going to joke about it.” He growls, his instinct telling him to make a crude joke about fucking someone else as long as he could watch, but he couldn’t even put it into words, growling slightly at the idea.
You giggle and cup his cheeks, “don’t worry baby. I’m yours. I just don’t remember sex being this good and I didn’t know if it was vampire sex or soulmate sex. Or both” You smile and lean down to kiss the end of his nose, making him wrinkle it playfully. “Let’s go tell my friends that they are free” You grin excitedly before shifting off of his lap to stand.
Max can't help but slap your ass before he stands and starts tucking himself away. "They are going to be surprised for sure." He chuckles, imagining their faces when you come out of the office covered in blood. Once he's presentable again, he reaches for your hand. "We will make this place better, baby. For humans and vampires alike." He promises. "It's going to be great."
You nod and take his hand once you’ve straightened your dress, grabbing your panties to clean up before throwing them in the trash can. You smile and guide him out of the office and to the back room where all the humans are. “You’re back!” Shannon smiles before her eyes widen as she looks at the blood covering you, “you’re different.” You nod, “yes. Max turned me. And we have good news. Max is the new owner” You announce and Shannon frowns, “what happened to-” “He’s dead” You declare and point to the blood covering you and Max.
Shannon’s head swivels towards Max, her jaw dropped in shock. Max shakes his head and widens his eyes innocently as he points to you, as if he were a school boy blaming a naughty prank on someone else. “Don’t look at me, that was all her.” He tells her, unable to keep pride from creeping into his voice. “All of your contracts are officially terminated. You can remain employees here if you wish, with better management and accommodations. Or you can leave with no hard feelings.” He announces to the crowd of wan looking humans.
Each human has a look of relief on their face, “we are free?” One asks and you nod. “Oh I- thank you. Thank you so much” He reaches for your hand to squeeze it and Shannon grins. “Thank you. I- we owe you our lives” She chokes out. “Just live your lives. You have a job here serving. No blood donations. Just serving blood bags” You say.
Max nods, agreeing with your words. “We will have donors, but they will be treated better than this.” He glances around the room with disdain. “Better snacks than cookies and lemonade. More recoup time and they will have the final say in servicing a client or not.” He assures them before turning to Shannon. “I want a human overseeing them. Shannon, would you be interested in the job?”
Shannon nods, “th-thank you so much. Yes. Yes I want the job. I- thank you” She turns and looks at you. “I’d give you a hug but I don’t want to get blood all over you” You tell her. “It’s okay honey. I’m just so glad you found happiness at last” She smiles and you nod, “I have.” You look at Max and squeeze his hand.
He smirks and leans in to give you another kiss. “All it took was her fainting at my feet.” He jokes, winking at you as he squeezes your hand back. “Obviously overwhelmed by my presence.”
You playfully roll your eyes and lean up to whisper in his ear, “and the fact that you wanted to fuck me meant nothing?” He chuckles and shrugs in defeat. You smirk before looking back at the humans. “I think you all deserve to go home and rest. We will cease serving blood” You announce.
Max hums his approval as everyone gasps, pride blooming in his chest at how you are handling things. He nods and smiles. “Good job, sweetheart.” He praises. “You are going to make one hell of a boss.”
You fluster and duck your head at his praise while the humans are quick to rush and grab their things, ready to go. “Thank you baby. I- thank you for making this possible. For saving me. I- I am grateful we have forever for me to thank you for saving my life.”
He doesn’t even bother with the humans as they clear out, too busy turning and pulling you into his arms. “You don’t have to thank me for too many years.” He teases, leaning in and kissing you before looking around the room that he had made the decision that he didn’t give a damn what it took, you were going to be his. “Although if you want to start, you can ride me on the chaise that I carried you to last night.” He smirks when you bite your lip and look over at the lounger. “This is going to be my favorite place to bring you, you know. The last place you were human around others. The place that I decided you were mine.”
You nod, “me too. It’s the place where my life finally began. I- I was so tired and was ready to give up but you gave me a new life...literally.” The room is empty and you smirk, walking Max back towards the chaise. “I can certainly ride you Mr. Phillips” You tease and straddle him when he falls back onto the chaise, “we have forever. Together” You smirk, reaching for his belt once more.
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manabombs · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Compilation of the art I've drawn so far for my in-progress fic Black Wave / Bad Vibrations (aka The Vampirates Fic), a Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Black Sails(/Angel/Harlots) crossover. I kept receiving the advice to write the most self-indulgent thing imaginable, even if it seems like something that will only appeal to approximately 3 other people. So here we are.
I'm currently in the middle of rewatching Black Sails before I jump back into writing; I deliberately delayed the introduction of characters like Flint and Silver due to the cast size & to buy myself more time to try to understand them as characters before I attempt to actually write them, and also because I wasn't quite emotionally ready to allow myself to fully obsess over Flint, but it's been 2 years and it's finally time to let myself spiral in that direction. I'm trying to gradually make my way through drawing the whole cast but I am. not fast. also I keep drawing VaneRackham when i SHOULD be working on other characters because. i have the brainworms. and nothing quite motivates me like the knowledge that if I want this content then I have to make it myself
I kind of wanted to wait until I had drawn more characters & posted the next big chapter (another plot-heavy Buffy-centric chapter) before making a compilation post like this, but it would seem that I've already definitely surpassed the 10 image limit for photosets and had to get creative to fit everything lmao
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starlightmornings · 3 months ago
the retreat, pt. 4
a Max Phillips/fem!reader fic
Rating: E (Explicit, 18+ only!)
Length: 2.3k
Summary: Working as Max Phillips’ executive assistant sounded like a great job until you found out how much he sucks. Literally. (This is an attempt at comedy but also it’s based on a weird-ass movie so I’m sry if it makes no sense)
Warnings: SMUT; unsurprisingly, more unwise decision making, language, office sex, oral (f receiving), squirting, Max being a dumb vampire frat boy, Max’s crush on reader intensifies FURTHER, scary monster face, lewd cartoons, tw: blood, tw: biting, pls message me if I missed something important
Tumblr media
A/N: More vampire nonsense, now with added smut™️! Thanks to my writing wife @ezrasbirdie​ for helping me get this baby back on track and cheering me on always… and thanks so much to everyone who’s been following this wacky adventure… it’s not over yet! 😘
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You’re at your desk bright and early Monday morning, already reworking the plans for the company retreat, when Max strolls into the office around 9:30. 
Your face burns at the sight of him. 
Was it only hours ago that he sank his fangs into your thighs, and licked your pussy while you sucked him off?
Max pauses by your desk, an exaggerated air of professionalism in his voice.
“I need to see you in my office,” he says, and you feel heat rush to your core. Your legs are throbbing where he bit you, and you secretly hope he’s not looking for a snack.
You get up to follow him, and he shuts the door behind you, turning and pinning you to the wall a moment later.
“Babe,” he whispers, burying his nose in your hair. Your hands slip under his suit jacket, fisting in the material at his waist. You pause and shake your head, nudging him back with your palms. He steps back, eyes wide, and then his face shifts into a sheepish grin.
You fold your arms. “Did you... like... glamour me or something?”
Max blushes. “Not exactly. But the extra bites probably have you a little more aroused than usual,” he admits. He’s clearly having the same problem. You glance down, eyes drawn to the thick length of him in his suit trousers, the part of him you had in your mouth just yesterday. You try not to drool. 
“I wasn’t gonna be that cliche, a girl who sleeps with her boss,” you say, breaths heavy.
Max crowds your space again, one big, warm hand curling around your neck. You feel your pulse jumping under his palm, and he clearly does too, licking his lips as his fangs start to peek out.
“Babe, I’m not gonna bite—just need to taste you for a minute,” he whispers, free hand reaching down to squeeze a handful of your ass. You stifle a whimpered yes as you watch him sink to his knees and lift your skirt, pressing his nose to your core. He hooks two fingers in your panties and slides them down, the full scent of your arousal hitting him in the face and making his mouth water.
He’s gentle with your bitten thighs as he rubs them before leaning in and pressing his tongue to your dripping folds. Gathering your slick on his tongue, he laps at you helplessly, both hands reaching around to squeeze the cheeks of your bare ass. Your pussy throbs, clit pulsing against his lips, and you’re pinned in place with your panties around your ankles.
Max’s fangs drag along the outer lips of your center, teasing the heated flesh like two small knives. He scrapes you, but doesn’t pierce, and you feel lightheaded at the sensation.
“Isn’t this like... torture for you?” You pant weakly, clinging to Max’s shoulders for support.
“Had a little extra before work to take the edge off,” he replies between licks. “Wouldn’t mind a little something else, though,” he adds, and you feel a thick finger slip inside you, pumping, then two, curving against your sweet spot. He holds you in place, fingers working against it, the stimulation making your thighs tingle, a loop of sensation and arousal building on itself until the whimpers on your tongue force themselves out in a cry of pleasure.
“Fuck, Maxie,” you bite out against your own palm, hips jerking as Max sucks on your swollen clit, driving you to the edge and then shoving you over it.
You absolutely soak his face and your knees buckle, making you crumple against him. He stands and lifts you gently into his arms, carrying you to the sofa in his office, your panties still hooked around one ankle.
“Mmm… Maxie,” you murmur, and he shrugs out of his jacket, damp from your juices, and loosens his ruined tie.
Your arms are bare, your black cardigan forgotten on the back of your desk chair, and Max kneels next to you, rubbing his cheek along your soft shoulder. 
“Babe, please,” he whispers, and you thread your fingers into his hair. “Call me that again?”
“What... ‘Maxie?’” You reply, and he nods, pressing his forehead against your neck.
He seems tense, on a knife’s edge as he breathes deeply.
“Fuck,” he whispers, then you see his fangs pop out, and he lifts your arm to his mouth, eyes pleading.
“So much for taking it easy,” you chuckle. His eyes are sweet and bashful as he takes the soft inside of your elbow and licks you hungrily.
“It’s okay, Maxie,” you say sweetly. “You can have a taste. Just be good, make it one little bite,” you add.
Max angles one fang just right to sip from your vein, and you stroke his hair, letting him lick over the bite when he finishes, tasting the last couple of drops as the puncture begins to heal.
He’s panting then, forehead resting against your shoulder as he catches his breath.
The next few days pass in much the same way; your work day gets interrupted periodically by a meaningful nod, a Teams message, and once, a paper airplane with some lewd stick figures on it. The last one makes you laugh despite yourself. 
Tumblr media
You stomp into his office Wednesday afternoon with an air of light annoyance.
“What if someone else had gotten this?” You ask, holding up the paper airplane and rolling your eyes.
“Babe, I don’t miss,” he replies, his ankles crossed on the desk. “Wanna shut the door?”
You close it behind you, starting to unbutton your blouse. 
“Okay, but I have to file the last expense report before lunch so we’d better make it quick.”
The pattern continues for about six weeks. Each time you sneak off to be with him is more intense than the last. The bites are getting less discreet, and you had to resort to a scarf to disguise the latest mark, but so far you’ve felt like you’re getting away with it. Mostly.
Max pulls you close to him on a Thursday as you bring in a stack of reports for his review and he bends you over them on his desk, flipping up the back of your skirt and sliding his hand into your panties. He’s eager, but so are you, and you bite your lips to keep from crying out as he rubs you, setting a punishing pace. It’s only been a day since the last time he touched you like this, hauled you into his office and fucked you senseless, and you can’t get enough of him. He’s wild and insatiable. All he seems to want is to touch and taste and bite; for Christ’s sake, the biting, and you’re starting to wonder if you’re as addicted to his mouth as he is to your blood.
He’s blowing past some of the usual foreplay, tearing his own pants open and tugging down your panties. You can’t bring yourself to care; you’re wet for him from the moment you walk in each morning to the moment you leave. You’re not sure anymore if it’s an effect of his vampire aura or the bites or whatever -- you just know you’re already dripping and aching for him by the time he presses inside you.
He’s so needy today, hips snapping, and he tugs one strap of your dress off your shoulder, sinking his fangs in for a quick bite. 
He usually asks first, and you’re dimly aware of that fact as his teeth break your skin. It makes you turn your head slightly to ask him what the fuck, Maxie but before you can form the words, you see his face -- and let out a shriek of terror.
His normally handsome, sweet, expressive face is dark, cold and hard, a heavy eyebrow jutting out and lines covering his skin. He looks like the life force has drained out of him. His eyes are black, the warmth gone from them, and ultimately that’s what has you scrambling backward over his desk and down onto the floor.
“Babe? What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?” He sounds inhuman, the pitch of his voice both lower and higher than you’re used to hearing. It’s the sound of multiple voices speaking at once. Voices of those he killed, maybe?
He’s a vampire, you remind yourself. What did you think was going to happen here?
You’re hyperventilating, trying to catch your breath as Max repeats his concerned questions. 
He catches sight of his reflection in the framed MBA certificate on his wall.
“Oh, shit. Babe. I’m sorry, I lost control. Just -- in a minute I’ll be back to normal,” he says, his pants already fastened as he walks around the desk and reaches to help you up.
You scramble farther back, out of his reach.
“Babe?” His eyes are back; the ones you know, the ones that turn sweet and a little sad, shining at you uncertainly.
“I’m sorry, Max -- I don’t know what I was thinking. I don’t know what the fuck I thought this was going to be,” you say, holding your head in your hands. You sigh and adjust your dress until you’re as decent as possible, standing up and smoothing down the fabric. “I think I need to find another job.”
His face has shifted back to normal, the despair clear in the fallen bow of his lips as he stares at you helplessly, panic tightening his eyebrows.
He gets down on his knees, slowly, as though he’s afraid a sudden movement will spook you into running from his office. Tipping forward, he presses his forehead to your hip, then looks up at you, brown eyes swimming with emotion as he says your name -- not “babe” -- your name, so softly it feels like he’s intoning a spell. 
“Please, I’m so sorry I scared you. Don’t go. I--I can’t lose you. How will I ever find someone like you again?” His voice cracks halfway through the question, and you realize he’s lost for you. His heart is laid open right there before your eyes. You’re still frightened, but you don’t know what to say.
“I’m just… I forget sometimes…”
“That I’m a monster.” Max’s voice is flat when he says it, the feeling suddenly draining out, and you reach down despite your fear, to stroke his hair. He leans up into the touch, a visible shiver going through him as he sighs softly.
“You’re not -- well, you are a vampire, but -- you’ve always been gentle with me. You just didn’t ask this time, before you bit me,” you add, soothing him with your nails against his scalp. You can feel your own heart rate starting to drop.
“I won’t forget again,” he replies, rubbing his cheek over your hip.
You reach for his shoulders and tug him to stand in front of you. 
“Max… I’ve lost control a little bit this week, but I really like you. Everything is just so jumbled up. Can I have a little time to figure it out? I want you, just as much as I did before, I just need to make sense of everything. Maybe… we cool things down for a couple of days.”
Max nods uncertainly, lips twisted to the side.
“We leave for the company retreat tomorrow,” he says, cocking his head slightly. “Does this mean no cabin sex?”
You roll your eyes, grinning a little despite yourself. “How is that different from any other sex?”
“Babe, it’s in a cabin.”
“Uh huh. I don’t know what I expected,” you say with a chuckle. “Just -- I have to make sure things run smoothly, so let me focus on that, okay? Then we can figure everything else out.”
He pouts, one fang peeking out from his lip. You fold your arms.
“Okay, how about this: I’ll make some rules. As long as you play by the rules, we can revisit the whole cabin sex idea.” His eyes light up. “I’m not making any promises here, Maxie.”
He shoots you a satisfied grin. “You called me Maxie.”
“That means you love me.”
“Okay, rule number one: keep it professional. Just a little respectability, assuming that’s still possible here. I need to prove I’m worthy of this job, not that I got here by fucking you.”
“Babe, I know that, and you know that.”
“Right, but the rest of the staff might have their doubts. I have been in here for about an hour every day before lunch.”
Max grins sheepishly. “You’re, uh. Assisting me?”
“With your dick, yeah.”
He snorts.
“Sorry. Okay, deal, babe. Two days of nothing but professional courtesy and respect.”
“Okay, rule number two: no bites. Gotta wean you off a little bit here or I’ll start looking like a piece of Swiss cheese.”
Max sighs. “Okay, no bites. For two days.”
You nod. “And rule number three: breaking rules one and two mean you’ll be punished. I get to decide how.”
Max’s eyes widen. “That’s more of an incentive than a deterrent, babe.”
You raise an eyebrow. 
“I mean, that works for me,” he says with a blush.
You hold out your hand to shake on the deal, and Max obliges.
“Okay, I’m going to make sure all our supply orders came in since we’ll be out of the office tomorrow. See you later,” you say, turning to leave, “Maxie.”
He watches you go with a dopey smile on his face. 
She’s definitely gonna come around, Max tells himself for the rest of the day. She’s gonna realize she wants me just as much as I want her. God, she’s pretty. So soft and sweet and she smells so good. Agh. I wonder what she’s doing right now.
He reaches for the phone.
Nope, bad vamp. Gotta play by her rules. It’s gotta work out. I know she loves me. Can’t be any other reason she’d put up with an idiot like me. Plus, she doesn’t realize I have a loophole for the biting rule. 
She’s gonna get her period tomorrow.
Max whistles happily to himself as he closes up the office, watching you walk to the car after a polite, if warm, farewell.
See you tomorrow, babe.
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