cloudedcheese 2 days ago
Have you ever heard of the TV show Grimm???
If otherkin, therians, and other alterhumans could read this that would be great!!! I think almost all who identify as these would have an interest in this show^^
If you have not heard of this show, I COULD NOT reccomend it more!!! This 6 season, 24~ episode per season show couldnt give off more therian/otherkin vibes!!!
This show has been a special interest/hyper fixation of mine for almost a decade. It has helped me SOOOO much with finding my werewolfkin identity!
The VFX are AMAZING for a NBC show and it has such a variety of what the show calls "wesen" (Veh-sen). Im pretty sure, but correct me if im wrong, almost the entirety of the show is on Amazon Prime.
Here are some gifs of wesen!!! :
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
There are probably HUNDREDS of unique wesen species seen throughout the show all with their own unique and creative names (usually germanic) and all have their own unique lore!!! Some examples of what some wesen species are based on are wolves, spiders, aswang, naiads, the anubis, fae, native american cultural creatures (actaully done properly), felines, el chupacabra, goblins, toads, demonic witches, aliens, and SOOOO much more... The list is almost never ending!
If anyone is interested in learning more about the show or are already a fan of it and just wants to rant back and forth on the lore, dont be shy to message me!!
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sanguinebutch 5 months ago
my new year鈥檚 resolution is to become even more cryptic, eldritch, monstrous, blood-sucking and unholy. and maybe tidy my room.
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paranaptime 4 months ago
Bro, I know your coffin is cramped and all but like... can I join you? I won't take up your side I swear, unless you wanna cuddle, haha, just kidding.... unless..
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reh-hateshumans 20 days ago
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vampyre-kin 19 days ago
I don't have a priest kink because I find priests hot, don't be ridiculous. I have a priest kink because I want to be so sexy, evil and alluring that I turn men away from god.
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lorenthvolturi a month ago
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fuvkin-feral-kins 22 days ago
I like the way your fangs glisten in the moonlight lemme get them pronouns
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vivi-ships a month ago
Every day I wake up and I'm still not a vampire living in an old gothic castle.
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mandatorykinblog a month ago
You may look in the mirror and feel like you've lost yourself.
But you know who you are, and I see you for it.
Angels, demons, deities. I see your shimmering headdresses, horns, and divine aura. You're grandiose and powerful just as you are.
Faeries, fae-folk, my kin. I see your teeth, razor sharp, contrasting those beautiful wings ever so splendidly. I miss when we could fly together.
Canines. Wolves, dogs, hyenas. Don't be afraid to bear your teeth. Not a moment goes by where your energy doesn't delight me, strong and playful and mysterious.
Felines. Tigers, cats, pumas. You're sneaky, and cunning. Your coat shines ever so beautifully in the sun with your careful management. You're truly gorgeous, prideful specimens.
Vampires, werewolves, dragons, zombies. You beasts of the night are thoroughly misrepresented. You're whimsical and terrifying, respected and loved. As you properly should be.
My cold-blooded friends! Your instincts are unparalleled. Ever vigilant but somehow so peaceful, you never fail to impress me.
Yes it's true, your non-kin companions might not see you for who you truly are. But I see your eyes, your ears, your tails, I see both snouts and muzzles alike, I see beings of great power, beings of great wisdom, beings of great kindness.
Look in the mirror again. Can't you see what I see?
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vanitassssss a month ago
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vampyreirl 7 months ago
The vampiric urge to flee modern life and live in a large abandoned castle where I lure in unsuspecting mortal men and drain them of their blood
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rawro a year ago
I have to be the most gnc vampire in this castle
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sanguinebutch 7 months ago
what鈥檚 that? my orientation? oh yeah i鈥檓 vlv (vampire loving vampires)
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wltcher 9 months ago
i want to bite people and i鈥檓 tired of pretending i don鈥檛 聽
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reh-hateshumans 24 days ago
every day i wake up and mourn the heinous锟 fact i鈥檓 not a vampire
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completelychaoticbabe a year ago
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lorenthvolturi 2 months ago
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halfblood-stark 2 months ago
Why slaying vampires? When you can fuck vampires
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bloodsuckerz 5 months ago
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mandatorykinblog a month ago
Claws. Teeth. Fangs. Blood seeping down your chin. It's summer, its time to feel alive again, beasts of the forest. It's time to prowl and stalk and run.
It's time to be alive.
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