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sisterhaloseptos · 16 minutes ago
Piri drinks out of mugs that say: "BUT FIRST, BLOOD", and "Don't Talk To Me Until I've Had My Coffee Blood"
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winelover1989 · 2 hours ago
It just doesn't make sense to me when vampires in fiction slaughter a horde of humans and drain ALL of their blood because they are such "predators" like do you know the first thing about predator animals bro? Do you have an eating disorder?? Why do you have no control over your hunger and overate to such an insane degree??? Where did ALL of that blood go???? Why aren't you blown up like a water balloon at the brink of bursting?????
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finalday · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pov you are in hell
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1tad0ri · 3 hours ago
hey ma'am! Saw that its okay to send thirsts so here I am! ok so, this will sound cliche but Sukuna, Gojo, being vampires and feeding on S/O occasionally. Like can you just imagineee???
tw: blood (not really but like... implied. because vampires. 🧛‍♀️)
not saying i’ve watched it but... this is just the plot of diabolik lovers isn’t it
anyway i feel like sukuna would be the worst because he always slides an arm around you whenever he wants, pulling you close to his chest in a single smooth, strong motion—you barely hear him coming up behind you most of the time and it all happens without warning. he tries to keep up a conversation with you but he knows you can’t focus (he loves your dumb, silly little attempts to speak though and your cute, stuttered words to rhetorical questions), what with him breathing in your scent, snaking his arms further and further around you, drawing you in so he can press his nose to your neck where your smell curls around him, so he can trail kisses that are half-smirks against the inciting, inviting... soft skin, so he can test the tip of his teeth along a particularly tantalizing spot—he loves it when you tense just as he sinks his fangs in, then let yourself relax in his hold a moment later, breathing shallow and careful.
satoru is annoying. sukuna teases sometimes but he’s still firm in what he wants—but gojou? absolutely terrible. jokes around and pokes fun at you until you’re flustered—when you finally have enough and go to snap back, you realize a heartbeat too late that he’s caging you in against the corner of a bookcase, smirking, already leaning down to kiss you (softly at first, until at some point between the slow sliding of lips against the other, the low vibration of a growl from him makes you shiver) and let sharp teeth lick across the full part of your lips with wicked intent.
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alltid-og-for-evig · 3 hours ago
The Vampire Diaries is hilarious cause everyone turns and are like "yeah being a vampire has all of these great advantages!!! But uh,,,,, the drawback is i have to drink human blood ): "
Like, not even "sucks that I kill people now" just the fact they have to drink blood? But can apparently drink and eat food just fine as well?? And its proven that unless you're a ripper you can feed without killing and blood tastes good to vampires.
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opheliamortesworld · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
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nyssasorbit · 3 hours ago
An Interesting Game
He’s played this game of death for so long, it’s become his whole lifestyle now.
But nothing more, really. It’s a game. A sick, twisted game to pass the eternity.
Mordecai clung onto his severed arm, stomping through the snow as the bone, muscle, and skin slowly reconnected. Breath heaving, an unwelcome thirst grew with each healing tissue. His blood loss was stirring up quite the appetite. Bloodstains were flowered across his white poet shirt, which he would find a welcome sight if it were on anyone but himself.
In the distance: smoke, fire. He didn't particularly care about whatever disaster was happening though, as he had trudged quite a ways into the woods and was too tired to care.
A light snowfall filled the air. He collapsed under the shelter of some fallen trees near the assaulted city, growling a little as the thirst clawed up his throat. He would likely need to run soon anyways before someone found him, but for the time being, he would need to wait and heal.
But all too soon, small, rapid footsteps headed his direction. He looked up in time to see a body in a dull violet cloak trip into the snow.
‘Another vampire...guess I can't be too picky.’
The silver-haired figure picked herself up, but stopped abruptly seeing Mordecai on the ground. He returned the expression of mutual shock.
"Galea, Mordecai...what are you doing here!?"
He laughed, "I could ask you the same, Your Highness. What're you doing, abandoning your people out there?"
She huffed, pulling up her hood, "It's none of your business, cretin."
"Oh, would you like me to spread rumors about how the majestic Queen Charlotte ditched her people in the midst of warfare?" He grinned as she grit her teeth. "That'd be awfully bad for your reputation."
"Rrrgh...fine! I'll tell you, but don't you dare cause any trouble for me!" She took a deep breath, "I...I've been...overthrown…. Don't grin like that!!"
"Haha, is that so?"
"Shut up! I still have enough power to report you and have you executed!"
"You wish. A queen without her court is nothing." He patted the ground beside him, "You're no better than me now. Come, sit."
"I am not nearly as lowly as you!!" She huffed, only inching forward enough to be out of sight.
"Aw, she's in denial. Pick a fight with me then, see how it goes," he chuckled.
"I...I don't need to!"
"You can't," he corrected, "because you always make everyone else pick up your slack. Come, sit. Before I change my mind and spread the news through the Underground."
"You wouldn't dare!"
"Have you forgotten who I am already?"
Clenching her fists, she finally gave in and plopped down across from him with her arms crossed. If her searing glare could have melted the snow, she would have already revealed the grass beneath it.
"Not my fault you're a wimp."
"Shut it! I'm not sitting here because we're on the same level!"
"Fair enough. You're not nearly impressive enough to be on the same criminal tier that I’m in."
"Oh please. You wish you were as highly revered as I was."
"Was. Where did that confidence get you? Looks like you're enemy number one now."
She fell silent, her glare even harsher than before.
"Poor thing. You're not gonna survive out here running solo."
No answer.
"Don't tell me the mighty queen of this place is scared all of a sudden?"
Still no answer.
"I should leave now before they decide to come and finish you off."
He stood, but as he was about to scurry off in search of a meal, she grabbed his hand, "Wait! At least take me with you!"
"Mm? Why should I?"
"We're both labeled as criminals now! So...we should stick together!"
"You know good and well they'll forget all about someone so insignificant in due time. What exactly do you think is gonna happen if you stick with a man who's a wanted criminal in both worlds?"
She pursed her lips.
"What do you really want?"
"...Let me go with you!"
"Why?" He waited for an answer. "Clearly you're not in a situation to spare your pride. Out with it."
"I...I want you to protect me!"
"Ha!" He laughed. "What's in it for me? I'll just drag you through the same mud I'm in."
"I can pardon your crimes!" She said quickly, "I should have enough time if I act quick enough to put in a word with the other higher ups. If I do it today, they should get it before they hear word that I'm not in power anymore."
He stopped, "...And why would you do something so gracious for me?"
"Because I…" she groaned, "I...I deserve a protector!"
"Bullshit. You're just a coward that can't get by on her own." He shook her hand free and started off.
But she scrambled to her feet and seized his arm, looking up to his eyes at least a foot higher than her, "Wait! If you get a pardon, you'll be welcome back into vampire society again!"
"And why would I want that?" He said, watching her shrink back. "Besides, I'll still have a reputation over my head. I'd rather be a killer than a subdued lapdog."
"But you can redeem your name!"
"Why would I want to? You think I don't enjoy my life the way it is?" Charlotte shrunk back further. "Look in the mirror. Some people enjoy being a bastard. It's a game we play."
"But what happens when that game gets you killed?!"
Mordecai gestured to his shirt, "Then I die."
Being dragged through the snow, she clung to his arm, "But you can find solace in our society again! If you're with me, no one will mess with either of us!"
"Your point?"
"We can make up for what we've done! We can walk our own streets whenever we want!"
"You really think a serial murderer gives a damn about what other people think about him? I have my life and solace in the Underground, thank you."
"You're never gonna get another chance like this!!" she shrieked helplessly. "You could still join the rebellion if you want!"
"I don't care about their "forward" bullshit."
"Wasn't there a human you ever cared about before?!"
He froze.
"If you're pardoned, you can work towards that stupid future the rebellion wants! You can live amongst the people you care about!"
Hesitating, he thought back to a very, very distant past. A past likely about as old as the now-fallen Queen. "...I don't have anyone I care about anymore."
"What if you find someone new?"
"...I won't."
"There was someone, wasn't there?" She furrowed a brow as he met her pleading eyes. "Is this what they would have wanted?"
"He's not even here anymore."
"But is this what he would've-"
"They took him away from me," he fumed. "Humans took him from me because vampire law gave us no sanctuary. You are the one that caused that." He pointed a stern finger in her face. "So I'll enjoy watching you die on the streets like the people under your so-called 'rule'. It's about time you were overthrown."
Stunned, she watched him turn away from her. "...I can make up for that! I will!”
He grew further away.
“I can! I’ll do better for this stupid future if that’s what it takes!!"
And further away.
“RRRGHH…please! Just hear me out! I can change!!”
“Oh yeah?”
“But let it be under one condition!”
With a sigh, he decided to humor her, "What condition?"
"You have my protector." She kept a fierce posture, knowing full well that he was thinking something along the lines of 'I knew it’.
"...And why should I do that?"
"Because you’re strong. And people fear you. pardon would hold weight."
He blinked, "...They're gonna buy that a Most Wanted in both worlds is suddenly good because he's protecting a fallen tyrant?"
"Well…" She huffed, "...yes…?"
"Give me a break."
"Please! Just give it a chance! You can go back to being a villain whenever you want! But you'll never get another chance for a pardon from the Council ever again!" She met his gaze, "Things have changed! It's not like it was hundreds of years ago! Take a chance and see it for yourself!"
Against what might have been his own better judgement, he mulled the thought over.
He hadn't walked the vampiric streets as a normal citizen in eons. He had purposely avoided it, knowing full well that both human and vampire rule was corrupt and broken beyond repair. But truly, who was he to judge as someone from the Underground? Though most of it was arguably worse than he was, he still walked amongst tainted souls as one of their own.
But at least...he accepted that. He would readily admit he was evil, and not give a rat's ass about whatever hypocrite shed tears over it.
His eyes found the drying blood on his shirt. He was growing ravenous, and could easily run off and skewer a meal for himself, leaving the tyrant to weep helplessly in the snow.
"Where's your proof that things are any different?" He sighed, "And hurry up. I'm starving."
"Well...there are blood banks now! For vampires that can't hunt, or don't want to. There are laws outlawing human trafficking in our world. There's a wave to convert vampire hunting guilds into specialized forces that protect against criminal vampires!"
His thoughts traveled to the hunter from before. 'Antony', if he recalled correctly. The young hunter seemed to hold quite the grudge against Mordecai for killing his whole family without mercy. It would be interesting to see him pass by on the street, restraining his desire to be at Mordecai’s throat. It would be humorous to watch the hunter burn with rage, inches away from his arch nemesis, but immobilized by the law and forced to swallow his vengeance.
He had never met a hunter so young with such rage in his eyes. Antony was a special one for sure, and he would likely remember the man for some time. He certainly stood out amongst the others who thought they stood a chance combatting him. For the first time in a while, though frustrating, an opponent actually interested him.
Interesting...much like the game of death he played.
That's right, because none of it mattered anyways. It was all a game he played to entertain himself. Entertain his long, boring, meaningless life, face after face long since blurred in his mind.
Perhaps...a change of pace was in order.
"...And how are you going to get word of my pardon in time?"
"If I get a written pardon to the council by the end of the day, they'll handle the rest. You can walk our streets freely once the word gets around."
He glanced up at the sky, "...You've got mere hours. You really expect to get a letter there in time?"
"I can if you'd make up your damn mind!"
He chuckled, "Almost. Beg for it one more time?"
"I'm not going to-"
"See ya." He threw a wave and walked off.
She groaned, reluctantly clasping her hands together. "Please stay with me and protect me, please! I can’t survive out here by myself!"
"That's the best you can do? Fine. I’ll take it I guess."
"You are insufferable," she growled.
"And you're a spoiled bitch. Now hurry up, I can't pardon myself." They started off in the opposite direction of the burning castle.
"I'm so gonna regret this, aren't I…" she muttered.
"Probably. I'll absolutely be a pain in your ass for making me turn good guy out of nowhere."
"Ugh, shut up. You'll appreciate it one day."
"You act like this only for me."
She hesitated, changing the conversation topic, "Why did you agree to this?"
"I thought it'd be fun. Someone interesting has caught my attention, and I'd like to piss him off by showing my face with a pardon."
Her eyes rolled, "Y'know you have to actually be good to keep that pardon?"
"Well I don't have to be a superhero, do I? Just gotta not piss off every authority."
"Exactly. Don't pick fights since you'll be with me."
"Tempting to pick fights because I'm stuck with you."
She growled again, causing him to snicker.
Heading off through the snow, they managed to sneak through the shadows to create and deliver the letter of pardon for Mordecai before nightfall.
Soon enough, this former Most Wanted criminal would walk the streets like every other citizen, accompanied by the former Queen Charlotte at his side. Though enemies before, this was the start of a long journey for them, through the conflicts of peace efforts between humans, vampires, and whatever the hell else decides to get involved.
An interesting game of life and death.
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Tumblr media
We're hanging out with corpses And driving in this hearse And someone save my soul, tonight Please save my soul
Fun fact! This is actually for a fic I have yet to post! I’m so good at this. 
If you have questions please please please ask me about it I am dying to talk about what’s happening here
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zelsbels-official · 4 hours ago
chapter nine has been uploaded (finally)!
kara and lydia finish up their first official date, and get their first assignment! what hijinks will ensue???
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collinsportmaine · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I’d never heard of this vampire movie until I saw @ronaldcmerchant post. So I looked it up on Wikipedia.
Wow! A Mexican horror movie filmed in England about nuns, and vampires, and orgies, and exorcisms! What more can you ask for?
Source: “Alucarda” (1977)
Performer: Tina Romero
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realitybleeds · 5 hours ago
ive had both of them on here for brief stints before but if i was gonna bring back a protag from a 80s vampire film: michael emerson (the lost boys) or caleb colton (near dark)
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denniswillfindhispride · 5 hours ago
ooohh having many feelings about the quiet tragedy of mac & dennis tonight. you are so in love with a man who is so in love with you but you are so repressed you tell him you hate him. but you still let him dye your hair. because you are so in love and you want everything and more but you’ve told yourself you can’t have it. but you can reason with yourself, at least, that friends can dye each other’s hair. so you sit in the bathroom. and he dyes your hair. and he probably tells you about his day (even if you were there for half of it) or maybe he just hums a tune. and you close your eyes, and let yourself think for maybe a second that it’s okay if him dying your hair is a sign of love. you love him but you can’t love him and you let him dye your hair. because that’s the closest you can get without backing away. you can trick yourself into thinking this is devotion. you can trick yourself into thinking you’re just using him but when he pulls away you want to lean back on instinct. come back. it’s on the tip of your tongue. but you don’t say it. and he’s still humming, but he’s walking away. and it’s a quiet tragedy but it’s a tragedy still and you have the urge to tell him you hate him while you wait for the dye to set. you don’t need him to wash it out but you ask him to anyway. he does, happily, and you hate him for it. you are so in love with a man who is so in love with you and honestly, you think, he deserves better. but you are so in love. and so is he. and you know you’ll ask for him to dye your hair again in a few weeks, but you’ll still say you hate him. and the tragedy continues.
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annebl4cksworld · 5 hours ago
"Enough, with all the shouting!” Another british accent flooded through the front door, Briar folded her arms in front of her chest and sighed “Father.”
“Father?!” Tony stressed
“Hello Love, should have known you’d be behind all this commotion. Seems I’ve arrived before corpse clean up this time.” - he glanced in the direction of the avengers-- “Young, old, dead or alive witches really are a pain in the ass.” the hybrid king walked through the bar smirking at his child. “Now tell me” - walking behind the bar taking a swig of the bourbon that was left out - “what’s all this about?”
Tumblr media
“Mr. Mikaelson--” Tony began,
“Oh manners, I like that but Mr. Mikaelson is my very dead father, call me Klaus.” he stated raising his hand to tony
“Ok, Klaus. We just came to talk with Briar about a possible recruitment into the Avengers.”
“The Avengers! How exciting. Yes, I could see how having the only Tribred in existence would be of great benefit to you. Doesn’t seem to be going very well, mate” Klaus gave a toothy grin “No matter. We have more important things to worry about, like finding Rebekkah, isn’t that right Briar? As I recall you were sent here to gather information not bully the vampires into hiding”
“They were very rude.” Briar flipped her hair over her shoulder “Trying to drain wonder boy here of all his suped up blood. No underground vamp is going to know anything about Rebekah, I told you we need the witches. No thanks to Marcel, none of them are willing to talk.”
“If we help you find this Rebekah girl, can we have our talk?” Tony asked, Klaus gave a skeptical glance, “this is family business, friend. I suggest you leave”
Briar stepped between them “Now, now. You just pointed out that we are getting nowhere. Plus with Tony's suit he moves as fast as we do” Klaus eyed the group up while Briar made her case. Steve grabbed Tony’s arm, keeping his voice as low as possible “Absolutely not, we’re leaving. I’m not recruiting her”
“Good thing it’s not up to you then” Tony shook him off “She would be an asset to this team, she just doesn’t like you, can’t imagine why. Romanoff, what do you say? Up for a little hide ‘n seek?” Tony backed away from the group grabbing a handful of peanuts that were on the table. “I’d like to investigate more into her world, besides she doesn’t seem so bad” Nat shot a coy smile Steve’s way and he sighed in defeat. “Two against one, decided.” Tony nodded as he chewed.
“The whispering, mate. Doesn’t work on the supernatural.” Klaus gave Briar a warning look (this better work kind of look), he fixed a strand of her hair that had strayed when Steve gave a sparky remark "We'll help you look, friend."
"Very well" Klaus tossed his hands "would be more effective for us to split up and because none of you know what you're looking for I'll take the redhead and wonder boy. Briar you take the other one. You call me if anything happens." placing a hand on her upper arm he kissed her temple and walked out the door. “Father-ly love at it’s best?” Tony commented as Steve and Nat followed him out the door. Briar walked behind the bar pouring another glass of bourbon
“Drink?” she offered the glass in the air
“Always “ Tony responded coming to stand in front of the bar, she grabbed another glass and poured herself one as well
“So what are you really doing here Tony?” she asked taking a sip of her drink,
“Exactly as I said, we want to recruit you, but we don’t need any of the legal mumbo jumbo-”
“Tony.” she gave him a sympathetic look “I can tell something is wrong, what happened?”
Looking into her eyes for a moment he looked away and downed his drink “War, end of the avengers, end of the world really.” he played with his empty glass and placed it on the counter
Tumblr media
Briar walked around the bar and up to Tony "Happy called. He told me about Pepper; said he figured you would reach out." Briar raised her hands up to his face "may I?" They hovered by his cheeks, Tony stared hard into her emerald eyes and closed his own. She laid her hands gently on his head pressing her thumbs into his temples, closing her eyes to focus on his fear.
Flashes of aliens and black holes, panic attacks, losing Pepper, almost losing Peter, and then a pile of corpses. Broken bones and souls of his beloved team laying atop one another; the glistening of a shield, that blinded you for a moment, cracked in half next to Steve, who lay beaten and bloody at the top. Briar turned but something grabbed her arm "you could have saved us Tony." The voice echoed through her very being, she opened her eyes gasping for breath.
She gripped the bar behind Tony to steady herself, he wrapped an arm around her waist "you good?" He asked though it seemed more like a question for himself. "What was that?" Briar placed a hand on her throbbed skull,
"The future or at least I think so, came to me in a vision, maybe it was put there. I don't know but what I do know is I've lost enough people to last me a lifetime and this time needs to be different. That's why we're here Briar. We need you." placing his sunglasses over his eyes he tapped the edges. “Friday you there?”
at your service sir. “Rebekah Mikaelson, show me an image and run a city wide search, any phones, laptops, traffic cameras. If she sneezes I wanna know about it.” right away sir
The tracker ran for almost an hour, tony and briar sat in silence sipping their drinks,
“You’re sure she’s in the city?” Tony asked checking his phone
“Honestly she’s been missing since yesterday, between dad and uncle Elijah the witches are all up in arms about this whole power struggle. The witches are sick of being pushed around by Marcel and the werewolves want back in the city. Everyone’s fighting for the crown” Briar shifted the glass in her hands
“I don’t know who any of those people are. Surprised anyone would want to go up against Klaus, he seems a touch homicidal” Tony got up and walked over to the window Sir, we have a match
“Finally” Tony responded looking over at Briar who rose from her chair.
New Orleans Sanatorium, abandoned 100 years ago, 3 individuals have been spotted heading into the building, one seems to be unconscious.
“That would be aunt Rebekah, let’s go, I’ll call my father on the way”
Tony and Briar pulled up to the sanatorium along with Klaus, Steve, Natasha followed by Elijah and Marcel,
“Why are you dressed like a slob?” Briar pointed out Elijah's ruffled shirt and loosened tie. “Mind your manners Briar” Elijah simply said walking towards her “we have more pressing matters at hand.”
“Speaking of which, I think I should go in there and get Rebekah” Marcel stated, glancing ever so briefly at Klaus.
“Something you’d like to share with the group Marcel?” Klaus smirked, shifting his stance.
“The witches in there are targeting you Mikaelsons, I can slip in unnoticed, grab her and be out before they even know.” And there it was, his best salesman smile; charming, for most, not for the vampire that raised and turned him.
“I think I’ll go in there myself and see exactly what’s going on, thanks. Besides with Briar here what could go wrong? Gentlemen, meet the super soldier who has been all over the news.” Cause held his arm out to show Steve off, he was off put and snapped his head up immediately. “You wanna talk battle strategy? I think Romanoff and I would have a better shot-“
“No, no, I was thinking more Red” Klaus smirked nodding towards Briar,
“Protection spell, with super blood; it would definitely make it stronger” she glanced at Steve “No, I’m not a walking blood bank for you and your family. We said we would help you find your sister but we aren’t getting involved with any blood magic vampire family war. We’ll help get her out and then we’re done.”
“The sooner we get this done, the sooner we can leave” Tony commented, “and I think it’s more of an IV drip than a blood bank”
“One small prick of the finger, cross my heart” Briar raised her arms in defeat.
“Niklaus the most important thing is to retrieve our sister bad Alive and unharmed” Elijah responded straightening his tie and smoothing out his shirt.
Steve wasn’t happy but agreed anyways, he didn’t wanna spend anymore time here than he had to, everyone broke into groups, Klaus and Tony, Elijah and Natasha
“Where’s Marcel?” Briar looked around but he was gone
“Briar start the spell. I’m not letting him get to Rebekah first, I know he’s hiding something” Klaus sped off “Niklaus” Elijah called out chasing after him with Natasha and Tony trying to follow behind.
“How do we start” Steve asked turning to Briar,
“I’m gonna need some blood so just relax” she cooed running her hand down his arm, keeping his eyes locked with hers as she stepped in front of him.
“Don’t fight it” her pupil dilated pulsing back to its original size and before he could respond she grabbed his throat and sunk her teeth in.
Caught between the pain and the compulsion Steve was only able to grab onto her as she fed, soon enough she retracted her fangs and stepped back, Steve fell to his knee, she could feel the surge of power running through her.
Tumblr media
The winds picked up and seemed to whirl around her, arms stretched out, she began to mutter an incantation. The building moaned against the power of the wind; Steve winced in pain, grabbing his neck and stumbled to his feet, looking over between the building and Briar.
Her veins outlined in dark purple drew up her arms and into her chest as she continued to chant, her eyes flew open black as night she seemed to be in a sort of trance. The air around her rippled with power and crackled like firewood,
“Briar?” Steve asked, watching as her feet slowly rose off the ground, he reached for her but couldn’t reach past the air that encircled her.
Meanwhile inside the sanitarium Klaus was breaking down every door he could
“REBEKAH!” He shouted,
“Now, now, there’s no need to shout” a female voice came from down the hall “We’ve actually been waiting for you Klaus, waiting for Rebekah to relive the night she betrayed you.” The woman in the shadows stepped towards him,
“What, her little tryst with Marcel? They’ve been sneaking around behind my back longer than I can remember” Klaus proceeded towards her “now if you’ll hand my sister over we’ll be on our way”
“We can show you the truth, about why you left New Orleans all those years ago. How Michael found you, when you shouldn’t have been found.”
Klaus stopped, anger boiled beneath the surface “what are you talking about?”
“You have a witch protecting you” she stepped towards him again
“NIK!” Rebekah screamed from behind her, Klaus’ eyes never left the woman
“So you’ll have to hear it straight from the horse's mouth” stepping to the side she revealed Rebekah.
“NIK, whatever she said isn't true, I Swear!” Her voice broke as she screamed, crying out for him again
“I want to believe you sister, but your eyes tells a different story”
Tumblr media
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thesincerelytracey · 5 hours ago
There's a fine line between loyalty and opportunity... some people only want to be around for the benefits
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one-big-dumpsterfire · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
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