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You’re Undead To Me - 1


I rummage around through the cupboards in search of food. It’s been three days since Damon was captured. Three whole days of peaceful sleep.

Caroline is better now, he can’t hurt her. Stefan said it would take about a week for Damon to be well vampire dead. I pour myself some cereal and take it to the couch. I pull my phone out and call Elena.


“Elena, hey, is uh Vicki there?” I ask swirling my spoon in my bowl. I had an inkling she was there, Ty told me things didn’t go all to well at the founders ball.

“Yes, she is” I nod. “Great, tell her to come home when she’s done”

“Will do” . I cut the call and decide to call Stefan like I did just yesterday.

When he picks up I’m quick to speak, “Stefan, has he woken up yet?” I ask through a spoonful. “Yeah, he did. Don’t worry he’s weak, and I already told Zach to stay of the basement” I breathe a sigh of relief. “Thank God. Right well, see you in class” I say and cut the call.


“Unbelievable. It’s like nothing happened ” Elena breaths as she watches Caroline be her usual bubbly self in the hall, passing out flyers. “She’s in denial” Bonnie says, not taking her eyes of Caroline.

Is it bad that I feel really guilty right about now? “Hey” Says Stefan as he approaches. “Hey, uh, we gotta be somewhere, right now” I say and grab Bonnies hand and steer away from them.

When we’re a good distance away I turn to Bonnie. “I know we haven’t talked about it, but I want to. How did you do that?” I ask, my eyes widening just to show how exiting this is. I mean she lit up a candle, that wasn’t lit up before, she lit up the entire room! She shrugs lightly before she responds, “I really don’t know. I’m going to grams this week to see if she can tell me” I nod and wrap and arm around her shoulder.

“Well, whatever you are, you’ll still be my best friend”


“So how much longer?” I ask Stefan as we walk through the door. He closes the door as he responds.

“Only a little while longer” I was about to say something when he lifts his head up and tilts it to the side before he dashes to the basement. I run after him, getting there I see Stefan gripping Damon’s arm and Zach on the ground, regaining oxygen.

“Zach You Stupid Idiot” I scold as I run to his side and help him up. When Stefan manages to shove Damon further in the cellar he speaks to him through the slot door.

“Keep it up Damon. The more energy you expend, the faster you’ll go” Stefan turns from the door and helps me getting Zach upstairs. We set him down on the couch and I resist the urge to hit him.

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Family Ties - 1


“Your taking Damon? To the founders party?! What about me?” Bonnie asks, offended as we proceed into the grill. Its been a few days since Tanners death. They covered it up and said it was a cougar.

I sip on my coffee to stay awake. I haven’t been sleeping well,  like at all.  Every time I close my eyes I see Damon, his mouth covered with blood. It’s also started up my nightmares. Like I said, I don’t really remembermuch about that night.

What I do remember being carried away by the Sheriff,  I remember them rolling away my moms body, and I can sort of remember what she looked like. I shake the horrible memory away.

Caroline snaps her fingers in my face. “Earth to Ariel” I quickly snap out of my trance and put my coffee down. “Yeah” “Are you okay?” Bonnie asked looking concerned. I nod, “I’m fine” I said, trying to believe that myself.

Caroline waves a wand to put the conversation back on track. “Anyway, Like I was saying, Ariel you can go with Bonnie” I nod and look at my blonde best friend.

“Why not? Anyway what about your mom, is she okay with you bringing Damon?” I ask, silently begging for Liz to be against it.

“And I’m supposed to care why?“ "He’s older, sexy, danger guy” Bonnie responds.

Caroline mimics what she said. “What is that an official witch twitter tweet?” Caroline jokes. “No more witch jokes okay? That whole mr.tanner prediction has me freaked” I shudder in my seat. Tanner was killed by Damon, he was able to cover his tracks.

“And Damon’s not dangerous. You know, he just has a lot of issues with his brother. You know like major deep-rooted drama.” I cough into my palm. Yeah no kidding. “Like?” I coax. She looks away.

“I’m not really supposed to say anything” I laugh, “Caroline Forbes, when have you ever kept a secret in your life?” Caroline straightens up and smiles. “Okay. But you can’t tell Elena ” She says to the both of us. “No” We promise, I so am.


“So you are taking her to the founders ball?” I ask Stefan as we walk to the boarding house. He nods, “Yeah I am” He says with a smile.

I grin and decide to tease him. “Wow. Only a week in and he’s already landed the girl” I tease and elbow him in the rib cage. He laughs. He opens the door and we head inside. I freeze at the scene in front of me. Damon has Zach by the neck, squeezing hard.

“Zach!” I yell. Damon turns and drops Zach. “Having a family moment Mermaid, Stefan” He adds when he sees Stefan behind me. “Spending some quality time” He says as we approach. He pats Zach before he walks off. When he does I help him up. “Are you okay?” Stefan asks, worried for the man.

“No I am not, and neither are you!” He yells at Stefan taking me in surprise. He points an accusing finger at Stefan. “How many more people have to die, before you see that?” He asks, panting. “I see it, alright, Zach, I see-” Zach cuts him off.

“Then why aren’t you doing anything about it?” “I can’t Zach. I can’t. It would take human blood, it’s the only way that I could stop him and I can’t do that” Stefan decrees. Zach looks off the way Damon went before standing up.

“Vervain could weaken him, if he ingested it. It would help get you the upper hand” Stefan sighs before meeting Zach’s eye.

“Vervain hasn’t grown here since 1865. Damon saw to that. The little I had I gave to Elena” Zack looks back to make sure Damon isn’t anywhere to be found.

“What?” I ask. Zack motions for us to follow and he leads us down the hall and through one of the many door. We go down the stairs to whats the basement, when we’re there he opens a door and leads us inside before opening another door.

Me and Stefan peer inside to see a herb that I can only presume is Vervain. “You’ve been growing it” I mutter upon seeing the growing plants. “It’s just something that’s been passed down though the generations. Blood only runs so deep when you’re related to vampires” Zach explains.

“Damon would kill me if he knew that I had it” He just had to go and say that. “But your telling me, Why?” Stefan says confused.

“Because I trust you. And your gonna need it if you wanna get rid of him”


After finding out Zach is growing vervain, it really makes me worry about his safety. Stefan told me everything there is to know about vampires. What kills them, what weakens them and such. From now on I am carrying and using wooden pencils. It’s not the same as stakes but it works.

I stopped by Elenas place to get ready for the founders ball. The doorbell rings and Elena reaches over for a vintage box filled with her family jewels for the showcasing. I take the box from her, “I got it” I said with a smile and head to the door.

“I’m here for my mom. I was supposed to pick up a box of stuff.” Tyler explains to Jeremy before he can shut the door on him.

“Right here.” I call out, approaching. I hand Tyler the box and give him a warning look.

“Please be careful.”

“Yeah, be careful with it, dick.” Jeremy exclaims.

“Hey! Not now, okay, guys? Please?” I beg, I didn’t like it when they fought, and it was always about Vicki now.

“I’m fine. He’s just being a punk.” Tyler complains.

“I got your punk.”

I roll my eyes in annoyance, boys. “Look, Ty, maybe you should go. We’ll see you tonight” I promise, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before rushing back to the kitchen.

“Delicate flower versus naughty vixen” Bonnie questions, holding up to nail polish vials. “Tough call. Can we mix them?” Elena suggests. “Look at you getting pretty for your date” Bonnie teases.

“You seem happy-ish”

“I am-ish. Tonight gonna be a good night” Elena responds sitting down across from me. She narrows her eyes at Bonnie.

“But don’t let that stop you from telling me whatever it is you wanted to tell me as soon as you walked though that door”

“I’ll tell you tomorrow morning I don’t wanna ruin the night” Bonnie insists. Elena grabs the nail polish from Bonnies hands and puts it to the side. “Out with it” Bonnie sigh and looked at me unsure.

I shrug, she’ll find out sooner or later. “Okay but it has to go in the vault, because Caroline will kill us if it gets back to Damon that she squealed” Elena clasped her hands in agreement and I looked at Bonnie for her to say the story.

“Apparently Stefan has a very interesting back story. Do you know what happened with his ex-girlfriend Katherine?” Bonnie asks. “I know that they both dated her and that’s why they have issues” Elena responds.

“Yeah they both dated her, only she chose Damon. And that drive Stefan mad. So he did horrible things to try and break them up. He manipulated Katherine. Filled her head with all these lies until finally it worked, and she turned against Damon” I scoff lightly.

I didn’t believe a single word that came out of Caroline’s mouth. I bet Damon just told her this cause she knew she would spill, he wanted Elena to know. “That sounds like one persons side of the story, meaning Damon’s” Elena says, trying to defend Stefan.

“I just wanted you to know” “Anyway, his past relationships are none of my business” Elena says shaking whatever feeling off her.

“Unless he’s a calculating manipulative liar. That is your business ” Bonnie comments. “Stefan is none of those thing” Elena scolds. “Yeah? How do you know?” Bonnie shoots back. Elena purses her lips and try’s to think of any answer but doesn’t come up with one.

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Friday Night Bites - 4

It’s the next night and everyone is reunited at the school. Everyone is crowded in, about to celebrate the football teams first game, and Tanner the football coach is giving a speech.

Stefan and I exchanged numbers last night at Elenas place, he texted me last night saying he had an idea to protect Elena. He gave her a locket, filled with vervain. He got the idea from my locket, I steal glances at the locket right now.

It’s silver, with a single red ruby encrusted in it. It’s pretty I’ll give him that. And a good precaution, I don’t need Damon using anymore of my friends.

Above the noise, I faintly hear screaming, fighting. Everyone notices and I make my way through the crowded to see what was going on. Tyler is on top of Jeremy, hitting him, while Vicki is screaming at the both of them.

“Tyler, Stop!” I rush to her side and grab a hold of her, and start screaming at both men.

“Stop it, Tyler!”

They don’t listen and instead keep brawling like cats. Stefan comes and grabs a hold of Tyler, Tyler in turn punches him in the stomach.

Jermey who is now regaining balance gets up and grabs a hold of a piece of a glass beer bottle. “Jeremy, No!” I scream, aware of his intentions.

He goes to hit Tyler with it, but Stefan grabs him, the glass cutting into his hand. “Jeremy enough!” Elena screams as she pulls him away.

I look at Vicki with worry. “Are you okay? Did they hurt you?” I ask looking her over. She shakes her head, and I wrap an arm around her, giving her a hug.

I look as Elena inspects Jermey, and he pushes her away, storming off. Vicky looks at him with fear. Tyler is being held off by the other football players, and Elena goes to Stefan to check his hand.

She grabs his hand in inspect the cut, she furrows her brows in confusion and looks up at Stefan. He says something to her that I can’t quite hear, when Stefan leaves her side she stares after him in confusion. I turn towards Vicki “Come on, let’s go watch the game”

I walk side by side with Matt and Stefan. I had to leave Vicki with her friends because I’m a cheerleader and I have to perform.

“You gonna be able to play?” Matt asks Stefan. “Oh, yeah. I’m good”

“Uh, what you did back there…you had Jeremy’s back” Matt says coming to a stop, facing Stefan. “Ah, he’s a messed up kid. Someone’s gotta look out for him” Matt nods.

“I know. This week at practice, I was a dick” Stefan smiles a little. “You had your reasons”

“No excuse” He holds a hand out and Stefan takes it. “Good luck tonight. We’re lucky to have you” I smile at the exchange. I pat Matt on the shoulder.

“See you on the field”

He nods and smiles makes his way to the locker rooms. I turn to Stefan. “I’m gonna go find Elena before we start” He nods and I turn to go but stop when I hear clapping.

“Isn’t That Nice” I turn along with Stefan to see Damon leaning against the wall. “Stefan joins a team. Makes a friend. It’s all so ‘Rah, Rah, Go Team, Yeah!’ Isn’t it mermaid?”

I scowl at the nickname. “Not tonight, I’m done with you” Stefan says turning away, I turn with him and gasp in shock when Damon appears in front of us.

“Nice trick with Elena. Let me guess-vervain in the necklace?” He asks Stefan before turning to me and eyeing my locket. “Same with you"  He turns to Stefan.

"I admit, I was a bit surprised. It’s been a while since anyone could resist my compulsion” He says with a smirk. “Where’d you get it?” He asks.

“Does it matter?” I respond, and walk past him. “Guess I could seduce her the old-fashion way. Or I could her” Stefan and I stop and turn to Damon.

Anger spilling from my face. “No. Your not gonna hurt her, Damon” “No?” Damon’s asks. “Because deep down inside. There is a part of you that feels for her”

I’m taken back by what Stefan just said. Even Damon is. Seriously, he has feelings? I’d love to see that.

“I was worried that you had no humanity, left inside you. That you may have really become the monster that you pretend to be”

“Who’s pretending?” Damon shoots back.

“Then kill me”

“Well I’m tempted”

“No Your not. You’ve had lifetimes to do it, and here I am, still alive. And there you are. You’re still haunting me. After 145 year”

I look away and do the mental math, 162 years old. Wow. I look back when Stefan brings up his ex.

“Katherine is Dead, and you hate me, because you loved her, and you torture me because you still do. And that, my brother, that is your humanity” The both stare at each other

Stefan like if he just won, and Damon who is pissed. “Salvatore!” Calls out a voice Tanner. We all turn to see him standing by the door.

He approaches us with arms outstretched.

“What the hell? We’ve got a game to play!” Stefan ignores him and turns back to Damon.

“If that’s my humanity..then what’s this?” In a swift motion he pushes past us and goes towards Tanner. Biting him in the neck.

“No!” I scream and try to run to him but Stefan grabs me and holds be back, wrapping his arms around my waist to pull me back and I struggle against him.

Damon let’s go of Tanner and let’s his body slump down. I gasp and cover my mouth to stop a sob from escaping.

“Anyone, any time, any place” Damon threatens. His eyes bloodshot and his mouth and teeth covered with Tanners blood. “Let me go!” I yell at Stefan as I try to break from his grasp.

“He’s dead Ariel!” I collapse against him and sob. Tanner was a dick but he didn’t deserve to die. “Come on, we got go” He says and leads me to the women’s bathroom.

I rush inside and go to one of the empty stalls and throw up my dinner. I just witnessed murder. I just saw Damon kill Tanner.

“You okay in there?” Stefan asks from outside. “Define okay!” I shot back as I get up and flush the toilet.

I head to the sink and wash my face. I must have been inside the bathroom for hours cause when I come out the cops have already come and are taking Tanners body away.

Stefan heard with his vampire hearing that Matt found him, when he told me, I immediate run to find him.

He’s sitting in the back of a truck. I rush to him and grab a hold of his hands and will him to look at me. “Are you okay?” I ask, my voice cracking at the end. He nods slight

“Yeah, I’m fine” I don’t believe him and hoist myself up to his side, resting my head on his shoulder.

When we get home, both Matt and Vicki pass out after the events that happened today. I try sleeping but I can’t. I keep seeing Damon’s face, Tanners body, Eventually, like at 4 in the morning, I fall asleep.

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Chapter 4: The Lucis-Caelum Council

“Who’s the kid?” He asked Noctis.

Noctis glanced back at Prompto before sighing softly. “My guest… indefinitely.” 

That admission had Gladio glance back at the Prince’s face. “Not like you to show such compassion to your food.” 

“He’s not food. It’s… complicated.” As much as he wanted to explain the situation, he felt that he could not adequately. Even he was still unsure of the details regarding Prompto’s relationship with Somnus.  

For the longest time Gladio stared at Noctis. “There are a lot more scents in here tonight. Old ones.” He finally said after some time. “There’s been a few rumors going around.” He turned his attention back to the young hunter already putting a few thoughts together. “And then him appearing… is it true?” 

“Yeah…” The Prince said after some time. “Dad’s gone, and the council already made their move.” 

Gladio narrowed his eyes. He had feared if such a scenario would happen as he already knew that many didn’t approve of Noct’s very existence. “And?” 

“It’s been settled for the time being.” 

But even as he said it, the lycan still couldn’t help but hang onto the choice of words. Settled was very subjective. “Noct…” 

“It’s fine Gladio… nothing will happen to me for now. Uncle saw to that.” 

The man clearly wasn’t convinced and wanted to argue the point further when a howl echoed through the forest. Gladio immediately went to the window listening to the message. “Seems my old man is calling. Looks like I’ve got trouble of my own.” There was a lot that he wanted to ask Noctis but it would have to wait. He glanced back at the Prince. “Watch your back… I don’t have to tell you that it’s going to be a challenging time for you.”

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Friday Night Bites - 1


I dart up the second I come to and take a look at my surroundings.

I’m in a room, huge, kind of vintage like. Oh my god, I’m at the boarding house, I realize. The door opened and Damon walked in.

My breath hitches and I quickly jump off the bed. “Stay a way from me!” I yelled backing away with every step he took. He only smirks, a sinister smirk.

He’s enjoying this.

The door bursts open and both Stefan and Zach appear. “Damon let her go!” Zach demands. I turn to him, my eyes wide and scared.

“You know I can’t do that Zach. She knows. Well a part of it anyway” Damon turns his eyes on me and grabs my chin in his hands.

I grab his wrist and try to pry him off me but his hand is like stone, no matter how much I pull he won’t let go. “Come on. You know what I’m talking about. What attacked Vicky?” I swallow the lump of fear in my throat before responding.

“An animal” I say, my voice quivering. Damon drops my chin and takes a few steps back, shaking his head and making a ‘tsk’ sound with his tongue.

“No. What did she say attacked her that night?” I thought about it for a second, remembering how when Vicky woke up she muttered the word vampire.

But that’s impossible, Right?


“Ding ding ding" He said, a twist smile forming on his face. “Vicky was drunk. She was stone. She wasn’t thinking straight” I said, rambling.

What the hell is his game?! Damon simply shook his head. “Oh I promise you there real” He said turning to look at me, his eyes turned red and veins popped out like on the roof. He opened his mouth to revel to large fangs.

I screamed as he grabbed me. He turned me around and held me right in front of him, keeping me pined against him. I stared at both Stefan and Zach.

I kept myself as composed as I possible could, not wanting to break down right here in front of them. Damon grabs my arm and lifts it up making me shiver, I close my eyes and try not to cry.

“Damon!” Stefan warns, his eyes never leaving Damon’s. Damon doesn’t respond, instead he brings my arm up to him and bites my wrist. I scream when I feel his teeth sink in and the blood run.

When he drops my arm and lets me go, I stumble forward. Zach grabs me and pulls me up and away from Damon. I cradle my arm against my chest if only to stop the bleeding and look up at Damon in horror.

Oh my god! This is crazy! He’s…he’s a WHAT!

Damon grins and wipes his mouth clean of my blood. Stefan growls and moves away from me and Zach and towards Damon. “Get out of here” He says, more like demands. Damon shrugs. “Might as well. I have plans anyway” He says, before speeding away.

Speeding? How did he?

Zach grabs my arm and pulls me out of the room and to the living room. He sits me down and inspects my bleeding wrist. “First Aid Kit!” He yells at Stefan. I expect him to take a while but he throws the kit at the couch in second.

Zach grabs it and stars dabbing cotton at the wound. I turn my head to the side to see Stefan leaning against the far wall. He has his arms crossed and is staring down. His eyes are the Same red that Damon’s where and his veins are popped.

The burning sensation on my wrist is what makes me hiss and turn back to Zach, who is now wrapping my arm in bandages. “What are they?” I ask, I whisper not wanting Stefan to hear. Not like he can from where he’s standing but he hears nonetheless.

Zach doesn’t respond right away. Instead he picks up the blood soaked Cotton and throws them away in a trash can, placing books on top of it to block the sent.

“What is going on!” I demand, looking at Zach. He looks at my shirt which is stained with my blood.

“Stefan” He calls out, stefan goes and come back with a shirt. Zach grabs it and picks me up, leading me down the hallway into a bathroom.

“Zach what are they?” I ask again. He sighs and looks me in the eye. “I will explain everything. Right now just change, please” I do what he says.

He steps out and leaves me to change into the shirt Stefan got me. It’s his. That much I can tell, it’s to big on me. When I step back into the living room, Stefan has calmed down. His eyes are back to his regular color and he looks composed.

Zach motions for me to sit and I do, staring at Stefan in the process. I cross my arms and lean back in the couch. “Someone care to explain?” Stefan takes the seat next to me and I flinch. “Damon and I are vampires” I scoff.

“Yeah, That much I can tell” I say and lift my wrist up to prove my point. He asked questions early tonight and now it’s my turn.

“How are you vampires?” He sighs

“We were killed with vampire blood in our system. We might look like we’re 17 and 25 but we’re much older”

“How older?”

“More then a 100 years old” I draw my breath. Wow. He was old. But he looked so young.

“What was Damon trying to do to me? To Vicky?” I ask, his name in my mouth sounds weird. I drew his name out quickly.

“He was trying to compel you. He did it to Vicky. Think of it as hypnotic powers”

“But they didn’t work on me” I turn to look at Zach before back at Stefan. “Why?” He shrugs and leans back, crossing his arms.

“Best guess you have vervain in your system”

“Vervain?” I ask, furrowing my brows in confusion. “What is that?”

“It’s an herb, usually in tea. The locals put that in the peoples stuff sometimes”

“I don’t even like tea. I haven’t had tea all day" This time he frowns.

He breaks my gaze and looks down at my locket. My hand instinctively reaches for it. Tracing the pattern.

“What?” Stefan angels his chin to my locket and looks at Zach. “You put vervain in there. Didn’t you? Clever” I look at Zach in confusion.

“What’s he talking about?” I ask. Zach sighs and crosses his arm, leaning forward on his toes.

“Remember when you came to me? Asking to fix the locket?” I nod recalling the memory. It was a couple of weeks after my mom died.

She was wearing the locket the night she died. It broke. The chain snapped and I had asked Aunt Kelly to take me to Zach’s so he could fix it. When she didn’t take me, I walked all the way to the boarding house. Asked Zach to fix it and he did. I’ve had it ever since

“Well when I fixed it. I put vervain in there. Behind the photo of your mother. To protect you” He adds on.

“Protect me from what?” When he looks away, unable to hold my gaze, something clicks inside. No…your not not serious.

“Are you..trying to say that a..vampire? Killed my mom?“ I ask, tears threatening to come lose if he says yes.

His silence is the answer, "But the..the cops. They said it was an animal attack” I said, my voice thick with tears. Zach shook his head.

“You not remembering. That was the biggest clue. The vampire made you forget”

“Why didn’t it just kill me?” I turn to Stefan. “Your a vampire. Can’t you make me remember?” He shakes his head. “It doesn’t work that way” I stand up and rake a hand through my hair, processing everything I just learned. I turn to Zach.

“I need to go home” He nods and before he can lead me outside, Stefan picked me up and in a flash, sets me down in front of my house. I stumble and raise a hand to my mouth to stop the bile. “You okay?” Stefan asked. I nod.

“Yeah. I’m fine” I said, even I didn’t believe that. Stefan sighed and put his hands in his back pocket. “Listen. I need to know if you’ll keep this a secret. About me and Damon” I scrunch my nose.

“I will. Listen Stefan. You seem like a nice, vampire” I can not believe I just said that.

“but tell Damon to stay away from Vicky. And stay away from my friends” He nods and seeing that this is where the conversation ends, leaves. I groan once I’m alone and go inside the house.

It’s dark and no one is here. I want to call Matt and ask him about Vicky but the sleep is killing me so instead I go to my room. I throw Stefan’s shirt off and toss it in a corner. I’ll return it when I see him, I note down.

I change into Pajamas and the second my head lands on the pillow I’m out cold.

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