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kawacy · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A Second Chance at Life
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caemidraws · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
[studies 21/--]
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redversaillesrose · 2 days ago
Sick and tired of my neck hurting due to causes that aren’t vampire-related.
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siskey · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Someone wise once told me that unfinished art is an artform in itself. 
I had started to draw this DTIYS in July and what time is it now? Shame on me, I made any progress till this day but I decided to share it with you nevertheless and because I tried new style and had a GREAT time and… why not? 
I like it in that raw state itself. 
I hope you like it too.
@ran196242 I made it for you, thanks for your astonishing art and comics, you’re doing amazing job ♡ 
P.S. I’d like to think the painter wasn’t eat, none of them. The painting is not finished yet, coz bois do not follow the human time and they like to pose in front of artists. Their love is timeless after all.
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little-moonbeam-666 · 2 days ago
Fatal Chemistry PART 3
A/N: Sorry for the long wait! I’ve had a rough few days. And now my daughter is sick so I’ve been busy taking care of her. But here it is! Part 3! More Adam smut for your reading pleasure. ANDDDD Part 4 COMING SOON! <3
Warnings: Smut, live cam sex, oral (f receiving), Daddy kink
Tumblr media
He looked up upon hearing your voice. His eyes went wide at the shock of being caught and he stopped stroking his length. Then he gave you a cheeky smile.
“Hey, sweet girl. Why don’t you come over here and help Daddy?” he suggested.
You stayed silent and slowly started to walk towards him. Adam’s eyes were glued to you, watching every step you took. You noticed his gaze lingering on your cleavage that was peeking out from the top of the dark maroon robe. Grinning to yourself,  you slowed your pace and slowly untied the front of the robe, letting it fall open and hang loose over the edge of your shoulders. Your entire front was exposed to his gaze. 
His eyes were glued to your chest as you finally reached him. He reached his hands out to caress your hips, but right as he was about to pull you on to his lap, you dropped to your knees in front of him.
“And what do you think you’re doing down there?” he asked, a sly grin on his lips.
“Helping you.” you said while giving him a knowing smile, false innocence shining in your eyes.
“And how are you going to help me from down there?”
“Like this.” you said.
You leaned forward and darted your tongue out, kitten licking the tip of his penis. Adam groaned as you continued to gently swirl your tongue around the head of his cock. You leaned forward and took the tip in your mouth, sucking slowly as you looked up and made eye contact. Adam’s eyes were blown wide with lust.
“Baby, fuck, your mouth feels like heaven.” he moaned, letting one hand come up to tangle his fingers in your hair.
You relaxed your jaw and slid more of him in your mouth, his tip hitting the back of your throat. You almost gagged but held it back, taking a deep breath through your nose and pushed forward until his cock was sliding down your throat.
The groan that left his lips was damn near pornographic and made your pussy throb with want. You could feel his fingers tighten in your hair, trying his best not to fuck your throat. So you decided to do the work for him.
You slowly began to work your head up and down his shaft, your throat continuing to squeeze him as you went.
“Motherfucker!” he yelled, letting go of your hair and grabbing roughly at the couch cushions, determined not to hurt you.
You continued to bob your head, your hands rested on his thighs to hold you steady. After only a couple minutes of steady fucking him with your throat, Adam gently pulled you off his cock. When you looked up at him his breathing was labored and his eyes were shut tight.
“Why’d you stop me, Daddy?” you asked, innocence lacing your voice.
“You know why, baby.” he huffed, finally looking down at you. “Now get up here and sit on my cock.”
You happily obliged, standing up and straddling his lap. His cock was pressing against your core, your juices lubricating his entire length in mere seconds.
You lined yourself up with his weeping cock and slowly slid down, feeling your walls stretch around his thick shaft. You and Adam moaned together at the feeling. Adam was right on the edge from the previous blowjob and your cunt was still sore from the round of sex you’d had only hours before. 
Rocking your hips gently, you set a slow pace. Your hands held onto his shoulders as you moved, staring into his eyes. His hands gripped your hips tightly, guiding you as you rode his cock.
“Mmm little one, you feel so good.” he moaned, leaning forward to press his lips against yours.
You didn’t remember the last time kissing had ever turned you on this much. The two of you making out like horny teenagers was sending electric currents straight through you, making your pussy flutter around him. With every lick of his tongue and every suck from his lips, you got wetter and wetter as you continued to bounce gently on his hard cock.
You kissed him until you were breathless, letting Adam’s hands guide you on his lap. The coil in your belly was beginning to wind tight, the feeling of his pubic bone rubbing repeatedly over your clit almost too much to handle.
“Adam…” you whimpered. It was a small warning but Adam understood.
“It’s ok, baby girl. Cum for me. I’m right there with you!” he gasped, rocking up into you and pulling your hips down a little harder.
You buried your head in his neck as you felt your orgasm wash over you, Adam going over the edge with you. His hands gripped your ass tight as he came and he trailed his nose over your throat, smelling the white hot adrenaline coursing through your veins as you came down off your orgasmic high. 
You shuddered in his arms as you lay your head down on his shoulder. His arms wrapped around you, holding you against him as your breathing bagan to even out again. You both stayed silent for several minutes, just basking in the afterglow of your love making.
“Are you ok?” he whispered, running his hands gently under the robe to trace up and down your spine.
“Perfect.” you answered, sitting up to look at him.
“Sorry you had to walk in on that.” he said, giving you a weak smile but not looking you in the eyes.
“Babe, it’s fine. I was asleep.” you chuckled. “But next time, feel free to wake me up.”
He finally looked at you and smiled.
“I’ll be sure to wake you next time, my love.”
You braced yourself on Adam’s shoulders and gently lifted yourself off his softening length. Adam hissed at the feeling, his cock still sensitive post orgasm. You got off his lap and plopped yourself beside him, not caring that the robe was still wide open. 
“Adam?” you mused, leaning your head on his shoulder.
“Yes, baby?”
“Can I ask you some questions? Like about being a vampire?”
“Sure, go ahead.”  he said, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you to his side.
“How often do you have to… ya know, drink blood?”
“Well, I drink nightly. But I could go for about 4 or 5 days before it starts to get to me. Maybe a week if I try really hard.”
You nodded your head in understanding before your eyebrows scrunched together in confusion.
“Where do you get the blood from? You don’t have someone locked in your basement do you?” you asked in a joking manner. Adam laughed.
“No, darling, I don’t have anyone locked in my basement. I have a source at the hospital where I get it from. About 10 thermos’ at a time so I only have to go retrieve it once a month. Not sure if you noticed, but there’s a small refrigerator in my room. That’s where I keep it.” he answered.
So basically he had a fridge full of chilled blood in his bedroom. And for some reason that didn’t bother you one bit. Then a thought hit you. Wouldn’t he prefer to drink straight from the source and not from a glass? Would he ever want to drink from you? Adam noticed you were deep in thought.
“You’re thinking too loud, my dear.”
“Sorry.” you mumbled. “I was just thinking about… something.”
“Pray tell, darling.” he said, chuckling slightly. He could only imagine what that brain of yours was conjuring up. You took a deep breath, hoping it would quell your nerves about what you wanted to ask him.
“Well…” you started. It came out as a whisper. “Would you ever, ya know, drink… from.. me?”
Adams' eyes went wide. He almost couldn’t believe that you had asked him that. He wasn’t offended by any means. Just shocked. What normal person would willingly ask a vampire if they would drink their blood? Apparently you, but you weren’t a ‘normal’ person either. You were special.
“Sweetheart, you don’t want that.” he said, turning to look at you. You lifted your head to look at him as well.
“Why not?”
Well… Adam couldn’t think of a reason. He had more self control than any other vampire he’d known. He knew his limits and also knew he could stop himself once he’d started. He had no real reason to tell you that it wasn’t a possibility.
“Would it hurt?” you whispered, glancing up at him through your eyelashes. He sighed.
“The initial bite would hurt a bit. Only for a moment.” he said quietly. “But then it’d be pure euphoria.”
You thought about what he said, smiling a bit before leaning forward and pressing a chaste kiss against his jaw.
“Will you drink from me?” you asked, pulling away from him and giving him a small smile.
Adam wanted to say yes. He was more than tempted to give in and take a bite out of you. The smell of your blood called to him. He knew your blood would be mouth wateringly delicious. But there were too many risks that came with drinking your blood. If he couldn’t control himself once he tasted you, you would die. But even if he gained that control back, even just a few seconds too late, he would have no choice but to let you turn into a vampire. He didn’t like those options. He wanted his precious little zombie to live.
“Darling, please don’t make me answer that.” he said, a long sigh leaving his lips. “It’s tempting, darling, but I would never want to hurt you.”
“I love you.” you whispered, nudging his cheek with your nose.
“And I love you, little one.” he replied. “So much.”
You both stayed cuddled up on the couch for probably another hour before you decided you should actually go to bed. When you got up, Adam looked confused.
“I have to go shopping later, babe. Your little zombie needs food to survive.” you explained. 
He nodded his head in understanding, letting you make your way out of the room and down the hall. Listening closely, he noticed that you entered his room instead of your own. He couldn’t help but smile to himself and shook his head incredulously. He’d really gone and fallen in love with a zombie.
Several weeks had gone by and your schedule was now lined up with Adams. Up all night and sleep all day.
You had done a couple cam shows since you and Adam became a couple. And Adam watched all of them from the other side of your room, where your cameras couldn’t see him. At first, the thought of you continuing doing these shows didn’t sit well with him. But with a little encouragement, Adam sat in on your shows and enjoyed every second of them. Especially knowing that after the cameras were off, he’d be the one holding you. He’d be the one cleaning you up. He’d be the one you fell asleep next to.
You’d just prepared yourself for another show, your dark green lingerie complimenting your skin. Your hair hung in loose bouncy curls around your shoulders, cascading down your back. Your makeup was perfect, winged eyeliner so sharp you could cut someone. Movement in your doorway quickly caught your attention.
“Adam! Are you gonna watch tonight?” you asked, going up to your shirtless boyfriend, standing on your tiptoes and wrapping your arms around his neck.
“Actually, I was thinking…” he started. You looked up at him confused, your lower lip forming a small pout. But Adam put an end to that. “Don’t pout at me, little girl. It’s nothing bad, love. Just, do you remember a couple weeks ago when you asked me if I’d ever be willing to join you on your live stream?”
You nodded your head and bit your lower lip to stifle a smile. You had a pretty good idea of where this was going and you’d be damned if you let this opportunity pass you by. 
“Well, I’ll do it if you really want me to.” he said.
“Yay! Oh my god, Adam, thank you! This is gonna be so hot! They’re gonna love it!” you squealed excitedly.
He leaned down, pressing his lips against yours, his hands gripping your waist. He gently began to walk you backwards towards your bed while his tongue worked its way into your mouth. Once your knees hit the edge of your bed, you slowly separated your lips from his.
“Let me get the camera set up. There’s only a few minutes before we need to start.”
Adam reluctantly stepped back, watching you crawl to the foot of your bed to adjust the camera and make sure your computer was set up. You were on all fours as you got everything set up. Adam sat down on your bed, sitting back against the headboard and admired your ass.
“Adam, I can practically feel you staring.” you giggled.
“I can’t help it. It’s just so nice… and spankable.”
You sat back, everything having been adjusted to your liking. You turned to Adam, excitement shining in your eyes.
“Are you ready?”
He nodded.
“As I’ll ever be.”
You double checked the time and quickly adjusted your bra and panties to look their best. Then you scooched forward to sit directly in front of your computer. You turned the camera on and made sure that you were positioned correctly. Only your face, chest, and boobs were in the camera frame, currently blocking Adam from view. Then you turned to look over your shoulder and gave Adam a cheeky smile before you turned back to your computer and pressed a button. You were live.
You smiled at the camera, making sure to push your boobs together as you waited for your viewers to log in. After a couple minutes of flirtatious smiles and a few small hello’s as people logged on, you were ready to begin.
“Hey guys! I’m so excited for tonight's live! I have a surprise tonight and I think you all are gonna enjoy it.”
The comments section went off. You smiled as you read some of their guesses at what the surprise could be.
“I haven’t seen anyone guess it yet, so I guess I’ll tell you.” you giggled, purposely making your breasts jiggle. “I have a special guest with me tonight!”
Again, the dinging of the comments section went crazy. Most of the comments were suggesting that it was maybe another female. You’d done that in the past, so it wouldn’t have been unusual for you.
“Nope. It’s not one of my girl friends, but someone even closer to me. Do you guys remember when my roommate caught me while I was on live several weeks ago? Well we’ve talked, and fucked… alot, and I asked him to do a show with me… and he agreed!” you said, bouncing excitedly like a child.
You peered behind you, still blocking Adam from view, and gave him a gentle smile. It was a silent question, asking if he was ready to be seen. He smiled back and gave you a small nod.
You began to scooch back on the bed, further away from the camera and exposing Adam.
“Everyone meet Adam! He’s gonna eat me out and fuck my pussy until I’m sore. Right, baby?” you asked, sweetly, sitting up on your knees next to him and leaning over to peck his cheek.
“You’re damn right I am.” he replied, bringing his fingers under your chin, pulling your lips to his.
You slowly kissed him back, angling your head to make sure the camera caught everything. Adams hands gently skimmed down your lace clad body, stopping at your waist. He slipped his tongue in your mouth briefly before pulling away and pushing gently at your waist, silently telling you to lie down.
You moved so you were closer to the camera and layed down diagonally on your bed. Your body was still in the frame, but your clothed core was now the center of attention. Adam got up and maneuvered himself before kneeling on the far edge of the bed. He was mostly out of frame but would be in it once he leaned down.
Adam gently trailed his hands up your legs, only stopping to play with the edge of your panties, teasing you. You let out a huff and gently bucked your hips, eager for Adam to continue.
“Adam, please.” you whimpered.
“Anything for you, baby.” he said, gripping your panties and ripping them down your legs.
You moaned as the cool air hit your dripping slit, your legs spreading immediately, giving your viewers a perfect shot of your wet cunt.
“Fuck. Isn’t she pretty?” Adam said, gently running his hands up your thighs to your pussy, his thumbs spreading open your lower lips. The dinging from the comments went insane.
He continued to tease you, running a single finger up and down your slit, still holding you open for everyone to see. You let out a loud moan as Adams finger began to circle your hole.
He laughed and continued his teasing, collecting some of your juices on his fingers before trailing them up to your hidden clit. He gently pushed back the hood, exposing your engorged little bud to his gaze. You bucked your hips, desperate for any form of friction he would give you.
“Do you want my tongue, baby girl?” he asked, leaning forward, his breath fanning over your pussy. You moaned and nodded your head.
“Nuh uh, words, baby.” he demanded, not giving in to your silence.
“Fuck, yes, Adam! Please! Lick my pussy!” you moaned, arching your back. He chuckled darkly.
“Well since you asked so nicely.”
He used his one hand to push your thighs further apart, making sure the camera would be able to see everything he did. He leaned forward, pressing a small kiss to your exposed clit, making your jump. He laughed and stuck his tongue out, circling the small sensitive bud before taking it in his mouth and suckling on it.
“Oh fuck!” you yelled, looking down, only to see Adam’s eyes staring right back up at you as he continued to suck on your clit. He hummed, the vibrations causing your thighs to shake.
“Mmmmm Adam!” you moaned, tossing your head back.
Your moans were all the encouragement he needed. He proceeded to eat you out like your life depended on it. His tongue varied from flicking over your clit to pushing in and out of your wet hole, always making sure to keep his head angled correctly so he didn’t block the view of the camera. His fingers continuously stroked your outer folds and the crease of your thighs. You were completely on edge by the time he pulled his face away from your cunt. His mouth and chin were glistening with your juices.
“Mmm sweetheart, you have no idea how delicious your pussy is.” he said, standing up and beginning to undo his belt and pants before sliding them down his legs.
You took this moment to glance over at your comments section. They were going wild. They absolutely loved the show you and Adam were putting on.
Adam kneeled on the bed, moving to hover above you. He leaned down, his lips finding yours for a sweet kiss. You could feel his cock nudging at your entrance. You wiggled underneath him, a silent plea for him to fuck you. You were desperate to feel him inside you and you didn’t want to wait any longer.
“Adam, I need you inside me!” you whined. He smirked, nudging your nose with his.
“I know, baby. Are you ready for Daddy’s cock?” he asked, smiling down at you.
He reached down and pushed your legs up, instructing you to hold your knees so you would stay spread open for the camera to see.
“Look at that sweet little cunt. I’m gonna fucking ruin you.” he growled before snapping his hips against yours.
The scream that left your throat was music to Adam’s ears. He fucked you hard and fast, barely giving you any time to breathe.You could only gasp, your lungs desperate for air but at the same time, you didn’t want him to stop. You could feel his length stretching your walls and his tip pounding against your cervix. He was so deep you could practically feel him in your stomach.
You took your chances in glancing down at where the two of you were connected, only to moan loudly at the sight. With every thrust inside you, you could see your lower belly protruding around his tip.
“God! Adam! You fuck me so good!” you moaned.
“That’s it, love. Tell everyone who you belong to!”
“You! I belong to you, Daddy!”
“That’s right, baby girl. You belong to Daddy. This soaked little cunt belongs to Daddy!”
His words sent waves of arousal through your body. Your nipples hardened against his chest as he brutally fucked you senseless. The dinging from your computer was almost forgotten as your eyes rolled back and you tried to hold off your impending orgasm.
You were unaware of how much time had gone by. Adam had switched your positions several times, first he’d flipped you on to your hands and knees, fucking you roughly from behind as he left hand prints on your ass. And now he was laying down on his back with you riding him, your ass to the camera so your viewers could see your pussy as it stretched around his cock.
You continued to bounce, slamming yourself down on his length harder as you felt your orgasm approaching. Adam must have sensed it.
“You gonna cream all over my dick? Huh, baby? Fuck that’s right, cum for me!”
His words sent you over the edge, your walls fluttering erratically around his length, a pornographic moan leaving your lips. Adam quickly followed suit, snapping his hips up into yours and shooting his hot cum inside you. About 10 seconds passed as you got your breathing under control and you slowly lifted yourself off his dick, reaching back with one hand to spread yourself apart. The dings went off like crazy as Adams cum dripped out of your swollen pussy.
You rolled yourself to the side and giggled as you sat up, smiling at the camera and bidding them goodbye. After you’d signed off your live stream and shut your computer, you moved to lay back down with Adam. He hadn’t moved an inch.
“Are you ok?” you asked quietly.
“Mhmm.” he answered, barely audible.
“Did you enjoy it?”
He turned his head to the side and opened his eyes to look at you.
“Yes, Darling, I did.”
He shut his eyes again, still not moving. This wasn’t like Adam. Normally he’d be up trying to smother you with his aftercare. And no, you weren’t complaining that he was super attentive to your needs after sex, but he really was a bit smothering with it. But now Adam was silent and unmoving. Something was wrong.
“Adam, what’s wrong? You’re not acting like yourself.” you said, reaching over and tracing your fingers over his chest. Adam hummed in disapproval.
“You noticed that, did you? Darling, I’ve never been more myself than I am right now.”
“What do you mean?” you asked, confused.
He looked over at you and smiled, his fangs on display. You could feel your pulse accelerate and Adam laughed. He knew you weren’t afraid of him, but that his fangs turned you on.
“Do you have any idea how fucking badly I wanted to bite you when you orgasmed? The smell of your blood pumping through your veins as you came hard around my cock was fucking intoxicating. The only thing that stopped me was the fact that there was a camera on us. If I’m being honest, I’m a bit disappointed in myself for even thinking about it. I promised I’d never hurt you, now here I am just casually thinking about drinking my girlfriend's blood.”
Your heart broke at his words. Your sweet, perfect boyfriend was beating himself up over the fact that he wanted to bite you. As a vampire it was in his instincts to want to bite you. He really truly loved you and you appreciated everything he did, but you were about to put an end to his little pity party.
“Bite me.” you said.
Adams head whipped to face you so fast you swore he’d get whiplash.
“You’re crazy.” he said.
“Maybe I am. But I want you to bite me. I have from the start. I know you won’t hurt me. Plus you haven’t had any blood tonight. You need to drink. I want you to drink from me, love.”
“Y/N, you can’t be serious.” he said, sitting up on his elbows and looking at you incredulously.
“I am. I trust you. Please, Adam?” you pouted, sticking out your lower lip. You knew Adam was a sucker for your pouty faces.
“Are you sure, my love?” he whispered, unsure if this was even a good idea.
“I’m sure. You’d never hurt me, baby.”
Adam sighed, flopping back down against the pillows,  not sure if he was going to regret his decision.
“Ok. But let’s shower and get cleaned up first. I want you to be comfortable in my bed when we do this.”
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jordanenthusiast · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
this is dorothy goodman! she was franklin's first wife and was bit in the 1950s - franklin bit her after he was turned into a vampire so they wouldn't have to be apart. being a vampire miraculously didn't dampen her spirits too much. her bat form's species is a little brown bat (and her fur pattern changes based on what clothes she's wearing). as for the second pic... geddit???
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phantomfaust · 2 days ago
I know Nadja thinking fake rat pack was real rat pack when everyone in the real rat pack is dead was a joke but honestly??? The idea of a vampire wanting to catch up with old friends and then realizing it’s been like,,,75 years and they didn’t realize all the time that passed because time works different for them is just,,,heartbreaking and also a very good concept 
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crimsondark · a day ago
Tumblr media
𝕸𝖆𝖗𝖘𝖍𝖎𝖆 𝖁𝖆𝖒𝖕𝖎𝖗𝖊
Instagram: marshiatm
𝖋𝖔𝖑𝖑𝖔𝖜 𝖋𝖔𝖗 𝖒𝖔𝖗𝖊 𝖌𝖔𝖙𝖍 - 𝖉𝖆𝖗𝖐 - 𝖆𝖑𝖙 𝖒𝖔𝖉𝖊𝖑𝖘
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alexspinkhoodie · 2 days ago
31 Days of Halloween Moodboards
Everyday of October I will be creating a moodboard. I made some themes for each day for both myself and others if they are interested! They include some classic horror monsters, some new and classic horror movies, and some other things that make Halloween Halloween. Feel free to loosely follow these prompts or not at all. 
October 1st- Witches
October 2nd- IT (movies/ books/ miniseries/ musical) 
October 3rd- Vampires
October 4th- Clowns
October 5th- Halloweentown (movie)
October 6th- Poltergeist (movie) 
October 7th- Halloween (movies)
October 8th- Carrie (movies/ book/ musical)
October 9th- Fear Street (movies)
October 10th- Pumpkins 
October 11th- Werewolves
October 12th- Trick or Treating and Candy
October 13th- Friday the 13th (movie)
October 14th- Ghosts/ Demons/ Poltergeists 
October 15th- Music
October 16th- Beetlejuice (movie)
October 17th- A Nightmare on Elm Street (movie)
October 18th- The Conjuring (movie series)
October 19th- The Addams Family (movies)
October 20th- Zombies
October 21st- Goosebumps (movies/ books)
October 22nd- Scream (movies)
October 23rd- The Shining (movie/ book)
October 24th- The Corpse Bride (movie)
October 25th- Coraline (movie/ book)
October 26th- Child’s Play (movies)
October 27th- Paranormal Activity (movies)
October 28th- The Exorcist (movie)
October 29th- Bloody Mary and other Horror Legends (ex: Candyman, Veronica, etc)
October 30th- The Nightmare Before Christmas (movie)
October 31st- Horror day AKA Free Day
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rhan-hastur · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Murder, but make it couture 🩸
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bizarrobrain · a day ago
Tumblr media
Artist: Takato Yamamoto
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all-that-jazz-93 · 2 days ago
Pornsite for vampires call that OnlyFangs
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artpotato · 2 days ago
i finally caught up with this show! It's so good!
Tumblr media
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I should write another book but this time I think I should just put the entire book in all caps, and every other page is the lyrics to a Britney Spears song. I should have done that with my first book tbh
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