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sharkidot · a day ago
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Okay but what if I'm super gay and i have a crush on all of them what then
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dookiestain420 · a day ago
okay, hear me out
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Tumblr media
is this not literally spot on
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terock95 · 2 days ago
I've seen some posts running around with the AU where Silco and Vander are raising the children together, but nobody talked about Sevika babysitting the kids when Vander and Silco want a night for themselves
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baoshan · a day ago
my brain is doing circles of emotion thinking about how perfectly Silco's arc was set up, watching Vander make deals with Piltover's Enforcers just to protect his children, Vander solitary in his resolve to do anything to keep his children in harm's way
and at the end of Act 1 that's the great divide between the two of them, because Silco can never understand what it's like for Vander to go to war for his own kids so that he can keep them out of it
but by Act 3 Silco is willing to give up everything for her just so he can protect her which is such a great betrayal to how his character started out bc despite being a great villain he still cannot avoid being so infallibly human
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Hey, if somehow Warwick had a flash of clarity and realized who he is, how do you think the ones he knew would react?
*Vi and Jinx have been cornered by enforcers and are holed up in the now abandoned Last Drop having their own Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid moment. Both are exhausted and hurt*
Vi: Well... fuck...
Jinx: Thought your... girlfriend... would get you out of this.
Vi: She tried... but... but she's indisposed right now.
*Jinx looks up at the door where the small army of enforcers are starting to batter down the door*
Jinx: Any chance that Ekko or... or someone could-
*Vi shakes her head*
*Jinx looks between her sister and the door and then her ruined Atlas gauntlets. A hard and sad look comes over her face.*
Jinx: Well... guess I should clear up my mess.
Vi: Wha-
*Jinx grabs her minigun and aims it at the door*
Jinx: Use the backway.
Vi: Wha- Powder no!
*Jinx revs up her minigun and Vi stands up to try and stop her, but suddenly the pounding at the door stops. Screams of horror and pain sound from outside, coupled with the noises of ripping and tearing flesh... and something huge moving as well.*
*Finally, silence falls, leaving Jinx and Vi staring at the door in fear.*
*A moment later a single blow rips the door off it's hinges and sends it flying. Jinx manages to jump out of the way, but the door destroys her minigun.*
Vi: Shit- Powder!
*she rushes to Jinx, lifting her up and the two turn to the door, and see the hulking nightmare standing there*
*It is Warwick, the Unchained Wrath of Zaum*
Jinx: Well... Cyborg-werewolf... that's new.
*Warwick advances on them and the two back up until their backs are to the bar, and Warwick looms over them*
Vi: Fuck... just, fuck.
Jinx: Heh- kinda always how I wanted to go out.
*There is a long moment of silence as they behold Warwick and he sizes them up*
*slowly, Warwick raises his non-cyborg claw and presses one digit to Vi's chest*
Warwick: argh- rargh- aaack-
Vi: Is- is he trying to-
Warwick: Good... heart.
*Vi freezes, her eyes locking with Warwick's, as though she's trying to see something... familiar*
Warwick: Good heart... never... let it... break.
Vi, tears in her eyes: V- Vander?
Warwick, resting his hand on her shoulder: Good... heart. Vi.
*After a shivering moment, Vi surges forward and locks her arms around Warwick-Vander and starts sobbing incoherently. Warwick-Vander wraps his arms around her as best he can.*
Warwick: Good... girl. Good.
*Warwick looks up and turns his attention to Jinx, who had backed away. Jinx is currently huddled in a corner, terrified eyes filled with tears and shuddering as she stares at the phantom of her past, unable to speak.*
*Warwick advances on Jinx*
Vi: V- vander. Vander! Dad! listen to me! she's not-
*Vi continues to try and reach Vander as he advances on Jinx who remains unable to speak*
*he stops before Jinx, Vi desperately standing between them*
Vi: Vander! Please- please don't- don't hurt-
*Vander easily and gently pushes her aside and closes the distance between him and Jinx. Vi closes her eyes, expecting the worst...*
*Only for Warwick to wraps his arms around Jinx and gently pick up the shell-shocked girl*
Warwick: Not your... fault. Love you. Good... good girl.
*Jinx processes his words for a moment, and then collapses into violent sobbing, burying her face into Warwick's chest and choking out apologies as quickly as she can.*
Warwick: Good girl... sorry I didn't... protect. Love you... always... love you.
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goldfyshie927 · 2 days ago
Can’t stop thinking about Vi walking away from Caitlyn in the rain when she said they’d find a way to fix it and how the last time someone told Vi that, they had died.
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19eyebrows · 23 hours ago
But what if in a happier universe Vander and Silco had stayed friends (brothers... whatever) and raised Vi and Powder/Jinx together? Vi totally being attached to Vander and Powder to Silco. The most chaotic family.
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Been seeing Vander x Silco gay dads AU and just wanted to say that Vander is a very responsible dad who is constantly undermined by his evil twink husband who keeps letting the kids stay up past curfew and encouraging them to break the rules.
If Powder got into a fight, Vander would give her a Real Dad Lecture and a hug, while Silco would just give her $20 and say "Good job"
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rosevela · a day ago
Looking at Powder's hair makes me think that either she was left to tend to it herself or Vi/Vander cut and took care of it for her
Because you can't honestly look me in the eyes and say that her fringe is cut by someone who knows how to
(Considering that she has the same hairstyle until she becomes Jinx I definitely think that Powder’s hairstyle is on Vi)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also these little strands of hair pinned in braid manner by hair clips?? Definitely done by someone who doesn't know what they are doing
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mo0nfairy · 2 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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edomeilair · 13 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WELCOME TO THE PLAYGROUND Okay, fam, we need prompts, STAT!
Leave all those cool, awesome, mundane, outlandish ideas (like an Arcane Star Trek AU, anyone? OR, an 'everyone lives because they really all work at Arcane High School instead of Arcane-death-trap-of-despair AU!' No? Just me then, welp.) floating in your lovely heads at the:
Directions at the POST.
Any ship, character, au, kink, phrase, whatever and however many. WELCOME!
You can fill a prompt however you want: drabbles, long fic, art or gifs, fanmix/playlist, meta, fanvid. ANYTHING GOES!
FAQ, not to be redundant: at the post.
The only remaining question I have is:
Tumblr media
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arcane-ish · 2 days ago
Since Arcane took Silco from me, I’m really gonna need Vander to be part of Arcane season 2 again so I can have another complex morally ambigious father figure type to obsess over. 
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myreygn · 13 hours ago
vi: don't worry, vander won't be able to trace this back to us
mylo: are you kidding, he traces everything back to us! he traces things we didn't even do back to us!
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I find it hilarious to think about how all of them are practically allergic to each other, but the moment someone so much as sneezes in Vi’s general direction, Jinx, Cait, Ekko, and probably even Warwick would give everything to gank the nose-having motherfucker who dared
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