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Vander x Reader-Some Much Needed Comfort
Tumblr media
Warnings-Periods, blood, embarrassment
I hope you all enjoy this! Thank you so much @barbersjoy for this request
Arcane Masterlist / Vander Masterlist
“Morning, my love,” Vander whispered sleepily in Y/n's ear. Y/n was already awake even though her eyes were still closed and the sound of his sleep filled voice sent shivers down her spine. 
“Good morning,” she whispered back, turning slightly to face him, with a small smile on her face. 
Though that smile soon faded when she felt an all too familiar pain. 
“What’s wrong?” Vander asked, the look on Y/n's face, panicking him and waking him up almost instantly. 
Y/n lifted the duvet of the bed up slightly, while sitting up, allowing her to see a small amount of blood covering the sheet of the bed under her. 
“Fuck,” she mumbled, embarrassment washing over her as she tried to work out what to do. 
This just made Vanders worry increase, as he too sat up in bed, “Y/n?” 
“Period,” she answered quietly, not daring to meet Vanders eyes, terrified that he was going to be mad at her for getting blood on the sheets. 
Vanders eyes softened as he leaned over to her, placing a kiss on the side of her head before getting up from the bed.
“Where are you going..?” She asked, her fears continuing to fester away in her brain. 
“To run you a bath,” he replied warmly, disappearing into the bathroom. 
When Y/n returned from the bathroom, she noticed the sheets had been changed, and that her favorite snacks were on the nightstand next to the bed, along with a glass of water and some pain medication. 
“Sorry love, I didn’t know what you’d want so I got everything I could think of,” Vander cooed in her ear, wrapping his arms around her waist as he placed a soft kiss on the side of her head once again.
“You didn’t have to-,” Y/n began, in complete awe that he had done this for her. No one else she had ever been with would’ve done this, especially not after getting blood on the sheets. But here Vander was, being an absolute sweetheart.
“Of course I did,” he interrupted, squeezing her waist lightly. 
“I’m sorry about the sheets,” Y/n mumbled, leaning back against Vanders large frame.
“Don’t worry about it, darl,” he whispered in her ear, sensing the unease in her voice. He knew her, probably better than he knew anybody else, so he knew the thoughts that were already flying around in her brain. But he truly meant what he said. He didn’t want her to worry about any of it. This was all natural, he knew that and it didn’t bother him in the slightest, “You don’t need to apologise for anything.”
Y/ns period was not playing any games today; it was the first day and it was certainly the most painful period she’d had in months. 
She felt tired, sick, hungry, hormonal and the cramps were near unbearable.
It just wasn’t going to be a good week, this was only the first day. She knew that the pain was going to get a lot worse before it got better. 
A sigh left her lips as she walked up the stairs towards the bustling bar, forcing a smile onto her face as she opened the door, the sound of laughter and chatter filling the room. 
“What are you doing down here?” Vander asked, before Y/n could move more than two steps away from the door.
“I’ve got to work Vander,” was all Y/n said, attempting to get past Vander. Not that she got very far. 
He could see how much pain she was in and the last thing he wanted to do was put her under any unnecessary stress. 
“You’re in pain,” he whispered, lightly grabbing her wrist, halting her steps. 
“I’m fine,” she protested, her stubbornness taking over. The bar was already getting busy and Y/n wanted to help, though she couldn’t deny the pain she was in. 
She just wanted to sleep.
“Go back to bed, darl, I can handle tonight,” 
“The bars already half full,”
“I’ll be able to handle it,” Vander assured her, capturing her lips in a quick kiss before she could argue with him about it. 
“Are you sure…?” She mumbled against his lips. She felt awful about leaving him on his own, but he had been running this bar for a long time on his own so she knew that he could handle it, easily. 
“Of course I’m sure, now, go back to bed and get some rest,” he ordered gently, giving her another quick kiss before heading back to the bar as Y/n headed back to bed.
Vander carefully opened the door to his and Y/ns bedroom, quietly beginning walking over to the bed, trying not to wake her. 
As he got a little closer towards the bed, he heard Y/n whisper, “It’s okay I’m awake”
Without wasting any time Vander quickly walked over to the bed, wondering if she’d gotten any sleep at all.
“How’re you feeling, love,” he asked softly, sitting down on the edge of the bed, his hand caressing her cheek softly.
“Tired and in pain,” she mumbled back, leaning into his warm touch. Y/n wanted nothing more than for the pain to stop and to get some sleep. Y/n wished she could say that the reason she wasn’t already asleep was because of the noise that was coming from the bar, but that was a lie. Even after she’d taken some pain medication she still couldn’t drift off. No matter what she did, she couldn’t get comfortable in her bed, not only were her period cramps causing her great discomfort but her back ached and however she tried to lie in bed just made the aching worse.
“This month is really doing a number on ya, huh?” 
Vander knew that every month was different for Y/n, sometimes she’d barely be in any pain at all, and then there were times like this. 
He just wished he could take the pain away from her, he hated seeing her like this knowing that realistically there wasn’t anything he could really do to ease the pain.
“And it’s only the beginning,”
“Come here,” Vander cooed; lightly tugging Y/n's hand as she crawled into his lap. Not only was Vamder quite a large man, he was also hot, kind of like a human furnace. 
“This feel a bit better?” He asked, in a quiet tone as his hands rested softly along her stomach and pelvis, the warmth of his hands easing the cramps she was experiencing. 
“Mmmmhmmm,” was all Y/n could answer as she leaned back against him, Vander lit up his pipe as Y/n relaxed into him, her eyes slowly closing as she thought about how lucky she was to have Vander in her life.
And that’s where the two stayed, even after Y/n had drifted off to sleep. He couldn't bring himself to move her, he didn’t want to awaken her when she needed sleep the most. 
So he just stayed there, with his one arm wrapped around her until sleep eventually took hold of him too.
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Tumblr media
A big thanks to everyone that came to support me! I still have a lot to learn but I'm glad you all liking my work!!
To celebrate I decided to let you choose the drabble starter ♡
You can ask for any Arcane character you would like and also from LoL this time. I'll take it as a challenge ☆
Tumblr media
Please be patient because I still have some requests on my queue ^^
And if you would like to support me I have ko-fi page linked to the bio. [There is some extra art ]
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I loved the morning after hc! It was so wholesome 🥲
I'll just ask for one more scenario if it's no trouble? Can you do the arcane characters when the reader smacks their ass as they pass by and says something flirty? You don't need to do this if you're not comfortable writing it!
No trouble at all! Sorry this is late, I’ve had midterms. Here they are!
Arcane Characters + Reader Smacking their Ass
implied sex but sfw
with: Viktor, Jayce, Silco, Vander, Ekko, Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Sevika and Mel
gender/body neutral
Viktor will never admit that he yelped, but he did, like you stepped on a cat’s tail. He is bright cherry red, up to his ears and stretching to under his collar. You know from experience he blushes down to his chest. If you’re at home he mostly just laughs and brushes it aloof, if you’re in public he will just fucking die. He will pass away.
“Hello my love, I— ah! What— ah, um. Haha, alright then.”
No matter where you are, Jayce is kinda mad. No talk he, he angy. If you’re at home, he wants more, if you’re in public, he’s worried about his reputation. He isn’t uncomfortable with it, but he does think it’s a little juvenile I guess? There are other ways to get his attention which he prefers. If you notice he’s particularly needy that day, well, that doesn’t mean anything.
“Oh hey, you— hey! Ugh, you’re so immature— I am not blushing! Cut it out!”
You can’t do this to Silco and get away with it. He will pay you back, and you won’t like it when he does (in a sexy way where you actually will). He’s super not chill about it. In private he might let it slide, but do it in public and you’re in a fucking lot of trouble. He tries to recover by rolling his eyes and coughing but it doesn’t work, he’s so pale you can see him flushing from miles off.
“You think you’re so fucking cute— just you wait. I’ll make you eat those words.”
It’s less fun to do this to Vander because he just barely reacts. He might like chuckle or make some comment to his friends if they’re around. He genuinely doesn’t mind, he thinks its cute and its mostly harmless. If you make a truly raunchy comment he may blush a little but he mostly doesn’t mind. He won’t smack your ass in return but he may pinch it; he’s a grabber not a slapper.
“No, hey, I’m— ah, see, this one keeps me in line. Hi there, darl.”
Ekko thinks this is so funny. He will laugh his ass off and then try to get you back. It’s turned into a game between you on who can say the stupidest thing/who can catch the other the most off guard. A bunch of the other Firelights are keeping score for you, it’s a thing. He likes to check in with you sometimes to make sure you’re still comfortable with it, which is when he’s most vulnerable for a strike. >:)
“Hey honey, what’s— FUCK. Gods damn it, you got me. You caught me unprepared this time, never again.”
Jinx will also laugh, and she will hit you back, without mercy. The trouble is her hands are really fucking bony so it usually ends up hurting even if she doesn’t mean it to. She usually finds it funny or likes that you’re like publicly displaying your relationship, it makes her happy. She only hates it if her dad is around, and honestly, death by Silco isn’t super high on your list of desires.
“Hiii sugar, how are ya-ah! Hehehehe, hello to you too.”
See, Vi does this to you all the time, so if you do it back she will just. Freeze. And look at you in total shock, her mouth dropped open in a disbelieving smile. It’s honestly so funny how long she just looks at you like she just won the lottery. She’s oddly proud if you do it in public, She likes you showing other people you’re together.
“Woah! Holy shit. I love you so much, cupcake, seriously.”
The moment your hand meets ass, Caitlyn is a blushing, stuttering mess. Poor thing just doesn’t even know how to react. She gets so embarrassed, even if you’re at home alone. She doesn’t dislike it’s just not something shes ever even considered before. She hates if you do it in public, though, she’s supposed to be composed, damn it!
“Hello, dear, I— oh! Oh, I— you, um—that is, you— ah— no, I, I’m alright I just, um. That was… unexpected.”
Sevika does not react, at all. She does this to you as a greeting, so if you do it back she just carries on as if you had just said hello to her. Literally she just doesn’t give a shit. If you go super hard she’ll just hit you back just as hard (if not harder, she’s beefy) and carry on. If you want to get a reaction out of her you have to do some wild shit like grab her titty.
“But I fucking told him, I said— oh, hi baby— so I said to him—“
Mel doesn’t dislike it? But she thinks its kind of immature. She raises one eyebrow and gives you that look that just pierces your soul. In private she might give you a smirk, but in public she will honest to god cluck her tongue at you, and at that point, you’re the one embarrassed. She has to deflect it on you so no one will look closely enough to see her blushing.
“Really, darling? If you need something you know you can just tell me.”
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terrapia · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
A bit of advice. Don't threaten the guy who pours the drinks. 
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theprettyarachnid · 4 months ago
arcane char reaction to the reader appearing to be a soft and cute person but end up to be cruel and a little bit of rude.
a/n: i had to look up pet names at one point for this and one of them was "daddy mack" and i don't think i'll ever recover from that
warnings: like 1 curse word
characters: jinx, vi, viktor, jayce, silco, vander
🕷 She'd probably find out because one of Silco's gang members were picking on you about how you shouldn't even be in Zaun
🕷 Before Jinx can say anything to shut them up, you're already giving a rude and snarky remark making her burst out laughing
🕷 Jinx wouldn't let the guy live it down and honestly likes that side of you, especially when she feels like shit-talking
🕷 Will sometimes say something just to get under your skin so she can get a reaction out of you
🕷 One of the reasons why Vi was attracted to you was because of your seemingly soft nature
🕷 Think of it as kind of balancing each other out
🕷 When she found out about your tendencies to be more cruel, she would honestly find it hot
🕷 You two would be in an argument when you said something and she had to do a double take
🕷 "what did you just say?"
🕷 At first you thought you went too far but Vi was actually just horny
🕷 I can see him actually being quite surprised by your rude remarks
🕷 Some rich high top snob had made a snide comment about Viktor's limp which made you go right up to them and give them a piece of your mind
🕷 Viktor the whole time 🧍
🕷 He'd probably be a little embarrassed mainly because no one has really stood up for him like that
🕷 Would drag you away while you're still insulting the guy
🕷 Eventually he does get used to it and may even find it amusing at times, especially if you're telling off some big Piltover hotshot he can't stand
🕷 You two definitely mock and joke about of some of the citizens of Piltover, whether that's behind closed doors or hushed whispers
🕷 "doesn't anyone else find it a little... strange that hoskel always plays with children's toys during council meetings?"
🕷 "i believe he has a collection,"
🕷 "do you think he steals them from orphans?"
🕷 Cue Viktor starting to choke on air in the middle of a council meeting making everyone stare
🕷 Mans would be flabbergasted
🕷 You two would be at home and he would be ranting about how Heimerdinger isn't letting him and Viktor continue their progress with Hextech
🕷 "isn't heimerdinger like hundreds of years old? i'm sure he'll croak any day now."
🕷 "y/n!"
🕷 Would be beyond embarrassed if you did it in public, especially if it was at an high profile event
🕷 "y/n, i told you to behave."
🕷 "i am! besides, mel had it coming... and you have to admit her face was pretty funny."
🕷 It's true he does find your snide comments a cynical jokes funny in private, especially if he is in a bad mood because of his work
🕷 He honestly finds great comfort in your cruelty
🕷 I feel like he would already know your true nature before you even showed him, why else would you be recruited into his mob?
🕷 also finds it kinda seggsy
🕷 Whenever someone has fucked up, he always goes to you to think of punishments
🕷 "what should we do with him, my beautiful nightshade?"
🕷 "the rats seem to be hungry, especially since it's closer to winter."
🕷 "consider it done."
🕷 He might be a little surprised but he wouldn't judge
🕷 Vander wasn't exactly considered a saint in his youth, far from it actually
🕷 He would be kind of relieved that he knows you can take care of yourself because he wasn't quite sure when you first started dating
🕷 You've gained a name for yourself in The Last Drop, not just because of your relationship with Vander but also because of your snarky mouth
🕷 He just wouldn't want you to accidentally get caught up in the law with the enforcers
🕷 He sometimes gets a little curious and likes to hear your thoughts about some of the customers in The Last Drop
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wolfishwriting · 2 months ago
arcane + how they moan
ft. Vander, Vi, Silco, Jinx, Caitlyn, Viktor, Jayce, Finn, Grayson, Sevika, Marcus, Mel, & Howl
cw: smut, fxf, fem!plus sized reader, subby men, soft!dom, begging, overstimulation
He's more of a growler than anything, he'll something make soft pants and deep grunts and may often struggle to catch his breath because it feels so damn good.
“Darl, please can I cum? ‘Fraid I ain’t gonna last much longer. You really know how to make me work for it. Please, baby, I’m gonna shoot my load if you don’t hurry-ahh!”
You really gotta get her riled up to make any sort of loud noise. But once you get her started, it’s gonna be tough getting her to be quiet. She’ll sing your praises and will be rough with the way she kisses you, nails curving into the fat of your ass to push you harder against her.
“Cupcake, you feel so fuckin’ good. I love it when you fuck me with your cock--good thing we got the vibratin’ one, right? Delicious--fuck! Ahh, fuck, make me cum! Make me cum, babe!”
He’s one to not share his voice unless he’s seriously wound up. You have to take your time with him, make him pliant beneath you--to take what you need from him. Be a service top, work on pulling those noises from him, do your damnedest. 
“Think you can--hnnnghhh, truly work me over so easily? Fuck, I’d like to see you try, my pet. Oh, fuck, just like that kitten.”
She’s not always very loud, it depends on what kind of mood she is in. If you’re domming her, she tends to be a bit more loud begging for you to fuck her hard until she goes cross-eyed with her tongue falling out of kiss-bitten lips.
“Fuck, toots, you’re going to fuck me raw at this point but shit, darl-- I ain’t fuckin’ complaining. Feels’ so fuckin’ good, ah, ah, ah~!” 
Her moans are soft and very pretty, like the gentle chiming of bells echoing through the hall. She can definitely be a bit louder than she is but if her family is home, she doesn’t exactly want to scream about how well you’re fucking her even if she really, really wants to praise you. She’ll just have to do so quietly but the moment her parents are gone; she’s screaming. 
“That’s it, pretty kitty. You’re making me feel so good, that’s it, sweet thing. Eat my cunt out like your life depends on it.”
It really depends on the mood that’s set, on nights where he’s more rough he’s dirty-talking your ear off grumbling to himself about “what a naughty girl you are” and “how well you take him” inside that pretty pink cunt of yours. When you actually assertively top him, he’s a cute whiny baby with pretty amber doe-like eyes that he definitely knows how to use. 
“My love, I fear my heart may burst from my chest if you keep this up! My head feels as though it’s swimming. Pl-please, may I cum? Ah~! You take me so well, fuck, so good.”
He can be very, very loud. Letting out unabashed moans to the high heavens. Borderline fuckin’ porn star. By the end of the night his throat is always sore from all of his yelling and whimpering and he’s so exhausted despite his cock still being painfully erect.
“Baby, mm, please!” A choked cry pinched off with a whimper. His voice is cracking, tears streaming down his face. “Please, may I cum for you? I’ve been a good boy.”
He’s so fucking loud and vulgar--why do you think you have to muzzle him so often? He’s moaning from the moment he pulls out his hard cock to sink into your dripping cunt to the final moments where his balls are slapping against your ass and flooding you full.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! You’re so fuckin’ good, babe, can’t think straight not with the way you’re clenchin’ on my cock--fuckkk, fuck!”
She’s on the quieter side, mumbling words of praise while she strokes your cheek with tender care. Her accent will be much thicker the closer she gets and she remains ever the sweet and attentive partner.
“That’s it, my love. Slowly, slow. That’s it--oh, there, shh, you’re doing so well. Yes, I’m close, my dear.”
Another one who isn’t very loud. You’ll have to tune in how her breathing increases and echoes off the walls. Sevika may pitch in tone when she cums but for the most part she’s pretty stoic, even if she is softer when she’s with you.
“Such a good girl, you know how to unravel me so easily, don’t you? Keep going then. If you’re so determined to make me cum, prove it.”
She makes the prettiest little keens and sighs. Gets pretty out of breath. She’s pretty assertive so isn’t afraid to speak her mind and let you know what she wants and what feels good or what doesn’t. 
“That’s it, my darling. You’re doing so well. That’s the spot, keep using that pretty, talented little tongue of yours. My pretty girl.”
The tough-guy thing is all an act. He’s very much a desperate little sub who will beg you to let him cum if he promises to be good. If you let him cum, he’ll be so good for you he swears!!
“Please, princess, this is torture. I feel as though I’m gonna burst--oh, fuck-- Please, won’t you let me cum? I want to cum for you.”
This man, his moans are beautiful. Absolutely erotic and he gets louder the more you edge and overstimulate him-- especially if you're pegging him. His moans are so choked, whiny, with pretty tears shining in his eyes and he's begging you to let him cum. He promises to be good!
“Ahh-baby--fuck!!” A deep inhale followed by a sob as cerulean tears cascade down warm tanned cheeks. Such a pretty boy. “Gonna cum, gonna cum-- gonna shoot my fuckin’ load-- I can’t hold back, baby. Fuck, c’mere, let me kiss you--please!”
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kuuehlapis · 3 months ago
arcane characters and how they sleep
silco: never sleeps early because he’s always busy and wakes up super early in the morning. will smoke a stick before going to bed. sleeps on his side with a pillow in between his legs. a fucking hugger. has an iron grip around your waist if you sleep with him - you can’t even move. dude snores and grinds his teeth. it’s hard for you to fall asleep if he’s the big spoon because his mouth is right beside your ear. he drools a bit. you woke up with drool on your hair once. rip.
sevika: sleeps with her blanket tugged under her chin with one leg out. likes sleeping on her side. the type of person who wakes up in the middle of the night to pee. lightly snores. doesn’t move a lot in her sleep tho so she’s perfect to sleep with but will only sleep in the middle of the bed even if she’s sharing. always kisses you on your forehead or the back of your head before sleeping. looks super soft when sleeping and will smile in her sleep if she has a good dream. 
jinx: takes like one or two hours to finally sleep. will toss and turn until she just knocks out. has like four pillows on her bed. likes sleeping on her side with her hand under her pillow. gets nightmares often so she’s not really well rested and is always super groggy and annoyed when she wakes up. the type to forget to brush her teeth before sleeping. likes being the little spoon and burying her face on your chest. will kick you in her sleep though so be careful - woke up from a nightmare once and kneed you on the stomach. sometimes you’ll wake up to her sprawled on top of you. 
vi: eats something light before bed so she doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night hungry. sleeps face down with her head under her pillow if she’s alone. runs fucking warm so she either sleeps naked or with a thin t-shirt. literally sweats when sleeping. will still hug you to sleep - like will wrap her entire body around you and bury her face in your hair. sometimes you need to push her off because her sweat gets on you. 
caitlyn: she has a huge bed but will always end up sleeping at the edge on the right side of the bed. has woken up with half her body dangling on the edge. likes sleeping face up with her pillow covering her face. likes to drink tea before going to sleep. she sleepwalks. you’ve woken up in the middle of the night to her shaking you and asking whether you had any cheese on you. 
vander: doesn’t sleep with a pillow lol. runs warm but he can’t sleep without his blanket covering half his legs. sleeps like a starfish with his limbs spread out. dude snores too. loudly. always the big spoon. the type of person to put his leg over you when sleeping. tosses and turns in his sleep a lot. has accidentally kicked you off the bed before. he’s a heavy sleeper so it’s hard to wake him up in the morning. 
ekko: has a weird irrational fear of his hand dangling off the bed. sleeps on his stomach with his hands stretched above him. doesn’t hug his pillow but hugs his blanket instead. the type to wake up in the middle of the night to journal his dream. moves a lot in his sleep. always wakes up in the weirdest position even if you’re in bed with him. one time you woke up facing his feet. 
jayce: has like two huge soft pillows. sleeps facing up and hands under his pillow if he’s alone. uses the blanket when he’s going to sleep but it’s kicked away halfway. loves being the small spoon - going to sleep with your hands around his waist makes him happy. will end up being the big spoon halfway. the type of person to hug you super tightly when he’s sleeping and carry you with him if he rolls over to the other side of the bed.
viktor: gets cold easily so he’s always nicely bundled with the softest blankets. likes journaling before going to sleep. sleeps on his side with one hand under his pillow and the other hugging another pillow. likes to flip his pillow to their cold side. doesn’t sleep often but likes taking (POWER) naps throughout the day. loves being the small spoon because your hands wrapped around his waist makes him feel safe plus it’s warmer.
marcus: sleeps face up with his arms crossed. he sleeps with a shirt but will end up taking it off in the middle of the night because he’s warm. doesn’t sleep with a blanket so you don’t have to worry about him hogging them. takes up a lot of space on the bed for no reason, you always end up sleeping near the edge. likes hugging you to sleep. the type to pull you back to his chest if he thinks you’re sleeping a bit too far away from him. 
mel: has six fucking pillows with a weighted blanket because it helps with her nightmares. has one plushie that she says goodnight to. has a skincare routine she does everyday before going to bed. literally sleeps face up with both hands on her stomach. loves sleeping with her head on your chest while holding your hand. she sleep mumbles if she’s super tired tho (it’s cute). the type of person to wake up in the middle of the night to drink water. 
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inthegarbagecan · a month ago
𝙰𝚛𝚌𝚊𝚗𝚎 𝚑𝚎𝚊𝚍𝚌𝚊𝚗𝚘𝚗𝚜: 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚒𝚛 𝚒𝚗𝚜𝚎𝚌𝚞𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚎𝚜 𝚊𝚗𝚍 𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚒𝚗𝚜𝚎𝚌𝚞𝚛𝚒𝚝𝚒𝚎𝚜
Warnings: mention of insecurities and sensitive topics! |pairings: sevika x reader, vander x reader, vi x reader, jinx x reader, viktor x reader, mel x reader, Caitlyn x reader, and ekko x reader|proofread: no <3| authors note: sorry for the late post, bare with me because school just started back up for me and im failing all my classes :,)
Tumblr media
- If he were honest, he’s insecure of his hands.
- To him, he’s caused a lot of pain with his hands
- Not to mention their coarse and dry
- The effects of not having lotion
- However if you were to ever hold his hand in yours, rubbing the palm of his hand with your thumbs while setting soft pecks to his knuckles..
- He m e l t s
- Especially after a long night at the last drop
- He would talk about his day as you massaged his hand, a faint blush painted over his cheeks.
- Your insecurities however, he always knows what to do to make you feel better
- If you have scars, he’d show you his own from all the fights he has been in before.
- He’d recall every story of the scars and tell you, holding you in his lap.
- “Your tough, don’t let that getcha down, alright?” He’d say while cupping your face in his hands
- If your insecure of your body weight, he always lays on his bed while laying your body ontop of his, rubbing your back while sitting in a comforting silence.
- He’s warm, and his beds warm. It’s comfortable warm, not that sticky type of warm.
- Will 100% let you borrow his shirt if you want to wear it.
- It’s a bit baggy on you, but it’s ok because you can smell him while hiding in his shirt.
Tumblr media
- her scars
- Of course she has more than just one insecurity, but her main one is her scars
- Almost all of them have a negative story behind them that she’d rather not talk about.
- You could tell if she’s even feeling down or feeling a ton of dysmorphia, because she gets 80% quieter
- If you two were sitting in your home she’d lay her head on your shoulder, pulling her knees to her chest while taking a deep breath
- If you were to pull her into your lap, she’d get teary eyed
- She’s used to holding you, but never being the one held by you
- She likes it, but also hates it?
- But in a good way
- Either way, she’d slowly doze off in your arms while hiding her face in your chest
- On the days were your insecurities are getting the better of you, she’s immediately asking what you need from her.
- If you need some space, she’ll give it to you
- If you need to be held, she’s holding you as close to her as possible
- If you have scars or stretch marks, she’s massaging the places your scars are while singing a soft lullaby she remembers she’d sing to her sister whenever she was feeling down
- Works weirdly enough, soon your in her arms sleeping peacefully
Tumblr media
- she’s always insecure about if she’s good enough or not
- Ever since the night where vi left her, she’s constantly worried about overdoing something
- Her hallucinations never help, just make it worse
- However your voice? Listening to you ramble about something useless? Helps her so much
- She’d hold onto you tightly while listening to you ramble about a story from that day, playing with the collar of your shirt or your hair
- Somehow always dozes off like vi
- When your insecurities are getting to you, she doesn’t know what to do
- So you have to tell her if you want to cuddle or not
- She’d sit you on her bed and sit in your lap, drawing on your arm while occasionally giving you compliments
- “Your perfect toots, anyone says different I’ll kill ‘em for you” she’d say while drawing a monkey face on your arm
Tumblr media
- she’d be insecure about her scars on her face
- She seems like shes never insecure, but deep down she’s worried someone is staring at her scars on her cheek
- She’d often smoke or drink more when she’s having these feelings, but if your around she’d have you in her lap while doing either smoking or drinking.
- If you were to delicately draw over the scars while humming a song, she’d melt in your hands
- She’d put her drink or cigar down to place her hands on your waist, holding you closer while sighing contently
- Just like vi and jinx, she’d be at a loss when your feeling insecure
- But she’s learned from you that cuddling helps so she results to that
- She pick you up from wherever you two are and take you back to your shared apartment, laying on your guys bed while holding you
- If it was your scars, she’d understand. She’s got plenty of them
- If it were your weight or stretch marks she’d also understand.
- She definitely has a few stretch marks so she’d understand where your coming from
- She’d rub the lower part of your back while holding you close, staying quiet unless you’d ask her to talk to you
Tumblr media
- she’s insecure of never being enough
- She’s always had to live up to the way her mother wanted to see her, so she’s always been worried that she’d look down at her
- She’d start feeling insecure about not being enough even by just sitting there and thinking to herself (me too 😭🤚)
- So when you notice she’s extra quiet, you ask if she’s ok
- This somehow makes her eyes start watering and has to rush somewhere with you more private so no one saw her like this
- She’d take you to an empty room and just hold onto you tightly, taking shaky breaths while hiding her face in her hands.
- You’d pull her close and hug her, asking her “what is it?” And she’d finally break, mumbling out everything she’s thinking in that moment
- This helps her a lot, since she’s just been bottling up her emotions for most of her life
- Finally talking about it helps her a l o t
- When she hears about your insecurities, she’s pulling you to her room immediately to comfort you
- She’d run a bath for you two along with lotions of your favorite smells and your comfiest pjs, telling you how beautiful you are with or without your scars or weight.
Tumblr media
- of course hes got his Hefty lift of insecurities
- His leg is one of them, but hes always gotten used to it
- However, he’s always worried if you would decide to leave him one day for someone better than him
- Like jayce, he’s able bodied and buffer so he’d always worried you’d break up with him for jayce
- Of course he isn’t open about it
- He’d stay quiet, giving you some space while occupying himself with his work
- It was a rainy night and viktor was staying in his lab half the day.
- You’d visit, asking him whats wrong and why he’s been avoiding you.
- He’d shrug, looking off to the side. “Vitya, what is it?” You repeated, pulling a rolling chair next to his before sitting in it. He’d sigh, looking at you with slightly watered eyes as he hesitantly told you what was wrong. You’d pull him close, hugging his waist “i’d never leave you Vitya, i promise..” you’d tell him quietly while running your fingers through his hair.
- If you were ever feeling insecure, either about your scars or body, he’d always go to one way of comforting you
- He’d take you to your guys couch, sitting you down before wrapping you two in a blanket, handing a mug of hot chocolate while playing your favorite movie.
- He’d wrap an arm around you, holding you close to him “your the definition of perfect” he’d tell you while kissing your head
Tumblr media
- like viktor, she’s worried you would leave her
- Not for someone better, but because she couldn’t be her best
- She’s constantly trying to better herself and her appearance, trying to impress you.
- She’d be sitting infront of a painting she was working on, however not being able to add anything to it. Her mind was running 100 mph, thoughts coming and going. Her thoughts ranged from her appearance to how she should’ve dealt with a problem she faced earlier that day.
- You were sitting near by, doing something while glancing up at mel. You immediately noticed her tense shoulders, walking over to her. “Hey, everything ok?” You asked, hugging her from behind. Shed sigh, setting her paint brush and pallet down before turning to you to hug you back. “Define okay” she said quietly while laying her head on your shoulder.
- She wouldnt want to talk about it, only wanting to sit in silence while holding you close to her.
- If she heard you were feeling insecure about yourself, she’d immediately draw the two of you a bath or take you for a walk.
- She’d rub your shoulders and over your scars/stretch marks, telling you how beautiful you are.
Tumblr media
- i feel like he’s insecure about his nose
- The face paint on his nose makes his nose less noticeable to him, just knowing somethings covering his nose brings him some type of comfort
- One day you and him were laying in his bed, him hugging your waist from behind while laying his head on your shoulder
- He doesnt have to tell you if he was feeling insecure, you’d somehow always find out almost immediately
- He LOVES holding you close to his chest, hiding his face in the crook of your neck
- The two of you would have occasional small talk, him drawing shapes on your side while you two talked
- If you were feeling insecure, he’s already pulling you with him to take you out on his hover board.
- He’d take you to the tallest building in zaun, a perfect view of piltover and the sun setting
- Hed wrap an arm around you, pullinng you into his lap while laying his head on your shoulder.
- “Hey, your beautiful, you know? No matter what you might think, everything about you makes you beautiful..” he’d tell you, looking at you before setting a kiss to your lips.
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calla-lillyy · 4 months ago
𝗔𝗿𝗰𝗮𝗻𝗲 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗵𝗼𝘄 𝘁𝗵𝗲𝘆 𝘄𝗼𝘂𝗹𝗱 𝘀𝗹𝗲𝗲𝗽 𝘄𝗶𝘁𝗵 𝘆𝗼𝘂 ❥
𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗿𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗲𝗿𝘀 : 𝑉𝑖𝑘𝑡𝑜𝑟, 𝑉𝑖, 𝐶𝑎𝑖𝑡𝑙𝑦𝑛, 𝐽𝑎𝑦𝑐𝑒, 𝑆𝑖𝑙𝑐𝑜, 𝑉𝑎𝑛𝑑𝑒𝑟, 𝐽𝑖𝑛𝑥, 𝐸𝑘𝑘𝑜
𝗥𝗲𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗿 : 𝐹𝑒𝑚𝑎𝑙𝑒/𝑀𝑎𝑙𝑒/𝑛𝑏
𝗚𝗲𝗻𝗿𝗲 : 𝑓𝑙𝑢𝑓𝑓
Tumblr media
•if you manage to make him leave the lab you win everything
•he will even appreciate if you help him lay down on the bed , it’s not that he doesn’t know how to do it i mean he is an independent man himself, it’s just that he appreciate those little thing you do for him
•i believe he would love to be held in your arms while you play with his air and tell sweet nothings to him
•if he actually has trouble sleeping he would tell you about what he’s working on , even if you don’t understand what he’s talking about, he’s happy that you like hearing what he likes
•if it’s you that have trouble sleeping he would love to listen to what is bothering you, he also gives good advices and he’s always there for you if you want to talk about everything
•he knows that he lacks when it comes to spend time with you but he wants you to know that he loves you so much , you are so important to him
•i also like to think that he loves kissing your forehead when you fall asleep before him
•even if he likes kissing your forehead whenever you do something good or you do something successfully, he even praises you : “𝙜𝙤𝙤𝙙 𝙟𝙤𝙗 𝙙𝙖𝙧𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜, 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙙𝙞𝙙 𝙨𝙤 𝙬𝙚𝙡𝙡“ and then gives you a kiss on the forehead
Tumblr media
•she looves to hold you in her arms , big spoon energy no doubt
•Vi finds comfort having you in her arms, with her past and what she’s been trough, she just doesn’t want to repeat what happened with you
•her favorite cuddling position is when you two are laying down by your side and she holds you from behind or your face is in her neck, either way she loves both
•if she can’t sleep she would find comfort just by hugging you really close to her, just tell her that you’ll be there with her now and forever and she will just melt
•if it’s you that can’t sleep it doesn’t matter how much she’s tired, she will stand up and get you something like a glass of milk/water
•when you finish it, she would ask you if you are a bit more sleepy while she caresses your cheek, if you are she would wrap her arms around you while you two lay on the bed
•all in all she’s just so grateful to have you and she tries to show you how much you mean to her by flirting a little with you or being your comfort zone when you need her
Tumblr media
•i don’t think there will be a lot of nights where the two of you are together, for a reason or another he’s always busy and he has business to take care of
•but if it happens to be one of those nights where he can be with you , oh man be prepared to not leave the bed anymore
•he loves you so much though he has some issues when it comes to dimostrate it but don’t worry he’ll let you know how much he loves you by letting you see him in his vulnerable state
•he loves when you put your head on his chest while he gently caresses your hair and whispers loving words to you
•if he can’t sleep he wouldn’t ask for your help but if you insist that you want to help him , he would just take your hand and led you to your balcony
•the air of the night calms him down and he’s even more calmer if you are beside him holding his hand
•if you can’t sleep he would prefer if you ask him and only him to help you go to sleep, but anyway, he would took you in his arms and gently hum you to sleep
•the same method he used to calm down jinx when she had nightmares but instead of humming you a childish lullaby he would hum you a loving song
Tumblr media
•his hugs are just something else , really, he gives the best hug in all the undercity and probably all piltover too
•he loves when you sleep on him and he wraps his arms around your waist as to protect you but at the same time he wants to comforts you
•before actually falling asleep, look into his eyes, give him a loving little kiss on the cheek and tell him that everything is going to be ok and that he does so much for the people of zaun and he would be so relieved, really you just make his dreams better
•if he can’t sleep he would talk to you while you are sleeping, he knows you can’t hear him, but telling you how much he’s lucky to have you just makes him feel at peace
•if it’s you that has trouble sleeping he would get up from the bed looking for you and when he founds you stroking the children’s hair as you slowly start to drift off to sleep , he can’t help but smile and prey that for any reason somebody takes you away from him
Tumblr media
•likes to sleep while he has an arm around your waist to keep you close to him
•please kiss gently this giant baby’s face and he will e x p l o d e with happiness
•he doesn’t like to wake up early but he has to because of his assignment of protecting the people he lives with
•if he can’t sleep , at first he would try to fall asleep by himself but when you hear him tossing around the matters you can’t help but giggle and help him
•he’ll fall asleep if you whisper to him your day or some stories, if you can sing , he’d love to hear you sing so gently to him
•if you can’t sleep he would try his best to make you a bit tired and he would try e v e r y t h i n g
•like hugging you and telling you about the little things that the place where you two live hides (like firelights ecc)
•he fell even more in love if you paint his face in the morning :)
Tumblr media
•i believe he falls asleep a bit later than you , but on the rare occasions that he can’t sleep it’s because of the hextech or because viktor disappears
•he likes to sleep on his side while you two are facing each other and holding hands
•if he can’t sleep he wouldn’t want to wake you up although if you manage to wake up and help him get to sleep , he’d be so great full to you
•just let him tell you whatever is going in his mind while he gently lays his head on your lap
•he’d fall asleep after 5 minutes trust me
•if you have trouble sleeping he would understand and get up to give you a glass of milk
•would ask you if he can hold you for a bit , if you accept, he would wrap his arms around your waist and give you a kiss on your head
Tumblr media
•ok so with her you have to be patient like a lot
•it’s hard for her to completely fall asleep with someone next to her, she’ll always be in allert
•but for you, she’ll try of course
•she likes when you two are facing each other and make a lot of funny faces together
•for moments like this she forgets about everything and everyone
•if she can’t sleep she would probably leave in the middle of the night to go somewhere in town, but if you tell her that you would like to help her she would hug you soo tight and thank you
•she just needs reassurance that you won’t leave her while you play with her hair
•if you can’t sleep she won’t know what to do so she offers you to go to the ceiling and look at the sky or town ( like her and Vi did in the past)
Tumblr media
•so caring like gurl don’t worry about others but instead worry about you T-T
•also another character that goes to bed late , of course because of his investigation “job”
•she loves the fact that you support her and you believe in her , and she also notices the small things you do for her
•if she can’t sleep she would get up and go around the house trying to feel a little tired so of course when you heard footsteps in the other room and caitlyn isn’t with you, you suppose that she can’t sleep
•if she starts to work at the case she’s working on please pick her up and lead her to your bedroom miss gurl needs sleep
•if you actually do this she would blush a lot
•but when you trace circles in her back while her head is on your chest, you would start to feel a bit sleepy until she completely falls asleep
•if it’s you that are having trouble sleeping don’t worry she would help you in every way possible, by reassuring you if you have bad thoughts or you’re worried about something, or cook something if you are craving food , you name it
•she puts her entire heart in every single thing she does for you
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moonlight-in-the-sea · 2 months ago
medieval au with arcane characters
ft. jayce, viktor, silco, vander, vi, jinx, caitlyn, ekko, finn, grayson, sevika, local cuisine
Tumblr media
prince!jayce who is the prince of a small, run-down country that has long since left its glory days behind, coming to your kingdom to ask for your hand in marriage to save his country from ruin. you, being the sole heir to the throne, have no shortage of suitors, jayce being one of many, a speck of sand in the desert. but he gets his chance like everyone else, and in the one day he gets to spend with you, he somehow manages to leave an impression. he starts off as standoffish. he isn't all fake pleasantries like his peers, but that doesn't mean he's any less plastic. he has to win you over, the fate of his entire kingdom depends on it. yet his personality can't help but shine through as he subtly challenges you when conversing, weighing your responses, testing you— a member of the royal family, to see if you're worthy of your title. and suddenly his face is more interesting than the rose bushes of the colossal royal gardens, and a competitive spark has been light. what starts off as a contest develops into something more. his eyes burn with determination to get the biggest catch and place first just to show off for you in the hunting competition. his hands get clammy before your daily walks, fixing his hair repeatedly before stepping into your line of sight. his breath lodges in his throat when he lays his eyes on you during the grand ball, and Viktor has to nudge him to remind him he has yet to give you the greeting you're looking for. selfish as it may sound, suddenly it's not his kingdom's future he is trying so hard for, but his own.
advisor!viktor who lets out a miserable sigh, shooting an exasperated look in the prince's direction whenever he bumbles like a fool when trying to seduce the royal heir, smiling sheepishly at you when you catch his expressions. as the royal heir's right hand, it's your job to make sure everything is accounted for and that his stay in your kingdom is comfortable, so when prince jayce takes off to spend time with the royal heir, you set up a small table for him in a remote corner of the gardens—you've noticed that he doesn't like people in general, an odd quirk to have for someone with his station, lined with small delicacies the two of you munch on as you sip the herbal tea you chose for the day. the man looks tired all the time, like he's about to crumble any minute, so you can't help but take extra care when preparing your afternoon tea. nutritious snacks and herbal remedies for whatever you can think of—fatigue, insomnia, sore muscles, upset stomach, anything really, and he finds it endearing how you try to pick him up through subtle gestures. he greatly enjoys your company, having an engaging conversation with someone is a rare opportunity for him, but he finds that time flows by too fast for his liking when he hears jayce call for him in the distance, biding you a good evening before making his way over to his lord, already looking forward to what you have in store for him tomorrow.
king!silco who usurps the throne by leading a rebellion against the previous king, the kingdom's internal affairs spiraling into chaos as half of the population supports him while the others want him dead for killing the previous king. he comes to your country looking to build strong alliances, and what better candidate is there than you, a member of the most powerful ducal house of the country. he approaches you at a banquet, offering you a glass of wine, all smooth lines and charming smiles. you weren't born yesterday, you know exactly what his intentions are, but indulge him for nothing but your shallow entertainment in your routine life. he visits your estate often, talking about trade and business and investments, something about the relaxed atmosphere and exchanging respectful yet teasing remarks is exhilarating, and it doesn't take much for the number of his weekly visits to increase until your estate is basically hosting him at this point, conversation topics shifting to more casual subjects. one night during dinner he subtly inquires about your marital status—any fiancee? someone you fancy? and you hide your smile behind your goblet as you answer ''no, i have yet to come across someone worthy, i'm afraid.'' it's funny how expressive he is without noticing it, slumping in his chair with relief, ''good,'' he breathes, ''someone as magnificent as you deserve nothing but the best, after all,'' and you don't need him to spell it out that there is no one worthier than him to ask for your hand.
fallen king!vander whom you find half-dead, holding onto his life by a mere thread, basically drowning in his own blood on the forest trail leading to your home, your basket of herbs falling onto the grass with a muted thud. you would have left him there, let the wolves deal with him had it not been for the fact that you saw his chest moving with every shallow breath he took. damn your conscience, but you can't find it in yourself to leave him for the dead. you're not even sure if you can save him with how severe his wounds are—he's clearly been left to die, a last act of mercy, perhaps, but you sure as hell will try. it's a miracle he hasn't died on your back when you stumble into your home, dragging your feet as you buckle and bend under his weight—what is he, a giant? being a herbalist has many advantages, one of which is living on the outskirts of the capital, so the entire forest is your home, and you don't have to leave except to trade, and your shelves are stocked with almost every herb, every remedy known to man. it takes days of work to get him to a stable condition, your bins flowing with tinted pieces of cotton and bandages, and you have half the mind to charge the poor soul a hefty price for depleting your supplies and for making you go without sleep for days on end. you release a sigh of relief when he finally opens his eyes with a groan, already dreaming of the rest you'll finally get now that your patient is conscious. after you explain his situation briefly, ''vander,'' he introduces himself. your jaw goes slack, ''...the king?'' you blurt, and he laughs weakly, ''former, i believe. the coup should've succeeded in my absence, especially after they left me for dead in the woods.'' he turns his misty eyes to you, ''i apologize for troubling you. i am forever in your debt.''
mercenary!vi who was an outstanding knight before she was falsely accused and punished for crimes she didn't commit, especially after she failed to protect the former king. it's silco's way of weeding out king vander's supporters from his court, and he has all but pinned the dearly departed king's murder on her in an effort to break the citizens' trust in her. he succeeded, and she was exiled, falling from an honorable knight, protector of people to a mercenary who takes shitty jobs to be able to live another day. you're the barkeep of the tavern she frequents, mending her clothes, getting her discounts to get her armor polished, serving her warm food, and treating her wounds. she doesn't know why you're so nice to her—she comes to learn you're nice to everyone, and the entire tavern, with the staff and patrons alike at your beck and call, but she soaks up everything you offer her gratefully, leaving abundant tips and gifting you trinkets she got for you during her travels in appreciation. you're her only sense of normalcy in this shithole, and she'll be damned before she lets it slip through her fingers like everything she had so far. whenever she comes back to the tavern all tired and battered up after a commission, the takes a moment to stop at the doorway, the familiar scent of stew and freshly baked bread tickling her nose, the regulars' chatter all but white noise, the warmth of the fireplace putting a smile on her face as you yell her name from behind the bar, ''vi! welcome!'' gesturing to the stool in front of you, it feels like she has come home.
inventor!jinx who gets adopted by king silco under unique circumstances and now works for him as his weapons inventor. she is more like a myth in the castle, never leaving her lair, occasionally making appearances at banquets at king silco's insistence, and no one knows much about her except the fact that she is... nuts, and you do not mess with her. you're a mole in the castle disguised as a servant, feeding delicate information about king silco's affairs to the neighboring kingdom. unfortunately for you, the eccentric inventor takes an interest in you, finding great amusement in making your life—and your job, harder than it should be. when you're snooping around in an office a servant of your position should have no clearance to enter, finding the document you're looking for and slipping it in your pocket, almost screaming when you a hear someone cackle, ''that the one you're looking for? sheesh, took you long enough. it's a wonder you haven't been caught yet!'' and you think this is it. this is how you die, but jinx just pats you on the shoulder, ''keep entertaining me and i won't rat you out, toots.'' she winks at you over her shoulder, ''you should ask me where things are next time. that'd be faster.'' and true to her word, she does not interfere, clearly not seeing you as a threat. just as you're beginning to think that all the talk about her being unhinged are lies, you're harshly pulled aside as you're returning from delivering a letter to your informant in the castle in disguise as another servant, jinx slamming you to the wall, pressing a knife to your jugular, ''you're getting a bit too chummy with the farm boy, sugar. i do not like to share.''
captain of the guard!caitlyn who is the only daughter of an esteemed ducal family, joined the guard against her parents' wishes, her will to protect people burning bright. despite being ridiculously talented with weaponry and coming up with strategies, she never really gets the recognition she deserves, people sweeping it under the rug or scoffing, because what's a princess like that doing so far from her castle, getting in our business. she sticks out like a sore thumb, following her own sense of justice, correcting people's behavior and trying to make the kingdom a better place. it's no wonder that she climbs up the ranks so fast, being the overachiever with an admirable work ethic—plus, she has been trained by general grayson herself, but all her achievements are chalked up to her family's reputation, going so far as to suggest bribery being involved. she hates it, she hates how cruel and unfair it is, but when it's announced that she is to guard a delegate as they cross the country, she is elated, because this is her chance to prove herself, so no one can deny her capabilities anymore. as a delegate, it's no surprise when your carriage gets attacked, but caitlyn does a splendid job of protecting you, and the only thing you have to worry about is a minor setback in your schedule. as your team tries to get everything back in order, caitlyn sneaks you into the forest, squeezing in some basic self-defense techniques for you—simply because they would prove to be useful to you. it evolves into nightly lessons, and you can't help but thank heavens for assigning you with such a brilliant guard.
stableboy!ekko who is one of the many subjects that have to give you regular reports about their jobs for you to assign them a budget as an official working in the treasury. there's something about his reports that don't add up in the papers, so you decide to check it out for yourself, outside of the office hours. what you don't expect is several kids whom you know nothing of running around in the stables and helping ekko take care of the horses, all freezing at the sight of you, and ekko coming out of the barn laughing with one of the kids riding on his shoulders, the blood draining from his face when he sees you. his spine straightens up and he salutes—a comical sight, considering he has a kid on his shoulders still, stammering out excuses about how he can explain and that it's not what it looks like. you lift a hand to cut him off, ''i don't get paid by the hour. come visit my office tomorrow.'' before you turn on your heel and leave. the next day, ekko is kneeling in the middle of your office as you look over the documents, pinching your nose, ''no wonder the budget was all funky,'' you sigh, ''did you really think no one would notice?'' and ekko honestly couldn't care less about what happens to him, his hands tightening into a fist, ''officer, they're just kids! they have nowhere to go, they will starve on the streets—'' clicking your tongue, you cut him off firmly, ''ekko, the barns are shelters for animals, not children.'' he looks at you like you've just slapped him across the face, ''it's not a suitable environment for them to grow up in.'' you wave your hand, ''i'll arrange proper housing and jobs for them, stop looking at me like that. i'm not a monster.'' ekko closes his eyes in relief, words of gratitude flooding out of his mouth. during his rambling he lets it slip, ''officer, i could kiss you right now,'' and before he has a chance to correct himself and apologize for being disrespectful, you laugh, ''take me out for a ride first, stable boy.''
blacksmith!finn is a pesky little thief who seems to find new ways of stealing your freshly baked pastries resting on the cooling racks every week. being a patissier, you're not even a part of the main kitchens, and you can not for the life of you figure out what he wants from your lemon meringue eclairs when he can steal a roast chicken or something from the main kitchens. your broom barely misses him as you chase him out of the kitchens, yelling about getting some protein instead, pest, to which he quips back ''sugar for makes some good fuel, sweetling!'' with a wink. it's a constant game of cat and mouse, and you'd be lying if you said you weren't looking forward to his shenanigans, the last time you saw him he was sneaking cream puffs away with a hook dangling from the ceiling—how did he get up there? how did he even fit in there with his large frame? it remains a mystery to this day. you learn to bake extra because he always manages to snatch a few, and you vehemently deny packaging some pastries in a paper bag and put it out on the windowsill just for him. eventually, you manage to get your hands on him, latching onto his collar, ''you,'' you hiss threateningly, your nose brushing his, ''what do you want?'' his hand wraps around your waist, pulling you closer, ''you,'' he repeats, ink clad fingers brushing your hair back, ''let me take out to dinner. maybe then I'll stop stealing your pastries as a sorry excuse to see you.''
general!grayson who looks after you in every way imaginable because you're the royal heir's best friend and closest confidant. you've grown up with your crush on her, she's your first love, but there has never been a chance for the two of you to grow closer, you being an aristocrat and her being the general, you had no common social circles, no common places to meet accidentally, and no common excuse to see each other other than business-related matters, so years pass by with you admiring her from afar, aware of each other's existence, but never really close enough to interact beyond greetings and pleasantries. however, after a distasteful encounter with a suitor who was adamant you accept their proposal, you suddenly find general grayson as your escort. she is more chivalrous, more gentle than you could've ever imagined as she bows her head and promises to keep you safe. rumors start circulating, of course they do, having a general as a mere escort is unheard of, it's absurd, and people believe there is a severe case of favoritism at play by your best friend—who is, in fact, none the wiser about the situation. there are other, quieter rumors that reach your ears, one of which being that general grayson has feelings for you herself, hence her protective nature. you can't help but hope that's true as you watch her duel every single one of your suitors, her excuse being your future spouse must be able to defeat her in combat at the very least to be worthy of your hand, your heart fluttering as she breaches the topic of your marriage and if you have any candidates you particularly fancy that she needs to gently dissuade, her lips curling into a frown when you say you do actually have someone in mind. she shrugs it off by saying they would need to beat her to get to you, and you laugh, telling her there's no need, as you doubt a mirror would pose that much of a challenge for her.
pirate!sevika who is the uncrowned ruler of the high seas, notorious for her efficiency with the jobs she takes. she has an agreement with king silco to not plunder his kingdom's ships and to not terrorize the waters or affect the trade in any way and essentially works under him. you haven't the faintest idea of how you survived after accidentally sneaking into her ship to hide from bandits for a bit, only for the ship to take off before you can hop off and being discovered as a stowaway. you bargain to keep your life by handing her the very treasure map that got you in trouble with the bandits in the first place, telling her you can read it and lead them to it if she agrees to not harm you. she agrees, but rule number one of haggling with pirates is to be as specific as possible, so while she doesn't harm you, you're a part of the crew now, scrubbing floors or helping in the kitchen like everyone else. she seems to have taken quite a liking to you, calling you her ''little rat'' and somehow making it sound affectionate while teaching you how to play poker well—no money involved, oddly enough, though it could be the fact that she considers bullying you in card games her reward. you're nervous when it's time to finally dig for the treasure, but someone's shovel hit's a chest, a dull clank sounding on the beach as someone opens the chest. it's a hit, filled to the brim with valuables, and sevika plants a kiss on your head with a loud smack, ''you work like a bloody good luck charm,'' she throws a hand on your shoulders, ''oh, you have big storm comin' if you think i'm letting you go.''
royal concubine!local cuisine who knows his love for you is lethal. as a royal concubine, he is the royal family's property, a disposable toy for them to play with and throw away when they got bored of him, yet, despite his position as a worthless plaything, the cost of even thinking of infidelity is death. he isn't all that surprised when the royal family hands him off to you—a royal from another kingdom, as a token of goodwill. he has long since accepted his fate when you call him to your bed that night, a small hope in his heart that you will be at least a tiny bit merciful with him, unlike the other people he had to serve. he thinks it's unusual when you tell him that he has a beautiful voice right after he introduces himself, patting the space next to you on the bed and handing him the book in your hand, asking him to read to you. sure, he's had people who weren't in the mood or people who dismissed him, but never someone who kept him by their side to serve them some other way, especially for a long period of time. he doesn't leave your side during the remainder of your visit, and you give him a taste of all the things he's been missing. being gently woken up with forehead kisses, waking up in your lover's warm embrace, being hand-fed delicacies and fresh fruits as he lays on your lap while you're on a picnic. you look at him with love shining in your eyes and he's startled by how much you have to give him, but by the gods is he starved, so he laps up every drop, soaking in it like a kitten napping under the warm rays of the sun on a lively summer day. his heart is torn into shreds when it's announced your delegation will return to your country tomorrow but he masks it well under a wistful smile as he bids you goodbye, his eyes misty, tilting his head in confusion when you wipe his unshed tears away with a laugh, pulling out a ring with your family's crest on it, slipping it on his ring finger, ''what are you talking about, darling? pack your stuff, we are leaving.''
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castexpectopatronum · 2 months ago
Arcane characters and the thing you first notice about them:
→ includes Vi, Viktor, Caitlyn, Ekko, Jinx, Vander
→ warnings: in danger of getting a heart attack from all the cuteness, insta love? (sfw)
→ it's just me thirsting lmao
Tumblr media
a shock of pink hair
that's the first thing you notice about Vi
then the way it's cut, short on one side and on the other framing her face, accentuating her sharp jawline
it's cool
it suits her
it makes her look really pretty
the colour suits her pale blue eyes
wow, her eyes
you hadn't even noticed because of her hair but holy shit
somehow she looks both cute and badass, girly and boy-ish
and suddenly you're a little confused
but only because you're heart is doing cartwheels in your chest
and you have to talk to her
but you can't because she looks terrifyingly intimidating
but you have to talk to her
she's so hot
but you can't
and you're still contemplating this silent dilemma
when suddenly you hear
“What're you staring at?”
Tumblr media
his voice??
at first you didn't really notice him
not because you didn't realise he was there, there just wasn't anything particularly special about him
except maybe the fact that he walks using a cane but you're too preoccupied to mind that much
but then he opens his mouth
and you're immediately whipped
you don't even take in what he's saying because his accent
you're far too preoccupied with admiring how he rolls his /r/, how he pronounces /th/ as /d/, how he flattens his vowels
you could have listened to him all day
your heart is suddenly beating quicker than it should
and you are quite obviously staring but you can't bring yourself to care
it takes a second until you realise he's asked you a question
“um … I'm sorry, would you mind repeating that?”
he looks at you a bit confused but does as you asked
anything to get him to keep talking
Tumblr media
Caitlyn is not somebody who stands out in the crowd
not in a negative way, of course
she just doesn't have an appearance that screams here I am, notice me
the first time you saw her, you didn't think much of her
but then you looked her in the face
her eyes, specifically
and oh boy
that steel gaze could have cut diamonds
it certainly left your heart fluttering
you froze in complete shock and for one blissful, eternal moment, your entire world consisted of those cat-like blue eyes that were pinning you to the spot
but then Caitlyn looked away and you were left standing there with a beating heart and flushed cheeks
and you would have given anything for her to look at you again
Tumblr media
if he's on “patrol,” it's his mask
if not, it's his white paint
either way, it's his face that first captures your attention
and you can't help but mwonder why he has decided to do that
you don't dislike it, in fact, you find it quite appealing, but it awakens your curiosity
though you don't dare ask about it, you've just met, after all
it reminds you of warpaint
and you wonder if that was the purpose
if this boy is always ready for battle, showing the world that he is ready to fight
fight for what?, you ask yourself, but it doesn't take long until you've figured out the answer
and then you notice the rest of his face
his nose
his eyes
his lips
the white dreads brushing his forehead
and oh
oh he's pretty
and suddenly you forget what you had been wondering
Tumblr media
it's the way she moves that has your eyes immediately drawn to her
it's almost inhuman the way she twists her limbs and crawls around
it's not scary
and you don't find it freaky, necessarily
but you've never seen anything like it
and you can't help but stare, fascinated by this girl, who seems so fearless, so careless about what anybody else thinks of her
you could have watched her forever, jumping and climbing
you never know what she's going to do next, where she's going to go next
and even though she'd doing nothing but moving you can't help but find yourself on the edge of your seat, every nerve of your body alive with almost giddy anticipation
and then her eyes find yours and she cocks her head to the side, perched upon the table
almost reminding you of a bird, a hawk watching his prey
and part of your soul simply descends
Tumblr media
this man is huge
fucking huge
it's impossible not to notice his size
he puts anyone to shame
so the first time you see him you're just like holy shit
this man could easily pick me up with one hand and throw me across the room
you're a little intimidated
(and a little turned on)
but then you look at him
properly look at him
and instead of cold eyes and an arrogant face that says no one here is a match for me and I know it, you find a surprising softness in his features that has your heart skip a beat
when he notices you staring you flush at the realisation of having been caught but he just smiles and keeps polishing the glass
“want a drink?”
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honeydazai · a month ago
randomly moaning into their ear — Arcane
feat.: Viktor, Jayce Talis, Silco, Vander, Vi, Jinx, Sevika, Ekko
warnings: nsfw content, exhibitionism, punishments, spanking, rough sex, oral sex
requested?: yes! | reblogs appreciated!
Tumblr media
The moment you move to stand next to him in the lab, VIKTOR knows you're up to something. Still, he has to concentrate on refining the Hexclaw, which is why he can't help but jump a little when you stand up on your tiptoes and a moan leaves your lips right next to his ear. His cheeks flush just the slightest bit — Jayce is right there, damn it — and he awkwardly clears his throat as you whimper yet again, the noises nothing but lewd.
Despite his initial embarrassment, he definitely finds a way to pay you back. Only a few moments later, his fingers stealthily move underneath your skirt and into your panties, and even though Jayce could look up every second, he doesn't stop until he's knuckles-deep inside of you, his thin fingers stretching you open, and you press your lips together tightly to suppress any noises from leaving your mouth. Viktor's only response to your suffering is a smirk — you really had this coming.
“Oh? What's the matter, my love? Weren't you so keen on teasing you a few moments ago? Where did all that attitude go? And look at you, blushing, even though you were acting like a whore a moment ago — pathetic.”
Tumblr media
JAYCE doesn't expect anything unusual when you lean down to whisper into his ear during a meeting, which is why he's even more caught off-guard when you suddenly moan; a needy and high-pitched noise falling from your lips, followed by a whisper about how much you need him. His cheeks flush with heat and he stutters as he tries to explain to the rest of the Council why exactly he's blushing this much while shooting you an angry glare.
After the meeting has ended, he bends you over the closest flat surface and pushes your panties down, only to thrust first three thick fingers and then his dick into you. He groans while fucking you at a near violent pace, and even though he knows that's exactly what you wanted, getting to pound into you like this until you're a moaning and drooling mess doesn't feel like a defeat to him.
“Fuck, oh my god, princess—, you're so damn tight around me. Can't believe you'd be such a slut in public; am I not fucking you well enough, hm? Fuck. You almost would've embarrassed me in front of the whole Council—, fuck. You're so hot.”
Tumblr media
It's no surprise that SILCO has no knowledge of popular pranks, which is why he's absolutely unaware of why you're sitting down on his lap during a meeting with the Chem-Barons of Zaun. The moment you lean closer to him to moan into his ear, your face a lewd grimace, he frowns at you, obviously irritated. He knows you're only doing this to rile him up; he's not stupid, which is why he won't immediately act on the urge to punish you.
Later that day, however, he bends you over his lap, his palm coming down hard on your ass, and he relishes in the way you whimper and moan. Even if you get turned on by the spanking, it doesn't matter — he's not above denying you your orgasm for the next hour, if not the whole day.
“Oh? What are you saying, love, you want to come? Ah, what a shame. I don't think you've deserved that yet. Maybe I'd be open to changing my mind if you beg me some more.”
Tumblr media
Honestly, VANDER is simply confused when you suddenly gasp into his ear how much you need him during his shift in The Last Drop. He genuinely has no idea that you're doing this solely to rile him up and that it's a prank — still, his reaction is oddly heartwarming.
Since he doesn't want to leave you hanging when you so obviously need him, he immediately orders someone else to take over his place at the bar, only to pin you against a shelf in some empty storage room. You don't even get the time to explain the prank to him; he doesn't want you to be unsatisfied, which is why he quickly thrusts into you, making you moan and whimper for real this time.
“Ya don't have to ask for more, darl, don't ya worry; I'll make you feel so good. Fuck, I really didn't mean to ignore ya for too long, wanna take care of you, babe.”
Tumblr media
VI's eyes widen in surprise when you quite literally drape yourself over her form, though she huffs out a laugh when you whimper into her ear. She raises her eyebrows at you, her head tilted to the side in a playful manner, and she pats her lap as in invitation.
It's no surprise that, only a few seconds later, you're grinding against her thigh, your dripping cunt leaving stains on her trousers, and she cooes praises and insults alike into your ear while you make a mess of yourself. You're gasping, saliva running down your chin, though Vi doesn't even think about indulging you yet.
“Fuck, you look so hot right now, darl. Get yourself off on my thigh, then I'll fuck you, alright? Be a good girl for me. That's it, yeah, you can do it.”
Tumblr media
As a needy whine falls from your lips at an absolutely uncalled for situation, JINX can't help but be surprised. However, she's on board with it almost immediately — alright, you're in public, so what? She abruptly stops tinkering on the bomb she had just been holding to instead grab your hips, and she wouldn't be Jinx if she didn't have some kind of toy with her.
Only a few moments later, you're pinned against a wall as she pounds into you, her strap-on nudging against what you swear is your cervix with how big it is, while her teeth scrape over your throat. Her breath is hot against your neck while she degrades you for being this much of a slut — honestly, can't you even go an hour or so without her dick? That's pathetic.
“Damn, sugar — look at that, you're dripping wet already! Couldn't even wait for me to fuck you, could you? And now we're even doing it in public; you're so shameless! Such a cute little slut.”
Tumblr media
The second you lean down to moan lewdly into SEVIKA's ear while she's busy playing poker against a few guys, she scoffs, an eyebrow raised. Honestly, she hadn't thought you were this dumb or daring, but she won't complain about this sudden turn of events.
She pulls you down onto her lap almost immediately, ignoring the way you cry out in surprise, and even though you might protest, she's not shy to thrust her fingers into you right then and there while continuing to play — and win — her game. This is purely your own fault, really, and the way you blush and hide your face against her thigh is just adorable.
“Look at you, acting all shy now. Come on, weren't you quite literally begging for me to touch ya only a few moments ago? Just entertain us a little with your cute lil' noises while I'm finishing this game.”
Tumblr media
EKKO simply stares at you in utter bewilderment for a moment after you've moaned into his ear in public. The noises you just made are almost enough to get him to blush. Then, however, his lips curl into a smirk — really, you're that desperate for him? In public even?
He's not one to deny you, which is why he quickly steers you away from the other Firelights and sinks to his knees in front of you; soon enough, two of his fingers spread your glistening folds open while he draws lazy circles with his tongue around your clit, and you gasp and whimper, your thighs trembling.
“Fuck, look at you, babe. You're literally drooling. Missed my mouth on you so badly, didn't you? Bet that was why you were so desperate for me. That's almost adorable.”
Tumblr media
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smemento · 5 months ago
One of your DM anons! Can I request Arcane Characters just react to a physically affectionate person? Like they aren't dating (yet) and they praise and give like head pats or things like that? (Kinds wanna see what you do with Silco! + other characters of your choosing). (Gn!reader)
Characters Reacting to A Physically Affectionate Reader
Content Tag(s): Fluff, General Mentions of violence, basic Arcane plot warning? Injections, Insecure Reader
Pairing(s): Silco || Vander || Viktor || Jayce || (x GN!Reader, Separately)
A/N: Gifs were found in the Tumblr archive and credited! <3. GENERAL SPOILERS AS WELL. + Upon further edit of request, characters have been chosen to be all male. If this does good and people like this there will be a P2. (Sorry in advance for my spelling mistakes!)
Marcus Version
(I had my favorites with writing these.)
Tumblr media
It was already common knowledge that you were softer compared to the entirety of Zaun. It made people wonder why the practical devil of the place even allowed you to join his posse.
You weren't as strong as the others, never confrontational and whenever you did throw a punch- it hurt you more than it did them.
So why exactly? What did you have to offer Silco to be part of his team?
You didn't know exactly... Sure, you tinker here and there, you're able to give Sevika arm and Jinx's gadgets small positives... (You sorts of stray from giving Jinx upgrades for obvious reasons.) —You also have some medical knowledge but nothing to be out of the extraordinary.
It made you grow insecure over time. It felt as if you needed to be something more to stay alive in this world, especially now with a target on your back... The number of times you would've been snatched if you weren't with the group is insane... You truly owe Sevika a lot, she tends to tell you not to mention it and is fine with being repaid in a game of cards. (She sorta stopped doing that when she figured out you were always able to call out her bluffs and win. You both still have a good friendship though.)
You had entered Silcos’ office with his command, hands delicate with closing the aged door. You could tell he was prioritizing on his injection to focus on you in that moment, which you didn’t mind. It was a human necessity for him, there’s no reason for you to interrupt.
However, the longer you watched, the more frustrated Silco got. You know Jinx helps him with his injections quite often, so he’s grown strange to doing it himself. His arms and hands altering in awkward ways, none of the positions being right.
“Do you need help?”
The words formed without much thought, the flash of fire and ice causing your blood to burst. You knew that Silco didn’t seem to enjoy your touches as much as others may have (you gave his arm squeeze before while he was frustrated and the look he gave you felt like offense, since then you stopped standing close to him/giving physical attention)— it’s stupid for you to think he’d let you do such a valuable thing… right?
“Yes… I do.”
His words caused your apology to run short, trailing off with a light break of a lost word…
You were eventually in front of him, hands fumbling with the gadget a bit as the eyes focused on your movements.
Silco’s hands lightly scratched at the arms of his chair as he assessed you. You’ve always been a nervous thing… You may be quiet half of the time and gentle but he knows you have a mean bark. It has a tone that caused even him to still for a moment upon first hearing it… and that look you had on your face that day. It was feral, protective, captivating…
That wasn’t the first day Silco felt captivated by you though. Yes- he played a risky game allowing you into his life but he doesn’t regret it. You get along with everyone well and have them to protect you… You’re like a gem- or a light in the cave of bats. That’s how he’s seen you through the days and weeks. A light that wasn’t loud or annoying— just there for days of sunbathing and warm hugs. Ones he’s seen you give quite frequently to those around him.
Silco didn’t retrieve from his thoughts until a warmth invaded his right cheek. The sudden touch made his eyes widen and catch yours just as quickly as they did when you asked to help… and just like before, the gaze made you retract, eyes ever so soft. As if his skin was hurting you. But– Silco believed it was because you were scared, maybe terrified of his appearance up close. That made him slightly fill with anger.
“Are you scared of me?” His voice was laced with a light sting, fingers trapping your wrist to stay put. “No! No. I just— I forgot you don’t like me touching you- I just didn’t know how to, do it without.”
Tensing moments pulsed through you. Silco being able to feel your quickening heartbeat from your pulse, you little anxiety ball… He always tried to be careful around you, knowing that one dramatic movement can cause you to stumble away or hide behind the others. As if he’d lay a harming hand onto you… That made him angry for the first time but it grew obvious it didn’t matter who did it, you still feared they’d hit you.
His silent guidance was your reassurance, placing your hand back onto his face and lifting his chin for better access. This time, all his looks felt more calculated for you, as he wanted you to understand he truly needed your assistance with this… And as quick as a mouse the pain electrocuted through him in an aggressive wave, his hand clinging to your wrist as he endures the pain. This time around it felt longer— it, somehow didn’t hurt as much though. So he was fine with the way your hands comforted the sides of his face, even his scarred side and whispered to him. Your alluring voice being there between the high and low of the injection, your newly kneeled position giving him a comfortable position to stare at you in his daze.
Did it always feel so fuzzy? Your hands all over his face in gentle touches, soothing his skin and slicking back his hair. All of this complimented by your gentle voice and looks of true care and worry for him. It was addicting to him. It made the after-pain grossly durable as he leaned against one of your hands until he became awake. Even then, he had faked his drowsiness to have an excuse to keep you close, allow your scent of your favorite smell to be remembered and shared with his cologne. To mix into a gentle potion so the both of you can part ways while still feeling close… This is what Silco has been feeling for long weeks. He wondered why and how you pulled him into this spell. The one that made him a practical mad man whenever someone dared to put a proposition on the table for you. As if you were on the market in the first place… That’s why he needed you by his side— because there’s bad people here. There’s bad people…
From that day on, you were to give him his injections if Jinx wasn’t there. As his daughter also found it common to do them.
When she learned that you had also begun helping Silco, she didn’t take it easy. That was expected because of those voices she experience. However, after some more reassurance and Jinx remembering how much you’ve helped her in feeling normal; she became accustomed to it. Even offered you to do them when she was there sometimes.
Silco never voice too much in his feelings to your help, but it was obvious to you he was thankful. Always enjoying the way you raked your fingers through his hair, no matter if it was done, he loved it. It’s suffocating his touch-starved he could be with you, if you go a day or two without being near him he gets a bit snappy to others. (It feels like he’s having a withdrawal.)
That being said, be sure to give him some affection throughout the day, for the sake of everyone’s safety and Silco’s health. As he no longer glares at you or feels like it’s a bad thing, even when you feel like you shouldn’t be there he’ll want you in the meeting. Depending on who the patron is will cause alters in your forms of attention, if someone intimidated you Silco will allow you to sit with your back facing them, holding onto his arm and staring past the glass… Other times you just stand at his side or on his lap. That is a bit more rare for both of you with an audience. It’s something more private and closer, no need to share that with some random nobodies.
He actually took you to that meeting with Sevika, as no one was at the bar to properly protect you. Plus, that gold jaw had pissed him off multiple times with trying to make advances towards you… Even when you were one of the firsts to put on a mask, you had to deal with some of the air in your lungs. Silco was- apologetic as you coughed and smiled, saying it was alright and things of the same.
Tumblr media
Vander is already a Big Teddy. He’s never been harsh with affection to those he was close to, especially to his kids. (Powder, Vi, Mylo and Clogger. Ekko too but he has Benzo!)
Even with his gentle exterior to a lot of people around him, including the new worker, you strayed your affections away from him. He didn’t really think about it, as he always loved seeing the way you would interact with the kids.
They were a bit wary with you the first time around, but it seemed as if the tough exterior fell the day you came in with presents. It wasn’t anyones birthday or an event so it was completely unprovoked and unexpected… Powder had been the one to break the ice and open her present first- which she let out a small screech of excitement. It has a variety of fresh markers and paints, all of which that glowed. Along with some gadgets and scraps that she could put together on her own time.
(Jinx would keep all that stuff as she got older, even if she ran out of it. She kept all your stuff. :,))
The openings was followed by Mylo and Clogger, then Vi. Everyone throughly enjoying their gifts and some (playfully) fighting over some. As you were able to get Vi tickets to this fight show an old friend held, you knew how Vander would get so it was actually ‘box’ seats with the best view. The safest option for a place as such.
Vander probably fell in love there.
You had got him a gift as well, a necklace with two photos of him and the kids. He was REALLY happy to get that, gave you a good ole hug. ‘Jokingly’ asked where you were in the photo, which you also laughed at… but he was a bit serious if not really serious. He wanted you to be in one of the photos- your part of the family.
With how you reacted he dropped it for a bit. Being able to enjoy the laughter of the children and the overall life you brought to his already lively bar.
Overtime you became more affectionate with him, light rubs on the back or touches on his arm here and there. There was a time you even massaged his hand when you felt all the callouses. It was nice. Whenever he’s sitting down you’ll ruffle his hair when you walk past.
Grayson had dropped by for her monthly visit, enjoying a drink with Vander with her new freshie (Marcus). The said man giving the pure ‘stench’ of an adolescents who didn’t truly understand what and who ran the underground… a Piltover snob basically…
It was the first day Grayson ever met you, and you two hit it off pretty easily. It grew painfully obvious very quickly that you were a gentle soul in a wretched land. She wasn’t a bit surprised when you had messed up the Hounds hair, Vander laughing before ‘yelling’ at you about messing up his “luscious hair.”
The amount of silent happiness she had for Vander was immeasurable. The woman is no idiot and understands how well the existence of Vander holds together the underground, knowing he has a possible flower with him makes her content. Plus? Your nice to everyone, even those enforcers who tried to force their way past you. Grayson being the one to come to your saving and allow you to breathe. Despite your known personality, it looked as if you were ready to kick those enforcers to a pulp, or at least try. 
Marcus wasn’t the entirety same though. Sure, you were nice to him, didn’t give him any type of ‘tone’ and offered him a drink or a dish... (as you became the cook of the bar) It was conflicting to the boy in general on how someone like yourself was surviving in this hell. He assumed you were from Piltover originally, running to Zaun for some reason. Gosh, that talk? The anger that brought Zander? Something forever to linger in the back of Marcus’ head. 
“Why did you run from Piltover? Was someone threatening you? You don’t have to stay here, people are able to protect you from whatever Zaunite is threatening you.” 
It was horrendous. His words were unprovoked and random when you had placed the food down for the old friends. His words made you feel ill, your stomach entangling tight knots. Did you seem unhappy with your home? Is this why he assumed you weren’t always in Zaun? Yeah, this place is bad and you gotta have tough skin, but it doesn’t mean you HAVE to treat people harshly...
“What did you say?” 
Vander was looming behind you, glaring to the boy as Grayson raised her brows. Only to shrug it off and enjoy some of the meal you prepared, thinking it’d be best to enjoy and compliment your dish to get you out of all the needed drama. 
Needless to say, Marcus learned to keep his mouth shut from then, never to talk about your possible unhappiness in the place you strive to take care of. 
Despite Vander standing up for you in the situation, there was a couple moments of you scolding him on his behavior. 
He understood why you felt the way you did and apologized, it was authentically a bad feeling to be scolded by you. It made Vander feel like a child again.
Luckily you caught on and just held his face, forcing him to look at you and listen to your delicate words. Ones he’d forever cherish because of how nice they sounded. In all honesty, he cherished the entire moment as you had hugged him. 
A long hug. 
Your fingers massaging his scalp as his arms rested carefully around your frame, content. 
He tends to ask you for back or head scratches after that. As he thoroughly enjoys how nice it feels on him. 
Tumblr media
In an expected way, you and Viktor had met through Professor Hemindinger. You were actually his assistant before Viktor, only leaving Piltover to study medicine elsewhere and expand your knowledge of the medical field.
Viktor had seen you in photos that Hemindinger had showed him, however, he didn’t really connect the dots that you were the one in the photo upon first appearance. You weren’t a mess— quite the opposite actually. The attire you wore seemed rich in touch, perfectly fit to your frame to your comfort and to compliment the places you wished. In no way did it seem as if you were wearing these clothes to boast about your wealth. As compared to those of the council or just overall in Piltover, you dressed for your comfort.
After you settled in you learned about the advancements of this— “Hextech.” Viktor seeing the obvious cues you portrayed with your disliking to this. With your further explanations he truly understood where you came from. It’s not that you do not wish to help, it’s simply that you have a belief. Magic that is not natural should not be mettled with by humans.
This didn’t mean you had changed his entire agenda. It grew a light conflict between the two of you for a while, but it didn’t poison too much. Being a doctor you were particularly helpful around the lab, for the sake of Viktors’ need of breaks and food. He was envious of it. As you had set boundaries of when you would push his buttons during specific times as well. If he’d fight you on taking a break you’d pull his chair away from the Hexcore, both of your legs finding room for each other.
The action to you was so much of getting his attention on you. Which worked. It did, but it made him flustered through it. The way you were gentle but stern at the same time. And when you weren’t sharing words? You’d walk past and lightly brush your hand against the back of his neck or head, the action making him go goldfish brain the first couple times it had happened.
Light sparks mirrored on Viktors’ googles whilst he worked, hands being delicate and careful with his calculated actions. Everything was going well— then a delicate brush ran along the back of his head. It sent immediate chills through his body, along with a light sensation of satisfaction.
The tools he held lightly tumbling out of his hands as he frantically looks behind him. His shielded eyes wide at your concerned face, hand delicately brushing against his cheekbone.
“Are you alright…?"
He wasn’t sure how to feel. He knew he didn’t hate this- he didn’t hate the way you touched him. Not pulling away at the man but allowing further warmth to poison his body. Practically healing him from any light discomfort that he had from being hunched over his desk all day. From the looks of it too? You didn’t seem to think your actions were abnormal.
“No- nothing…”
Viktor spared a soft smile before looking away, feeling as your fingertips gradually slipped off his skin, but your presence still remained behind.
“Take a break soon.”
You spared him another brush, walking off with only the click of your shoes. Viktor having to focus his attention on the sound, the breath he held in heaving out with a force as his face was invaded with absolute warmth. Pure fluster.
Viktor was actually jealous a bit when he noticed that you’d give Jayce some physical affection too. But, as he did further investigations he noticed the differences you had between people or specific intentions. With Viktor you were much more intimate, in a way of out of patient/professionalism treatment. Your fingers rested longer through his locks and his own, as you’d often help message and stretch out his hands and fingers after a long day. Something that Viktor didn’t think was a needed thing. It’s hard for him to sleep without a message now. As his hands ache without the light love you give them before his rest.
He felt as if it was a foolish thing at first. Only noticing that his health and overall mood had changed for the better thanks to your existence. The way your hands were just, there. Every small touch lifting his heavy burdens and sleepless nights off his shoulders. 
The man was so embarrassed when he woke up in your arms, you had made a makeshift little bed out of a couple of chairs. cushions and blankets. His head was against your chest, hands on his head and back. The position had caused a light ache in his tailbone but he couldn’t complain and went back to sleep. 
(Hemindinger and Jayce had walked into you two napping, Hemindinger very content with what he was seeing and quietly giggling as he toddled off. Jayce would make fun of him of it later while Poro had actually stayed to get some sleep with you two.) 
Tumblr media
Question marks all the time. He just “???” with a titled head and a slightly puppy dog look everytime you ruffle his hair.
In all honestly, he was taken aback when you first started to show your affection and praise. Sure, he was used to being boasted about, but just randomly through the day like you do to him? It just makes him stand there as he watches you walk off.
He would ask Viktor about it, who would raise a brow at the man who was practically a mess as he paced the room. It was weird for anyone to be seeing the way he was reacting for the man he is. Especially for the man he is, no one doesn’t expect that he does get some physical affection.
When Hemindinger finally asked him, Jayce voiced about how he has had physical advances but not random and ‘cute’ little ones that you gave him. They were random and felt more meaningful then the intention of wanting something.
Jayce would wait everyday on the clock for you to come in and give him a light attention. It was something that started to get him through his day and made his imaginary tail wag for hours. And hey, if his day got bad you’d always know and randomly appear to help him. Hugs, head pats and back rubs— you’d give him the whole package whenever he needed it.
But like clockwork, you entered, drinks’ in hand and serving them to the boys with a complimentary head pat. However, Jayces’ was more of a ruffle, his eyes slightly closing as he smiled at the touch with a light ‘thanks.’
You’d usually leave right after this, but Jayce decided he’d hold you captive here for a little while, using the excuse that he needed a fresh pair of eyes. That was a total lie and Viktor knew that well, only deciding to keep quiet for Jayce’s ego.
If Mel was showing her interest in Jayce, you’d politely back off and stop with this. You sorta liked Jayce but if someone was more confident and possibly fit in a relationship with a man such as him, you would choose not to be a homewrecker.
Jayce was confused about your distancing though, wondering why you’d only show affection to others and stray away from him. If felt as if he was a disease or poisonous to you now.
Upon confronting you, he found out about everything you felt. Finding it a little heartbreaking to even think about ruining a possible relationship for him, even if he wanted to be in one with you. (Which you didn’t know nor did he voice.)
Yes, Mel was attractive, and he’s thought about some things with her. But overtime he felt bad due to the lost of you. He’d voice his discomfort with Mel and she’d (“kindly”) back off. There was some sort of rivalry with you and her but you tried your best not to think too much of it.
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cyan-skulls-writing · 2 months ago
Howdy! If it's no trouble can you do arcane characters x reader morning after and waking up to reader next to them? Fluff or nsfw whichever you'd prefer 😌
Of course babe! I hope you like it!
Arcane + Waking Up Next to You
implied sex, but sfw
With: Viktor, Jayce, Silco, Vander, Ekko, Jinx, Vi, Caitlyn, Sevika, Mel
gender neutral as always, go nuts
When Viktor wakes up, at first, he thinks last night must have been some incredible dream, but then he turns and sees you laying next to him. He smiles, his amber eyes crinkling as he takes in your form, illuminated in the early morning sun, like a golden idol. He leans over, unable to resist running his hands over you, reverently, his personal sunbeam, come format he sky to bathe him in warmth.
“Ah, good morning, solnishko. I’m sorry to wake you, you just looked so gorgeous over there. I know you’re still tired, that’s alright, just let me—eh—hold you, please? We can sleep in a little longer. I love you, darling.”
Jayce actually wakes up after you, you’re sitting up, stretching luxuriously, arms over your head and back curling back. He can’t help himself, he has to kiss you. You taste like sleep, like tenderness and sunrise and love. His strong arms wrap around you, pulling you into his chest and leaning back into the bed. You pillow your face against his neck, feeling loved and protected and safe.
“Good morning, baby. How are you? Still sore? Ha, that’s fine, pookie, just let me hold you. We don’t have to get up yet. Mmm, you’re so warm. Kiss me again, baby?”
As always, Silco wakes up long before you. Usually he gets right up and to work, but today he takes a moment just to look at you. You look so peaceful, so serene, he couldn’t possibly disturb you. But he can’t stand to leave you in an empty bed, not today. His eyes trace your form, blanketed in the eerie green glow from the window. He watches you until you wake.
He sits at the edge of the bed, lighting up a cigar as he watches you. Taking in the sight of you, breathing, alive, and he feels at peace. How a man like him has such a gentle, lovely creature in his bed he’ll never understand. He loves you. Even in your sleep, you know.
Vander wakes up to see you peeking at him from the pillow of your arms. He isn’t sure how long you’ve been waiting, but he opens up his arms and you burrow into them easily. He doesn’t miss the small hiss of your discomfort, and he winces. He knew he took it too far last night. Although, you don’t seem to be complaining. In the dim of your room, he cradles you, pressing kisses to the top of your head.
“Good morning, darl’, how long have you been starin’ like that? Get over here, yeah? It’s gettin cold without you. Ah, I’m sorry little bird, didn’t mean to give you the aches. I’ll draw you a bath in a bit, does that sound good?”
The Firelights don’t have much. Ekko wakes up and the first thing on his mind is getting back to work. Resources are running thin, he needs to go out and make some moves. He stops when he hears you leaning up, and the events of last night come flooding back. He leans back down to kiss you, to hold your face in his hands for a moment and look at you how you smile at him, half asleep. You don’t have much, but in this moment, you have enough.
“Oh, hey honey, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up. yeah, I’ve uh, got to go soon, but I love you, ok? I’m serious, you mean everything to me. Ok! Ok! I’m just making sure. I’ll see you later, firebug.”
You and Jinx wake up almost at the same time. As you lean up, rubbing sleep out of your eyes, you turn to look at each other, and matching silly grins light up your faces. You reach for each other and collapse back into each other’s arms, giggling and tangling your legs together. She looks at you like you hung the moon, like you’re a new project of endless fascination to her, like there is nothing more precious to her in all of Zaun than you.
“Awe good mornin’ sugar, how are you? I am personally doing incredible. Hehehe, you’re so cute, trinket, do you wanna kiss? Yeah? Well come over here! I’m not dodging, you just have bad aim!”
Vi wakes up and immediately she remembers what you did last night. You’re sleeping, cuddled in her arms, looking so cute. She smiles, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. You make the most adorable noise when you lift your head to look at her, smiling at her with your eyes still heavy with sleep. When you demand more kisses, she laughingly obliges.
“Oh, good morning, cupcake, how do you feel? Yeah? I’m glad to hear that. Aw, shit, darlin’ when you look at me like that… I just wanna keep you here forever. No, you’re too cute to let you loose.”
Caitlyn wakes gently, slowly rising from the gentle cradle of sleep to see you sleeping peacefully by her side. You’re smiling so softly, and she wonders what you’re dreaming of. When she wakes you she has two cups of tea and some breakfast waiting for you. The smile you give her is grateful and sincere, and she smiles back just as kindly. It’s moments like this that remind her what she’s protecting.
“Good morning, love. You’re looking utterly luminous this morning. You’re so pretty sweetheart. Oh, of course, it’s the least I could do after all that. Well, you’re very welcome.”
You technically woke up before Sevika, but you’ve learned that if you pretend to be asleep she’ll kiss you so gently before she has to leave for work. She (unfortunately) caught you this time, but she (mercifully) decided to kiss you anyway. She kisses you once, then twice, then three times, and she may end up being a little late, but you think The Last Drop can survive without her for another 10 minutes.
“Good morning, mouse. Hey, nuh-uh, don’t pull that shit with me, I know you’re just pretending to sleep so I’ll kiss you. Yeah, fine ok. Just this once though! Yeah, I love you too, honey.”
Mel wakes up to you peppering her skin in kisses, already worshipping her like she’s a young goddess in your bed, instead of your wife. Of course, she doesn’t mind, but expect her to return the favor later. She peers at you from under her lashes, amused as you redouble your efforts, knowing she’s now awake to appreciate them. She decides she can afford to miss out on this morning’s meeting. And perhaps this afternoon’s, and this evening’s.
“Ah, good morning, starlight. Did you sleep well? Haha, you’re so sweet, dear, really. Ah, you’re in such a tender mood this morning! Hmm, I think I’ll take a day off. Ah, no, there shouldn’t be any fires today. Piltover can need me tomorrow.
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1mxg1ne · 5 months ago
League of Legends/Arcane - Vander NSFW
//brain fried from exams ,so here is a dilf to warm our hearts and insides
Tumblr media
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex):
He'll ask if you need anything and then pull you over him to cuddle, one hand on the small of your back the other under his head, and as much as he genuinely would love to small talk, he always ends up falling asleep right after.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s):
Arms, straight up arms, he was and is a beast of a man he won't admit it but sometimes he flexes in the mirror just to see if he still got it (he does). On his partner he'd probably say something cheesy like their eyes, which is partially true, how prettily they shine when they are struggling to take him ,but also he is for sure a thigh guy, at any idle moment he and his partner have sitting at the bar or something he'll simply rest a strong hand on their thigh rubbing short circles while going along with any conversation he has to around him as if nothing is happening. Totally an ass slapper too, when you pass by him guard your back.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person):
Breeding kink, i am calling it, he fucks as if he is on a mission and that mission is to breed his partner as possible or impossible as it is for them to get pregnant.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs):
He has definitely stolen a pair of his partner's underwear keeping them in his back pocket, for the days they are not around, keeping their scent close to him.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?):
He has experience, if you ask him he'll simply chuckle, saying something about it being so long ago, but that man knows what he is doing, its almost scary how quickly he can find those spots that make his partner see stars.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual):
Anything that helps him get deep and anything that has him pressed as close to them as possible like, the cuddler and sidewinder for example.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc):
It depends on the mood, this man can do it all , sometimes he will tickle you to feel you tighten around him when you laugh, other times he is so intense his gaze makes you want to cower from him as he holds your jaw and stares you down after an argument, his other hand guiding your hand to his cock.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.):
Doesn't really shave or anything, probably really really hairy, but he tends to use whatever fruity shampoo or soap his partner brings so he smells good.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…):
Again he can do it all, he'll bring out an especially fancy wine he had been hiding after everyone left his bar, maybe play some romantic music and slowly help you strip layer by layer while kissing his way down your body.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon):
Before the kids came into his life he probably did it more often, fucking into his fist when he didn't have anyone next to him, after the kids though he tends to forget about taking care of himself in more ways than one, looking out mostly for them.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks):
Breeding, very minor roleplaying (would not be opposed to a daddy here and there, but expect to be called mommy in return, and expect him wanting to make you a mommy at some point if you know what i mean).
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do):
Before the kids, anywhere in the undercity, anywhere he could get his hands on his partner, after the kids come into his life though, the options are limited, not that he minds it much, he still gets the urge to simply bend his partner over the bar's counter, but he holds it in, most of the time.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going):
It could be anything really, its the simple things that rile him up, a particularly passionate argument, wearing his clothes, domesticity etc, he is a simple man, having someone long term does the trick really.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs):
Probably share his partner, he gets surprisingly jealous, especially if it’s someone younger, he'll joke about it ,but from the clench of his fists and the way he encourages you to be louder than usual, it definitely bothered him.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc):
He eats out like he is a starving man, strong hands keeping his partner's hips still as he dives in and won't get up until his partner's thighs are shaking around his head, only then will he step away right before they cum because his greatest pleasure is having then cum around his cock.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.):
Usually he will go for a slower pace, his cock going as deep as possible before pulling back and then back in again slowly keeping his partner close to his body, but if his partner asks or if he is riled up he'll simply pull their legs over his shoulders/arms and fuck the breath out of them.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.):
As much as he'd love to simply take his time, he knows someone will come looking for him, if its not the kids its someone from the Lanes, he simply had to get used to them, its fine really, he can simply lift up his partner and bounce then on his cock while kissing their fofehead urging them to cum quickly before anyone comes looking for them.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.):
Not as much anymore, there is so much to take into account nowadays he just finds it harder to be as adventurous as he used to be.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…):
He can last a long time ,grabbing the base of his cock and taking a deep breath whenever he feels himself losing control. If he has a goal in mind he's nothing but resilient.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?):
He'd rather get the job done himself in bed, kind of old fashioned in that sense.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease):
He doesn't have it in him to be too much of a tease, he can be rough, fuck you till tears run down your cheeks, but teasing is just not his thing, if its begging you wanna do he has other ways to get you there.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make):
He grunts ,these deep guttural grunts, he also talks a lot, curses and praises his partner calling them every variation of beautiful he can come up with and telling them how good they are to him, how wonderful they are doing and how beautiful they are.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice):
As much as he prefers giving oral, one of his main fantasies when he jerks off is his partner on their knees lips wrapped around his cock as he guides them slowly down to the base, feeling their throat squeeze the head as they swallow around his cock, he just wants to be taken care of , that's all.
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words):
Oh lord, saying he is big is an understatement, he is big and especially thick, has some prominent veins that can really be felt when he is stretching his partner out .
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?):
Used to be quite high, but he had calmed down for a bit, once he has someone in his life again though, that fire is ignited again and suddenly it seems he is making up for those years he had to care for the kids.
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards):
Once he is sure you are okay he just drops dead, and he 100% snores, like these long loud ass dad snores.
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theprettyarachnid · 4 months ago
arcane char reaction to the reader that falls asleep in their lap, pleaseeee
a/n: oh to fall asleep in viktor/jayce's lap... also this request made me think and have i written cuddling headcanons for these characters? i cant remember if i have or not
warnings: none(?)
characters: jinx, vi, caitlyn, ekko, viktor, jayce, silco, vander
🕷 Probably wouldn't notice at first, she'd be rambling about something while working on one of her gadgets before checking to see if you're listening only to find you with your eyes closed
🕷 "hey sleepy head, are you listening?"
🕷 She'd probably lift one of your eyelids but would quickly pull away when she realized you were actually asleep
🕷 Jinx might get a little pouty because she was feeling chatty but would let you sleep
🕷 If she has a hand free, she plays with your hair
🕷 If you're still sleeping when she's finished with her stuff, she'll grab a marker and draw little doodles all over you
🕷 You two would be hanging out on the couch watching tv when she saw you asleep
🕷 She literally becomes stiff as a board because she doesn't want to wake you
🕷 lowkey forgets to breathe
🕷 Eventually Vi slowly relaxes when she's confident enough that she won't wake you up accidentally
🕷 Lowers the volume on the tv and will try and grab a blanket to cover you so you don't get cold
🕷 If there isn't a blanket close enough, she'll slip out of her jacket or sweatshirt and drape it over you
🕷 Honestly I can imagine Vi being very comfy
🕷 Caitlyn purposely makes you lay in her lap and plays with your hair or caresses your face so you'll fall asleep
🕷 She turns the heat up a little and gets you all snuggled up with blankets while she's reviewing a case
🕷 You soon catch onto the fact that she does it on purpose but it's not like you really care
🕷 There have been a few times where you'll wake up with her asleep with her arms wrapped around you
🕷 "... but i was cleaning up shop when i overheard—babe?"
🕷 Ekko always smirks when you fall asleep on his lap mainly because he just finds it very cute
🕷 He likes to take your hand and trace the lines in your palm
🕷 I feel like Ekko's body temperature is naturally just very warm
🕷 Sometimes he'll reposition you if he starts to get uncomfortable but he's a pro at not waking you up
🕷 Shoulder kisses <3
🕷 He'll be reading a book, taking a break from work, but once he's ready to get back to it he sees you're asleep
🕷 Might question if you're faking it just so he doesn't leave but he stays put either way
🕷 Viktor will either continue reading or will put the book away and just admire you
🕷 His leg will eventually start to cramp so he'll gently lay you on his chest instead
🕷 "mmgh... viktor?"
🕷 "shh, my любимая, i'm right here" любимая (lyuBEEmaya): darling, love
🕷 Jayce can be a little fidgety but if he doesn't have anywhere to be, he'll try to sit as still as possible
🕷 Might go on his phone and scroll through whatever while rubbing your arm
🕷 Depending on how late it is in the day, he might just pick you up and bring you to bed
🕷 If he tries to leave and you grab hold of him, he'll stay
🕷 Will bring you to his chest and just rub your back lulling you back to sleep
🕷 Might quietly tease you about wanting him to stay
🕷 "you must've really missed me today..."
🕷 It's a rare occasion that Silco actually lets you fall asleep on his lap
🕷 It's usually when he's doing paper work at his desk and you're sitting on his lap
🕷 Whenever he lets you sit on his lap, it usually means he's angry about something so most of the time he doesn't let you leave
🕷 Since he works late nights, you end up falling asleep on him
🕷 Silco would offer you some of his cigar just to see you asleep
🕷 I can't really imagine him caring that much but he'll rub your back occasionally while flipping through papers
🕷 Once he's finished with paper work, he'll wake you up by gently shaking you
🕷 This is only after he gives you a few hickeys
🕷 Literally how can you not fall asleep on this man? He's so comfortable
🕷 When he sees you asleep, he quietly chuckles to himself before putting you to bed
🕷 He's also a pro at not waking people up just because he's had plenty of nights where he's had to stay up with Powder/Jinx
🕷 Vander will usually put off whatever he has to do for tomorrow so he can stay with you
🕷 Will change you into comfier clothes
🕷 He usually falls asleep shortly after you
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wolfishwriting · 2 months ago
Reader buys lingerie as a surprise but sees herself in the mirror, gets embarrassed, starts to take it off but they walk in and see her in it?
arcane + accidentally walking in on you wearing new lingerie
ft. Vander, Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Silco, Viktor, Jayce, Finn, Grayson, Marcus, Mel, Sevika, Chuck, & Howl
cw: suggestive themes, lingerie, fluff, fxf, fem!plus sized reader
Heat rises to his cheeks and blood runs South. He immediately closes the door behind him, hulking frame shadowing your smaller one. His eyes rake over your form and a smile forms across his face. Like he can read your body language perfectly, he cups your cheek with a single large hand. His fingertips brush along the pretty pale blue lingerie, thumb fiddling with the bow at the center of the brassiere.
"You look beautiful, darl. Always. Were you shy about wearing this? No reason to be, you look perfect."
A low whistle exits her lips before she even has the chance to process her horndog thoughts. She's circling you like you're her cute little prey. Vi hooks a knuckle around the loop of fuchsia lace, rubbing the material between her thumb and forefinger.
"This looks really pretty on ya, darl. Were you worried I wouldn't like it, why are you so upset? Hmm? I think it looks perfect on you--yeah, makes your body look great. I'm pretty freaking lucky."
Thinks she's looking at a treat, honestly. She's in awe of your beautiful and how the material clings to you. Caitlyn is able to recognize the brand immediately and smiles-- she also wears a similar kind.
"Are you nervous, love? Don't be. It looks wonderful on you. But if you are feeling uncomfortable, we can find something better suited for your form and comfort levels, hmm?"
Duo-colored eyes immediately widen and for a split-second you think you see a tint of pink covering his ears. He clears his throat, closing the bedroom door and quickly crosses the short distance from the door to where you stand fidgeting in front of the full-length mirror. Silco quickly takes note of how you fiddle with the red lacy fabric.
"My love, why are you so nervous? You look divine, that piece absolutely suits you. Though, if I may--" his lips curve over your ear. "I'd much rather see these on the bedroom floor."
Bounces on the balls of her feet around you, fingers fiddling with the bows that rest on the brassiere straps. You're wearing pink/blue cotton candy like top and bottoms. Her eyes are sparkling with love and admiration.
"New set, toots? Looks great! It'd look a lot better on the floor--kidding! Unless? Haha, you're so easy to fluster, firecracker! For real, it looks really good on you."
The grip on his cane tightens and a noticeable flush rises to his cheeks as well as yours. You'd just begun unclasping the back of your black lingerie set, the expanse of your back visible and shoulder strap slipping down off your shoulder to reveal a good handful of side boob.
"If I had known you were waiting for me at home like this I would have left much earlier, my dear. You look exquisite. It suits you well, would look wonderful with that new sheer shawl, no?"
Nearly has to hold onto the wall for dear life because he has to be dreaming right now. He feels a little dizzy, like he's been rocking back and forth on his feet for far too long and the ground is starting to tilt.
"Whoa... Amazing. You've always been beautiful but this soft orange color really does magic for your eyes. What would you call this? Salmon orange? Is that even a thing? Do you mean peach? Haha, okay, babe. My apologies, darling, you look wonderful."
He was looking for a spare culture tube and his favorite Erlenmeyer flask for a new test he was working on when he noticed you dressed in all of your finery, a lime green bra with matching bottoms and golden flowers accented within the semi-sheer fabric. You knew how much he enjoyed seeing you in gold, even if you felt nervous.
"Holy shit, babe! You look hot! Look at your tits! Oh, was that not the right thing to say? You're beautiful, of course! You wanna try to take it off? Why's that-- you look great! Though, I'm certainly not opposed if you want to be naked around me instead."
She had just dropped by home to pick up a book to enjoy on her lunch break. Grayson only entered the bedroom on the hunt for her book when she catches you in such a state. She notes your tenseness right away and chooses not to mention it, jumping right into a genuine compliment.
"Oh, goodness! I apologize, my love. I did not know you were getting undressed in here. Is that a new lingerie set? You look beautiful, my dear. As always, of course."
Whistles low from where she leans up against the door frame. She removes her toothpick from her mouth, dark eyes wandering up your exquisite frame wrapped in delicate purple lace.
"Don't you look like a special treat, doll." She smirks, toothpick toying with the edge of her lip as she slowly makes her way toward you with heavy footfalls of her boots. "Better get to unwrappin' then, hmm?"
Her instinct is to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear only to remember her hair is wrapped in her locs with golden accessories holding it upright. You look ethereal, like a goddess with your sheer golden lingerie. There's something refined about the way you stand, as though you're royalty.
"Every day that passes, I swear I'm that much closer to the angels and the afterlife. Your beauty is unparalleled. Life may never know of peace when a goddess walks among us mortals. Was that too corny? I quite liked it."
Look, man just wanted to get his lunch. He didn't know he was coming home to a full meal. He really didn't expect you to be dressed in such a pretty dark navy blue, like the midnight sky graced with thousands of stars, standing in front of the full length mirror.
"You look gorgeous, honey." He clears his throat. "This is a new set, yes? It looks really lovely, the color suits you well. Brings out your.. ehm, bountiful assets."
He needs to take a moment to collect his thoughts but he can't he can only focus on you and the beautiful powder blue lingerie you wear for his eyes and his alone. It matches his jacket, he realizes. And it takes everything in him, all of his strength, to not rip that set off your body and ravish you with every filthy fantasy he can concoct.
"Were you waiting long, my honey? Terribly sorry. You look lovely and as much desire as I have to see those particular items on the floor right now and have you beneath me--we must be leaving for our reservations soon. I am a man of my word."
Instantly swallows nervously, eyes wide with appreciation. He crosses over to you, taking your hands instantly to stop your incessant fretting. He'll admire how the green lingerie hugs your supple flesh. Thieram can hardly believe you'd go to the trouble for all of this for him. Well, for you, too.
"W-whoa.. This all for me? Wh-why are you trying to take it off? It looks beautiful, I really like it on you. Yeah-- I really do. Such a pretty color, compliments you very well. Ah, you want my help in taking it off-- you're sure? Okay then, anything for my girl."
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imaginesbymk · 13 days ago
Arcane Preference
Characters: Silco, Viktor, Jinx, Vi, Jayce Talis, Vander & Sevika.
Request: “what are arcane characters like after a discussion (*argument) with your reader. who would apologize first, how would they handle it.thanks” — @supermegapauselouca
Tags: i guess troubled relationships? 
A/N: espero que vc goste! likes/reblogs/feedback greatly appreciated!! (SO SORRY FOR THE LONG HIATUS i seriously blame my anxiety and depression)
support me on ko-fi & feel free to commission me!
Tumblr media
—SILCO one thing’s for sure, if you two will argue, silco will always stick with his thoughts. he has more power, and his vision for zaun often scares you because of what could happen when war ensues. silco would never threaten you, but if you ever did something to sabotage his vision, you’d imagine the worst and eventually avoid further arguments with him. when he realizes that it’s not only his work that terrifies you, but also himself. you two have a one-on-one heartfelt talk, assuring that he’ll get hurt first before you do.
Tumblr media
—VIKTOR you and viktor could be arguing over the littlest things, like him staying up too late in the lab, or the lack of attention and time he has for you. you learn that viktor has a low frustration tolerance and he’ll snap at you if you try to pursue the argument. you notice the realization and guilt hit him and you see it in his eyes and face, and he’ll apologize in a low voice and take it out on himself when the self-blame hits. 
Tumblr media
—JINX jinx is never gonna admit that she’s wrong, so it’s just straight up gaslighting and lack of communication when you two argue. it would take her a while to finally open up to you because she destroys everything she sees, and one of you eventually apologizes. most of the time, it’s you apologizing for misunderstanding her, or her apologizing when she directly (or indirectly) hurts you. jinx cares and does not ever want to hurt you, but her actions and intrusive thoughts stop her from mending the damages she causes.
Tumblr media
—VI you two will argue over everything. most of the time it’s for the sake of your own safety, and vi would never forgive herself if you ever got hurt and she couldn’t protect you in time. plus, vi is very sharp and tough as nails so her way of running things in zaun would not be to your liking due to the conditions and conflicts. vi always apologizes, though, and you two have to stick together if the two of you want to live and defeat silco.
Tumblr media
— JAYCE TALIS jayce is pretty ambitious but yet so stubborn, so when you confront him on how he’s running council, he takes it very personally and looks down on you, thinking that you don’t know what you’re talking about and how you don’t know how politics work in piltover. jayce is the one who approaches you alone when he’s defeated and stuck in the situation he’s in. he admits that you were right, and asks for your help.
Tumblr media
– SEVIKA you and sevika constantly bicker. she’s very verbal in the arguments, and insists that what she does is right, even if silco thinks otherwise. though you almost never see her soft or vulnerable side, you really want sevika to be responsible of her actions and what she says to avoid getting killed. she apologizes to you at the bar and offers you a drink. she knows she can’t focus without the thought of you getting hurt by silco, any zaun rival gangs or piltover enforcers.
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chocolate-milk-fanfics · 5 months ago
This is under the idea that Vander and Silco talked out their issues when they had the chance
Content includes: Race neutral reader, gender neutral reader, mention of threesomes, mention of breeding kink
No privacy what's so ever.
Your basically the mother of the undercity.
Cue Random ass kids hugging you. (Obviously you hug back)
Family naps with the og gang
You having a huge soft spot for Ekko and Powder
They're so smart with their little do-hikeys
You listening to Vi's problems and how stressed she might be.
Helping Mylo with his shooting
Baking with Claggor
Watching Powder and Ekko invent stuff.
Silco coming over whenever he wants like he owns the place.
If you were previously a topsider you definitely bring stuff down for the kids education
Hugs from behind brought to you by Vander
Neck and forehead kisses
I'm positive one of the kids have walked in on you and Vander about to do it.
Vander definitely starts off gentle
Grunts for days😫
I'm talk them D E E P grunts🥴
I feel like he's talkative, but in the "I love you so much" "you feel so good" and "youre beautiful" type of way
This man looks like he nibbles ears.
If you're curvy/plus sized he bites at your chest and loves to grip onto your hips and love handles as he plows you into the mattress.
Bed frame who?
He got a beard so he eating well
He'll be rough if you ask him to
You will be sore tho
His dick probably built like an that Alaskan bull worm from Spongebob
He look like he can either go one round or ten there's no in-between.
Either way you bed ridden
Silco has definitely joined in before
Breeding kink
He definitely fucks like he on a mission
Vander looks like he fucks you so hard your head be hitting the bed frame
He looks like he'll be reaching over, one hand gripping the bed frame other hand either at your waist/hip or stimulating you.
You will be seeing the stars tonight
Just not the ones in the sky
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chickenparm · 2 months ago
Forever - (Vander/Silco/f!Reader)
What you don't expect - as you're sitting on the ragged couch you know he'd slept on up until very recently when a certain someone put their foot down - is for Vander to lean on the opposite wall, arms crossed over his chest, ankles crossed just as well as he asks if you're interested in joining him and Silco.
Together. At the same time.
i snuck a vanco onto AO3 but here's kind-of another one that smacked me upside the head and then shook me around literally all day until i wrote it. enjoy, this is probably one of my favorites that i've written.
Part Two AO3 Link
Vander/Silco/f!Reader 5,800 words - NSFW Polyamorous, Threesome, Edging, Vaginal Fingering and Oral, Vaginal Sex, m!Receiving Anal (Silco), Dirty Talk, Pre-established Vanco, Fluff
When Vander had pulled you aside with a pretty little glass of top shelf alcohol and a smile that seemed to sit unsteadily on his face, you knew something was up.
"Just wanna talk to you for a bit in the back, if that's alright with you, lass."
Of course it's alright, you've never denied Vander a thing, and you're not about to start now when the alcohol in your hand tastes so sweet. It's a bribe of some sort - you know it is because Vander always saves the good stuff for paying customers. Your only thought is about what he's trying to coerce you into doing.
What you don't expect - as you're sitting on the ragged couch you know he'd slept on up until very recently when a certain someone put their foot down - is for Vander to lean on the opposite wall, arms crossed over his chest, ankles crossed just as well as he asks if you're interested in joining him and Silco.
Together. At the same time.
"A threesome?" Is how you clarify, immediately feeling dumb about asking something so obvious, but with the exception of his smile turning less nervous and more excited, he doesn't make fun of you.
"Yeah. Silco just… brought it up a few days ago, asked if maybe we could feel you out first."
"And this is you feeling me out? Not very subtle."
"I figure it's easier this way, and hey - if you're not interested, no hard feelings and you're not gonna be judged for it no matter your answer. No one else is gonna know but us."
Vander watching you, gauging your reaction as your expression changes with the rapid fluttering of your thoughts. Not only did they want you in their bed for a night, but it had been Silco's idea. Silco, who you'd secretly admired from afar for who knows how long at this point. Silco, who'd been a tentative friend, but always seemed to be skittish or unsure in your presence despite his aura of confidence elsewhere.
Maybe Silco was attracted, too.
"Was it me specifically he asked about, or a woman in general?" You decide on that as the catalyst. Vander's answer is how you'll respond, because if it's simply just to find a body to fill the space, you're not very interested in that.
Vander's expression lights up in glee, something you've only seen when the men are drunk and Vander is about to do something that will rile Silco into a fit of rage. His words are damning, "Oh, it's you or no one else. His words exactly. Silco's been making eyes at you for a long time now."
"You guys are together, though-"
"Together, but I'm not going to ban his eyes from wandering once in a while. Turns out they only wander in one direction, and mine do, too."
Shock is obvious, and your fingers nearly drop your drink when Vander openly admits to having at least physical feelings about you. At the sight of your mind grinding to a halt, Vander crosses the room and takes your drink to set on the crate that doubles as a coffee table. The floorboards beneath your boots creak as he lowers to a knee in front of you and cuts your chin with a large hand.
"You can say no. There's no hurt feelings, lass. We're attracted to you, but it's unconventional and you've never dealt with it before."
"Who says I haven't?"
Vander laughs below his breath, fixing you with an expectant look that shows all about how he doesn't believe you for a second. You don't blame him, not with how your hands shake. You clench them in your lap to hide the tremor, but Vander's hand curls around them securely.
"Do you need time to think about it?"
"No," Your answer comes quick and sharp, startling both you and the man between your knees, "I want to. With both of you."
"There's my girl. Alright, I'll let you know some details when I set it up. Give me some time."
The matter doesn't come up for two weeks, but now that you know ow what to look for, the two sets of eyes that follow you appreciatively are so obvious that you feel stupid for overlooking them before.
Vander watches, sure. You see it often, when you're in the middle of your cups, or at the end of a long night when you're meticulously stitching and cleaning the wounds of your brothers and sisters.
But Silco… you wonder if Vander has mentioned what's to come. If only because there's no way you managed to miss his gaze when it's been looking at you like this - hungry, wanting, near-feral with the way his pupils are blown and his knuckles grow white.
Eyes that follow you in the middle of a job, when you're looking your worst and covered in mud and blood. When you've just woken after a long night with barely any sleep and you're not quite sure how you're alive. A door shutting behind him as he leaves, and Vander giving you a knowing grin as his eyes flick up from where he'd been admiring your ass.
There's a pressure building, like a tension in your gut that is only just barely relieved when Vander finally murmurs to you as he passes you with a single word - Tonight. That's all you need to know, and if you spend a little extra time on self-care that evening then that's solely your prerogative. You want to make a good impression after all - there's a silly little hope that maybe this doesn't have to be a one-time thing.
You're not naive enough to think you'll be suddenly pulled into the fold as a third, but… well, the more you've thought about it over the last few weeks, the more appealing that idea sounds. You won't bring it up, but if for some reason they do, you don't plan on turning them down.
The Drop is busy, as per usual on a Friday night, but Vander finds you like a homing beacon. He doesn’t touch you, but his eyes do enough as they travel the length of your body, “You wore a dress. Silco’s going to have a heart attack.”
“Is it too much?”
Vander’s laugh is loud enough that a few people turn to look, and that’s when he swings an arm around your shoulder as a friend would do so the two of you can head to the back of the bar where it’s much quieter and completely secluded from curious eyes. The moment the door closes and locks, that hand on your back slides down, down, down to the curve of your back, just above your ass.
Vander leans in, breath hot against your ear as he speaks low, “Silco’s not gonna be able to keep his hands off you. You’re going to ruin him, and you don’t even gotta touch him to do it.”
“And if I want to touch him?”
“Oh, don’t worry, he’ll let you,” There’s a door that you know leads to a room that Vander had set up as his own quarters, just at the end of this narrow hallway that barely fits the two of you side by side. You tug Vander to a stop, far enough away that the shadow moving beneath the door won’t be able to hear you just yet.
“And if I want to touch you?”
“Oh, sweetheart,” Vander almost sounds scandalized, but there’s a wide grin that only spreads when he gestures vaguely to himself with his hand, “I’m all yours-”
Vander doesn’t even fight you when you push him against the wall, lips on his neck and fingers dipping beneath his shirt to skin along his stomach. On reflex, his hands catch your hips and tug you closer until you’re pressed against something already hard and heavy. You let him grind against you while you move your hands higher, nails dragging along his ribs as you suck a mark into the junction of his neck and jaw.
As soon as it starts, it ends with Vander pushing you back with quiet laughter and a kiss to your forehead that lingers as he speaks, “As much as I want to take care of you, sweetheart, tonight’s about Silco and he’d be devastated if I got too handsy with his girl before he got the chance.”
His girl. That hope brews in your chest, and you squash it just as quickly. Instead you smile a bit sheepishly and back away, your hands gliding along his skin as you pull them back slowly. Vander can’t hide the resulting shiver, but he doesn’t even try to. With his hand on your back again, he ushers you down the hall and whispers in your ear, “You’ll get a piece of me soon enough, don’t fret.”
A promise that you intend to make him keep, but first he’s opening the door and you’re greeted with the sight of Silco with his shirt off, pants hung low on his hips, and wet towel being rubbed across his head. Vander sounds too suspicious when he says, “I brought you something, Silco.”
“Is it food?”
“I suppose it’s something you could eat, if that’s how you’re feeling,” Vander’s elbow nudges your side, and you bring a fist to your mouth to stifle the quiet laughter that wells from seeing Silco so vulnerable and unsuspecting. The towel is pulled away, held at his stomach with hands that suddenly grow loose when he finally notices you.
“She said yes, by the way.”
The towel barely hits the floor by the time Silco’s on you, one hand snaking around your waist while the other curls at the base of your skull to pull you to both his chest and his lips. It’s not soft nor tender, the way he seems to entirely encompass you with long arms and heavy breaths and his tongue pushing past your lips without being denied.
Absently you hear Vander moving to the other side of the room, his footsteps heavy up until the groan of a chair under his weight breaks the sounds of Silco breathing and your whine when his hand around your back slides down to pull you closer with a grip on your ass - a grip that doesn’t leave, though his fingers do begin to the bunch the fabric higher and higher until he’s got his hand on bare skin.
That’s enough to pull away as he stares at you with a completely open expression of unfiltered awe, “Are you not wearing underwear?”
“I thought it’d just get in the way-”
“Bend over the bed. Right now,” And he all but pushes you to follow that direction. He doesn’t follow right away, and instead directs his awe at the man sitting in the armchair in the corner, already palming himself through his pants, “Holy shit, Vander.”
“Go on, get your fill in. You’ve been waiting a hell of a lot longer than I have, that’s for damn sure,” And he punctuates his instruction with a jerk of his chin, hair falling loose from behind his ear where it’d been tucked. Bent over like he’d said, you turn your head with your cheek to the blankets just in time to see Silco cross the room, prop his hands on the arms of the chair, and lean in to kiss Vander fully.
They don’t do PDA. Everyone knows they’re together, but neither of them so much as touch one another in public. But seeing them like this, together and comfortable in each others’ presence, they look good. Almost as if one was made for the other with purpose, and you can’t help but marvel at such a sight, if only for the short moment it exists.
Both sets of eyes turn toward you, and Vander traces the obvious line of your spine to your ass, along the curve of it and down your thighs. His tone is embarrassingly appreciative as he leans closer to Silco as if he were telling some great secret, “Better get over there, before I do it for you. I’m being nice by letting you go it alone, but I’m not above stealing your dinner.”
There’s a sharp hiss followed by laughter as Silco’s hand sharply grabs one of Vander’s nipples through the fabric of his shirt and twists. Vander doesn’t even retaliate, but he does watch Silco’s back as he comes to you with his breath already beginning to grow quick and shallow again. Quietly, he says your name, and when you crane your head to look at him as he settles behind you, he speaks with a tone of unfamiliar raw feeling, nothing like the carefully measured words you’ve heard from him before.
“If only you knew the things I’ve thought about doing to you,” Your skirt rises again, inverse with the way Silco lowers to his knees. You expect him to be as desperate as he’d been moments before, grabbing at you with greedy fingers like he’s won a prize. But that’s all but dissolved now, and in its place is a quiet reverence as his palms stroke against your thighs and squeeze at the plush of them.
“You never even knew, did you? How badly I wanted to touch you, taste you, hear every little sound you can make until your voice is hoarse?” Finally, finally Silco spreads you apart with his grip on your ass, exposing you to both the cool air of the room and his awestruck gaze only scant inches away. Vander’s still watching, lower lip tugged between his teeth as he works at the band of his pants to free himself.
Vander’s just as large as you expect, and already glistening at the tip as he grabs himself with a rough grip that makes him grunt. Before you can marvel at the smooth movements of his fist along his cock, you’re snapped back to Silco with the feel of a tongue through your folds, feather light and enough to make your breath leave you in the quietest whine.
“Oh, you do sound nice, sweetheart. Make her do that again, Sil.”
An annoyed sound is Silco’s answer, muffled by a mouthful of you as he presses his tongue harder against you until he drags it along your clit and you jerk back onto him to chase that feeling eagerly. Silco grips you again, one hand on your ass with the other around the front of your thigh, and gives you a harsh squeeze with both to remind you to stay still.
As long as he keeps doing that, you’ll do whatever he wants. As if he hears that thought loud and clear, he zeroes in on it and sucks it harshly between his lips until you’re shaking from the effort of keeping yourself still, and pouring that energy into a jumble of syllables and moans could be put together to make Silco’s name, but they’re a mess.
You’re given a reprieve, just for a moment as his mouth leaves you, but you’re thrown back in when that tongue of his curls inside you, pushing as deep as he can before he curls it against your walls. You’re boneless and helpless and mindless as he buries himself in you like a man starved - and from what he’s told you, what Vander’s said in passing, maybe he is.
“He’s got his mouth full right now, lass-”
“Shut up, Vander,” Silco shoots back at him, muffled still between long licking stripes that he makes between sentences,”Tell me what you need, darling.”
“I need you,” You blurt without shame, fingers aching from how you clutch the sheets to ground yourself from floating away. Silco hums, pulling away with a wet sound and replacing his tongue with two fingers that press against your entrance teasingly.
“Let me see you come undone first, then I’ll fuck you into this mattress.”
And then he’s curling them into you, fingers pressing against you like he’s learned your body over the span of hundreds of long nights rather than this being the first time you’ve been spread open in front of him like this. It doesn’t take long, whether that’s because you’re already half out of your mind with pleasure or because Silco’s also beginning to grow impatient for what comes next, you’re not sure and you don’t particularly care.
You don’t even realize it’s happening until you’re in the throes of it, arching back against his hand as he adds a third and strokes you through the tremors. He’s scissoring them, you realize it vaguely as your mind swings pendulously between too many thoughts and blissful silence. The world comes back into focus as he slows, one heartbeat at a time until you’re aware that you’re breathing hard and covered in too much sweat.
A kiss presses to the swell of your ass, then another to the dip in your spine, and one for each vertebrae until he’s at your ear, “That was beautiful, darling. Even Vander thinks so. Look.”
And you do, rolling your head until you’re taken by the sight of Vander sprawled in the chair, legs spread and hand fisting his cock with grit teeth and a wild look in his eye that could only have been matched by what you’ve seen Silco direct at you for weeks now. Vander’s near shaking, and just as his muscles tense and you’re sure he’s going to cum, his hand yanks away from his cock like he’s been burned.
Before you can question him on why he’s denied himself, he gives you a grin with too many teeth and a look through his lashes as his head slumps forward, “M’only gonna cum for you, sweetheart. Whenever Silco’s done hogging you.”
“How are you going to bring her here as a present for me and then try to rush me,” Silco’s off you, but you can hear him working at his pants until they hit the floor somewhere after being kicked off, “I’ll tell you when you can join in, but until then just sit over that and fuck around with yourself until I’m satisfied.”
“Yes, sir,” Vander’s tone is mocking, but there’s not a hint of malice in his face as he watches Silco instead of you, eyes tracing the lines of his body just the same as he’d done with you. With a grip on your hips, Silco flips you over until you’re on your back and at the edge of the bed, legs parted for him to stand between.
Silco is a sight, enough for you to prop yourself up on your elbows and take a good, long look at him until it’s burned into your eyes. Long and lean, that much you know already from having to fix him up after a botched fight once or twice, but there’s a different light to him now that isn’t the cold, clinical eye of caring for someone’s injuries.
Now, you’re not seeing those scars as something plain, but rather they add an interesting edge to him as they flex with his skin over sinewy muscle. Scars that somehow pull your eye lower to his stomach, to the dusting of hair and his cock that settles against you with a gentle rock to coat it in your arousal.
Even that feels amazing, and your eyes snap back to his face just in time to see him grinning. The man is preening under your gaze, you realize, and you love that, too. It’s only fair that you say something, if only to watch the way his breath hitches and his bottom lip catches just-so between his teeth to prevent his smile from growing larger.
“You’re gorgeous, Silco.”
“Gorgeous, huh?” His lower lip pops back out when he speaks, and you reach with one hand to pull his face to yours and take that lip between your own teeth to tug on it. Silco doesn’t let you do it for long, already grasping for control by tugging himself free and pushing his tongue into your mouth in sync with the stretch of his cock at your hole. He swallows your moan with a smile that you can feel, nudging further and further until he’s steadily grinding against you with little sounds of his own.
From the corner of your eye, Vander is stroking himself again, deliberately slow and in time with Silco’s movements. Whether it’s on purpose or subconscious, you aren’t sure, but something about his fixation on Silco makes your blood run hotter at the sight. Silco pulls back, just enough that he can look you in the eye and speak words that brush against your cheeks with his proximity.
“Isn’t he pretty? Stroking himself and watching me fuck you like this? I bet he wishes he were me, or maybe he wishes he were you.”
You’d love to see both. The thought of seeing these two turn their attention on each other had been electrifying from just that one kiss - you’re not sure what it’ll do you to for them to take it further, for Silco to treat Vander like he’s treating you - with love and yearning despite the prickly exterior he wears just beyond that door.
It hits you that you’re seeing a side of them that no one else has been allowed, and it makes you drag him in and kiss Silco all over again with a renewed giddiness. Silco gets the hint, grabbing onto you wherever he can hold you so you don’t get pushed away as his pace picks up in both speed and force.
It’s wet, both you and him coated in something that could be your arousal or his or a mixture of the two. His hair is still damp too, it brushes against your cheeks with how close he’s leaning. Silco pulls from your embrace to groan your name in encouragement, appreciation when you clench around him at a change in angle, his cock now hitting what he’d been grinding his fingers and tongue against only a short time before.
“I want to see it again, give me one more and I’ll let Vander come join us however you’d like,” Silco nearly coos at you as he worms his hand between your bodies. A tiny pleased laugh leaves him, drowned out by the sound of your sudden yelp and Vander’s quiet groan of disappointment from his own denial once more.
“Show me. Let me see your face when you lose it, it’s all I’ve wanted for so long- Yes. Just like that, lovely-”
Silco’s interrupted by the wailing moan that comes from you as he pushes you through it yet again, your knees clenching around him to keep him from pulling out further as you do exactly what he’d demanded of you. Your eyes roll uselessly behind your lids as he relishes in the tightness of your walls and the sounds you make. There’s pressure on your skin, over and over and in various spots along your neck and chest that you barely realize are gentle, open-mouthed kisses from the man between your legs.
The bed scrapes against the floor with the force of Vander’s arrival, and when you crack your eyes open you’re greeted with the two men clinging to each other once more, moving in a perfect sync that comes from knowing each other’s next move intimately. And you’re enraptured by it, even as they pull away, a string of saliva snapping between them at the movement, and they’re looking at you with expectant smiles that don’t feel as ominous as they might have been before all of this.
“You’ve fucked her stupid, Silco.”
“Yes, well, the first time should be memorable, right?”
It’s odd how he words that. The first time.
“Maybe, but I’ll be surprised if she can walk, much less be able to go further,” Vander lowers himself closer, brushing a kiss to your sweaty temple before his voice takes a softer tone, “Y’alright, sweetheart?”
“Mhm… I’m good…”
“Good enough to keep going? Need a break?” Silco’s voice comes instead of Vander’s, but you answer it just the same.
“I’m good,” You repeat, forcing yourself to be a little more alert with each passing moment, your breath coming back slowly and your fingers aching from the grip you had on the sheets below, “I c-can keep going.”
“Yeah? And how do you want to do that, sweet thing?” Vander’s hovering over you, but Silco’s still painfully hard in your cunt and you feel it shift as he leans down to drop his chin on Vander’s shoulder and fix you with raised brows, “Want me to finish inside you, fill you up while Vander takes another hole? Your mouth? Your ass?”
“I-I’ve never-”
“Your mouth then,” Silco interrupts your protest, but it’s not in a way that brushes you off - it’s just an understanding that tonight isn’t the night for that. But there’s another thought brewing in your head, something self-indulgent for everyone involved, and you hesitate for a moment on how to even ask.
But the men wait, and give you ample time to roll the words around in your mouth until they’re smooth and easier to say, “I-I want Vander to fuck you while you’re inside of me.”
Both of their expressions go blank, then immediately they look at each other with a vicious sort of glee that boosts your confidence by an infinite amount - they’re into it. You can just tell by the way their mental conversation seems to play out.
Finally, Vander climbs off the bed, and you know you’ve won by the way he grins at you, “Filthy.”
Silco moves again, slowly and mostly for his own pleasure since you’re far too sensitive to give another without some form of stimulation that’s beyond what he can do like this. He only stops when Vander comes back to him, undressed and holding a bottle that gets tossed to the bed after being squirted into Vander’s hand. Lubricant, you realize as it rolls within your eyesight.
“Bend over a bit, Sil. She ain’t gonna break when you weigh twenty pounds soaking wet.”
Silco wants to argue, you can see it with the narrow of his eyes and the sharp inhale he makes, but you guide him back to you with hands on his shoulders that tug insistently. Immediately he complies, all the fight gone the moment you’re asking something of him. It’s sweet, you note as he props himself on his elbows and his hands worm beneath your shoulders to curl around from the back.
The moment Vander pushes inside Silco, you can feel his dick go from mostly-hard to painfully hard. It’s near instant with its quickness, and you can almost count Silco’s heartbeats with how he pulses inside you. And his expression is something you don’t plan to forget, just like the rest of this night - carefully schooled but failing, with pitched brows and his lip being bitten once more to prevent the groan his throat chokes around.
You reach for his hair, brushing it from his forehead and holding it away to kiss him there and speak against his skin, “Let me hear you, too. I want to hear the sounds you make when you’re being taken.”
“Wait ‘til you hear the sounds he makes when I really get going,” Over Silco’s shoulder, Vander gives you a wink that feels suspiciously conspiratorial, “Let her hear, Silco. She asked so nicely.”
Vander’s request is punctuated with his palm gliding up Silco’s spine and back down again, and like clockwork the man between you seems to relax into your hold with a sigh that sounds almost like defeat. You don’t want him to feel defeated, you want him to feel like he’s the one winning here.
So, as Vander bottoms out and you feel Silco be pushed deeper inside you as a result, you hold a hand up for Vander to wait a moment. With a bit of concentration, you clench around Silco and the result is immediate as he jerks his hips forward, then back, and moans a curse as his forehead drops to your collarbone and he trembles against you.
Vander doesn’t wait any longer, and immediately starts with a slowly increasing pace that drags more of those sounds out of Silco - grunts of your name, whines of Vander’s, and choked moans in between as your walls squeeze him and he tightens around Vander’s cock in return. And Silco’s ruined, almost limp against you as Vander takes what he wants while he looks you in the eye with something wild and excited that feels contagious even after your exhaustion.
Vander leans in, changing the angle and making Silco lock up like he’s been shocked, but he’s pressed between you and Vander now with no room to wiggle. You think Vander’s about to say something to Silco, but he only kisses up his neck to the soft spot behind his ear. Silco’s hair is in the way, damp from his shower and sweat, and you move it with trembling hands of your own so you can watch Vander suck a mark into Silco’s skin that will surely bruise in a matter of minutes.
And then he turns to you, kissing you hard as he puts all his effort toward fucking into Silco and pushing him over into his own release. It’s a domino effect - your excitement makes you tense, that tension makes Silco tense, and then he’s releasing inside you with something that sounds almost like a sob. The wetness on your shoulder can’t only be from his sweat, and you bring a hand to the back of his head to hold him steady as he thrusts into you mindlessly in time with Vander’s.
Vander doesn’t last much longer, not with the absurd amount of times he’d edged himself while watching Silco ruin you by himself. Vander moans into your open mouth, barely able to do more than make the same jerking motions as the man between you - stuttering and arrhythmic. In that moment, beneath both of them and surrounded and filled so completely, you feel safe.
You feel loved, and you’re not sure you can keep killing the hope that’s worming its way to the surface over and over again. It’s growing too strong, and while you don’t regret it, you can see that this may have been a poor choice on your part - if only because your feelings are getting involved.
Vander recovers first, slowly pulling out of Silco and falling into a routine that seems to be the norm for them - he makes sure Silco isn’t hurt, makes sure you aren’t hurt, then digs through the laundry for a towel that he uses to clean Silco up first, then you when he shamelessly tugs Silco’s hips until he’s no longer inside of you. It’s… sweet, being taken care of like this, and you resolve to leave once Silco’s recovered enough to unlatch from his hold on you.
It doesn't happen for some time, well after Vander’s got everything situated and he drops to lay next to you on the edge of the bed. Only then does Silco shift until he’s on your opposite side, and you’re sandwiched between them with Silco still holding you close. Vander’s arm flings over top of both of you, and the night falls still and silent, suspended until someone breaks the silence first.
It’s you, with all your bravery you ask, “Should I… go?”
Both men say it simultaneously, with no room for argument - so you don’t. You nestle your back closer to Vander and tuck your head beneath Silco’s chin, and that swelling feeling of being safe and warm comes back in full force. Against your better judgment, you don’t quell it this time. You let it wrap around you just like the two men that have caused it.
Silco breaks the silence this time, but not in a way that you expect. It’s quiet and spoken like he’s afraid someone will overhear. There’s a vulnerability in it that takes your breath away, almost as much as the words and meaning themselves, “You can stay as long as you’d like. Forever, if you want.”
Forever. What a weighty word, with different meanings depending on the lens you view it through. Forever until the end of the night? Forever until the end of this tryst? Or…
“You’re thinking awfully hard about it, sweetheart,” Vander speaks into the back of your head, nose pressed there as he curls closer, “What’s going on in that head?”
“What does that mean? Forever?”
A simple question, one that earns a not-quite-simple answer from Silco, his hand running up your bicep to your shoulder, then your neck, then to your cheek to run his thumb along the highest point, “We like you. Both of us, we’ve talked about maybe… Well, there’s room for another, but we both know it’s just room for you.”
“Is that true, Vander?” You don’t turn your head to look at him, only relish in the weight of his arm and the feel of Silco stroking your skin. His answer is a nod against you, his arm squeezing both you and Silco tighter to him. After a thick swallow, laced with a sudden rush of emotion you’re unused to, your voice cracks, “Then I’ll stay. I tried not to be too hopeful, but… Tonight was perfect.”
“My plan worked, then,” Vander sounds a little too pleased with himself, even as his voice grows softer with his exhaustion beginning to creep in, “My plan to woo you through a few weeks of eye-fucking before we give you the best sex of your life.”
That snaps your eyes open, and you peer at Silco’s collarbone suspiciously, “Wait, Silco… Did you know? I saw the way you looked at me-”
“No, that was ah… coincidence. I didn’t know a thing.”
“Yeah, that’s just how he’s been looking at you for years. I’m surprised you never noticed!”
“I-I just didn’t think there’d be a possibility! Everyone knows you two are together-”
“And you, now,” Silco cuts in, excitement lacing his voice with that interjection, and Vander hums in agreement against the back of your neck. Well, they have a point, one that you’re not going to bother to fight because you’re still afraid this is your most realistic dream to date and you’re going to wake up cold and alone and yearning.
But the kiss Silco presses to the top of your head and the one that Vander places behind your ear are very real. Your worries are soothed, just for the night as you let yourself doze off into the morning where you’ll have to learn this new dynamic. For now, everything is still.
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