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arcane-ish · 8 months ago
I want this AU, dammit!
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tomatoestrash · 8 months ago
I've seen some posts running around with the AU where Silco and Vander are raising the children together, but nobody talked about Sevika babysitting the kids when Vander and Silco want a night for themselves
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thepalecaesar · a month ago
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Arcane Vander x Silco
I just volunteered.
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zaundads · 6 months ago
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vagabondpgno · 6 months ago
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Happy Valentine’s Day every one!
I thought I should post something on Valentines and since I have been busy juggling between funeral of my grandpa and my work. So I haven’t had a chance to finished my Timebomb pieces, therefore, here is some sketch comic of Zaundads from my archive.
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msmagicmane · 2 months ago
Silco: “Thank you for the sweater, Vander.”
Vander: “How’d you know it was from me?”
Silco: “Because it’s choking me.”
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oolong---latte · 8 months ago
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sincophant · 8 months ago
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"I knew you still had it in you."
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cupacado · 6 months ago
People talk and draw Vander and Silco co parenting powder and vi but leave out claggor and mylo. Cowards. 🤬🤬
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bluedaddysgirl · 8 months ago
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The true Vanco Dynamic
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arcane-ish · 6 months ago
Silco's understanding of love (in regards to Silco & Vander and Silco & Jinx)
Okay, this meta is largely born out of a discussion where I shamelessly abused the comment section of this fic to discuss shippy characterization. One concept here was what Silco might have been like in a relationship or also what his dynamic might have been with Vander pre-Betrayal.
The core idea here is:
1.) How we treat and love the people closest to us says a lot about how we see the world and what we value.
2.) This is especially the case for Silco with Jinx because the show has suggested that Silco sees himself in her. That he equates the situation between Jinx and Vi to him and Vander, with him as Jinx/Powder and Vi as Vander.
So the way Silco treats Jinx says a lot how he wishes to be treated, one can hypothesize that he gives her what he values or that he gives her what he didn't get.
IMO what sticks out to me is:
1.) A lot of trust in one's skills. He gives Jinx complex and tough jobs to execute, he encourages her take on hard jobs, he professes faith in her abilities. => sadly I lost the link but in the comments of another fic somebody linked a snippet from a big joined interview between writers and voice cast where I think Alex Yee (who I think is generally credited as the main mind between Silco said) that he thinks that Silco was always a "runt of the litter" kind of person (so like Powder!) and that Vander was likely the first one who gave him respect and that's why Vander was so important to him. (if somebody knows that interview, please share! I think the interview was at least 5 people in different "boxes" and I think Alex Yee was there as was Jason Spisak, couldn't find any interview like that on youtube)
2.) A lot of freedom/leeway to roam around. A "long leash". Jinx has her own space apparently not that close to his space, she gets to design it, she goes off on her own missions.
3.) He clearly thinks that lying a little bit within the interest of the relationship is totally reasonable.
4.) Unconditional love and acceptance. Absolute complete dedication to a person. Loving them despite their fuckups. Covering for their fuckups. Defending them against others despite their fucksups in public even if you disagree with them in private.
That's why imo I lean toward headcanoning that the fallout between Vander and Silco did happen because Silco did something Vander disapproved of.
Silco is trying to give Jinx the unconditional love that he didn't get from Vander. The one where you don't turn your back or turn on each other even if one has fucked up, even if you disagree on things.
Silco wanting Vander to reveal his inner monster fits into this theory. If Silco is trying to prove that Vander is not so different from him, that Vander is not morally superior to him, that he wasn't justified in turning his back on Silco.
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alisha-on-arcane · 6 months ago
Zaun culture/ normal life/ setting headcanons
Headcanons I realised I have while writing this finished Vander/Silco revolution-and-betrayal fic.
- Zaunite parenting is quite communal, as a matter of culture. Kids typically run around the street together and are vaguely watched by all the adults present. Mixed families happen a lot simply because life is dangerous, and Zaunite adults are  expected to take on orphans if they are the best placed person to do so. This often segues into children working very young. Piltovan views on this cultural practice are considered classist slurs by Zaun patriots like Vander and Benzo. (Silco is, in this fic, in a league of his own when it comes to "thinking fucked-up things are okay" but it's not entirely his fault). - Zaunites use “brother”, “uncle”, “sister” etc in a very inclusive way that does not imply biological or necessarily even adoptive family relationship (which lots of real-world cultures do too).  Again, Piltovans assume this is because biological incest is very common in Zaun, which is not true and is an insensitive slur. (But every time Silco calls Vander “brother” in Arcane, apart from the last one, he’s spitting the word out because they were more than that and Vander is pretending they weren’t and he definitely does not want Vander back as more than brothers-in-arms, of course not, *hurt hiss*).  Though adoptive relationships are very much considered real family, so “sister” or “brother” can be used very literally in context.
- The Lanes is just one district of Zaun, specifically that controlled/ policed by Vander and Benzo as of Act 1. Vander is an influential figure in wider Zaun, but he's not necessarily the top dog. Silco set up his crime headquarters in Vander's pub after being implored to "spare the Lanes" in an act of pure spite by Silco. (And I love him for it). - Many Zaunites are day workers in Piltover. There is continual political tension between Piltovan business interests who rely on the cheaper labour (who are generally aligned with Zaunite interests on this), and those who would restrict or monitor access to Piltover from Zaun. The latter say that Zaunite criminals commit crimes in Piltover and run back to hide in the undercity, which is often true. - The air in the undercity is breathable to all but is a major driver of sickness and early death for Zaunites. The causes are both natural (fissure gases) and artificial (emissions from Zaun-owned chemtech factories and from other industrial activity that Piltover outsources to Zaun). It may have improved between Arcane Act 1 and 2; it's possible Silco did actually do some of the easier measures about reducing factory emissions (catalytic scrubbers, etc) or possibly the balance of industry in Zaun just changed a bit. - Zaunites who have not made body modifications/ been injured to ensure an asymmetrical appearance can pass as Piltovans quite easily with a change of clothes. This happens rarely enough that Piltovans don't expect it at all. Proud Zaunites wear asymmetrical clothes or at least have asymmetrical hair unless they are really, really up to something. - there is a group of Piltovans, mostly students, who protest peacefully for Zaun independence. It's mostly as ridiculous as you'd expect but I love them for trying. - The mines are probably not in central Zaun and not worked by voluntary day labourers. Jayce refers to them as “mining colonies” which sounds like a euphemism, and Silco says “the mines they had us in” (plus a writer saying on Twitter that he “grew up in the mines”) which gives us a very dark picture of what the mines might be like.
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andi-and-thats-all · 6 months ago
Me @ Vanco
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zaundads · 7 months ago
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tangerinedruid · 6 months ago
I completely and utterly stole this idea from @kikorenart , thank you, your hcs brought me such joy!!
These are completely random and don't really have a story, just a group of buddies being pals.
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1deabril · 2 months ago
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zaundads server said "vanco meet-cute at PRIDE au" and then i jumped and said... leather daddy vander...
silco has the leather flag pin as a prank from jinx ("this is the flag for supportive parents!") and vander is instantly intrigued :-) there's a lot more for this AU but i don't wanna write an essay now sjdhfj i haven't doodled people since march, if you see many mistakes no you didn't!!!!
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msmagicmane · a month ago
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WIP (Random Western AU Vander and Silco sketch?) “Brothers (and sisters) back to back against whatever the world threw at us.”
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