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humansdni · a month ago
wowowowow your entire account is just so pretty! like- would it be too much to ask if you could give an entire run down of how you added the links to your bio and how the link takes you to the index message page! for the vani.moodboard and everything?
HEYY thank you so much <33
check out this post by my friend to check out how to add links in bio, and for the vani.moodboard tag I went to blog from desktop and then put the tag in the search option, copied the link and put it in the description (again for which, i recommend checking the post)
also for the vani.vanilla tag, which is the one I use for my textposts, I went to the tumblr search option (not the blog one this time) and added that link into the desc (i suggest using a tag which would be very exclusively yours if u do this for your textposts, eg: abc/dumbassery or xyc.jpeg cuz the tumblr search might show posts which aren't yours and are totally unrelated if you aren't careful)
AND i forgot to add this but that isn't an index message page, it's just my desktop theme you can also customise yours from laptop or the website ♡
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