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i want what they have ~ for @ppersonna 
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too much to handle :)
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redefining handsome every day of his life, for -> @taeunwoo
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maknae line being adorable as usual
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some begging and flattering sometimes do the trick
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taehyung + esquire magazine
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the feminism leaving my body as we speak  ~ for @kimtaehyunq​
+ r00d
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... And one peculiarity of mine is that because I can dress prettier in the winter than in the summer, I don’t wear padded jackets. GQ, everyone, please don’t follow me and I hope you wear a padded jacket and have a warm winter. Thank you. 
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(cr. trans: iIlejeons)
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a vision in white ➜ for @kimtaehyunq
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the two pretty little beans ↣ for @jinv 
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taehyung | vogue & gq korea
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Butter Concept Photo version 1
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mine to claim (m) | k.th. | one-shot
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🎧 good for you by selena gomez once in a lifetime by landon austin
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pairing: taehyung x reader
rating: m (18+)
genre: smut | angst | fluff | alpha!taehyung | omega!reader | werewolf!au | idiots to lovers!au | fwb!au
summary: You are in love with Taehyung, your Alpha. But he just sees you as the Omega bitch that helps him relieve stress by letting him use her body however he likes. And you’ve come to be okay with that, because you know you are no good for him. But now with your heat coming up and the pressure on Taehyung to find a Queen increasing exponentially, will your ties with him severe forever? Or will they bloom into something else?
warnings: swearing + jealousy + pining + a/b/o universe stuff (talks of heats, breeding, mating, pups) + implicit sexual situations + explicit sexual situations (fingering, oral(m+f), clit slapping, clit biting, unprotected penetrative sex, dirty talk, slight degradation, praise, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, rough sex, breeding kink, knotting, some spitting, some manhandling, some marking) + dumb oblivious characters that may frustrate you + we love and appreciate park jimin in this house <3
word count: 13 k
Tumblr media
submission for the October Games hosted by House Seokubus.
❂ Pleasure Hallows           ⁂ Hosted by: Professor Kat @yeoldontknow through @bangtansorciere
⤐  AU Type: Full Moon - A/B/O Dynamics ⤐  Themes: Werewolves/Hybrids | Mutual Pining ⤐  Kinks: Knotting, Scenting, Breeding/Impreg, Begging, Pain Kink, Praise Kink, Clit Spanking, Pussy/Cock Worship, Size Kink
Tumblr media
note: I hadn’t written Tae since, like, May??? I missed him so much🥺 Hasn’t been beta-read because I finished proof-reading this a couple hours before posting. This month has been busy as hell as is, and now I’m being forced into on a 4-day long family trip tomorrow... RIP the Halloween fic that I have 20% written, so far - 😃
Also, praying for a speedy recovery for Tae’s calf muscles and sending him positive vibes that fill him with happiness! 🥺💕
Rest, I hope y’all like this ride with Dumb and Dumber, but please don’t kill ’em, they’re trying~ 😩💜
— masterlist
— feedback is always appreciated!
Tumblr media
You smell him before you hear him.
Thick, pungent, stifling stench of disappointment fills your lungs, prompting you to put away your computer. The reports are urgent and need to be sent in by midnight, but you need to be able to breathe to get work done. Besides, Taehyung is infinitely more important than your job to you, and you don’t care if that makes you an embarrassment to all the feminists in the world.
Coughing, you get off your bed and almost stumble your way out of your room and down the hallway to get to the door, just as the sound of keys clanging against the house’s main entrance echoes loudly in your head. You freeze in your place, focusing all your senses on his movements instead of smell.
His breathing is labored when your ears finally manage to hone in. The keys keep jangling, without actually attaching with the lock. 
Why is it taking him so long? What could have possibly happened to have him so out of sorts?
You swallow, thickly.
What is he gonna do to clear his head?
Well, having come here smelling the way he has, the answer to that one is pretty obvious.
You look down at yourself, nodding in self-approval at your shaved legs beneath your shorts which remind you of every other place you're clean shaven at, too. You make a quick work of tugging your hair-tie off your bun, letting your hair tumble down your shoulders and back.
Bowing your head in the kind of submission you know he would appreciate, you walk up to the door and quietly unlock it from inside.
Your eyes catch his black Oxfords right as a surprised sound escapes him when you tug the door open. He wordlessly steps in and you step backwards on your bare feet.
In the half decade you’ve known him closely, you’ve come to be able to expertly discern when to be his friend and when to be the Omega he’s addicted to by judging just his mood. And so you keep your mouth sealed and gaze lowered even as he steps up close enough for his suit jacket to brush against you.
His harsh exhale washes over your neck and collarbones, you holding back a shiver at the sensation. But then he opens his mouth to speak and his low timbre pulls the repressed shiver out of you.
“I’ve had a horrible day,” he murmurs into your hair, and as his scent of distress lowers and desire builds up, your breathing gets rocky. “I am going to fuck you deep and hard and long – all night if I have to, and you will take it like the good, little bitch you are. Am I clear?”
Your jaw trembles when you try to open your mouth to word your agreement. Unable to formulate words, you nod your head as clearly as you can.
Which immediately earns you a disapproving click of his tongue. “Is that how you respond to me, now?”
You shake your head vigorously, deciding to drop to your knees to reassure him of your submission. 
Although in hindsight, he should be able to smell your overwhelming arousal and the need to please him that is sure to be emanating from you. But maybe his displeasure is so grave today that he needs to see you break before him to calm down.
It isn’t the first time this would happen, if that is actually the case.
Last summer, when Taehyung’s father passed away and the responsibilities of the pack fell onto his shoulders, he kept you in his bed for a week. You took another week off work after that just to recover from the dehydration and the bruising you endured.
And also to attempt to heal your heart when he trampled all over it by informing you how the Elders at the Court were pressuring him to find a perfect Alpha bride quickly, now that he was going to be the King – the obvious choice because one of his brothers is a businessman and the other in a same gender relationship that the Court doesn't approve of – in the form of pillow-talk.
He hasn't found one, yet, but that doesn't help at all, because it is only a matter of time until he leaves you behind. You, the stupid Omega friend of an Alpha, who dared to think that societal tags couldn’t come in the way of her heart’s desires she has had for years just because he chose to spend his first heat with her. You were eighteen and naïve – now you’re older and hopeless, having learnt that life doesn’t always work your way.
So now, other than being his friend, you’ve assumed the role of your Alpha’s Omega bitch that helps him through his emotions by letting him use her body however he wants to. While he continues to be your everything, just like he has been since you first met him through your parents at the age of thirteen. It took him a year to even acknowledge you and more years to actually consider you a friend. That should've been a red freaking flag, should it not have? But you have been stupid all your life, so what's new.
“Try to make your mouth work before I put it to other uses.”
You blink at Taehyung’s command as you come back to yourself, horrified when a tear trickles out of your eyes with your action. 
Grateful when he steps away to take off his suit jacket and shoes, you quickly swipe at your cheek with a palm. It would be disastrous to have him smell your gloom when he’s been feeling the way you know he is. His scent has mellowed down to just frustration now, which is quickly merging with sexual need, and you’d like it to not revert at any cost.
You clear your throat, closing your eyes to focus on the wetness that has been leaking out of you ever since you felt his proximity and heard his voice. Yes, that will get you smelling like lust in no time.
“I – I’m sorry, Alpha.”
He hums in approval. “Did I overwhelm you, little Omega?”
You duck your head further to rest your chin atop your collar-bones. “Your voice, Alpha…”
“My voice overwhelms you?” 
You can hear the amusement in his tone, along with the clicking sound of his cufflinks coming off. He is folding his shirt sleeves up. 
Oh good God. 
Every little thing about him is so deliciously arousing, it turns you into a quivering, wet mess, begging for him to ruin you.
“Answer me!” he growls and you instinctively drop your hands to the floor, not unlike a perfectly trained Alpha's bitch.
“I – I – I’m sorry, Alpha! I… Your – your voice… turns me on,” you mumble, a little embarrassed at your admission but also pretty helpless because he would know in a while, anyway, so you’d better not lie unnecessarily. 
"Does it, now." He doesn't frame it like a question, and that makes him sound all the more imposing and massive and irresistible. "My voice gets that pussy all wet and leaking?"
Your teeth clench when his words manifest themselves, instantly. "Yes, Alpha."
"Good. Show me."
Your muscles lock up. What?
"Do I have to tear your clothes off with my own hands?" There's mockery in his voice now, making you want to look at his face to catch his raised eyebrows and narrowed eyes that he is usually sporting when he talks to you like this, looking unfairly sexy. "Don't make me repeat myself."
"Yes, Alpha."
You rise up to your knees. Your hands have a tremble in them, but you try to tamp it down the best you can and hook your thumbs into the waistband of both your shorts and underwear together. You pull them down your thighs in one, single, sharp movement. You bite down on your lip to ignore the way your underwear tries to cling on to the wetness your pussy has coated it with.
Knees scraping against the coarse carpet, you twirl around to face away from him. He smells like sex, now, and you use that scent as a guide to direct your exposed nether regions to sit perfectly in his line of sight.
Then you rest your palms on the floor and lift your ass up.
Taehyung groans loud and deep, echoing in your stomach and filling it up with nervous butterflies. Your eyelids flutter like the wings of one.
"My perfect little bitch, look at you," he approves, words coming from the back of his throat. "You're dripping down your thighs, baby."
Shit, being called his bitch was making you lose your sanity as it is. But this other, infinitely more intimate sounding pet name hits you in a different, much more vulnerable place.
You whimper in response, lowering your face so that it hides behind the curtain of your hair.
His heels clap against the hardwood floor, alerting you of him moving closer to you, until the carpet muffles his footfalls and leaves you in the dark. And then two of his long, elegant, perfect fingers brush over your clit, feathering up your pussy with a barely there touch to make you choke on your next exhale. He pauses at your entrance to draw in a loud breath.
"So so fucking delicious, baby, you smell so good." His words are tight and rushed, but his fingers take their time sliding into you.
A moan builds in your throat until you can't contain it behind clenched teeth anymore. It reverberates against the walls of your living room, earning you an amused hum from the formidable male behind you. 
Two of Taehyung’s digits rest snugly in you, reaching that sensitive spot deep within you with practiced ease. He teases you with tiny movements – letting his fingertips jump just the slightest against the rough patch of nerves deep inside of you, barely even moving, but it has you clawing at the carpet in need. 
It is always like this with him, in all spheres of life – the faintest effort on his end turns you into a puddle at his feet. Always. He would smile at you once and you would dream about it for a month. Being in love is bad enough. Knowing it is hopeless and destined to doom is worse. 
Your despairing thoughts are suddenly pushed away when you notice how his broad shadow swallows your body. It always makes your eyes glaze over with lust, the realization how every part of him is big enough to break you like a twig if he wants to, but he chooses not to. Delirious with desire, you push your ass back against his fingers.
“Oh, my desperate little bitch,” he rumbles affectionately, bending to press a kiss against your ass cheek. “Don’t try to rush me. This pussy deserves all my attention and care…”
Fuck, why does he have to sound so darn intoxicating all the time?
“Please… Please go harder…”
“Should I, baby?” He hums, finally moving his fingers. “You want it fast and rough? Won’t let me make a shrine of this gorgeous, delicious cunt?”
You almost preferred it when he was just teasing with his fingertips, because now his fingers are dragging halfway out of your cunt and then sliding back in, just shy of brushing against your sensitive spot that he knows the location of almost better than you do. 
Sometimes it feels like Taehyung has a map of your body tattooed to his brain. The thought is not as comforting as it should be, because he always has you at his mercy with this power.
His words have your thighs shaking with effort, another, “please,” leaving you in a hushed whisper as your furrowed brows and squinted eyes focus on the fur of the carpet inches from your face.
“You really wanna come like this, little Omega? Won’t wait for my lips? My cock?”
He sounds amused again.
Oh God, you really shouldn't find his amusement arousing. He has you strung like a puppet and you somehow feel gratification in that? What the hell is wrong with you? You lean down to mush your face into the carpet in frustration.
"No… Want to please you, Alpha," you mumble into the fur. "Please just… use me. Please.”
A large hand canvasses one of your ass cheeks, smacking it playfully before he grabs a handful. “Look at my little bitch beg. I am using you, sweetheart. Using this juicy little pussy to get my fingers all nice and wet so that I can fuck it better with them.” He curls said fingers to push against your g-spot, and you moan into the carpet. “And then I’ll fuck you open with my cock.”
With that, he finally changes his lethargic pace to a fast, brutal one – pulling your most intimate parts open with his grip on your ass cheek while his fingers move in and out of you in a blur of a movement. You whine, scream and cry into the carpet, both your hands fisted in its fur next to your face while your hips stutter against the assault of his unfairly skilled fingers.
"Oh, you like that? Fuck, you sound so fucking sexy, baby," he groans, fingers fucking you thoroughly.
At one point, your upper body falls limp to the ground, Taehyung playing with you like you are his personal sex toy. Which you, in a way, very much are. 
Your arousal gushes out of you with every perfectly aimed stroke of his fingers, and you wail, mouth wide open and eyes screwed shut against the coarse fur. You can feel yourself climbing the peak to your climax, but you know better to even think about trying to get to it without his command. And so you grit your teeth as tight as you shut your eyes, body stiffening a bit with your efforts of trying to keep your orgasm at bay.
“What’s this,” comes a gravelly murmur, Taehyung’s fingers dimpling your ass cheek obscenely. “Baby’s trying to hold herself back, huh? So soon?”
His low chuckles make your whole body thrum with renewed arousal, attempts at holding yourself in immediately rendered futile. And then he retracts his fingers from you, leaving your cunt to convulse around nothing.
“Alpha,” you whine, wiggling your ass in desperation, and earn a prompt spank to your ass cheek with his wet fingers.
“Stop being a slut,” he admonishes you, gripping at your waist to turn you on your back.
You look up at him through hazy eyes, taking his beautiful self in for the first time, tonight. 
He looks as delicious as you thought he would. His black hair is combed away from his forehead, shapely eyebrows on full display. His soft brown eyes are coated with a golden layer of lust that they always wear when he has you beneath him, and his plump lips are red from his teeth constantly digging into them. He is kneeling between your legs in deep brown slacks and a white shirt that is rolled up to reveal the veins in his forearms. The expensive watch on his wrist looks sexier to you than it probably should, especially when you catch the wetness on the fingers of the same hand. 
Your wetness. He had those fingers in you. Your gaze spans to his crotch, throat drying at the sight of the bulge you spot there. You’re going to have that thickness in you too, soon.
You look up to his face, blushing red when you find him smirking.
“You’re so gutsy for eye-fucking an Alpha the way you always do, you know?” he teases you, gripping the edge of your pajama top to roll it up your body. “One of the reasons why I can’t resist this pussy.”
The implication that he tries to resist doesn’t escape you. The reminder that he isn’t here because of you but just because your scent tempts him to do so, is like a slap across your face. You scramble to cover up the pain with arousal before he can sense it.
You don’t have to work hard, though, when he snakes both his arms beneath your shoulders, leaning over you to cover your body with his. His breathtaking eyes look into the depths of yours, making you fear for all the secrets you keep locked away in your heart.
“Climb,” he commands, and you immediately wrap both your legs around his waist and arms around his back.
He stands up with you clinging onto him like a Koala with laughable ease, squeezing your ass as he walks the two of you to your bedroom. Your chin rests against his sternum, mouth peppering light kisses over the expanse of his throat.
"Behave," comes his grunted admonishment, making you look up at him with round eyes.
"Did you not like that, Alpha?"
Taehyung looks at you from under his lashes, the fire in his gaze threatening to turn you into a bigger mess that you already are. 
"It was distracting me," are his final words before he drops you onto your mattress, standing back to watch your body bounce, amused. "Cute."
Cheeks warm, you scramble into a sitting position, quickly rearranging your legs to kneel on the bed. Taehyung shakes his head, though, and you freeze.
"Lay back," he orders, beautiful fingers reaching up to unbutton his shirt.
Your heart thumps in your ears when the silk cloth slides off his broad shoulders. His toned, golden body beckons you to him – but you resist, arousal pooling on the bedsheet between your legs when Taehyung moves to stand next to the edge of the bed, in front of your exposed pussy.
Long, elegant fingers wrap around your thighs, digging in with his strength as he tugs – and you're pulled down the mattress to him, ass settled on the edge. Taehyung meets your eyes with his gaze gleaming golden, his wolf showing itself in his heightened lustful state.
You gulp when he quietly lowers to his knees, tongue licking at his lips, wide shoulders rolling back, built chest bulging. His eyes still look at you – look through you, to your soul.
And then his gaze moves to your bare center, the golden brightening in his eyes to an intensity that almost glows.
"Such a pretty, fucking pussy," he growls, your thighs quivering in his clenching hands. "Pink and wet and mine."
Your eyes flutter shut as the last of his words washes over you.
His. Yes, you are. Undeniably, irrevocably his.
But he isn't yours. At least, not in the ways you want him to be. Not outside of bed.
And maybe that should be enough. But sometimes it's not. Sometimes, the love you hold for him in your chest overwhelms you too much for that to be enough. God, you love him so much, so freaking much, you wish you could have him – all of him, in every way, all the time. 
“Am I stressing you out?”
His hiss against your skin travels through your thigh to spread all over your body until your muscles lock up in fright. You scrunch your eyes shut, face twisting in a grimace. He sensed your shift in emotions.
“Maybe,” Taehyung cuts you off, “I need to engage you better, hm?”
Your throat, your whole mouth runs dry, but you don’t even get the chance to collect your thoughts before a slapping sound echoes around you – along with a stinging sensation hitting your clit in full force.
Your mouth freezes in a silent scream, shocked gaze running down to the man between your legs. His plush lips tilt up in a smirk, molten gold eyes narrowed at you with his hand poised next to your thigh and palm turned towards your pussy. His fingers glisten with what must be your arousal. 
“Look at this cunt soaking my hand when I slap it,” he mumbles almost affectionately, separating his fingers to show you how your slick sticks to them. “So perfect. My perfect little wolf.”
His praise fills you up with pride, making you want to do better – to please him until all his earlier stress leaves him.
As if to drive his observation home, his palm rears back and hits you again – a shriek of his name tearing out of your throat this time. Your clit throbs at the assault, becoming more sensitive and alert. You’re positive a single stroke of his finger through your walls can bring you to a blinding orgasm, right now. But you also know he isn’t going to allow you that just yet.
His perverse smile turns into a feral grin, upper lip peeling over his teeth. Pieces of dark hair fall over his forehead, hanging over his hooded eyes that stare at your sex as if it is a three-course meal. 
He looks so dangerous.
You want him to ruin you. 
Another slap over your pussy sends you rocking up the bed. Your eyes water and teeth bite into your lower lip, a muffled groan escaping you.
A rumble of, “what’s that?” is pressed into your knee as Taehyung plants a kiss there with his smirking lips. 
Your whimpers tremble with the shakes of your head. Taehyung gives a hearty laugh, delivering one more slap to your cunt.
“Alpha!” you screech, back arching off the bed.
That one was painful. But so, so amazing. Tears trickle out of your eyes and travel down the sides of your face to seep into the bedsheets. Just as more arousal floods out of your pussy. God, why are you such a mess for him?
Taehyung, always attuned to your body, immediately deduces your pain, sinking to press his lips to your battered clit. Your body jumps at the contact, hypersensitive as it has become, but his soothing lips and tongue have you reacting a lot differently in no time.
His tongue licks into your entrance, massaging your walls just as his teeth drag against your outer lips and you quiver under his attention. His tongue ravishes your cunt, ploughing into you with a vigor before flicking at your clit, and then going back to your entrance – until he decides to wrap his lips around your sensitive nub, and suck.
Your neck is tossed back into the bed, breasts pushed up in air at the heavy onslaught of sensations, and your release closes in on you unannounced.
“Fuck fuck – Alpha! I can’t—can’t hold it—fuck!” You’re sobbing, now, and trying to think up ways of how your Alpha will punish you for coming without his permission, when he surprises you.
Leaning up from your cunt with a parting nip at your clit, he meets your blurred gaze with his lidded, sparkling golden one. “Come for me, then.”
That is all the command your body needs, walls clenching around nothing even before his mouth has gone back to press against your pussy. He brings in a finger to slide into your channel, and immediately, you trap it in your walls – screaming Taehyung’s name to high heavens as your release washes over you. Your body spasms, rocking against his finger for a while, and then falls slack in the bed.
Taehyung is naked and on your body, cupping your cheek when you manage to open your eyes again. 
“You did so well, baby,” he murmurs to you, eyes a duller shade of gold now, the brown of his human self peeking through. “Can you take more?”
“Always,” you whisper, losing your mind over how handsome and delicious and big he looks hovering over you like this. 
But then your gaze travels down his firm body to meet his length, fully hard and ready – so freaking beautiful, it is summoning you to have a taste. You coyly look into eyes that have taken on a questioning look. 
“Can I… please have you in my mouth, Alpha?”
Taehyung’s jaw hinges, golden flooding back into his irises at a scary rate, before he mumbles curses and gets off your body to let you get to his throbbing length.
He is long and thick and so so hard. His girth is a trait owed to the species you belong to, but the length is solely him. You’ve been with guys that share the thickness of his cock – but the way his length comes up to be close to your forearm in size is something you haven’t ever experienced with another. And you don’t think you ever will.
You stare, transfixed, at the bead of precum on his tip. You roll your tongue and open your mouth to spit on it, watching as the globule mixes in with his arousal and trickles down the side of his veins.
With a moan, you wrap your mouth around him and slide down, lubricating him with your mouth. His groans meet your ears, erasing the ache your jaw initially felt at the spread. 
Your mouth moves on his cock, diving deep to have him hit the back of your throat, before pulling back and sucking on his tip. Taehyung slowly cards the fingers of both his hands through your hair, gasping with every motion of your head. 
“My precious little Omega with her perfect little mouth,” he grunts, sounding stifled and exerted, and your chest swells with pride.
His fingers wrap over your head to hold you in place soon enough, though, and hips start to drive into your throat at a rapidly increasing pace. You moan around him, eyes rolled to the back of your head. He goes hard and rough, and you desperately cling onto his legs to stop yourself from tilting off your balance.
One of your palms reaches for his heavy balls, fondling the twin sacs and squeezing lightly until you hear him hiss out a curse. You increase the pressure. 
"Fuck!" Taehyung shouts, warning you, "I'm close… fuck, baby, I'll come soon…"
You have no intention of moving away, though. 
You relax your throat as much as you can, never faltering in the motions of your hand. You gag a couple of times when he cuts off your air supply by choking you with the head of his cock down your throat, and he allows you a few seconds’ respite with shallow thrusts before going back to fucking your throat raw.
"Baby," he grunts, hand fisting in your hair. "I'm coming…"
With another couple of thrusts, he gives a muffled whisper of your name and unloads his release down your throat – pulsing and twitching in your mouth as you quickly work on gulping the bulk flooding there. You cough a bit when he pulls out, but swallow every last bit, wiping at your bottom lip with your thumb to catch a leaking drop and lick it.
“Fuck,” echoes his hiss before he knocks you flat against the bed with his kiss.
And then the two of you move in a loop – pleasuring each other till completion, separately, and then one time together. His cock eventually decides to leave your raw throat to nudge your pussy lips apart and drive home into your warmth that has been fluttering almost non-stop, tonight. You’re too far gone to hold onto any cohesive thoughts at this point, vision and senses getting muddled with exhaustion from all the juices you’ve released already.
Making true on his promise, Taehyung fucks you into the early hours of the morning, only letting you rest when you actually black out after a strong orgasm.
When you sleepily complain about the reports you couldn’t mail last night, Taehyung assures you he’ll talk to his brother – your boss – about letting you off the hook and maybe giving you a day off, too.
You don't know if he can or should – or even actually will – use his authority like that, but the fact that he wants to, makes your heart flutter. You think you fall a little more in love. 
And then he cuddles you until you fall asleep, confusingly affectionate and caring, but you aren’t lucid enough to really analyze it. Your last waking thoughts revolve around the way your entwined fingers fit between his perfectly as you fall asleep with both your hands held in his.
Tumblr media
"Her heat is coming up."
Taehyung pauses. "What?"
"You heard me." Jimin, his most trusted Beta and closest friend, rolls his eyes. "I am reminding you that if she asks me again, I'm not gonna say no to her this time."
Taehyung's blood boils in his veins. "No," he grunts, nostrils flaring and forehead creasing.
But Jimin, unbothered and unafraid, waves a dismissive hand in the Alpha’s general direction and goes back to scrolling on his phone.
"Save the aggression for the Pack. I wasn't asking for your permission, I was informing you."
Taehyung gets this uncontrollable urge to drive his fist through his best friend's face. "I'm your Alpha. I can—"
"—not command me to not help out an Omega without valid reasoning." Jimin raises a challenging eyebrow. "I will challenge you in Court and bribe Sehun to turn the Council's vote in my favor. You know I will."
All Taehyung can do is grit his teeth and clench his fists and mentally chant all the reasons why hurting Jimin in this situation will be massively counterproductive. It barely works, but he manages to rein in his violent instincts. Instead, he scowls at the other guy.
"Why the fuck do you have her calendar memorized, you creep?"
"I didn't have to name her for you to know who I'm talking about, and yet I'm the creep here, somehow."
"As if you talk to me about any other female?"
"Actually, I do." Jimin raises a finger up. "You just don't pay any attention when I'm talking about other females."
Wow, Taehyung really walked right into that one. While Jimin breaks into peals of high pitched laughter at the hilarity of this situation – which, mind you, Taehyung fails to see – he himself chooses to get off the couch and make his way to the kitchen. 
Gripping the refrigerator's door, he frowns at himself. What the hell is going on with him? He used to have better control over himself, limiting his jealousy and general annoyance at other wolves being around you like a pro. He never used to be bothered by Jimin talking about you. What has changed?
He is quick to remind himself that Jimin has never before talked about helping you through your heat. But then, you have had other Betas do it for you over the years. It shouldn't bother him so much. Well, not more than the fact that you never try to ask him.
Extracting a cold bottle of water from himself, Taehyung figures he's partially to be blamed for your disinterest. He has staked such a blatant claim on your spare time, it should be understandable why you would want to steer clear of him whenever you can. You already see more of him than you want to. He would hate him, too, if he was in your position and was made to take care of his Alpha just because the Alpha had taken an interest in him.
Taehyung freezes.
Is that what he’s doing to you? 
Fuck. He’s so horribly pathetic.
He reminds himself that there are also a couple of other issues an Omega needs to think of when asking for an Alpha’s help with their heat. Alphas tend to be the most possessive and territorial, and more often than not end up mating with the Omega they help through its heat. And he can come up with a laundry list of reasons why you would run in the other direction from that possibility.
You do not have it easy, in the least. Omegas are supposed to be special, what with their undying loyalty to their pack and the Alpha. But instead, their little to no sense of self preservation and the capability of making Alphas bend to their wiles by the scent of their sex actually makes them an easy target for abuse and disrespect. No one wants to marry an Omega, knowing they would have to ward off potential suitors all their life because even a mated Omega has a scent that attracts attention. Well, unless it is an Alpha they are mated to, because no one wants to mess with an Alpha’s mate unless they have a death wish. 
Taehyung gulps down half the bottle of water to take the reins of his spiraling thoughts. 
Literally everyone in his pack has been wanting him to choose a mate for nearly a year, now, with Jimin dropping hints that it could be you. Taehyung knows better than to follow that advice, but he is starting to wonder if should maybe take the rest of his pack more seriously before the Elders force him into a contractual marriage or some shit. 
He kind of wishes the Moon Goddess actually designated mates to wolves, the way his ancestors used to believe she did. Mating would be a lot less of a headache if he lived in a world where his body was conditioned to be attracted to just one other individual. Yeah, it could go horribly bad if something happened to one half of the mated pair, but then, it isn’t that easy for mates to live without each other, anyway. He would know. He has seen his father live as a shell of himself after his mother died.
Sighing at his suddenly heavy thoughts, he walks back to the living room – to a sight that makes him do a double take.
You are sitting in the spot he just vacated, cuddled into Jimin’s side and giggling at something on his phone.
For a moment, Taehyung is convinced he is hallucinating. He didn’t hear you get here, couldn’t – can’t smell you, at all. He could have been distracted by his thoughts earlier, but what about now? He does something peculiar in the air, but it is not a scent he has ever associated with you.
He walks ahead, making up his mind to sit on the spot that he believes is most definitely still vacant and he has conjured you up, until—
You look up, meeting his gaze with your eyes crinkled at the corners. 
His chest caves at the sight. You look so beautiful like this – more than you do naked, more than you do with your mouth full of his cock, more than you do with his seed on you. Your smile is radiating the kind of carefree happiness he has never seen on you, and it leaves him absolutely astounded how his heart starts to beat rapidly in his chest at the sight.
“Alpha!” you greet him formally, jumping to your feet to dip in a bow, before you grin at him as his friend. “Jimin was showing me pictures of his sister’s pups. They’re so cute! Have you met them, Tae?”
Taehyung is rooted to his place, senses overwhelmed by all these foreign scents he keeps encountering. Your attention is caught by a wail emerging from Jimin’s phone, and you bound back to the Beta’s side to coo at the screen.
Jimin meets Taehyung’s eyes with a concerned frown, to which he simply shakes his head.
How the heck does he explain himself, when he doesn’t even know what he’s feeling?
Making a split second decision, he grabs his running bag that all the wolves keep on the ready when they have to go for runs in their shifted forms, and slips on his shoes.
“I don’t feel very well,” he announces to the room as he heads for the door. “Gonna take a couple laps around the forest. See you two, later.”
“But you were fine just—” Jimin cuts himself off when Taehyung shoots him a sharp look over his shoulder. “Right.” The Beta clears his throat. “See you later.”
As he’s leaving the apartment, he finally smells something similar on you – worry. 
And then it hits him.
The reason why he couldn’t recognize your scent was that he has never been around such a jovial you. You usually smell like lust or distress around him, nothing even remotely close to the unfettered happiness emanating from you in Jimin’s company.
Is there anything possibly worse than that? Maybe Jimin should take care of you through your heat. Maybe he should even mate you – you two loving, selfless souls certainly deserve each other. And this is, he realizes, why he was so bothered by Jimin contemplating saying yes to you if you asked. You two could very potentially fall in love, and it would be the greatest thing to happen to both you and Jimin.
Taehyung should be happy – what’s better than two of his closest friends getting together?
But every fiber in his being absolutely hates the prospect. His stomach violently lurches when he imagines you swollen with Jimin’s pups, and he has to pause at the edge of the forest to calm his breathing. If he shifts this enraged, he will end up going back to his apartment and claiming you as his mate. In his wolf form.
He drops his backpack to the floor, eyes looking skywards at the moon that is starting to show in the still pale blue sky.
“Why did you have to send such a perfect fucking Omega my way, huh?” he shouts at the Moon Goddess, tears stinging his eyes. “What the hell do I do with all these feelings when I’m the worst thing to happen to her? She’s such an angel… always welcoming me into her body for me to let my frustrations out… and I…”
He purses his lips to hold back his tears, throat feeling heavy with the ball lodged in there.
Well, what’s more to even say? He knows he is the most selfish fucker for still going back to you when he knows you only do what you do out of obligation for your Alpha. The fact that he has never smelt your happiness before today in all his five years of being lucky enough to have you as one of his closest friends is more evidence than he needs.
Taehyung laughs drily, hating himself like he’s never hated anything ever before.
Tumblr media
"What the hell is going on with him?" 
You're still staring at the door Taehyung just walked out of, confused beyond your wits.
Jimin looks at you for a few moments before moving his shoulders in a shrug. "He's been stressed lately. That's why I called you here in hopes of movie night to get him to relax, but…" He morosely gestures to the direction Taehyung took off into.
“Wait, stressed?” You frown.
“Yeah, he’s being rushed to find himself a mate, and stuff by the whole Council at the Court.”
You snort at Jimin's choice of words. "Mate? What is this, 1820? And what's new about that? He is being pressured ever since his father died and he assumed the throne."
“Okay, one – that's what the Elders call it," Jimin protests, even though he's laughing with you. "And two, the proposals are piling on and the Court is becoming impatient."
You gulp at the revelation. “Oh?”
“Yeah. The neighbors are going at it, left and right.”
“Why won't Tae accept any?” The question frames in your head and slips out of your mouth too quickly.
Jimin gives you a look of disbelief. "Are you that thick, or do you need me to validate what you already know?"
You have no darn clue what he's going on about. "Jimin. Quit riddling me."
"Ugh, for reals?" He groans, leaning back to hang off the side of the couch, upside-down.
"It's been more than a year since his father's death, he's been looking for so long. But you can't find elsewhere what you already have, can you?"
You look away when he moves back into his previous sitting position and gives you a knowing look. 
"I think he isn't looking for an Alpha at all, but an Omega. One in particular."
You roll your eyes at his subtlety. "We're just sleeping together, Jimin. I'm not delusioned into thinking there's more to it when there isn't."
"Oh, please," Jimin scoffs. "As if you don't reek of longing when you're around him. That dumbass just doesn't realize how much he wants—"
"Do not finish that thought," you grit out, teeth and fists clenched. "I'm done hoping for the impossible."
You earn another long look from Jimin followed by a scoff. "You cannot seriously believe he doesn't want you."
"I know he wants me." You raise a hand up when Jimin opens his mouth. "In his bed. But the selection of the Queen cannot be solely based on what he – or anyone, in fact – wants. It should be about what's good for Tae. For the Pack. The Queen needs to suit the throne, not be sexually compatible with the Alpha. Who wouldn't be sexually compatible with an Alpha, anyway?"
An elongated groan is released from Jimin's lungs. "You're talking like one of the Elders, I hate it."
"I'm just being mature."
"And whom does your maturity deem suited for the throne, then? Some snobby Alpha bitch?"
You wince at Jimin's choice of adjective, but then very slowly shake your head. He looks at you with interest.
"Who else, then?"
You exhale, immediately thinking about Kira, one of your closest friends in the world and a Beta from your Pack. She’s so perfect to be Taehyung's Queen, it almost hurts thinking about it. 
"A respectable, stable Beta. One that would listen to him and not challenge his authority, but also be smart enough to make her own decisions when need be."
"And that would be, who? Some Beta?" Jimin looks disgusted when he looks at you again.
"Well it won't be me. And I think it's better if we don't bring up the possibility anymore, too, please."
"What? I was actually thinking you should ask him to be with you through your heat."
You blink at him. "And why the heck would I do that?"
"To signal to him that you're interested in him, too, and don't just let him fuck you you out of obligation."
Your mouth parts in surprise. "Obligation? This is the twenty-first century, Jimin. Why would Tae think I'd do anything out of obligation?"
"He's an idiot, babe, you know that," Jimin reminds you with a wry smile. “What’s the harm, anyway? You’re yet to make a request, right? Request for Tae.”
"I don't wanna make a fool of myself if he rejects me, Jimin. Which he might." You tuck your legs in, curling into yourself. "And you know what it's like for an Alpha to help an Omega through their Heat. I don't want Tae to be coerced into mating with me. I'd never be able to forgive myself."
"Coerced." Jimin gives you an exaggerated roll of his eyes. "God, babe, you're so dramatic! Emotions do not happen by magic, you know that. Hormones or pheromones cannot create urges that aren't there. All they do is heighten them – take off the filter and let you live out what your instincts demand."
Jimin has you speechless by his rapid fire spray of facts. 
But just because you do not have a response for him doesn't mean this is enough for you to change your mind. You can't think of anything worse than having Taehyung despise you because your scent persuaded him into mating with you and now he's been manipulated into a lifetime bond he didn't ever want.
Your heart aches at the imagery.
Your concentration breaks when a message pings somewhere close by. You turn to look at the phone kept on the table next to you.
"This is Tae's phone, right?"
A message flashes on the screen, making you invade Taehyung's privacy unwittingly.
Yoona Tae-bear! Heard you're looking for a Queen? Why go looking when you have your best friend, right here? (; I'm coming to see you tomorrow xx
"Ugh, you stink of heartbreak, what is it?"
You hand the device over to Jimin.
"She's his childhood friend, right?"
"I… yeah."
Taehyung is going to say yes to her. There’s no reason for him not to.
You nod to yourself. "Okay. That's, uh. That's good for him, I guess."
"Hey, babe—"
"I'm fine."
And you are. You knew this would happen – you wanted this to happen. Sure, it stings a bit, knowing the love of your life is going to be with someone else. But you'll get over it because you know all the reasons why you’re bad for him.
"Get me a glass of water, be hospitable," you grumble, nudging at Jimin's thigh with your toe. "And show me more of Unni's pups. I wanna smile."
"Wow, using me as a butler and my nieces and nephews as clowns. Nice." Jimin makes a face, even as he stands up.
He pauses to stretch his arms above his head, and—
His gorgeous back muscles and sculpted Adonis’ belt peek at you. You immediately look away in embarrassment. Jimin cackles at your reaction.
"God, babe, you're allowed to look and be horny, it's fine!"
"No. My heat hits the day after tomorrow, I'm in pre-heat, it's fucking with my pheromones," you grumble, earning a loud gasp from the dramatic Beta.
"Did you just curse?"
You moan in irritation when he pokes his head into your line of sight, too close for comfort. "Can you not? You know you're handsome and tempting as hell, but I'd very much not like to climb you up like a scratching pole. Not when my heart feels so heavy."
Jimin gives a thoughtful hum. "You know. You can spend your heat with me if you'd like."
Your eyes cut to his sharply. "Didn't you ruthlessly reject my request last year?"
"That was when I thought you and Tae would have a chance."
You swallow. "And you… don't think so anymore?"
"Well, didn't we just have that conversation? You're not gonna say yes to him, he's probably gonna say yes to Yoona. So where does that leave you?"
You pause, actually considering his words. They do kind of make sense. You don't reckon you have any more business left with Taehyung if he has a bride. Which he is very likely to, now. And Jimin is a good, trustworthy friend of yours that you have complete faith in to help you through your heat with more care than you'd ask for.
"Babe. I'm just saying. If you want to close the Tae chapter of your life forever, I'd be more than willing to help." Jimin gives you a serious look. "Okay?"
Close the Tae chapter of your life? Forever? Do you want to?
But do you need to? When he's obviously close to finally finding a partner and obviously getting confused by your pheromones? Should you?
You inhale deeply, looking into Jimin's friendly eyes, and exhale.
Tumblr media
It is needless to say that when Taehyung saw the text he received from one of his best friends – who also happens to be an Alpha of a pack, close by – he didn't expect she was being serious.
He stares, jaw slacked, at the female's placid smile.
"Yoona, I—"
"You said you were in a rush, right? I don't see a better alternative."
And although it does make practical sense what she's saying, Taehyung doesn't like it. Not one bit.
"Yoona, we've been friends for so long," he tries to placate her. "Wouldn't it be… awkward?"
Her face is so calm, it's almost scary. "Absolutely not. I think that would make things all the more better, in fact."
Taehyung cannot wrap his head around this. Why does he feel so disgusted thinking about marrying her? It is the right choice to make. They are friends, she has a pack that shares borders with his, so they won’t have to work too hard to take care of their combined packs’ boundaries. 
So then why does his heart hurt and stomach twist when he thinks of spending his life by Yoona’s side?
He closes his eyes to calm his spiraling thoughts – only to have himself immediately invaded with the images of a smiling face that he longs to see. A pair of arms he wishes to have wrapped around him. 
A hand he wishes to hold.
An Omega he wants to claim as his and belong to – not just use her for her body.
He wants you.
Oh shit.
“Yoona, listen—”
Jimin chooses that exact moment to loudly walk into the living room, Taehyung being too distracted by his thoughts to have sensed him in advance. The Beta tosses a suspicious glance at Yoona and then subtly arches his brows at Taehyung.
"Oh! Beta Jimin, is it?" Yoona is quick to greet, standing up and quickly folding into a bow.
Jimin does respond with a smile, but the wariness in his demeanor and the scent of discomfort wafting off him is enough for Taehyung to discern that he doesn't like the situation he is witnessing. And that he knows more about it than Taehyung thinks.
"You can take your time to decide, Tae," Yoona addresses him, getting up to take her leave. "I'm in no hurry." She pauses, a friendly smile that somehow looks calculated painted across her face. "But you are."
Jimin doesn't even wait for her to be out of earshot before he's jumping on the case.
"I swear to Moon Goddess, Tae, if you don't say no to her right now—"
"I will!" Taehyung exclaims, bile rising up his throat at the very prospect. "I think…"
A pair of kind, warm eyes. A warmer body. Tinkling laugh. Searing touches. Eyes full of passion that he wants to want him back. Needs to.
"I think I know where my heart is, Jimin…"
Jimin gives a loud sigh. "Oh fucking finally! Do you know how stressful it has been? I even tried to make you jealous by telling you I'd accept her request, but it took Yoona for you to realize! How are you so fucking dumb, Tae? I’d hate you if you weren’t my best friend!" Jimin breathes heavily after his raging rant. "Congratulations. It only took you more than five years to admit what I saw from the first day. Ten, if we count from the day you two first met."
Taehyung nibbles on his bottom lip. "But does she even want me?" 
Jimin gives a pained groan, fumes of frustration rising from him.
"She's been crying that she isn't good enough for you. She almost agreed to spend her heat with me just so that you can live your life in peace. You're an absolute idiot if you're still confused about her feelings, Tae."
Well. Taehyung doesn't want to be an idiot anymore.
“We’re gonna have to talk about you calling me dumb and an idiot in less than two minutes, sometime, Park Jimin…”
Tumblr media
On your way to filing a request for Taehyung to be your partner for Heat at the Court, you receive two very cryptic messages from Jimin.
Tae rejected Yoona 👀 Remember what we discussed? Make your official request ASAP and make things easier for him 👀
For a moment, you stop at the side of the road as your head reels. What does he want you to do again? 
But then you start to understand.
Taehyung is getting confused about Yoona because of you. Again. Faltering in making decisions that are right for him, yet again. Curse your captivating pheromones. 
You understand what Jimin is hinting at. You shouldn’t confuse Taehyung further by asking him to be near you when all the chemicals in your body are at an all time high drive. The thing Jimin said about signaling your interest to Taehyung is obviously a moot point, now.
You need to submit a request for Jimin.
You pace up to the Court compound, walking down to the concerned department that is flooded with wolves in pre-heat all around the year. You make your way into the line and then to the front desk where a bored looking Beta asks you to fill the digital form on the tab placed before you.
Your hands tremble only slightly when you enter Jimin’s name. 
The clerk tells you you’ll receive your confirmation from the party concerned within two hours.
But you have barely even made it to your home, hardly taking fifteen minutes, when your phone rings with Jimin’s call.
With a chuckle, you put the device to your ear – only to pull it back when Jimin’s screech threatens to deafen you.
“What the hell?” you yelp, putting the phone on speaker.
“Have you lost your mind? What the hell did you do? Even after I texted you? I swear to fucking Moon Goddess, I will haunt your ass if he kills me before—”
“Woah, woah, Jimin,” you interrupt his enraged shouting. “Slow down. What did I do?”
You hear him take a breath and use that moment to quickly unlock your apartment and get in.
“You put in my name. Why the fuck?”
You pause in the act of pouring yourself a glass of water. “Because… that is what your text said?”
“What? Where? I literally asked you to make things easy for Tae! How does this do that?”
“Well, you told me he rejected Yoona’s—”
“Exactly! And? I even asked you if you remembered what we discussed!”
“Yes, and we discussed that you’d help me close the Tae-chapter in my life!”
“I—well, yes, but I was talking about the reassuring Tae you weren’t sleeping with him out of obligation thingy!”
“What? And how the heck was I supposed to figure that out? Your messages were confusing! Especially with those emotes!”
“Oh, God, this is a mess,” Jimin bemoans. “Look. Tae’s on his way to the Court to overrule your request with his, and then he’s coming to your place with an overnight bag.”
“Wait, what? Overrule?” You slump into your couch, aghast. “He can do that?”
“He’s the… King? Also, he can do that if he admits to the Council that he’s committing to pursuing you as a potential partner for him.”
Your brain refuses to believe that Taehyung would go to such lengths. You sulk, pushing your lower lip out in a pout. 
“The system sounds corrupted.”
“Yeah? We live in fucking monarchy, what else did you expect?” Jimin snorts. “Now stop chit-chatting with me and prepare for his rage. Oh, wait.” He sniggers like the nuisance he is. “You already have practice.”
“Shut up, Jimin.” You roll your eyes and disconnect the call.
And just that second, a key aggressively turns in your lock.
You stand up with a gasp of fear. How the heck did he get here so fast? Did he turn on the way or something?
He probably did.
Your feet are still cemented to the ground when Taehyung bursts through the front door in a loose t-shirt and sweatpants with his hair sticking to his forehead from sweat, and eyebrows drawn down tight over narrowed eyes that are bleeding into golden, just as his lips purse into an unimpressed line. He looks really hot and your messy, pre-heat hormones make you want to pounce him despite the fury rolling off him in waves. 
“Hey…” you try, fading off when he raises an unamused eyebrow at you.
“Jimin. Really?”
His voice is thick and deep, and with the way he smells of barely controlled anger but also barely concealed lust – you’re holding back from jumping him with great difficulty. Your pussy clenches regardless of your efforts.
“I just…” You trail off when he clicks his tongue.
“Did you really think I would let him do it without putting up a fight?”
You gulp. “Honestly? Yes. I didn’t think you would mind at all… And you shouldn’t, Tae.” You look at him through a pained gaze. “This isn’t good for…”
You’re forced to trail off again when he suddenly stalks up to you and cups your face between his palms. His eyes are wild as they search yours, breath coming out in small puffs that wash over your face.
“Before we spiral into another chain of overthinking or miscommunication or misunderstanding, I want to tell you something,” he quickly says with deep, earnest eyes. 
You hold your breath. “Yeah?”
Taehyung breathes in and holds it. You watch multiple emotions dance across his face – from fear and nervousness to anxiousness and worry, until he finally settles on determination.
“I’m in love with you,” he exhales, shoulders relaxing as if he’s getting a weight off of them. 
And maybe he is, because what did he just say? 
You stumble a few steps back, stunned and speechless at the fact that Taehyung would actually say it out loud to you – that, what you have felt for him for a decade now; that, what you never could say to him in fear of getting your heart crushed; that, what you have longed to hear from him for so so long.
He really said it so easily.
It is obvious that Taehyung takes your shocked silence as your answer with the way horror washes over his face. When his eyes start to cloud over with hurt and his scent morphs into one of pain, your heart pushes you to stop it in place.
“Tae,” you whisper, scared out of your mind, but also thrilled that you finally get to be honest with him, “I’m in love with you, too.”
His face lifts. “You do?”
You barely get the chance to nod, let alone admire the way his lips push his cheeks up into cute little buns with his wide smile, before he’s on you – your back meets the wall with the force of his kiss. He doesn’t waste time consuming your mouth, gripping your face with both his hands. Your legs take leverage from the wall behind you to hitch over his waist, and with one of his hands supporting one of your thighs, you lock them in place around him, firmly. His hardening length presses up pleasantly against your core, making you press down on it more firmly.
Taehyung lets go of your bitten lips with a heaved breath, wrapping his arms around your back to carry you to the closest flat surface – that so happens to be the kitchen island just next to you.
Your dress is torn off you within seconds, Taehyung’s warm mouth travelling over every part of your body with a frantic passion, hands tearing through your undergarments until he has you fully naked under him. Your eyes become unfocused, brain foggy with the scent of his arousal choking your windpipe with his lips attached to your chest and your hands pulling at his shirt. His teeth mark a path down to the tips of your breasts, the flat of his tongue licking at your nipple before his mouth encloses over it.
“Fuck fuck — Tae!”
He growls a warning into your flesh. You shudder.
“Alpha," you correct. "My alpha.”
Pleased, gleaming eyes look up at you from his position at your tits, and your back arches at the provocative sight, pushing the mound further against his face. He switches sides, sucking the other bud roughly against the roof of his mouth, and cups the undersides of your thighs to draw you tight against his swollen member. 
With a moan pulled out of your throat as his teeth dig into your areola, you manage to cause a rip in Taehyung’s shirt. You tug at the opening in the fabric hard to separate it from his body.
“Fuck,” he seethes into your skin, delivering a punishing nip to the top of your breast. “You just love acting fierce and bratty, don’t you?”
You swallow, huge eyes looking at him. “No, Alpha.”
Your actions contradict you wholly when you still pull at the scrap of fabric that hangs off his shoulder. He chortles at that, but allows you relief by freeing himself of the offending pieces of cloth that hindered both the pleasing sight and his skin's warmth. Just as his buff chest is revealed in its full glory, you immediately reach forward with a hand to wrap around his neck and bring his body down over yours. 
And just as your skins meet – delicious, heated weight of him plastering you to the cold kitchen counter – a spark originates in the pit of your stomach. Not the usual heat of arousal that Taehyung stirs in you, no, it’s…
Something stronger. 
Taehyung chooses that exact moment to bury his face in your neck, rubbing his nose along your mating gland. He licks at it, coating you in his saliva and dousing you in his scent. You realize he is Scenting you. 
No sane thought remains after that.
"Alpha," you murmur, eyes closed and mind blank. "My alpha…"
“Yes, my little Omega. You smell so sweet and so fucking ripe, do you know?”
His rough voice seems to scratch directly against the walls of your pussy, a throb spreading all over your body that makes you shiver uncontrollably under him. Warmth starts to accumulate under your skin, dousing you in sudden sweat.
The spark in the pit of your stomach is suddenly an inferno and you’re burning.
Wait, burning?
“Tae,” your voice comes out in a ghostly wisp, vision blurred when you open your eyes, unable to focus on him.
But Taehyung stiffens over you all the same. And then you realize you don't need to tell him for him to know.
When he meets your gaze, his pupils have shrunken to dots and his wolf’s golden has swallowed his natural brown irises.
“I thought your heat wasn’t until tomorrow?” 
He sounds like he’s straining to hold back and so strongly smells of sex, that you're distracted from his words completely. Like a bitch in heat, which you now are, you grab his face and practically smash it down on yours, attacking his lips with a passionate clash of teeth and tongue.
His moans alert you of something, but you’re too far lost in his scent of pure Alpha to form a coherent thought that doesn’t involve having his cock in you. Your hands map a path over his back, nails that are just shy of turning into claws by the intensity of your arousal dig into his delicious flesh. More hungry for him than you’ve ever been for someone in your life, you latch your teeth onto his lower lip and suck like you would die without the taste. Your heated and dripping core is met by what you know to be the best cock you’ve ever been filled with and you push against it crazily, desperately, trying to get at least some friction over your clit.
But then your journey to nirvana is interrupted with a growl that has all the hair on your body standing on end. 
It isn’t a human sound – it’s Taehyung’s wolf, the Alpha, calling out to discipline you. All your limbs fall off him like a puppet with its strings cut.
You look up into pools of aureate that glare at you. You gulp.
“What a greedy little bitch,” comes another nearly inhuman growl through his gritted teeth, a large palm coming down with a slap against your tit.
A keen leaves you at the sparks that light up your body at the contact. “Alpha… please…”
“You will take what your Alpha gives you and only take that. Understood?” he snarls, his body visibly tense – in anger or restrained lust, your haywire senses can’t tell past the essence of his wolf you're drowning in.
You still tremble. “Y–yes, Alpha.”
He grips both your wrists and pulls them above your head. You gasp, arching up into his body like a taut bowstring when he leans into you to lick a path up your collarbone to the back of your ear, stuffing his nose there to draw in a deep inhale. 
He lets out a sound that is a mix between a human wail and a wolf’s cry, “God, you smell so fucking good, baby… I wanna fuck you full of my cum…" 
Your pussy clenches. You want – need him to fuck you until you pass out and then paint your insides and outsides with his cum. You feel like you’d die if he didn’t.
“Please,” you brokenly beg him, writhing in his grip, but he doesn’t relent.
More kisses are pressed to your searing flesh, travelling down your body. Even the brush of Taehyung’s hair against your sweaty skin makes you release a pool of arousal, walls clenching around nothing painfully.
“Fuck fuck – it hurts, please, baby,” you plead, now crying with tears wetting your entire face. “Do something…”
Taehyung pauses immediately and leans up to look at you. You meet his hungry eyes very briefly before yours screw shut with another painful spasm of your empty cunt. With his heated glare cutting through your skin, he brings his free hand to roughly cup your pussy. A groan leaves both of you at the same time, yours lengthening into a sob when two of his fingers glide through your cunt to stuff you full.
“Fuck, baby, look at you,” he pants above you, sounding as fucked out as you feel. “Dripping so much, you sucked me right in, shit.”
All you can do is cry in agreement, allowing him to fuck you open with his fingers thrusting through your slippery entrance. You can feel your wetness trail down to your ass-cheeks, leaking out of you unstoppably with Taehyung’s ruthlessly pounding fingers.
“You’re clenching already, baby, shit,” whining, he leans down to suck bruises into your neck and collarbones.
And you are. In three more strokes, your pussy flutters around his fingers in an orgasm that levitates you all the up to the clouds. For a few moments, everything around you fades away – the nearly painful arousal caused by your heat, the overwhelming burn of your skin, even your Alpha’s presence recedes from your mind. Only relief and release cuddles you in its embrace.
Until it wanes and the ache is back.
Whimpering, you open your eyes to a feral Taehyung. “Tae… More… Give me more…”
He curses under his breath and then captures your lips in a kiss. When his hips push against yours, you’re immensely pleased to find him ridden of his remaining clothes.
His fingers toy with your battered pussy, flicking at your swollen clit. “I’m gonna fuck this cunt senseless," he murmurs into your mouth. "Tear you apart with my cock. Fill you to brim with my seed, mark you, breed you until you know you're mine. Until everyone knows you're mine."
You shake beneath him like a leaf, mindlessly nodding at everything he says. 
"You want that, little Omega? Want me to make you mine?” 
As soon as his lips detach from yours, you scream out your affirmation, "please! Please, Tae, fuck – I need you! Fill me up, please!"
Strong arms slide around your waist to lift you off the counter and place you face-down on it. Your cheek and tits and stomach press against the cool marble, Taehyung’s grip on your waist tight as he holds your ass against his hips.
His thick, bulbous head pushes against your slit, a snug fit despite your crazily elevated state of arousal. He eases himself in slowly despite all the wiggling around you do. When you try to buck against him, a spank lands on one of your butt-cheeks, a lewd moan escaping you at the sting.
“Do you want me to stop?” comes a harsh snarl.
He just knows how to wrap you around his little finger.
“S–sorry,” you gasp. “Please don’t stop, Alpha…”
Taehyung slides the rest of the way in, in one stroke, familiar enough with your body to know you never require him to pause and adjust, and immediately begins pounding into you savagely. He hits you where you need him to right with the first thrust, propelling you towards an impossibly quick orgasm in your sensitive state.
“Tae… I’m gonna…”
“So soon?” he pants into the back of your neck, planting a wet kiss to your shoulder blade. “Come, baby, let it go. You’ll feel better…”
Your body strung up in the throes of pleasure and your heart warmed with love for him, your climax makes you see stars. Like it happened with the previous one, your brain is cleared of any thoughts but immense relief for a few extended moments, until you crash back with your senses even more magnified than before.
Taehyung fucks you through your orgasm, your walls stretched obscenely over his fat cock. Every stroke hits home with practized precision – so darn perfect, as if his cock was meant for you.
He shares your sentiment with his groaned, “this pussy was meant for me, fuck – wanna fuck you forever, baby…”
God, you want him to fuck you forever, too. But your brain won’t let your mouth string that thought into a decipherable sentence, half-formed shouts of his name being the only sound that escapes you.
Your nipples hurt with the friction they are subjected to against the kitchen counter, and your wince catches Taehyung’s attention. He slows his brutal pace to loop an arm around your stomach, pulling you down on his cock and away from the marble.
You deliriously smile at his thoughtful action. “I love you so much, Tae…”
His thrusts suddenly turn wild. “Fuck fuck fuck – my little baby, I love you too. I love you so fucking much, you have no idea how much…”
Being pushed and pulled every which way, you are fully lost to the sounds, the feel and the smell of him – barely registering his other hand fondling your tit and sliding down to your messy center until you feel pressure of his fingers on your clit. You’re so high strung, you can come untouched just by breathing him in. And so his motions make you immediately plummet into a series of orgasms – your cunt grips him tight, unwilling to let go as your body trembles with the force of your completion. Then before you can come back from your trip to heaven, another orgasm carries you away again. 
“You’re… doing so well, baby,” Taehyung whispers praises to you. “My best girl – my perfect little Omega bitch… I love you, my baby…”
You stay suspended among the clouds as three consecutive releases wash over you, one on top of the other. Taehyung’s words fill you up with happiness and satisfaction, but your body cannot even muster enough energy to even allow you a smile. Overstimulated and close to death because of how exhausted you feel, you tap the counter with a hand to draw Taehyung’s attention.
“Hand… too much…” you choke out.
His fingers disappear from your clit, coming up to brush hair away from your face to press a kiss to your cheek. 
“It’s okay, it’s okay… that was important,” he soothes you between his own broken breaths, hips losing rhythm in their pursuit of completion. “You can’t take my knot… without loosening up properly, baby… Relax… It’s okay.”
With a feral growl, he buries himself to the hilt and releases into you. Warmth meets your walls with his seed painting your cunt like he owns it… which he does. Now instead of pulling out of you like he normally would at this time, he instead freezes on top of you.
And then you feel it – the thickening of his base. Fear starts to coat your emotions, immediately alerting Taehyung.
“Don’t worry, my strong baby can take it,” he tells you with such confidence that you instantly believe him.
He still keeps swelling, though, reaching a point where it feels like he really is about to tear you apart like he said he would. But then he thankfully stops, held in place with his thick knot plugging your slit.
A shuddered breath is wiped out of you, tailed by a whimper of pain.
Taehyung presses his cheek against your back, planting soft kisses along your skin to comfort you. “You can do this, my baby. My little Omega – so gorgeous and strong and mine… Look at you taking everything I give you.”
His praise helps, calming your heartbeat down a bit, but the extended minutes that his knot stays in you are spent with no movement other than Taehyung’s brushed kisses against your skin.
When he starts to shrink back to his size again, you finally heave a breath of relief. But along with that seeps in pride – you successfully took his knot.
Taehyung pulls out of you very slowly, quick to turn you over and hug you to his chest when he’s untangled from your body. 
“Are you okay, baby?”
You press your face to his skin, your head swimming. “I… a little weak?”
Taehyung gives a chuckle, picking you up and cuddling to his body to bring you to your bedroom. He sits on your bed with you still in his lap.
“Hi,” you shyly mumble to his flushed face and sparkling eyes.
He presses the back of his hand to your neck. “Temperature's better. I think you can take a break."
A bar of chocolate is produced in front of your face. You give a surprised chuckle; you have no idea where or when he got this. 
Taehyung laughs at your hanging jaw, breaking apart a cube to slip it into your mouth. You chew on it with a bashful grin, feeling your eyes open wider and thoughts arranging themselves better as some energy is restored in your body.
You enthusiastically nod your agreement.
Taehyung's face morphs from amusement to a peaceful smile. Still in both of your naked glory, he reaches for your hand and brings it to his lips to press a delicate kiss against it.
His eyes are now completely brown, and full of immense softness and love. You inhale deeply, almost cooing at the scent of adoration he gives off.
He says your name in a tender, questioning voice.
"Yes, Tae?" you ask him in response, smiling when he does.
“I want to marry you. Will you be my Queen?”
You choke on your chocolate.
Taehyung pats your back, softly chuckling. “Are you really that surprised?”
You shouldn’t be, because the implication was there, in all that happened between you two today. But hearing the words makes it realer.
His eyes are kind and relaxed when they look at you, lips tugged up in a small, loving smile.
“I don’t know if I’m fit for the throne…”
He gives a sigh, not looking exactly disappointed but more like if he was expecting this but also hoping you won’t say it.
“You absolutely are. Whatever makes you doubt yourself, baby?”
You snuggle closer into him, unbothered by the sweat on your bodies or the stickiness between your thighs from spillage of both of your combined releases from your core.
“I’m an Omega, Tae,” you remind him, tilting your head to maintain eye-contact with him. “Being with an Omega is an extreme amount of headache in itself. Add to that the Queen part…” You sigh. “No one will take me seriously.”
Taehyung’s forehead creases. “Yes, they will. Everyone will take you seriously, they’ll have to. And about being with an Omega… I’m the Alpha of the pack, baby. The King. You have nothing to worry about.”
“But you do,” you retort with glum eyes. “What if I can’t handle the responsibilities, the spotlight, the expectations? They’ll charge at you, Tae.”
“Well, sweetheart,” he murmurs, pressing a kiss to your forehead, and you swoon – both, at the gesture and at the sudden pet name, “if you could handle me in all my moods, always aiming to please and taking care of me when I needed you to… you’ll handle the throne just fine.”
You roll your eyes at his joke, pushing at his chest. “Come on…”
“Hey, I’m being serious.” He takes your hands in his. “I have been in love with you for longer than I want to admit because it’s kinda pathetic.”
You giggle, overjoyed and bursting with adoration at his bashful expressions.
“And now that I know that you want me too, I would like to spend the rest of my life by your side.” He stares into your eyes. “I won’t compel you to make a decision, because I know it is a big one… but I want you to know that you’ll be okay – that we’ll be okay, if you say yes. The pack will accept you and love you as their Queen. I will cherish you as my wife, till my last breath.”
You don’t even realize when you start crying, only becoming aware of the tears on your cheeks when Taehyung wipes them away.
“Think about it, okay? We can discuss everything in more detail… later.” He suddenly smirks, pulling you close enough to breathe your air. “Right now… let’s sort your heat out first.”
His words travel straight to your pussy, starting your engine up again when he tosses you on the bed beneath his body.
And when his lips move against yours with all the tenderness and love in the world, you begin to feel like making a decision might not end up being that difficult, after all.
Tumblr media
taglist: @shrimpmsg​ @codeinebelle​ @afangirllikeme-blog​ @chateautae​ (bec u said it in passing and i took it to heart <3)
© jimilter | 2021
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kimtaegis · a month ago
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dailydaegu’s Taehyung Birthday Week
Day 3: Best of Taehyung: Unforgettable one-liners
(cr. dwellingsouls)
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heybaetae · 3 months ago
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and the academy award goes to...
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perfect two | drabble mlist.
Tumblr media
→ a series of pwp drabbles with some plot surrounding boyfriend!taehyung
pairing : boyfriend!taehyung x fem!reader
genre/aus : fluff, smut, angst, established relationship!au, domestic!au
Tumblr media
❥ perfect two: clingy | read here
summary : You’re away on a trip and Taehyung misses you that’s why he’s being...clingy.
― content warnings: sexting, video call sex, mutual masturbation, dirty talk, sex toys
Tumblr media
❥ perfect two: sleepy | read here (soon)
summary : Taehyung knows how to wake you up when you're pretending to be...sleepy.
― content warnings: nipple/breast play, fingering, clit pinching?, thigh and pussy slapping, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, pain kink?, aftercare
Tumblr media
❥ perfect two: hungry | read here
summary: Taehyung wants to watch the first snow fall with you but it just had to happen when you're...hungry.
― content warnings: oral (f. receiving), backshots (doggy), hair pulling, spanking, window sex?
Tumblr media
❥ perfect two: lazy | read here
summary: You’re eager to start the day early but Taehyung wants to stay in bed so you can’t figure out if he’s still sleepy or just being...lazy.
― content warnings: oral (m. receiving), riding, breath play, spanking, face fucking
Tumblr media
taglist: either comment, send an ask or fill up the form!
note: this will not be posted in chronological order and will continue to be updated as Taehyung posts on his IG story where it’s inspired from. content warnings might also change as they're currently being written.
Tumblr media
all rights reserved. © ressjeon 2021.
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When things get hard, stop for awhile and look back and see how far you’ve come. Don’t forget how rewarding it is. You are the most beautiful flower, more than anyone else in this world. 
(cr. qdeoks & ods)
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taejin 😆🤟
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